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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Management of presentation time in a digital media presentation system with variable rate presentation capability
Human Necessities
Adaptable spreader
Collection and distribution of plant material
Garden bean SB4372
Variety corn line KIJ7023
Desaturase genes, enzymes encoded thereby, and uses thereof
Combined domestic toilets for dogs
Pet toy assembly
Animal drinking assembly
Systems and methods for insect extermination
Use of pro-fungicides of UK-2A for control of black sigatoka
Active compound combinations
Heterocyclic alkanol-derivatives
Use of 5 pyridin-4-yl-1,3-thiazoles for controlling phytopathogenic fungi
Lipolytic methods for regional adiposity comprising salmeterol or formoterol
Device for controlling the gas medium inside a container
Carbon dioxide source tablet and beverage carbonating system including the same
Nanostructural filter for removing toxic compounds
Electronic cigarette box
Electronic cigarette case
Electronic cigarette and soft absorption stem thereof
Article of jewelry having articulated elements
Adjustable working platform on sitting furniture
Stand for adjustable display
Flower pot protector for outdoor/indoor planters
Quick-cook bean pot
Table top bun steamer and method
Portable and adjustable child potty
Closing mechanism for toilet
Window cleaning apparatus and method of controlling the same
Device and method to display the angle of view endoscopically when using a multi-angle endoscope
Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices
Laryngoscope with pressure sensitive blade
Flexible access assembly
Adjustable cannula systems and devices
Specimen sample collection system
Rotating locking member suture anchor and method for soft tissue repair
Pin locking mechanism for a surgical instrument
Minimally invasive method and apparatus for stabilizing the spinal column
Thermal protection system ablation sensor
Medicament admixing system
Accommodation compensation systems and methods
Eye examination aid
Method and system for making ophthalmic measurements
Method and apparatus for detection of nervous system disorders
Electrode device and electrocardiographic measurement device
Introducer for a minimally invasive physiologic parameter recorder
Determination of neuropsychiatric therapy mechanisms of action
Hemoglobin contrast in magneto-motive optical doppler tomography, optical coherence tomography, and ultrasound imaging methods and apparatus
Biopsy site marker deployment instrument
Endoscopic smart probe and method
Fluorescence lifetime spectrometer (FLS) and methods of detecting diseased tissues
Method and device for the optical spectroscopic identification of cervical cancer
Combination tongue and flap retractor
Systems and methods for wound protection and exudate management
Absorbent article
Surgical technique and tools for use in treatment of male urinary incontinence
Pancreaticobiliary diversion device
Surgical technique using a contoured allograft cartilage as a spacer of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb or tarso-metatarsal joint of the toe
Hybrid soft tissue implants from progenitor cells and biomaterials
Tissue restraining devices and methods of use
Intervertebral implant for mutual situating of adjacent vertebrae
Viewing coffin
Lower extremity exoskeleton for gait retraining
Multi-function crutch
Pacifier with retractable nipple
Method and device for oral application of a composition
Pharmacologically optimized multimodal drug delivery system for nordihydroguiaretic acid (NDGA)
Chroman derivatives, medicaments and use in therapy
Treatment of peritoneal injury using JAK inhibitors
Combinations of a HCV inhibitor such as bicyclic pyrrole derivatives and a therapeutic agent
Pharmaceutical composition for oral administration
Materials and methods for inhibiting mamalian S-nitrosoglutathione reductase
Anti-parasitic composition comprising a macrocyclic lactone and levamisole and method of treatment of parasitic infestation
Personal care compositions comprising squash or pumpkin extract
Functionalized nanoparticle, method for preparing the same and application thereof
Growth promotion of animals by simultaneous release of steroid compounds from a device
PAMAM, spacer molecule and cafestol polymers
B-type plexin antagonists and uses thereof
Dental gypsum-bonded investment material powder
Method and chemical compositions for reshaping hair
Chitosan hydrogel derivatives as a coating agent with broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities
Compositions comprising nanoparticles and apoptotic agents and methods of use
Particulate pharmaceutical composition
Methods of producing stabilized solid dosage pharmaceutical compositions containing morphinans
Magnetic device to control obesity and related method of use
Pusher with a coupling element
Syringe cap remover
Systems and methods for making and using implantable electrical systems with leads that couple to multiple connector ports
Pure digital medical amplifier for digitally acquiring, conditioning, storing, and transferring clinical and non-clinical biomedical signals
Arrangement and method for guiding expired respiratory gas flow using gas routing device
Method and system for restraining a chemical discharge
Multi-user athletic performance training apparatus
Yoga prop and method of use
Lower limb stretching workout device
Multilayer golf ball
Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness
Device for launching object away from a user
Method and system of manufacturing a golf club, and a manufactured golf club head
Sports training system
Information processing device, image output method, and program
Performance based golf scoring system
Skateboard / longboard truck with improved mechanical advantage
System, method, and apparatus for interactive play
System for software work events
LED balloons
Connection system for mechanical components
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chemical detection method and system
Gauge well mixer
Water-absorbing composites
Metal adsorbent containing chelating polymer
Method for the production of stable binder-free high-purity moldings composed of metal oxides and their use
Process for producing a supported silver catalyst
Biologic fluid sample analysis cartridge with sample collection port
Method and apparatus for crushing mineral material
Hazardous waste sanitation and removal device, methods of use and applications thereof
Method for emptying an inertia cone crusher
Driving device for a grinder, and corresponding grinder
Repeatable mounting unit for automatic spray device
Multifunctional dispenser
Curtain coating method and curtain coating device
Cooking item comprising a non stick coating with improved properties of adhesion to the substrate
System and method for digital creation of a print master using a multiple printhead unit
Method and device for manufacturing a corrugated metal pipe
Penetrator and method of manufacturing same
Method of producing composite articles and articles made thereby
Holding wrench
Method and machine for automatic assembly of complex cages formed from electro-welded metal nets
Impact tool
Mop with lockable clamp arm
Control device of an adjustment apparatus of a motor vehicle
Driving skill judging apparatus, variable steering apparatus, vehicle and driving skill judging method
Method of controlling an inhomogeneous roadway
Aquatic sport assistance device
Container cleaning machine with a container or bottle cleaning apparatus with a spray pipe and spray station with a spray pipe of this type
Liquid flow control and beverage preparation apparatuses, methods and systems
Carpet installation apparatus
Pump-type cosmetics container
Drip tray for beverages dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for synthesizing radioactive ligand having .sup.18F-labeled fluorobenzene ring
Method for producing tertiary amides of alkylphenyl carboxylic acids
Hydrophilic membrane integrated olefin hydration process
Process for conducting an organic reaction in ionic liquids
1-alkyl-5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylic esters with improved biodegradability
Method for producing naringenin derivatives from xanthohumol
Process for obtaining extracts containing methylxanthine derivatives from cakes of plants of the genus Theobroma, as well as composition and use of said extract
Hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Water-soluble binuclear nitrosyl iron complexes with natural aliphatic thiolyls possessing cytotoxic, apoptotic and no-donor activity
Processes for polymeric precursors for CAIGS silver-containing photovoltaics
Zinc-monocysteine complex and method of using zinc-cysteine complexes
Method for processing used carbon-containing cathode material
Textiles; Paper
Digestion units configured for high yield biomass processing
Fixed Constructions
Walker and standing aid
Monitorable locking assemblies
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Abnormal combustion detection method for internal-combustion engines
Wave energy converter with internal mass on spring oscillator
Method for the operation of a wind energy plant at sudden voltage changes in the grid
Self contained electroosmotic pump and method of making thereof
Method for determining the driving resistance of a motor vehicle
Electronic incense and electronic incense censer having the same
Apparatus and methods for producing beverages
X-ray analysis apparatus and X-ray analysis method
Device for locating a vehicle tied to a roadway
Unidirectional crow gyroscope
Method for controlling digitally storable and predefinable events on a computer system
Destination prediction apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
All-optical integrated photonic clock having a delay line for providing gate signal to a gate waveguide
Device and method for displaying image
Target marker having quantum cascade laser for thermally marking a target
Monitoring of heat exchangers in process control systems
Extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus and method of adjusting the same
Scanning electron microscope having a monochromator
Fluid sensors and related detectors and methods
Method and system for profiling biological systems
Methods and compositions for targeting sites of neovascular growth
System for sensing the opening and closing of a pharmaceutical container
Sense-amplifier control circuit and controlling method of sense amplifier
Test apparatus, calibration method, program, and recording medium
Semiconductor device for measuring ultra small electrical currents and small voltages
Packet scheduling system for digital video broadcasting
Priority-based network fault analysis
Method and apparatus for a body position monitor using radar
Imaging apparatus and radiation imaging apparatus
Probe and system for electron spin resonance imaging
Microcoil NMR detectors
Magnetic resonance gradient coil formed by two different types of conductors
Scanning optical apparatus
Frictional pivots for gravitational alignment
Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
Driving device
Adapter for sleeves with elastomer cable seals and method for introducing a fiber-optic cable into a sleeve
Optical waveguide feedthrough assembly
Optical waveguide circuit and multi-core central processing unit using the same
Imaging apparatus
Imaging lens, imaging device, portable terminal, and method for manufacturing imaging lens
Liquid crystal display apparatus comprising a light-detecting and controling unit that sense and control the brightness of the display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Customized electronic displays and methods of customizing the physical size and/or shape thereof
Electronic apparatus with a flexible printed circuit and a transparent conductive layer
Imaging apparatus
SMA actuator driving device, and image pickup device incorporated with the same
Intermediate film identifier marking
System and method for improving immersion scanner overlay performance
Lithographic apparatus configured to compensate for variations in a critical dimension of projected features due to heating of optical elements
Control device and method to control an electrophotographic printer or copier to prevent developer damage
Image forming apparatus
Development device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Coated transfer member
Image forming apparatus with transfer member for transferring toner on image bearing member
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording holographic stereograms elements using replacable elements
Holographic storage system with reduced noise
Emergency responder credentialing system and method
Emergency responder credentialing system and method
Direct wireless polling of model trains
Vehicular heads-up display system
User-controllable power-assisted system and method for the application of pressure
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Backlight assembly and method of driving the same
Combining speculative physics modeling with goal-based artificial intelligence
System and method to establish and dynamically control energy consumption in large-scale datacenters or IT infrastructures
On-line testing for decode logic
Fingerprinting event logs for system management troubleshooting
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus utilizing protocol hierarchy to configure or monitor an interface device
Banded indirection for nonvolatile memory devices
Methods for prefetching data in a memory storage structure
Providing and utilizing high performance block storage metadata
Active-active remote configuration of a storage system
Storage system and remote copy control method
Storage system, storage extent release method and storage apparatus
Apparatus, storage system, and computer program product for prevention of data loss
Relocation system and a relocation method
Device and method for extracting memory data
Method and computer program product for event detection
Methods and systems for improving communication throughput of storage links
Universal serial bus device and method for controlling universal serial bus device
Power-optimized frame synchronization for multiple USB controllers with non-uniform frame rates
Printing system and method including active and inactive image marking engines
Gamut mapping spectral content to reduce perceptible differences in color appearance
Image forming apparatus with adaptive automatic layout function
User interface for efficiently browsing an electronic document using data-driven tabs
Session initiation protocol enabled set-top device
System and method to provide services based on network
Recycling items in a network device
Visual communication server and communication system
System. method, and base station antenna for cellular radio coverage
Providing and receiving content over a wireless communication system
Computer program product for determining a group of network configuration settings that provide optimal network performance
Apparatus, method, and program for communication
Method for activating and deactivating client-side services from a distant server
System and method for providing a web-based operating system
Advertisement refresh rules for network applications
System and method for notification of digital images to be shared via a service provider
Web service execution method, processing method and apparatus
Configuring hosts of a secondary data storage and recovery system
System and method for generating perspectives of a SAN topology
Topology static zones
Method and apparatus for improving end to end performance of a data network
System and method of retrieving and presenting partial (skipped) document content
Systems and methods for monitoring pill taking
Portable terminal
Methods, systems, and products for mapping facilities data
Secure franking machine
Integrated circuit having a filter circuit
Method and apparatus for predicting user preference
Representing extensible markup language (XML) as an executable having conditional authentication or policy logic
Language configuration of a user interface
Multi-lingual output device
System and method for providing context-aware computer management using smart identification badges
Calculating web page importance
Method and system for correlating information
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the same, information processing method, and computer program
Relevancy-based domain classification
Clock gating analyzing apparatus, clock gating analyzing method, and computer product
Method and program for designing semiconductor integrated circuit using peripheral parameter
Replicant simulation
Computer software program for mental health professionals
Procedure for determining a fuel composition or a fuel quality
Interworking among automobile buses, portable user equipment and mobile networks
System for designing and producing custom layouts for storage or transporting molds
Electronic hybridization assay and sequence analysis
System and method for software license management for concurrent license management and issuance
Systems and methods for converting a media player into a backup device
Contextual task recommendation system and method for determining user's context and suggesting tasks
SD switch box in a cellular handset
System and method for serial data communications between host and communications devices, and communications device employed in the system and method
Drive voltage supply circuit
Method for providing human input to a computer
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus
LSH-based retrieval using sub-sampling
System and method for delivering results of a search query in an information management system
Apparatuses, methods and systems for information querying and serving on the internet based on profiles
Preference judgements for relevance
Method and apparatus for exclusively controlling a device in a home network
Methods and arrangements to correct for double rounding errors when rounding floating point numbers to nearest even
Data processing device and control method for preventing an exception caused by an instruction sent to a peripheral device by a branch source program from occurring during execution of a branch destination program or interrupt program
Efficient processing in an auto-adaptive network
Method for constructing job operation environment
Method and apparatus for detecting lock acquisition hierarchy violations and unsafe lock releases
Generating simulated diffraction signal using a dispersion function relating process parameter to dispersion
Image forming apparatus including a finished image display unit
Color image forming apparatus
Document disposal management system, document disposal management device, document disposal management method and recording medium storing document disposal management program
Recording apparatus
Method and system for vessel enhancement and artifact reduction in TOF MR angiography of brain
Simulation method of optical image intensity distribution, program, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for embedding searchable information into a file for transmission, storage and retrieval
Method and apparatus for transforming coordinate systems in a telemanipulation system
Method and system for pipelined processing in an integrated embedded image and video accelerator
Method for resizing images using integer DCT coefficients
Image processing apparatus and method, data recording medium, program recording medium, and program therefor
System and method for hierarchical image processing
Electronic apparatus and image processing method
Co-location opportunity evaluation
Input device for allowing interface to a web site in association with a unique input code
Automated transaction processing system and approach
Electronic purchasing method and apparatus
Virtual reality shopping experience
Transaction gateway
System and method for monitoring multinational insurance
System and method for managing investment risk in satellite operator companies
Electric-power-generating-facility operation management support system, electric-power-generating-facility operation management support method, and program for executing support method, and program for executing operation management support method on computer
System and method for event driven virtual workspace
Methods and apparatus for increasing and/or for monitoring a party's compliance with a schedule for taking medicines
Method for increasing speed in virtual three dimensional application
Image buffering techniques
Method for homogenizing measurement units used for displaying communication messages
Systems and methods for indicating a quality of grouped items
Method of efficiently processing dormant state in packet service and multi-mode terminal for the same
Photoconductive device
Traffic information providing system and car navigation system
Advertisement systems and methods for notification systems
Intersection vehicle collision avoidance system
Circuit and method for driving pixel of organic electroluminescent display
Pixel circuit and image display apparatus having the pixel circuit
Electrophoretic display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Timing controller, data processing method using the same and display apparatus having the same
Display device with sensing units and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Parallel texture synthesis by upsampling pixel coordinates
Duplicate objects
System and method for multi-sampling primitives to reduce aliasing
Interactive video based games using objects sensed by tv cameras
Using child directed speech to bootstrap a model based speech segmentation and recognition system
Display of channel candidates from voice recognition results for a plurality of receiving units
System and method for frequency domain audio speed up or slow down, while maintaining pitch
Scalable audio encoding and decoding apparatus, method, and medium
Information recording device
Write quality of HDD heads experiencing temporary fly-height problems
Reproduction device, system integration circuit, program, reproduction method, and information recording medium
Harmonic selection for track following on a hard disk drive
Optical disk apparatus
Lateral partitioning for a shingled tape format
Low noise magnetic field sensor
Magnetic tunnel transistor with high magnetocurrent
Recording method, recording apparatus, and recording medium
Method for adjusting tilt of optical pick-up head
Recording apparatus and recording method for recording position information of user data
Objective optical system and optical information recording/reproducing device having the same
Tracking error signal detection device and optical disc apparatus
Optical disc apparatus including a divided photodetector
Method of recording information on a multilayer record carrier, and device for recording on a dual layer record carrier
Ferroelectric memory and method in which polarity of domain of ferroelectric memory is determined using ratio of currents
Systems and methods for performing a program-verify process on a nonvolatile memory by selectively pre-charging bit lines associated with memory cells during the verify operations
Methods and systems to improve write response times of memory cells
Dynamic RAM
Semiconductor memory with multiple wordline selection
Acoustic load mitigator
Photoconductive element for generation and detection of terahertz wave
High voltage cable
Nanolithographic method of manufacturing an embedded passive device for a microelectronic application, and microelectronic device containing same
Coupled electromechanical relay and method of operating same
A/C LED bulb
Frit sealing of large device
Ultra shallow junction formation by epitaxial interface limited diffusion
Semiconductor devices having a resin with warpage compensated surfaces
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor module
Semiconductor device with less power supply noise
Semiconductor device and power supply device using the same
Image sensing device and imaging system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device including storage capacitor with yttrium oxide capacitor dielectric
Integrated MIS photosensitive device using continuous films
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-level memory cell
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having an SOI structure, manufacturing method thereof, and memory circuit
Flexible device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip assembly with post/base heat spreader and substrate
Light emitting device with a recess lead portion
LED lighting arrangement including a substantially spherical optical component having a surface partially coated with a light emitting phosphor
Light emitting structure and securing device thereof
MOS resistor with second or higher order compensation
Piezoelectric device
Networked structure of electroactive polymer-based artificial neuromuscular units
Combination of tube assembly and clip for wireless antenna grounding
Antenna integrally formed with case and method of manufacturing the same
Antenna device, electronic device and antenna cover
RFID tag
Method for measuring nonlinear optical properties
Electronic circuit breaker apparatus and systems
Aging status diagnostic apparatus for power conversion system, and method thereof
Circuits, systems, algorithms and methods for ESD protection
Redundant power supply systems and methods
Output circuit
Universal battery charger with adjustable pocket
Power management system
Low power one-shot boost circuit
Switching mode power supply circuit
Brushless motor
Interface cord and system including an interface cord
Interface cord and system including an interface cord
Closed loop surge protection technique for differential amplifiers
Resonant operating mode for a transistor
Method and system for extending dynamic range of an RF signal
Electrical waveform adjuster
Flexural vibration element and electronic component
Mitigating side effects of impedance transformation circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Programmable delay line compensated for process, voltage, and temperature
Counters and exemplary applications
Low jitter and wide-range frequency synthesizer for low voltage operation
Methods and devices for signal synchronization
Phase delay line
A-D convert apparatus and control method
Optical encoder with integrated monitor
Handheld electronic device and keypad having tactile features
Distributed block coding (DBC)
Universal error control coding scheme for digital communication and data storage systems
Use of ECC with iterative decoding for iterative and non-iterative decoding in a read channel for a disk drive
Equalization techniques using viterbi algorithms in software-defined radio systems
Full closed loop auto antenna tuning for wireless communications
RF selection diversity module
Cellular telephone without integrated speaker and microphone
System and method for correcting signal deviations in a radio over fiber network
Secure optical communication system
System and method for decoding infra-red (IR) signals
Wavelength division multiplex signal monitoring system and wavelength division multiplex transmission device equipped with the same
Network testing apparatus, network testing method and recording medium thereof
Audio processing apparatus
Jitter measuring apparatus, jitter measuring method and test apparatus
Group communication server
Cross-layer power control and scheduling protocol
Communication system and communication device
Method and apparatus for optimizing signal processing
Wireless base station and mobile station
Variable rate coding for enabling high performance communication
Systems and methods for distributing information through broadcast media
Message transmission in wireless access system
Efficient utilization of cache servers in mobile communication system
Efficient bandwidth utilization when streaming data over multiple network interfaces
Method and system to use, share and manage digital content by assigning MAC and IP adress to each device and peripheral
Method of concurrent multipath transfer based on relational paths
Flexible server network connection upgrade systems and methods
Method and system for crosstalk cancellation
System and method for deep packet inspection
Method and apparatus for radio communication
Personal area network with automatic attachment and detachment
Signaling apparatus and signaling method
Method and system for network switch element
Node device, packet control device, radio communication device, and transmission control method
Communication apparatus and communication method capable of wired and wireless communication
Packet format for a distributed system
Handover processing system in mobile communication system
IQ-modulator pre-distortion
Flexible, reconfigurable, power efficient transmitter and method
Method and system for a sliding window phase estimator for wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) automatic frequency correction
Signal processing for multiple chains including barker code correlation and auto-correlation
Client digital program insertion in a conditional access module
Distributed authentication functionality
Privacy protection through restrictions on usernames and other online identifiers
Method of playing broadcast program contents using encryption and decryption techniques
Hands-free apparatus
Programmable keypad
Cell phone support
Enterprise location discovery in dual-mode phones
Communication device
Voice controlled multimedia and communications system
Method and mobile communication system with a security function for short messaging
Communication reward
Method and system for providing a deployable emergency call service for wireless handsets
Communication center methods and apparatus
System and method for increased wireless communication device performance
Optimizing call setup latency for geographically dense groups
Information exchange method between mobile terminal devices
Intelligent switching system for voice and data
Original document size detection using a line sensor for reading the original document
Color printing reducing artifacts and banding by rendering black dots, replacing dots with process black, and adding non-black dots for different subsets of black dots
Optical device
Digital camera with non-uniform image resolution
System and method of processing a digital image for user assessment of an output image product
Portable terminal with rotatable axial flip unit and dual lens arrangement
Clip-on video camera system for medical, surgical and dental applications
Image recording and reproducing apparatus
Image pickup apparatus for reducing fixed pattern noise
Imaging device
Image recording apparatus, image recording method, image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing system
Still image stabilization suitable for compact camera environments
Zoom camera with manual focus function
Digital camera with card reader for reading program script
Image aspect ratio adjustment system and method
Broadcast receiving device
Device and method for detection and prevention of motor vehicle accidents
Devices, systems, and methods for managing multimedia traffic across a common wireless communication network
AV processor and program
Noise elimination device for the detection of the vertical sync pulse in video signals
Television program recording/reproducing device
Precision micro-hole for extended life batteries
Headphone cable splitter
Idle mode handling in a hybrid GSM/CDMA network
Method and system for detecting position of mobile communication terminal by using pilot strength measurement message
System and method for automatically recording position information
Intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-radio access technology searching for neighbor cells within a fixed time duration
Method and apparatus for retransmitting data based on antenna scheduling in MIMO system
Surrogate registration in internet protocol multimedia subsystem for users indirectly coupled via an end point
Short message service (SMS) protocol gateway
MMS brew message delivery hybridization architecture
Computer readable record medium on which data communication load distribution control program is recorded and data load distribution control method
Dynamic packet buffering system for mobile handoff
Dual event slotted paging
Arrangements for beam refinement in a wireless network
Phone to phone data exchange
Wireless communication method and apparatus for establishing a multimedia message service over a WLAN
Method and apparatus for probing
Circuit arrangement and method for operating at least one first and a second lamp
Heating device
Charged particle beam acceleration and extraction method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system
Charged particle accelerator
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing same
Network device with baffle for redirecting cooling air and associated methods
Axial fan apparatus, housing, and electronic apparatus
Electromagnetic wave shielding material and production process of the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hub and blade assembly for an agricultural combine residue handling system
Decorative grass having an appearance simulating the appearance of cloth
Edible animal greeting cards and treats
Apparatus and method for generating ozone
Nucleic acids and polypeptides of invertebrate TWIK channels and methods of use
Combination of herbicides and safeners
Method for the control of aquatic breeding insect populations
Herbicidal synergistic composition, and method of controlling weeds
Microbicidal composition
Coronatine as an abscission agent
Concentrated aqueous bromine solutions and their preparation
Garlic composition for foliar applications
Methods and systems for automatically extruding and cutting dough-based products having pre-selected weights
Lipolytic enzymes
Method of docking pork bellies
Spinal cord removal tool
Continuous process of dynamic high-pressure homogenization for the denaturation of proteins
Dietary supplement derived from fermented milks for the prevention of osteoporosis
Soybean oil process
Breath freshening comestible product and method of controlling breath malodor
Stable soft frozen desserts
Frozen slushy in a squeezable pouch
Animal feed and method of making same
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Enzymes with improved phytase activity
Food products and co-injection processes for preparing same
Mixtures of optical isomers of styralyl alcohol or styralyl acetate, processes for preparing same and organoleptic uses thereof
Infant formula with free amino acids and nucleotides
Enchinacea supplement and method of manufacture
Method of using germinated brown rice
Vacuum cleaning wheel and vacuum applicator
Drainage reservoir garment
Breathable waterproof laminate and method for making same
Method and apparatus for delivering fragrance using a floor care device
Endoscope tip part with no swell at outer skin fixing part
Method and apparatus for protection from high intensity light
Vein harvesting system and method
Cross bar for a surgical retractor system
Tissue stabilizer and methods of use
Surgical knot manipulator
Surgical bone anchoring device
Corkscrew suture anchor
Suturing instrument and method
Surgical suturing instrument and method of use
Medical grafting methods and apparatus
Gastric banding device and method
Device and method for controlling injection of liquid embolic composition
Embolectomy catheters and methods for treating stroke and other small vessel thromboembolic disorders
Liquid jet-powered surgical instruments
Device for removal of calculi
Transmyocardial revascularization using ultrasound
Dermabrasion hand tool for abrasively removing skin surface
Cranial bone flap fixation clip
Method and apparatus for fixation of proximal femoral fractures
Tool and system for aligning and applying fastener to implanted anchor
Electrosurgical apparatus with stable coagulation
Electrosurgical blade having directly adhered uniform coating of silicone release material and method of manufacturing same
Medical probe with reduced number of temperature sensor wires
Open vessel sealing forceps with disposable electrodes
Method of drug delivery to interstitial regions of the myocardium
Heads for dermatology treatment
Apparatus and method for steering a guidewire and connecting to an extension guidewire
Apparatus and method for calibrating and endoscope
System for detecting the shape of an endoscope using source coils and sense coils
Video opto-diagnostic instrument with single-adjustment focus
Blood pressure measurement system
Method for the diagnosis of food intolerance
Blood-pressure transducer assembly
Head blood flow balance inspecting apparatus
Device for assessing cardiovascular function, physiological condition, and method thereof
Apparatus and method for determining an approximation of the stroke volume and the cardiac output of the heart
Monitoring and classification of the physical activity of a subject
Method of and apparatus for evaluation and mitigation of microsleep events
Blood-collecting device
Methods of fabricating microneedle arrays using sacrificial molds
Safety vacuum syringe for blood sampling conformed to ergonomics
System for evaluating and promoting development in persons with severe disabilities
System for measuring tongue pressure
Ultrasonic methods and systems for reducing fetal stimulation
Active acoustic array for ultrasonic biomedical applications
System and method for assessing body-tissue properties using a medical ultrasound transducer probe with a body-tissue parameter measurement mechanism
Radial scan, forward viewing ultrasonic endoscope
Preamplifier and protection circuit for an ultrasound catheter
CVD diamond burrs for odontological and related uses
Device for trans-cervical artificial insemination and embryo transfer
Absorbent article having a refastenable mechanism
Absorptive article having wing members, and process for manufacturing the same
Method of producing a fibrous material layer
Tampon applicator with improved fingergrip
Method of making and apparatus to make a tampon applicator
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, disposable diaper using the same and structure for attaching a tape to the chassis of a disposable diaper
Catheter apparatus for treating occluded vessels and filtering embolic debris and method of use
Embolic protection device for use in interventional procedures
Vascular filter system
Medical set for intervention on an anatomical duct, sealing ring pertaining to said set and use of said ring
Variable strength stent
Expandable stents and method for making same
Surgical correction of human eye refractive errors by active composite artificial muscle implants
Textured bone allograft, method of making and using same
Compositions for regeneration and repair of cartilage lesions
Fiber-reinforced, porous, biodegradable implant device
Ratchet type prosthetic lock
Active shock module prosthesis
Dynamic response prosthetic foot with multiaxial ankle
Inflatable brace system
Apparatus for and method of cooling a brain
Infant incubator
Inflatable thermal pad with drainage
Massage machine of chair type
Device for the extension of the spine
Swing machine
Message bead with heat application effect
Cellulite massage system with gel dispenser
Bolus for non-occluding high flow enteral feeding tube
Methods using dry powder deposition apparatuses
Medicine dispenser device for children
Two-phase roll-on cosmetic product
Mitochondria protecting agents for treating mitochondria associated diseases
Bupropion to treat herpes viral diseases
Activated iododerivatives for the treatment of cancer and aids
Use of galiella lactone
Compositions and treatment for diabetic complications
Aminocarbonyl-substituted benzimidazoles having tryptase-inhibitory activity
Combination of cerivastatin and fibrates
Method of treating estrogen receptor positive carcinoma
Combination for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependence containing an opioid antagonist and a NMDA receptor complex modulator
Hydromorphone and hydrocodone compositions and methods for their synthesis
Treatment of pain
Method for reducing coronary artery reactivity
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of products that induce transforming growth factor-beta and/or apoptosis in the ovarian epithelium
Promoters of neural regeneration
Method for treating acute mountain sickness
Use of an internalizing transferrin receptor to image transgene expression
Methods of treating nitric oxide and cytokine mediated disorders
Pharmaceutical combination of antiviral agents
Cromolyn for eye and ear infections
Ophthalmic drug delivery formulations and method for preparing the same
Therapy for human cancers using cisplatin and other drugs or genes encapsulated into liposomes
Composition and method for correcting a dietary phytochemical deficiency
Treatment of cytomegalovirus using aminopeptidase N
Combination therapy for treating, preventing, or reducing the risks associated with acute coronary ischemic syndrome and related conditions
Methods for treating conditions modulated by lactosylceramide
Recombinant p53 adenovirus methods and compositions
Use of calcium-activated neutral protease (CANP) inhibitors in pharmaceutical preparations
Methods of treatment for premature ejaculation in a male
Camptothecin derivatives
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Tri- and tetra-valent monospecific antigen-binding proteins
Adhesive composition and method for producing it
Synthesis of free racdical or visible light curable acid containing polymers
Compositions containing optical diffusing pigments
Pigment in thin flakes coated with calcium carbonate and a method for manufacturing the same
High efficacy antiperspirant stick with concentrated elastomer
Cosmetic or dermatological preparations of the oil-in-water type
Pyrimidine 3-oxide compounds for inducing/stimulating hair growth and/or retarding hair loss
Compositions containing corneocyte proteins
Aerosol device based on alcoholic compositions of fixing materials comprising vinyllactam units
Compositions for coloring the skin comprising at least one flavylium salt which is unsubstituted in position 3 and at least one organomodified silicone
Starch thickened non-aqueous dentifrices
Cosmetic compositions containing an anionic hydroxyalkyl ether surfactant and a cationic polymer, and uses thereof
Fast cure film forming formulation
Detergent cosmetic composition comprising a silicone and an amphoteric polymer with fatty chains and use
Device for controlled anaesthesia, analgesia and/or sedation
Ophthalmic composition with regulated viscosity
Polymerizable fatty acids, phospholipids and polymerized liposomes therefrom
Pharmaceutical suspension formulation comprising amoxycillin clavulanic acid and cellulose
Aqueous solubility pharmaceutical formulations
Preparation of multiwall polymeric microcapsules from hydrophilic polymers
Controlled release formulation of divalproex sodium
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical formulations
Formulations for the administration of fluoxetine
Gel materials
Stabilized monomer adhesive compositions
Bioabsorbable fibers and reinforced composites produced therefrom
Preparing porous hydrogel products
Osteoinductive ceramic materials
Article with biocompatible coating
Room air filtering and freshening device
Irrigation/aspiration apparatus and irrigation/aspiration cassette therefore
Single cannula ventricular-assist method and apparatus
Cardivascular support control system
Needle holding device
Metered dose inhaler for beclomethasone dipropionate
Metered dose inhaler for beclomethasone dipropionate
Catheter and method of manufacturing the same
Drug delivery catheters that attach to tissue and methods for their use
Interface needle and method for creating a blunt interface between delivered liquids
Vascular re-entry catheter
Cervical occluding double balloon catheter
Safety line system
Implantable bioartificial active secretion system
Airless syringe
Syringe plunger having an improved sealing ability
Injection syringe with externally mobile needle shield
Use of autonomic nervous system neurotransmitters inhibition and atrial parasympathetic fibers ablation for the treatment of atrial arrhythmias and to preserve drug effects
Ultrasonic medical treating device
Use of plant extracts with an anti-radical-type action
Silicon oxide powder and process for manufacturing thereof, and cosmetic preparation, micelle holding powder, and perfume holding powder, using the same
Asymmetric monofluorinated benzaldehyde alditol derivatives and compositions and articles containing same
(poly)thiaalkynoic compounds and pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprised thereof
Power controlled exercising machine and method for controlling the same
Exercise machine capable of training and soothing muscles
Rotating play device capable of training wrist coordination
Golf ball with an aerodynamic surface on a thermoset cover
Golf ball with polyurethane cover
Golf club
Hand grip attachment with mechanical means for adjusting firmness and feel
Baseball bat with interchangeable portions
Sports ball net assembly
Overhead sports assembly
Facility for playing
Golf device
Method of identifying game controllers in multi-player game
Multi-bay bungee-cord acrobatic suspension & trampoline structure
Multidirectional amusement device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for extraction of chemicals from aquifer remediation effluent water
Silicone foam control compositions
Compositions for defoaming aqueous compositions
Apparatus and methods for separating solids from flowing liquids or gases
Multi-element cylindrical filter with equalized flow
Concentrically arranged filter element assembly
Simple, economical and rapid method for determining the contaminate particle size in fluids being filtered
Apparatus for cleaning liquids
Compressor with oil separator
Air pollution control assembly and method
Manufacturing method of filter element
Method of reducing the number of pollutants in a gas flow and device for carrying out said method
Method for abatement of gaseous pollutants
Method and apparatus for extracting water from air using a desiccant
Purification of gases
Porous material, catalyst, method of producing the porous material and method for purifying exhaust gas
Pressure swing adsorption gas separation method and apparatus
Method of treating exhaust gas
Purifier of hydrogen from reformer for fuel cell
Purification of carbon dioxide
Combustion exhaust gas treatment system
Air purification system and method of using the same
Apparatus and method for treating water
Microfilter cartridge
Method of treating a liquid material and treatment facilities
Device for automatically feeding soluble fluid treating agents in tablet form into a fluid body
Compositions containing bioemulsifiers and a method for their preparation
Continuous reaction method by solid/gas catalysis in unconventional medium, corresponding reactor and use of said reactor
Method for removing contaminants in reactors
Powder applicator for particulate material coating
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Method for recovering and/or removing organic compounds from gas streams
Homogeneous bed of catalyst and a process for transforming hydrocarbons into aromatic compounds using said bed
Alkylene oxide catalysts having enhanced activity and/or stability
Catalyst for cracking heavy oil
Methods of making magnesium/transition metal alkoxide complexes and polymerization catalysts made therefrom
Transition metal precursors containing sulfur ligands, and polyolefin production processes using them
Substituted perhalogenated phthalocyanines
Alkaline earth cation extraction from acid solution
Fluid state catalytic cracking reactor having solid fastened packing element for homogeneously distributing particle flow
Handling of a catalyst
Reagent package
Method for controlling mist and dust in the manufacture and finishing of paper and board by an ion blast wind
Compact enhanced yield blood processing systems
Pneumatic nebulizing interface to convert an analyte-containing fluid stream into an aerosol, method for using same and instruments including same
System and method for depositing granules in a frame pattern
Spin coating spindle and chuck assembly
Slide bead coating method
Apparatus and method for controllable application of a flowable material to a workpiece
Apparatus and method for producing electrophotographic photoreceptor
Coatings and methods
Water-based primer for promoting adhesion of polyurethane-based sealants and adhesives
Method for UV curing a coating on a filament or the like
Apparatus and method to control the molecular weight distribution of a vapor
Method for cleaning and drying an industrial part
Reactor for processing a workpiece using sonic energy
Treatment apparatus and method utilizing negative hydrogen ion
Process and relative production line for the direct manufacture of finished pressed or deep drawn pieces from ultrathin hot rolled strip cast and rolled in-line
Method for producing vehicle wheels
Thin, forged magnesium alloy casing and method for producing same
Investment casting with improved as-cast surface finish
Stopper rod
Lubricant powder for powder metallurgy
Method and device for producing ball-shaped metallic particles at least almost equal in diameter
Powder compacting apparatus and method of producing a rare-earth magnet using the same
Porous structure body and method of forming it
Means and method for producing multi-element laminar structures
Method of forming a complex profile of uneven depressions in the surface of a workpiece by energy beam ablation
Chip discharge conveyor system
Grinding wheel replacement safety structure for handheld grinding wheel device
Rotary woodworking machine
System for planarizing microelectronic substrates having apertures
Spherical drive assembly for chemical mechanical planarization
Lapping machine
Carrier head with local pressure control for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Production of patterned coated abrasive surfaces
Method of producing semiconductor devices having easy separability from a metal mold after molding
Multiaxis rotational molding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for producing a surface-structured, film semi-finished product with the application of pressure
Method of producing rubber-based coverings
Method for injection-molding a propeller fan
Control for operating actuators in an injection molding machine
Transversely stretched nonwoven fabric with high tensile strength stretched seven times wider or more in transverse direction
Device for ultrasonically consolidating fiber reinforced composite structures
System and method for curing a resin disposed between a top and bottom substrate with thermal management
Bonding strip for load bearing fabric
Method for producing body structure of fiber-reinforced composite, and body structure produced thereby
Consolidated contact lens molding
Method of making green tire
Method and apparatus for producing a compression preservation bag
Method and an apparatus for forming cut-outs and transverse welding-seams in a sheet of film
Paper folding mechanism
Printable sheet of material
Compression molding of synthetic wood material
Adhesive tape
Structures of polymers made from single site catalysts
Cheese package, film, bag and process for packaging a CO2 respiring foodstuff
Cushion for handle of racket
Sheets flooring product and method
Flavor retention and release system
Polypropylene resin composition, T die film made of the same and method of producing T die film
Polypropylene film and multilayered polypropylene film
Fire resistant composite panel
Replica amplification of nucleic acid arrays
Multilayer structure able to be obtained by collapsing a co-extrusion bubble
Recording material comprising silicon rubber and iron oxides for producing relief printing plates by laser engraving
Heat sensitive element and a method for producing lithographic plates therewith
Ink, ink set, ink cartridge, printing unit, image printing apparatus, ink-jet printing method, and coloring material
Ink jet recording material and process for producing same
Alkaline liquid developer for lithographic printing plate and method for preparing lithographic printing plate
Cu seed layer deposition for ULSI metalization
Process for making pictorial reproductions
Elastomer composition
Processability of silica-reinforced rubber containing a monofunctional alkyl tin compound
High strength polyethylene naphthalate fiber
Method and apparatus for controlling a transfer case which reacts to rate of change of throttle position
Marine organism prevention system for structures in seawater
Process and apparatus for producing cigarette packs
Apparatus for producing packets
Method for in-line folding and affixing of tuck label
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Feed means for sheets, particularly creasing means, and method for advancing sheets
Rotary drum of folding device
Machines for forming tubular containers
Method for manufacturing a membrane
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of magnesium diboride by magnesium vapor infiltration process (MVIP)
Treatment of iron chloride from chlorination dust
Method of making a manganese oxide-based materials
Compositions for reducing true color in waste liquids
High output ozonating apparatus
Hybrid organic-inorganic planar optical waveguide device
Glass capillary for DNA analysis and manufacturing method thereof, and DNA analyzer that uses the glass capillary
Platinum material reinforced by oxide-dispersion and process for producing the same
Transparent beads and their production method
Method of manufacturing microstructure using photosensitive glass substrate
Process for producing article coated with water-repellent film article coated with water-repellent film and liquid composition for water-repellent film, article coated
Graded index lens
Easy-to-clean matte acid resistant ground coat
Artificial marble, cured resin containing mica flake and/or glass flakes, and polymerizable composition containing mica flakes and/or glass flakes
Polymerizable unsaturated polyester resin composition
Multi-layer thermal barrier coating with transpiration cooling
Piezoelectric ceramic material, electronic part using the ceramic
Method for producing ceramic slurry, ceramic green sheet, and fabricating monolithic ceramic electronic component
Retarding systems and application to oil well cementing
Synthesis for 4,10-dinitro-2,6,8,12-tetraoxa-4,10-diazatetracyclo[5. 5.0.05,903,11]-dodecane
Hydrocarbon conversion process using a plurality of synthesis gas sources
Fluorene-containing polymers and compounds useful in the preparation thereof
Nitric oxide-releasing amidine- and enamine-derived diazeniumdiolates, compositions and uses thereof and method of making same
Potassium channel inhibitors and method
Class of cytodifferentiating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors, and methods of use thereof
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Synthetic spiroketal pyranes as potent anti-cancer agents and use
Synthesis of dithioester chain transfer agents and use of bis(thioacyl) disulfides or dithioesters as chain transfer agents
Acylaminoalkyl-substituted benzenesulfonamide derivatives, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them
Method for separating a liquid crude aldehyde mixture by distillation
Chiral compounds
Methods for the synthesis of densely functionalized pyrrolidine intermediates
Tricyclic alkylhydroxamate derivatives
Bisphenol aryl fluoride AB2 monomer and the hyperbranched polymer therefrom
Substituted pyridine or piperidine compounds
Metalloprotease inhibitors
Bicyclic and tricyclic heteroaromatic compounds
Heterocyclo substituted hydroxamic acid derivatives as cyclooxygenase-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
Substituted diamine derivatives useful as motilin antagonists
Halogen substituted tetracyclic tetrahydrofuran derivatives
HIV protease inhibitors
Process for synthesis of pure warfarin acid, warfarin alkali metal salts and corresponding clathrates
2,4,5-trisubstituted phenylketo-enols for use as pesticides and herbicides
Potassium salt of (s)-omeprazole
Preparation of 1H-indol-1-amines
Pyrazole carboxamides useful for the treatment of obesity and other disorders
Pyridine derivative and pharmaceutical containing the same
Aminopyrazole derivatives
Pyrrole derivatives useful for farnesyl transferase inhibitors and their preparations
Modulators of CCR5 chemokine receptor activity
Lactam inhibitors of FXa and method
Hetarylbenzene compounds
Spiropiperidine derivatives
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
D-proline derivatives
Neuropeptide Y antagonists
Process for the preparation of Midazolam
Interheteroaryl 7-oxabicyclic [2.2.1]heptane oxazoles as prostaglandin F2.alpha. antagonists
Amino acid ester containing azole antifungals
Tricyclic vasopressin agonists
Substance WK-5344A and wk-5344B and process for producing the same
Organosilicon compounds
MOCVD of SBT using tetrahydrofuran-based solvent system for precursor delivery
Ether type lipid A 1-carboxylic acid analogs
Catalyst compounds with .beta.-diminate anionic ligands and processes for polymerizing olefins
Human and drosophila inhibitors of apoptosis proteins (IAPs)
HIV-1 group O antigens and uses thereof
Methods for producing an immune response against HIV-1
DNA gyrase-inhibiting proteins
Allosteric modulators of the NMDA receptor and their use in the treatment of CNS disorders and enhancement of CNS function
CDX2 is downstream mediator of APC tumor suppressor activity
Cell signaling polypeptides and nucleic acids
GFP-annexin fusion proteins
Heparin binding neurotrophic factor gene sequence
Nucleotide encoding human galanin receptor 3 (GALR3)
Protein kinase C antagonist related to insulin receptor
Killer T cell receptor recognizing human immunodeficiency virus
Genetic method of identifying hemochromatosis
Intercellular adhesion molecule--2 and its binding ligands
Polynucleotides encoding human G-protein chemokine receptor (CCR5) HDGNR10
Antibodies to interleukin-1 receptors
Methods for detecting papillomavirus DNA in blood plasma and serum
Genetic Markers for breast, ovarian, and prostatic cancer
Process for the preparation of bicyclic compounds and the use of this process for the preparation of an ice inhibitor compound
Cyclic peptides and medicinal use thereof
Derivatives of laspartomycin and preparation and use thereof
Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber
Polypropylene copolymer foams and their use
Process for making crosslinked polyvinylpyrrolidone with low swell volume
Process for producing fluoroelastomers
Polymerization of non-fluorinated monomers in carbon dioxide
Build-up suppressing compositions and the use thereof in polymerization processes
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Process for producing polypropylene or propylene random copolymer
Cathodic electrocoat having a carbamate functional resin
Cationic graft-modified natural rubber latex
Polyoxymethylene resin compositions having enhanced tensile elongation, thermal stability and impact resistance properties
Atom or group transfer radical polymerization
Star polymers having statistical poly(isobutylene-co-styrene) copolymer arms
Polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Polycarbonate-base flame-retardant resin composition
Process for working up aqueous dispersions of fluoropolymers
Method of producing modified vinyl ether polymers
Waterborne crosslinkable coating compositions
Resin composition
Sulfonated substantially random interpolymers, blends therewith and articles made therefrom
Durable refinish coating
Electrical insulating enamel binders having a urea and/or hydantoin structure
Coating agent, method for producing said coating agent and use of the same as a coating lacquer or a clear lacquer, especially for coating plastics
Process for preparation of organosilicon compositions
Adhesives for bonding peroxide-cured elastomers
Polyurethane sealant compositions
Continuous process of extruding and mechanically dispersing a polymeric resin in an aqueous or non-aqueous medium
Powder clear varnish and aqueous powder clear varnish slurry
High Tg brominated epoxy resin for glass fiber laminate
Epoxy resin composition, laminate film using the same, and semiconductor device
Copolymers of norbornene and functional norbornene monomers
Thermoplastic dicyclopentadiene-base open-ring polymers, hydrogenated derivatives thereof, and processes for the preparation of both
Dual purpose electroactive copolymers
Liquid crystal polymers
Polymers, their preparation and uses
Liquid crystalline polyester and method for producing the same
Process for manufacturing polyester
Process of producing polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT)
Polymerization catalysts of oxirane compounds and process for preparing polymers of oxirane compounds using the catalysts
Poly (arylene ether sulfide) and poly (arylene ether sulfone) for optical device and method for preparing the same
Organohydridosiloxane resins with high organic content
Soft absorbent tissue containing derivitized amino-functional polysiloxanes
Fractionation of resins using a static mixer and a liquid-liquid centrifuge
Dispersion process
Fluororesin film of high mechanical strength
Inline coated polyester film with thermally stable and releasable coating
Titanium dioxide nucleating agent systems for foamable polymer compositions
Polyester resin composition
Photocurable sealing material
Use of aluminum hydroxycarbonate, hydroxyoxycarbonate or oxycarbonate as filler in a rubber composition
Silicone composition and cured silicone product
Stabilized metallocene polyolefins
Composition for coating shaped articles or elastomeric materials
Rubber composition comprising pentaerythritol derivative and tire with component thereof
Silicone composition for coating textile material substrates
Electropolymerization modified carbon black and articles including tires having at least one component containing such modified carbon black
Fluororubber compositions and method of making
Polypropylene resin composition for automobile interior covering materials
Power transmission belt
Vinylidene fluoride resin compositions and articles molded therefrom
Anti-reflective coating compositions comprising polymerized aminoplasts
Asphalt emulsion containing solidified pyrolytic wood tar oil
Preparation of pigments
Non-calcined lead of a colored pencil
Process for combating the appearance of mist during the coating of flexible supports with a crosslinkable liquid silicone composition in a roll device
Two-part structural adhesive having long working time
Structured UV-crosslinked acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions
Adhesive packaging tapes
Wrinkle-resistant adhesive construction
Composition that can be used as a refrigerant
Corrosion inhibitor
Methods and compositions for treating subterranean formations with gelled hydrocarbon fluids
Combination slurry hydroconversion plus solvent deasphalting process for heavy oil upgrading wherein slurry catalyst is derived from solvent deasphalted rock
Fuel additive compositions containing a mannich condensation product, a poly(oxyalkylene) monool, a polyolefin, and a carboxylic acid
Fuel additive compositions containing a mannich condensation product, a poly(oxyalkylene) monool, and a carboxylic acid
Additive for fuel oiliness
Copolymers and their reaction products with amines as fuel and lubricant additives
Heat resisting lubricating oil composition
Water-miscible cooling lubricant concentrate
Cleaning composition comprising a salt, chelant, and polyvinyl alcohol
Oil degreaser with absorbent and method
Hard surface cleaners
Aqueous cleaning
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions having improved preservative system
Process for forming a cleaning composition
Die for manufacturing soap bars
Amine reaction compounds comprising one or more active ingredient
Use of 2-methyl-1, 3-propanediol and polycarboxylate builders in laundry detergents
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having proteolytic activity
Dibasic ester stripping composition
Process for the preparation of novel growth media from distillation and other plant wastes for mass multiplication of bio-control fungi
Immobilized microbial consortium useful for rapid and reliable BOD estimation
Methods for the preparation of cell monolayers
Process for producing and multiplying lymphocytes
Attenuated dengue-2 virus vaccine
Human fatty acid beta-oxidation enzymes
32142,21481,25964,21686, novel human dehydrogenase molecules and uses therefor
Fucose kinase
Human kinase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Genes coding for .beta.-agarases and their use for producing agar biodegradation enzymes
Diagnostics and treatments of periodontal disease
Streptomyces avermitilis gene directing the ratio of B2:B1 avermectins
Method of improving the production of biomass or a desired product from a cell
Bacterial strains for the production of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone
In vitro synthesis of capped and polyadenylated mRNAs using baculovirus RNA polymerase
Selective assay for determining the identity of live microorganisms in a mixed culture
Biosensor for pentachlorophenol
Rapid coliform detection system
Elongation factor P (EFP) and assays and antimicrobial treatments related to the same
Method and test kit for use in improving immunoassay specificity
Methods for designing exogenous regulatory molecules
Solid phase selection of differentially expressed genes
Electrical integrated nucleic acid isolation, purification and detection
Polynucleotide sequence assay
Method for the detection of an analyte by means of a nucleic acid reporter
Microarrays of biological materials
Cancer drug screen based on cell cycle uncoupling
Methods for cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Shaft furnace
Process for producing wear-resistant edge layers in precipitation-hardenable materials
Method of production WC/Co cemented carbide using grain growth inhibitor
Free-machinable eutectic Al-Si alloy
Cylinder head and motor block castings
Magnetic recording media and magnetic storage apparatus
Stainless spheroidal carbide cast iron material
Steel for steel excellent in workability and method of deoxidizing same
Cathode material of electron beam device and preparation method thereof
Method for forming a coating by use of foam technique
Configuration for coating a substrate by means of a sputtering device
Protective overcoat for replicated diffraction gratings
Sputtering targets and method for the preparation thereof
Method for coating substrates with improved substrate preheating
Method of passivating a gas vessel or component of a gas transfer system using a silicon overlay coating
Method and apparatus for fabrication of thin films by chemical vapor deposition
Method of forming a silicon oxide layer on a substrate
Method for making high K dielectric gate for semiconductor device
Methods and apparatus for producing stable low k FSG film for HDP-CVD
Method of depositing a low k dielectric with organo silane
Method of depositing a low K dielectric with organo silane
Apparatus and method for growth of a thin film
Film deposition method and apparatus for semiconductor devices
Post-treatment for anodized aluminum
Method for the electrolytic refining of copper
Alumina distribution in electrolysis cells including inert anodes using bubble-driven bath circulation
Plating method using an additive
Gold plating solution and gold plating method using thereof
Textiles; Paper
Lyocell fibers having variability and process for making
Cellulosic microfibers
Process for preparing industrial polyester multifilament yarn
Electrode substrate for electrochemical cells based on low-cost manufacturing processes
Fiber binding powder composition for consolidating fiber materials
Method of improving washfastness of metallized fabric
Rayon fabric with substantial shrink-resistant properties
Roller shade treatment and method
Method of treating fabric
Method for printing fibrous textile materials using the ink jet technique
Bleaching and delignifying cellulosic pulp using caroate/caro's acid solution
Method of making a paper web having a high internal void volume of secondary fibers and a product made by the process
Paper machine wire for the wet end section of a paper machine
Fixed Constructions
Quick connect, stabilized clean room filter support system
Composite building components and method of making same
Roofing tape
Flat strip lamella for reinforcing building components and method for their production
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil temperature adjusting apparatus in hydraulically operated transmission
Torque and power control in a powertrain
Pre-assembled bellows-type arrangement for covering articulated shafts
Grease lubrication system for telescopic cardan shafts and other mechanical assemblies
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Control system for vehicular automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling engine brake of vehicle
Clamping device for a traction means
Pipes for conveying drinking water
Apparatus for controlling gas flow in thermodynamic environmental testing devices
Cornice duct system
Controlling float height of moving substrate over curved plate
Method for controlling the firing of ceramics
Method of internally coating a weapon barrel by a plasma flame
Identifying changes in composition of liquids
Optimized high-throughput analytical system
Apparatus for collecting a volatile composition of matter releasably bonded to a pliable porous substrate and process for using said apparatus
Methods and device for in vitro detection and characterization of psychoactives using analysis of repetitive electrical activity in a neuronal sample
Regenerable biosensor using total internal reflection fluorescence with electrochemical control
Method and device for detecting analytes in fluids
Method for quantitating competitive binding of molecules to proteins utilizing fluorescence polarization
Sensor thrust washer
Fixture for securing hard stops to a substrate
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for versatile processing
Use of high frequency ultrasound imaging to detect and monitor the process of apoptosis in living tissues, ex-vivo tissues and cell-culture
Endoscope optics
Method and apparatus for providing optical anisotropy to polymeric film and optical anisotropic medium
Method for fabricating an optical waveguide
Method for fabricating high resolution color filter image array optoelectronic microelectronic fabrication
Bistable molecular mechanical devices with an appended rotor activated by an electric field for electronic switching, gating and memory applications
Thin film transistors with self-aligned transparent pixel electrode
Anti-reflective material
Color photographic element
Photothermographic material
Support for rolled light-sensitive photographic material
Method for manufacturing a phase shift photomask
Phase shift mask blank, phase shift mask and method of manufacture
Photosensitive polyimide precursor compositions
Negative resist composition
Pattern formation material and pattern formation method
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Chemically amplified resist
Multiple exposure process for formation of dense rectangular arrays
Method of forming resist pattern, and exposure device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device as well as reticle and wafer used therein
Developing process, process for forming pattern and process for preparing semiconductor device using same
Chemically amplified positive resist composition and patterning method
Method for removing the photoresist layer in the damascene process
Method of dip coating fuser belt using alcohol as a co-solvent
Carrier particles
Method and apparatus for grinding eccentric cylindrical portions of workpiece with diameter measuring device
Cashless gaming system: apparatus and method
Gaming device having a multiple selection group bonus round
Systems and methods wherein a gambling result is based on a user input
Phonological awareness, phonological processing, and reading skill training system and method
Aortic stent-graft calibration and training model
Adaptive evaluation method and adaptive evaluation apparatus
Optical disk label and method
Stippled label sheet
Pseudo-transmissive read inhibitor for optical storage media
Magnetic recording medium containing specific non-magnetic composite particles of coated hematite particles
Method of surface treatment for recording medium
Optical information medium and making method
Multi-layered optical disc
High strength zirconium alloys containing bismuth and niobium
Permanent magnets and R-TM-B based permanent magnets
Method of forming ferromagnetic tunnel junctions with enhanced magneto-resistance
MEMS relay and method of fabricating the same
Enhanced macroparticle filter and cathode arc source
Plasma treatment apparatus and method
Reduced impedance chamber
Electron-emitting device, electron source substrate, electron source, display panel and image-forming apparatus, and production method thereof
IC-compatible parylene MEMS technology and its application in integrated sensors
Methods for reducing the reactivity of a semiconductor substrate surface and for evaluating electrical properties of a semiconductor substrate
Confinement of E-fields in high density ferroelectric memory device structures
Method of preventing toppling of lower electrode through flush cleaning
Electrochemical etching process
Method of structuring a metal-containing layer
Contacts for a bit line and a storage node in a semiconductor device
Diffusion-enhanced crystallization of amorphous materials to improve surface roughness
Process for forming high dielectric constant gate dielectric for integrated circuit structure
Method of etching a substantially amorphous TA2O5 comprising layer
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device with a larger contact hole opening
Method for fabricating split gate flash memory cell
Device having a high dielectric constant material and a method of manufacture thereof
Boron incorporated diffusion barrier material
Metal gate stack with etch stop layer
High mobility FETS using A1203 as a gate oxide
Deposition of stable dielectric films
Capacitor of a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a dual damascene structure using boron nitride as trench etching stop film
Plasma processing method
Controlled cleavage process using pressurized fluid
Method of making an electrical connecting member
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for forming a ball bond connection joint on a conductive trace and conductive pad in a semiconductor chip assembly
Control system for use when growing thin-films on semiconductor-based materials
Method for controlling deposition parameters based on polysilicon grain size feedback
Semiconductor wafer turning process
Holding device
Method of forming a non-conformal layer over and exposing a trench
Interconnect line selectively isolated from an underlying contact plug
Optical marker layer for etch endpoint determination
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device using trench isolation method including hydrogen annealing step
Radiation hardened semiconductor device
Method for forming a low loss dielectric layer in the tungsten chemical mechanic grinding process
Selective CMP scheme
Utilizing atomic layer deposition for programmable device
Reverse mask and nitride layer deposition for reduction of vertical capacitance variation in multi-layer metallization systems
Fabrication method for forming rounded corner of contact window and via by two-step light etching technique
Semiconductor device with Si-Ge layer-containing low resistance, tunable contact
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for making FET gate oxides with different thicknesses using a thin silicon nitride layer and a single oxidation step
Integrated circuit structure comprising capacitor element and corresponding manufacturing process
Method for preventing the leakage path in embedded non-volatile memory
Reference voltage supply circuit having reduced dispersion of an output voltage
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Use of diverse materials in air-cavity packaging of electronic devices
Modified contact for programmable devices
Semiconductor fuses, methods of using the same, methods of making the same, and semiconductor devices containing the same
Metal redistribution layer having solderable pads and wire bondable pads
Method and apparatus for a semiconductor package for vertical surface mounting
Method of fabricating thin film transistor
Self-aligned LDD poly-Si thin-film transistor
High-dielectric constant insulators for FEOL capacitors
Method to form and/or isolate vertical transistors
Vertical MOS transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing trench-gate type power semiconductor device
Method of producing photovoltaic element module
Method of fabricating MOS sensor
Method for manufacturing a thermopile on an electrically insulating substrate
Lithium rechargeable inorganic electrolyte cell
Electrochemical cell having an electrode with a phosphate additive in the electrode active mixture
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery
Polymer electrolyte battery and polymer electrolyte
Process for recycling negative-electrode materials from spent lithium batteries
Low cost molded plastic fuel cell separator plate with conductive elements
Battery casing with an ejector
Separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries, nonaqueous electrolyte battery using it, and method for manufacturing separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries
Method for producing a secondary lithium cell comprising a heat-sensitive protective mechanism
Separator containing efficiency improving additives for a lead acid batteries
Method and apparatus for producing lithium based cathodes
Negative plate element for a lead acid battery
Fuel cell system
Carbon based electrodes
Simplified network interface device
Through panel wiring system
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Voltaic pile with charge equalizing system
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