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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Electric devices
Human Necessities
In-situ preservation (ISP) bridge method and solution for non-heart beating donors
Cold storage of pegylated platelets at about or below 0.degree. C.
Attractants and repellents for the tropical root weevil Diaprepes Abbreviatus
Therapeutic fibrin-derived peptides and uses thereof
ODCase inhibitors for the treatment of malaria
Synthetic genes and genetic constructs comprising same I
Use of collismycin and derivatives thereof as oxidative stress inhibitors
Crystal form of phenylamino pyrimidine derivatives
Bacterial delivery of biologically active polypeptides
PEG-urate oxidase conjugates and use thereof
Ion exchange chromatography of GLP-1, analogs and derivatives thereof
Method and devices for forming articles
Method and apparatus for cooking low fat French fries
Flexible endoscope with longitudinal axial channels
Anastomosis device having improved safety features
Distractor with opening
Distractor for posterior interbody fusion
Apparatus and method for affixing body structures
Disease management system and method including pain code
Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance
Integrated sensor for analyzing biological samples
Method for detecting and discriminating breathing patterns from respiratory signals
Apparatus for adjustment and sensing of gastric band pressure
Implantable medical devices incorporating plasma polymerized film layers and charged amino acids
Methods for gastric volume control
Stent coating for eluting medication
Drug-releasing stent with ceramic-containing layer
Assembly for manufacturing an implantable polymeric medical device
L-carnitine and alkanoyl L-carnitine phytates and process for preparing the same
Tricyclic-bis-enone derivatives and methods of use thereof
Processes of making sesquiterpenoid tashironin, its analogs and their uses
3-acyl coumarins, thiochromones and quinolones and therapeutic uses thereof
Tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives having improved biological action and improved solubility as ligands of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCPs)
Tricyclic angiotensin II agonists
3-hydroxyisothiazole-4-carboxamidine derivatives as CHK2 inhibitors
Pyridoxamine for the treatment of diabetic intermediaries and post-amadori inhibition
N,N-disubstituted aminoalkylbiphenyl antagonists of prostaglandin D.sub.2 receptors
Anti-HIV activity of the opioid antagonist naloxone
Piperazines as antimalarial agents
Superoxide dismutase mimics for the treatment of ocular disorders and diseases
Method and apparatus for transdermal or transmucosal application of testosterone
Amino alcohol compounds or phosphonic acid derivatives thereof
Cosmetic compositions containing an extract of leaves of the Castanea sativa plant and cosmetic treatments
Extract of plant Dendrobii caulis and preparing process thereof
Cancer treatment with endothelin receptor antagonists
Methods and compositions for increasing the anaerobic working capacity in tissues
Identification of gene sequences and proteins involved in vaccinia virus dominant T cell epitopes
Pharmaceutical compositions for transdermal delivery
Erythropoietin for treatment of multi-organ failure
Protection of the retina against laser injury by NAP and related peptides
Insulin derivatives
Enzyme inhibitors of PAI-1
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of Staphylococcus and other bacterial infections
Treatment of melanoma using HSV mutant
Immunological herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for use thereof
Compositions and methods for treating B-cell malignancies
Medicament and a method of treating a pathological syndrome
Divalent antibody fragments
Reovirus for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Targeting pulmonary epithelium using ADRP
Apparatus for producing particles, emulsifier holding member, method for producing particles, and method for producing molecular membrane
Implantable apparatus for administering a therapeutic agent into tissue
Multilayer interventional catheter
Method for delivering medication into an arterial wall for prevention of restenosis
Viscous formulations and their use in needle-free injection
Agent for permanent hair waving containing heterocyclic mercapto compound
Azomethine direct dyes or reduced precursors of azomethine direct dyes obtained from 2-alkylresorcinols, and hair dyeing process using these dyes or precursors
Air scrubbing system
Complex bench press
Ergonomic exercise posture chair and method of using same
Putter head
Automated processing of training data
Putt and swing training plate
System and device for golf putting practice
Exercise aid
Methods for playing competitive wagering games
Transformable toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flash chromatography cartridge
Enrichment of light hydrocarbon mixture
Apparatus for magnetic field and magnetic gradient enhanced filtration
Method for filtering cooking oil used in frying process
Method for selecting a gas filtering structure
Catalytic converter system and element for diesel engines
Method for removing soot particles from an exhaust gas, associated collecting element and system
Method for removing soot particles from an exhaust gas, associated collecting element and system
Apparatus and method for hydrolyzing biological material
Catalytic material and catalyst for purifying exhaust gas component
Methanation catalyst, and carbon monoxide removing system, fuel processor, and fuel cell including the same
Method for producing tamper-proof identification elements
Method for depositing a polymer layer on a surface of a support comprising at least a recessed zone
System for limiting pressure in a fine filter chamber for a dishwasher
Process for cleaning articles
Device for cleaning of enclosed spaces
Method and apparatus for reducing deposits in fluid conduits
Multi-axes contouring machine and method of use
Dust box and electric tool with the dust box
Method of providing a moisture vapor barrier layer to a core of a golf ball
Finger pattern formation for thin film solar cells
Absorption type multi-layer film ND filter
Electromagnetic-wave shielding and light transmitting plate, manufacturing method thereof, and display panel
Gas barrier film, and display device comprising the same
Latent hardener with improved barrier properties and compatibility
Optical storage medium comprising a mask layer with a super resolution near field structure
Duplex capable paper backed transparencies
Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic write head with a wrap around shield
Method for creating a magnetic write pole having a stepped perpendicular pole via CMP-assisted liftoff
Spatial light modulator with multi-layer landing structures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chlorite formulations, and methods of preparation and use thereof
X-ray-induced dissociation of H.sub.2O and formation of an O.sub.2-H.sub.2 alloy at high pressure
System and method for the manipulation, classification sorting, purification, placement, and alignment of nano fibers using electrostatic forces and electrographic techniques
Apparatus and method for purifying water in a storage tank
Dynamic hard magnet thickness adjustment for reduced variation in free layer stabilization field in a magnetoresistive sensor
Durable magnesium oxychloride cement and process therefor
Semiconductor ceramic composition
Refractory materials
Shock wave and power generation using on-chip nanoenergetic material
Thio-substituted Anthra [1, 2-d] imidazole- 6, 11-dione derivatives, preparation method and application thereof
Method for producing disulfonyl fluoride compound
Benzothiazepine derivatives
1-[2-(4-benzyl-4-hydroxy-piperidin-1 -yl )-ethyl]-3-(2-methyl-quinolin- 4-yl)- urea as crystalline sulfate salt
Method for producing bisbenzoxazoles
Substituted 1-(thiazolyl)-and 1-(isothiazolyl)pyrazol-4-ylacetic acids, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Pyrrolopyrazole, potent kinase inhibitors
Biomolecules having multiple attachment moieties for binding to a substrate surface
Nucleic acid extraction method
Tumor suppressor gene, p471NG3
Method for synthesizing furanosteroids
Combinatorial DNA library for producing modified N-glycans in lower eukaryotes
Chaperonin 10 immunosuppression
Derivatives of partially desulphated glycosaminoglycans as heparanase inhibitors, endowed with antiangiogenic activity and devoid of anticoagulating effect
Copolymer for positive type lithography, polymerization initiator used in production of said copolymer, and composition for semiconductor lithography
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives with acylaziridine crosslinking agents
Polymerisation and oligomerisation catalysts
Polyurethane foam
Flame-retardant for engineering thermoplastic applications
Curable composition
Amphiphilic co-networks, films made from amphiphilic co-networks and uses for such co-networks and films
Polymer blend nanocomposites using nanocompatibilizer and method of manufacture thereof
Non-ignitable gaseous composition comprising difluoromethane and tetrafluoroethylene
Process for deep desulphurization of cracking gasolines with a small loss of octane number
Softening detergent composition
Process for the production of aromatic vinegar
Presenilin associated membrane protein (PAMP) and uses thereof
Optimized human T1R2 nucleic acid molecule
Optimized human T1R3 nucleic acid molecule
Bacterial superantigen vaccines
Soluble recombinant .alpha..sub.v.beta..sub.3 adhesion receptor
Prostatic stem cells, isolation and uses
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polynucleotide encoding an ATP binding cassette transporter 1 (ABC1) polypeptide
Hydrolysis process for raw materials from the fishing and slaughterhouse industries and tanks for use therein
Binary probe and clamp composition and methods for target hybridization detection
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for amplifying a DNA template
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia
Microarray system with improved sequence specificity
Genetic markers of schizophrenia
Method for producing a shaft for compressors
Method for preparing metal powder, device for preparing metal powder, method for processing spent nuclear fuel
Electroplating methods and chemistries for deposition of group IIIA-group via thin films
Electrodeposition technique and apparatus to form selenium containing layers
Method for fabricating a biochip using the high density carbon nanotube film or pattern
Textiles; Paper
Process of confection of polyamide compounds with natural fibers and compounds of polyamides with natural fibers
Method of manufacturing an alloyed film and apparatus for the method
Fixed Constructions
Dual weir vortex skimmer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electric variable transmission for hybrid electric vehicles with three forward modes, one reverse mode, and five fixed gears
Multi-speed transmission with external drive gearsets
Hydraulic control system for vehicular power transmitting mechanism
Chain tensioning apparatus with temperature-based leakdown
In-plane airflow circulation contingency and control system
Chemical sensing device
Device and kit for calibrating bodily fluid sampling devices
Use of anti-CD100 antibodies for the treatment of inflammatory disorders affecting the central or peripheral nervous system
Cross-.beta. structure binding compounds
Methods of detecting amplified product
Diagnostic testing process
Polymeric carriers of therapeutic agents and recognition moieties for antibody-based targeting of disease sites
Device and method for multiple analyte detection
Automatic analyzer
Pattern forming method
Polymer containing charge transport photoconductors
Resin mixture backing layer containing photoconductor
Manufacturing method of magnetic recording medium, the magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Wet etchable laminated body, insulation film, and electronic circuit part using the laminated body and the film
Capacitor electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Method for producing a contact pin for a fluorescent tube and contact pin for a fluorescent tube
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with a post/base heat spreader and a substrate
Method of forming wiring on a plurality of semiconductor devices from a single metal plate, and a semiconductor construction assembly formed by the method
Method of producing high performance photovoltaic and thermoelectric nanostructured bulk and thin films
Polymeric precursors for CAIGS silver-containing photovoltaics
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Nanoelectronic structure and method of producing such
Method for manufacturing memory element
Bipolar transistor with base-collector-isolation without dielectric
Electrically conductive structure on a semiconductor substrate formed from printing
Solid state energy conversion device
Phosphorescent material, and organic electroluminescent device and image display apparatus using same
Cathode materials for secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries
Fuel cell system and control method thereof for detecting a chemical short
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system which can be used in a mobile manner with an adsorption accumulator
Contact device and fuel cell stack or fuel cell block comprising one such contact device
Spark plug terminal connection apparatuses and methods
Microphone output connector
Power socket device having switches
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hybrid maize seed and plant RPG824
Combinations of fungal cell wall degrading enzyme and fungal cell membrane affecting compound
Method and apparatus for reading a radiation image that has been stored in a photostimulable screen
Ink printable bandages
Facial wound dressing support device
Medical protective wrap
Oxidation inhibitors in prostane derivatives
Compositions and methods of diagnosis and treatment using casein kinase I
Branched hydrazone linkers
Prostate cell surface antigen-specific antibodies
Heater with removable cartridge
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electromagnetic susceptor produced from a dielectric matrix material
Process for carrying out multi-phase reactions according to the counter current principle of a liquid and gaseous phase and apparatus for carrying out the process
Process for preparing metal oxide catalyst for acrylic acid production
Oxidation of hydrocarbons using crystalline manganese (II/III) phosphate compositions
Process using a titanium-containing silicon oxide catalyst
Device in a pressure vessel for hot isostatic pressing
Method and catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates
Microwave processing using highly microwave absorbing powdered material layers
Wire electric discharge machine
Gettering system for brazing heat exchangers in CAB furnace
Modular welding machine
Multi-arm weld gun
Laser cutting machine and method
Removal of debris from laser ablated nozzle plates
Ceramic heater
Welding control system
Constant-speed motor-driven modular welding apparatus with electronic power control apparatus, electrode holder operation controls, and safety interlock
Fuel cell operated welder
Thinfilm fuse/antifuse device and use of same in printhead
Method and apparatus for sensing the state of an electrophoretic display
Motor vehicle data transmission system and data transmission method
Electro-mechanical impact detecting device for vehicles
Fault tolerant air bag bus system without transformer
Apparatus and method for heating a steering wheel
Apparatus for obstacle traversion
Control apparatus equipped with back drive
Water level interconnection
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical radiation sensor device
Laser cutting device and method for cutting glass substrate by using the same
Production of a xylene isomer in three stages: separation, isomerization with a catalyst with an EUO zeolite base and transalkylation with recycling of C10-aromatic compounds
Process for purifying pentafluoroethane from chloropentafluoroethane
Process for the alkylation of aromatic compounds
Synthesis method of nitroxymethylphenyl esters of aspirin derivatives
Substituted 2-phenyl-1-(3,4-dihydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)-1-ethanones, their use in the treatment of some central and peripheral nervous system disorders and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method for the catalytic, asymmetric disubstitution of carboxylic acid amides with two different grignard reagents
Method of preparing lipoproteins from fatty acids present in olive oil
Salts of N-tert-butylhydroxylamine
Process for the preparation of 1-(mercaptomethyl)-cyclopropaneacetic acid
Method for removing butyl groups from butyl phenol compounds
Process for the production of bisphenol A
Apparatus and process for generating mixed multi-component vapor
Process for preparing a dialkyl acetal of a C8 to C30 aldehyde
Process for the activation of an alkylaromatic isomerization catalyst by water
Potassium sorbate granulate and production processes thereof
Preparation of (meth)acrylates
Roselipin derivative
Intermediates for making HIV-protease inhibitors and methods for making HIV-protease inhibitors
Process for the purification and production of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream
Epoxidation process
Process for the preparation of hydroxylactones
Process for preparing mint lactone
Aqueous solution of aminated silanol compound, use thereof, and process for producing the same
Process for the production of phosphoric acid esters or phosphoric acid ester mixtures of polyhydric alcohols and use thereof
Nucleoside modifications by palladium catalyzed methods
Chromogenic substrates of sialidase and methods of making and using the same
Process for the preparation of 2'-fluoro-5-methyl-.beta.-L-arabinofuranosyluridine
Mifepristone analogue, process for the preparation thereof and use thereof
RANK1, an ankyrin-repeat containing peptide from rice associated with disease resistance
Molecules designated B7L-1
Transgenic rabbit that expresses a functional human lipoprotein (a)
Mammalian chemokine reagents
Expression of eukaryotic peptides in plant plastids
High affinity human antibodies to tumor antigens
Processes for coupling amino acids using bis-(trichloromethyl) carbonate
Processes for producing saccharide derivatives using solid ultrastrong acid
Tetracyclododecene compositions and process for producing the same
Fat impervious foils and coatings
Method and apparatus for controlling severity of cracking operations by near infrared analysis in the gas phase using fiber optics
Methods for enhancing plant transformation frequencies
Thiamine biosynthetic enzymes
Chemically modified proteins with a carbohydrate moiety
Interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme like cysteine protease
Methods for making oligonucleotide probes for the detection and/or quantitation of non-viral organisms
Process for the production of xylose from a paper-grade hardwood pulp
Method of forming a semiconductor device and an improved deposition system
CVD source material for forming an electrode, and electrode and wiring film for capacitor formed therefrom
Process for preparing a bolometer material and bolometer device
Fixed Constructions
Insulation plates with protection against electromagnetic fields
Method and a device for detecting the presence of personnel in underground mining
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ion sensor glow plug assembly
Displacement measuring apparatus
Photometric detector assembly with internal calibration filters
Semiconductor pressure sensor device having sensor chip covered with protective member
Method and an arrangement for initiating radiation absorption measurements of gaseous media
Fluorometric detection using visible light
Method and apparatus for image reading capable of detecting scratches or foreign matter on film
Stereo vision inspection system for transparent media
Method and apparatus for inspecting patterns of a semiconductor device with an electron beam
Nanotube-based electron emission device and systems using the same
Device and method for inspection and detection of a material by observing a high-voltage waveform produced by that material
Longitudinal field driven field asymmetric ion mobility filter and detection system
Probe station thermal chuck with shielding for capacitive current
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having reference voltage generating section
Method for testing semiconductor devices
Multilayer type printed-wiring board and method of measuring impedance of multilayer type printed-wiring board
Device for measuring exposure of a solid-state image detector subjected to ionising radiation and image detector equipped with such a measuring device
Method and apparatus for improving the sensitivity of a gamma camera
Radiation detector and radiation image taking device
Photoelectric conversion device
Transmission cable strain relief device
Light-emitting device
Thin film transistor assembly, particularly suitable for liquid crystal display device, and process for fabricating the same
Control device for an appliance adapted to assume a level selected from a range of levels, method of controlling a roller blind using the device, and user module for the device
Temperature control apparatus, temperature control method and device
Technique for efficient logic power gating with data retention in integrated circuit devices
Circuit structures and methods for high-speed low-power select arbitration
High speed data processing system and method
Device and method for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes
Luminous display and method of making same
CRT display device
Cathode burn-in procedures for a field emission display that avoid display non-uniformities
Alternating current plane discharge type plasma display panel
Organic electroluminescence matrix-type single-pixel drivers
Combination maraca-guiro musical instrument
Fretless grooved fingerboard
Electromagnetic X-Y stage driver for nano data storage system and method for fabricating coils of the same
Spindle motor
Direct current brushless motor structure that can be started easily
Brushless motor having turntable
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Offset-free rail-to-rail derandomizing peak detect-and-hold circuit
System with meshed power and signal buses on cell array
Subgrade radioactive and hazardous waste monolith packaging structural containment system
High power superconducting cable
Push-switch and method for manufacturing the same
Rotary switch
Lockout mechanism for power tool
Longitudinal piezoelectric latching relay
Safety disconnector
Exhaust arc gas manifold
Plasma display panel electrode structure and method of driving a plasma display panel
Plasma display panel
Image forming apparatus having spacers joined with a soft member and method of manufacturing the same
Laser cathode ray tube having electric discharge inhibitor inside the bulb
Stretched mask for color picture tube
Shadow mask for color cathode ray tube having a vertical pitch defined by multiple mathematical functions
Color cathode-ray tube
Solution for making a resin film and its application at screens of CRTS
Scanning electron microscope
Charged beam exposure method and charged beam exposure apparatus
Tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer with improved mass resolution
Method of and apparatus for selective collision-induced dissociation of ions in a quadrupole ion guide
Apparatus and method for the treatment of substrates
Continuous process furnace
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and the semiconductor device with a capacitor structure having increased capacitance
Board frame, method for fabricating thereof and method for fabricating semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device including a TFT having large-grain polycrystalline active layer, LCD employing the same and method of fabricating them
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor structure having heterogenous silicide regions having titanium and molybdenum
Flash memory having pre-interpoly dielectric treatment layer and method of forming
CMOS-process compatible, tunable NDR (negative differential resistance) device and method of operating same
Circuit board semiconductor package
Wiring circuit board and method for producing same
Adsorbing device, sucker and mounting device for conductive member, adsorbing method and mounting method for conductive member, and semiconductor device and method of making the same
Integrated circuit having self-aligned hydrogen barrier layer and method for fabricating same
Metal capacitor in damascene structures
Monolithic low dielectric constant platform for passive components and method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Stacked semiconductor integrated circuit device having an inter-electrode barrier to silicide formation
Method and structure for improving hot carrier immunity for devices with very shallow junctions
Capacitor with high-.epsilon. dielectric or ferroelectric material based on the fin stack principle
Semiconductor memory device and fabrication thereof
Semiconductor memory having an improved cell layout
Non-volatile memory cell array having discontinuous source and drain diffusions contacted by continuous bit line conductors and methods of forming
Thin film transistor substrate and process for producing the same
Semiconductor device
High-voltage high-speed SOI MOSFET
Photoelectric converter, its driving method, and system including the photoelectric converter
Increased gate to body coupling and application to dram and dynamic circuits
Semiconductor device
Method of fabricating SiO2 spacers and annealing caps
Semiconductor device and a manufacturing process therefor
Apparatus and methods of packaging and testing die
Electronic packaging device
Flip chip adaptor package for bare die
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip structures with embedded thermal conductors and a thermal sink disposed over opposing substrate surfaces
Flexible semiconductor device support with integrated thermoelectric cooler and method for making same
Coupled-cap flip chip BGA package with improved cap design for reduced interfacial stresses
Nickel-iron expansion contact for semiconductor die
Direct current regulation on integrated circuits under high current design conditions
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor package with no void in encapsulant and method for fabricating the same
Mechanically interlocking ball grid array packages and method of making
Printed-wiring board, method for identifying same, and method for manufacturing same
High inductance inductor in a semiconductor package
Vertically mountable and alignable semiconductor device, assembly, and methods
Fabrication method for integrally connected image sensor packages having a window support in contact with the window and active area
Semiconductor integrated circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor image sensor incorporating therein optical layer
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, method for driving photoelectric conversion apparatus, and information processing apparatus having photoelectric conversion apparatus
Solid-state image pickup device
Super-junction semiconductor device
Semiconductor switching element that blocks in both directions
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Thin film transistor
SOI device with structure for enhancing carrier recombination and method of fabricating same
Resonant-tunneling electronic transportors
Phase change material memory device
Superjunction device with self compensated trench walls
Thin film solar cell
Integrated CMOS structure for gate-controlled buried photodiode
Semiconductor light-emitting device, electrode for the device, method for fabricating the electrode, LED lamp using the device, and light source using the LED lamp
Driving apparatus and method of using same
Piezoelectric actuator device
Light emitting device, display device, and electronic appliance
Polymer-nanocrystal photo device and method for making the same
Battery having an integral cooling system
Protection cover for a battery terminal and a battery terminal
Anisotropically electroconductive connection body and method for forming it
Printed-wiring board
Lattice-shaped circuit board
Laser pump energy conservation
Serializable power receiver/supply unit
Method for operating a charger for a voltage-maintaining device, and an apparatus for carrying out the method
Method for controlling a battery recharging and implementing device
Battery aligner insertion apparatus and method
Power supply circuit of mobile unit supplied with power without contact, and mobile unit
Method and apparatus having a turbine working in different modes for providing an uninterruptible supply of electric power to a critical load
Pole plate structure for a motor stator
Motor using permanent magnet rotor
Self-starting electric brushless motor having permanent magnet and reluctance poles
Stepping motor having characteristics of an inertia damper
Synchronized, ripple independent window comparator for switch-mode power converters
Active clamp step-down converter with power switch voltage clamping function
Brushless motor driving device
Motor driver
Apparatus and method for driving a brushless motor
Motor driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for non-linear termination of a transmission line
Configurable memory for programmable logic circuits
Integrated circuit comparator or amplifier
Image sensor chip with an integrated operational amplifier and its application in a CIS module
Temperature sensor with current mode output for thermal protection for a cathode ray tube (CRT) driver
Polymer thick film heating element on a glass substrate
Storage pouch for use with an induction heater
Device for linearly moving tray in microwave oven
Apparatus for suspending microwave oven
RF-powered plasma accelerator/homogenizer
Electronic component mounted member and repair method thereof
Making interconnections to a non-flat surface
Multilayer printed wiring board having a roughened inner conductor layer and production method thereof
Electronic appliance having housing-case made of biodegradable material, and container made of biodegradable material
Sliding cover system
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