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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Expandable thoracic access port
Blunt needles with means for locating and occluding vessels
Device, system and method for in-vivo cauterization
Intragastric implant devices
Method and apparatus for non-invasively measuring hemodynamic parameters using parametrics
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and a method of generating ultrasonic images
Tubular implantable sling and related delivery systems, methods and devices
Torque mechanism actuated bioabsorbable vascular closure device
Intravascular device with netting system
Wrist assisting apparatus
Cervical massaging device
Method for prolonging the action on acupuncture points for reducing body weight
Medical apparatus and single use kit including linear flow control device for use therewith for reconstitution and administration of liquid drug dosage
Lotion application compartment
Enhanced cross stream mechanical thrombectomy catheter
Exercise training device
Technique-correcting golf putter
Smart golf tee
Method and system for implementing a virtual game
Play system accessory with sound modules
Toy race track system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter arrangement with overlapping swords
Inline water trap
Method for removing contaminants from gas flows containing water
Apparatus for separating oxygen from ambient air
Method and apparatus for separating a gaseous component
Low emission power plant
Backbore tool with coolant actuation
Cutting tool having pocket bottom with base and inclined surfaces
Method and apparatus for controlling the sidewall vs. tread curing temperature in a tire mold
Nozzle and system for injecting thermoplastic material
System for producing pultruded components
Method of making bag with handle on side gusset
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for strengthening a ground
Method of refining the grain structure of alloys
Textiles; Paper
Lightening agent comprising acyl pyridinium compounds and cationic polysaccharides
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vibration damper assembly
Furnace using plasma ignition system for hydrocarbon combustion
Scroll type compressor having an intercommunication path in which a pin member is inserted
Direct control variable displacement vane pump
Structural improvement of a canned motor pump
BOAS segment for a turbine
Dual injection airlift pump
Screw lock accessory retaining device
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Split axis transmission architecture
Method and tool for installing new pipe underground
Method and apparatus for shielding cooling tubes in a radiant syngas cooler
Celestial weapons orientation measuring system
Display device preventing unauthorized copying
Clock control hierarchy for integrated microprocessors and systems-on-a-chip
Method and apparatus for conserving power by throttling instruction fetching when a processor encounters low confidence branches in an information handling system
Polymorphic management of embedded devices using web interfaces
Attack graph aggregation
Frozen ring cache
Cache device and method for determining LRU identifier by pointer values
System and method for directional prefetching
Advanced processor with cache coherency
Advanced processor messaging apparatus including fast messaging ring components configured to accomodate point-to-point transfer of non-memory related messages
Memory controller for daisy chained memory chips
Method, system, and program for an adaptor to read and write to system memory
Optimization of a hardware resource shared by a multiprocessor
Method and apparatus for remotely controlling a terminal by a control terminal and storing control history information at the terminal being remotely controlled
System and method for dynamically refreshing an active home screen
Contact center data visualization system and method
Method for fast network-aware clustering
Speculative prefetch of protocol control information from an external memory unit
Method for providing a transient dictionary that travels with an original electronic document
Method and apparatus for automatically shaping traces on surface of substrate of semiconductor package by using computation
Automated integrated circuit development
Video information editing method and editing device
Electronic device, method for controlling the same, information processing apparatus, and computer program
Systems and methods for improved media access control
Dynamically interleaving randomly generated test-cases for functional verification
Mechanism to optimize speculative parallel threading
Pulse simulation unit
Dynamic object-based assessment and training of expert visual search and scanning skills for operating motor vehicles
Disk drive
Objective lens actuator and optical pickup unit employing the same
Receptacle connector
Electronic assemblies mating system
Receptacle connector
High voltage connector assembly
Card holder
Earphone plug with switch device
Plug movable to a plurality of positions depending upon characteristics of a load device
Efficient parallel cyclic redundancy check calculation using modulo-2 multiplications
Information processing apparatus, an authentication apparatus, and an external apparatus
Information distribution and processing system
Storage system for data encryption
Apparatus and method for performing MD5 digesting
Communication system and network control apparatus with encryption processing function, and communication control method
Document management apparatus and document management method, and storage medium storing program
System for authentication of JPEG image data
Contents providing system and method, providing apparatus and method, reproduction apparatus and method, and program
Expired Patents Due To Time
Faucet spout assembly
Fusion-welded thermoplastic filter assembly and a method of fabricating the same
Surface modified polymeric substrate and process
Seismic rack with extension subassembly
Expandable dish rack
Support assembly for a stringed musical instrument
Shelf mounting system
Stackable carrying rack
Bottle stopper and opener
Tamper-indicating closure
Cork removal apparatus
Container assembly provided with anitbacterial agent against slow-leak bacteria
Wire-frame bottle and method of manufacturing same
Handled plastic container
Electrical enclosure
Serviceable sealed fuel tank
Double chambered container
Closure with flush-formed barrier membrane having selectively thinned edge regions
Fuel cap
Collapsible basket assembly
Support frame and cart for collapsible refuse bag
Garbage container
Article organizer
Two-chamber container with changeable upper cover
Insert for an opening in a composite material pressure vessel
Insulated vessel and method of production therefor
Multi-purpose container
Injection stretch blow molded wide mouthed container for a paint container and the like
Communicable disease barrier digit cover and dispensing package therefor
Squirrel cage-type article dispenser
Convertible front loading flat article vending machine system
Device for warming and dispensing towels
System and method for evaluating the presence of air in a liquid-state fuel stream
Dispenser for media, particularly powder
Pastry bag construction
Rod-supportable hanging container
Dispensing device
Water heating system for water dispensing fountains
Aerosol container closure
Dispenser assembly and insert tank for same
Sand distribution apparatus for use in foundry operation
Cargo discharge gate
Bib spout with evacuation channels
Adjustable hanger
Child's knapsack harness and method of use therefor
Wheelable backpack
Non-slip carrying strap
Vehicle article carrier having non-binding adjustable cross bar
Carrier accessory for recreational vehicles
Bike transport rack
Sport vehicle luggage bag with collapsible beverage holder
Pet carrier for use with bicycles
Hitch mounted cargo carrier
Specially configured tool carrier
Ergonomically enhanced backpack
External frame backpack with flexible harness
Control device of continuous material feed device
Tape feeder of chip mounter
Wire advancing apparatus and method
Fastener driving tool for trim applications
Cartridge fed stapler
Method and device for full thickness resectioning of an organ
Apparatus for manufacturing circuit boards
Missing wire detector
Method of soldering bumped work by partially penetrating the oxide film covering the solder bumps
Method for forming solder bumps of improved height and devices formed
Integrated card construction
Single side imaged special services mailer
Selectively reinforced multi-ply food container
Die cut lock tray
System and method for locking and unlocking and application in a smart card
Electronic shopping system having self-scanning price check and purchasing terminal
Method for writing single width bar codes on semiconductors wafers
Portable data collection device with variable focusing module for optic assembly
Credit card reader for internet-based commerce
Punch out pattern for hot melt tape used in smartcards
Method of identifying a data carrier
Variable output multistage gas furnace
Universal accessory for timing and cycling heat, ventilation and air conditioning energy consumption and distribution systems
Portable plug-in control module for use with the service modules of HVAC systems
Composite railroad crosstie
Method for optimizing irrigation in cultivated fields using a water gun with high flow rate
Coating method for rotary atomizing head type coating device
Solar powered water fountain
Vehicle air-freshener
Fuel injection apparatus
Fixed spray sprinkler with flow shut off valve
Self-cleaning dispensing assembly
Spray nozzle fluid regulator and restrictor combination
Portable power cleaning system
Turbo jet engine exhaust nozzle with masked gas jet
High pressure cleaning device having suds cleaning efficacy
Pressure swirl generator for a fuel injector
Water fountain spray modifier
Washing apparatus
Vehicle mounted sand spreader
Method and apparatus for comminuting solid particles
Apparatus and method for chipping wood debris
Wet crushing process and crusher for implementing such process
Impeller mounting system for centrifugal impact crusher
Collaspe resistant center feed roll and process of making thereof
Device for driving a spinning reel for fishing
Coiling device for wire rod
Reel device
Driving device for a cable winding machine
Ergonomic fly tying bobbin
Control mechanism for a bedroll of a rewinder
Press roll unit for reel-up of paper cutter
Apparatus dispensing unfolded wiping material
Paper cutting tape package
Corrugated, fracture-controlling flanges for spools and reels
Seeker head for target tracking missiles
Personal air transport
Turbojet pod with laminar flow
Air and space vehicle propulsion system
Thin inlet lip design for low drag and reduced nacelle size
Intelligent rail crossing control system and train tracking system
Marine instrument display mount
Detachable wrist rest for a keyboard
Seat mounting assembly
Golf club carrier and stand
Supporting element for instruments or speakers
Decorative light support frame with adjustable length frame members
Razor holder system
Device for coupling an IV stand to a patient transport
Adjustable keyboard shelf
Stabilizer assembly for stepper apparatus and ultrasound probe
Stowable support apparatus
Rolling base stand for computer monitors and other appliances
Single horizontal drive configuration for a seat adjuster
Collapsible easel
Baby mirror
Proportional variable force solenoid control valve with segmented permanent magnet
Method and apparatus for installing a cable into coiled tubing
Portable drive assembly for a manual chain hoist
Hydraulic winch having piston rod and pressure plate which are relatively movable in fixed range
Injection-molded block-out spacer
Support post system
Dynamic sprayer for an odoriferous substance with low energy consumption
Heat and mass transfer element assembly
Liquid vaporizer systems and methods for their use
Work station for fiber optic cable splicing
Gripping device
Envelope processing apparatus
Method and device to control ejection of sheets from input compartments in a paper output device belonging to a printing and photocopying system
Apparatus and method for supplying paper in printer
Method for controlling an intermediate stacking device for flat shipments
Method and apparatus for forming a scaled flow of overlapping shipments
Media transport assembly incorporating vacuum grooves to flatten sheet
Sheet receiving and stacking apparatus and method
Sheet stacking apparatus with stacking and retaining tray
Envelope reorientation device
Paper-feed control unit and method of control for image-forming apparatus
Method of playing a poker game including a progressive jackpot
Casino game method of play
Method of playing a target numerical sum game
Combination poker-like and black jack-like wagering card
My century card game apparatus
Frog target game
Dual functioning seal for rock bits
Snap-lock attachment element for laminating multiple gasket layers and method of using same
Multi-layered gasket having meshing gripping members
Tool holder
Locking chuck
Adapter for a driver of a rotary tool and method
Device for accomodating a tool or a support element in a machine tool or a spindle
Axle pivot control method and apparatus for industrial vehicle
Accessible seating assembly
Wheeled tool carrier
Skateboarding vehicle
Wheel end assembly for four wheel steer vehicle
Structure for mounting a coil spring to a vehicle body and method therefor
Vehicle roll stabilizing system
Removable splash guard assembly for vehicles
Retractable stairway for entering and exiting a vehicle
Motorcycle exhaust pipe heat shield and method of making same
Front wheel drive ride-on vehicle
Steerable machinery trailer
Stepped lock plunger fifth wheel hitch
Vehicle trailer safety assembly
Hitch guide
Tow hitch rear bumper assembly
Detachable handrail of a baby stroller
Vehicle occupant protection apparatus
Vehicle inflatable side curtain assembly
Vehicle inflatable side curtain assembly
Airbag device for driver
Efficient airbag system
Roll bar
Vehicle rear suspension apparatus
Vehicle occupant restraint harness
Vehicle occupant restraint system
Children's ride-on vehicle having a vibrating engine model
Copy safe binder
Bound paper element with functional surfaces
Generic special service mailing assembly and a system and method for automating the imaging of same
Product label bearing an instructional booklet
Pressure seal pocket business form production
Business card with peel off labels
Compound film for an identity card with a humanly visible authenticity feature
Seal rings for low loss flexible coupling of gas conduits
Connection fitting with an attachment projection
Quick connect retainer having tolerance for wide band of male tube dimensions
Bend conduit having low pressure loss coefficient
Infinitely selectable angle pipe fitting
Hopper car adapter
Device for connecting two tubular piping parts
Pipe coupling device
Snap-action pipe coupling retainer with a rhomboidal cross-section
Tube-connecting fitting and fitting structure
Modular pipeline connector
Draw latch
Locking device
Handle lock
High flex bumper with reinforced corner end sections
Vehicle body side protector
Automotive vehicle bumper assembly
Impact damper for a motor vehicle and method of making same
Automatically-actuated cargo and personnel scooping apparatus with pivoted extensions, magnets and buckets
Mobile hospital system
Interior trim to windshield mounting arrangement
Tailgate attachment
Pick-up truck with multi-position tailgate
Vehicle utility seat
Transportable vehicle seat
Bonnet for automobile
Head impact energy absorbing sun visor pivot rod elbow cover
Sunshade mounting clip assembly
Inflatable tent for sport utility vehicle
Hitch-mounted fold-out camper
Device for preventing infiltration of fluids and particulates within the interior of a trailer
Sidebody structure of motor vehicle
Motor vehicle wall product and related method
Front portion structure of an automobile vehicle body
Sunshade for a vehicle
Collapsible reclining beach chair
Railroad passenger walk-over seat
Child exerciser/rocker
High chair with magnetic dishes and tray
Mat with a heating wire for a motor vehicle seat heater, and motor vehicle seat with such a mat
Safety seat
Anti blast seat assembly with knee protection mechanism
Stationarily-mounted seating structure having electrical and data outlets
Yarn having wicker appearance and articles made therefrom
Child seat
Force adjusting device
Side dump body
Drive chain channel arrangement for longwall shearer
Vehicle wheel mask for protection of wheel's finish when detailing and applying chemical treatments to tires
Method of making a wheel
Pump system for generating a brake pressure
Electronic trailer brake controller
Relay valve with integral biased double check valve
Method of eliminating the inclusion of gas bubbles when filling of brake fluid into a hydraulic automotive vehicle brake system
Distributing valve for load-independent control of a hydraulic consumer with regards to direction and speed
Active brake balance control method
Method and apparatus for regenerative and anti-skid friction braking
Brake control apparatus including duty controlled valve
Structure for connecting main circuit board rack within computer housing
Corner piece and cabinet frame
Fastening device for a drawer
Color filter manufacturing method and apparatus, color filter, display device, apparatus having display apparatus, and method of equalizing colored states of areas
Multi-component installation feedback system for replacement print cartridges, valve holders, and service station cassettes for on board ink delivery systems replenishment
Image recording apparatus having a variation correction function
Document dependent maintenance procedure for ink jet printer
Ink jet recording apparatus and cap for such apparatus
Ink-jet printer with ink nozzle purging device
Multi-pass inkjet printer system and method of using same
Apparatus for printing with ink jet chambers utilizing a plurality of orifices
Color printing apparatus and color print data analyzing method
Ink jet recording head and an ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid discharging head, having opposed element boards and grooved member therebetween
High durability polymide-containing printhead system and method for making the same
Ink delivery system for an inkjet printhead
Ink tank cartridge
Exchangeable ink cartridge
Process for reducing blockage in nozzle holes for ink jet printing
Electrostatic ink jet recording apparatus that adjusts the amount of heat based on the type of recording material
Belt driven media handling system with feedback control for improving media advance accuracy
Multifocal ophthalmic lenses
Ocular microcirculation examination and treatment apparatus
Optical tracking device
Projection-type image display system
Optical system for a projector
Image projection system
Integrated front projection system
Eyepiece cover for binoculars
Adjustable rearview mirror
Illuminated instrument cluster dial for an automotive vehicle
Control panels, more particularly for heating, ventilating and/or air conditioning installations for the cabin of a motor vehicle
Flashlight with electro-luminescent element
Lighting system for a keyboard
Driving tool with illuminating capability
Modular lighting system for product display unit
Light assembly
Backpack lantern
Foldable, unitary stamped metal candle holder having decorative cutouts
Chargeable flashlight
High-incidence programmable surface illuminator for video inspection systems
Rope light
Cyclic decoration lamp assembly
Christmas star light device
Fluorescent lamp lens assembly
Laser light source lens mount
Light source device for an image forming apparatus
Arc lamp lightsource module
Strobe light distribution lens and zoom strobe
Automated light tuner
Multi-color semiconductor lamp and method of providing colored illumination
Halogen lamp with light exit shield
Integrated indirect light and ceiling system
Aircraft lighting system
Selective zonal courtesy lamps for automotive vehicle
Illumination system for vehicle running boards and the area below the running board
Automobile headlight
Vehicle lamp with protective film and method for making same
Electronic cash dispenser
Forming a solution of fluids having low miscibility and large-scale differences in viscosity
Twin extruder
Twin screw extruder with single-flight kneading disks
Extruder screw
Device for the production of solid and/or solid-liquid mixture having a discharge door
Inlet hopper cover for a cement mixing truck
Disconnecting-gear device for a timepiece gear train
Method and apparatus for infrared pyrometer calibration in a thermal processing system using multiple light sources
Method and apparatus for measuring substrate temperatures
Woven polypropylene bulk bag with polypropylene lining or liner and process for manufacturing same
Plain bearing brake-tensioner
Rotation mechanism for rotating a ring
Self-lubricating bearing
Device for mounting a sensor to a railway axle bearing unit
Ball bearing oil/grease loss containment method
Rolling bearing of steering column for motor vehicles
High capacity roller bearing
Holder for connecting optical connectors, and optical connector connecting structure
Optical waveguide plug-in system for multimedia devices
Sleeve part for a plug connection for fibre optics, and a plug connection
Fiber optic connector with self-closing shutter
Fiber optic lighting system connector
Plug for fibre optic cable
Optical connector and housing for optical connector
Coupling apparatus of light emitter and optical fiber and method for adjusting optical fiber position using the same
Two-pass document image processing method and system
Printing black and white reproducible colored stroke documents
Method for hot add of a mass storage adapter on a system including a dynamically loaded adapter driver
Data processing system and method for associating specific graphics with data processing applications
Software execution systems
Devices, methods, systems and software products for coordination of computer main microprocessor and second microprocessor coupled thereto
Method and apparatus for creating a flowchart using a programmed computer which will automatically result in a structured program
Method and apparatus for slicing class hierarchies
Method of and apparatus for duplicating, upgrading and configuring hard disk drives
Photosensitive material discharging apparatus
Computer keyboard with turnable knob
Keyswitch for notebook computer
Printer and control method therefor
Auxiliary print media tray for printer
Keyboard device capable of ensuring positioning and fixing of keyboard body relative to case
Marking and eradicating instrument and method of use of same
Writing instrument with locking core
Combination lotion dispenser and pen
Venting roll-on applicator
Caulking accessory
Permanently locking ring binder
Ring binder
Safety sign book
Rapid connect/disconnect system
Quick-action connecting device
Collet nut
Canopy clamp tensioning rafter
Telescopic tube joint
Bracket assembly for maintaining a miter joint
Pipe rack crash cushion
Traffic access control system
Adjustable manhole cover frame
Device and a method for moving an object
Earth compacting machine
Flexible membrane mounting metal fitting and flexible membrane inflating structural body
Mobile refuse center structure for containment and handling of hazardous materials
Method for pipeline installation
Staggered fairing system for suppressing vortex-induced-vibration
Floating dock section
Method for forming a pile isolation void
Apparatus for inserting flexible members into the earth
End-mill tool with high and low helical flutes and related method for rough cutting and finishing a workpiece
Method and apparatus for drilling a bore
Expansion clamping chuck
Portable machine for processing keys
Flexible deburring tool
Device for clamping a knife of a machine center
Strap roller device
Lock chamber
Expansion dowel
Clamping screw
Screw for fastening metal or plastic sections or plates onto a base
Locking clip with moveable collet
Trailer apparatus for lifting and transporting round hay bales
Transfer device for lumber packs and other loads
Kneeling dolly with ramp brake
Rack for motor vehicles
Underride protection
Flip-over ramp
Externally stowed wheelchair lift
Work loading/unloading apparatus
Folded carton stacking and packing apparatus
Loading and unloading device for sheet metals
Device for individually separating flat articles
Gas turbine containment casing
Speed control unit for a pneumatic rotation motor
Multiple stage centrifugal pump
Low friction fluid bearing and turbine using same
Sealing of T.O.B.I feed plenum
Turbine blade tip with offset squealer
Turbine cooling
Filtering pump assembly
Variable camber vane
Turbomachinery module with improved maintainability
Fan wheel structures
Wind-powered drive shaft
Portable electric fan
Coolable airfoil structure
Blower Wheel assembly with steel hub, and method of making same
Turbomachinery blade or vane with a survivable machining datum
Piston pump and method of reducing vapor lock
Liquid transportation apparatus
Variable pump control for hydraulic fan drive
Swash plate type compressor
Displacement control valve mechanism of variable displacement compressor and compressor using such a mechanism
Vacuum pump with inverted motor
Apparatus for pressurizing fluids and using them to perform work
Reciprocating compressor
Electric fuel pump with fuel heater
Compressor with oil separating structure
Multi-stage side-channel fuel pump for a motor vehicle
Motor-pump arrangement
Pump connection to drive shaft
Oil pump attachment structure for engine
Metered fluid delivery device
Microejector pump
Modular plug connector for use with a submergible pumping system
Dual diaphragm, single chamber mesopump
Dispensing valve mounted on dispensing pumps
Check valve device for a scroll machine
Scroll machine with discus discharge valve
Scroll fluid apparatus having axial adjustment mechanisms for the scrolls
Conical hub bearing for scroll machine
Reverse rotation flank separator for a scroll compressor
Displacement fluid machine
Air-cooled shaft seal
Hydraulic gear machine having a transmission shaft in a bearing tube
Micromotor and micropump
Automatic lubricator for injection molding machine
Apparatus for filling a gap between spaced layers of a semiconductor
Sealing ejector pin
Process and device for hydraulic drive of injection molding machines
Simplified stereolithographic object formation methods of overcoming minimum recoating depth limitations
Apparatus and method for delivering an adhesive sheet into a mold
Rubber mold cold runner system
Valve gate device for use in an injection mold
Rotary injection mold
Arrangement for a latch lock for moulding tools
Two-platen mold-clamping apparatus
Swirling flashback arrestor
Compact external torch assembly for semiconductor processing
Composite refractory tile for metallurgical furnace members
Dental optical coherence domain reflectometry explorer
Fast transfer yoke
Compressed water supply system and supply device for dental unit-chair
Dental instrument and processes
Dental drill with integral guide
Dental drill
Microbrush for endodontic use
Heightened realism for computer-controlled units in real-time activity simulation
Game machine for moving object
Firefighter training building model
Prayer strand marker
Memory card connector
Electrical socket
Land grid array connector
Removable interlockable first and second connectors having engaging flexible members and process of making same
Electrical connection system
High speed interface converter module
Electric connection box
Electrical connector with improved contact tail aligning effectiveness
Electrical connector
Electrical contact for a printed circuit board
Electrical connector
AC adapter having rotating plug
Floor box cover assembly
Rotary-control memory card ejector
Holder of an electric connector
Assembly and method for automatically providing secondary connections for switchgear
Connector for use in a card reader
Electrical connector with a resiliently expansible locking element
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew