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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Double-walled nested plant pot assembly for hydroponic irrigation system
Flavonol expressing domesticated tomato and method of production
Melon variety NUN 26171 MEM
System and method for animal control
Aquaculture net with isotropic bottom mesh
Instant response protective sinker and hook combination
Fishing reel
Automatic fish hook tying device
Insecticide-containing polymeric material
Substituted 5-(cyclohex-2-en-1-yl)-penta-2,4-dienes and 5-(cyclohex-2-en-1-yl)-pent-2-en-4-ines as active agents against abiotic stress in plants
Compounds and compositions for the treatment of parasitic diseases
Pharmaceutical compositions and their methods of use
Animal attractant system
Method of processing wheat flour, processed wheat flour obtained by the method and food utilizing the processed wheat flour
Sugar free mannitol confectionery and methods of making same
Ice hose
Electronic cigarette
Sectionalized over-garment
Traction device for footwear
Convertible wheeled backpacking accessory
Stylus for cosmetics, nail polish applicator and systems and kits based thereon
Soft edge pad
Cabinetry system having removable cabinet faces
Cabinetry system having removable cabinet faces
Furniture skid plate
Hanger strap and shoulder covers
Self-retracting hang tab
Environmentally protected thermistor for respiratory system
Coffee press apparatus
Mixing tumbler
Wet tissue supply apparatus
Sprayless surface cleaning wand
Dishwasher with detergent dispenser
Extensible and guidable apparatus
Reduced area imaging device incorporated within endoscopic devices
Bone anchor insertion device
Bidirectional expandable head for rotational atherectomy device
Trocar device
Functionalized nanodiamond reinforced biopolymers
Medical devices including ablation electrodes
Nerve modulation system having helical guide
Device for producing anastomoses and coagulation electrode
Laboring patient dignity poo pouch
Method for imaging variations in tissue viability
System and method for evaluating a patient status for use in heart failure assessment
Detection of drastic blood pressure changes
Method of navigating medical devices in the presence of radiopaque material
Wearable assembly for measuring bio-impedance
Disposable diaper
Orthotic brace and method of using
Ophthalmic marking device
Solubility enhancer and use thereof
Methods of treating pains associated with neuroma, nerve entrapment, and other conditions
Heat assisted lidocaine and tetracaine for transdermal analgesia
Artemisinin with berberine compositions and methods of making
Pharmaceutical composition and method for treating age-related macular degeneration
Treatment of osteoarthritis pain
Methods and compositions for the treatment of cancer
Mutant replicon derived from genome of hepatitis C virus J6CF strain
Stephanotis jasminoides extracts and methods of use
High concentration factor VII polypeptide formulations comprising an aromatic preservative and an antioxidant
Compositions and methods for skin treatment
Antiangiogenic small molecules and methods of use
Recombinant dengue virus antigen comprising the capsid protein leader sequence, full-length prM protein, and full-length E protein
Composition for intraocular implantation of bevacizumab
Miniaturized 62zn/62cu generator for high concentration clinical delivery of 62cu kit formulation for the facile preparation of radiolabeled cu-bis(thiosemicarbazone)compounds
Aryloxyanilide imaging agents
Compositions and methods for sealing the surface of keratinous substrates
Fluid material-dispensing device
Multi-function oxygen mask
Syringe and safety device assembly
Attachment device and method
Viscous formulations and their use in needle-free injection
Electrical muscle controller
Treatment of excess weight by neural downregulation in combination with compositions
Methods for making enhanced end portions of leads of electrical stimulation systems
Portable unit for treating chronic pain
Exercise sled and backpack combination
Multi-functional and collapsible exercise device and associated use thereof
Athletic agility equipment and methods of using the same
Crawling exercise device
Multiuse treadmill apparatus
Walking slide mill
Multi-purpose tool
Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness
Systems and methods for producing a ball
Method of training and evaluating a hitter using a weighted ball
In-line roller skate
Internet based pictorial game system and method
Handheld multi-stage puzzle-solving game device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter press with side feed ports
Device for bringing about a phase contact between a liquid phase and a gaseous phase, in particular a heat and mass transfer column
Recycled purge air dryer system and method of use
Systems and methods of inhibiting foam formation using multiphase turbines
Method for producing porous thermosetting resin sheet, porous thermosetting resin sheet and composite semipermeable membrane using same
Nozzle-based, vapor-phase, plume delivery structure for use in production of thin-film deposition layer
Thin film composite heat exchangers
Adsorbent having utility for CO.sub.2 capture from gas mixtures
Process for producing supported ruthenium on silica modified titania and process for producing chlorine
System for ion exchange resin regeneration and regenerant recovery
Test reagent container
Portable cutting table and associated method
Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Exposure apparatus, image forming apparatus and heating method
Pillow and shade for an automobile
System and methods for automatically moving access barriers initiated by mobile transmitter devices
Frame system for stretchered persons
Vehicle driving assist system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for isolating tetrahydrofuran
P-chirogenic organophosphorus compounds
PEGylated mutated Clostridium botulinum toxin
Concentrated human immunoglobulin composition
Method of identifying tumor associated antigens
Fixed Constructions
Rotary brush turf sweeper
Configurable fluid receptacles with internal bladders
Adjustable bird slope
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generation for a cellular tower
Low cost lean NO.sub.x reduction catalyst system
Intelligent post-treatment and regeneration control method for engineering machinery engine
Control device of oxygen sensor for automotive vehicle, and air-fuel ratio controller and automotive vehicle incorporating the same
Hydroelectric power system
Wind turbine cable twist prevention
Torque converter clutch control
Apparatus for hanging or displaying lights, ornaments, or other decorative elements
Humidity controller
Device for measuring distance and method for operating said type of device
Estimation of global position of a sensor node
Navigation systems
Visual assessment of landmarks
System and method for image mapping and visual attention
Radiometric Kirk test
Micro spectrometer for parallel light and method of use
Method for operating a motor vehicle
Method and system for DLCO quality control testing
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Battery information acquiring apparatus
Measuring apparatus, measuring method and test apparatus
Probe card assembly with interposer probes
Probe card with segmented substrate
N+1 protection using a processor-based protection device
End-host based network management system
Test apparatus and test method
Method of estimating restoration capacity in a network
Voltage indicating coupling for metal conduit systems
Frequency trimming for internal oscillator for test-time reduction
Fiber laser magnetic field sensor
Methods and systems for magnetic sensing
Positioning control device and positioning control method
Nuclear medicine diagnosis device, form tomography diagnosis device, nuclear medicine data arithmetic processing method, and form tomogram arithmetic processing method
Systems, devices, methods, and compositions including functionalized ferromagnetic structures
Glitch-free clock suspend and resume circuit
Multi-band lens
Photographing apparatus, image display method, computer program and storage medium for acquiring a photographed image in a wide range
Particles for display medium and information display panel using same
Lens adapter ring and lens module
Camera having a focus adjusting system and a face recognition function
Integrated micro-optical systems
Display device
Position structure of liquid crystal display
Transflective liquid crystal display
Backlight assembly with light source fastened to receiving container and liquid crystal display having the same
Liquid crystal display device
Stereoscopic 3D liquid crystal display apparatus with slatted light guide
Gyro-sensor mounting structure in a camera having an image-stabilizing function
Image stabilizing apparatus, lens apparatus, imaging apparatus, and correction optical apparatus
Image pickup apparatus and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Camera module array for obtaining compound images
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus
Cartridge assembling method and cartridge reassembling method
Image forming apparatus
Belt-conveyance control device, image forming apparatus, belt-conveyance control method, and computer program product
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for adjusting nip width based on the measured hardness of a fuser roll in an image production device
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus with member supporting a plurality of cartridges
Control system configurator and methods with object characteristic swapping
Methods and devices for enrollment and verification of biometric information in identification documents
Multivariable process controller and methodology for controlling catalyzed chemical reaction to form phthalic anhydride and other functionalized aromatics
Method for the determination of a rough trajectory to be followed in a positionally guided manner
LED driving circuit and a MOSFET switch module thereof
Voltage output circuit, integrated circuit and electronic device
Band-gap reference voltage generator
Processor power management associated with workloads
Processor operation inspection system and operation inspection circuit
Storage redundant array of independent drives
System and method for reducing chronic troubles
Real-time signal handling in guest and host operating systems
Web page error reporting
Semiconductor integrated circuit and debugging system
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer readable medium
Updating a memory to maintain even wear
Hybrid memory management
Techniques for storing system images in slices on data storage devices
Method and apparatus for using a variable page length in a memory
Method and system for providing media content over a computer network
Computing module with serial data connectivity
Image processing apparatus and control method of the same
Method and system for multi-level switch configuration
Portable media encoder
Method of allocating memory
Image forming based on operation mode
Information processing apparatus connected to a printing apparatus via a network and computer-readable storage medium having stored thereon a program for causing a computer to execute generating print data in the information processing apparatus connected to the printing apparatus via the network
Systems and methods for adaptively packetizing data partitions for transport over a network
Processor, memory, computer system, and method of authentication
Extensible binary mark-up language for efficient XML-based data communications and related systems and methods
Matching social network users
Collaboration agent
System and method for utilizing asynchronous client server communication objects
Method and system for data transmission between dual processors
Real time update notification
Output information management system
Home network apparatus and system for cooperative work service and method thereof
Automatic delivery of alerts including static and dynamic portions
Persistent personal messaging in a distributed system
System and method for monitoring equipment over a network
Method and system for dynamic metric and wireless hello protocol
Network element management system
Self service distribution configuration framework
Systems and methods for electromagnetic band gap structure synthesis
SIMD microprocessor, image processing apparatus including same, and image processing method used therein
On-line account management system having a synchronized account information data store
Methods and apparatus for intelligent crawling on the world wide web
HMM alignment for combining translation systems
Method for creating appendices that clearly reference the location of an object
Broadcast network platform system
Updating display system of display list and method thereof
Verification of 3D integrated circuits
Display design system and method
Minimizing impact of design changes for integrated circuit designs
Simulation system using electromagnetic field analysis and circuit analysis and recording medium storing simulation program
Method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Saw adjustment mechanism
Multistatic concealed object detection
Wide-area, real-time monitoring and visualization system
Recording control apparatus, recording control method, and computer program product
System and method for creation of an object within an object hierarchy structure
Navigating displayed content on a mobile device
News feed browser
Organic light emitting diode driver
Method for allocating/arranging keys on touch-screen, and mobile terminal for use of the same
System and method for determining touch positions based on position-dependent electrical charges
Orientation free user interface
Communication apparatus and method for detection or discrimination of communication partner by broadcast or multicast, and/or unicast communication
Efficient printer control electronics
System and program product
Tracking software object use
Positionally dependent pattern checking in character strings using deterministic finite automata
Information processing system, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Methods, systems, and computer program products for generating data quality indicators for relationships in a database
Storage system and method of changing monitoring condition thereof
Method for providing requested fields by get.sub.--Data operation in TV-Anytime metadata service
System and method for load shedding in data mining and knowledge discovery from stream data
Efficient and consistent software transactional memory
Simple discovery UI of location aware information
Hybrid tensor-based cluster analysis
Automatic conversion schema for cached web requests
Template-based development of servers
Generating and changing credentials of a service account
Information-processing apparatus, method for controlling information-processing apparatus, and storage medium
Analyzer engine
Messaging method
Method and apparatus for clocking
Method of designing a static synchronous compensator based on passivity-based control
Method of performing computational aeroelastic analyses
Techniques for securely managing and accelerating data delivery
Build-time enforcement of architectural partitioning in computer application
Apparatus and method for configuring a process control system having one or more digital data processors
System and method for live software object interaction
System and method for determining a nutritional diet for a canine or feline animal
Photoprinter that utilizes stored templates to create a template-treated image
Apparatus and method for controlling an image-data imput/output process performed by an image forming apparatus connected to an image data input unit and an image data output unit
System and method for assigning print jobs to autonomous cells in a transaction printing environment
Image forming apparatus that synthesizes fiber information extracted from pages of a paper medium having a plurality of pages, and an image forming apparatus control method, a program, and a storage medium relating thereto
Image processing apparatus and method dividing image data for multi-pass scans using mask based on beam deviations
Associating audio and image data
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Apparatus and method for capturing information during asset inspections in a processing or other environment
Calculating image intensity of mask by decomposing Manhattan polygon based on parallel edge
Method and system for identifying and recognizing products for sorting/sequencing operations
System and method for providing mobile range sensing
Detection system, informing system, actuation system and vehicle
License plate recognition apparatus, license plate recognition method, and computer-readable storage medium
Markov stationary color descriptor
Active catheter reconstruction for interventional magnetic resonance imaging
Image processing apparatus and image processing method, program, and storage medium
Steganographic encoding
Hybrid system for multi-projector geometry calibration
Method for single pass blob image analysis
Image processing apparatus
Switching device for sharing input/output devices and computer system using the same
Data compression-decompression method, program, and electronic device
Apparatus for and method of robust motion estimation using line averages
Method and system for thresholding
Constant variance filter
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer-readable medium and computer data signal
Position and orientation measurement apparatus and control method thereof
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer product
Method for implementing n-dimensional object recognition using dynamic adaptive recognition layers
Analogy based workflow identification
Characteristics of players systems and methods for analyzing electronically embodied games
Worker and document management system
Targeting content to network-enabled television devices
Computer based method for generating representative questions from an audience
Method of providing services including essay providing and review services based on authentication of college students, and system therefor
Internet-based frequency and award redemption system and method
Automated transaction processing system and approach
System and method for obtaining merchandise information
Sales methods, delivery methods, code verification methods, repudiation resolution methods, and articles of manufacture
Object oriented financial analysis tool
Transfer instrument
System and method for managing tax-deferred retirement accounts
Census investing and indices
Computer systems, methods, and devices for trading with an ergonomic interface
Systems and methods for providing a trading interface
Persistent sales agent for complex transactions
System and method for collaborative patient care
Performance analysis system and method
Document reservation processing operation system
Image process apparatus for three-dimensional model
Image selection based on image content
Method and apparatus for providing separable billing services
Systems and methods for managing site security through a communication device
Unlocking a body area network
Circuit protector monitoring assembly kit and method
Reader with radio frequency identification function
Wireless system, semiconductor device, and communication device
Capacitive detection systems and methods
Surface-mounted crack detection
Pool guard alarm apparatus
Methodology for designing environment adaptive ultra low power wireless communication systems and methods
Reliable packet delivery protocol for geocast protocol in disconnected vehicular ad hoc network
Navigation device and lane guide method
Vehicle driving assist system
Method of distance learning
Apparatus and method for broadcasting visible light information in visible light communication
Electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing electroluminescent device, and electronic apparatus
Apparatus using ambient light as backlight and method for correcting colors therein
Method of controlling luminance of backlight assembly, circuit for controlling luminance of backlight assembly and display device having the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Digital picture frame with light-shielding carrying portion
Active matrix display device
Graphics pipeline for rendering graphics
Hierarchichal rapid serial visual presentation for robust target identification
Image processing and arranging system, image processing and arranging method, and computer readable medium for image processing and arranging
Navigation device
Image output apparatus, image output method and image output program product
Apparatus and method for navigation in three-dimensional graphical user interface
Wireless mouse having storing structure for storing wireless signal receiver therein
Head gimbal assembly and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Disk drive and method for head servo control of the disk drive
Patterned-media magnetic recording disk with cryptographically scrambled patterns and disk drive operable with the disk
Head stack assembly, manufacturing method thereof and multi-disc magnetic storage device
EMR sensor and transistor formed on the same substrate
Positioning a coarse actuator of compound actuator tape servo system at midpoint of maximum peaks of lateral tape movement
Disk drive compensating for radial phase change of repeatable position error due to servo writing from spiral tracks
Substrate for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording apparatus
Head driving device and disk apparatus
Drive signal generating apparatus and drawing apparatus
Backup device and one-key data backup method for the same
Digital video recorder wide dynamic range optical power calibration
Information reproducing device
Apparatus and method for generating radio frequency ripple zero crossing signal
Integrated circuit with memory having a current limiting switch
Multiple valued dynamic random access memory cell and thereof array using single electron transistor
Programming a NAND flash memory with reduced program disturb
Content addressable memory array programmed to perform logic operations
Switched bitline VTH sensing for non-volatile memories
Low cost testing and sorting for integrated circuits
Reference voltage regulator for eDRAM with VSS-sensing
Scattered radiation collimator, radiation detector and radiation detection device
Emissive metal complexes
X-ray target assembly and methods for manufacturing same
Lamp base
Integrated reflector lamp
Bulb-type LED lamp
Electronic circuit board manufacturing apparatus and electronic circuit board
Semiconductor device having heat spreader with center opening
Diffusion barrier and adhesion layer for an interconnect structure
Circular cylinder type piezoelectric actuator and piezoelectric element and scanning probe microscope using those
Ultrasonic motor and ultrasonic vibrator
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibrator, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and radio-clock
Laminar array ultrasound transducer and system
Casing for an electrical component
Stacked coplanar waveguide having signal and ground lines extending through plural layers
Waterproof waveguide assembly having a core assembly with a seam enclosed by a metallic enclosure
Flat uniform transmission line having electromagnetic shielding function
Enhanced radiation performance antenna system
Antenna circuit and transponder
High efficiency and high power patch antenna and method of using
Antenna configurations for compact device wireless communication
Compact antennas for ultra wide band applications
Laser oscillator
Electrostatic blower systems
Computer system and power control apparatus thereof
Vehicle charging system
Rotating electrical machine
Methods and apparatus for a bar-wound stator with rotated conductors
Reciprocating dual-action piston magnetic force motor and method
Apparatus for magnetic bearing of rotor shaft with radial guidance and axial control
High efficiency DC-DC converter for reduced switching loss
Compensating system and method for cogging torque of motor
Integrated circuit module with temperature compensation crystal oscillator
Voltage controlled oscillator
Dual in-situ mixing for extended tuning range of resonators
Circuit and method of calibrating direct current offset in wireless communication device
Impulsive communication activated computer control device and method
Delay circuit
High frequency and wide band impedance matching via
Logic circuits, inverter devices and methods of operating the same
Setting a discharge rate and a charge rate of a relaxation oscillator circuit
Space-time coding method for a multi-antenna system of the UWB pulse type
Space-time coding/decoding method for a dual-antenna pulse UWB communication system
Digital phase-locked loop and digital phase-frequency detector thereof
Method and system for minimizing the accumulated offset error for an analog to digital converter
Method for low distortion embedding of edit distance to Hamming distance
Content and channel aware object scheduling and error control
Low power consumption GNSS receiver and method thereof
Flexible and in-band signaling for nested preamble
Mobile communication system, radio base station, and mobile station
Transmitting device using multicarrier transmission system and receiving device
Reduced peak-to-RMS ratio multicode signal
Method, apparatus and computer program to efficiently acquire signals in a cognitive radio environment
Portable terminal
Radio transmitter using Cartesian loop
Adaptive IIP2 calibration
Radio communication apparatus and frequency offset calculation method
Feeder cable reduction
Portable terminal having optical transmitter/receiver
Method and apparatus for increasing data read speed from subscriber identity module
Method and system for transmission and/or reception of signals utilizing a delay circuit and DDFS
Establishing communications between devices within a mobile ad hoc network
Control of a wireless communication signal transmitter over a wireless broadband network
Wireless communication method, and wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication system using the same
Apparatus and method for providing power off information in portable communication system
Method of allocating transmission power based on symbol error rate for orthogonal space-time block codes in a distributed wireless communication system
Distributing mobile stations across carriers of plural frequency bands
Image down-sampling transcoding method and device
Method and terminal for receiving a digital broadcast
Pseudorandom noise selection method for mobile communication sites
Selective personality negotiation during session negotiation
Interleaving for 10G GPON
Method of communication using frame
Portable information device
Communication surge response system
Apparatus for providing a combined digital signal
Method and apparatus for wideband transmission from multiple non-collocated base stations over wireless radio networks
MIMO equalization for wireless communication systems
Automatic repeat request (ARQ) apparatus and method of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system
Voice recognition push to message (PTM)
Method and apparatus for controlling network traffic, and computer product
Method and system for terminal codec setup of multimedia ring back tone service
CMON: an "always-on" monitoring platform for high-speed links
Multifabric global header
Multicast implementation in a link state protocol controlled ethernet network
Hardware based parallel processing cores with multiple threads and multiple pipeline stages
Unified interfacing for DVB-T/H mobile TV applications
Assigning slots in a mesh network
Expedited resource negotiation in SIP
Radio communication method and radio communication apparatus
Radio communication method and radio communication apparatus
Switch matrix
Multistage switch control circuit
Maximum transmission size path discovery
Tree-type network system, node device, broadcast system, broadcast method, and the like
Method, system, and apparatus for estimating voice quality in a voice over packet network
Location system and method for assisting emergency services in identifying the physical location of an IP telephony user
Call forwarding in an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS)
Ingress noise reduction in a digital receiver
High-speed serial link receiver with centrally controlled offset cancellation and method
Methods and systems for initial FCH processing
System and method for enhanced symbol generation
Approximate soft-information computation in multi-level modulation signaling schemes
Physical layer repeater configuration for increasing MIMO performance
Base station, mobile station and method
Method and system for sub-chip resolution for secondary cell search
Secret sharing technique with low overhead information content
Authentication system and method for an interactive optical disc
E-mail transfer method and device
Anonymous selectable credential system and method therefor
Method and system for verifying identity
Control method of communication terminal the communication terminal and control program of the communication terminal
Method for reducing power consumption for detachable card and mobile communication terminal thereof
Portable wireless machine
Slidably and rotationally attaching unit and electronic device
Mobile terminal having speaker control and method of use
Mobile handset information stream
Portable electronic device and method for selecting operation mode thereof
Seamless slider
Dust sealing tape and display using same and method of sealing
Wireless communication system base station apparatus, wireless communication system terminal apparatus, wireless communication system, and method for canceling direct link mode
Automatic location identification (ALI) emergency services pseudo key (ESPK)
Emergency call service termination
Control program providing method using communication system, center apparatus in communication system, user apparatus in communication system, and program recorded on recording medium in user apparatus
Systems and methods of establishing group calls
System and method for implementing and accessing call forwarding services
Automated booklet maker
Image reading apparatus
Image reading device
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method for motion adaptive de-interlacing with chroma up-sampling error remover
Image display apparatus
Image sensing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Display apparatus, display method, program and storage medium
Portable electronic apparatus and supplementary light device
Camera for mounting
Imaging apparatus controlling blurring correction during switch between image capture mode and playback mode
Pen-shaped modular camera assembly having an effects module
Television receiver and television receiving method
Television delivery system having interactive electronic program guide
Picture recording apparatus
Self contained compact and portable omni-directional monitoring and automatic alarm video device
Video encoding and decoding methods and corresponding devices
System for receiving broadcast digital data comprising a master digital terminal, and at least one slave digital terminal
Set top box apparatus having a radio frequency antenna and an associated method
Consumer access systems and methods for providing same
Digital activity center for pets
Linear image sensor
Color processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method therefor
Baby seat occupant detection system
Radio frequency identification system and method
Voice coil bobbin and speaker system
Electronic device with earphone
System and method for locating sound sources
Method and device for actively correcting the acoustic properties of an acoustic space listening zone
Real-time RSL monitoring in a web-based application
Method for determination of location information in a communication system
Minimum least squares error based analysis for throughput-prioritized radio frequency performance optimization
Transmission of messages between network entities in a wireless communications network
Individual neighbor threshold and hysteresis assignment
Neighbor list control for a wireless communication system
Mobile station and handover control method
Apparatus and method for handover between heterogeneous systems
Method and apparatus for implementing H-ARQ in a MIMO wireless communication system
Pico cell system access using cellular communications network
Method for handover using relay station
Optimum resource allocation method and system in medium access control of distribute scheme in wireless personal area network
Dynamic supplemental-channel burst duration
Apparatus and method for operating broadcast message in broadband wireless communication system
Method of operating a heater in a dishwasher
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device including the same
Power saver device for public lighting systems and method thereof
Printed circuit board reinforcement structure and integrated circuit package using the same
Chip card holder
Switch module
Portable terminal with spring module
Power inverters
Vehicular electronics assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred maize seed and plant RPK7346
Inbred maize seed and plant RPK7250
Hybrid winter oilseed rape and methods for producing same
Plasma expanders and blood substitutes
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of Parkinson's disease
Stable medicated animal care formulation
Pest controlling
Dosage device
Antimicrobial phosphonium and sulfonium polyhalide compositions
1,4 diaryl-2,3-difluoro-2-butene insecticidal and acaricidal agents
Virucide composition and sporicide composition
Dimethylfurancarboxyanilide derivatives
Method of locking 1.alpha.-OH of vitamin D compounds in axial orientation
2-nitromethylidene/2-cyanimino/2-nitro-imino-pyrrolidines and piperidines, intermediates, and their use as pesticides
Spore germination inhibitor and food containing the same
Use of 1,3-substituted pyrazol-5-yl sulfonates as pesticides
Aqueous fungicide dispersion
Concentrated aqueous bromine solutions and their preparation
Theraputic topical solution for skin and associated methods of use
Methods of treating protozoal diseases
Synergistic insect control
Herbicidal compositions containing plant essential oils and mixtures or blends thereof
Method of attracting wildlife using hedge apple extract
Lipolytic enzymes
Composition and process for reducing bacterial citrus canker organisms
Method for preparing a cheese product
Method for recovering aroma concentrate from a caffeine- or theobromine-comprising food base material
Cold process, oven stable fruit paste and method of making such paste
Packaged markable ingestible compressible object
Multicolored chewing gum with crunchy transparent coating
Ozone cleaning and sanitation method and apparatus for ice and ice conveyance systems
Methods of preventing or treating allergies
Method of manufacturing a ruminant feedstuff with reduced ruminal protein degradability
Chlortetracycline-containing animal feed compositions and methods for their use
Artificial diets for arthropods
Method of preparing l-arabinose from sugar beet pulp
Proanthocyanidin-containing composition
Amino acid-trehalose composition
Process for coating N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester onto a carrier
Methods and formulations of cremophor-free taxanes
Nutritional formula for phenylketonuria patients
Combinations of psyllium and chitosan for synergistic adsorption of triglyceride
Method for obtaining natural super-cloud compositions
Method for producing and shaping food, such as meat products and sausages
Filled edible product, and system and method for production of a filled edible product
Topical product with visual indicator
Process of making monofilaments
Composite sheet and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for respiratory gas analysis employing measurement of expired gas mass
Self-adhesive shaped body
Light incontinent product
Absorbent article
Absorbent article comprising a liquid handling member having high suction and high permeability
Method for application of a fluid on a substrate formed as a film or web
Signal tampon
Hair coloring composition and method
Use of orexin receptor antagonists
Inhibitors of cellular niacinamide mononucleotide formation and their use in cancer therapy
Carboxylic acid derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Methods of treating anosmia and repopulating olfactory nerves with retinoids
Compounds and compositions useful for modulation of processes mediated by RXR
LTA4 hydrolase inhibitor pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Use of a RAR-.gamma.-specific agonist ligand for increasing the rate of apoptosis
Methods for the treatment of itching comprising administering PGD2 receptor antagonist
Substituted phenylpropionic acid derivatives as agonists to human peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) .alpha.
Compounds that inhibit oestrone sulphatase and/or aromatase and methods for making and using
Compounds and methods
N-linked urea or carbamate of heterocyclic thioesters for vision and memory disorders
Treating or preventing the early stages of degeneration of articular cartilage or subchondral bone in mammals using carprofen and derivatives
Cancer treatments and pharmaceutical compositions therefor
Heterocyclic compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Substituted 2-(S)-hydroxy-3-(piperidin-4-yl-methylamino)-propyl ethers and substituted 2-aryl-2-(R)-hydroxy-1-(piperidin-4-yl-methyl)-ethylamine .beta.-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Splice variants for human 5-HT4 serotonin receptor and their applications, in particular for screening
Use of HIV protease inhibiting compounds
Method for treating cognitive dysfunction
Progestogen-anti-progestogen regimens
Remedies for glomerulosclerosis
Bis-(N,N'-bis-(2-haloethyl)amino)phosphoramidates as antitumor agents
Antiviral compounds
Treatment of dry eye syndrome
Method for obtaining and using a combination of a purine nucleotide and nitrogen monoxide donor for treating sexual dysfunction
Method of inducing resistance to tumor growth
Modified red blood cell that has surface molecules that neutralize chemical agents
Device for treating diabetes and methods thereof
Low molecular weight components of shark cartilage, processes for their preparation and therapeutic uses thereof
Immunomodulator, immunomodulator food
Enzymatic hydrolysate of milk proteins
Nasal transmucosal delivery of peptide conjugated with biocompatible polymers
Antibodies to human tumor necrosis factor receptor TR10
Nerve regeneration
Compositions for treating animal diseases and syndromes
Labeled compounds that bind to a thrombopoietin receptor
Interferon-alpha mediated upregulation of aquaporin expression
Use of exendins and agonists thereof for the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus
Elastin peptide analogs and methods of using same
Polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Method of including apoptosis by reducing the level of thiamin
Live vaccines and methods of treatment therewith
Method of DNA transfer
Vaccine comprising an iscom consisting of sterol and saponin which is free of additional detergent
Method of treatment of protozoan infections in fish
Acylphenylurea derivatives, a process for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Apomorphine derivatives and methods for their use
Methods of preventing and treating microbial infections
Fluid thickeners comprising neutralized crosslinked polymers of acrylamidoalkylsulonic acids and N-vinylamides
Preparation and use of bifunctional molecules having DNA sequence binding specificity
Anti-HMFG antibodies and processes for their production
Monoclonal antibodies to the drug tilmicosin and a method for detecting the same
Use of a pentopyranosyl nucleoside for producing an electronic component, and conjugates of said pentopyranosyl nucleoside
Radioiodinated sulfonated phenols and process therefore
Radioiodinated sulfonated phenols for the study of renal function
Dental resin cements having improved handling properties
Resin composition for denture base
Process for producing blue microcapsules
Liquid tooth cleaning gel
Oral composition
Cosmetic effervescent cleansing compositions
Cosmetic or dermatological composition in the form of a dispersion of an oily phase and an aqueous phase, stabilized with cubic gel particles
Citral acetal
Delivery of a botanical extract to a treated substrate for transfer to skin
Oat protein complex lotion and shampoo and method of use
Agent and method for permanent waving
Liquid makeup cosmetic
Foil for wrapping hair ends
Cosmetic compositions containing an amphoteric polymer and a fixing/conditioner polymer, and their uses
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Process for the extraction of an active principle from teguments of apple, active principle obtained, and composition for counteracting the consequences of oxidative stress of the skin
Antiinfective free intramammary veterinary composition
Soluble contraceptive liquid formulation
Biodegradable botulinum toxin implant
Vesicular monoamine transporter gene therapy in Parkinson's disease
Cell surface molecule-induced macrophage activation
Sustained release microparticle and method for preparing the same
Colon-specific drug release system
Soft capsule containing mastic oil therein
Release of ibuprofen from hot melt adhesive compositions through addition of pharmaceutical auxiliaries
Treatment patch
Anti-angiogenic compositions and methods of use
Vitreous carbon composite and method of making and using same
Method of surface modifying a medical tubing
Photoactivatable nucleic acids
Implantable or insertable therapeutic agent delivery device
Methods of coating an implantable device having depots formed in a surface thereof
Single phase aqueous surfactant-free nontoxic air freshening composition and wick-containing air freshening device using said composition
Magnetically shielded conductor
Hair-growing agent
Method of covering a hot outdoor grills
Golf ball comprising saturated polyurethanes and methods of making same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for manufacture of static filtration media
Removal of nitrogen oxides from gas streams
Process for removal of contaminants from a gas stream
Method for removing substances from gases
Heavy oil fired boiler exhaust gas treatment apparatus
Method using on site generated ammonia to reduce particulates in combustion gas streams
Focusing of microparticles in microfluidic systems
Very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis
Apparatus and method for ultrasonic treatment of a liquid
Gas-liquid reaction process including ejector and monolith catalyst
Process for the preparation of quasi-crystalline boehmites
Process for producing oxirane compound
Process for producing honeycomb structure
Catalyst for oxidizing hydrogen sulfide gas and method for recovering elemental sulfur using the same
Composition based on cerium oxide or on cerium and zirconium oxides, in the extruded form, process for the preparation thereof and use thereof as catalyst
System for sensing catalyst coating loss and efficiency
Method for production of oxygen-containing aromatic compound
Method for depositing catalyst metals into zeolite to produce hydrocarbon processing catalyst
Polymerization of olefins
Surface modified carbonaceous materials
Heterogeneous organotin catalysts
Process and vessel for regeneration of a catalyst including monitoring and monitoring and control of combustion completion
Polyamide-containing ligating agents bonded to inorganic and organic polymeric supports and methods of using the same for removing and concentrating desired metal ions from solutions
Method for producing hydrogen
Auto-oxidation and internal heating type reforming method and apparatus for hydrogen production
Fluidized bed reactor with asymmetric gas inlet
Process and apparatus for producing iron carbide
Method of transferring liquids using a device having process, waste and pipette tip parking chambers
Diagnostic test container and method of sampling
Metering head for parallel processing of a plurality of fluid samples
Part painting method
Triboelectric fluidizded bed method and apparatus for coating an object
Deposition method, deposition apparatus, and pressure-reduction drying apparatus
Method for coating motor vehicle bodies or parts thereof
Silicon-yttrium sol coating of metals
Lubricious, wear resistant surface coating by plasma polymerization
Methods for making polyurethanes as thin films
Method and apparatus for sorting waste paper of different grades and conditions
Method for producing magnetic recording medium
Mold capable of degrading dioxin, degradation of dioxin with the use of the same, method for producing composts capable of degrading dioxin and method for growing plants
Fluid composition for forming lustrous carbon during metal casting and process for its preparation
Method and device for applying surface-modifying auxiliary substances to working area interior surfaces of die molds
Reinforcement preform and metal matrix composites including the reinforcement preform
Method of protective coating BGA solder alloy spheres
Deadhesion method and mechanism for wafer processing
Wood preservatives
Method controlling the exotherm of a vacuum resin infusion
Process and apparatus for preparing a molded article
Process for preparing pre-expanded particles of thermoplastic resin
Method for fabricating composite parts by injection molding
Mold for production of hollow thermoplastic resin molded article, and process for production of hollow thermoplastic resin molded article using the same
Apparatus and method for molding plastic closures
Squeezable multilayered container
Method for making a stable nonwoven web having enhanced extensibility in multiple direction
Method for embossing a sheet-type work material
Friction bearing having an intermediate layer, notably binding layer, made of an alloy on aluminium basis
Laminated glass
Composite hanger and label incorporating the same
Elastic substantially linear ethylene polymers
Breathable composite and method therefor
Polyolefin film, its use, and process for its production
Double-faced pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and pressure-sensitive adhesive member
Copolyamide active-passive oxygen barrier resins
Surface-side reproduction type optical recording medium
Composite plastic sheet and process for making the same
Complex skin, slush molding thermoplastic elastomer composition for use in the skin, and an article including the skin
Extensible composite nonwoven fabrics
Composite sheet
Apparatus and method for forming three-dimensional object
Imageable element and composition comprising thermally reversible polymers
Polymers and their use in imagable products and image-forming methods
Method for printing of transistor arrays on plastic substrates
Inkjet printable media
Printed document having a value, with luminescent authenticity feature
Ink jet recording paper
Photo-curable polymer composition and flexographic printing plates containing the same
Multilayered volume hologram structure, and label for making multilayered volume hologram structure
Image transfer sheets and a method of manufacturing the same
Partial printing of a substrate with edge sealed printed portions
Rubber composition containing two silicas
Isolation method to replace STI for deep sub-micron VLSI process including epitaxial silicon
Anti-noise grommet
Bag with mesh wall
Roll Package
Method for producing a diaphragm sensor array and diaphragm sensor array
Process for manufacturing micromechanical and microoptomechanical structures with backside metalization
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Open system sulphurous acid generator
Sulphur recovery
Magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate and monohydrate slurries
Nonaqueous secondary battery, method for making negative electrode component therefor, and apparatus for evaluating and making graphite material for negative electrode component
Method for making micrometer-sized carbon tubes
Silica foam compositions
Method of preparing coprecipitated inorganic particles
Metal oxide particles
Negative thermal expansion glass ceramic and method for producing the same
Spin-on-glass anti-reflective coatings for photolithography
Composition for providing a non-wettable coating, articles coated therewith, and methods for preparing the same
Anti-fog coating material and method of preparing an anti-fog article
Glass sheets intended for the production of glazing panes
Devices utilizing oriented superconducting ceramics
Fluid permeable flexible graphite article with enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity
Ceramic fiber debond coatings
Ceramic member for bonding, process for producing the same, vacuum switch, and vacuum vessel
Fabrication of ultra-thinwall cordierite structures
Method of making a carbon foam material and resultant product
Reduction of surface tension
Process for the preparation of carbonyl compounds by cleavage of hydroxycarboxylic acids
Combination pretreatment/adsorption for treating a liquid stream contaminated with an iodine-containing compound
Production of acrylic monomers
Process for converting stereoisomers of sertraline into sertraline
Venlafaxine production process
Benzophenones and sulfones as inhibitors of glycine uptake
Rapid purification by polymer supported quench
Process for the purifying of iopamidol
Dendrimeric fullerene derivatives, process for their preparation, and use as neuroprotectants
4-dedimethylaminotetracycline derivatives
Process for preparing 3-hydroxymethyl-4-(aryl or heterocyclic)-cyclopentanones
Process for the preparation of 1,3,5-triazine carbamates from amino-1,3,5-triazines and organic carbonates
Aminonitrile production
Alkene borates and a process for covalently coupling organic compounds
Ethylenically unsaturated amine salts of sulfonic, phosphoric, and carboxylic acids
Methods of treating cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, dyslipoproteinemia, and hypertension with ether compounds
N-substituted arylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acids useful as inhibitors of c-proteinase and for treating or preventing disorders related to unregulated collagen production
HIV protease inhibitors based on amino acid derivatives
4-Arylamino, 4-aryloxy, and 4-arylthio diarylamines and derivatives thereof as selective MEK inhibitors
Water soluble halogen-containing compounds
Compounds and compositions as protease inhibitors
Process for the preparation of 2-alkythiobenzonitrile derivatives
Method of preparing N,N'-disubstituted-3,3'-dithiodipropionamide and method of preparing substituted 3-isothiazolone by using the same
Disulfide derivatives useful for treating allergic diseases
Detergent additive composition and processes therefore and therewith
Substituted benzenesulfonylureas and -thioureas-processes for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Method for recovery of catalyst components
Coating compositions containing alkoxy substituted perfluoro compounds
Process for producing aldehydes
Method of producing rigid foams and products produced therefrom
Vapor phase carbonylation process using gold catalysts
Process for producing aromatic carboxylic acid
Process for preparing alkyl (meth)acrylates
Copolymer comprising isophthalic acid
Indole derivatives useful A.O. for the treatment of osteoporosis
3-(substituted)-2-indolinones compounds and use thereof as inhibitors of protein kinase activity
Indole derivatives having an antiviral activity
Cyclopentyl modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Retroviral protease inhibitors
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives
Benzimidazolone antiviral agents
Heterocyclic compounds useful as inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
7-oxo-pyridopyrimidines (I)
Substituted hydrazinyl heteroaromatic inhibitors of thrombin
Substituted hydrazinyl heteroaromatic inhibitors of thrombin
Method of preparation of paclitaxel (taxol) using 3-(alk-2-ynyloxy) carbonyl-5-oxazolidine carboxylic acid
Morpholine derivatives, method for the production thereof and pharmaceutical preparations containing said derivatives
Solution phase synthesis of oligonucleotides
Thiazolidinecarboxyl acids
Synthesis of thiazolium compounds
Process for producing 4-thiazolylmethyl derivative
Synthesis of coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone
Esters of 3-(2-furyl)-2-propenoic acid with diols
Process to manufacture simvastatin and intermediates
Pyrano [3,2-d]-1,3-dioxin-8 ones
Naphthopyrans annelated in C5-C6 with an indene- or dihydronaphthalene-type carbocycle, and compositions and (co)polymer matrices containing them
Method of making trimethylene carbonate
8-chloro-6,11-dihydro-11-(4-piperidylidine)-5H-benzo[5,6]cyclohepta[1-2-b] pyridine
Process for preparing a scopine ester intermediate
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds as antiinflammatory agents
Substituted imidazoles as dual histamine H1 and H3 agonists or antagonists
Acetylene derivatives as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Non-covalent thrombin inhibitors
Substituted 1-(4-aminophenyl)pyrazoles and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Naphthopyrans annelated in C5-C6, their preparation and compositions and (co)polymer matrices containing them
Methine compound, material for organic luminescence element, and organic luminescence element using the same
Oxazole PPAR antagonist
Medicinal compositions for treatment of atrial fibrillation
Thiazolidinone compounds useful as chemokine inhibitors
Water-soluble flourescent intercalator compound
Substituted [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5a]pyridine derivatives with activity as adenosine receptor ligands
Certain alkylene diamine-substituted heterocycles
Heteroaryl-phenyl heterobicyclic factor Xa inhibitors
Methods of making and using N-desmethylzopiclone
Glucocortiocoid-selective antinflammatory agents
Tetrahydro .gamma.-carbolines
Olefin polymerization catalysts and processes for making and using same
Metallocene compounds and their use for olefin polymerization
Ethylene copolymer compositions
Bridged metallocenes for olefin copolymerization
Lithium bisoxalatoborate, the production thereof and its use as a conducting salt
Monomeric neodymium carboxylate and its use in polymerization of conjugated diene
Preparation of organohalosilanes
Process for the production of yellow bis(3-[triethoxysilyl]-propyl) polysulfane
Process for preparing discodermolide and analogues thereof
Method of preparing form II crystals of clarithromycin
2'-O-amino-containing nucleoside analogs and polynucleotides
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Multiparametric fluorescence in situ hybridization
Method for preparing aloin by extraction
Synthesis and crosslinking of catechol containing copolypeptides
Method for diagnosis of Epstein-Barr virus associated disease
Methods and compositions for identifying a protease
Core structure of gp41 from the HIV envelope glycoprotein
Nucleotide sequence of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome, fragments thereof, and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding a mycoplasma protein involved in cell growth regulation
Polynucleotides and their use for detecting resistance to streptogramin A or to streptogramin B and related compounds
Increasing production of proteins in gram-positive microorganisms using SecG
Acquired resistance genes in plants
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Isolated peptides which bind to HLA-C molecules and uses thereof
Ras suppressor SUR-8 and related compositions and methods
Variant of vascular endothelial growth factor
Processed polypeptides with IL-16 activity, process for preparing the same and their use
Plasmids, their construction and their use in the manufacture of interleukin-4 and interleukin-4 muteins
Shuffling polynucleotides by incomplete extension
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
HMTF81 human 7-transmembrane receptor
Fibrin/fibrinogen binding conjugate
Purified Apo A and Apo E compounds and methods for using them
Synthetic peptides that enhance atherogenic lipoprotein uptake and lower plasma cholesterol
Method for production of high titer virus and high efficiency retroviral mediated transduction of mammalian cells
Methods using a novel neurotrophic factor, NT-4
Method for inhibiting reperfusion injury using antibodies to P-selectin glycoprotein ligand
Methods and compositions for the identification and assessment of prostate cancer therapies and the diagnosis of prostate cancer
DNAs encoding new fusion proteins and processes for preparing useful polypeptides through expression of the DNAs
IGF-I variants
Ob receptor
Intramuscular delivery of recombinant AAV
Ultra pure hemoglobin solutions and blood-substitutes
Early detection of mycobacterial disease
Humanized and chimeric monoclonal antibodies that recognize epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R); diagnostic and therapeutic use
Antibodies that bind tumor necrosis factor delta
Methods of suppressing immune responses to transplanted tissues and organs with gp39-specific antibodies
Purification of Echinocandin cyclopeptide compounds
20(S) camptothecin glycoconjugates
Method of manufacturing a multifunctional additive and using the same
Trifunctional olefinic-capped polymers and compositions that include such polymers
Polymerization of olefins
Polymerization using late transition metal catalyst complexes formed in situ
Olefin polymerization catalyst material and process for its preparation
Transition metal catalyzed polymerization of olefinic monomers in a water-containing polymerization medium
Polymerizable composition of allyl functional monomers
Inhibiting scale in vinyl monomer polymerization
Controlling the molecular weight of graft copolymers using polymerizable chain transfer agents
Method for producing impact-resistant modified thermoplastic moulding materials
Method of preparing rubber substrate
Method for producing a polymer reaction product
Gelled aqueous composition comprising a block copolymer containing at least one water-soluble block and one hydrophobic block
Process for the preparation of a diene elastomer by anionic polymerization
Process for producing thermoplastic resin composition
Rheology modification of elastomers
Composition having improved thermomechanical properties, and a method of cross-linking it
High performance synthetic nonwovens using polymers having dual crosslinkable functionality
Carbamate solutions
Process for making cold-setting flexible foams, polyol composition and reaction system useful therefor, foams thus obtained
Process for the preparation of aqueous emulsions of advantageously masked (poly)isocyanate oils and/or gums and/or resins and emulsions obtained
Ambient-temperature-stable, one-part curable epoxy adhesive
Partial condensate of glycidyl ether group-containing alkoxysilane, silane-modified resin, compositions thereof and preparation methods thereof
Amine compounds and curable compositions derived therefrom
Regio-regular copolymer and methods of forming same
Polyester resin and process for producing molded product thereof
Polycarbonate resin for use in the production of a substrate for an optical information medium
Extrusion method for making polycarbonate
Solid electrolyte secondary battery
Polycyanoaryl ether and method for production thereof
Method for manufacture of particles for powder coating
Polyester resin compositions for film
Use of mixtures of organofunctionally modified polysiloxanes with branched alcohols in the production of flexible polyurethane foams
Titanium dioxide nucleating agent systems for foamable polymer compositions
Microcellular thermoset foams and method for producing the same
Light weight particulate composite materials with cenospheres as reinforcements and method for making the same
Method for the preparation of low specific gravity silicone rubber elastomers
Antistatic compositions based on polyamide
Rubber composition and vulcanized rubber composition
Resin composition, molded article therefrom, and utilization thereof
Polyamide resin composition and process for producing the same
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Cellulose fiber-based compositions and their method of manufacture
Thermoplastic compositions comprising starch and other components from natural origin
Elastomer composition
Rheology-modified thermoplastic elastomer compositions and articles fabricated therefrom
Polymer blends of polyvinyl butyral
UV curable elastomer composition
Modified oxymethylene polymers
Polyoxymethylene copolymer and composition thereof
Self-dispersible hardenable epoxide resins
Epoxy resin composition
One-pack type epoxy resin composition and cured epoxy resin
Release agents for bituminous substances
Dye complex and optical information recording medium
Nitrocellulose based coating compositions
Thermosetting powder coating composition
Pigment dispersants formed by reacting an isocyanate with a poly (ethylene glycol) alkyl ether, a polyester or polyester or polyacrylate and a diamine
Translucent high-temperature powder coatings
Aqueous electrophoretic enamels containing solid urea compounds
Non-selective slurries for chemical mechanical polishing of metal layers and method for manufacturing thereof
Process for producing highly water resistant tackifier resin
Dielectric, radiation-curable coating compositions
Adhesive vapor barrier tape for a ridge purlin
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets for dicing
Light-emitting compound and display device adopting light-emitting compound as color-developing substance
Liquid crystalline medium
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Cooling medium for optical equipment and cooling device using the same
Viscoelastic surfactants and compositions containing same
Reducing aluminum compound precipitation during subterranean formation acidizing
Aminoplast resin photochromic coating composition and photochromic articles
Process for refining fatty substances
Dishwashing compositions comprising modified alkybenzene sulfonates
Bleaching compositions
Aqueous, gel laundry detergent composition
Automotive wash and wax composition and method of use thereof
High foaming, grease cutting light duty liquid composition containing a zwitterionic surfactant
Method for stopping hysteresis
Process for preparing household detergent or cleaner shapes
Cogranulates comprising alkali metal phyllosilicates and disintegrants
Useful mutations of bacterial alkaline protease
Oak aged alcoholic beverage extract and accelerated whisky maturation method
Phage display for detergent enzyme activity
Optimized antisense oligonucleotides complementary to DNA methyltransferase sequences
Genetic inhibition by double-stranded RNA
Secreting products from skin by adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene transfer
Method for culturing langerhans islets and islet autotransplantation islet regeneration
Serum-and steroid-free culture media for cerebellar granule neurons
Hepatocyte lineage cells derived from pluripotent stem cells
TRF 1 binding protein, methods of use thereof
Human glutathione-S-transferase
Nucelotide encoding megakaryocytic protein tyrosine kinases
Production and secretion of proteins of bacterial origin in filamentous fungi
Hyperthermophilic alpha-glucosidase gene and its use
Process for the preparation of pseudomonic acid a antibiotic by microbiological method
Bacterial strains for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Cell culture process
Additive formulation and method of use thereof
Allele frequency differences method for phenotype cloning
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
Cloned DNA polymerases from Thermotoga and mutants thereof
Method of obtaining a library of tags capable of defining a specific state of a biological sample
Method of analyzing single nucleotide polymorphisms using melting curve and restriction endonuclease digestion
Magnetic recording medium, method of production and magnetic storage apparatus
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices with titanium aluminum nitride work function
Composite structure and process for producing it
High rate silicon nitride deposition method at low pressures
Reactor for coating flat substrates and process for manufacturing such substrates
Method of fabricating an SrRuO3 film
Selective codeposition of particulate matter and plated articles thereof
Utilization of annealing enhanced or repaired seed layer to improve copper interconnect reliability
Method of forming a GaInNAs layer
Growth of epitaxial semiconductor material with improved crystallographic properties
Textiles; Paper
Degradable polymer fibers; preparation product; and, methods of use
Production of high surface energy, high surface area vapor grown carbon fiber
Yarn blend for friction applications
Tightly woven paper textile products
Waterproofing agents for textile finishing
Fixed Constructions
Power-generating roof tile with photovoltaic module
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compression regenerative machine for fuel cell
Inhibitor switch
Method of nucleic acid compaction
Apparatus for rapid measurement of aerosol bulk chemical composition
Method and apparatus for determining erythrocyte sedimentation rate and hematocrit
CD38 as a prognostic indicator in B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Method of sorting birds in ovo
Composition and method for measuring the foliar uptake of pesticides
Analytical element and method for the determination of an analyte in a liquid
Immunoassay devices and materials
Color shifting film with a plurality of fluorescent colorants
Fluorescent color conversion film, fluorescent color conversion filter using the same, and an organic light-emitting device equipped with this fluorescent color conversion filter
In-plane switching liquid crystal display array
Flexible wiring board, electrooptical device and electronic equipment
Method for removing photoresist layer on wafer edge
Silver halide photographic materials containing solubilized antifoggants
Photothermographic element containing a mixture of blocked developers
Stain-resistant polyester overcoat for a photographic element
Process for the removing stain in a photographic material
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Method of repairing an opaque defect in a photomask
Method and apparatus for a reflective mask that is inspected at a first wavelength and exposed during semiconductor manufacturing at a second wavelength
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Photopolymerizable composition
Negative resist composition, method for the formation of resist patterns and process for the production of electronic devices
Positive working photoresist composition
Novolac polymer planarization films with high temperature stability
Novolac polymer planarization films with high temperature stability
Exposure method and exposure apparatus and mask
Method of photolithography using super-resolution near-field structure
Developer and process for preparing flexographic printing forms
Color toner for developing electrostatic image, comprising first linear polyester and second non-linear polyester as binder resin
Toner for the development of electrostatic image and process for the preparation thereof
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image
Magnetic carrier
Algorithmic compensation system and method therefor for a touch sensor panel
Substituted benzylaminopiperidine compounds
Prerecorded musical arrangement teaching assembly and method
Decorative toppers
Erroneous opening prevention mechanism for a grand piano lid
Automatic music generating method and device
Sound source device
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Semiconductor memory device and method for producing same
Semiconductive jacket for cable and cable jacketed therewith
Electrical cable apparatus and method for making
Electric cable with low external magnetic field and method for designing same
Rotary switch having click mechanism
Drive device for a switching device for medium-voltage switchgear assemblies
Vacuum interrupter for vacuum breaker
Multipole electrical switchgear apparatus equipped with a drive mechanism and breaking modules
Magnetic switch
Micro power switch
Slide switch including reciprocating to reciprocating movement between actuator assembly and displaced movable contact structure
Alternate door interlock defeater
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Perforated plasma confinement ring in plasma reactors
Getter materials capable of being activated at low applied temperatures
Manufacturing method for electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Method for removing contaminants from a semiconductor wafer
Dry etching device and method of producing semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic device
Semiconductor with nanoscale features
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having a capacitor
Bipolar transistor manufacturing method
Semiconductor package structure with heat-dissipation stiffener and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing integrated circuits and semiconductor wafer which has integrated circuits
Method for manufacturing a SOI wafer
Method to form thermally stable nickel germanosilicide on SiGe
Semiconductor device, and method of forming the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a crystallized amorphous silicon film
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Method using disposable and permanent films for diffusion and implant doping
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor memory
Re-metallized aluminum bond pad, and method for making the same
Microstructure array, mold for forming a microstructure array, and method of fabricating the same
Thin flip--chip method
Anti-corrosion system
In-situ process for fabricating a semiconductor device with integral removal of antireflection and etch stop layers
Integrated circuit structures having low k porous aluminum oxide dielectric material separating aluminum lines, and method of making same
Method and apparatus for heat-treating an SOI substrate and method of preparing an SOI substrate by using the same
Self aligned gate
Method of forming a reverse gate structure with a spin on glass process
Method of fabrication based on solid-phase epitaxy for a MOSFET transistor with a controlled dopant profile
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for measuring the depth of well
Semiconductor device and tape carrier, and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, electronic instrument, and tape carrier manufacturing device
Method of transferring ultra-thin substrates and application of the method to the manufacture of a multi-layer thin film device
Multiple loadlock system
Method of locating and placing eye point features of a semiconductor die on a substrate
Process for forming damascene-type isolation structure for BJT device formed in trench
Method for fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Depletion compensated polysilicon electrodes
Method for forming a damascene FeRAM cell structure
Method of recessing spacers to improved salicide resistance on polysilicon gates
Method of forming low resistance reduced channel length transistors
Removable spacer technique
Method for producing an SOI wafer
Method of forming connections with low dielectric insulating layers
Method of making a semiconductor device using a silicon carbide hard mask
Method of forming capped copper interconnects with reduced hillock formation and improved electromigration resistance
Copper film selective formation method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of fabricating a multi-chip module package
Use of selective oxidation to improve LDMOS power transistors
Method for forming an SOI substrate by use of a plasma ion irradiation
Method for forming dielectric stack including second dielectric layer with lower undoped portion and upper doped portion
Method of fabricating semiconductor having a reduced leakage current flow between the accumulation electrode and the gate electrode
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a support plate with a flange for a semiconductor device
Varied-thickness heat sink for integrated circuit (IC) packages and method of fabricating IC packages
Method of attaching a leadframe to singulated semiconductor dice
Semiconductor package having stacked dice and leadframes and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device, tab tape for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the tab tape and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Ring positionable about a periphery of a contact pad, semiconductor device components including same, and methods for positioning the ring around a contact pad
Method of forming IC package having downward-facing chip cavity
Interconnect structure having fuse or anti-fuse links between profiled apertures
Silicon based conductive material and process for production thereof
Structure of a CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Multiple channel implantation to form retrograde channel profile and to engineer threshold voltage and sub-surface punch-through
Stepped collector implant and method for fabrication
High performance bipolar transistor
Vertical double gate transistor structure
Method of fabricating a high power RF field effect transistor with reduced hot electron injection and resulting structure
Method for forming notch gate having self-aligned raised source/drain structure
Source-side stacking fault body-tie for partially-depleted SOI MOSFET hysteresis control
Apparatus and process for the production of a superconductive layer
Process for producing an electronic component
Cyclooctatetraenes as electron transporters in organic light emitting diodes
Photolithographic method for fabricating organic light-emitting diodes
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery
Electrolyte comprising fluoro-ethylene carbonate and propylene carbonate, for alkali metal-ion secondary battery
Battery separator element containing efficiency improving additives
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery
Battery separator containing efficiency improving additives for a lead acid battery
Multi-element fuel cell system
Hydrogen generation via methane cracking for integrated heat and electricity production using a fuel cell
Liquid fuel-housing tank for fuel cell and fuel cell
Method of wire integration for a round cable
Method of manufacturing an optical semiconductor module
Cable joint with improved screen connection
Adjustable power pole
Filling method
Multi-layer wiring substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Sequential build circuit board
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