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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Connector module having reduced insertion force
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical beam scanning device and image forming apparatus
Vehicle night vision system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Charge motion control valve fuzzy logic diagnostic
Metrology tool recipe validator using best known methods
Rotational angle detecting device
Common-path point-diffraction phase-shifting interferometer
Apparatus and method for measuring the thickness of a thin film via the intensity of reflected light
Method of compensating tilt using two-axis geomagnetic sensor, and acceleration sensor, and apparatus thereof
System and method for identifying, validating, weighing and characterizing moving or stationary vehicles and cargo
Broadband wavelength selective filter
Method and device for conducting the spectral differentiating, imaging measurement of fluorescent light
Method for dynamically monitoring a reticle
Method and apparatus for quantification of optical properties of superficial volumes
Microelectromechanical resonant photoacoustic cell
Test method of semiconductor devices
Characterization of the nonlinearities of a display device by adaptive bisection with continuous user refinement
Inspecting circuit layout for LCD panel and fabricating method for LCD panel
Inspection method and inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing events in a telecommunications system
Eddy current inspection device with arrays of magnetoresistive sensors
Axial deviation determining method for on-vehicle radar
Flux plane locating in an underground drilling system
Distributed Bragg reflector systems and methods
Zoom lens device
Examination apparatus and focusing method of examination apparatus
Methods and apparatus for bi-stable actuation of displays
Display methods and apparatus
Clear walled containers with lenticular inserts
Energetic atomic and ionic oxygen textured optical surfaces for blood glucose monitoring
Optical fiber for metro network
Electronic/photonic bandgap device
Optical sub-assembly
Dual-reflector light coupler
Reducing the temperature sensitivity of optical waveguide interference filters
Encapsulated photonic crystal structures
Compact infrared spectrometer, and methods and systems for manufacture and assembly of components used in same
Liquid crystal module comprising a stopper including a convex step coverage protruding from support main and a concave step coverage defined at light guide plate
Liquid crystal display panel
Reflective type color liquid crystal device and an electronic apparatus using this
Vertically-aligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Anti-shake apparatus
Digital camera using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom range
Method for purging an optical lens
Patterned grid element polarizer
Method and apparatus for converting process cartridges to fit various types of printing machines
Display control apparatus for image forming apparatus
Printing system with extended color gamut
Holographic recording medium
Controller with agent functionality
Very short term load prediction in an energy management system
Voltage reference circuit compensated for non-linearity in temperature characteristic of diode
Spread spectrum clock generator
Selecting and showing copy pairs in a storage subsystem copy services graphical user interface
Semaphoring system between system firmware and hardware manipulation subsystem
Synchronizing modifiable documents with multiple clients using document subsections
Memory system for network broadcasting applications and method for operating the same
Error protection for associative memory entries and lookup operations performed thereon
Multi-stage round robin arbitration system
Control apparatus and method thereof
DMA controller for controlling and measuring the bus occupation time value for a plurality of DMA transfers
Image information processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Transmitter apparatus and method for selectively converting and transmitting still image files in requested format
Systems for print job monitoring
Data retrieval method
Method and system for network management with per-endpoint adaptive data communication based on application life cycle
Preparing electronic data for transmission
Automatic enforcement of service-level agreements for providing services over a network
Suspension and reinstatement of reference handles
Internet access via smartphone camera
Web-based imaging service providing reservation
Method and system for persistent translation between protocols
Application programming interface and generalized network address translator for translation of transport-layer sessions
Information-presenting apparatus, information-presenting method, information-processing apparatus, information-processing method and program-storing medium
Point-to-point data communication implemented with multipoint network data communication components
System for providing users an integrated directory service containing content nodes located in different groups of application servers in computer network
Routing of electronic messages using a routing map and a stateful script engine
Indirect disposable email addressing
Systems and methods for broadband network optimization
Capacity planning for server resources
Method for downloading a web page to a client for efficient display on a television screen
Initialization file downloading apparatus and method of cable modem
Virtual data entry device and method for input of alphanumeric and other data
Apparatus and method for managing social games
Apparatus for classifying or disambiguating data
Audio generation system manager
System and method for summarization combining natural language generation with structural analysis
Preserving memory resources by limiting time-date information for a subset of properties
Identifying the items most relevant to a current query based on items selected in connection with similar queries
Data referencing within a database graph
System and method for distributed privacy preserving data mining
System and method for automatic extraction of testing information from a functional specification
Methodology for image fidelity verification
Phase based system and method for determining signal consistency
Device and a method for continuous casting
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompression of tire
Engine pre-throttle pressure estimation
Methods and systems for position sensing of components in a manufacturing operation
Method to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing industries through analysis of defect data
Multiplexed computer peripheral device connection switching interface
Image inputting and outputting apparatus which judges quality of an image
Asynchronous unconscious retrieval in a network of information appliances
Live presentation searching
Semantic authoring, runtime and training environment
Multiple language-dependent resources compacted into a single resource file
Methods and apparatus for programmably powering down structured application-specific integrated circuits
Distributed random access memory in a programmable logic device
Dynamic loading of protocol stacks under signaling control
Sram controller for parallel processor architecture including a read queue and an order queue for handling requests
Method for adjusting image acquisition parameters to optimize object extraction
Information processing apparatus capable of displaying maps and position displaying method
Test head for optically inspecting workpieces
Image processing apparatus, computer readable medium storing program, image processing method, method for producing dynamic image and printer
Methods and tangible objects employing machine readable data
Anchor person detection for television news segmentation based on audiovisual features
System and method for robust image representation over error-prone channels
Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method and program
Object detection apparatus, object detection method and recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method therefor
Pattern discovery in video content using association rules on multiple sets of labels
Apparatus and method for providing employee benefits and /or employee benefits information
Aggregating and pooling health related information in a communication system with feedback
Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computing device
Spiral construction of a geodesic dome
System and method for performing a virtual endoscopy
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
System for and method of facilitating sales activities, and program generator for generating a program for realizing the same
Device for detecting a defined filling level of a medium in a container
Monitoring technology
Intelligent medical vigilance system
Image display apparatus and image display method
Display apparatus, source driver and display panel
Rear electrode structures for electrophoretic displays
Driving circuit of a semiconductor display device and the semiconductor display device
Aligning method under electric field of ferroelectric liquid crystal and liquid crystal display using the same
Inverter device, liquid crystal display device using the inverter device, and method of monitoring lamps of the liquid crystal display device using the inverter device
Display driver circuit and display device
Computer touch screen adapted to facilitate selection of features at edge of screen
Generating texture maps for use in 3D computer graphics
Organic EL display luminance control method and luminance control circuit
Method and apparatus for speech coding and decoding
Telephone communication with silent response feature
Method and system for embedding voice notes
Method of positioning disk-shaped medium
Disc drive failure prediction
Magnetic head coil structure and method for manufacturing the same
CCP-CCP-GMR head assembly with good operating life, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus therewith
Actuator for optical disk system and apparatus for providing signal for driving the actuator
Method for writing repeatable runout correction values to a magnetic disk of a disk drive
Wobble demodulation for high density optical recording media
Method and apparatus for controlling power of laser diode in optical disc drive
Identification of program information on a recording medium
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Double byte select high voltage line for EEPROM memory block
Serially sensing the output of multilevel cell arrays
Autonomous antifuse cell
Integrated semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory
Memory circuit with automatic precharge function, and integrated circuit device with automatic internal command function
Throttling memory in response to an internal temperature of a memory device
Control unit for deactivating and activating the control signals
Semiconductor memory device with sub-amplifiers having a variable current source
Automated method and system for the detection of lung nodules in low-dose CT images for lung-cancer screening
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Safety switches
Buckling actuator
Clock circuitry for programmable logic devices
Waveguide for use in dual polarisation probe system having a signal reflector and rotator provide differential phase shift
Optical tunable filter and method of manufacturing the same
Permalloy loaded transmission lines for high-speed interconnect applications
Method and apparatus for dual use of singly and doubly terminated networks
Microstrip antenna with integral feed and antenna structures
Excimer laser with electron emitters
Ultraviolet laser-generating device and defect inspection apparatus and method therefor
Semiconductor optical device
Surface-emitting semiconductor laser array and optical transmission system using the same
Bridged parallel distributing frame
DC converter
Power supply
Frequency divider and an electronic device incorporating such a frequency divider
U-shaped microwave and millimeter wave resonator filter
Robust multiple chain receiver
Method and device for the clocked output of asynchronously received digital signals
Nested transimpendance amplifier
Delay circuit for synchronizing arrival of a clock signal at different circuit board points
Multi-pair gigabit ethernet transceiver
Methods and apparatus to DC couple LVDS driver to CML levels
Fuse sensing circuit
Modular buffering circuitry for multi-channel transceiver clock and other signals
Method and apparatus for protecting a circuit during a hot socket condition
Mask-programmable logic device with programmable input/output ports
Area efficient programmable frequency divider
Duty cycle corrector
Methods and system for equalizing data
Data interface circuit and data transmitting method
Methods and circuits for sensing on-chip voltage in powerup mode
High latency timing circuit
Method and apparatus to improve frequency stability of an integrated circuit oscillator
Device to be used in the synchronization of clock pulses, as well as a clock pulse synchronization process
Method and system for providing a digital signal representing an analog signal
RAKE receiver having MIXR function
Antenna directivity control method and radio apparatus
RF switch
Radio frequency circuit with integrated on-chip radio frequency signal coupler
Personal communications server
Combination audio/charger jack
System and method of software transfer between a mobile phone and a mobile phone accessory
Method, apparatus and program for providing user-selected alerting signals in telecommunications devices
Phase modulation for an optical transmission system
Optical dispersion correction in transimpedance amplifiers
Method and system for management of directly connected optical components
Received response characteristics storing method and radio apparatus utilizing the same
Radio link check
Adaptively configurable class-A/class-B transmit DAC for transceiver emission and power consumption control
Portable radio terminal and AFC control method
Search-efficient MIMO trellis decoder
Method and apparatus for generating a code in an asynchronous code division multiple access mobile communication system
Broadcast service method of mobile communication system that selects a channel
Methods and systems for rate-based flow control between a sender and a receiver
Method and apparatus for dynamic bitmap generator scheduler
Synchronous system bus
Interference suppression methods for 802.11
Switchover system and method in a data packet switching network
Method to provide backward compatibility with an existing CSMA/CA system via dual use of the new system's transmission transition guard slot interval
Parallel bus LAN
Overhead message and channel hashing method using the same
I/Q modulator with carrier predistortion
Method for providing rapid delayed frame acknowledgement in a wireless transceiver
Packet multiplexing control method and a concentrator using the same
Peer-to-peer system and method with prefix-based distributed hash table
Reception system for replacing transport packets
ADSL modem apparatus and ADSL modem communication method
Network-load dispersion system, method therefor, and recording medium recorded with program for achieving this method
System and method for synchronizing switch fabric backplane link management credit counters
Technique for building a large single-stage cross-connect using multiple devices without interleaving
Fast flexible filter processor based on range checking and a method of processing based thereon
Communication terminal equipment and communication system incorporating the same and communication management method therefor
Methods and systems for creating, distributing and executing multimedia telecommunications applications over circuit and packet switched networks
Receiver-aided set-up request routing
Low voltage swing pad driver and receiver
Multi-standard clock rate matching circuitry
Encryption apparatus and method, and decryption apparatus and method based on block encryption
Electronic device
Mobile phone system with a card character recognition function
Echo canceller
Telephone call messaging device
Providing services in communications networks
Communication system control method
Speaker identification during telephone conferencing
Apparatus and method for mapping a location of wireless base stations in a mobile communication system
Method for exchanging signaling messages in two phases
Color processing method, storage medium, color processing apparatus, color transforming apparatus, and image forming apparatus
AV data recording apparatus and method, and disk recorded by the same
Method and apparatus for compensating for fixed pattern noise in an imaging system
Appliance and method for communicating and viewing multiple captured images
Customizing a digital camera based on demographic factors
Digital camera having a display unit to display the print status of a connected printer
Method and apparatus for continuous focus and exposure in a digital imaging device
Image processing system, image capturing apparatus and system and method for detecting backlight status
Method of automatically adjusting exposure in a shutterless digital camera
Imaging and recording apparatus
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing digital data, such as audio/video (A/V) data, and control method thereof
System and method for compressing data
Picture taking apparatus and method of controlling same
Printer system and image processing system having image correcting function
System and method of notifying unpublished subscribers of request for contact information
Position-based capacity reservation in a mobile wireless system
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Cell control method and cell system
Time scheduling system
Automated device behavior management based on preset preferences
Dynamic pressure sensing structure
System and process for locating a speaker using 360 degree sound source localization
X-ray generator with voltage doubler
Printed circuit board unit and electronic apparatus
Heat sink
Heatsink device of video graphics array and chipset
Connection arrangement of blade server
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Irrigation positioning system
Ultrasound sex determination of avian hatchlings
Talking straw with guide ridge
Noise abatement apparatus for appliance cabinet and method for reducing noise generated by an appliance
Combined ultrasound-radionuclide device for percutaneous ultrasound-guided biopsy and method of use
Percutaneous medical probe and flexible guide wire
Method of constructing a microwave antenna
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring systems adapted for long term use
Multi-tier method of classifying sample spectra for non-invasive blood analyte prediction
Multi-tier method of developing localized calibration models for non-invasive blood analyte prediction
Heart rate monitoring system with illuminated floor mat
Exercise machine, physical strength evaluation method, and pulse rate meter
Subcutaneous spiral electrode for sensing electrical signals of the heart
Low distortion ECG filter
Method of detecting cardiac interval signals in cardiologic devices
Method of noninvasively determining a patient's susceptibility to arrhythmia
Implantable medical device for measuring time varying physiologic conditions especially edema and for responding thereto
MR method for exciting the nuclear magnetization in a limited volume
Low signal correction for perfusion measurements
Method for operating a computed tomography apparatus
Auscultation apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing a three-dimensional digital model of an orthodontic patient
System and method for closed loop controlled inspired oxygen concentration
Double threaded stylet for extraction of leads with a threaded electrode
Catheter having a guide sleeve for displacing a pre-bent guidewire
Electrical apparatus for therapeutic treatment
Methods for delivering agents using alternating current
Method and apparatus for maintaining synchronized pacing
System and method for automatically verifying capture during multi-chamber stimulation
Implantable device and programmer system which permits multiple programmers
Delivery of atrial defibrillation shock based on estimated QT interval
Radiation therapy and real time imaging of a patient treatment region
Rotating stereotactic treatment system
Robot and control method for entertainment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Finding objects in an image
Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus and administrating method for image forming apparatus
Method and arrangement in a hybrid vehicle for maximizing total torque output by minimizing differential torque capacities of the engine and generator
Vehicle sensing system using biased severity measure
System and method for ABS stability control
Lost-in-space stellar attitude acquisition using multiple star trackers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical body having modifiable light guiding properties
Glass composition and optical device made therefrom
Sputter profile simulation method
Liquid raw material vaporizer, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine management system
Electronic control device for controlling autonomously controllable assemblies
Method for determining the controller output for controlling fuel injection engines
System, method and computer program product for enhancing commercial value of electrical power produced from a renewable energy power production facility
Lock-up control apparatus in automatic transmission
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
X-ray reflectometer
Method of analyzing a specimen comprising a compound material by x-ray fluorescence analysis
Methods and systems for evaluating defects in metals
Electronic level
Method and system for terrain aided navigation
Vehicle traveling position detecting system
Method and device for reading navigation data
Method and apparatus for operating coriolis flowmeters at cryogenic temperatures
Method and apparatus for reducing deposition variation by modeling post-clean chamber performance
X-ray foreign-body detector
Evaluation method and evaluation apparatus for semiconductor device
Apparatus for analyzing samples using combined thermal wave and X-ray reflectance measurements
Distributed trigger node
RF output spectrum measurement analyzer and method
Battery pack, method for charging/discharging counting and method for setting residual capacity of the battery pack
Slow hopping data transmitter
Global positioning system receiver capable of functioning in the presence of interference
System for measuring characteristic of scatterers using spaced receiver remote sensors
Methods for enhancing performance and data acquired from three-dimensional image systems
Noise reference sensor for use in a dual sensor towed streamer
Dispersion compensating fiber with void pattern in secondary core
Precision fiber optic collimator
Optical fiber, dispersion compensator using optical fiber, optical transmission line using optical fiber, and optical transmission system using optical fiber
High performance acrylate materials for optical interconnects
Parallel side-pumping of dual-clad fiber array using fused, layered structure
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer arrangement for WDM signals having in-band and out-of-band signal components
Cross-traffic suppression in wavelength division multiplexed systems
Scalable optical switch
Optical fiber array
Variable optic attenuator
Packaging and assembly method for optical coupling
Optical cable
Fiber splice tray
Device for removing torsion in optical fiber ribbons
Optical cable troughs, fittings, and couplings
High efficiency channel drop filter with absorption induced on/off switching and modulation
Bent electro-absorption modulator
Flash lamps for underwater photography provided with target light and control methods and devices therefor
Electric flash device and camera
Multi-flash photography system
Device for unlocking cartridge chamber lid of camera
Camera with self-timer for delayed action shutter release
Camera back for a camera
Selection point selecting apparatus
System for compensating directional and positional fluctuations in light produced by a laser
Image forming process and apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus with detachable mounting process cartridge
Image forming apparatus capable of processing images of plural documents
Image forming apparatus for detecting the density of toner
Image forming apparatus capable of adjusting AC applied to charging member
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of preventing a contamination of a brush-roller charger
Mechanism for fastening thin corotron wires and method for generating a corotron discharge
Developing apparatus
Developer accommodating container, a developing device, a process cartridge, and an image forming apparatus whose developer-accommodating-container opening is sealed by a seal member
Toner carrier having a particular Z value, a particular creep value, or a particular universal hardness
Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming system
Developing apparatus having a cylindrical sleeve for holding magnetic toner and a magnetic shaft rotatable inside the sleeve
Development station for a reproduction apparatus
Image forming apparatus having alarm which indicates carrier solvent filter replacement or lack of solvent supply
Liquid electro-photographic device capable of performing operational sequence including cleaning
Image forming apparatus including transfer device outer displacive type ferroelectric layer
Recording medium feed path for an image forming apparatus
Option fixing device
Fusing system including a heat storage mechanism
Luminous Dial for timepiece
Positioner and method for operating the positioner
Method and apparatus for collecting operation event logs in NC machining
Detachable displays or portable devices
Low profile equipment housing with angular fan
Fast test application switching method and system
System and method for increasing the speed of memories
Dynamic programming network
Self-optimization with interactions
Pipeline processing for data channels
Method, system, and program for searching a list of entries when search criteria is provided for less than all of the fields in an entry
Interesting table-subset selection for database workload materialized view selection
Persistence storage architecture
System for improving search area selection
Search and navigation system and method using category intersection pre-computation
Method of and apparatus for identifying subsets of interrelated image objects from a set of image objects
Word recognition device and method
Method for generating a refined structural model of a molecule
Protein fold recognition using sequence-derived predictions
Process control system
Method for automated exception-based quality control compliance for point-of-care devices
Generating and controlling analog and digital signals on a mixed signal test system
Recording medium outputting method, database server, recording medium outputting apparatus, and recording medium outputting system
Cabling picker in a library of stationary memory devices
Baggage transportation method
Torque distribution on four wheel drive vehicles
Page analysis system
Artificial neural network with hardware training and hardware refresh
Automated category discovery for a terminological knowledge base
Multistage machine learning process
System and method for household grocery management
Decision theoretic principles and policies for notification
Electronic shopping system utilizing a program downloadable wireless videophone
Automated synchronous product pricing and advertising system
Method and apparatus for administering a survey via a television transmission network
Method and apparatus for scoring the likelihood of a desired performance result
Financial consolidation and communication platform
Watermarks carrying content dependent signal metrics for detecting and characterizing signal alteration
Systems and methods for etching digital watermarks
Method for generating a frame for graphic objects that are described by Bezier curves
Method and system for image processing
Apparatus for and method of simulating turbulence
Shape analysis, difference detection, and search for three-dimensional models
3D rendering
Adaptive control and signal enhancement of an ultrasound display
Image processing system
Pattern comparison method and appearance inspection machine for performance comparison based on double detection without delay
Determining orientation of images containing blue sky
Composition based association engine for image archival systems
Method and apparatus for performing geo-spatial registration
Image processing apparatus having means for controlling exposure using an orthogonal transformation coefficient
Method and apparatus for compressing digital image data
Method and apparatus for concatenating bits of odd-length words
Error concealment for video services
System and method for customer recognition using wireless identification and visual data transmission
Digital encoding of personal signatures
Distant remote-control device of electric appliance
Traffic information service (TIS) uplink own aircraft heading correction
Multi-speaker storytelling system
Method and system for inserting and retrieving data in an audio signal
Optical storage device and cartridge loading mechanism
Disk receiving and transferring device for a disk drive
Library system having empty cartridge storage cell coded label stripe
Information storage apparatus having selective storage medium rotation stop operation
Method for controlling speed of an optic disk drive
Disk cartridge with shutter sections and shutter cover
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus and method for using various sizes, and types of recording/reproducing mediums therein
Video signal reproduction apparatus and method
Control apparatus and method for reproducing data from a digital video disk at high speed
Recording and playback apparatus and method, terminal device, transmitting/receiving method, and storage medium
Optical disk drive protection device
Peripheral apparatus for personal computer capable of responding to various demands in regard to appearance with low cost
Optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Information recording apparatus
Optical disk having recording capacity of about at least 15 GB
Optical recording method, optical recording apparatus, optical reading method, and optical reading apparatus
Device for optically scanning information tracks on a plane using two subbeams
Adjusting mechanism of the guide rod of optical pick-up in an optical disk drive
Device for evaluating cell resistances in a magnetoresistive memory
MRAM without isolation devices
High sensitivity common source amplifier MRAM cell, memory array and read/write scheme
Ferroelectric storage device and test method thereof
Placement and routing for wafer scale memory
Semiconductor memory device having a relaxed pitch for sense amplifiers
Circuit for controlling wordline in SRAM
Non-volatile ferroelectric capacitor memory circuit
Content addressable memory having cascaded sub-entry architecture
CAM circuit with separate memory and logic operating voltages
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a hierarchial bit line structure
Method of programming and erasing a SNNNS type non-volatile memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and test method therefor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
NAND stack EEPROM with random programming capability
Semiconductor device that enables simultaneous read and write/erase operation
Erase method for dual bit virtual ground flash
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data erase controlling method for use therein
Semiconductor integrated circuit device allowing accurate evaluation of access time of memory core contained therein and access time evaluating method
Semiconductor memory device operating with low power consumption
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Electronics amplifier circuit having a switchable input transistor, matrix array of memory cells and matrix array of photodetectors
Circuit and method for speed and stability enhancement for a sense amplifier
Synchronous dynamic random access memory device
System and method for writing to a register file
Semiconductor memory device capable of outputting and inputting data at high speed
Memory read circuitry
Semiconductor memory device equipped with dummy cells
Method and apparatus for standby power reduction in semiconductor devices
Memory device with support for unaligned access
Reliability test method and circuit for non-volatile memory
Light water reactor core and fuel assembly
Component designed for use in a light water reactor, and a method for the manufacture of such a component
Supercapacitors and method for fabricating the same
Tantalum chip capacitor with cut-grooved lead frame
Portable terminal device
Temperature clock for x-ray tubes
Field programmable logic arrays with transistors with vertical gates
Non-volatile memory embedded in a conventional logic process
Package for semiconductor device having radiating substrate and radiator fin
Heat sink grounded to a grounded package lid
Semiconductor package
Non-volatile memory cell having channel initiated secondary electron injection programming mechanism
Radiation detector for an X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Adaptive array antenna
Multipulse dye laser
Gas laser with mode control
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Medium voltage motor control center instrument compartment
Power supply with interface to determine power requirements of devices coupled thereto
Receiver capable of selecting optimal voltage controlled oscillator
Transmitter and receiver
Matched filter bank
Wireless telecommunications access system
Underwater telemetry method using doppler compensation
Radio communication device and transmitting power control method
Power control device and method for reverse link common channel in mobile communication system
Power setting in CDMA systems employing discontinuous transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power while in soft handoff
Apparatus for and method of receiving diversity
Downlink transmission and reception techniques for a processing communication satellite
Satellite communications system and handover processing method
Satellite multimedia delivery to vehicles
Device and method for spreading channels in mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for multiple serial data synchronization using channel-lock FIFO buffers optimized for jitter
Telecommunications network distributed restoration method and system
Matched-filter obtained side information for relative-signal-level data detection from a spread-spectrum signal
Retransmission control method and apparatus for use in OFDM radio communication system
Method and apparatus for measuring voice grade of service in an IP network
Alternate wide area network access facility for locally networked computing devices
Virtual-channel merging
System for data transmission across a link aggregation
Efficient sharing of capacity by remote stations using circuit switching and packet switching
Transmission bandwidth sharing system
Discovery and tag space identifiers in a tag distribution protocol (TDP)
Method and apparatus for rate-based cell traffic arbitration in a switch
Communication method and system involving distributed management of channel allocation
Enhanced internet packet routing lookup
Communication device with multi-stages of traffic shaping functions
Method for routing with selectable granularity of the rate of asynchronously transmitted message cells
Routing area updating in packet radio network
Energy conserving network protocol
Transmission medium connecting device, controlling device, controlled device, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for data routing, delivery, and authentication in a packet data network
Data strobe receiver
Method and apparatus for equalization and data symbol detection for MPSK modulation
Partial equalization for digital communication systems
Digital communication system of orthogonal modulation type
Digital impairment learning method and system
Peak to average power ratio reduction
Digital communication system and method for increased bit rates
Method and system for correcting phase and amplitude imbalances of a quadrature modulated RF signal
Proxy asset data processor
Computerized automotive service system
Point-to-point protocol encapsulation in ethernet frame
System for adjusting billing for real-time media transmissions based on delay
Method and apparatus for transparently multicasting identical data streams originating from different or common sources
Packet switching network, packet switching equipment, and network management equipment
Method and system for releasing a voice response unit from a protocol session
System and method for transporting information over a communication channel
ATM-address resolving transmission apparatus
Fail over with multiple network interface cards
Stacked carrier discrete multiple tone communication system
Method and apparatus for down conversion within an X-DSL receiver
Key distribution method and system in secure broadcast communication
Wall mounted telephone
Multi-directional hand-free kit
Telephone apparatus
Telecommunication assembly
System and method for communicating telecommunication information between customer premises equipment and network equipment
Method and apparatus for efficiently utilizing a communications infrastructure
Proxy database for element management system of telephone switching network
Method and apparatus for polling telephony line status in an integrated services hub to reduce power consumption
Method and arrangement for measuring holding time in communication networks
Queue-based distinctive ringing in a call center system
System and method for providing expert referral over a network with real time interaction with customers
Multiline telephone including interacting call appearances
Method and apparatus for providing voice signals to and from a telecommunications switch
System and method for information stamping a digitized image
Data hiding and extraction methods
Iterative approximation of color patch area
3D camera
Image scanning circuitry with row and column addressing for use in electronic cameras
Remote control system, video output apparatus, recording medium reproduction apparatus and remote control method
Data processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for a programmable bitstream parser for audiovisual and generic decoding systems
Moving image encoding apparatus with a quantization step size different from the dequantization step size
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Receiver and transmitter-receiver
Method and apparatus for synchronized play back of audio-video signals
Method, system and apparatus for transmitting coded telecommunication signals
Method and system protocols for providing voice, data, and multimedia services in a wireless local loop system
ATM transmission system
Bandwidth allocation for ATM available bit rate service
Radio paging signal coding control scheme using variable number of logical channels according to paging signal traffic
Radio communication terminal for optimizing transmission of messages to selective call transceivers and method therefor
Dynamic routing system for a short message sent by a calling party using a mobile phone
Information services provision in a telecommunications network
On-line notification in a mobile communications system
Methods and arrangements for transcoder selection and transcoding data within packet-switched communication networks supporting radio interfaces
Mobile communications system
Iterative system and method for optimizing CDMA load distribution using reverse interference measurements
Method for selecting markets in which to deploy fixed wireless communication systems
Adaptive carrier assignment in multiple reuse patterns for packet data systems based on service type and user location
Device for data transmission
Method and apparatus for simultaneous rescue of multiple connections in telecommunication systems
Acoustic protective cover assembly
Electret condenser microphone and method of producing same
Electronic connection cover for a hydraulic component housing utilizing a sealed printed circuit board
Variable insertion force circuit pack latching system
Printed circuit board stiffener
Distributed load board stiffener
Modular air flow distribution system
Method and arrangement for implementing EMC shielding in electronic device, and circuit board of electronic device
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