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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hydroalcoholic compositions thickened using polymers
Biologically inhibiting material a method of producing said material as well as the use of said material for inhibiting live cells
Triazabenzo[E]azulene derivatives for the treatment of tumors
Plant glutamate receptors
Immunopotentiating compounds
Inhibitors of nucleophosmin (NPM) and methods for inducing apoptosis
Crystalline modification of fipronil
Pharmaceutical composition
Methods compositions and devices utilizing stinging cells/capsules for delivering a therapeutic or a cosmetic agent into a tissue
Method using a dry fluidized bed for producing thin, absorbent surface structures
Composite scaffold structure
Aneurysm sealing device
Stent-graft with bioabsorbable structural support
Radially-expandable PTFE tape-reinforced vascular grafts
Spinal fusion device
Histamine H3 inverse agonists and antagonists and methods of use thereof
Process for the synthesis of strontium ranelate and its hydrates
Spirocyclic 3-phenyl-3substituted-4-ketolactams and-lactones
Potassium channel blockers and uses thereof
Imidazolidine derivatives
Heterocyclic compounds suitable for the treatment of diseases related to elevated lipid levels
Benzamide derivative
Nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds, preparation thereof and use thereof as antibacterial medicaments
Bicyclic benzamides of 3-or 4-substituted 4-(aminomethyl)-piperidine derivatives
Use of compositions containing kappa-opioid receptor antagonists for the treatment of dissociative disorders
1-(arylsulfonyl)-4-(piperazin-1-yl)-1H-benzimidazoles as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Inhibitors of MEK
Method of treating glaucoma comprising administering a composition comprising human BMP7
Phage displayed Trp cage ligands
Methods of treating cutaneous ulcers and grafts using agonist antibodies to IL-23 receptor
Antibody therapy
Surfactant-free cosmetic, dermatological and pharmaceutical agents
Stable pharmaceutical budesonide preparation for producing propellant-free aerosols
Dietary supplement composition for blood lipid health
Process for embolization using swellable and deformable microspheres
Method for treating spent pot liner
Golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Low thermal mass, adjustable locking GC nut
Apparatus for collecting dust and a pleated-type filter therefor
Dual body drum for rotary separators
Air filtration apparatus
Coated reactors, production method thereof and use of same
Ceramic wall cladding composites that reflect IR radiation
Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application
Method of transferring nanoparticles using a microporous article having metallic nanoparticle coating
Method for repairing aged reinforced concrete structure using surface-penetration reinforcing agent
Method for manufacturing display and display
Coated fullerenes, composites and dielectrics made therefrom
Method and apparatus for cleaning and de-icing wind turbine rotor blades
Cleaning method for turbo molecular pump
Fabrication of alloy variant structures using direct metal deposition
Low density non-woven material useful with acoustic ceiling tile products
Method and apparatus for molding substrate
Nano pattern writer
System and method for joining non-transparent parts by means of a radiation curable adhesive
Method and device for the molding of wood fiber board
Process for activating a web
Post molding application of an extruded film to an injection molded part
Biodegradable resin and product molded or formed from the same
Heat-conducting thermoplastic compounds and uses thereof
Semiconductor thin film and process for producing the same
Cyclo olefin polymer containing intermediate transfer members
Process for molded decorative stitched skins
Method for producing surface protection plate for liquid crystal displays and method for producing liquid crystal display
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Protective tape separation method and apparatus using the same
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition for attaching roofing membranes
Methods for preparing carbon nanotube/polymer composites using free radical precursors
Method for hydrophobising and improving the beading effect of construction materials
Printing members for direct imaging and methods of producing same
Retroreflective security features in secure documents
Etching apparatus and method for semiconductor device
Video rate-enabling probes for atomic force microscopy
Method for quasi-instantaneous polymerization of filament wound composite materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production of silver sulfate grains using carboxylic acid additives
Stable, catalyzed, high temperature combustion in microchannel, integrated combustion reactors
Titanium dioxide having increased sintering activity
Catalytic process for the conversion of Co (II)hydroxide in Co (III)oxidehydroxide
Process for electrolytic production of chlorine products and byproducts
Value-added granulated organic fertilizer and process for producing the same
Safe, in situ methodologies for the destruction of triacetone triperoxide and other explosive peroxides
Method for purifying flue gases from combustion plants and then producing urea
Stable active compound complex of salts of o-acetylsalicylic acid with basic amino acids and glycine
Prostaglandin E1 and E2 analogs for the treatment of various medical conditions
Process for preparing 2-amino-4-(haloalkyl) pyridine derivatives by cyclizing suitable nitrile precursors with nitrogen compounds
Antifungal triazole derivatives, method for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical composition containing same
Conversion of salt halides to nitrate salts
Salts and polymorphs of desazadesferrithiocin polyether analogues as metal chelation agents
Dioxazine-substituted arylamides
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Heterocyclic antiviral compounds
Benzothiazole and benzoxazole linked pyrrolo[2,1-c] [1, 4] benzodiazepine hybrids as novel antitumour agents and process for the preparation thereof
Imidazopyridine inhibitors of IAP
Process for preparation of methyl-(+)-(S)-alpha-(2-chlorophenyl)-6, 7-dihydrothieno[3,2-C]pyridine-5(4H) -acetic acid methyl ester or salts thereof having higher chiral purity and products thereof
Phosphonyl ester conjugates as prodrugs
Process and intermediate
Nucleic acid-linked conjugates and methods for making and using them
Microbial reductive dehalogenation of vinyl chloride
Polypeptide compounds for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor growth
RNA detection assays
Neuroprotective peptide inhibitors of AP-1 signaling and uses therefor
Anti-myostatin antibodies
Curing agent which is suitable for EPDM-type rubbers
Producing polychloroprene latices
Phosphorus-containing mixtures, a process for their preparation and their use
Curing agents for epoxy resins
Self-healing polymers
Fast-gelling plasticizer preparations
Barrier coating of a non-elastomeric polymer and a dispersed layered filler in a liquid carrier and coated articles
Fluorocopolymers blends
Method of making nano-particles of selected size distribution
Composition containing cycloaliphatic epoxide, polyol oligomer, and curing catalyst
Water-based polymer composition and articles made therefrom
Curable organopolysiloxane composition, method of curing thereof, semiconductor device, and adhesion promotor
Antihazing agent for noncrystalline cycloolefin resins, resin compositions, and optical elements
Antimicrobial powder coatings and method
Low-temperature impact resistant thermosetting epoxide resin compositions with solid epoxide resins
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Refrigerator oil
Small distributed gasification units with syngas transportation via pipeline network for biomass treatment
Primary froth recycle
Products produced from rapid thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Low vapor pressure fuels for use in catalytic burners
Cyclic phosphazene compound
Method for making a polymer blend for reducing protein binding to surfaces
Horizontal array bioreactor for conversion of syngas components to liquid products
Device and method for multiple analyte detection
Handling kit for analyzing a liquid sample by nucleic acid amplification
Apparatus for capturing cell
URA5 gene and methods for stable genetic integration in yeast
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Plant centromere compositions
Monoclonal antibody specifically recognizing modification site after translation of p53 and kit for assaying modification site containing the same
Method of forming an electrically conductive cellulose composite
Humanized anti-IL-6 antibodies
Nucleic acids encoding hamster 1GF-1 proteins and methods thereof
Biological markers predictive of anti-cancer response to insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor kinase inhibitors
Apparatus for isolating a nucleic acid from a sample
Nucleic acid-free thermostable enzymes and methods of production thereof
Low-VOC leather
Vapor deposition system and vapor deposition method
Recovery of monobutyltin trichloride
Proximity head heating method and apparatus
Charge movement detector for electrochemically activated liquids
Nonlinear optical crystals and their manufacture and use
Textiles; Paper
Polymeric material with surface microdomains
Fixed Constructions
Underground stormwater management system and method
Dual color retro-reflection sensing device
Apparatus and method for temperature mapping a rotating turbine component in a high temperature combustion environment
Droplet compartmentalization for chemical separation and on-line sampling
Method and device for dosing and mixing small amounts of liquid
Tissue sample preprocessing methods and devices
Optically readable microplate
Device for indicating illicit substances in the exhalation air of a machine operator
Mammalian disease detection system
Method for enriching a prokaryotic DNA
Method to assess the severity of rheumatoid arthritis by measuring anti-CCP and serum amyloid A
Artificial antibody polypeptides
Radiation cameras
Image mask and image mask assembly
Multilayer positive-working imageable elements and their use
Method of manufacturing master plate, method of manufacturing microneedle patch and apparatus exposure apparatus
Crosslinked resin mixture backing layer containing photoconductor
Toner, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Marimba suspended microphone system
Magnetic recording disk and method for manufacture thereof
Electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction with reduced platinum oxidation and dissolution rates
Conductive paste
Thermoplastic resin composition for producing automobile exterior parts
Electronic device and harness for wiring electronic devices
Solid electrolytic capacitor with improved volumetric efficiency method of making
Key mechanism for portable electronic device
Keypad assembly
Ion implantation apparatus, substrate clamping mechanism, and ion implantation method
Semiconductor device having a semiconductor chip, and method for the production thereof
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with a post/base heat spreader and horizontal signal routing
Surface treatment to improve resistive-switching characteristics
Creation of porosity in low-k films by photo-disassociation of imbedded nanoparticles
Wiring board and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic component device using the wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Ternary tungsten-containing resistive thin films
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition process
Systems, methods and apparatuses for magnetic processing of solar modules
ESD protection transistor
Enhancing the width of polycrystalline grains with mask
Memory devices, stylus-shaped structures, electronic apparatuses, and methods for fabricating the same
Testing for correct undercutting of an electrode during an etching step
Integrated circuit having a filler standard cell
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
Color separation filter for solid state sensor
Circuits and methods allowing for pixel array exposure pattern control
Assembly of nanoscaled field effect transistors
Fast switching power insulated gate semiconductor device
Integrated circuit
Thin film transistor and semiconductor device
Polariton mode optical switch
Semiconductor light-emitting structure and graded-composition substrate providing yellow-green light emission
Tensile strained GE for electronic and optoelectronic applications
Integrated circuit having compensation component
Method to increase effective MOSFET width
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Field-effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Solid-state imaging device, camera module and electronic equipment module
Phosphor and manufacturing method therefore, and light emission device using the phosphor
Light-emitting apparatus
Multi-terminal electromechanical nanocsopic switching device with control and release electrodes
Sealed fuel cell stack
Battery cathode
Systems, devices, and methods for powering and/or controlling devices, for instance transdermal delivery devices
Catalyst for reformer used in fuel cell system, reformer, and fuel cell system comprising same
Fuel cell
Fuel cell device and an electronic equipment using fuel cell device
Re-enterable splice enclosure
Cable protection cover
Speaker structure
Heated breathing circuit detection
Method for forming thin film, apparatus for forming thin film, and method for monitoring thin film forming process
Wired circuit board and producing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Benzamidoxime derivatives, intermediates and processes for their preparation, and their use as fungicides
Roasting oven with dual heating elements
Oven and rotisserie
Optical sensor for measuring opaqueness of washing or rinsing liquid
Body fat measuring device
Method of making a tooth spacer
Method for interconnecting anodes and cathodes in a flat capacitor
Apparatus and method for controlling a radiation device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for preparing polyaniline
Method and device for detecting and differentiating between contaminations and accepts as well as between different colors in solid particles
Process for producing a metal tube of copper
Wire cut electric discharge machine using linear motors
Method of drilling dovetail pins
Hand held induction tool
Laser excision of laminate chip carriers
Method and laser system for production of high-resolution laser-induced damage images inside transparent materials by generating small etch points
Method for laser stripping of optical fiber and flat cable
Laser cutting machine and method
Semiconductor laser heating apparatus
Information processing device, information processing method and storage medium
Method for compensating position of robot using laser measuring instrument
Method for molding an assembly panel
Compact microwave-powered lamp, inkjet printer using this lamp, and ultraviolet light curing using this lamp
Vehicle battery charge control apparatus and a vehicle battery charge control method
Apparatus for detecting seated condition
Apparatus and method for detecting a child seat
Wiper control apparatus
Temperature-controlled steering wheel
Conveyor, and weighing machine and metal detecting machine using the conveyor
Strongly textured atomic ridge and dot Mosfets, sensors and filters
Flash memory cell having a flexible element
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CRT panel glass and CRT, and their production methods
Process for preparing pesticidal intermediates
Continuous preparation of incorporated photographic amides
Process for the preparation of sorbic acid or salts thereof
Nitromethylthiobenzene derivatives as inhibitors of aldose reductase
Charged particle beam lithography apparatus for forming pattern on semi-conductor
Plasma display screen comprising a red phosphor
Aluminum-beryllium alloys for air bridges
Fixed Constructions
Protective cover assembly for garage door sensors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil condition trend algorithm
Method and apparatus for charging a piezoelectric element
Small-sized hydroelectric power generating apparatus
Low profile motor
Alternating current generator with improved fan system
Fluid cylinder with embedded positioning sensor
Apparatus and method for heating single insulated flowlines
Clamping structure assembly of projection lamp
Adaptive system for controlling the duration of a self-clean cycle in an oven
Binary optical grating and method for generating a moire pattern for 3D imaging
Apparatus for detecting defects in patterned substrates
Enhanced methods for sensing positions of an actuator moving longitudinally
Method for measuring the distance between a sensor electrode and a workpiece
Magnetic rotational position sensor
Electronic scale
Portable scale
Method and apparatus for detecting gases
Oil and gas exploration system and method for detecting trace amounts of hydrocarbon gases in the atmosphere
Method and apparatus for providing an indication of the composition of a fluid particularly useful in heat pumps and vaporizers
Excitation circuit for compensated capacitor industrial process control transmitters
Selective photo-ionization detector using ion mobility spectrometry
Device for measuring the rotation of toothed wheel including screen for wheel teeth
Planarizer for a semiconductor contactor
Spectrum analyzer having function of displaying amplitude probability distribution effectively
Multiple simultaneous optical frequency measurement
Electromagnetic noise measurement apparatus, electromagnetic noise measurement method and recording medium
Method and apparatus for measuring liquid dielectric behavior
Method for locating defects and measuring resistance in a test structure
Methods and apparatus for time domain reflectometry
Method for screening multi-layer ceramic electronic component
Active load or source impedance synthesis apparatus for measurement test set of microwave components and systems
Testing apparatus with mechanism for preventing damage to unit under test
CPU adapter for a motherboard test machine
Battery pack diagnostic method and battery pack diagnostic apparatus
Method for operating a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus with shim coil adjustment dependent on positional changes of the imaged region
Tilted gradient coils
Method for MRI data acquisition and reconstruction with minimal latency
Method for reduction in the interference of cosmic ray-induced neutron events in passive neutron coincidence and multiplicity counting
Discriminator circuit for a charge detector
Electromagnetic induction well logging instrument having azimuthally sensitive response
Method for correction of temperature induced focus errors in a head-up display unit by measuring coefficients of thermal expansion
Dimmable illumination module for projection systems using a high-intensity discharge lamp via polarization manipulation
Systems and methods for exposing substrate periphery
Proximity exposure method by oblique irradiation with light
Energy management system with arrangement to monitor and control heating, ventilating and air conditioning components
Apparatus and method for driving a cathode discharge tube
Constant voltage regulator, method of controlling the same, and electric device provided with the same
Linear regulator enhancement technique
Amplifier for a bandgap reference circuit having a built-in startup circuit
Multi directional input apparatus
Self-regulating voltage divider for series-stacked voltage rails
Smart battery, secondary smart battery connection apparatus of portable computer system, AC adapter implementing same, and connection method thereof
Battery backup unit system and interface
Wake-up circuit
Logical circuit
IC with digital and analog circuits and mixed signal I/O pins
Low profile mounting of thick integrated circuit packages within low-profile circuit modules
Method of environmental performance measurement
Filament for fluorescent display device
Display device
Self-emissive display device of active matrix type and organic EL display device of active matrix type
Electro-luminescent display with storage capacitor formed in longitudinal direction of power supply line
Motor driving circuit using a PWM input signal
Semiconductor memory device having a redundant block and reduced power consumption
Method and apparatus for low capacitance, high output impedance driver
Method and apparatus for measuring the phase of captured read data
Semiconductor device using complementary clock and signal input state detection circuit used for the same
DRAM cell fabricated using a modified logic process and method for operating same
Microminiature thermionic converters
Key switch device
Method and structure for limiting emission current in field emission devices
Plasma display panel having trench type discharge space and method of fabricating the same
Gallium ion source
Image-forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Cathode ray tube having an improved electron gun
Focusing electrode and method for field emission displays
Tension mask and frame with mechanical connection means
Electron gun display device provided with an electron gun
Deflection yoke for color cathode ray tube
Implosion proof panel in cathode ray tube
Metal/dielectric laminate with electrodes and process thereof
Deflection arrangement for separating two particle beams
Electrostatic deflector for electron beam exposure apparatus
Voltage control sensor and control interface for radio frequency power regulation in a plasma reactor
Discharge lamp with ventilation passage
Aperture lamp
Method and device for generating optical radiation
Field emission display cathode assembly with gate buffer layer
Semiconductor device
Device having thin first spacers and partially recessed thick second spacers for improved salicide resistance on polysilicon gates
Conductive device components of different base widths formed from a common conductive layer
High dielectric constant materials as gate dielectrics (insulators)
Guard structure for bipolar semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with reduced source diffusion distance and method of making same
Tab tape with stiffener and semiconductor device using same
Chip mounting structure having adhesive conductor
Magnetic random access memory capable of writing information with reduced electric current
Ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor memory device having capacitor protection layer and method for manufacturing the same
Nitridation barriers for nitridated tunnel oxide for circuitry for flash technology and for LOCOS/STI isolation
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor fuses and antifuses in vertical DRAMS
Microelectronic air-gap structures and methods of forming the same
Integrated circuit guard ring structures
Trench capacitor with insulation collar and method for producing the trench capacitor
Ferroelectric memory
Flash memory cell
Semiconductor device
TFT-LCD formed with four masking steps
Semiconductor device, method for fabricating the semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device formed on insulating layer and method of manufacturing the same
Flowable germanium doped silicate glass for use as a spacer oxide
Grooved channel schottky MOSFET
Semiconductor device having dynamic threshold transistors and element isolation region and fabrication method thereof
IC package capable of accommodating discrete devices
Semiconductor package
Apparatus and methods of testing and assembling bumped devices using an anisotropically conductive layer
Integrated circuit package
Isolated flip chip of BGA to minimize interconnect stress due to thermal mismatch
Electronic device, and method of patterning a first layer
Semiconductor pad construction enabling pre-bump probing by planarizing the post-sort pad surface
Semiconductor device and liquid crystal module
Method of fabricating a redundant pinout configuration for signal enhancement in an IC package
Flexible interconnecting substrate, film, carrier, tape-shaped semiconductor device, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic equipment
Integrated circuit package having offset die
Grid array package with reduced power and ground impedance under high frequency
Monolithic ceramic electronic component, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Apparatus for reducing an electrical noise inside a ball grid array package
Integral capacitor using embedded enclosure for effective electromagnetic radiation reduction
IC chip
High-frequency signal amplification device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device having a plurality of stacked semiconductor chips on a wiring board
Three-dimensional stacked semiconductor package
Spherical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Power module
Method and apparatus for compensating for ionizing radiation induced threshold shift in metal oxide semiconductor field transistors
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Self-aligned floating body control for SOI device through leakage enhanced buried oxide
Method for wrapped-gate MOSFET
Single poly EPROM cell having smaller size and improved data retention compatible with advanced CMOS process
Insulated gate semiconductor device with high minority carrier injection and low on-voltage by enlarged pn-junction area
P-channel EEPROM and flash EEPROM devices
Electrostatic discharge protective device incorporating silicon controlled rectifier devices
Thin film transistor with photoconductive material
Nonvolatile memory and manufacturing method thereof
Trench-gate field-effect transistors and their manufacture
Semiconductor memory device having MFMIS transistor and increased data storage time
Chip size image sensor in wirebond package with step-up ring for electrical contact
Optical unit incorporating light-emitting or light-receiving element coated by resin protector
Substrate-fluorescent LED
Semiconductor device with current confinement structure
Driving method and driving circuit for piezoelectric transformer, cold cathode tube emission device, liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal panel built-in apparatus
Ultrasonic motor capable of sensing a rotational position of its rotor
Optocouplers having integrated organic light-emitting diodes
Structure and fabrication process for an improved polymer light emitting diode
Radiant system in accumulators and resultant product
Secondary battery with terminals and capacitor with terminals
System including electronically-controlled power strip having a plurality of receptacles
Spark plug construction for enhanced heat transfer
Children's ride-on vehicle having a battery with an internal circuit breaker
Rechargeable battery system for hand-held devices
Voltage bus regulation circuit
Hybrid synchronous machines comprising permanent magnets and excitation windings in cylindrical element slots
Motor structure
Rotor for a reluctance motor
DC motor
Electric motor, in particular for hand power tools
Stepping motor
Motor and actuator
Motor having stator with insulator of high heat-conductivity
Buck regulator with ability to handle rapid reduction of load current
Flash apparatus and camera having the flash apparatus
Flexure coupling block for motion sensor
Single stage microactuator for multidimensional actuation with multi-folded spring
Method and system for reduced voltage start-up of AC motors in multi-motor system
Digital rotor flux observer
Method and system for driving switched reluctance motors (SRM)
Power supply for DC motors
Stepping motor controller
LC resonance circuit and voltage-controlled oscillation circuit
Electrically tuned integrated amplifier for wireless communications
Dynamic input stage biasing for low quiescent current amplifiers
Variable gain amplifier
Method and device for active impedance matching
Low frequency quartz oscillator device with improved thermal characteristics
Multi power supply circuit protection apparatus and method
Low-consumption power-on reset circuit for semiconductor memories
Device for the automatic shut-off of equipment's stand-by power
Circuit for providing a control signal
Low component circuit for reducing power dissipation capacitance
Binary weighted thermometer code for PVT controlled output drivers
Selectable resistor and/or driver for an integrated circuit with a linear resistance
Voltage-controlled oscillator having short synchronous pull-in time
Flip-flop circuit with transmission-gate sampling
Delay circuit using current source
Adjustable clock multiplier and method
Synchronous delay circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Enhanced operational frequency for a precise and programmable duty cycle generator
DLL circuit, semiconductor device using the same and delay control method
Phase interpolator device and method
Charge pump and PLL
Multi-gigabit-per-sec clock recovery apparatus and method for optical communications
PLL-tuning system having a phase detector with a sampling frequency equal to a reference frequency
Polyphase noise-shaping fractional-N frequency synthesizer
Clock signal generator/converter device
Cable or module identification apparatus and method
Battery charger for cellular phone, having speaker
Method and apparatus for polarization filtered x-ray film scanning recording
Customizable nest that requires no machining or tools
Support clips and insulators for use in electric heaters and electric heaters containing same
Digital controlled electronic ballast with piezoelectric transformer
Method and system for driving a capacitively coupled fluorescent lamp
Housekeeping power supply for electronically controlled loads
Operating apparatus of discharge lamp
Dual magnetrons powered by a single power supply
Structure of ventilation motor assembly in microwave oven
Via intersect pad for electronic components and methods of manufacture
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