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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hepatitis C viral infection treatment using a combination of compounds
Method and device for attaching stylus to computing device
Auxiliary child bicycle seat
Sanitary headrest cover
Clamp mechanism for use with a short pole which retains IV bags and motorized medicine dispensing machines
Liquid consumption tracker
Mounting system to display an object and method of use
Transoral repair of choanal atresia
Shaft for an electro-mechanical surgical device
Suturing instrument with deflectable head
Placing sutures
Anchor delivery system
Vascular prosthesis
Cannulated medical instrument handle with an airspace
System and method for adaptive RF ablation
Systems and methods for treating the heart with ablation
Methods and devices for evaluating eyewear fit
Male chastity device having a sensor for detecting prohibited behaviors
System and method for using biometrics to predict and select music preferences
Flow insensitive magnetization preparation pulse for T2* contrast
Method and apparatus of proximity and stunt recording for outdoor gaming
Electronic catheter stethoscope
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and shear-elasticity measurement method therefor
Apparatus and method for combining three dimensional ultrasound images
Multi-layer surgical guide
Methods of using multilayer medical sponges
Absorbent article
Multipurpose first aid apparatus
Tissue repair and replacement
Extended articular surface resurfacing head
Intravascular stent
Toe protecting cushion device
Infant hip joint positioning device and associated methods
Medication dispensers
Triazolone compounds and uses thereof
5-aminocyclylmethyl-oxazolidin-2-one derivatives
Pyrrole derivatives as alpha 7 nAChR modulators
Alpha-ketoheterocycles and methods of making and using
Pyrazol-4-yl-heterocyclyl-carboxamide compounds and methods of use
Aromatic ring compound
4-amino substituted condensed pyrimidine compounds as PDE4 inhibitors
Nucleic acid functionalized nanoparticles for therapeutic applications
Stabilized chlorine dioxide to preserve carbohydrate feedstocks
Sterilizer, oral cavity sterilizer, sterilization method, sterilization apparatus, and sterilizer evaluation method
Cell membrane translocation of regulated snare inhibitors, compositions therefor, and methods for treatment of disease
Stabilized compounds having secondary structure motifs
Antiangiogenic small molecules and methods of use
Methods for producing an immune response to tuberculosis
Matrix carrier compositions, methods and uses
Nanostructured aprepitant compositions, process for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Polymers comprising amorphous terpolymers and semicrystalline blocks
Air mover
Extracorporeal clearance of organophosphates from blood on an acoustic separation device
Vascular access systems having a guidewire anti-migration feature
Devices and methods for dilating a paranasal sinus opening and for treating sinusitis
Nasal congestion, obstruction relief, and drug delivery
Method and apparatus for mitigating acute reoxygenation injury during percutaneous coronary intervention
Multi-mode syringe
Medicament delivery device with cartridge sensor and cartridge holder door sensor and method of controlling the device
Medicated module with user selection
Medicated module for a drug delivery device
Dispensing apparatus
Cardiac lead placement using multiple spatially distributed sensors
Construction of an MRI-safe tachycardia lead
Multiple tunable central cathodes on a paddle for increased medial-lateral and rostral-caudal flexibility via current steering
Tension clamp side loading lead anchor and methods and systems using the lead anchor
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator designed for use in a magnetic resonance imaging environment
Magnetic resonance imaging of bone tissue
Device for extinguishing fires
Scuba mask structure and manufacturing process thereof
Goal tender glove
Golf swing measurement and analysis system
Game set and game
Method and system to create three-dimensional mapping in a two-dimensional game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods for collection fractions of mixtures, suspensions, and solutions of non-polar liquids
Methods for purifying nucleic acids and devices thereof
Overtightening protected fluids filter
Spiral separation membrane element
Composite semi-permeable membrane and method for producing same
System and method for superabsorbent material
Radial-parallel catalytic reactor
Deflection structure for tub grinder
Storage, grinder and dosage dispensing device
Facility and method for depositing a film of ordered particles onto a moving substrate
Modification of substrate surfaces with polymer coatings
Devices and methods for solder flow control in three-dimensional microstructures
Laboratory fume cupboard
Tool for expanding a bore swab
Device for embossing foils
Forging machine
Inorganic binder composition for molding sand
Tools holder
Pull-cord operated clamping handle tubing cutter tool
Welding method and system
Laser weakening of leather skins
Pendulum arm flexure and method of construction
Automatic observation apparatus for detecting mineral samples
Wet sanding compositions
Containment housing for airblasting pipes and similar objects
Claw hammer with an angle-adjustable claw
Tool holder
Router guide
Mobile apparatus and method for producing concrete with cooling of bulk material
Cutting platform and method of using the same
Molding tool for back-molding a plastic film with a plastic melt
Methods of dimensionally stabilizing a lumen of a multi-lumen device during manufacture
Wind turbine blade tubular spar fabricating method
Method for producing composite material components made of plastic by a process of high-pressure resin transfer molding and pertaining tool for high-pressure resin transfer molding
Lens mold and method for manufacturing lenses utilizing the lens mold
Apparatus for forming a plurality of flexible pouches from a continuous web of film
Magnetostrictive film, magnetostrictive element, torque sensor, force sensor, pressure sensor, and manufacturing method therefor
Low-emissivity transparent laminate and building material containing the same
Nanoporous membranes and methods for making the same
Elastic laminate
Panel structure and production method
Material roll and system and method for manufacturing optical display device
Print head assembly, screen printing system and method
Device and method for marking the surface of a spherical object while rotating the spherical object in any direction about its center
Near-end of roll detecting apparatus for detecting near-end of roll of recording medium, and printer
Laminated color forming composition
Method for transferring surface textures, such as interference layers, holograms and other highly refractive optical microstructures
Wheels and vehicles comprising the same
Rolling bearing, in particular vehicle hub bearing unit, having a sealing cover
Air maintenance pump
Cooling assembly for a motor vehicle
Braking system for vehicles with high brake efficiency
Cargo decking beam system
Method and control unit for activating at least one headlight of a vehicle using a traffic density
Illuminated circuit print seat cover assembly
Mount for a motor-vehicle accessory
Bumper guard
Passenger restraint for amusement park ride
Airbag device for a front passenger seat
Power-assisted braking system for a vehicle and method for controlling the power-assisted braking system
Brake device
Vehicle control apparatus
Transportation system
Controlling system and method for controlling a floating arrangement
Low-disturbance trolling transducer mount
Facing arrangement and aircraft or spacecraft
Front landing-gear well
Mission adaptive rotor blade
Apparatus for the two stage filling of flexible pouches
Diving nozzle for filling a product into a package and for gas purging and method for the same
Conveyor system for a checkout counter
Sheet processing apparatus having post-processing section, and image forming apparatus having the sheet processing apparatus
Printer with automatic paper sheet count discovery
Wall cleaner hanging structure
Rapid delivery pallet jack system
Integration of electromechanical and CMOS devices in front-end-of-line using replacement metal gate process flow
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method to reduce formation of effluent water in the coal gasification process
Synthesis of length-selected carbon nanotubes
Submerged filter indicator
Wastewater filtration system and method
Premixing and dry fibration process
Process for the preparation of an olefinic product from an oxygenate
Process for the preparation of an olefinic product comprising ethylene and/or propylene
Iodine-based catalyst for reductive dehydroxylation of vicinal polyols to olefins
Olefin oligomerization process
Compositions and methods relating to ionic salts of peptides
High-purity sodium p-styrenesulfonate with excellent hue, method for producing the same, poly(sodium p-styrenesulfonate) with excellent hue using the same, and dispersant and synthetic starch for clothing finishing using the poly(sodium p-styrenesulfonate)
High refractive index (meth) acrylates
Synthesis and use of kinase inhibitors
Process for preparing of bortezomib
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing pneumovirus infection and associated diseases
Single step enantioselective process for the preparation of 3-substituted chiral phthalides
3,4-dihydro-2H-isoquinoline-1-one and 2,3-dihydro-isoindol-1-one compounds
Pd-catalyzed coupling of pyrazole amides
Substituted annulated triazines and use thereof
Substituted 1,5-naphthyridines as endonuclease inhibitors
Tetrahydropyrido-pyridine and tetrahydropyrido-pyrimidine compounds and use thereof as C5A receptor modulators
Pyridopyrimidine based derivatives as potential phosphodiesterase 3 (PDE3) inhibitors and a process for the preparation thereof
Silane compounds and their use in functionalizing solid supports and immobilizing biological molecules on these supports
Forms of cidofovir
Aptamer against midkine and applications thereof
Proteins with repetitive bacterial-IG-like (BIG) domains present in Leptospira species
Conversion of alpha-hydroxyalkylated residues in biomolecules using methyltransferases
Mutational analysis of JAK2
Clostridium difficile antibodies
Use of a new gene coding for a new member of the MCM2-8 family in pharmaceutical compositions
Endotoxin adsorbent
Process for stopping and restarting polymerisation
Hydroxypolyamide gel forming agents
Optical fiber coating compositions with non-curable reinforcing agents
Method for producing xerogel composites
Dianhydrohexitol diester mixture NMR
Modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) biuret curing agent and preparation method thereof
Use of protected N-hydroxyimide derivates and transition metal as oxygen scavenger system in transparent polyolefin films
Synthetic wood meal
Super-hydrorepellent coating composition, super-hydrorepellent coating layer including cured product of the super-hydrorepellent coating composition, and heat exchanger including the super-hydrorepellent coating layer
Temporary adhesive for production of semiconductor device, and adhesive support and production method of semiconductor device using the same
Silver-containing lithium heptaborate photostimulable phosphor, method for producing same, and laminate using said photostimulable phosphor
Adjustable charging hole closure for charging the coking oven chambers of a coking oven battery
Method and apparatus for continuous production of carbonaceous pyrolysis by-products
System and method of delivering dilution water droplets within an oil-and-water stream
Method of removing phase separated fuel from underground and above-ground storage tanks
Lubricants for magnetic recording media
Glass-electrode responsive-glass cleaning liquid and method for cleaning glass-electrode responsive-glass
Stabilised particles in an alcoholic beverage
Targeting microRNAs for the treatment of liver cancer
Methods and compositions involving miRNA and miRNA inhibitor molecules
Morpholino-mediated increase in soluble Flt-1 expression results in decreased ocular and tumor neovascularization
Regulated gene expression systems and constructs thereof
Methods of selecting biologic-producing cell lines by next generation sequencing
Bioluminescent plants comprising bacterial LUX operon and methods of making same
Engineering lipids in vegetative tissues of plants
Methods of using adipose derived regenerative cells to promote restoration of intevertebral disc
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having peroxygenase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Ammonia production using bioelectrocatalytical devices
Process for the enzymatic synthesis of (7S)-3,4-dimethoxybicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-triene-7-carboxylic acid or esters thereof, and application in the synthesis of ivabradine and salts thereof
Method for synthesizing FDCA and derivates thereof
Device and method for amplifying target nucleic acid
Method for extracting nucleic acid from blood
Purge plug
Tilting oxygen converter
Bn or Y.sub.2O.sub.3 coated ceramic filters used in filtration of aluminum--lithium alloys and reactive alloys
Weld metal having excellent temper embrittlement resistance
Method for applying manganese phosphate layers
Device and method for metalizing wafers
Textiles; Paper
Bead weaving tool
Modular system for drums of laundry care devices
Whitewater recovery process
Fixed Constructions
Pet waste disposal apparatus
Containment system and a method for using such containment system
Water body cleaner with selective sediment dredging head
Actuator displacement measurement system in electronic hydraulic system of construction equipment
Lid-actuated toilet flushing apparatus
Dome structure with square and homogeneous elements
Extruded profile for a fitted panel and fitted panel comprising said extruded profile
Assembly for connecting rebar segments
Modular flooring device and system
Ramped garage drainage system
Concrete deck with lateral force resisting system
Roofing tent
Pool covers
Compact bipositional lateral edge locking load bearing rotation lock mechanism
Hydro-mechanical downhole tool
Method and apparatus for pipe pickup and laydown
Flow control diverter valve
Composite slips for a frac plug
Multilateral system with rapidtrip intervention sleeve and technique for use in a well
Production filtering system and methods
Reciprocating pump drive apparatus for operating a downhole pump via a rod string
Process for recovering oil and treating resulting produced water with ceramic membranes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tip clearance control for turbine blades
Fan guard
Turbine rotor blade of the spar and shell construction
Method and configuration for the recovery of thermal energy in the heat treatment of cold-rolled steel strip in a hood-type annealing furnace
Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
System and method for nitriding components of aftertreatment system
Apparatus and method for controlling power generation system
Efficient, low pressure ratio propulsor for gas turbine engines
Turbo bypass switch valve mounting on air box
Dual check fuel injector with single actuator
Solenoid actuator and fuel injector using same
Ducted combustion systems utilizing adjustable length ducts
Method of controlling engine of ISG vehicle
Signal processing device
Wind turbine component comprising radar-absorbing material
Variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Adjustment and testing device for a load-limiting hoist
Expanding fastener
Fastening arrangement, portable working tool and method of fastening a first housing section to a second housing section
Device for fixing a rail
Injection apparatus
One-way transmission module
Continuously variable transmission having a periodic displacement waveform with a constant velocity portion
Eccentric bearing
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
Multi-stage power-shift transmission
Electromotive drives
Clutch and gear synchronizer module
Vehicle control system
Idler or roller device
Fluid diversion device
Safety valve device
Flow block
Nozzle arrangement and motor vehicle drive train
Method and device for generating a positive pressure in a tank for liquefied gas on a refrigerated vehicle and a cooling system for a refrigerated vehicle and a refrigerated vehicle
Automotive lamp system
Light source module
Lighting guide
Light-emitting module, and illumination light source and illumination device using same
Lighting apparatus having a cover with optical section and cover section with hinging means interposed therebetween
AC LED module having surge protection function
Method and system for buffering thermal energy and thermal energy buffer system
Gas device with increased fuel evaporation efficiency
Fire starter and survival tool
Hyper-condensate recycler
Remote control system for controlling operation of a fan assembly
Solid fuel boiler
Electrically operable heating device
Arrangement for air conditioning rooms and heat pump unit for use in the arrangement
Thermoelectric coolers with asymmetric conductance
Refrigerator comprising water dispenser
Grain dryers with selectable ducts for cooling
Cold and/or heat accumulator
Tactical firearm systems and methods of manufacturing same
Shotgun with adjustable shell loading capacity
Velocity aligned throwable object
Multiple shot spear gun
Field mixable two-component liquid explosive
Viewing apparatus
Infrared laser automatic bore-sighting
Shotgun shell wad
Triangulation scanner and camera for augmented reality
System and method for calibrated spectral domain optical coherence tomography and low coherence interferometry
Shape measuring method and shape measureing device
Measurement system
Candidate path recommendation
Information processing device, information processing method and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing program
Smart fuel indicator
Method and system for inspecting a zone
Sensor bearing assembly
Spill-preventing snack container and dispenser
Fast response temperature measurement within a gas turbine
Bonding stress testing arrangement and method of determining stress
Portable high speed balance machine
Apparatus and method for measuring a fluid vapour in a pumping chamber
Automotive fogging analysis by xenon UV exposure
Flow-channel device for detecting light emission
X-ray inspection device, inspection method, and X-ray detector
Method for a highly sensitive detection and quantification of biomolecules using secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and related technologies
Field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor using the same
Potentiometric probe for measuring a measured variable of a medium in a container
Adaptable combined carbon monoxide and smoke detector
Breath acetone measurement system with portable base unit that communicates with mobile application
Method for determining exposure to mycobacteria
Methods and kits for isolation and analysis of a chromatin region
Optic probe for multiple angle image capture and optional stereo imaging
Spring probe
Method for characterizing the sensitivity of electronic components to destructive mechanisms
Operation support system and recording medium
Application of stress conditions for homogenization of stress samples in semiconductor product acceleration studies
Protocol based automated tester stimulus generator
Integrated circuit chip and a method for testing the same
Integrated circuit testing architecture
Chip authentication using scan chains
Method and magnetic resonance system to generate raw data sets in a double echo acquisition sequence
Method and apparatus for processing magnetic resonance image data
Detection and ranging apparatus and ranging method
Obstacle detection device for vehicle and obstacle detection system for vehicle
Method and device for detecting a rotating wheel
Radiation detector and tomographic equipment provided with the same
Locating arrangement and method using boring tool and cable locating signals
Basalt fiber composite for antenna in well-logging
Downrange wind profile measurement system and method of use
Contact lenses
Condensation inhibiting layer, method of forming the layer, and condensation inhibiting device
Stereoscopic image display apparatus and stereoscopic image display method
Synthesis of polyfunctional polyol acrylates
Optical fiber and optical fiber manufacturing method
Wavelength combiner unit and arrayed waveguide grating having the same
Photoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion module
Optical module
Optical communication device
Optical fiber connector
Extruded encapsulated fillers to provide crush protection
Reflection-type light control element, reflection-type light control member, and multilayer glass
Nanocomposite electro-optic modulator
Display panel, display device, and method for manufacturing display panel
Image display unit with controlled electrode sets
Integrated building display and shading system
Electronic device having liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal polymer composition, liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Display device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photosensitive composition, protective film, and element having the protective film
Positioning device, control device and control method
Image forming apparatus and method of image inspection to detect image defect and sheet color
Image forming apparatus having circuit board with silk-printed mark for holding claw
Image forming apparatus and image carrier unit
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method of producing electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Atomic cell manufacturing method, atomic cell, quantum interference device, atomic oscillator, electronic device, and moving object
Wearable mobile device system
Method of teaching robotic station for processing objects
Sibling lot processing
Programming template for distributed application programs
PLC based thermostat temperature control for heating systems
Electronic apparatus including DC-DC converters
Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
Temporary pipeline marking for processor error workarounds
Eliminate corrupted portions of cache during runtime
Investigation program, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Write cache protection in a purpose built backup appliance
Migration of large data from on-line content management to archival content management
Computing device and method for accessing BIOS using middleware controller of the computing device
Efficient cache management of multi-target peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC) modified sectors bitmap
Updating of troubleshooting assistants
Risk-based test coverage and prioritization
Method for dynamically adjusting a cache buffer of a solid state drive
Memory access processing method and information processing device
Program execution apparatus and program analysis apparatus
Electronic slide presentation controller
Digital content retrieval utilizing dispersed storage
Monitoring service in a distributed platform
Monitoring service in a distributed platform
Comparing webpage elements having asynchronous functionality
Tree tables for mobile devices and other low resolution displays
Method and system for reusing HTML content
Methods for using a speech to obtain additional information
Multimedia integration description scheme, method and system for MPEG-7
Automatic adjustment of data replication based on data access
Dynamic content preview
Speculative acquisition of certificate validation information
Information processing apparatus and method, and program
Credibility enhancement for online comments and recommendations
Retrieving data utilizing a distributed index
Converting portions of documents between structured and unstructured data formats to improve computing efficiency and schema flexibility
Caching of deep structures for efficient parsing
Flexible content storage management for DVRS
Platform and application method for inter-system data exchange based on data tags
Automating a microarchitecture design exploration environment
Identification of mistimed forcing of values in design simulation
Modeling system and modeling method based on logical relation
Decomposition of the seismic moment tensor
Optical proximity correction for improved electrical characteristics
User authentication
Flying sense electrodes for creating a secure cage for integrated circuits and pathways
Multithreaded transactions
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and providing medium
Systems and methods for implementing head tracking based graphical user interfaces (GUI) that incorporate gesture reactive interface objects
Using the Z-axis in user interfaces for head mountable displays
Off-center sensor target region
Touch panel and method of manufacturing the touch panel
Touch panel with pressing-force measuring performance
Interface optimization application
Method and apparatus for discovering similar content or search results
Navigation of a graphical representation
Search engine optimization utilizing scrolling fixation
Search engine optimization utilizing scrolling fixation
Keyboard based graphical user interface navigation
Performing authorization control in a cloud storage system
Method and apparatus for print job with reduced memory footprint size
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Dedicated network delivery systems
Display device for construction machine
System and method for discovering subscriber content affinity and making corresponding recommendations
Validation of schema and schema conformance verification
Encoding and accessing position data
Problem management record profiling
Detecting appliances in a building from coarse grained meter data with partial label
Multi-objective radiation therapy optimization method
Rebooting timing adjustment for improved performance
Execution of multi-byte memory access instruction specifying endian mode that overrides current global endian mode
Methods and apparatus for signal flow graph pipelining that reduce storage of temporary variables
Conditional component breakpoint setting system and method
Completing functional testing
Method, computer program product, and device for selectively allocating memory
Analysis of data integration job
Generating client applications for business processes management engines
Optimizing if statements in computer programming
Determining a benefit of reducing memory footprint of a java application
Application instance staging
Notification conversion program and notification conversion method
Thread processing method for using a multi-core processor and systems therefor
Methods and system for distributing technical computing tasks to technical computing workers
Cycle-level thread alignment on multi-threaded processors
Computer platform where tasks can optionally share per task resources
System and method for dynamic granularity control of parallelized work in a portable computing device (PCD)
Memory access request for a memory protocol
Separate plug-in processes in browsers and applications thereof
Sharing program interrupt logic in a multithreaded processor
Resource management and allocation using history information stored in application's commit signature log
Assigning speculative processes to plurality of CPUs based on calculated maximum number of speculative processes capable of being assigned and other processes assigned to each CPU
Scheduling method and system
CMOS current-mode squaring circuit
Image forming apparatus, image forming control apparatus, image forming system and image forming control program
Saving power in a battery powered system having a touch sensor and an RFID tag reader
Enabling proximate host assisted location tracking of a short range wireless low power locator tag
Ensuring a desired distribution of images in a multimedia document utilizing facial signatures
Method for evaluating image data of a vehicle camera taking into account information about rain
System and method for identifying trees
Unobtrusive audio messages
Apparatus and method for marking region of interest
Apparatus and method to automatically distinguish between contamination and degradation of an article
Position measuring apparatus, position measuring method, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image direction determination
Deconvolution of digital images
Restoration of photographic film having a color matrix using digital photographic film processing techniques
Deployment pattern realization with models of computing environments
Extracting data from documents using proximity of labels and data and font attributes
Method and system for provisioning of dental implants and related services
Display device, image displaying method and computerized tomography apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method for generating 3D image thereof
Utilizing content output devices in an augmented reality environment
Reconstruction of aneurysm wall motion
Mobile device communicating with motor vehicle system
Cartridge, medicament dispenser for solid medicament portions, and uses of the cartridge and of the medicament dispenser
Three dimensional life-size model of a child's skull and method using said model
Lighting device, display device and television device
Methods and systems for full-color three-dimensional image display
Display device and method of switching display direction
Display device and display method
Techniques for discriminative dependency parsing
Device, system and method for providing MEMS structures of a semiconductor package
Heat transfer medium, use thereof, and method for operating a solar thermal power plant
Measuring quality of experience associated with a mobile device
Out-of office notification mechanism for email clients
Security device and controlling method thereof
Deferred social network check-in
Stereoscopic image generation apparatus, stereoscopic image generation method, and program
Information processing apparatus and method
Large-area monitoring using infrared imaging system
Methods and systems for GPS-enabled baggage tags
Audio outputting apparatus, control method thereof and audio outputting system
Electrical power supply system for an electrical unit of a motor vehicle
Computer system with groups of processor boards
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Automatic adjustment of a transfer device on an agricultural harvesting machine
Folding door arrangement for an onboard cotton module builder of a cotton harvester and method of operation of the same
Ovo delivery of an immunogen containing implant
Animal scent lure and delivery system
Bone reed for animal call
Agrotechnical formulation
Controlled-release pesticidal composition and method of making
System and method of treating a porous material of a vehicle
Peracids with good adhesion to surfaces
Herbicidal mixtures
Cyclic guanidine derivatives and their use as pesticides
Method of treating body insect infestation
Streptomyces strain with insecticidal activity and method of using as an insecticide
Compositions for mole control
Food energy inhibitor for ants
Method for producing cereal bread
Apparatus for holding, supporting and maneuvering an animal carcass while holding open the rib cage of the carcass
Fish processing apparatus
Methods for sterilizing biological materials by multiple rates
Treatment of lesions
Butter flavored flakes
Poultry and livestock feed additive
Methods for producing fertilizers and feed supplements from agricultural and industrial wastes
Process for the fermentative preparation of D-pantothenic acid and/or its salts
Polysaccharide capable of reducing the viscosity of a hydrated psyllium, and foods containing the polysaccharide and psyllium
Noodle loosening promoter and method for its production
Beverage comprising an effective amount of flavanols as sweetness cutting composition
Use of drug miglitol (Glyset) for treatment of obesity to prevent weight gain for losing weight and for weight control
Reduction of heartburn episodes upon ingestion of orange juice
Microwave browning of vegetables
Protected underwire
Breathable multilayer films with breakable skin layers
Efficient zoned elastic laminate
Horizontal motion vibrating bed
Endoscope apparatus with an insertion part having a small outer diameter which includes and object optical system
Air feeding device for endoscope
Technique to confirm correct positioning of arterial wall sealing device
Suture anchor and associated method of implantation
Apparatus and method for placing multiple sutures
Devices and methods for performing a vascular anastomosis
Tourniquet cuff with identification apparatus
Intravascular occlusion devices
Umbilical cord cutter retainer
Endplate preparation instrument and associated method
Method and apparatus for providing a shell component incorporating a porous ingrowth material and liner
Methods for aortic artherectomy
Catheter for removing emboli from saphenous vein grafts and native coronary arteries
Apparatus for emergency treatment of patients experiencing a thrombotic vascular occlusion
Ultrasonic curved blade
Medical instrument
Endoluminal knife
Apparatus and method for capturing a wire in a blood vessel
Apparatus for decompressing herniated intervertebral discs
Connector assembly with multidimensional accommodation and associated method
Coupling system and method for extending spinal instrumentation
Dynamized vertebral stabilizer using an outrigger implant
Orthopaedic bone plate
Surgical cable system and method
Methods for treating the prostate and inhibiting obstruction of the prostatic urethra using biodegradable stents
Method and system for heating tissue with a bipolar instrument
Expandable catheter having two sets of electrodes, and method of use
Endoscopic bipolar electrosurgical forceps
Closed loop catheter coolant system
Dermatological hand piece
Apparatus and method for monitoring a condition inside a body cavity
High torque guidewire
Noninvasive apparatus and method for the determination of cardiac valve function
Method for artifact reduction in intracranial pressure measurements
Tinnitus rehabilitation device and method
Passive safety device
Ultrasonic diagnosing method and apparatus using correlative coefficient
Ultrasound probe with progressive element sizing
Compression plate for diagnostic breast imaging
Drill assembly for preparing a prosthetic crown-receiving tooth
Capsule for dental restoration material
Dispensing apparatus and cartridge
Orthodontic bracket
Orthodontic bracket placement device and coordinated bracket placement system
Defining tooth-moving appliances computationally
Continuous biaxially stretchable absorbent with low tension
Leg gasketing index for absorbent undergarments
Disposable absorbent sanitary article
Method and apparatus for assembling refastenable absorbent garments
Protection tampon and method of making
Tension indicator for cardiac support device and method therefore
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Expandable cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure
Monitoring treatment using implantable telemetric sensors
Guidewire introducer sheath
System and method for stent retention
Methods and apparatus for a stent having an expandable web structure
Bifurcated multicapsule intraluminal grafting system and method
Application catheter and method of implantation of a stent in vascular bifurcations, side branches and ostial lesions
Element correcting presbyopia
Delivery system for a stentless valve bioprosthesis
Prosthetic heart valve
Modular socket prosthesis
Modular femoral stem component for a hip joint prosthesis
Joint prosthesis
Spinal fixation system
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Spinal fixation device
Intervertebral support device and related methods
Prosthetic apparatus with elastomeric shock absorber element
Methods and apparatus for treating plantar ulcerations
Brief protector
Anti-reflux valve interconnected with a catheter
Heat transfer blanket for and method of controlling a patient's temperature
Brain cooling device and monitoring system
Method and system for treating cardiac arrest using hypothermia
Devices and techniques for treating trabecular meshwork
Synthetic muscle based diaphragm pump apparatuses
Deep muscle stimulator device
Self-foaming shaving lotion
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres
Plaque-controlling liquid tooth cleaning agent
Patches for teeth whitening
Compounds with anti-KS and anti-HIV activity
System and device for preventing restenosis in body vessels
Use of sulfonyl aryl or heteroaryl hydroxamic acids and derivatives thereof as aggrecanase inhibitors
N-azabicyclo-amide derivatives
Anticancer agents
3-(amino-or aminoalkyl) pyridinone derivatives and their use for the treatment of HIV related diseases
Use of 2-amino purine derivatives for the treatment and prophylaxis of human herpes virus 6 infections
Treatment of diabetes mellitus
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use
Compositions and methods for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and nonulcer dyspepsia
Initiation of oestrus
Formulations for treating or preventing mucositis
Composition and treatment method for brain and spinal cord injuries
Pro-gut maturation and anti-inflammatory effects of lactobacillus and lactobacillus secreted proteins, carbohydrates and lipids
Altered strain of the modified vaccinia virus ankara (MVA)
Anti-cryptosporidium parvum preparations
Pharmaceutical preparation containing a cyclopeptide and a chemotherapeutic agent or an angiogenesis inhibitor
Method for treating a cholinergic influenced sweat gland
Immunogenic composition of hepatitis C and methods of use thereof
.beta.-expansins as cell wall loosening agents, compositions thereof and methods of use
Methods of inhibiting osteoclastogenesis
Efficient and selective adenoviral-mediated gene transfer into vascular neointima
Tissue volume reduction
Use of bacterium for manufacture of a vaccine
Adjuvanted vaccine which is substantially free of non-host albumin
.beta.2 microglobulin fusion proteins and high affinity variants
Methods for therapeutic use of glucosylceramide synthesis inhibitors and composition thereof
Lipopeptides containing an interferon-.gamma. fragment, and uses thereof in pharmaceutical compositions
Site specific ligation of proteins to synthetic particles
Therapeutic application of chimeric and radiolabeled antibodies to human B lymphocyte restricted differentiation antigen for treatment of B cell lymphoma
Method for introducing and expressing genes in animal cells, and live invasive bacterial vectors for use in the same
Methods of diagnosing and determining prognosis of colorectal cancer
Fibrinolytic enzymes
Remedies for periodontosis
Toothpaste of selected calcined alumina particles
Zinc citrate beads in oral compositions
Low Residue cosmetic composition
Sonic method of enhancing chemical reactions to provide uniform, non-agglomerated particles
Multifunctional phospholipid surfactants
Methods and compositions for reducing UV-induced inhibition of collagen synthesis in human skin
Surfactant-free cosmetic, dermatological and pharmaceutical compositions
High molecular weight mass cationic copolymers
Transfer-free cosmetic composition comprising a dispersion of polymer particles in a liquid fatty phase and a fat-soluble polymer
Valve for osmotic devices
Process for preparing an oral suspension of a pharmaceutical substance
Aqueous suspension with good redispersibility
Water-insoluble drug delivery system
Water-insoluble drug particle process
Individually dosed foil-form presentation which decomposes rapidly on contact with liquid and contains an active substance, in particular an aromatic substance
Manufacture of oral dosage forms delivering both immediate-release and sustained-release drugs
Titratable dosage transdermal delivery system
Process for sterilization and disinfecting of agriculture and botanic products
Method of sterilizing a package material
Superelastic guiding member
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin solutions for odor control on inanimate surfaces
Apparatus for exchanging gases in a liquid
Method and apparatus for venous drainage and retrograde coronary perfusion
Biological fluid treatment system and method
Methods and systems for subcutaneous graft implantation
Direct central nervous system catheter and temperature control system
Method for inserting a multiple catheter assembly
Device for maintaining at least a tube
Devices and methods for attenuation of pressure waves in the body
User wearable device having sterile environment for connecting peritoneal dialysis tubes
Medical valve and method of use
Single use disposable jet injector
Submucosal tonsillectomy apparatus and method
Radioactive seed-holding device
Oral compositions providing enhanced overall cleaning
Skin-beautifying agent, anti-aging agent for the skin, whitening agent and external agent for the skin
Iron sulfides, processes for producing the same, iron sulfide mixture, heavy metal treating agent, and method of treating with the agent
Training bat system
Motion translation arrangement for limiting the rate of lever arm convergence in an exercise machine
Adjustable dumbbell/barbell
Treadmill with foldable support unit
Method for controlling an electric treadmill
Dual-purpose exerciser operable in pedaling and rowing modes
Method and system for monitoring the posture of a user at a training apparatus
Phyllotaxis-based dimple patterns
Dimple patterns on golf balls
Golf ball with multi-layer cover
Ball game method for play on a court including a deformable-elastic surface
Multi-string putter face with separate and variable tension capabilities and multiple position shaft with adjustable shaft angle capabilities
Writable golf tee with an adjustable length
Mechanical golf ball feed apparatus
Flying toy and method of making same
Play device
Durable batting tee for baseball
Swing training and exercising apparatus
Range estimator
Fluid collection system for ring events
Video game device, throw guide displaying method in video game, and computer readable recording medium recording throwing guide display program
Operating device for game machine
Game system for generating random on-the-spot broadcasting data based on player historical performance data
Wireless gaming environment
Arcade game with light emitting race progress indicator
Interactive toys
Physically interactive electronic toys
Radio controlled two wheeled vehicle
Propeller shaft assembly for toy watercraft
Interactive toy, reaction behavior pattern generating device, and reaction behavior pattern generating method
Transmission mechanism for doll
Visual stimulation attachment for use in vehicles
Glowing throw device
Toy building element with transverasal openings
Bubble generating assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sludge recovery apparatus and method
Segmented link robot for waste removal
Barrel type fish and/or particulate screen device
Evaporator and evaporation process
Apparatus for cocurrent fractional distillation
Air filter medium, process of producing filter medium, air filter pack for air filters, and air filter unit for air filters
Automobile air filter
Method for manufacturing an accordion filter insert
Process for manufacture of reacted metal nanoparticles
Method for reducing NOx from exhaust gases produced by industrial processes
Oxidation catalysts
Apparatus for withdrawing permeate using an immersed vertical skein of hollow fiber membranes
Concentrated aqueous betaine surfactant compositions and process for their preparation
Gel pad arrays and methods and systems for making them
Addressable biologic electrode array
Desulfurization and novel sorbents for same
Method for producing self-supporting activated carbon structures
Catalyst for the metathesis of olefin(s)
Method for the discontinuous thermal treatment of catalyst material
Naphthene ring opening over an iridium ring opening catalyst
Zeolite catalyst carrier and hydrogenation catalyst using same
Catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide content in gases
Photocatalytic powder and polymer composition
Process for making a hydrogen generation catalyst
Method for producing a supported catalyst system
Free-standing fluid sensors, filters, and catalyst devices, and methods involving same
Direct application of catalysts to substrates for treatment of the atmosphere
Method for reactivating a catalyst composition
Electrochemical process for decontamination of radioactive materials
Protection of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts from traces of sulfur
Method for conducting reactions in fluidized particle layers
Parallel reaction devices
Device for packaging a chip shaped carrier and process for assembling a plurality of such carriers
Concrete recovery system
Coating dispensing system and method using a solenoid head for coating medical devices
Device and method for wetting flexible mat-shaped carrier materials
Delivery of aerosols containing small particles through an inhalation route
Stencil to pad method for applying a coating to a part
Electronic fluid dispenser
System for manufacturing a trim panel
Thermal spray powder of oxidized polyarylene incorporating a particular high temperature polymer
Reconditioning of semiconductor substrates to remove photoresist during semiconductor device fabrication
Apparatus and method for removing coating layers from alignment marks
Restoration of contaminated polymer articles
Abrasive cleaning tool for removing contamination
Manufacturing method for hollow stabilizer
Method and apparatus for manufacturing profiles and laminates
Method of manufacturing battery electrode substrate and battery electrode substrate
Method of manufacturing battery electrode substrate and battery electrode substrate
System and method for forming lift-tab can end assemblies
Adhesion-resistant oxygen-free roughly drawn copper wire and method and apparatus for making the same
Work-piece processing machine
Physical vapor deposition targets and methods of formation
Nickel-poor austenitic steel
Matrix powder for the production of bodies or components for wear-resistant applications and a component produced therefrom
Nickel-poor austenitic steel
Magnetic acicular alloy particles containing iron as a main component
Method for preparing surface-modified nickel powder
Grinding machine with two grinding wheels
Machining device for processing metal hanging rod of blinds
Apparatus and method for linear polishing
Method of forming an escape layer and a method of adjusting a gap in a spiral-flow barrel finishing machine
Barrel container for use with dry barrel polishing
Method for characterizing the planarizing properties of an expendable material combination in a chemical-mechanical polishing process; simulation technique; and polishing technique
Polishing apparatus
Wafer carrier structure for chemical-mechanical polisher
Nut having locking mechanism and low operating torque requirement
Pressure monitoring system for chemical-mechanical polishing
Methods and apparatuses for monitoring and controlling mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrate assemblies
Method for controlling a temperature of a polishing pad used in planarizing substrates
Polishing apparatus having a dresser and dresser adjusting method
Sanding block with anchoring bar
Binder for abrasive articles, abrasive articles including the same and method of making same
Polishing pads and methods relating thereto
Cutting apparatus with fold-mark function
Method of applying an edge sealing strip to a wood product piece
Method of manufacturing fiber-reinforced structures incorporating recycled carpet fibers
Method for consolidation of natural stone blocks or recomposite blocks
Process for providing a decorative transfer in a molded product
Method for co-molding a thermoplastic material with a thermoplastic sandwich material
Device to produce polyurethane articles, relative method and polyurethane articles thus obtained
Multilayer hollow body
Method of making a container closure
Method of making a shield can
Molding apparatus for molding light emitting diode lamps
Method of making translational spout closure for a container
Method of fabricating a thermoplastic rubber encapsulated transformer
Device for ejecting articles for an injection moulding machine for plastics
Apparatus for injection molding plastic helical gears
Injection assembly for injection moulding machines for plastics material
Closing unit for use in an injection molding machine for processing plastic material
Model predictive control apparatus and methods for motion and/or pressure control of injection molding machines
Dual isolated mode controller for injection molding machine
Quick-release extrusion die
Flexible plastic article and method of manufacturing the same
Forming device for an extrusion plant
Core rod positioning method
Method of production blow-molded synthetic resin articles
Method for manufacturing flexible containers made of thermoplastic plastics
Method for molding a thermoplastic sandwich material
Hose molding device
Installation of cured in place liners with an endless reusable inflation bladder and installation apparatus
Method for tying rolls of fabric
Method of manufacturing a three-dimensional object
Procedures for rapid build and improved surface characteristics in layered manufacture
Composite pre-preg ply having tailored dielectrical properties and method of fabrication thereof
Object with radially varying refractive index, and producing method and apparatus thereof
Method for manufacturing a tire
Global planarization method and apparatus
Inside printing of flexible packages
Cellular cushioning material and a method for its production
Rotating scoring head with curvilinear nib
Fuel hose
Method for making wallboard or backerboard sheets including aerated concrete
Nickel aluminide coating and coating systems formed therewith
Plural compartment medical container
Packages and methods for differential oxygen scavenging
Films having enhanced sealing characteristics and packages containing same
Method for preparing a multi-layered polymeric composite and a multi-layered composite produced thereby
Flame-retardant laminated resin molded article
Multi-layered polymeric structures including a layer of ethylene copolymer
Multilayer polymeric film
Crosslinked laminated wrap film and dispenser box therefor
Insert mold decorating film for thermoplastic resin
Thermoplastic elastomer films
Selective PCB stiffening with preferentially oriented fibers
Fiber-polymeric composite siding unit and method of manufacture
Fender protective structure
Droplet plate architecture
Opaque transfer material
Aqueous coating composition, coating method thereof, and ink-jet recording sheet
Process for producing aluminum support for lithographic printing plate
Sheet-wise hole punching after folding in booklet maker
Expanded content device pouch
Method of making keepsakes using an informational card
Folding writing board
Camouflage pattern method and apparatus
Motorcycle tow rack with yaw brace for a receiver hitch
Air-conditioner for use in an automobile
Massaging system having isolated vibrators
Transport device for loading and unloading a trunk space
Loading ramp deck
Connection assembly for connecting an electric system of a vehicle to electric components of a sliding door of the vehicle
Gas generator
Electronic air charge controller for vehicular compressed air system
Hydraulic unit
Method for manufacturing a motor vehicle steering wheel
Spare tire carrier
Motorized watercraft
Pump structure of jet-propulsion watercraft
Trim system for outboard motor-driven watercraft
Tilt support mechanism for outboard motor
Outboard motor position responsive system
Tilt device for outboard engine
Cowl latching system which simplifies the cowl removing process
Propulsion apparatus for a vessel
Pivotally suspended, variable depth, propeller drive for boats
Fluid control valve
Injectable micro-glass vial
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Substrate processing apparatus
Light-transmitting and/or coated article with removable protective coating and methods of making the same
System for handling bulk particulate materials
Device for gluing rolls of web material and associated method
Stretched yarn pirn
Method of applying a protective film, optionally including advertising or other visible material, to the surface of a handrail for an escalator or moving walkway
Dispensing system for petrol-pumps, including a bypass and principle valve
Microelectromechanical optical switch and method of manufacture thereof
Stress controlled dielectric integrated circuit fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel cell system having an evaporator
Method for the production of hydrogen gas
Integrated fuel processor, fuel cell stack, and tail gas oxidizer with carbon dioxide removal
Catalytic converter for automotive pollution control, and process for making catalytic converter
Process for the preparation of lithium hexafluoroarsenate
Floated biological treatment apparatus and process for purifying refractory wastewater or raw water
Vacuum ultraviolet trasmitting silicon oxyfluoride lithography glass
Settable composition containing potassium sulfate
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric ceramic device using the same
Recession resistant coated ceramic part
Apparatus for casting and drying ceramic tape
Carbon base member and process for producing the same
Process chamber having a corrosion-resistant wall and method
Corrosion-resistant ceramics
Gas generating composition for use in a pretensioner
Insensitive high energy booster propellant
Insensitive high energy booster propellant
Organic compound having an acetylene group, vacuum deposition polymerization thereof, deposited polymerized thin film, and electroluminescence device containing same
Phenylethylamines and condensed rings variants as prodrugs of catecholamines, and their use
Substituted N,N-disubstituted cycloalkyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Ionic conducting material having good anticorrosive properties
Bioactive tetracyclic diterpene compounds and methods of preparation and use thereof
Chlorohydroxyacetone derivative and process for producing optically active chloropropanediol derivative from the same
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
Aromatic sulfone hydroxamic acids and their use as protease inhibitors
Cyclic amine derivatives-CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Ultrashort acting hypnotic barbiturates
2-Amino-benzoxazinones for the treatment of viral infections
7, 9-substituted tetracycline compounds
CDK inhibitors having 3-hydroxychromen-4-one structure
Salt form and polymorphs
Indolylpiperidine derivatives as antihistaminic and antiallergic agents
Bicyclic protein kinase inhibitors
Sulfonamido ether substituted imidazoquinolines
Pyrimidine linked pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepines as potential antitumour agents
Triazolotriazinones and the use thereof
Imidazole derivatives
Gamma Secretase inhibitors
Glucose sensing molecules having selected fluorescent properties
Nucleosides for imaging and treatment applications
Nucleosides for imaging and treatment applications
Detection using degradation of a tagged sequence
Genes expressed in alzheimer's disease
Vector for integration of heterologous sequences into poxviral genomes
Use of triplex structure DNA in transferring nucleotide sequences
Peptides derived fram complement peptide C3a sequence and antiallergic compositions comprising them
Peptides derived from human heat protein 60 for treatment of diabetes, compositions, methods and kits
Methods for diagnosing and evaluating cancer
Isolated peptides derived from mage tumor rejection antigen precursors which complex with HLA-A2 molecules
Crystals of the tyrosine kinase domain of non-insulin receptor tyrosine kinases
Mouse growth hormone secretagogue receptor
DNA encoding a novel RG1 polypeptide
Laminins and uses thereof
Peptides representing epitopic sites on r-IFN-.beta., antibodies thereto and uses thereof
Human erythropoietin gene: high level expression in stably transfected mammalian cells
Compounds and methods for stimulating gene expression and cellular differentiation
Method of inhibiting transcription utilizing nuclear receptors
Receptor-type phosphotyrosine phosphatase-alpha
Anti-IgE antibodies
Cells expressing anti-Fc receptor binding components
Purification and characterization of cytotoxic lymphocyte maturation factor and monoclonal antibodies thereto
Human monoclonal antibodies to CTLA-4
Protein having a ribonucleotide Reductase activity and a DNA thereof
Methods for promoting weight gain using GPE-related compounds
High-throughput screening assays for modulators of STAT4 activity
Rope handling system
Catalyst system for the (co) polymerization of olefins
Supported metallocene catalyst, its preparation method and olefin polymerization therewith
Coating means for elastomers
Polycarbonate containers
Cross-linked collagen matrices and methods for their preparation
Method for producing fiber reinforced materials
Ultrasonically generated paramagnetic polymer particles
Fluorescent lamp cover and lighting fixture
Reinforced profile extrusion articles and method for making the same
Particulate carbonates and their preparation and use in breathable film
UV-curable compositions and method of use thereof in microelectronics
Method of rotational molding using a resin blend
Antifoaming agent composition for a silver halide photographic processing solution and process for processing a silver halide photographic material using same
Curable composition for polymer electrolyte
Aggregate stabilizing emulsion and a mixture of the emulsion with aggregate
Azo disperse dye mixtures
Meltable ink composition
Lightfast ink-jet dye set having color gamut of silver halide prints
Aqueous ink compositions containing borate esters
Ink for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Ink composition for ink jet recording and image formation method
Coating composition and use thereof
Temperature indicating paint
Methanol-containing silica-based CMP compositions
Paintable material
Fluorescent materials
Thin film el device
High brightness orange-yellow-emitting electroluminescent phosphor and method of making
Pigment with day-light fluorescence
Soil modifier
Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal displaying method
Fluorinated anthracenes, and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Electrooptical liquid crystal system
Liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display devices
Detergent compositions containing alpha-sulfofatty acid esters and methods of making and using the same
Gel compositions containing alkoxylated carboxylic acid esters, their use in cleaning toilets and toilet cleaning products containing the same
Wet-like articles comprising a multi-phase, multi-component emulsion and an activation web
Granulation method
Process for manufacturing effervescence components
Cleaning composition
Stripper composition for negative chemically amplified resist
Liquid composition comprising polyalkoxylated polyamines or polyimines
Protease variants and compositions
Paint containing surfactants for structuring non-aqueous liquid compositions
Substrate and a method for determining and/or monitoring electrophysiological properties of ion channels
Method for detecting mutations using an URA3 reporter gene
Triplex forming oligonucleotides and their use in anti-HBV
Recovering cryopreserved conifer embryogenic cultures
Transplants for myocardial scars
Adenovector complementing cells
Bacterial sucrose synthase compositions and methods of use
Methods of identifying nucleic acid sequences encoding plant riboflavin synthase enzymes
Compositions and methods for identifying PKB kinase inhibitors
Polypeptides having phospholipase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Thermostable alkaliphilic xylanase
Cloned glutamic acid decarboxylase
L-glutamic acid-producing bacterium and method for producing L-glutamic acid
Bivalent binding molecules of 7 transmembrane G protein-coupled receptors
Microbial process for preparing pravastatin
Electrochemical reporter system for detecting analytical immunoassay and molecular biology procedures
Method for treating herpes viruses
Specific inhibitors of hyaluronidase 2, and methods of identifying and using same
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Microdevices for screening biomolecules
Amplification and detection of organisms of the Chlamydiaceae family
Method and device for the rapid clinical diagnosis of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in biological samples
Diagnosis of flavivirus infection
Method of heat treatment of wire
Welded steel pipe having excellent hydroformability and method for making the same
Apparatus for supporting material to be treated in continuously operated thermal treatment furnaces
Process for producing sintered ore and the sintered ore
Assemblies and methods for processing zinc-bearing materials
Refining nonferrous metals and alloys with gases having reduced global warming potential
Metal-based powder compositions containing silicon carbide as an alloying powder
Process for making high strength micro-alloy steel
Formation of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses from low purity materials by yttrium addition
Method for producing electricity using a platinum-ruthenium-palladium catalyst in a fuel cell
Steel sheet provided with a coating comprising a main layer of zinc-chromium alloy the predominant phase of which has a delta and/or zeta structure
Magnetic recording medium and production process thereof
Magnetic disk comprising a first carbon overcoat having a high SP3 content and a second carbon overcoat having a low SP3 content
Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks
Reusable mass-sensor in manufacture of organic light-emitting devices
High temperature deposition of Pt/TiOx for bottom electrodes
Method for epitaxially growing crystalline insulation layer on crystalline silicon substrate while simultaneously growing silicon oxide, nitride, or oxynitride
Apparatus for sputter deposition
Cathodic sputtering chamber for applying material to the surface of a semiconductor wafer located therein
Substrate processing pallet and related substrate processing method and machine
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor
Chemical vapor deposition systems including metal complexes with chelating O- and/or N-donor ligands
Process for forming hafnium oxide films
Substrate support with extended radio frequency electrode upper surface
Protective system for high temperature metal alloy products
Film forming method and film forming apparatus
Method for local etching
Integral screen/frame assembly for an electrochemical cell
Process for producing electrolytic manganese dioxide from geothermal brines
Large capacity acid or base generator apparatus
Aluminium electrowinning cells having a V-shaped cathode bottom and method of producing aluminium
Apparatus for maintaining compression of the active area in an electrochemical cell
Seed repair and electroplating bath
Silicon wafer, and heat treatment method of the same and the heat-treated silicon wafer
Flow synthesis of quantum dot nanocrystals
Textiles; Paper
Process for making polymeric fiber
Spinning, processing, and applications of carbon nanotube filaments, ribbons, and yarns
Fishing line and method for making the same
Yarn with heat-activated binder material and process of making
Process for making pattern on dyed fabric and dyed fabric obtained by the process
Roll for a paper or board machine
Elastic roll and method of making the roll
Fixed Constructions
Polyolefin wood fiber composite
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane for a stator of a variable-geometry turbine, in particular for aeronautical engines
Thermally decoupled flange for mounting to a turbine housing
Belt tensioner with pivot bushing
Marine engine cooling systems and methods
Static unbalance-type balance shafts with axis alignment preservation
Turbine for flowing fluids
Rotating shaft confinement system
Axial piston pump barrel with a cast high pressure collection cavity
Tandem pump and interface for same
Control valve for variable displacement type compressor
Miniature air compressor
Multi-stage scroll fluid machine having a seal element between compression sections
Cooling of hybrid scroll compressor wrap by suction pressure gas passages
Method of aligning scroll compressor components
Simplified stamped counterweight
Radial turbo-blower
Electric fan
Motor fan unit attachment structure and radiator assembly fitted with a motor fan unit
Compressed air powered pump priming system
Multiple shaft diameter flexible coupling system
Sidewalk bolt
Locking fastener apparatus
Rack mount panel fastener with interchangeable thread size
Shock absorbing tube
Shaft with a venting system
Constant velocity universal joint
Arrangement of a running roller on a coupling journal of a moveable shaft coupling
Tripod joint
Planetary gear reduction device with torque limiter function
Damper mechanism
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Family of six-speed planetary transmissions having three planetary gearsets and five torque-transmitting mechanisms
Hydrostatic transaxle apparatus
Multi-mesh gear system
V-belt-type automatic transmission for vehicle
Method for operating a vehicle and a vehicle which incorporates the method
Hydraulic control for a continuously variable transmission
Combustor for waste gas treatment
Flame stabilizer for flame hydrolysis deposition
Child resistant actuator for piezoelectric lighter
Lighter safety mechanism
Quick connect dryer vent
Laser pistol and method or system for retrofitting sharpshooting pistols
Temperature activated systems
Method for the determination of the components of metal protein complexes
Chemical sampler system and container
Weathering test method
Methods and apparatus for the high through-put detection of binding interactions in vivo
Optical sensor
Gas sensor
Co-fired oxygen sensor elements
Film type solid polymer ionomer sensor and sensor cell
Bismuth-based electrochemical stripping analysis
Electrophoresis assembly and method of casting electrophoresis gels
Reduced power consumption gas chromatograph system
Automated airborne metal analyzer
Threshold glucose detection in urine
Ligand based solution assay for low concentration analytes
Apparatus and method for detecting and identifying infectious agents
Test strip qualification system
Serological diagnosis of Chagas' disease
Products and methods for single parameter and multiparameter phenotyping of cells
Method to detect IgE
Magazine for storing test elements
Apparatus and method for simultaneously conducting multiple chemical reactions
Wafer level burn-in and electrical test system and method
Method of using a semiconductor chip package
Feed forward testing
Arrangement for the examination of an object
Medical ultrasonic imaging pulse transmission method
Device and method for mapping and tracking blood flow and determining parameters of blood flow
Ultrasonic imaging aberration correction using harmonic and non-harmonic signals
Three dimensional etching process
Method of fabricating color filter substrate for liquid crystal display device
Transparent electrode made from indium-zinc-oxide and etchant for etching the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display cell having liquid crystal molecules in vertical or substantially vertical alignment
Production process of silver halide emulsion
Thermal development photosensitive material
Radiographic imaging assembly with blue-sensitive film
Disposable hard mask for phase shift photomask plasma etching
Semiconductive substrate processing methods and methods of processing a semiconductive substrate
Enhanced adhesion for LIGA microfabrication by using a buffer layer
Chemical amplification, positive resist compositions
Method of forming small contact holes using alternative phase shift masks and negative photoresist
Method and apparatus for imaging with fiber optic arrays on non-flat surfaces
Diisopropylbenzene containing solvent and method of developing flexographic printing plates
Growth of photoresist layer in photolithographic process
Thinner composition and method of stripping a photoresist using the same
Process of removing ion-implanted photoresist from a workpiece
Hybrid electrophotographic apparatus for custom color printing
Toner for dry developing
Toner for electrophotography
Resuscitation from shock
Dispensing apparatus and method of using same
Gaming device having a primary game scheme involving a symbol generator and secondary award triggering games
Gaming device having a primary game scheme involving a symbol generator and secondary award triggering games
Gaming device and method of operation thereof
Open architecture communications in a gaming network
Keypad for dialing telephone numbers and displaying game moves
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic storage medium having a high recording density
Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing therefor, and magnetic read/write apparatus
Organic recording medium for fluorescent worm disks
Capacitor/antifuse structure having a barrier-layer electrode and improved barrier layer
Radiation image storage panel
Method for forming minimally spaced MRAM structures
Bulb for color cathode ray tube and color cathode ray tube and methods for production thereof
Uniform gas distribution in large area plasma source
Magnetron sputter source
Composite materials capable of hydrogen sorption comprising palladium and methods for the production thereof
Cathode structure for field emission device and method of fabricating the same
Method for making wires with a specific cross section for a field emission display
Analysis of mercury in fluorescent lamps by cold spotting
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device by using sealing apparatus
Etching and cleaning methods and etching and cleaning apparatus used therefor
Fabrication of abrupt ultra-shallow junctions using angled PAI and fluorine implant
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device whereby degradation of surface morphology of a metal layer from thermal oxidation is suppressed
Method for forming a semiconductor structure using a disposable hardmask
Method of forming the resin sealed semiconductor device using the lead frame
Semiconductor memory device having self-aligned contact and fabricating method thereof
Method for forming corrosion inhibited conductor layer
Method of making a concave capacitor
Manufacturing method of Schottky barrier diode
Process method for 1T-SRAM
Method of formation for quantum dots array using tilted substrate
Growth method of a nitride III-V compound semiconductor, manufacturing method of a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Method for forming silicon-oxynitride layer on semiconductor device
Fabricating capacitor of semiconductor device
Methods of forming materials comprising tungsten and nitrogen
Method to create a copper diffusion deterrent interface
Separation method of semiconductor layer and production method of solar cell
Method of forming capacitor constructions
Formation of well-controlled thin SiO, SiN, SiON layer for multilayer high-K dielectric applications
Iridium conductive electrode/barrier structure and method for same
GaAs MOSFET having low capacitance and on-resistance and method of manufacturing the same
TFT for LCD device and fabrication method thereof
Angled implant in a fabrication technique to improve conductivity of a base material
Effective Vcc to Vss power ESD protection device
Contamination resistant cyclic olefin container
Flatted object passive aligner
Article storage system for a clean room
Substrate processing unit
Substrate processing method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Method of forming shallow trench isolation and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Semiconductor device and method of making the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor-device fabrication method
Semiconductor device having multilevel interconnections and method of manufacture thereof
Method of forming n-and p- channel field effect transistors on the same silicon layer having a strain effect
Method of forming a bottom electrode of a capacitor in a memory device
Integrated circuit having increased gate coupling capacitance
Method for manufacturing a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for fabricating a gate structure of a flash memory
Stacked die module and techniques for forming a stacked die module
Plating a conductive material on a dielectric material
Methods of forming transistors associated with semiconductor substrates
Thin film transistor array panel used for a liquid crystal display and a manufacturing method thereof
Method for employing piggyback multiple die #3
Method of fabricating package having metal runner
Semiconductor substrate and land grid array semiconductor package using same and fabrication methods thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for bumped die and wire bonded board-on-chip package
Method for making a mounting structure for an electronic component having an external terminal electrode
Architecture of laser fuse box of semiconductor integrated circuit and method for fabricating the same
Top electrode in a strongly oxidizing environment
Method of producing semiconductor device with a thin film transistor and a photoelectric conversion element
Arrangements of microscopic particles for performing logic computations, and method of use
Method of controlling grain size in a polysilicon layer and in semiconductor devices having polysilicon structures
Methods for transistor gate formation using gate sidewall implantation
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Light emitting diode and method of making the same
Method of forming high temperature superconducting josephson junction
Organic electroluminescent device
Depositing an emissive layer for use in an organic light-emitting display device (OLED)
Secondary battery having a non-aqueous electrolyte
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery using lithium-manganese composite oxide for positive electrode
Electrolyte for non-aqueous batteries and secondary battery using the same
Aluminum battery casing with corrosion preventing film
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
Release valve and method for venting a system
Battery separator with fluoride-containing inorganic salt
Charging element device and holding structure therefor
Ion battery using high aspect ratio electrodes
Hydrogen absorbing alloy, method of surface modification of the alloy, negative electrode for battery and alkaline secondary battery
Alkaline storage battery and process for the production thereof
Composite electrode/electrolyte structure
Method and apparatus for increasing the operational efficiency of a fuel cell power plant
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature within an electrochemical fuel cell
Thermal management for a vehicle mounted fuel cell system
Method for the operation of a fuel cell battery comprising a control system
Electrical connector having retention system for precisely mounting plural boards therein
Electrical terminal connector
Holder-equipped connector
Instrumentation electrical connector protector
Coupling element for mounting to a shielded electrical cable and method for mounting the same to a cable
Electrical connector assembly with connection assurance features
Locking slide for plug parts of electric plug-connection elements
Electrical connector assembly utilizing multiple ground planes
Stacked connector with plastic part assembled thereto
Insulation piercing connector
Insulation-displacement terminal contact, and a connecting terminal
Peripheral device port for motor vehicles
Board edge launch connector
Connection device with pusher
Semiconductor laser and production method thereof
Electrical fitting for easy snap engagement of cables
Adjustable magnetic coupler
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