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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Reciprocating metering device
Hybrid pepper `E20S4216`
Birdfeeder apparatus
Bill of lading transmission and processing system for less than a load carriers
Electric deterrent device
Decoy stand
Decoy suspension system
Fungicidal combinations comprising a dithiino-tetracarboxamide fungicide
Compositions comprising a streptomyces-based biological control agent and an insecticide
Apparatus and method for skinning and removing usable meat from a large game animal carcass
Method of making individual portions of meat
Process for producing frozen confectionery products
Process for the production of yeast extracts having low turbidity
Method and system for modifying raw foods, and raw food product made thereby
Beverage ice and related methods
Modular storage receptacle for smoking material, system for storing smoking material, and method for using same
Post surgical recovery bra
Implanted port protection device
Accordion wallet with electromagnetic shielding
Apparatus for safekeeping of a headset or ear bud
Nail clipper with opposing parallel blades
Wrist rest apparatus
System and method for a hydration garment
Curio cabinet with concealed gun rack
Receptacle with a pocket for a collapsible chair
Portable child safety restraint
Cup and lid for persons with drink difficulties
Floor wiping mechanism for self-propelled floor cleaner
Squeegee apparatus
Dishwasher comprising a storage tank
Method for providing minimally invasive closure of atrial septal defect without cardiopulmonary bypass
Surgical instrument with pivotable jaw member
Trocar device
Monoplanar bone anchoring device with selectable pivot plane
Surgical method for tissue removal
Renal denervation catheter with cooled RF electrode
Laser processing apparatus, osseointegration method, implant material, and implant-material fabrication method
System and method for iris data acquisition for biometric identification
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of changes in volume of breast and other organs
Method and apparatus for obtaining and registering an Electrical Cochlear Response ("ECR")
Athletic glove providing feedback regarding grip to a wearer
Apparatus for measuring body fat
System for detecting respiratory muscle activity of a patient receiving assisted breathing
Releasing structure for lancing device
Method and device to generate projections of the inside of an examination subject
Computer-aided tubing detection
Computed tomography device and method for operating a computed tomography device
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, medical image diagnostic apparatus, and medical image processing method
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound diagnostic method
Orthosis comprising an upper tray and a lower tray, and connection with adjustable positioning
Plastic clear band for dental restorations
Absorbent article
Implantable digestive tract organ
Valve prostheses
Method for the treatment of tissue
Ankle-foot orthotic
Remotely powered remotely adjustable gastric band system
Apparatus, systems, and methods for constraining and/or supporting tissue structures along an airway
Eye treatement apparatus
Configurable air diffusion body supports
Methods and systems for improving the reliability of the time basis for data logged in an implantable medical device
Cervical vagal stimulation induced weight loss
Method for promoting selective reinnervation of denervated tissue
Device for delivering medicines by transpalpebral electrophoresis
Method for optimizing search for spinal cord stimulation parameter setting
Cardiac rhythm management system with optimization of cardiac performance using heart rate
Demand-based cardiac function therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Equol-containing extract, method for production thereof, method for extraction of equol, and equol-containing food
Self-cleaning substrate
Compression roll housing
Method for producing drip irrigation tubes
Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus using the same
Olivo-cerebellar controller
Method and device for assisting a driver in developing a fuel-saving driving style
Vehicle vision system
Interior rearview mirror system
Parking information collection system and method
Cart for transporting shelving
Four-wheeled rescue litter
Method for guiding a vehicle into a parking space and parking assistance device
Device for protecting optical and/or electronic apparatuses, space telescope comprising said device, and device for removably occluding an aperture
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine and associated operating method
Clusters of small wind turbines diffusers (CSWTD) a renewable energy technique
Lighted multi-plane window well enhancement system
Substrate used in a method and apparatus for angular-resolved spectroscopic lithography characterization
Method and apparatus for thickness measurement
Sensor device for an electric machine
Method and apparatus for measuring displacement of a sample to be inspected using an interference light
Azimuth processing device, azimuth processing method, azimuth processing program, direction finding device, tilt offset correcting method, azimuth measuring method, compass sensor unit, and portable electronic device
Transit information provision device, method and program
Organizing media data using a portable electronic device
System and method for indicating reminders via a portable computing device
Thermal or density management of imaging device
Method and system for inspecting indirect bandgap semiconductor structure
3-color multiplex CARS spectrometer
Audio output apparatus, document reading method, and mobile terminal
Combinatorial process optimization methodology and system
Photometric apparatus and automatic analyzer
Method of using a flow cell apparatus for visualizing additive deposition on a substrate
Radiation imaging apparatus
Techniques for linking non-coding and gene-coding deoxyribonucleic acid sequences and applications thereof
Methods and systems for analysis of dynamic biological pathways
Peak hold circuit
Broadband high impedance pickoff circuit
Method for implementing intersecting ring network with arbitrary topology, node and intersecting ring network
Communication monitoring method, communication monitoring system, management system, and external device
Temporal-spatial burst switching
Transmitting apparatus and method for maintaining learned information
Testing fuse configurations in semiconductor devices
Test access port
Dual controllers for scan paths, distributors, and collectors
Implementing isolation of VLSI scan chain using ABIST test patterns
Method and system for automatic classification of objects
Cooperative position location via wireless data link using broadcast digital transmissions
Systems, devices, methods, and compositions including targeted ferromagnetic structures
Dual-use NMR probe
Magnetic ranging and controlled earth borehole drilling
Optical system and optical apparatus using the same
Variable power optical system and imaging device
Binoculars with adaptive reticle display and associated methods
Color electrophoresis type display medium panel
Apertured window for enabling flexible illumination overfill of patterning devices
Oscillating element, manufacturing method of oscillating element, optical scanning device, image forming device and image display device
Imaging lens, imaging device, portable terminal, and method for manufacturing imaging lens
Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
Leak detector using an optical fibre
Optical coupling device
Electronic module with ejector mechanism
Supporting device, optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Light reflecting plate, method of manufacturing the same and light reflecting device
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Light supplying unit and display device using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display panel having an ornamental reflector deployed around the periphery of a display region
Liquid crystal cell and liquid crystal display apparatus
Display element and driving method thereof
Dust removal apparatus of photographing apparatus
Method to determine auto focus of a digital camera
Inspection apparatus, lithographic system provided with the inspection apparatus and a method for inspecting a sample
Projection objective, projection exposure apparatus and reflective reticle for microlithography
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Image forming apparatus with image bearing member adjustment
Conductive member, process cartridge using the conductive member, and image forming device using the process cartridge
Charging device for electrically charging photosensitive member
Developer supply system and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus having releasing mechanism for removable toner-image conveyance belt
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Motivational alarm
High resolution time interpolator
Control for positioning multiple barriers apparatus and method
Emergency responder credentialing system and method
Coordinated joint motion control system with position error correction
System and method for using a stepper motor as a rotary sensor
Systems and methods for multivariate influence analysis of heterogenous mixtures of categorical and continuous data
Phase interpolator for a timing signal generating circuit
Electronic apparatus, assembly structure of electronic unit, and bracket
Power supply controlling apparatus and power supply controlling system
Network element power management
Server power consumption controller, and method and computer program for controlling server power consumption
Interrupt/wake-up of an electronic device in a low power sleep mode when detecting a sensor or frequency source activated frequency change
Interrupt/wake-up of an electronic device in a low power sleep mode when detecting a sensor or frequency source activated frequency change
Interrupt/wake-up of an electronic device in a low power sleep mode when detecting a sensor or frequency source activated frequency change
Communication device and a method of self-healing thereof
System and method for error correction in cache units
Apparatus and method to manage redundant non-volatile storage backup in a multi-cluster data storage system
Apparatus for managing data backup
Method and apparatus for generating network attack signature
Methods and structure for improved storage system performance with write-back caching for disk drives
Cache memory control circuit and processor
Efficient non-transactional write barriers for strong atomicity
Reproduction device and reproducing method
Indexing a translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
Frame transfer method and device
External storage apparatus and method of preventing information leakage
Buffering packets destined for a mobile device while the mobile device moves from one network to another network to prevent handoff packet loss
Library apparatus, library system and method for copying logical volume to disk volume in cache disk with smallest access load
Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, image pickup system, information processing apparatus, program and storage medium
System and method for mapping functions to and from network devices using configuration compatible with an adapter by remapping plurality of logical ports of adapter
DMA control system, printing apparatus, transfer instruction method and computer readable medium
DMA device having plural buffers storing transfer request information and DMA transfer method
Image processing apparatus, count management server, and count management method
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer program product
Storage system and logical unit checking method for the same
Configuring templates for an application and network management system
Packet header compression system and method based upon a dynamic template creation
Publish/subscribe messaging
Method and system for publishing an electronic file attached to an electronic mail message
Job processing apparatus, method for managing job log in the job processing apparatus, and system for managing job history
Transferring information and records via a data structure for a physical item in the control of a user
System and method for selecting and displaying webpages
System, apparatus and method for associating an anticipated success indication with data delivery
Methods and systems of delivering directions to a mobile device
Playlist composition apparatus, copyright management apparatus and view terminal apparatus
Method for notifying state of printing processing, information processing device, and information processing program
System and method for queuing to a cloud via a queuing proxy
Output management system and method for enabling access to private network resources
Information processing system, information processing method, and computer program
Method and system for dynamic device address management
Method for controlling devices that are arranged in a communications network
Method and system for supporting the communication of presence information among computing devices of a network
Clustering and classification employing softmax function including efficient bounds
System and method for data migration
Library apparatus and position controlling method
Dynamic management of a process model repository for a process control system
Vehicle computer system with audio entertainment system
Systems and methods for defining web content navigation
Method, system and apparatus for a transformation engine for use in the processing of structured documents
Hiding portions of display content
System and method for correlating past activities, determining hidden relationships and predicting future activities
Method and system for providing image rich web pages from a computer system over a network
File server, file management system and file relocation method
Topics in relevance ranking model for web search
Information providing system and information providing method
Concept network
Methods and systems for providing a response to a query
Computerized national online parcel-level map data portal
Data semanticizer
Storage system and method for backing up data
System and method for defining and presenting a composite web page
Semiconductor integrated circuit designing method
Verification support apparatus, verification support method, and computer product
Computer aided design system for narrowing a list of candidate circuits based on a circuit search-range narrowing condition
Support system
Automatically creating manufacturing test rules pertaining to an electronic component
Reconfigurable garment definition and production method
Systems for terrestrial target detection and characterization using a dispersed fourier transform spectrometer
Methods, systems, and compositions for classification, prognosis, and diagnosis of cancers
Electromagnetic field intensity calculating method and apparatus
Method of constructing a composite structure
Dynamic time series prediction of future traffic conditions
Method and system for automatic peripheral device identification
Method and apparatus for supporting universal serial bus devices in a virtualized environment
Method and apparatus for sensing motion of a user interface mechanism using optical navigation technology
Display device and method of driving the same
Identification of devices on touch-sensitive surface
Information setting display apparatus and information setting display method
Method for designing a customized work area
Print system and printing method for transmitting print data from a host device to an image forming apparatus by radio communication and performing printing
Protocol allowing modification of device attribute availability on a print network
Postage server system and method
Method and apparatus to shift-by-speech for semi-manual transmissions with intelligent shifting algorithm
Binary search circuit and method
Information processing system, information processing method, and memory medium
System and method for annotation aggregation
Scalable search system using human searchers
User-centric service providing device and service providing method
Directory searching methods and systems
Systems and methods for dynamically updating relevance of a selected item
Semantic enhanced link-based ranking (SEL Rank) methodology for prioritizing customer requests
Method for depositing individually packaged items in containers
Datapipe synchronization device
Using symbolic evaluation to validate models that have incomplete information
Techniques for managing secure communications
Using on-chip and off-chip look-up tables indexed by instruction address to control instruction execution in a processor
Hardware acceleration of strongly atomic software transactional memory
Update checking and synchronization for link and offline data
Unified data type system and method
Method and apparatus for scheduling the processing of commands for execution by cryptographic algorithm cores in a programmable network processor
Generic shared memory barrier
Apparatus for tracking work process and computer product
Logging and storing of a sequence of image frame data for optimal recovery after power failure
Automatic print job cancellation mechanism
Face image detection device, face image detection method and imaging apparatus
Defect analysis
Method and system for detection of bone fractures
3D object recognition
Cell culture device, image processing device and cell detecting system
Method and device for the contactless optical determination of the 3D position of an object
Device manufacturing method, orientation determination method and lithographic apparatus
Tone scale transformation for radiological images
Imaging apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Virtual grid imaging method and system for eliminating scattered radiation effect
Method and device for ascertaining feature vectors from a signal
Image processing apparatus and control method for printing image sized according to determined face area
Method and apparatus for inspecting reticle
Radiological simulation
Fixed form image reading apparatus and fixed form image reading method using the same
Method for identifying color in machine and computer vision applications
Image processor, image-processing method, and computer-readable medium
History image generating system, history image generating method, and recording medium in which is recorded a computer program
Method for watermarking a digital data set and device implementing said method
Traceability marks
Image compression by object segregation
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Methods and apparatus for predictive analysis
System for clinical trial subject compliance
Coin currency conversion systems and methods
Portable intelligent shopping device
Providing time-sensitive information for purchase determinations
Virtual web store with product images
System and method for networked loyalty program
Party payment system
System, method, and computer program product for evaluating photographic performance
Method and system for a deferred variable annuity with flexible benefit payments
System and methods for providing gaming activities
Multi-transaction system and method
Method and system for initiating and/or conducting a transaction that is associated with at least two corresponding declarations of intent
Systems and methods for providing intermediate targets in a graphics system
Marine personal locator apparatus
Container for fluid products, in particular perfumes, deodorants, creams and similar
Remotely actuated refrigerator lock with thermal spoilage protection
Head gatch alarm system
Method of detecting drowsiness of a vehicle operator
Intelligent sensing device with warning function
System and method for facial nerve monitoring
Automated emergency detection and response
System and method for home automation and security
Electronic apparatus and control method
Multimode recording and transmitting apparatus and its use in an interactive group response system
Illuminable double-sided frame arrangement
Active matrix display apparatus and driving method therefor
Display device
Video processing apparatus and video processing method
Mobile device customizer
Double-buffering of video data
Adaptive advertising apparatus and methods
Adaptive information presentation apparatus and methods
Speech processing method and apparatus, storage medium, and speech system
Electromagnetic field generating element, information recording and reproduction head, and information recording and reproduction device
Clamping device with weighted stopper for spindle motor
Lens cleaner disc
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording with coil wound around pole layer
Method to align a flexure tail having bent alignment tab feature to a flex cable of a head gimbal assembly
Magnetic recording disk having a transition zone
Electronic information storage apparatus with non-lubricated media
Optical disk apparatus, signal processing semiconductor integrated circuit constituting the same, and operation method
Optical system, optical pickup apparatus, and optical disc apparatus for extracting signal beams
Hybrid laser diode drivers that include a decoder
Optical disk drawing apparatus, host computer, and optical disk drawing method
Objective lens, optical pickup device having the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus for optical recording medium, equipped with the optical pickup device
Optical pickup apparatus with protected collimator lens
Method and apparatus for an integrated circuit with programmable memory cells, data system
Creating spin-transfer torque in oscillators and memories
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having faulty cells
Multi-valued ROM using carbon-nanotube and nanowire FET
Power supplies in flash memory devices and systems
Semiconductor device and method using stress information
Identifying and accessing individual memory devices in a memory channel
Memory module, method for using same and memory system
Memory device and methods thereof
First-wall component for a fusion reactor
Electricity and steam generation from a helium-cooled nuclear reactor
Capacitor unit, and its manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing capacitive elements for a capacitive device
Method and apparatus for balancing current through an interrupt device
Light output control method and lighting system using the same
Method and apparatus to reduce arcing in electrodeless lamps
Semiconductor device including semiconductor constituent
Nanophotonic transceiver
Heat spreader as mechanical reinforcement for ultra-thin die
Light-emitting device and electronic apparatus
Piezoelectric devices and methods for manufacturing same
On-chip temperature gradient minimization using carbon nanotube cooling structures with variable cooling capacity
Circuit board, method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Solid state image wavelength converter
Wafer, wafer polishing apparatus, wafer polishing method, method of fabricating piezoelectric vibrator, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus and radiowave timepiece
Optical apparatus
Electrostrictive drive
Differential transmission line having a plurality of leakage resistors spaced between the transmission line
Mobile telephone with a built-in planar television antenna adapted for radiotelephone signal rejections
Submarine mast antenna controller
Complex antenna
Broadband antenna
Radio wave absorber, electromagnetic field measurement system and radiated immunity system
Null-fill antenna, omni antenna, and radio communication equipment
Antenna system
Multilayer wiring board and electrical connecting apparatus using the same
Flexible spark plug
Leakage current detection and interruption circuit with improved shield
Multiple output switching power source apparatus
Four quadrant MOSFET based switch
Permanent magnet arrangement for an electrical machine
Combination drive with a hybrid reluctance motor
Retainer bearing for an electric machine, and electric machine comprising at least one such retainer bearing
Semiconductor device
Thermally actuated overload tripping device
Drive system for multiple motors
Location system and method
Shrouded wind turbine with dual coaxial airflow passageways
Radio communication system performing multi-carrier transmission, reception device, reception method, transmission device, transmission method, delay time calculation device, and delay time calculation method
Device and method for determining a constellation of a quadrature amplitude modulated signal
System for reducing distortion in an electronic circuit using nonlinear feedback
High frequency receiver preamplifier with CMOS rail-to-rail capability
Self-oscillating driver circuit
Self-biased amplifier device for an electrecret microphone
Differential signal transmitting apparatus and differential signal receiving apparatus
Pulsed flip-flop circuit
Pulse width modulated controller applied to switch-type voltage regulator
Phase locked loop
Calibration of offset, gain and phase errors in M-channel time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters
Switching unit for generating an output voltage as a function of a digital data value and method for calibrating the switching unit
Transmitting data words
Iterative decoding for layer coded OFDM communication systems
8VSB DTV signals with PCCC and subsequent trellis coding
Frequency hopping RF reception system with programmable antenna and methods for use therewith
Radio communication apparatus and method
Last finger polling for rake receivers
RF transmitter with bias-signal-induced distortion compensation and method therefor
Antenna diversity method with fallback and weighting
Input/output multi-level channelizer amplifier
Digital carrier-recovery scheme for FM stereo detection
Method and apparatus for co-channel interference detection in a radio
Mobile phone
Method and apparatus for generating a periodic training signal
Wireless connection integrated circuit (IC) having power island(s)
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
Communication system and method therefor
RF transceiver having a T/R switch circuit with high power-handling capability
Method and system for hitless tunable optical processing
Optical space transmitter and optical space transmission method for wavelength-multiplexed light
Receiving device and receiving method
Optical amplifier
Method and system for determining spectrum availability within a network
Audio signal processing apparatus
Signal generator and user interface for setting test sequences and parameters of a test signal
System and method for channel estimation
Method for dynamic resource allocation of uplink and downlink in OFDMA/TDD cellular system
Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, program, and wireless communication method
Power control with signal quality estimation for smart antenna communications systems
Electronic apparatus and communication state notification function control method
Techniques for wireless personal area network communications with efficient spatial reuse
Method for optimizing exchanges of information on acknowledgement in asynchronous communication between terminal and network
Distribution method and distribution management device
Technique for assigning multicast group members to radio network calls
Method of transmitting and receiving control information for point-to-multipoint multimedia multicast service
Bit-width minimization scheme for wireless communication
Channel estimation device
Optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexed communications with coherent detection
Hybrid network system and method
Method and apparatus for selecting a responder to enable reliable multicast
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing enforcement of operator lock
Encoded digital video content protection between transport demultiplexer and decoder
Information terminal
Method and system for simplifying protocol analysis
Network communication device
System and methods for measuring network performance
Scalable routing policy construction using dynamic redefinition of routing preference value
Method for specifying input edge router
System and method for registering IP address of wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for simulating IP multinetting
Wireless broadcasting system
Virtual path restoration scheme using fast dynamic mesh restoration in an optical network
Packet forwarding apparatus
Service processing switch
Layer 2 mobility network
Protocol incompatibility detection
Method for providing function of registering in session initiation protocol and SIP load balancer of enabling the method
Relay node
Configurable fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet data port
Systems and methods for I/Q imbalance correction and calibration of variable modulus signals
Joint demodulation using a Viterbi equalizer having an adaptive total number of states
Quadrature imbalance estimation using unbiased training sequences
Coarse frequency offset estimation in ISDB receivers
Hyper phase shift keying modulation
Hard disk drive with certification function
Means and method for controlling service progression between different domains
Obfuscated state store for rights management system and the like
System and method for increasing distribution distance of XDSL type signals
A/V control for a computing device with handheld and extended computing units
Methods and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body
Communication device
Communication device with diversity antenna
Communication device
Portable device and information management method
Hinge assemblies for mobile terminals
Feedback for data transmissions
Using shared secret data (SSD) to authenticate between a CDMA network and a GSM network
System and method for provisioning a wireless device to only be able to access network services within a specific location
Mobile phone and method for managing communication fees thereof
Communication and control system using location aware devices for audio message storage and transmission operating under rule-based control
Systems and methods for call screening
Color separation and reproduction method to control a printing process
Document reading apparatus and related data transfer method
Information processing apparatus and method
Watermark encoding and detection using narrow band illumination
Stereoscopic display apparatus
Backside illumination image pickup device, method of producing backside illumination image pickup device, and semiconductor substrate for backside illumination image pickup device
Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
Image noise measurement system and method
Solid state image pickup device with first and second photoelectric conversion regions and carrier accumulating units connected in parallel to each input portion of plural amplifying units
Image recording/reproduction apparatus, index displaying method by image recording/reproduction apparatus, and computer program
Image capture apparatus with optical finder
Imaging apparatus having unit for removing foreign substance
Image-stabilization systems and methods
Photographed image process changeover apparatus of a video telephone function
Photosensor and focus detecting device
Image pickup device, image pickup method and integrated circuit
Television production technique
Solid-state image pickup device
Content delivery to a digital TV using a low-power frequency converted RF signal
Image-capturing apparatus and image-capturing method for performing drive log image capturing and life log image capturing as automatic image capturing
Method and communication apparatus for reproducing a moving picture, and use in a videoconference system
Motion image coding apparatus, and control method and program of the apparatus
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding apparatus, and decoding method
Videophone system and method
Network advertising and game playing
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing multi-viewpoint media content services
Chaincast method and system for broadcasting information to multiple systems within the internet
Camera for medical, particularly dental use
Modular immersive surveillance processing system and method
Acoustic system
Audio decoding techniques for mid-side stereo
Mobile communication system and mobile station performing diversity handover
Dual-mode device for voice communication
Mobility mechanism for service continuity
Internetworking between a first network and a second network
Method of transmitting channel quality indicator in wireless comunication system
Range extension techniques for a wireless local area network
Broadcast/multicast service method based on user location information
Multi-color display apparatus
Drive circuit for driving a load with pulsed current
Backlight assembly and a display device having the same
Module with a built-in component, and electronic device with the same
Press fit passive component
Personal storage device with charging capability
Memory cooling fan tray
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Identification and characterization of a PAGODA phenotype (PGD) in plants
Male-sterile brassica plants and methods for producing same
Process and apparatus for the production of paper products
Method and device for collection and preparation of tissue samples for molecular genetic diagnostics
Chimeric animal model susceptible to human hepatitis C virus infection
Scalable long-term shelf preservation of sensitive biological solutions and suspensions
Antibacterial, antifungal or antialgal article and process for producing same
Enhanced herbicides
3-arylphenyl sulfide derivative and insecticide and miticide
Arthropod-controlling composition
Pyrone compounds and there use
Strain of streptomyces, and relevant uses thereof
Fungicidal active substance combinations
Composition for use in personal care comprising organic acid salts of polymeric biguanidines
Compositions for plants containing phosphonate and phosphate salts, and derivatives thereof
1,3-dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin of enhanced properties
Composition containing bamboo charcoal and carrier having the same
Device system and method for fluid additive injection into a viscous fluid food stream
Microwavable package containing a snack food and topping
Lipolytic enzymes
Use of antimicrobial polyphosphates in food processing
Oxygen scavenger accelerator
Aspartic proteinase deficient filamentous fungi
Method for preventing or treating elevated blood lipid level-related diseases by administering rutin and quercetin
Process for preparing docosahexaenoic acid and docosapentaenoic acid with ulkenia
Method for manufacturing a decorative food
Oral care kits and compositions
System for polymerizing collagen and collagen composites in situ for a tissue compatible wound sealant, delivery vehicle, binding agent and/or chemically modifiable matrix
Animal feed supplement comprising specific phospholipid compositions
Cultured fish carotenoid and polyphenol added feed for improving fish body color tone and fish meat brilliance
Carotenoid formulations, comprising a mixture of .beta.-carotene, lycopene and lutein
Method of treating rice bran and product thereof
Stable, optically clear compositions
Process for industrial preparation of vacuum cooked rice
Process for removing residual solvent from solids
Food additives having enlarged concentration of phenolics extracted from fruits, and process of obtaining the same
Method of preparing and using compositions extracted from vegetable matter for the treatment of neurological conditions
Process for making mineral, food or pharmaceutical grade salt products
Composition comprising soy protein, dietary fibres and a phytoestrogen compound and use thereof in the prevention and/or treatment of pulmonary diseases
Combined calcium and vitamin D supplements
Color stable iron and zinc fortified compositions
Food item fabricating methods
Trauma mitigation and pressure reducing composition
Fastener tape material, bag utilizing fastener tape material, and method of manufacture thereof
System for applying edge trim to furniture panel
Silane coating for cooking utensils
Liquid specimen container and attachable testing modules
Detection of Helicobacter pylori
Absorbent article with improved fluid acquisition system
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use bundles
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Garment incorporating an adhesive-wrapped elastic strand
Mouldable hypoallergenic, substantially non-memory putty-like adhesive
Clean air tent system
Treatment of disorders of the outer retina
Use of catechol derivatives as proteinase inhibitors
2-phenylbenzimidazoles and 2-phenylindoles, and production and use thereof
Tannate compositions and methods of treatment
Method of treating iron overload with acetaminophen
Acetamidobenzamide compounds for neurodegenerative disorders
Use of a 2-hydroxy-4-trifluoromethylbenzoic acid derivatives as inhibitors of the activation of the nuclear transcription factor NF-.kappa.B
Utilization of dialkyfumarates
Glucose and lipid lowering compounds
.DELTA.9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (.DELTA.9 THC) solution metered dose inhaler
Methods of treating excessive intraocular pressure
Combination of an ADP-receptor blocking antiplatelet drug and a thromboxane A2 receptor antagonist and a method for inhibiting thrombus formation employing such combination
Pyrazole cannabinoid agonist and antagonists
FKBP inhibitors
Process for preparing N-benzyl indoles
Camptothecin analogue compounds
Cyclic diamine compound with 6-membered ring groups
Antifungal compositions with improved bioavailability
Arylsulfonyl Hydroxamic Acid derivatives as MMP and TNF inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating otic, ophthalmic and nasal infections
Deoxyamino acid compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Method for increasing productivity in breeder hens
Method for inhibiting melanogenesis and uses thereof
Purine L-nucleosides, analogs and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions for topical use containing hyaluronic acid and its derivatives
Method of making phosphate-binding polymers for oral administration
Method for therapeutic immunmodulation of plasma
Cloning of chicken anemia DNA
Immunoassay for quantification of C-terminal telopeptides of type I collagen in human serum
Method of treating chronic cardiac disease
Pharmaceutical compositions, methods, and kits for treatment and diagnosis of lung cancer
Methods of preventing or reducing scarring with decorin or biglycan
Monoclonal antibody specific to polypeptide which induces interferon-G.gamma. production
Stimulation of immune response with low doses of cytokines
Treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma with IL-12
Product comprising at least a double stranded RNA combined with at least an antiviral agent
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating skin redness/rosacea/discreet erythema
Devices compositions and methods for the pulmonary delivery of aerosolized medicaments
Monoclonal antibody 1A7 and use for the treatment of melanoma and small cell carcinoma
Methods and compositions using terfenadine metabolites in combination with leukotriene inhibitors
Compositions containing Bergamottin for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
EDTA and other chelators with or without antifungal antimicrobial agents for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections
Cross-linked antibodies and processes for their preparation
Linear cyclodextrin copolymers
Transgenic mice expressing mutant human APP and forming congo red staining plaques
Chelating compounds, their complexes with paramagnetic metals
Plastic molding materials which can be detected by X-ray contrast
Diagnostic agent for diabetes
Process for preparing contrast agents
Reagents for the determination of cerebral regional acetylcholinesterase activity
Two-paste dental alginate impression material
Method of hair treatment using organic amino compounds
Solubilization of 1,3,5-triazine derivatives with N-acyl amino acid esters
Cosmetic products for the reduction of sweat acidity
Use of mutated subtilisin protease in cosmetic products
Cosmetic composition comprising a functionalized polyorganosiloxane
Composition in the form of water-in-oil emulsion and its cosmetic uses
Propylene glycol alginate gels
Fiber-containing detergent composition
Method of producing an impact resistant solid cosmetic composition
Methods and compositions for treating pain of the mucous membrane
Fast dispersing dosage forms essentially free of mammalian gelatin
Anti viral composition
Paclitaxel formulation
Cationic amphiphiles
Injectable pharmaceutical composition comprising coated particles of camptothecin
Sustained release pharmaceutical matrix tablet of pharmaceutically acceptable salts of diclofenac and process for preparation thereof
Stabilized pharmaceutical compositions comprising acid donors
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration
Oral preparation of coenzyme a useful for lowering blood lipid and a method producing for same
Wettable microcapsules having hydrophobic polymer coated cores
Chemically modified polyethylene oxide compositions with improved environmental stability
Polyurethane foams for use in wound dressings
Heat bondable biodegradable fibers with enhanced adhesion
Layer materials treated with surfacant-modified chelating agents
Osteopontin coated surfaces and methods of use
Process for reducing mineralization of tissue used in transplantation
Poly(ethylene oxide) coated surfaces
Surface coating for microfluidic devices that incorporate a biopolymer resistant moiety
Antithrombogenic polymer coating
Air sterilization system for child incubators
Air-cleaning apparatus and air-cleaning method
Polyimide coated shape-memory material and method of making same
Splittable tubular medical device and method for manufacture
Method and apparatus for removing air or gas from fluid
Smear-resistant cosmetic
Process for the conversion of perfluoroalkanes, a catalyst for use therein and a method for its preparation
Aqueous coating composition for golf ball and golf ball using the same
Low compression, resilient golf balls including an inorganic sulfide catalyst and methods for making the same
Golf club head with weighting member and method of manufacturing the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for purifying low grade acetonitrile and other constituents from hazardous waste
Apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
Filtering device and a filtering method
Self-cleaning shallow water strainer
Filter cartridge with strap and method
Process for desalination of saline water, especially water, having increased product yield and quality
Apparatus and method for distilling waste liquids
Solid-liquid filtering method and system for sewage, waste water and the like
Filter with valve having a hydrophobic coating
Porous fibrous structure and process for producing the same
Honeycomb particulate filters
Silane oxidation exhaust trap
Housing for holding a filter cartridge having a deformable seal arranged within a joint between a housing shell and cover
Claus feed gas hydrocarbon removal
Method and apparatus for treating exhaust gases
Apparatus and methods for separation/purification utilizing rapidly cycled thermal swing sorption
Process for recovering processing liquids
Gas separation membrane with organosilicon-treated molecular sieve
Emission control device and method
Method and apparatus for cleaning flue gases
Emission cleaning installation and cleaning method for emissions
Fresh water generator and fresh water generating method
Exchanger apparatus and method of manufacture
Method for manufacturing filter having ceramic porous film as separating film
Modified polymer and modified polymer membranes
Reinforced refractory shaft design for fluxing molten metal
Method for preparing cleaning solution
Chemical product and method
Combinatorial synthesis system
Fuel and process for fuel production
Aerosol delivery apparatus for chemical reactions
Process for the preparation of ethylene copolymers, and their use as additives to mineral oil and mineral oil distillates
System for creating and testing novel catalysts, reactions and polymers
Structured packing
Optically active poly (N-methylbenzylmaleimide), method for its production and its use
Photocatalytic process
Process for producing (meth)acrolein and (meth)acrylic acid
Process for selective hydrogenation of acetylene in an ethylene purification process
Gold based heterogeneous carbonylation catalysts
Preparation of epoxides from alkanes using lanthanide-promoted silver catalysts
Process for activating a fischer-tropsch synthesis catalyst
Hydrodealkylation process and catalyst composition
Catalyst composition including attrition particles and method for making same
Method of producing cubic boron nitride
4-Cyclohexyl-1,3,2-oxazaborolidine chiral accessories
Aluminum trihydroxide phase
Process for sulfiding a catalyst containing an S-containing additive
Carbon fiber ion exchanger
Process for recovering onium hydroxides from solutions containing onium compounds
Mixed bed type sugar solution refining system and regeneration method for such apparatus
Biological fluid collection device with a pivotable faucet
Miniaturized thermal cycler
Fabrication of microfluidic circuits by printing techniques
Method for quantification of biological material in a sample
Devices for use in MALDI mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for controlling magnetic particles by pipetting machine
Integrated single-pass dual-field electrostatic precipitator and method
Process for introducing a liquid in a fluidized bed
Method for passing multiple fibers through a small zone of high intensity radiant energy
Thermoplastic products having antislip surfaces
Process for multi-layer coating
Phosphate-treated steel plate
Method of enhancing the conductivity of a conductive surface
Plasma enhanced chemical deposition of conjugated polymer
Substrate treating method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing Fe-Ni alloy
Process for the production of Nb3A1 extra-fine multifilamentary superconducting wire
Method for treating molten metal with cored wire
Foundry binder and process
Method of preparing magnetostrictive material in microgravity environment
Metal and ceramic containing parts produced from powder using binders derived from salt
Automated internal pipe cutting device
Methods of forming electrically conductive interconnections and electrically interconnected substrates
Vacuum flush assist system and process for handling machining cutting fluid
Elimination of pad glazing for Al CMP
Method of producing gypsum/fiber board
Method of making an interior trim panel
Layered nanofabrication
Manufacturing process for a seat cushion or similar for an automobile vehicle
Liquid transfer molding system for encapsulating semiconductor integrated circuits
Injection-molded end stop for a slider-operated fastener
Structure and method for molding optical disks
Blends containing linear low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, and low density polyethylene particularly suitable for extrusion coating and films
Process for manufacturing an ornamented part
Concentrated UV light curing of adhesive for pivot applications
Thermo-encapsulating system and method
Selective deposition modeling method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional objects and supports
Method for manufacturing rubber tubes
Carbon fiber-filled sheet molding compound and method of manufacturing same
Process for fiberglass molding using a vacuum
Process for manufacturing pre-cured parts of composite material with green-applied stiffeners
Heat stable self-sealing tire liner
Method and apparatus for calibrating and optimizing equipment for product fabrication
Preparation of polyindanebisphenols and polymers derived therefrom
Multi-layer film with periodic barrier coating and methods of making and using such film
Acrylic films and acrylic laminates
Method of making a composite of paper and plastic film and composites
Heat shrinkable, coextruded polyethylene film laminate
Oxygen scavenging condensation copolymers for bottles and packaging articles
No-septum acoustic sandwich panel, and apparatus and method for suppressing noise in a nozzle
Self-adhesive prepreg face sheet for sandwich panels
Composite material
Lithographic printing plate and image forming method
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Method for fabricating a micro-electro-mechanical fluid ejector
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head, ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording apparatus
Record material for pressure-sensitive copying systems
Thermographic imaging elements and processes for their use
Integrated pressure sensitive adhesive label application surface and pull card holder
Imaging transfer system
Cyanuric fluoride and related compounds for anisotropic etching
Device for applying a pressure-sensitive label on a disk-shaped article
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Temperature moderation of an oxygen enriched claus sulfur plant using an ejector
Low temperature process for the production of hydrogen
Carbon electrode material for a vanadium-based redox-flow battery
Multi-layer fullerenes and method of manufacturing same
Process for producing phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate
Mg-Al-based hydrotalcite-type particles, chlorine-containing resin composition and process for producing the particles
Water treatment apparatus and method
Fused cast AZS products of reduced cost
Method of manufacturing ceramic sintered bodies
Preparation of concrete samples for microscopic analysis
Energetic triazolium salts
Insensitive propellant formulations containing energetic thermoplastic elastomers
Selective hydrodehalogenation method
Low odor reactive coalescent
Method for the production of serinol
1-(4-(Substituted alkoxy)benzyl)naphthalene compounds having estrogen inhibitory activity
Two step synthesis of D- and L- .alpha.-amino acids and D- and L- .alpha.-amino aldehydes
Isocyanoalkylcarbonic acid derivatives, the reaction thereof in isocyanide multicomponent reactions to form sec-amido-alkylcarbonic acid derivatives, and those sec-amidoalkyl-carbonic acid derivatives
Aminohydroxylation of olefins in the presence of acetamide
Anti-inflammatory compounds
Phenylacetic acid derivatives, process and intermediate products for their preparation, and their use as fungicides and pesticides
Method of purifying isophthalonitrile
Synthesis of taxol, taxol analogs and their intermediates with variable a-ring side chain structures and compositions thereof
Process for preparing guanidine derivatives
Polymerizable biaryls, process for their preparation and their use
Triptycene derivatives and their use for opto-electronics applications, in particular as electroluminescent materials
Phosphabenzene compounds and their use in hydroformylation
Continuous process for preparing lactic acid
Process for the synthesis of 2-carboxyanthraquinone by oxidation of 2-ethylanthraquinone with nitric acid
Process for producing lower alkyl fatty esters
Method for producing atropic acid ethyl ester
Catalyst compositions for producing aromatic carbonates
Compounds, their preparation and use
Small molecule inhibitors of rotamase enzyme activity
Pyrrolidin-2-one compounds and their use as neuraminidase inhibitors
Method of lithiating five membered heterocycles
Method for producing 3-alkanoylindoles and 3-alkylindoles
Piperidino-phenyl amino squarate and thiadiazole dioxide beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
3-substituted pyridine compounds and related synthesis
Process for preparing tribromomethylsulfonylpyridine
2-oxoquinoline compounds and medicinal uses thereof
Transfer hydrogenation process
Phenyl- and pyridyl-tetrahydro-pyridines having TNF inhibiting activity
Indenoisoquinolines as antineoplastic agents
Lactams substituted by cyclic succinates as inhibitors of A.beta. protein production
1-aryl or 1-alkylsulfonylbenzazole derivatives as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Substituted imidazoles as selective modulators of Bradykinin B2 receptors
Concentrated photographic color developing composition containing stain reducing agent
Non-yellowing part-tertiary-alkyl phenyl substituted triazine and pyrimidine ultraviolet light absorbers
Cleaning composition comprising alkoxy substituted perfluoro compounds
Benzoxazinoes/benzothiazinones as serine protease inhibitors
Heterocyclic inhibitors of p38
Tetrahydrofuran compounds having alicyclic structure
Penyl oxo-acetic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Process for the removal of a silyloxy protecting group from 4-silyloxy-tetrahydro-pyran-2-ones
Optically active 1,4-benzodioxin-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and process for producing the same
Recombinant narbonolide polyketide synthase
N-phenylamide and N-pyridylamide derivatives, method of preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Carboxylic acid derivatives, carrying amido side-chains; production and use as endothelin receptor antagonists
N-substituted 4-((4'-aminobenzoyl)-oxymethyl)-piperidines having gastric prokinetic properties
1,5-Diaryl substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Amide and urea derivatives as 5-HT reuptake inhibitors and as 5-HT1B/1D ligands
Vitreous form of known bradykinin antagonist
Imidazolyl derivatives
Process for the production of pyridine derivatives
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use therefor
Cyclocarbamate derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
Glutamate receptor antagonists
Antimicrobial 2-pyridones, their compositions and uses
Crystalline forms of an integrin receptor antagonist
Pyrazolo[1,5-A]triazine corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Interphenylene 7-oxabicyclic [2.2.1] heptane oxazoles as prostaglandin F2.alpha. antagonists
Oil soluble molybdenum additives from the reaction product of fatty oils and monosubstituted alkylene diamines
Transition metal compound, catalyst component for olefin polymerization and process for the preparation of .alpha.-olefin polymer
Method for purifying fluoroaryl metal compound
Nucleoside triphosphates and their incorporation into oligonucleotides
Base protecting groups and rapid process for oligonucleotide synthesis
Estradiol derivative and immunoassy using the same
Process for obtaining 17 .beta.-(N-tert-butylcarbamoyl)-3-one-4-aza-steroids
Oil bodies and associated proteins as affinity matrices
Free solution ligand interaction molecular separation method
Non-M non-O HIV strains, fragments and uses
66 KDA antigen from Borrelia
Immunologically active proteins from Borrelia burgdorferi
DNA molecule encoding for cellular uptake of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and uses thereof
Serum amyloid a isoform from colostrum
Nucleic acids encoding GTPase activating proteins
Gene expressed in prostate cancer
Compositions and methods for modulating apoptosis
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Isolated, truncated nucleic acid which are members of the gage, and uses thereof
TGF-B inhibitors and methods
Calcitonin receptor binding reagents
Vector for expression of heterologous protein and methods for extracting recombinant protein and for purifying isolated recombinant insulin
Methods of screening modulators of mammalian P2X7 purinergic receptors
G protein chimeras and methods of screening compounds
Cells, genetically modified with optical marker
IGF-I point variants
Nucleic acid molecules encoding the cytoplasmic domain of human Ob receptor
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like proteins TR11, TR11SV1, and TR11SV2
Immunomodulatory peptides
Detection methods for type I diabetes
Cancerous metastasis inhibitor
Methods for selectively modulating survivin apoptosis pathways
Human antibodies that bind human TNFa
Polynucleotides encoding human tumor necrosis factor delta
Fluorinated hydrogn bond stabilized surface modifying agents, articles made therefrom, methods for making and using the same
Hydroxamic acid containing compounds useful as ACE inhibitors and/or NEP inhibotors
Didemnin analogs and fragments and methods of making and using them
Process for producing particulate, water-soluble cellulose derivatives
Crosslinked products of biopolymers containing amino groups
Composition and process for inhibiting corrosion of metallic substrates
Polymerization catalysts
Metallocenes, polymerization catalyst systems, their preparation, and use
Radical polymerization in the presence of several stable free radicals
Process for preparing fluorine-containing polymer
Ionomeric particulate composition
Polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Method for hydrogenating aromatic polymers in the presence of special catalysts
Low dielectric constant organic dielectrics based on cage-like structures
Aqueous cross-linkable binder composition and coating, lacquer or sealing composition comprising such a binder composition
Aqueous electrodeposition coating, the production and use thereof
Aromatic amine curatives and their use
Backed sanitaryware and process for the production thereof
Fluorine-containing blocked isocyanates
Pressure-sensitive adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive layer in volume hologram laminate
Process for preparing rigid foamed materials containing urethane groups
Polyurethane dispersants
One-component powder coating of epoxy resin, epoxy-polyamine adduct and acid matting agent
Optimum dipropylene glycol content polytrimethylene terephthalate compositions
Polyethylene glycol modified polyester fibers
Polycabonate, process for producing the same, and molded article thereof
Polymer electrolyte
Process for the preparation of perfluoropolyoxyalkylenes with hydroxyl end groups
Defoamers for pigment dispersants
Process for the production of polyamides from dinitriles and diamines
Sealants and potting formulations including mercapto-terminated polymers produced by the reaction of a polythiol and polyvinyl ether monomer
Ordinary temperature curable coating composition
Coating agent composition and composite film
Elastomer delustering method
Moulding materials with a polyarylene ether sulfone and aliphatic polyamide base
Crosslinked compositions of thermoplastic fluoropolymers
Synergistic flame retardant combination of salts of 1-hydroxy-dihydrophosphole oxides and/or 1-hydroxyphospholane oxides and nitrogen compounds for use in polymers
Silicone composition and cured silicone product
Engineered polyolefin materials with enhanced surface durability and methods of making same
Platable engineered polyolefin alloys
Composition comprising metallocene plastomer and ethylene/alkyl (meth) acrylate polymer with their secant moduli ratio greater than 1
Fluororesin composition
Plastic material made from a polymer blend
Epoxy resin, styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer and co-crosslinking agent
Soft gel compatibilized polymer compound for high temperature use
Electrodepositable coating compositions comprising amine salt group-containing polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Resin binder composition for non-contact fixing process
Flame retardant resin compositions
Antistatic finished thermoplastic molding materials with improved properties
Coating agent emulsion and its use in lacquers
Phase change inks
Powder coating composition comprising epoxy group-containing acrylic resin
Aqueous coating composition with improved adhesion to friable surfaces
Coating of fatty acid-modified glycidyl copolymer, OH polymer and optional anhydride polymer
UV curable compositions for producing mar resistant coatings and method for depositing same
Low-yellowing aqueous clear powder coating dispersions, method of making the dispersions, and process for producing clearcoat finishes with the dispersions
Slurry for chemical-mechanical polishing copper damascene structures
Planarization method using fluid composition including chelating agents
Optimized anaerobic adhesive compositions and methods of preparing same
Imagewise printing of adhesives and limited coalescence polymerization method
Pressure sensitive releasable latex dipped felt underlay
Release coating for linerless labels, method of making a release coating and method of applying a release coating
Moisture insensitive electroluminescent phosphor
Fluorescent maleimides and uses thereof
Photopolymerizable acrylic lacquer compositions
Chemical mechanical abrasive composition for use in semiconductor processing
Low P type coolant composition
Refrigerant mixtures containing difluoromethane (HFC-32), pentafluoroethane (HFC-125) and 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a)
Well treatment fluids and methods for the use thereof
Liquid CO2/hydrocarbon oil emulsion fracturing system
Method for stabilizing operation of fluid catalytic converter units
Process for the production of white oil
Stable dispersion of liquid hydrophilic and oleophilic phases in a conveyor lubricant
Aliphatic esters and their utilization as perfuming ingredients
Bleaching compositions
Aqueous cationic tenside preparations, method for the production and use thereof
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions
Resist removing composition and resist removing method using the same
Compositions containing .alpha.-sulfofatty acid esters and method of making the same
Detergent compositions comprising phenol oxidizing enzymes from fungi
Polypeptides having haloperoxide activity
Photobioreactor with improved supply of light by surface enlargement, wavelength shifter bars or light transport
DNA cloning method relying on the E. coli recE/recT recombination system
cDNA libraries and methods for their production
HPV-specific oligonucleotides
DNA regulatory element for the expression of transgenes in neurons of the mouse forebrain
Compositions and methods for recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus production
Replication-competent herpes simplex virus
DNA fragment containing gene for alkaline pullulanase
Alkaline tolerant dextranase from streptomyces anulatus
Mutant aprE promotor
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Methods related to Streptomyces avermitilis gene directing the ratio of B2:B1 avermectins
Process for the preparation of pseudomonic acid A antibiotic by microbiological method
Heteropolysaccharide produced by an agrobacterium radiobacter
Process for producing ethanol
Method for fabricating biosensors using hydrophilic polyurethane
Immunosuppressant target proteins
High throughput sarcomeric assay
Genetic markers of toxicity preparation and uses
Methods for analyzing nucleic acids using a type IIs restriction endonuclease
Mutations associated with iron disorders
3 blocked nucleic acid amplification primers
Image processing and analysis of individual nucleic acid molecules
Method for preparing a purified sugary juice from raw juices obtained from sacchariferous material of vegetable origin
Furnace discharge system and method of operation
Process for the production of metal melts
Apparatus for generating an artificial atmosphere for the heat treating of materials
Method for dissolving base metals and nobel metals from ores containing them
Stabilizer conductor comprising an aluminum based cryogenic stabilizer
High temperature oxidation resistant ductile iron
Fe-Ni alloy shadow mask blank with excellent etch perforation properties and method for manufacturing the same
Metal matrix composites with improved fatigue properties
Sensitized photoconductive infrared detectors
Apparatus for depositing a material by evaporation on large surface substrates
Titanium film
Laser ablation, low temperature-fabricated yttria-stabilized zirconia oriented films
Method of reducing the cleaning requirements of a dielectric chuck surface
High coercivity magnetic recording medium comprising a sputter textured layer
Method of producing diamond film for lithography
Method of fabricating a field effect transistor
Diamond coated parts in a plasma reactor
Method for forming a dielectric layer of a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for the deposition of metal nanoclusters and films on a substrate
Edge sealing structure for substrate in low-pressure processing environment
Formation of conductive rugged silicon
Method for coating reactors for high pressure polymerization of 1-olefins
Recovery of metal from solution
Tin-copper alloy electroplating bath
Method and device for partial electrochemical treatment of bar-shaped objects
Automated brush plating process for solid oxide fuel cells
Control of breakdown products in electroplating baths
Telluride quaternary nonlinear optic materials
Non-volatile memory semiconductor device including a graded, grown, high quality oxide layer and associated methods
Textiles; Paper
Textile substrate
Fabric for moisture management
Absorbent nonwoven fabric
Paper coating test method and composition
Fixed Constructions
Chimney crown installation system
Reinforced window systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Prepackaged mounting assembly
High strength composite thermoelectric cooler and method for making same
Process of drying a cast polymeric film disposed on a workpiece
Spatial averaging technique for ellipsometry and reflectometry
Method and apparatus for determining membrane pore size distribution
Quality control method
Method of appraising a dielectric film, method of calibrating temperature of a heat treatment device, and method of fabricating a semiconductor memory device
Inspectable buried test structures and methods for inspecting the same
Electrochemoluminescent detector
Lithium ion-selective electrode for clinical applications
Multi-capillary electrophoretic apparatus
Continuous electrolytically regenerated packed bed suppressor for ion chromatography
Method and apparatus for determining concentration of NH-containing species
Compensation for non-specific signals in quantitative immunoassays
Methods and compositions for screening cloned proteins
Detection and quantification of one or more target analytes in a sample using spatially localized analyte reproduction
Green fluorescent protein
Method for forming structures on a wafer
Method and system for qualifying an ONO layer in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor imaging device and method for producing same
Microlens formed of negative photoresist
Color filter and liquid crystal display device having the same
Method of fabricating an integrated optical component
Method and apparatus for splicing photographic films
Fragmentable electron donor compounds combined with broad blue spectral sensitization
Photothermographic element comprising a fluorescent dye and methods of image formation
Method for correcting characteristics of attenuated phase-shift mask
Method of electron-beam exposure
Norbornene fluoroacrylate copolymers and process for the use thereof
Apparatus and method for exposing substrates
Multilayer photoresist process in photolithography
Solventless, resistless direct dielectric patterning
Removal of photoresist and photoresist residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxide process
Semiconductor device and alignment method
Toner for electrophotography
Method of making a security label
Label system
Web printing process for labels
In-mold expanded content label and method for applying same
Grand piano action
Connecting device for a drum set
Method and apparatus for generating musical tone waveforms by user input of sample waveform frequency
Magnetic recording medium and a magnetic disc apparatus, with a CRP or CrMoP reinforcing coat layer
Magnetic recording media and magnetic disk apparatus
Hermetic terminal assembly
High and very high voltage DC power cable
Telephone lead-in cable for ordinary voice service and high performance data and video transmission services
X-ray catheter with coaxial conductor
Secondary battery and capacitor using indole polymeric compound
Preparation of energy storage materials
Aperture grill for use in cathode ray tube and method for producing same
Gas distribution apparatus for semiconductor processing
Focused ion beam etching of copper with variable pixel spacing
Techniques for improving adhesion of silicon dioxide to titanium
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device manufactured by the method
Method for forming storage node electrode using a polysilicon hard mask on a sacrificial insulation film
Electronic device with interleaved portions for use in integrated circuits
Production of semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of forming a resist pattern for blocking implantation of an impurity into a semiconductor substrate
Transparent solar cell and method of fabrication
Method for CMOS well drive in a non-inert ambient
Silicon-starved PECVD method for metal gate electrode dielectric spacer
T-shaped gate electrode for reduced resistance
Flash memory cell fabrication sequence
Fabrication of notched gates by passivating partially etched gate sidewalls and then using an isotropic etch
Method of forming electrode structure and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of making trench-gated MOSFET having cesium gate oxide layer
Method of manufacturing thin film and pretreating method thereof
Method for polishing a semiconductor topography
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having insulatro film formed from liquid containing polymer of silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen
Wiring forming method
Method of shallow trench isolation using a single mask
Methods for processing a coating film and for manufacturing a semiconductor element
Fabrication of semiconductor gettering structures by ion implantation
Laser fuseblow protection method for silicon on insulator (SOI) transistors
Method to form self-aligned silicide with reduced sheet resistance
Method for forming self-aligned contacts using consumable spacers
Semiconductor device having SOI structure and method of fabricating the same
Thermal oxidation method utilizing atomic oxygen to reduce dangling bonds in silicon dioxide grown on silicon
Apparatus and method for providing mechanically pre-formed conductive leads
Method of power IC inspection
Method and apparatus for monitoring wafer stress
Method for manufacturing a MOS device with improved well control stability
Method for laser-processing semiconductor device
Etching procedure for floating gate formation of a flash memory device
Method of reducing electromigration in copper lines by calcium-doping copper surfaces in a chemical solution
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Memory structure with thin film transistor and method for fabricating the same
Porous insulating compounds and method for making same
Apparatus for low-temperature annealing of metallization microstructures in the production of a microelectronic device
Method for forming aluminum lines over aluminum-filled vias in a semiconductor substrate
Method of forming low resistance barrier on low k interconnect with electrolessly plated copper seed layer
Semiconductor device and process for making the same
Halogen addition for improved adhesion of CVD copper to barrier
Thermal densification in the early stages of copper MOCVD for depositing high quality Cu films with good adhesion and trench filling characteristics
Process for manufacturing a contact barrier
Method for fabricating a semiconductor memory device having polysilicon with an enhanced surface concentration and reduced contact resistance
Method for integrating high-voltage device and low-voltage device
Method for making an embedded memory MOS
Method for making an embedded memory MOS
Process for protecting array top oxide
Fuse area structure having guard ring surrounding fuse opening in semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Nitride ready only memory cell with two top oxide layers and the method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Formation of STI (shallow trench isolation) structures within core and periphery areas of flash memory device
Optimized liners for dual damascene metal wiring
Etch stop in damascene interconnect structure and method of making
Process for manufacturing electronic devices comprising nonvolatile memory cells of reduced dimensions
Methods of forming transistors and connections thereto
Front stage process of a fully depleted silicon-on-insulator device
TFT substrate with low contact resistance and damage resistant terminals
Method of forming a semiconductor contact that includes selectively removing a Ti-containing layer from the surface
Method for forming high performance CMOS devices with elevated sidewall spacers
Angle implant process for cellular deep trench sidewall doping
Method of fabricating a high-voltage transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
Method of forming a metal-to-metal antifuse with non-conductive diffusion barrier
Process of using siloxane dielectric films in the integration of organic dielectric films in electronic devices
Process for fabricating an MOS device having highly-localized halo regions
Inexpensive, reliable, planar RFID tag structure and method for making same
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
Method of fabricating an ultra-thin fully depleted SOI device with T-shaped gate
Organic electroluminescent device
Separator containing metal inhibiting additives for a lead acid battery
Cylindrical lithium-ion battery
Gel electrolyte and gel electrolyte cell
Secondary battery having cap assembly
Valve-regulated lead-acid cells and batteries and separators used in such cells and batteries
Lithium battery with boron-containing lithium-manganese complex oxide cathode material
Method of manufacturing hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode
Battery comprising manganese dioxide having a high power coefficient
Fluid distribution surface for solid oxide fuel cells
Direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC)
Switchgear cabinet
Three-phase integrated gas insulated bus
Printed circuit board and manufacturing process thereof
Soldering method and apparatus for a chip and electronic devices
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