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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety RJS31002
Soybean variety RJS53002
Ascorbic acid--natural sugar lactone esters for comprehensive skin and scalp care
Treatment of myeoproliferative diseases
Methods and compositions for treating neoplasms
Cereal and fruit oil
Method of concentrating minor ingredient contained in oily matter obtained from plant tissue
Rolled food product and apparatus
Brassiere cup underwire
Methods and apparatus for treating an injured nerve pathway
Neuro thrombectomy catheter
Cutting member for bifurcation catheter assembly
Apparatuses and methods for transcleral cautery and subretinal drainage
Device and method for detection of eye movements
Electromagnetic personnel interdiction control method and system
Magnetic particle composition for therapeutic hyperthermia
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic treatment and imaging of adipose tissue
Polar attachment devices and method for a dental appliance
Absorbent product
Double diaper system
Method of preparing biodegradable dual pore polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering
Longitudinally expanding medical device
Implantable replacement joint
Adjustable hinge for orthopedic brace
Posture vest
Composition and methods for inhibiting the progression macular degeneration and promoting healthy vision
S1P1 receptor agonists and use thereof
Treating vascular events with statins by inhibiting PAR-1 and PAR-4
Indazolinone compositions useful as kinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical composition
Crystals of isopropyl ester of N-(2,6-dichlorobenzoyl)-4-[6-(methylamino)methyl-1-methyl-2,4-dioxo-1,4-d- ihydroquinazoline-3(2H)-yl]-L-phenylalanine hydrochloride, production method thereof and use thereof
Neurotherapeutic compositions and method
Compositions comprising oligosaccharides
Inhibitors of myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) activity for regulating neural growth and regeneration
Immunisation against chlamydia trachomatis
Avian hepatitis E virus, vaccines and methods of protecting against avian hepatitis-splenomegaly syndrome and mammalian hepatitis E
Methods for treating B-cell malignancies using a TACI-Ig fusion molecule
F-18 peptides for pre targeted positron emission tomography imaging
Process for making wet-skin treatment compositions
Acid-gas absorbing tablet and method of use
Sanitizing and dampening container
Recreation room and method for controlling the atmosphere in the room
Medical instrument with injection needles that can be spread out sideways
Modular table tennis game
Human test based on human conceptual capabilities
Crying toy dolls
Performing Operations; Transporting
CO.sub.2 separation from low-temperature flue gases
Mercury absorption system for industrial kiln applications
Method of denitration of exhaust gas and apparatus therefor
Mixture for improved foaming in the extraction of petroleum or natural gas
Wax emulsion for manufacture of composite boards
Reformer for fuel cell system having increased heat transfer efficiency
Desulfurization adsorbent for fuel cell and desulfurizing method using the same
Polymerisation catalyst
Reaction vessel and reaction device
Framed carpet tile
Method of forming overcoat layer, method of producing color filter substrate, and color filter substrate and liquid crystal display produced using same
Vacuum forming apparatus and vacuum forming method
Enteral-only syringe and method of manufacturing same
Temperature adjustment mechanism for injection molding machine
Method of preparing a molded article
Method of preparing a molded article
Process for making a post-assembly markable label
Manufacturing method by treating substrate introduced into treatment apparatus from transfer container
Inflator bag for vehicle occupant restraining apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Halogen-free varnish and prepreg thereof
Article comprising polystyrene and thermoplastic polyurethane
Diffusers and methods of manufacture
Multi-layer optical information recording medium
Honeycomb structure body having hexagonal cells and manufacturing method thereof
Dielectric device
Vehicle antifogging element
Decal method for transferring platinum-and platinum alloy-based catalysts with nanonetwork structures
Kit for preparing cancer cell detection sample and kit for cancer cell detection using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalysts for the evolution of hydrogen from borohydride solution
Hydrogen absorbing material, method for producing the same, and hydrogen storage container
Pellets comprising sludge containing nitrifying bacteria for treating wastewater
Pulling roll material for manufacture of sheet glass
Pyrro[1,2-b]pyridazinone intermediates
N-aryl-N'alkyl sulfamides as MEK inhibitors
Process for the preparation of trans-2,3-disubstituted naphthoquinones
Process for the production of carbonylation products
Method for the continuous production of silicon compounds bearing amino groups
Ionic salts comprising pyrrolidinium, triazolinium, piperidinium or morpholinium cations and alkyltrifluorophosphate anions
Curcumin analogs with anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic properties
Compounds and methods for inhibiting the interaction of BCL proteins with binding partners
Paper and materials and processes for its production
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Azaindole derivative having PGD2 receptor antagonistic activity
Pyridine methylene azolidinones and use thereof phosphoinositide inhibitors
Vinorelbine derivatives
Pyrazolopyridines and salts thereof, a pharmaceutical composition comprising said compounds, a method of preparing same and use of same
Glycopegylated erythropoietin formulations
Chordin-like molecules and uses thereof
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and uses of same
Electroactivated film with polymer gel electrolyte
Bioderived plasticizer for biopolymers
Process for the preparation of organosilicon compounds having urethane groups
Degassing compositions for curable coatings
Stabiliser composition for halide-containing polymers
Master batch composition, polyolefin resin composition comprising the same, and molded product thereof
Curable organopolysiloxane composition, method of curing thereof, semiconductor device, and adhesion promoter
Ink composition, inkjet recording method, printed material, method of producing planographic printing plate, and planographic printing plate
Method and apparatus for thermally upgrading carbonaceous materials
Colored bleaching composition
Hybrid recombinases for genome manipulation
Plant 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase
Genes encoding plant transcription factors
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Ex-vivo priming for generating cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for non-tumor antigens to treat autoimmune and allergic disease
Methods for producing gamma-carboxylated proteins
Cytochrome c oxidase enzyme complex
Identification of substances that inhibit NEMO oligomerization
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis
Solidification product of dust generated during steel making and method for production thereof
Method for producing silicon oxide film and method for producing optical multilayer film
Method of producing analytical tool
Erosion resistant cermet linings for oil and gas exploration, refining and petrochemical processing applications
System and method for modulation of power and power related functions of PECVD discharge sources to achieve new film properties
Diamond based substrate for electronic devices
Optical element, light emitting device and method for producing optical element
Textiles; Paper
Liquid dye formulations in non-petroleum based solvent systems
Layer-by-layer nanocoating for paper fabrication
Press section and permeable belt in a paper machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Open drive scroll machine
Oil filter assembly
Double-headed piston type compressor
Chemical liquid supplying apparatus
Planetary gearset
Automatic transmission upshift timing
Analyzer-feeding device
Fully automated microarray processing system
Nano-structured device for analysis or separation, and its preparation and application
Dyed microspheres for characterization of photochemical reactor behavior
Sealing ring assembly and mounting method
Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) systems and methods of use thereof
Ultra sensitive biosensor for detecting bio-signal transmitters, and detector and detecting method using the same
Detectable labels, methods of manufacture and use
Particle manipulation unit, chip and detection device having the same, mounted thereon, and methods of separating, capturing and detecting proteins
Extreme ultraviolet photolithography mask, with resonant barrier layer
High-resolution, patterned-media master mask
Method for evaluating electrophotographic photoconductor and the evaluation device, and method for reusing electrophotographic photoconductor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and coating composition
Musical instrument
Magnetic film, manufacturing method thereof and thin film magnetic head
Production method and production apparatus of optical disc
Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) anode materials
Proton conducting titanate, polymer nano-composite membrane including the same, and fuel cell adopting the polymer nano-composite membrane
Method for manufacturing an LCD device employing a reduced number of photomasks
Method of manufacturing vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method of manufacturing laser array, vertical cavity surface emitting laser and laser array, and image forming apparatus with laser array
Flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
Methods for fabricating semiconductor structures
Zinc oxide semiconductor and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma processing method
Method to form a photovoltaic cell comprising a thin lamina
Cooling micro-channels
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Structure and method for buried inductors for ultra-high resistivity wafers for SOI/RF SiGe applications
Methods of forming metal layers using oxygen gas as a reaction source and methods of fabricating capacitors using such metal layers
Plasma CVD apparatus, method for manufacturing microcrystalline semiconductor layer, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Fabricating electronic-photonic devices having an active layer with spherical quantum dots
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Laser irradiation apparatus with means for applying magnetic field
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of making the same and method of mounting the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Bumping electronic components using transfer substrates
Methods of forming interlayer dielectrics having air gaps
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having via plug
Fixture for P-through silicon via assembly
Semiconductor chip packages having reduced stress
Edge exclusion zone patterning for solar cells and the like
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor inspection device, and program including color imaging of metal silicide and calculations thereof
Substrate and manufacturing method of the same
Nonvolatile storage device and method of manufacturing the same, and storage device and method of manufacturing the same
FinFET and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method of the semiconductor integrated circuit
Nanocomposite, nanocomposite electrolyte membrane including the same and fuel cell including the nanocomposite electrolyte membrane
Rechargeable battery having a cap assembly
Separator and fuel cell stack using the same
Electroactive material and use thereof
Membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell comprising the same
Interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells and ferritic stainless steels adapted for use with solid oxide fuel cells
Polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell including the polymer electrolyte membrane
Joint part and a wiring harness using the same
Encoder spacer for a spindle motor and encoder assembly including the same
Dielectric sheet
Electrical contact for socket connector
Orientationless spring probe receptacle assembly
Socket connector having positioning members for orientating cover and base thereof
Socket protector
Stacked electrical connector with terminal assurance mechanism
Endoscope connector using waterproof cap
Waterproof cable connector
Land grid array socket connector
Floating-type connector
High speed electrical connector having improved housing for harboring preloaded contact
Stacked card edge connector assembly having ejector for removing inserted cards simultaneously
Electrical connector having an improved housing having a curved structure
Cable assembly having enhanced mechanical interconnection means thereof
Connector adapter
Substrate processing methods
Conductive sleeve for use in radio frequency systems
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Biodegradable solutions of biologically active compounds
Non-hazardous pest control
Non-hazardous pest control
Analogs of biologically active, naturally occurring polyamines, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatment
Formulations for controlling human lice
Synergistic insecticidal compositions
Parasitic and saprophagous mite control in beneficial insects
Microbiocidal compositions
Method for enhancing or achieving training-induced bradycardia with Carnitine
Method and compositions for promotion of wound treatment
Durable outsole for article of footwear
Inorganic ion receptor active compounds
Anti-viral triaza compounds and compositions
N-hydroxy-2-(Alkyl,Aryl or Heteroaryl sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl) 3-substituted alkyl, aryl or heteroarylamides as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
GABA and L-glutamic acid analogs for antiseizure treatment
Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in combination with compounds that have FP prostaglandin agonist activity to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Pharmaceutical composition containing uscharidin or its analogues
Compositions containing at least one farnesyl transferase inhibitor and at least one topoisomerase inhibitor and compositions containing at least one farnesyl transferase inhibitor and at least one taxoid
Carbapenem compounds, use thereof, and intermediate compounds of the same
Remedy for neurodegenerative diseases
1N-alkyl-n-arylpyrimidinamines and derivatives thereof
Use of 4-substituted tetrahydropyridines for making medicines acting on TGF-.beta.1
Method of treating estrogen receptor positive carcinoma with 17 .alpha.-dihydroequilin
Locally injectable chemotherapeutics
Compositions and methods for treating bone deficit conditions
Phosphonorisperidone and sulforisperidone compositions and methods
Synergistic compositions useful as anti-tumor agents
Oxetanone derivatives
Polymer glucan ether derivatives, their manufacturing as well as their use
Control of microbial populations in the gastrointestinal tract of animals
Pharmaceutical composition containing a cysteine protease inhibitor for prophylaxis and therapy of brain tissue impairment
Method for administering fibroblast growth factor to the brain
Remedies for thrombocytopenia
Prolonging survival of transplanted pancreatic cells
Bupropion metabolites and methods of use
Treatment of inflammation and inflammation-related disorders with a combination of a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and a leukotriene B4 receptor antagonist
Composition and method for parenteral administration of ibuprofen d,l- or l-lysine salt
Gel for treatment of skin diseases and for disinfection of the skin
Tumor-activated prodrug compounds and treatment
Lithium disilicate glass ceramics dental product
Organic particulate-filled adhesive
Make-up removing and/or cleansing cosmetic composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion
Derivatives of (-)-venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same
Crystallographically stable amorphous cephalosporin compositions and process for producing the same
Method for treating cancer with water-insoluble S-camptothecin of the closed lactone ring form and derivatives thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for regenerating an adsorbent
Catalyst for the synthesis of methanol and a method for the synthesis of methanol
Catalyst and process for preparing 1,3-propanediol
Isomerization of epoxyalkenes to 2,5-dihydrofurans
Ruthenium catalysts for metathesis reactions of olefins
Propylene impact copolymers
Process for preparing a catalyst
Non-metallic constituent components of printed wiring assemblies and printed wiring boards
Ultra violet light protective coating
Amine curable foundry binder system
Kinetically controlled solder bonding
Process for the preparation of end-products based on vinylaromatic polymers with a predominantly syndiotactic structure
Machinable positive image model material for shape deposition manufacturing
Pressing cushion
Chemically modified fillers and polymeric compositions containing same
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Infrared absorbing glass, and it's fabrication method
Ceramic composition made from waste materials and method for manufacturing the same
Use of propargyl glycine amino propargyl diol compounds for inhibiting plasma renin activity
Urethanized .beta.-hydroxyalkylamide compound, a process for preparing it and its use for preparing powder coating materials
Process for co-production of dialkyl carbonate and alkanediol
3,4,5-trisubstituted aryl nitrone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and methods for treating inflammation
Synthesis of conjugated fatty acid
Indane aldehydes and derivatives
Benzenoid derivatives of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of their use in treating dry eye disorders
Process for producing phenyl ester
Process for depolymerizing nylon-containing waste to form caprolactam
Process for preparing 3-(7-amidino-2-naphthyl)-2-phenylpropionic acid derivatives
Piperidine quaternary salts- CCR- 3 receptor antagonists
Aromatic heterocyclic derivatives as enzyme inhibitors
Sulfonylcarboxamide derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
N-aryl thienyl-, furyl-, and pyrrolyl-sulfonamides and derivatives thereof that modulate the activity of endothelin
Glycidyl ester adducts having increased glass transition temperatures
3-(arylsulfonylamino)-tetrahydrofuran-3-carboxylic acid hydroxamides
Oxazolidinone antibacterial agents having a thiocarbonyl functionality
Photochromic naphthopyrans
Process for the synthesis of 5-(.alpha.-hydroxyalkyl) benzo[1,3]dioxols
Arylpiperazines as serotonin reuptake inhibitors and 5-HT1D.alpha. antagonists
Phenylazole compounds, process for producing the same and drugs for hyperlipemia
Phencyclidine derivatives, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Pyrrolo[2,3-d] pyrimidines as antiviral agents
Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine diones and their use in the treatment of reversible obstructive airways diseases
Potassium channel activators and their use
Deuterated rapamycin compounds, method and uses thereof
Indenyl compounds for the polymerization of olefins
Metallocene compound, and process for preparing polyolefin by using it
Post-Amadori inhibitors of Advanced Glycation reactions
2"-deoxy hygromycin derivatives
Bile acid salts of metals with physiological action and the use thereof in therapy
Oligopeptides derived from C-reactive protein fragments
Secreted protein HLHFP03
Method for detection and treatment of breast cancer
Polymerization catalyst having a phosphinimine ligand
Heterophasic propylene copolymer and process for its preparation
Propylene polymers incorporating macromers
Chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymers
High refractive index optical resin composition
Conjugated diene rubber, process for producing the same, and rubber composition
Waterborne primer with improved chip resistance
Cross-linkable copolymers and hydrogels
Cationic electrodeposition coating composition
Preparation of adhesive (CO) polymers from isocyanate chain extended narrow molecular weight distribution telechelic (CO) polymers made by pseudo living polymerization
Thermosetting resin compositions useful as underfill sealants
Flame retardant benzocyclobutene resin with reduced brittleness
Method for preparing polyester resin copolymerized with 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol
Polymeric castor polyesters
Copolyester with high carboxyl end groups and a method for making
Copolymer-1 improvements in compositions of copolymers
Process for obtaining aminopolyamide-epichlorohydrin resins with a 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol content which is undetectable by ordinary means of vapor-phase chromatography
Silicon-containing polymer, process for its production, resist composition employing it, pattern-forming method and electronic device fabrication method
Ester Polymer Dispersion
Method for producing water expandable styrene polymers
Cycloolefin resin pellets and a process for producing a molded product thereof
Flame retardant polyamide composition
Rubber composition
Elastic fibers and articles made therefrom, including crystalline and crystallizable polymers of propylene
Flame-retardent polycarbonate resin composition and a molded product using the same
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition and making method
Triphenylmethane polymeric colorant having sterically hindered amine counter ions
Triphenylmethane polymeric colorant having sterically hindered amine counter ions
Triphenylmethane polymeric colorant having sterically hindered amine counter ions
Surface treatment agent for steel material
Powder-coating compositions containing transfer efficiency-enhancing additives
Radical-curable adhesive compositions, reaction products of which demonstrate superior resistance to thermal degradation
Electrical contact cleaner
Method and composition for controlling fluid loss in high permeability hydrocarbon bearing formations
Hydrocarbon gelling compositions useful in fracturing formations
Hard surface cleaner containing nonionic surfactants
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising modified alkylbenzene sulfonates
Bar comprising soap, fatty acid, polyalkylene glycol and protic acid salts in critical ratios and providing enhanced skin care benefits
Low-concentration highly viscous liquid detergents
Liquid cleaning compositions
Agonists and antagonists of peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptors
Fluorogenic or fluorescent reporter molecules and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence screening assays for capsases and other enzymes and the use thereof
Method for CVD process control for enhancing device performance
Method for fabricating an SrRuO3 film
Textiles; Paper
Polypropylene outdoor fabric
Dye penetrant test for semiconductor package assembly solder joints
Compact assay system with digital information
Method for isolating, in particular for detecting or quantifying an analyte in a medium
Homogeneous biospecific assay using a solid phase, two-photon excitation and confocal fluorescence detection
Diagnosis of autoimmune adrenal disease
Method of backside emission analysis for BGA packaged IC's
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Epoxy resin composition for SF6 gas insulating device and SF6 gas insulating device
Resin composition and molded or formed product
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device and method for producing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing solid-state image-pickup device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Transistor and method of making the same
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Process for forming an integrated circuit
Method of fabricating a Si3N4/polycide structure using a dielectric sacrificial layer as a mask
Method of manufacturing of semiconductor device
Method of forming insulating spacers in DRAM chips
Method and structure for forming flip chip with collapse-controlled solder bumps on a substrate
Method of fabricating barrier adhesion to low-k dielectric layers in a copper damascene process
Method of manufacturing a dual doped CMOS gate
Method for forming low-leakage impurity regions by sequence of high-and low-temperature treatments
Testing integrated circuits
Electronic devices with dielectric compositions and method for their manufacture
Method for CMOS well drive in a non-inert ambient
Electrical detection of V-groove width
Plasma process for organic residue removal from copper
Method of fabricating floating gates in semiconductor device
Method of forming diffusion barrier for copper interconnects
Test structures for silicon etching
Light emitting diode array and method of forming the same
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