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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Independently biasing front wheels and mower deck suspension
Lawn mower pivotable mulching flap
Combination forest biomass and tree harvester, harvesting head assembly, and methods for harvesting
Apparatus for coating an item with a dry particulate material
Cattle feeding system and shelter to create a controlled environment within the thermal neutral zone
Dual-bearing reel lever drag mechanism
Multi-scored winged collar support
Practice glove system
Hand protective device
Moisture-absorbable hat
Cushioning apparatus for ambulatory use
Hands-free step-in closure apparatus
Hair styling device
Foldable patient transport surface
Organizer/storage system that mounts on top of a computer workstation
Odd link work surface lift
Lifting platform with microadjustment mechanisms
Refrigerator with home bar
Integrated DIN rail attachment feature for superior attachment
Aid for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome
Method and apparatus for sitting
Motor-vehicle headrest
Car seat head rest with built-in screen
Integrated shelf allocation management system
Separator with integrated storage for securing an electrical charging device and providing wire management
Sign assembly
Dosing device and dosing utensil for granular material, such as salt
Side sleeper pillow
Cooking device
Stirring and mixing apparatus
Water jet injector for sanitary self-cleaning toilet seat device
Cleaning implement and a mop designed therefor
Multifocal measurement device
Optical system for a fundus camera
Contraceptive transcervical fallopian tube occlusion devices and their delivery
Hospital bed
Filtering face-piece respirator having nose clip molded into the mask body
Wagering method and apparatus based on a numerical total
Performing Operations; Transporting
Contact tray for a mass transfer column
Roller press with annular disc
Method for processing and analyzing contaminated mixed waste plastics to produce reformulated, blended feed materials having desired physical properties
Method and apparatus for supplying a fluid
Method and apparatus for assisting removal of sand moldings from castings
Filler rotated friction stir welding
Conductive metal ball bonding with electrostatic discharge detection
Tool compensating device for the computerized numerically controlled machine tool
Flexible jaw vise accessory for irregular objects
Method and device for positioning a power tong at a pipe joint
Paint brush with detachable head
Folding work bench
Portable cutter with adjustable cutting blade tools for cutting different widths of thin sheet roll material
Device for attaching a label to a substrate
Release agent applicator for imaging members in solid ink jet imaging systems
Drop coating apparatus
Image forming apparatus and defective nozzle detection method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Printhead filter systems and methods for manufacturing the same
Printer controller for modulating printhead peak power requirement using out-of phase firing
Use of polymers comprising amino groups modified by acid groups for producing humidifying agents or humidifying agent concentrates, in addition to humidifying agent circuits for offset printing
Wheel supporting system
Trailer hitching and tracking steering
Coupling system for connecting supply lines
Door module
Device for displaceably holding a glass pane in a sliding rail
Automotive door
Hydraulic actuator for transmissions having reduced noise
Vehicle with interchangeable truck bed
Exterior mirror vision system for a vehicle
Game mover
Person transporting apparatus and method
Adjustable steering column assembly for a motor vehicle
Power steering system, speed reduction mechanism and bearing holder
Steering system
Biologically inspired climbing device
High-speed multihull boat
Underwater vehicle
Aircraft engine balanced thrust vectoring system
Omni-directional towbarless aircraft transporter for moving aircraft
Device and method for applying labels
Food serving unit
Anti-missile defense suite
Water bottle system for use in a dental operatory
Child-resistant package with pivotable blister card
Container door and container door latching and sealing system
Display carton for a plurality of products
Reinforced metal casting
Apparatus for working on metal containers
Method and an apparatus in the advancement of packaging blanks
Gate system diverting sheets into multi-ways
Gripper conveyor delivery
Apparatus and method for detecting article multifeed in a predefined region of a flat article
Mechanism for alternative power or manual operation of a yacht winch
Powered canister opener
Measuring fluid dispenser
Liquid cooling and dispensing device
Fixed Constructions
Wood mat and apparatus and method for assembling same
Method and apparatus for the placement of a bridge element
Snow blower
Pole plunger
Acoustic enhancement device for underlayment of a covering
Metal bird spike with memory shape base
Modular building panels, method of assembly of building panels and method of making building panels
System for mounting
Modular building construction system and method of constructing
Pool cleaning brush
Latch mechanism assembly
Retractable ladder
Thermally stable ultra-hard material compact constructions
Drill string flow control valves and methods
Method and apparatus for wellbore construction and completion
Portable down hole tool
Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Method of sealing a gap using multistage brush seal
Labyrinth compression seal and turbine incorporating the same
Preventing hot-gas ingestion by film-cooling jet via flow-aligned blockers
Film cooling hole for a turbine airfoil
Turbine blade with tip section cooling
Thermal integration of oxygen plants
Variable intake apparatus for V-type internal combustion engine
Pre-lubrication of an internal combustion engine based upon likely vehicle usage
Method for determining the conversion performance of an oxygen storage-capable catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine
Stratified scavenging two-cycle engine
Four-cycle engine
Solar energy converting device and power supply system including the same
Drive device for the oil pump of a motor vehicle transmission
Staged centrifugal pump apparatus for pumping a viscous fluid
Modulatable marine transmission clutches including fluid-operated nonrotating pistons for clutch engagement
Gas suspension member and method
Structure for mounting valve units on a valve support
Fuel conveying device
Piercing valve stem assembly and system
Valve actuator assembly
Method for improving control and detection precision of tidal volume by a calculation introduced with R value
Swivel, display device and electronic apparatus
Optical equipment mounting devices and systems
Oil pan and lubricating device
Luminaire quick mount universal bracket system and method
Lumenairs having structurally and electrically integrated arrangements of quasi point light sources, such as LEDs
Head lamp assembly and accent lighting therefor
Extendable hood for microwave oven positioned over the range or cook top
Display for public use
Low temperature maintaining apparatus for food item
Configurations and methods for LPG production and power cogeneration
Device to close the gun slit or opening
Explosive device
Hand grenade
Angle measurement device
Excavation device and profile analyses of the excavation itself and associated method
Vibration gyro
Inkjet inks having anti-abrasion polymers and anti-abrasion aids
Ink level sensor
Temperature sensitive films
Semiconductor substrate temperature determination
MEMS device and method for fabricating the same
Bearing state diagnostic apparatus
Composition and method for pipeline conditioning and freezing point suppression
Environmental mechanical test apparatus
Gripper and driving method using the same
Detection of free chlorine in water
Boundary scan cell and methods for integrating and operating the same
Optical transceiver module providing EMI shielding and electrical isolation between a signal ground and a chassis ground
Male contact for optical fiber
Polarizing lens and method of its manufacture
Projector-type image display apparatus
Light source module and display system comprising the light source module
Interface circuit that interconnects a media access controller and an optical line termination transceiver module
Power network reconfiguration using MEM switches
Backup system for multi-source audio apparatus
Screen saver displaying identity content
Establishing computing trust with a staging area
Determining whether characteristics of a local area network node allow it to receive power over communication cabling
Memory card and its initial setting method
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing data path optimization
Support for nested fault in a virtual machine environment
Data isolation system and method
Failover method in a clustered computer system
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing intelligent rebuild order selection
Command initiated logical dumping facility
Testing the interrupt sources of a microprocessor
Output system and output method used in the same for printing and producing copies
Remote copy network
Transparent local and distributed memory management system
Storage system capable of relocating data
Method and system for enforcing a communication security policy
Method and apparatus for previewing print data and recording media thereof
Defining a report based on data regions and including custom data in a report definition
Image processing method, device and storage medium therefor
Reducing network configuration complexity with transparent virtual private networks
Method and apparatus for data processing
Authoring tool for remote experience lessons
Systems and methods for automatic form segmentation for raster-based passive electronic documents
Method and system for formal unidirectional bus verification using synthesizing constrained drivers
Programmable soft macro memory using gate array base cells
Data path synthesis apparatus and method for optimizing a behavioral design description being processed by a behavioral synthesis tool
Mask CD correction based on global pattern density
Negative slack recoverability factor--a net weight to enhance timing closure behavior
Relocatable mixed-signal functions
Apparatus and method for correcting previously sent messages in a real-time messaging system
Ink gestures
Integrated motion sensor for a data processing device
Methods and arrangements for controlling access to resources based on authentication method
Method for securely loading and executing software in a secure device that cannot retain software after a loss of power
Instruction length decoder
Standard application development framework
Standard application development template
Web server having function of Java servlet, method for updating Java program and computer program
Portal using model view controller
Method and system for application partitions
Method and system for reducing synchronization waits when allocating sequenced identifiers in a multi-threaded server
Method to generate a formatted trace for an embedded device
Description language for an extensible compiler and tools infrastructure
Communication device configured for real time processing of user data to be transmitted
Transfer of runtime-based application code
Listening module for asynchronous messages sent between electronic devices of a distributed network
Transaction card
Intelligent credit card system
Apparatus, method, software and medium storage for performing the tasks of detecting specified marks
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Label with a formable cup
Method for manufacturing a slider for a perpendicular magnetic recording head
Tilting movement optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same and method
Method, system, and product for isolating memory system defects to a particular memory system component
Integrated circuit in a maximum input/output configuration
Fabricating method for printed circuit board
Aroma diffusing night lamp system having an angle-adjustable electric plug
DSL trellis encoding
System, method and computer program product for an authentication management infrastructure
Manifest-based trusted agent management in a trusted operating system environment
Method for upgrading a host/agent security system that includes digital certificate management and an upgradable backward compatible host/agent security system digital certificate infrastructure
Smart card mating protocol
Dynamic acquisition of state during security system reconfiguration
Methods and systems for intrusion detection
System and method for providing authentication and verification services in an enhanced media gateway
System and method for providing targeted programming outside of the home
Public key media key block
Data communication system, data transmitting apparatus, and data receiving apparatus
Method of encapsulating an electronic component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Christmas ornament
Respiratory gas sensor
Enhanced fingerprint detection
High current filter feed-through capacitor
Hand grippable combined keyboard and game controller system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser drawing apparatus and laser drawing method
Thermal printhead, heating resistor used for the same, and process of making heating resistor
Image forming apparatus
Method for separating a plurality of flat objects arranged at least partially on top of each other, at a predetermined point
Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface partially transmissive reflector
Vehicle tracker including stationary time determination and associated methods
Vehicle tracker with power saving features and related methods
Method of teaching transmitter codes to remote receivers
Redundant electric trailer brake circuit
Motor vehicle ABS-integrated brake pad wear indication apparatus
Method and apparatus for interactively selecting display parameters for an avionices flight display
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Magnetic head with sealing glass composition
Optical storage media and method for optical data storage via local changes in reflectivity of a format grating
Quality control for laser peening
Fixed Constructions
Manhole vehicle sensor
Bistable electro-magnetic mechanical actuator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic actuator
Method of detecting spark plug fouling and ignition system having means for carrying out the same
Self-induction-type stroke sensor
Forked gimbal arm force feedback mechanism
Dewar and biological magnetism measurement apparatus using the dewar
Liquid crystal display device and portable information terminal device
Cable and line inspection mechanism
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Method and system for correcting an interferometric angle measurement for the effects of dispersion
Light receiving circuit of laser range finder
Rotary position transmitter for registering a rotary position
Measurement transmitter and method for measuring a position of a sensing head with respect to a scale embodiment
Wavelength tracking system using an optical spectrum analyzer and a wavelength tunable light source
Apparatus and method for measuring and correlating characteristics of fruit with visible/near infra-red spectrum
Fiber-optic frequency shifter, optical interferometer and method of generating two complementary optical interference signals using the same
Strain-sensitive resistor
Testing sensor
Device and method for testing of multi-branch optical network
Laser capture microdissection optical system
Apparatus and method for the dimensional measurement of airborne fibers
Method for corrosion susceptibility testing of magnetic heads using simulated disk corrosion products
Method and apparatus for portable product authentication
Method and apparatus for surface inspection
Defect inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic registration of a board
Condition monitoring of turbine blades and vanes in service
Ultrasonic generator and detector using an optical mask having a grating for launching a plurality of spatially distributed, time varying strain pulses in a sample
Sensor for monitoring angular velocity
IC socket and spring means of IC socket
Device testing contactor, method of producing the same, and device testing carrier
Apparatus for use in an electronic component test interface having multiple printed circuit boards
14/42-volt automotive circuit tester
Current detector using magnetic-electric conversion element and electric connection box using the same
Polarimetric sensor for the optical detection of a magnetic field and polarimetric sensor for the optical detection of an electric current
System for measuring the alternating current equivalent series resistance of a conductor
Method and device for charging integrated circuits and structures with a pulsed heavy current
Pressure-sensitive system and method of testing electronic device interconnections
Method and apparatus for detecting failure in solar cell module, and solar cell module
Method and apparatus for extraction of via parasitics
Method for fast and accurate determination of the minority carrier diffusion length from simultaneously measured surface photovoltages
Method for testing a device under test including the interference of two beams
Detecting device for a switch matrix
Low power, frequency-mode magnetometer
Temperature compensated voltage divider with a magnetoresistor and a reference resistor
MR local imaging coil operable as a receive only or a transmit/receive coil
System and method for determining oil, water and gas saturations for low-field gradient NMR logging tools
MRI apparatus which has reduced ghost artifacts due to Maxwell term phase error
Magnetic resonance tomography device having an operator control and monitoring device with a spatially modifiable apparatus for defining an orientation of a tomographic image
Signal acquisition using data bit information
Ultra wideband signal source
High-frequency dual-channel ground-penetrating impulse antenna and method of using same for identifying plastic pipes and rebar in concrete
Adaptive radar scanning system
Method and a device for measuring the distance of an object
Location position system for relay assisted tracking
Detecting apparatus
Assembly comprising a work cabinet, an implement for receiving products, and a system for communicating information by radiofrequency waves, corresponding cabinet and implement
Apparatus and method for determining electrical polarization of distribution of a vessel
Optical system for compensation of image shake
Anamorphic lens for digital projection
Lens apparatus
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Broad-band deep ultraviolet/vacuum ultraviolet catadioptric imaging system
Drive mechanism of focusing device
Light modulation device and system
Active tuning of a torsional resonant structure
Scanning optical device
Observation optical system and photographing optical system
Beam homogenizer, laser illumination apparatus and method, and semiconductor device
Method and structure for aligning optical elements
Photoselective absorbing filter and color display equipped with said filter
Protective film for polarizing plate
Holographic display overlay
Light guide, illuminating device having the light guide, and image reading device and information processing apparatus having the illuminating device
Broadcast optical communication system employing waveguide having grating normal to sources and detectors
Step zoom lens camera
TV lens drive unit having a mechanism for designating a constant zoom rate
Liquid crystal display with at least one phase compensation element
Matrix substrate, liquid crystal display device using it, and method for producing the matrix substrate
Flat display module-housing assembly
Half-transmissive liquid crystal display element
Flat display device
Method for producing ultrahigh resolution optical device panel
Liquid crystal display device and a method of manufacture thereof, and a substrate and a method of manufacture thereof
Liquid crystal display device wherein gate terminal and drain terminal are formed by same layer of counter electrode
Liquid crystal display
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device with very efficient reflectance
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Serial-to-parallel conversion circuit, and semiconductor display device employing the same
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Alignment treatment of liquid crystal display device
Homeotropic alignment liquid crystal display having multi-domain
Composite sheets with electrically switchable optical properties made of light-scattering base material
Method and apparatus for wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing
Anti-vibration system for exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus, method, and storage medium
Projection exposure apparatus and exposure method
System and method for correcting projection distortions in a hologram producing system
Method of displaying images with a touchpanel for a molded form-take out robot
Dual-level substrate voltage generator
Extended range variable gain amplifier
Method and apparatus for shifting the frequency spectrum of noise signals
Power saving method and apparatus for computer disk drives
Intentionally non-monotonic digital-to-analog converter
Accurate averaging of elements using integer averaging
Method and apparatus for dynamically configuring device using device code
Touch panel with improved optical performance
Systems and methods for mimicking an image forming or capture device control panel control element
Font navigation tool
Keyboard device with pointing device using strain gauges incorporated therein
Pointing position detection device, presentation system, and method, and computer-readable medium
User interface and method for maximizing the information presented on a screen
Pointer for use in digitizer systems
Joystick interfaces and methods of providing position information of a joystick
Image information display device
Oscillator bias variation mechanism
User specific execution of programs
Multiple peripheral support for a single physical port in a host-based printing system
Printer or laminator with multi-threaded program architecture
Apparatus and method for generating multiple original prints
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and medium
Clock control apparatus and method and image forming apparatus using clock control apparatus
Volume rendering integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for object element attribute determination using barycentric coordinates
Method of displaying two dimensional picture image data, and constructing animation picture therefrom
Animation of three-dimensional characters along a path for motion video sequences
Voxel-based system to permit rapidly deforming volumetric objects made up of inhomogeneous material
Data compression through motion and geometric relation estimation functions
Telephonic-interface game control system
Dual function radio frequency remote control system for a motor vehicle
Motion detecting apparatus, motion detecting method, and storage medium storing motion detecting program for avoiding incorrect detection
Tamper resistant enclosure for an electronic device and electrical assembly utilizing same
Monitoring device adapted for use with an electronic article surveillance system
Mobile medical monitoring device
Extra loud low frequency acoustical alarm assembly
Measuring device for measuring a process variable
Information exchange system
Volumetric stroboscopic display
Plasma display, driving apparatus for a plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Method and device for driving plasma display
Lightvalve projection system in which red, green, and blue image subpixels are projected from two lightvalves and recombined using total reflection prisms
Liquid crystal display apparatus, its driving method and liquid crystal display system
Driving device for liquid crystal display element
Multiple personas for mobile devices
Infrastructure for shape event handlers
Architecture for a video preamplifier with an on-screen display
Concave reflector with phase shifted and selectively focused output energy
Signal processing
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for a magnetic tape
Cassette changer
Velocity control method for ramp unloading heads off of disks in a disk drive
Method of voltage controlled oscillator digital/analog converted value adjustment of compact disk read only memory device
Method and apparatus for adaptive tuning bias current for magnetoresistive head
Method and apparatus for read-after-write verification with error tolerance
Viscoelastic voice coil damper for disc drives
Magnetic disk driving apparatus with bearing fixed with conductive adhesive
Helical scan tape track following
Circuit and method for writing to a memory disk with a boosted voltage
Impedance-matched write circuit
Magnetic storage apparatus using a magnetoresistive element
Method for differentially writing to a memory disk
Vertical giant magnetoresistance sensor utilizing an insulating bias layer
Current perpendicular-to-the-plane magnetoresistance read head with longitudinal or transverse bias provided by current
Method and apparatus for testing a magnetic head
Head suspension having gram load change reduction and method of assembly
Disk drive actuator arm with microactuated read/write head positioning
Optical device
Objective lens for pickup and light pickup apparatus
Over-current protection apparatus
Electric noise absorber
Inductor core-coil assembly and manufacturing thereof
Isolation transformer
Electromagnet assembly for electromagnetic apparatus
Apparatus for assisting the manipulation of overhead mounted devices by a handling tool
Push-button switch of overload protection (II)
Circuit breaker with shift guide
Protection relay and protected control set with front wiring
Large current fuse for direct coupling to power source
Flat plasma discharge display device
Electrostatic protection device and electrostatic protection circuit
Electronic device and electronic apparatus
Storage pixel sensor and array with compression
Solid-state imaging device and method of detecting optical signals using the same
Microswitch and method of fabricating a microswitch with a cantilevered arm
Integrated waveguide component
Dielectric filter, transmission/reception sharing device, and communication device
Spurious signal reduction circuit
High frequency nonreciprocal circuit element with a protruding embedded magnetized member
Printed board, method for producing the same, and electronic device having the same
Millimeterwave module compact interconnect
Expandible antenna
Monopulse beam pointing system for a satellite communication system
Antenna quick connect system and method
Multi-band antenna for bundled broadband satellite internet access and DBS television service
Chip antenna
Apparatus for establishing signal coupling between a signal line and an antenna structure
Multi-resonant, high-impedance electromagnetic surfaces
Antenna arrangements
Method and apparatus using a semiconductor die integrated antenna structure
Antenna device and its assembly method and wireless communication terminal and their assembly method
Portable satellite antenna
System and method for narrow beam antenna diversity in an RF data transmission system
Antenna arrangement
Wideband phased array antenna and associated methods
Static dissipative shunt housing
Miniature laser/amplifier system
Distributed optical amplifier, amplifying method, and optical communication system
Low-noise, high-power optical amplifier
Contactor and trip circuit therefor
Fault sensing wire and alarm apparatus
Single structure all-direction ESD protection for integrated circuits
Method for determining a requirement to replace a component part and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Charge pump mode transition control
Voltage booster circuit apparatus
Oscillator with improved magnetic coupling rejection
Gunn diode oscillator with NRD guide
FM modulator
Radio receiver for vestigal-sideband amplitude-modulation digital television signals
Method and apparatus to tune and calibrate an on-chip oscillator in a wireless transceiver chip
Temperature compensated reference voltage circuit
Linear amplifier arrangement
Automatic filter tuning control system
System and method for increasing sample rate converter filter coefficient derivation speed
Passive low pass filter
Signal switching circuit with reduced number of diodes used
Output buffer for high and low voltage bus
Method and apparatus for level shifting approach with symmetrical resulting waveform
Backgate biased synchronizing latch
Variable frequency oscillator utilizing selectively combined dual delay paths
Low voltage charge pump for use in a phase locked loop
Phase-locked loop for reducing frequency lock time
Mixer structure and method for using same
Method and apparatus for optimizing dynamic range of a wideband analog-to-digital converter
Device for the simultaneous reception/transmission of signals comprising a low-noise amplifier
System and method for monitoring assets, objects, people and animals utilizing impulse radio
Optical transmission device
Frequency modulation apparatus
WDM transmission repeater, WDM transmission system and WDM transmission method
Methods and systems for control and calibration of VCSEL-based optical transceivers
Cable testing systems
Method of deactivating protection fiber resources in optical ring networks
Bussing high frequency crosspoint switches
Apparatus for and method of transmitting and receiving data streams representing 3-dimensional virtual space
Multilingual wireless messaging system
Clock synchronizing circuit
Screen display method for portable information terminal
Facsimile transmission system
Image sensor
Progressive area scan in electronic film development
Laser scanning position detecting device
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Guide for a paper feeder
Document periscope
Electronic camera for processing image segments
Method and apparatus for providing live view and instant review in an image capture device
Internet facsimile apparatus and relay apparatus selection method
Method and apparatus for correcting unadjusted threshold arrays for halftoning by use of parameterized transfer functions that generate adjusted threshold arrays at run time
Image forming apparatus capable of preventing linear nonuniformity and improving image quality
Method of processing a roll of exposed photographic film containing photographic images into corresponding digital images and then distributing visual prints produced from the digital images
Color image reading device
Measurement method and apparatus of an external digital camera imager assembly
Physical quantity distribution sensor, method of driving said sensor and method of producing said sensor
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for reading pixel signals out at a high frame rate
Image sensor using multiple array readout lines
Automatic focusing apparatus
Automatic gain control circuit
Platform for displaying information from multiple sources
Motion compensated de-interlacing
Increasing image field of view and frame rate in an imaging apparatus
Subpicture stream change control
Intelligent optical router
WDM-based architecture for flexible switch placement in an access network
Optical packet switch
Communication system using geographic position data
Bi-directional protocol
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