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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Post hole digger
Multi-purpose spade
Apparatus and method for delivering beneficial liquids at steady rate
Garden seeder
Soil opening implements particularly for seed planting
Animal isolator
Recovery collar for pets
Lick deterrent tubing
Portable large animal trap and method
Heat treatment apparatus for oxide superconducting wire
Hunting tool
Adjustable fashion mechanism
Identification band
Combination meal bag and placemat
Eyelash extension system
Hair clip for beauty shop
Heated flowable product dispenser
Furniture with cable channel
Wine rack
Repositionable receptacles
Vehicle seat rotation apparatus
Cushion for seat
Tensioner for safety line with energy absorption device
Surgical portal with enhanced retention capabilities
Implant with integral fastener retention
Methods and apparatus for preventing migration of sutures through transosseous tunnels
Spinal rod anchor device and method
Ablative ultrasonic-cryogenic apparatus
Port assembly for use with needleless connector
Device and method for vision test
Apparatus for determining association variables
Monitoring physiological conditions
Using pulsed-wave ultrasonography for determining an aliasing-free radial velocity spectrum of matter moving in a region
Extractible anchoring post made from composite material
Disposable wearable absorbent articles with extensible sides
Drug elution for implantable incontinence devices
RGD peptide attached to bioabsorbable stents
Orthotic device for a pivoting joint of the human body
Myofascial strap
Birthing aid: method of using musculoskeletal repositioning device
Stable wheeled walker device
Method of performing CPR with a modular CPR assist device using a brake to momentarily hold a belt at a threshold of tightness
Aerosol delivery apparatus and method
Medical device for injecting liquid
Pill dispenser for pets
Mechanical pump for removal of fragmented matter and methods of manufacture and use
Magnetically actuated auto-closing air vent
Recumbent stepper
Individual physical training device
Portable stationary bicycle trainer
Stationary exercise bicycle
Abdominal exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Golf course sand bunker construction and its associated method of production
Motorized skatedboard
Dynamic card system and method
Three dimensional geometric puzzle
Gaming machine game including a matching game
High granularity promotion-based awards and use in gaming environments
Slot machine and control method of game
Browser manager for a networked gaming system and method
Flexible track system
Glove with attached doll
Interactive toys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Adjustable venturi
Grinding unit with mill as a complete and independent module
Ejection door for a material crusher
Jet mill
Spray device having a piezoelectric element, and use thereof in cosmetology and perfumery
Stent mandrel fixture and method for selectively coating surfaces of a stent
Dynamic printhead alignment assembly
Press molding device and press molding method
Board inverter
Processing of metal alloys in a semi-solid state
Casting method for matrix drill bits and reamers
Casting method for matrix drill bits and reamers
Friction stir method for forming structures and materials
High speed flat lapping platen
System for mounting a pile driver
Hand-held power tool with a vibration-damped handle
Trailer drop-in work module
System for handling components having similar shapes by using two gripper jaws coupled to a common displacement drive
Cutting arrangement for cutting a workpiece having a tool holder which holds a plurality of cutting tools therein
Machine for slitting plane packaging blanks
Method of adjusting the deviations of plate material of a rectangular shape and the equipment therefor
Three dimensional structure producing device and producing method
Slab saw with dust collector and method of dry-cutting pavement
Method and apparatus using a split case die to press a part and the part produced therefrom
Pressing apparatus and pressing method for the isostatic pressing of a member
Actuator for deep-draw thermoshaping machine
Inkjet printer, printing method and ink dryer
Dual printer for regular and raised print
Micro-fluid ejection heads with chips in pockets
Printhead assembly having a laminate stack to direct ink centrally
Droplet jet unit and droplet jet device
Ink jet recording head
Liquid ejection head
Maintenance device for liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing apparatus control method
Ink cartridge for ink jet recording apparatus, connection unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Printing device fluid reservoir with gripping features
Printhead assembly having recessed printhead
Methods and devices for remanufacturing an imaging cartridge
Method and apparatus for spoofing imaging devices
Liquid ejecting apparatus and printing system
Multilayer stencils for applying a design to a surface
Longitudinally articulated view binder spines for easy spine labeling
Medallion assembly secured to a tire sidewall
Fastener assembly secured to a tire sidewall
Non-pneumatic tire having angled tread groove wall
Wheel with rotary shock absorber
Variable-flexibility spring support
Force assist for sunshade closing slide mechanism
Rubber-tire gantry crane with shore power
Heavy duty cargo bed extender with ramp for pickup trucks
Dynamic airbag venting
Brake system for motor vehicles
Method and control device for adjusting a rotational speed of a shaft of a gear change transmission
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Road and rail vehicle with pivotable axle and associated methods
Device for controlling the steering of a commercial vehicle, and vehicle comprising one such device
Triangular-shaped child's wagon
Line cutter
Fastening arrangement of a pipe on a circumferential surface
Marine drive unit with staged energy absorption capability
Method for detecting complete draining of a propellant tank and for propellant management on board a satellite
Tablet filling device
Carton for multiple articles
Blow molded camouflage bottle
Trashcan assembly including bag engaging portion
Semi-rigid flexible film pack for multi-packs
Flexible pouch with expulsion aid
Hinged packaging container
Two part container adapted to separately hold consumable foodstuffs
Brush cover
Reusable shipping container
Alignment device and method to align plates for electronic circuits
Secondary conveyor belt cleaner and mounting system therefor
Device and method for discharging elongate, coarse bulk products and for their further transport
Apparatus for tipping intermodal containers
Vending machine housing assembly
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Incrementally adjustable level winding mechanism
Image forming apparatus with controller for controlling use of different print media
Bill position adjustment method and system for bill acceptor
Elevator safety systems including detection of an object in the hoistway
Grappling fork attachment system
Power conducting system for long distances
Sanitizing barrier opening device
Liquid dispensing apparatus including an attachment member
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fast-drying, radiofrequency-activatable inkjet inks and methods and systems for their use
Textiles; Paper
Method for piecing a yarn and rotor spinning machine for carrying out the method
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle tracking pad
Turf anchor for use with a mailbox or the like
Acoustic face of polymer and embedded coarse aggregates and an acoustic panel assembly
Wall system
Roofing product
Handrail for preventing stairway falls
Craft dome
Door lock with transmission mechanism
Interchangeable closing device for anti-theft case and anti-theft case equipped with such device
Door latch
Anti-theft device for laptop computer or portable electronic product
Drill bit with asymmetric gage pad configuration
Ultra-hard and metallic constructions comprising improved braze joint
Percussion drilling assembly having erosion retarding casing
Non-orientated tubing hanger with full bore tree head
Downhole sample rate system
Autonomous excavating apparatus
Retention system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Piston steam engine with internal flash vaporization of a work medium
Dry gas blow down seal
Turbine BOAS with edge cooling
Fluid expansion device and method with noise attenuation
Fluid intake assembly
Apparatus and method for cooling a turbine
Compact shaft support device for turbomachines
Turbine blade with near wall cooling
Spinner-less hub access and lifting system for a wind turbine
Turbine blade with tip rail cooling
Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine
Collecting part structure of exhaust manifold
Flex fuel internal combustion engine system
Diesel particulate filter overstress mitigation
Catalytic EGR oxidizer for IC engines and gas turbines
System for controlling contaminant deposition in exhaust gas recirculation coolers
Tangential combustion turbine
High performance resin piston internal combustion engine
Method for tuning valves for primary and secondary fuel circuit
Circuit arrangement and method for operating an inductive load
Ignition coil device
Exhaust diffuser strut with stepped trailing edge
Guided wind kite for increased wind turbine power output
High pressure dual-action hydraulic pump
Method for controlling pump transitions in a multi-mode hybrid transmission
Manifold solenoid valve
Overload protection for an agricultural machine
Shock-absorbing spring for vehicles
Geometric shaped side bearing pad
Actuator for a motor vehicle with a gear case
Differential gear unit for motor vehicles having controllable driving power distribution
Bearing assembly for planetary gear pinion
Arrangement of a planetary gearset with an axially adjacent shift element in a transmission
Apparatus and method for supplying a respiratory gas
Anti-twist device for an actuating motor
Lamp ring, lamp and base mounting machine
Illuminating devices using small PT sources including LEDs
Fireplace oven
Magnetic regenerator, a method of making a magnetic regenerator, a method of making an active magnetic refrigerator and an active magnetic refrigerator
Cooling device with a fan casing having a drain path
Archery bow quiver
Retractable stock firearm system
Warhead selectively releasing fragments of varied sizes and shapes
Cartridge loop with compliant tab for ammunition belt
Less than lethal projectile and a method for producing the same
Inertial sensor misalignment and compensation
System and method for closed loop gyroscope stabilization
Testing system and method for motor
Temperature detection circuit and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Method and device for monitoring a combustion process in an internal combustion engine
Process and apparatus for sizing a damper ring
Method for performing a shelf lifetime acceleration test
Enhanced resolution automatic data collection apparatus and method using an afocal optical element
Exterior mirror element with wide angle portion
Fibre optic duplex connector
Barrier device and image pickup apparatus
Image sensing apparatus
Image display system and image display method
Image projection apparatus
Methods and apparatus for projecting images
Physiological user interface for a multi-user virtual environment
Process for conjugate CFD analysis of a turbine airfoil
Plastic card provided with electrical contacts
Deactivatable/reactivatable smart card recording apparatus
Code symbol reading apparatus
Light pipe illumination system and method
Banking system that operates during different transaction sessions to provide a particular individual the next predetermined presentation in a marketing campaign preassigned to the particular and individual prior to the sessions
Therapeutic tool and method for use thereof
Backlight assembly
Method of producing organic light emitting device
Ignition coil to spark plug mating apparatus
Multi-position connector
Electrical connector with pivotally movable cover
Electrical connector assembly wth a latch mechanism
Electrical connector with offset latch
Cable assembly with improved grounding member
Connector assembly having a stabilizer
Branch connecting structure for hoistway cable
Connector clamp with opening unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Image-forming optical system
Image processor, image processing method, medium and game machine
GPS receiver
Performing Operations; Transporting
Paste for producing sintered refractory metal layers, notably earth acid metal electrolytic capacitors or anodes
High thermal conductivity lossy dielectric using a multi layer configuration
Inner drum type image recording device
Continuous ink jet printer with binary electrostatic deflection
Printer and printing method
Printing method using inter-pixel blending on an absorbent substrate
Solid scanning optical writing device, and light amount correction method and light amount measuring device therefor
Ink ribbon positioning system of a color printer
Systems and components for enhancing rear vision from a vehicle
Method and apparatus to eliminate inadvertent horn activation
Vehicle tracker with user notifications and associated methods
Apparatus and method for providing a portable landing zone
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multilayer ceramic electronic component
Conductive resin, electronic module using conductive resin, and method of manufacturing electronic module
Electrochromic device having improved switching behavior
Fixed Constructions
Control lever for earth moving machines
Control system for a longwall support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for monitoring an electromagnetic actuator
Pressure-sealed modular unit and method for the production thereof
Adjustable display monitor unit
Sun phantom led traffic signal
Constant current flame ionization circuit
Apparatus for measuring three-dimensional shape
Integrated circuit image sensor for wheel alignment systems
Fast chirp transform
System for inspecting and/or processing a sample
Potting compound for fabrication of fiber optic gyro sensor coil and method for fabricating sensor coil
System and method for communication between remote locations
Method for pointing out information and a pointing device
Photometric apparatus
Spectroscopic detection
Tunable filter system with out-of-band reference
Apparatus adapted to sense a colorant and method for sensing color and detecting a donor mispick condition
Wavelength monitoring apparatus for laser light for semiconductor exposure
Wafer inspection system for distinguishing pits and particles
Method for detecting optical errors in large surface panels
Multi-beam apparatus for measuring surface quality
Method and apparatus employing external light source for endpoint detection
Optical system for detecting surface defect and surface defect tester using the same
BIST circuit for variable impedance system
Magnetoresistive sensor with magnetostatic coupling to obtain opposite alignment of magnetic regions
Coil driving method, coil driving apparatus and MRI apparatus
Software-compensated crystal oscillator
Radar-field-of-view enhancement method and apparatus for matching field-of-view to desired detection zone
Method of signal treatment and processing using the ROSAR system
Radio frequency data communications device with adjustable receiver sensitivity and method
Distance measuring device and method for calibrating a distance measuring device
Smart reflection antenna system and method
Method for distance measurement and a distance measuring device
Partially coherent beamformer for sparse, irregular arrays
Optical scanning apparatus
Aperture stop having central aperture region defined by a circular ARC and peripheral region with decreased width, and exposure apparatus and method
Wide-angle zoom lens and photographing apparatus using the same
Zoom lens
Optical arrangement with a spectrally selective element
Flow cytometry lens system
Real image mode finder optical system and lens
Tunable multi-channel optical attenuator (TMCOA)
Positioning assembly including a thermally de-coupled torque motor and system incorporating the same
Optical scanning device, line-image forming optical system therein, imaging adjustment method in the device and image forming apparatus
Filter for illusion apparatus
Apparatus for three-dimensional display
Temperature insensitive polarization filter
Cylindrical polarization diversity assembly
Holographic diffusers
Module for bidirectional optical communication
Optical cross-switch signal monitoring method and system therefor
High performance projection television lens systems
Power generator circuit, generating method thereof, and liquid crystal display device
Method of resizing a liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device, wiring substrate, and methods for fabricating the same
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Method and device for eliminating bubble formation within a liquid crystal display
Hybrid switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
High resolution TFT liquid crystal display device having a wide TFT channel
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display with improved viewing characteristics
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Optical timing detection
Preexposure method and apparatus for photosensitive films
Interferometer system
Lens system for maskless photolithography
Projection exposure method, manufacturing method for device using same, and projection exposure apparatus
Stage device and exposure apparatus
Apparatus for exposing a pattern onto an object with controlled scanning
Method and system for selective linewidth optimization during a lithographic process
Lithographic projection apparatus having a temperature controlled heat shield
Electrostatic recording apparatus and image density control method thereof
System and method for adjusting recording laser beam polarization
Voltage regulator circuit for attenuating inductance-induced on chip supply variations
Biasing circuit for quickly outputting stable bias output and semiconductor memory device
Differential voltage reference buffer
Generation of a voltage proportional to temperature with stable line voltage
Generation of a voltage proportional to temperature with a negative variation
Docking apparatus for assembling and disassembling peripheral devices in and from a computer
Keyboard arrangement
Pressure password input device and method
Portable information apparatus incorporating radio communication antenna
Computing device with a card receptacle
Cooling unit for cooling a heat generating component and electronic apparatus having the cooling unit
Power management method and device for display devices
System and method utilizing on-chip voltage controlled frequency modulation to manage power consumption
Semiconductor memory with built-in cache
Image management apparatus and method, image management system, and storage medium
Method for reducing the effects of signal reflections in a data communications network
Usage based methods of traversing and displaying generalized graph structures
Method and system for interfacing with a digital media frame network
Interrogating tags on multiple frequencies and synchronizing databases using transferable agents
Problem-solution resource system for medical diagnostic equipment
Systems and methods for controlling a presentation using physical objects
Wireless input apparatus
Domain objects for use in a freeform graphics system
Method and apparatus for enabling the adaptation of the input parameters for a computer system pointing device
Systems and methods for direct image manipulation
Personal communication terminal with variable speed scroll display feature
Automated job creation for job preparation
Printer system
Method and apparatus for performing a perspective projection in a graphics device of a computer graphics display system
Configurable man-machine interface
Method and apparatus for formatting bitmapped image data
Printing control system, printing control method and storage medium
Light beam scanning apparatus with multiple sensors and patterns
Reading pen
Image generating apparatus and a method thereof
Method and system for providing implicit edge antialiasing
Texture filtering for surface elements
Time differencing for improved cloth animation
Display representations and streams for objects having authorable and dynamic behaviors and appearances
Resolution conversion unit and apparatus having resolution conversion unit
Apparatus and method for coding a moving picture
Electronic toll collection system
Facility access control
System for capturing information from a postal indicia producing device so as to produce a report covering the payment of value added taxes and fees
Device having vehicle remote convenience control and interpersonal communication function abilities
Article tracking device
Method and system for providing a warning alert
Filtering method and circuit particularly useful in doppler motion sensor devices and intrusion detector systems
System and method for locating individuals and equipment, airline reservation system, communication system
Remote control device
Method, system and program for topographical interfacing
Device having multiple luminescent segments
Mini-TrackPoint IV pointing device
Two-dimensional light-emitting element array device and method for driving the same
Anti-ferroelectric liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Personal navigator system
Display device and luminance control method therefor
Method and device for enhancing the resolution of color flat panel displays and cathode ray tube displays
Ergonomic mouse device
Method and system for sampling rate conversion in digital audio applications
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with electronic adjustments of interval between stationary and rotary heads
High-speed CMOS buffer circuit with programmable quadratic transfer function
Phase-synchronization method and circuit for establishing a phase-synchronization for signals with reduced time
Magnetic disc having physical servo patterns with a magnetic carrier, and method of making and using the same
Acceleration tracking position controller
Disc head slider having highly damped bearing with multiple pressure gradiant-generating pads
Exchangeable storage apparatus, recording medium drive actuator, head drive actuator, and recording medium cartridge
Mechanical isolation for a disc drive spindle motor
Disturbance detection circuit, memory device thereof, and disturbance detection method
System and method utilizing a conductive brush for providing power signals to a cartridge access device
High density packaging for multi-disk systems
Magnetic head for high coercive force magnetic recording medium
Magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Method for shaping pole pieces of magnetic heads by chemical mechanical polishing
Thin film magnetic head including a protrusion structure and an insulation film in a magnetic core
Thin film magnetic head with improved insulating properties and method of manufacturing the same
Transducing head and method for forming a recessed shield for a transducing head
Magnetic head moving motor and magnetic recording apparatus
Head positioning control system for disk drive
Calibration of reader/writer offset in a disc drive
Optical scanning device
Three terminal magnetic random access memory
MRAM configuration
Two transistor ferroelectric non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for refreshing semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device having reduced leakage and method of operating the same
Variable read/write margin high-performance soft-error tolerant SRAM bit cell
Current leakage reduction for loaded bit-lines in on-chip memory structures
Electrically-eraseable programmable read-only memory having reduced-page-size program and erase
Drain side sensing scheme for virtual ground flash EPROM array with adjacent bit charge and hold
Column decoder with increased immunity to high voltage breakdown
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Electrically erasable and programmable memory that allows data update without prior erasure of the memory
Method of channel hot electron programming for short channel NOR flash arrays
Voltage-level shifter and semiconductor memory using the same
Analog switch circuit
Reference level generator and memory device using the same
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device for operating in synchronization with edge of clock signal
Semiconductor memory device
Robust shadow bitline circuit technique for high-performance register files
Method and apparatus for cycle time reduction in a memory system using alternating reference cells and isolated sense lines
Dynamic precharge decode scheme for fast DRAM
Ferroelectric memory having memory cell array accessibility safeguards
Power down voltage control method and apparatus
Memory cell with increased capacitance
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for detecting weak cell using the same
Integrated overcurrent and overvoltage apparatus for use in the protection of telecommunication circuits
Lumped element microwave inductor with windings around tapered poly-iron core
Structure of transformer bobbin assembly having multiple step pin rows
Rotor assembly including superconducting magnetic coil
Dielectric ceramic composition and ceramic capacitor
Cylindrical high voltage supercapacitor having two separators
Solid electrolyte capacitor
Metal oxide electrochemical pseudocapacitor having conducting polymer coated electrodes
Printed circuit board configuration having reduced EMC/EMI interference in electromechanical relay circuits
Electro ceramic MEMS structure with oversized electrodes
Fuse unit and method of manufacturing fuse unit
Conductive heat sink
Multipolar circuit breaker
High-voltage feedthrough capacitor
Cathode ray tube with magnetic coil for display enhancement
Memory cell array and method for manufacturing it
Heat sink clip assembly with handles
Energy conditioning circuit assembly
System for providing electrostatic discharge protection for high-speed integrated circuits
Ferroelectric memory having a BaTiO3 recording layer oriented in a <111> direction
Light-producing display having high aperture ratio pixels
Filter, duplexer, and communication device
Method and apparatus for coupling strip transmission line to waveguide transmission line
Feeding or decoupling device for a coaxial line, especially for a multiple coaxial line
Antenna mounting system
Directing an antenna to receive digital television signals
Antenna for wireless communication system
Low SAR broadband antenna assembly
Signal coupling methods and arrangements
Antenna for a radio communications apparatus
One aperture simultaneous RX-TX-antenna
Integrated planar antenna printed on a compact dielectric slab having an effective dielectric constant
Reactive matching for waveguide-slot-microstrip transitions
Electronically tuned active antenna apparatus
Adaptive antenna device operable in accordance with different algorithms
Circularly polarized wideband and traveling-wave microstrip antenna
Smart overlay for electrical switching
Optical amplifier for wide band raman amplification of wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) signal lights
Spark gap device having multiple nodes
Electrical functional unit, in particular a circuit-breaker, for use in aviation
Gas-insulated switchgear
Switched mode power supply control
Circuit and method for attenuating or eliminating undesired properties of an operational amplifier
Integrated circuit device having a self-biased, single pin radio frequency signal input
Circuit for reducing second and third order intermodulation distortion for a broadband RF amplifier
Switching amplifier resolution enhancement apparatus and methods
Method and apparatus for reducing DC offset
Variable transconductance variable gain amplifier utilizing a degenerated differential pair
Systems for rail-to-rail dynamically controlled amplifiers and input stages
CMOS input stage with wide common-mode range
Amplifier phase reversal suppression
Continuously tunable MEMs-based phase shifter
Switched capacitor filter circuit
Switched-capacitor circuits and methods with improved settling time and systems using the same
Bulk acoustic wave resonator with a conductive mirror
Electrolytic capacitor unit for audio apparatus
Bulk acoustic wave filter with optimized series and shunt resonator static capacitances
Circuit and method for controlling a dynamic, bi-directional high voltage analog switch
Circuit compensation technique
Method and system for quantizing an analog signal
RC-timer circuit to reduce current leakage in future semiconductor processes
Adjusting untrimmed VCO during operation of the oscillator
Digital-to-analog cell having reduced power consumption and method therefor
Subranging technique using superconducting technology
Method and apparatus for providing a moving filter
Digital-to-analog converting method and digital-to-analog converter
DA conversion circuit
Digital-to-analog converter
Key matrix circuit
Apparatus and method for gain calibration technique for analog-to-digital converter
Method for using a recovered data-encoded clock to convert high-frequency serial data to lower frequency parallel data
Infrared communicator
Free space optical interconnect system tolerant to misalignments and method of operation thereof
Crosstalk reduction in a bidirectional optical link
Burst-mode analog transmitter
Channel band conversion apparatus for optical transmission systems
WDM ring transmission system having amplified dropped channels
Optical transmission using dispersion-enhanced signals
IEEE serial bus physical layer interface having a speed setting circuit
Coupler for digital communication on electric power-lines
Adaptive antenna receiving apparatus
Parallel transmission method and system
Method and device for digitally coding binary data with a particular transmit signal spectrum
Conferencing system
Optical media access device with image scanning function
Facsimile apparatus
System and method for recording an image
Voltage generating circuit, and common electrode drive circuit, signal line drive circuit and gray-scale voltage generating circuit for display devices
Image pickup apparatus with vertical transfer pulses substantially the same for two driving function modes
Programmably addressable image sensor
Circuit for scan conversion of picture signal using motion compensation
Method and apparatus for providing audio in a digital video system
Video signal converting apparatus
Video telephone with automatic answering function
Surveillance apparatus for camera surveillance system
Liquid crystal display video projector and method of repairing same
Method for improved chroma-key suppression
Hinged removable connector module
Method and apparatus for postponed pager service for airlines
Systems and methods for providing customizable geo-location tracking services
Electrical subassembly having a holding device and an electrical component fastened thereto
Backplane and shelf arrangement with front access features
Circuit board cooling system
Electric facility having an anti-electromagnetic interference device
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