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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Floral assembly
Self-cleaning litter box
Mucking device
Animal collar
Fishing tip-up with multiple, selectable magentic sensor targets
Swatter apparatus with removable films
Kinetic non-adhesive pest control tools and techniques
Potato treatment composition
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Macrocyclic picolinamide compounds with fungicidal activity
Substituted pyrimidinium compounds for combating animal pests
Use of glycerol ethers as activators of the biological effects of a herbicide, fungicide or insecticide substance
Method and installation for handling poultry
Yeast fermentation of rice bran extracts
Hookah with multiple tobacco bowls
Made-to-measure orthosis for compression/containment, for reinforcing the musculo-aponeurotic pump of the calf
Garment with bladder
Bathing suit top with adjustable back
Beverage dispensing headwear
Energy dissipation system for a helmet
French manicure application devices, kits and method
Device for shouldering skis and ski poles
Camera float
Tongue-mounted cleaning article
Connector piece for connecting multiple legs
Seat desktop conversion device
Monitor supporting module
Multi-orientation modular furniture having an energy releasable design
Method and device for carrying young humans
Retractable arms clothes hanger
Beverage making container for placement onto a cup
Dispenser assembly
Footwear cleaning doormat
Single port device including selectively closeable openings
Circular stapler for hemorrhoid operations
Endovascular stapler
Lancet device with depth adjustment and lancet removal system and method
Compact wavefront sensor module and its attachment to or integration with an ophthalmic instrument
Imaging and lighting optics of a contact eye camera
System and method to provide career counseling and management using biofeedback
Guidewire and connector therefor
Method for generation of temporally high-resolution MR exposures
Sensing gas bubbles in a living body
Interface unit for use with injectors and imaging systems and related devices
X-ray image acquisition system for differential phase contrast imaging of an examination object by way of phase stepping, and angiographic examination method
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Disposable wearing article
Insert with advantageous fastener configurations and end stiffness characteristics for two-piece wearable absorbent article
Vascular wound closure device and method
Tissue engineering of blood vessels
Devices and methods for retaining a gastro-esophageal implant
Leg brace
Temperature control for pre-roast fowl
Substituted N-phenethyltriazoloneacetamides and use thereof
Pharmaceutical preparation and manufacturing method thereof
Thiadiazolidinone derivatives
Combination of lapatinib and trametinib
Bacterial ribonucleic acid cell wall compositions and methods of making and using them
Chinese medicine hair-regrowth preparation and formula and preparation method therefor
Sophorae Radix extract for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases
Composition for controlling increase in blood glucose
Compositions with reduced dimer formation
Parstatin peptides
Use of EPO receptor activation or stimulation for the improvement of the EDSS score in patients with multiple sclerosis
Method and composition for transdermal drug delivery
Treating a mammal with a formulation comprising an antibody which binds IgE
Sealbio: a novel non-obturation regenerative technique of endodontic treatment
Controlled release gels
Cassia derivatives
Dermal compositions containing gorgonian extract
Pharmaceutical compositions of fenofibrate
Medical bandages with a skin adhesion reducing material
Sterilization system and device
Delivering aerosolizable food products
Delivery of nebulized medicines
Laboratory animal pulmonary dosing device
Sheath removal apparatus
Implantable intraocular pressure drain
Implantable medical device with temperature measuring and storing capability
Polymer lead covering with varied material properties
Method and device for comprehensive anti-tachyarrhythmia therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Controllable emitter
Area-programmable sprinkler
Apparatuses, systems, and associated methods for forming porous masses for smoke filter
Optical scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus and control method
Optical head and image forming apparatus
Transmission gear selection and engine torque control method and system
Vehicle peripheral monitoring apparatus
Onboard vehicle information notifying apparatus, information providing system, and information notifying method
Method and system of transient control for homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines
Electric power steering system
Clutch case with integral lumens for containing liquid with entrained decorative material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Non-peptidic quenched fluorescent imaging probes
Antiviral compounds
Codon-optimized polynucleotide-based vaccines against human cytomegalovirus infection
High linolenic linseed oil compositions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve performance controller for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control system and vehicle comprising the same
Fuel injection control device and method for continuously controlling fuel injection during engine operation based on throttle position
Measurement method for determining dimensions of features resulting from enhanced patterning methods
Magnetostrictive displacement transducer with phase shifted bias burst
Spectroscopy wavelength and amplitude referencing system and method
Optical tomography device
Ultrasound probe
Maintenance and control system for ground support equipment
Industrial truck with acquirement of utilization data
Methodology for evaluating the start and profile of a thread with a vision-based system
Optical device for detecting live insect infestation
Method and system for measuring sub-surface composition of a sample
Motorcycle wheel speed transmission mechanism for speedmeter
Metalized elastomeric probe structure
Adapter retrofit by replacement component
Method, data processing program and computer program product for determining a periodic cycle of time series data
Sensor threshold circuit
Device for measuring thickness and square resistivity of interconnecting lines
Method and system for automatically managing probe mark shifts
Methods and systems for diagnosing stator windings in an electric motor
Line-rate, real-time-traffic detector
System and method for evaluation of network performance
Capacitance measuring circuit
Mobile communication terminal, communication apparatus, mobile communication method, and communication method
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of testing the same
Methods for testing satellite navigation system receivers in wireless electronic devices
Remotely-alterable electronic-ink based display device employing an integrated circuit structure having a GPS signal receiver and programmed processor for locally determining display device position and transmitting determined position information to a remote activator module
Parallel imaging method and MRI apparatus
Method for processing a distortion-corrected 2D or 3D reconstruction image recorded by a magnetic resonance device
Methods of processing magnetotelluric signals
Zoom lens, information device, and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens
Multiple magnification optical system with single objective lens
Image record medium and image record apparatus
Optical amplifier
Oscillating mirror having a plurality of eigenmodes
Space scanner for autonomous mobile device
Bend insensitive fiber with reduced heat induced loss
Methods of manufacturing optical waveguide film and optical substrate
Optical substrate having a supporting substrate and an optical waveguide film adhesively bonded to the supporting substrate
Wavelength converter
Electro-optic displays, and color filters for use therein
Liquid crystal display
Display device with elastic members having portions of different hardness or different widths
Stressed liquid crystals materials for light modulation
Light polarizer
Liquid crystal display device
Transparent coordinate input device having a ridge portion formed in transparent resistance film
Transparent composite material having ridge portion formed in transparent resistance film for transparent coordinate input device
Alignment treatment of liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display having openings in the protective layer and gate insulating layer and method for fabricating the display
Large substrate, method of manufacturing liquid crystal device from the same, and liquid crystal device obtained
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Developing method and developing apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method, apparatus and system for matching color gamuts of multiple image transfer devices
Image forming apparatus, method therefor, and program
Image forming apparatus
Active image state control with distributed actuators and sensors on development rolls
Active image state control with linear distributed actuators on development rolls
Image forming apparatus, developing unit thereof and method for controlling developing unit
Magnet knife assembly for a toner developing device
Image heating apparatus
Apparatus and method for positioning control
Vehicle control device
Charge pump with low power, high voltage protection circuitry
Fully integrated on-chip low dropout voltage regulator
Electronic control unit and signal monitoring circuit
Computer and power supply method thereof
Cover for device
Portable computer
Hardware fastening structure for computer
Latching mechanism
Voltage regulation for a computer system providing voltage positioning for multi-component load
Method and device for dynamically verifying a processor architecture
System for on demand task optimization
Synchronous and asynchronous continuous data protection
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, storage medium and program
Performance monitor unit for sampling all performance events generated by a processor
Method and system for bootstrapping a trusted server having redundant trusted platform modules
Malware detection and identification via malware spoofing
Systems and methods for updating content detection devices and systems
Efficient hierarchical storage management of a file system with snapshots
Apparatus and method to store original point-in-time data
Varying access parameters for processes to access memory addresses in response to detecting a condition related to a pattern of processes access to memory addresses
Method and system for securing instruction caches using substantially random instruction mapping scheme
Mirrored storage system and methods for operating a mirrored storage system
Facsimile apparatus, control method thereof, and control program thereof
Multicore processor having storage for core-specific operational data
Line swapping scheme to reduce back invalidations in a snoop filter
Electronic system and method for selectively allowing access to a shared memory
Write access and subsequent read access to a memory device
Method and arrangement for use of shared resources in a network
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and computer readable medium
System and a program product
Method for circulating a report in a semiconductor manufacturing environment
System, method and program product for authenticating an e-mail and/or attachment
Multiplexing commands from processors to tightly coupled coprocessor upon state based arbitration for coprocessor resources
Method for verification via information processing
Internet service for passengers on in-flight airplanes
Computer system and management computer for identifying seat position
System for assisting collaborative activity
Pulse-per-second attachment for STP
Transmitting aggregated information arising from appnet information
Method and system for writing network data
Methods and apparatus for accessing data from a primary data storage system for secondary storage
Method, apparatus and program product for remotely restoring a non-responsive computing system
Communication control system, motor vehicle, communication control program, system establishing the communication control system, and external system
Application unit monitoring and reporting system and method with usage data logged into a map structure
Firewall doctor
Systems methods and user state files for enabling interactions between virtual and real world identities
Verification of the availability of a server
Network management system for managing networks and implementing services on the networks using rules and an inference engine
Use of a really simple syndication communication format in a process control system
Method for determining VoIP gateway performance and SLAs based upon path measurements
Computer system
Signaling partial service configuration changes in appnets
Memory expansion pack for providing content to portable terminal
Method, system and computer program product for displaying a version of a paper
Processing instructions in a changed document object
Data deduplication by separating data from meta data
Method and system for matching audio recording
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Daily pill dispensing apparatus
Ensuring product correctness in a multilingual environment
Search engine using world map with whois database search restriction
System and method for offering complementary products / services
Sharing access to content items using group information and item information
Contents-data editing apparatus, method of updating playlist of contents data, and recording medium
Scaled management system
Device and method for automatically generating ontology instance
Mechanisms to support object-oriented version control operations
Method and system for optimizing database performance
System and method for aligning data frames in time
Determining manufacturability of lithographic mask by reducing target edge pairs used in determining a manufacturing penalty of the lithographic mask
Method for validating logical function and timing behavior of a digital circuit decision
Determining manufacturability of lithographic mask by selecting target edge pairs used in determining a manufacturing penalty of the lithographic mask
Interconnect structure for integrated circuits having improved electromigration characteristics
Apparatus and method of preventing congestive placement
Power delivery analysis and design
Method of performing mask-writer tuning and optimization
Automatic delay adjusting method for semiconductor integrated circuit by using dummy wiring
Methods for manufacturing an electronic device using an electronically determined test member
Method and system for analyzing cross-talk coupling noise events in block-based statistical static timing
Non-unique results in design verification by test programs
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit and mask data generation program
System and method for circuit simulation
Apparatus and method for integrated circuit design with improved delay variation calculation based on power supply variations
Characterizing thermomechanical properties of an organic substrate using three-dimensional finite element analysis
Optimized deployment of parts in a distribution network
Machining quality judging method for wafer grinding machine and wafer grinding machine
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing service access control for a user interface
Data transmission method and electronic device using the same
Opportunistic improvement of MMIO request handling based on target reporting of space requirements
Optimal paths with SCSI I/O referrals
Lineup detection
Electronic apparatus
Dual pen system
Circuit providing common voltage for panel of display
Digital controller for a true multi-point touch surface useable in a computer system
Method for arranging graphic assemblies
Image forming apparatus, and method for changing number of lines in band buffer based on memory size to be required
Mechanism to create a reservation against a future scheduling object instantiation
Updating of resource data in a printing apparatus
Method for providing requested fields by get.sub.--Data operation in TV-anytime metadata service
Method and apparatus for speed-limit following cruise control
Identification, monitoring and treatment of disease and characterization of biological condition using gene expression profiles
Method and program of collecting performance data for storage network
Estimating recovery times for data assets
List search method for mobile terminal
Authentication apparatus, authentication method, and computer program product
System and method for performing hybrid expression evaluation
Methods and apparatus for configuring a process control system with a configuration editor executing on a digital data processing device
Object management using cyclic path information
Rebootless display driver upgrades
Method for recognition of acyclic instruction patterns
System, and computer program product for on demand enablement of dormant computing resources
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of designing thereof based on TPI
Controlling memory usage in systems having limited physical memory
Load balancing for image processing using multiple processors
Method of facilitating workload management in a computing environment
System for providing fuel-efficient driving information for vehicles
Automatic job routing for wide format print distribution
Image reading apparatus and control method for image forming apparatus for reducing operator wait time
Asymmetric IDZ precession in a multi-pass direct marking system
Resolution doubling for printer apparatus
Method and system for selecting the number of gaussian modes for the segmentation of cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) images
Method for inspecting a foreign matter on mirror-finished substrate
Conveying auxilliary data through digital watermarking
Apparatus and method for detecting defects in wafer using line sensor camera
Deterministic wavelet thresholding for general-error metrics
Motion capture device and associated method
Printed product, printed product detection method and detection apparatus, and authentication method and authentication apparatus
Vectorisation of colour gradients
Robust reconstruction method for parallel magnetic resonance images
Image display panel and driving method thereof
Image selection support system for supporting selection of well-photographed image from plural images
R/T display compression preserving intensity information
Image processing device, image compression method, image compression program, and recording medium
Methods and systems for image processing of microfluidic devices
Method and apparatus of image processing to detect and enhance edges
Image processing apparatus capable of operating correspondence between base image and reference image, method of controlling that image processing apparatus, and computer-readable medium recording program for controlling that image processing apparatus
Methods and apparatus for increasing and/or for monitoring a party's compliance with a schedule for taking medicines
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
Method for the automated dispatch of fueling operations
Policy based automation for a supply chain
System and method for composite pricing of services to provide optimal bill schedule
Method of delivering goods and services via a variable value media
System for collaborative internet competitive sales analysis
Method and system for creating advertisement books
Computer-based system for automating administrative procedures in an office
Financial activity based on natural weather events
Computerized method for open-ended investments
Securities market and market maker activity tracking system and method
Central counterparty for data management
Performance analysis system and method
Recasting a legacy web page as a motion picture with audio
Referee's wireless horn indicator system having sensor alerts
Fallen conductor warning system
Control apparatus, method, and algorithm for turning on warning in response to strobe
Apparatus for monitoring of brushes, in particular slipring or commutator brushes, on electrical machines
System and method for verifying a security status of a lockable container
Animal repellent apparatus
Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet
Speedometer for train crossings
Method and apparatus for driving multi-segment display device
Driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
Electrophoresis display device
Display apparatus
Driving method of stacked light modulating device, and driving device of stacked light modulating device
Driving circuit of a semiconductor display device and the semiconductor display device
Display device, driving apparatus for display device, and driving method of display device
Systems and methods for multiple display support in remote access software
Device and method of driving light source in display device
Method and apparatus for multiscreen management for multiple screen configuration
Computer system and control method thereof
Methods and apparatus for audio data analysis and data mining using speech recognition
Near field light assisted magnetic recording head and recording apparatus using the same
Storage device having flexible architecture and free scalability
Defect detection design
Optical disc device and laser power control method
Data storage drive overwrite protection of non-worm cartridges
Thermally assisted magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus
Recording head and data recording and reproducing apparatus
Synchronization of symmetric timing based servo bursts
Write head design and method for reducing adjacent track interference at very narrow track widths
Method of measuring non-coherent runout for a disk drive
Air bearing at opposite side of linear tape to support tape into contact with head slider
Track counting system and method for recordable optical media
Recording/reproducing apparatus and tracking control method
Objective lens and optical pickup comprising the objective lens
Read, verify word line reference voltage to track source level
Non-volatile memory device and page buffer circuit thereof
Content addressable memory array
Non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Memory module and layout method therefor
Voltage generator for memory array
Semiconductor memory device and read wait time adjustment method thereof, memory system, and semiconductor device
Active termination circuit and method for controlling the impedance of external integrated circuit terminals
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Chemical injection system and chemical delivery process/method of injecting into an operating power reactor
Low variation resistor
Compact inductor and a method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic element
Programmable electronics
LED package structure for increasing light-emitting efficiency
Light-emitting device and electronic device
Plasma display panel and field emission display
Fluorescent lamp with UV-blocking layer and protective sleeve
Light-emitting organic compound with improved reliability
Multi-band antenna
Antenna structure for a magnetic resonance device
Optical amplifier provided with control function of pumping light, and optical transmission system using the same
Raman amplification apparatus and distributed raman amplification system as well as starting up method for distributed raman amplification system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having control circuit to selectively activate decoupling cells
Power supply controller
Circuit interrupting device with reset lockout
Power supply controller
Switching power supply device
Negotiating capacity allocation among distributed current protection devices
Semiconductor device
Battery cover assembly used in portable electronic device
Modular power supply
Apparatus and method for detecting an abnormality of a generator for vehicles
Coreless and brushless direct-current motor, Gifford McMahon (GM) cryogenic cooler, pulse tube cryogenic cooler, cryopump, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus, superconducting magnet (SCM) apparatus, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) apparatus, and cryogenic cooler for cooling semiconductor
Magnetic motor generator having a floating flywheel
Brushless AC generator for vehicle
DC power supply for varying output voltage according to load current variation
Electrically insulated switching element driver and method for controlling same
Static converter
Inverter module with thermally separated semiconductor devices
Electric power control device and vehicle with the same
Charge control device and electrically driven vehicle
Permanent magnet AC motor systems and control algorithm restart methods
Brushless, three phase motor drive
Control system for an electrical machine
Load driving device
Wireless communication system and method with frequency burst acquisition feature using autocorrelation
Method and apparatus for audio normalization
Joint phased training of equalizer and echo canceller
Constellation recovery for quadrature amplitude modulation
Phononic crystal wave structures
Piezoelectric resonator element, piezoelectric resonator, and acceleration sensor
Lightweight secure physically unclonable functions
Current source applicable to a controllable delay line and design method thereof
Input buffer and method of operation
Voltage-controlled oscillator topology
Apparatus and method for amplifying signal power in a communication system
Limiter and semiconductor device using the same
Threshold dithering for time-to-digital converters
Re-configurable multipurpose analog interface
Variable quantization ADC for image sensors
Method of composing and operating data input key array and apparatus employing the same
Error processing of user information received by a communication network
Control system for an optical storage device
Error correction system and method
Decoding method and decoding circuit
Methods and apparatus for masking and securing communications transmissions
Mobile communication system
Broadcast receiver for and method of providing broadcast channel information
Portable electronic device
Mobile phone alert system and method
Reduced complexity frequency band and virtual antenna combination (VAC) selection
Multi-band portable SATCOM antenna with integral diplexer
Transceiver for radio-frequency communication
Bandwidth sensitive data compression and decompression
Alien wavelength channel balancing and line amplifier optimization
Balanced optical signal processor
Wavelength division multiplex optical ring network
Frequency response correction for a receiver having a frequency translation device
Methods for detecting and classifying signals transmitted over a radio frequency spectrum
RF receiver with fast baseband switching
Assessing the performance of radio devices
System for wireless audio signal distribution between a plurality of active loudspeakers
Control of uplink transmit power
Apparatus and method for bluetooth connection in portable terminal
Multiple power-multiple access in wireless networks for interference cancellation
Method for using a base station to selectively utilize B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
Call admission controller and method thereof and multi-hop wireless backhaul network system using the same
Method and apparatus for determining an influenced range of a fault occurence in a network
Optical remote node device and support equipment for constructing and extending fiber-optic access networks
Dispersion compensator, and dispersion compensating method
Method for scheduling packet data transmission
Precesion/speed compromise of a synchronization signal reception device
Synchronization of call traffic in the forward direction over backhaul links
Method and apparatus for synchronizing time information in a mobile communication terminal
Method and apparatus for providing prepaid music card for deciphering recorded broadcast audio signals
Generating signals for transmission of information
Jamming device for mobile communication
Remote access link fault indication mechanism
Method and tool for IP multicast network address translation (MNAT)
Measurement managing apparatus and communication system
Resource usage measurement technique for pricing in a communications network
Managing the distribution of control protocol information in a network node
Method and system for improved management of a communication network by extending the simple network management protocol
Network node location discovery
Buffer management in a network device
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving information regarding UPnP event
Wireless communication terminal and wireless communication method
Method of establishing link for handover by a multi-mode mobile terminal
Method and equipment for demultiplexing variable size protocol data units
Controlling service quality of voice over Internet Protocol on a downlink channel in high-speed wireless data networks
Method and device for adjusting a pulse detection threshold, and pulse detection and corresponding receiver
Autoregressive moving average modeling for feedforward and feedback Tomlinson-Harashima precoder filters
Optimum radio communication method with radio frame variable control and radio communication system using the same
Terminal apparatus, base station and communication method
Recording medium storing control program and communication system
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for intercepting, examining and controlling code, data and files and their transfer
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Synchronous circuit and method for receiving data
Quantum key distribution apparatus and method
Monitoring apparatus, method of controlling the monitoring apparatus, and program therefor
Validating active computer terminal sessions
Communication device
System and method for indoor coverage of user equipment terminals
Wireless networks incorporating implicit antenna selection based on received sounding reference signals
Method of and base station for controlling beam forming in a mobile cellular network
Slide module and mobile terminal having the same
Portable electronic device
Fiber optic earpiece to reduce radiation transmitted to a cell phone user
Method and system for one-way delay measurement in communication network
Method of notifying a caller of message confirmation in a wireless communication system
Communication control device, location-dependent charge control system, and location-dependent charge control method
Method for order taking using interactive virtual human agents
Audio experience for a communications device user
Telephone system, associated exchange, and transmission control method
Origin device billing according to caller
Terminal and method of setting service for data communication therein
Method for allocating electronic serial number for mobile station
Hands-free system, navigation system, and terminal memory data management method
Echo cancellation and noise reduction adaptation during ringing signal playback
Communication apparatus that prevents the wasteful printing of error reports
System and method for maintaining paper and electronic calendars
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, information processing apparatus and information processing method
Image processing apparatus, method, and computer program product that generates and encodes coupled information identifying image copying and processing devices
Device for scanning and verifying a plurality of paper fingerprints
Scanning optical apparatus, image forming apparatus and image clock correction method
Image sensor with sensing transistor having two gates and method of operating the same
Increasing readout speed in CMOS aps sensors through block readout
Solid-state image pickup device having a signal separation part for separating and providing vertical and horizontal signals and drive method thereof
Increasing readout speed in CMOS APS sensors through block readout
Camera system for processing luminance and color signals using added pixel and adding sync signals
Auto-focusing optical apparatus with focus detection area setting capability and focus detection area changing capability
Apparatus, method and program for receiving printing orders
Portable electronic device
Method for determining luminance threshold value of video region and related apparatus
Physical quantity detecting device, method of driving the physical quantity detecting device and imaging apparatus
Digital exposure circuit for an image sensor
Method of auto-configuring audio-video signals and associated apparatus
Display apparatus and method of preventing image burn-in
System and method for providing access to data using customer profiles
Unseen flat screen
PVR system, and method for recording video by using the same
High speed dubbing apparatus
Apparatus and method for frame rate up conversion
Method and apparatus for robust super-resolution video scaling
Apparatus and method for converting a codec of image data
Video phone communication system and method therefor
Method and systems for scalable representation of multimedia data for progressive asynchronous transmission
System and method for transmitting broadcast contents over DLNA network
Audio visual recording and reproducing apparatus
Method for creating, updating, and recording seamless presentation information of moving picture data in a rewritable recording medium
Communication method in RFID or remote sensor systems
Sound amplifying guitar stand
Method for parameter identification and parameter optimization of microspeakers
Multichannel amplifier
Transmission control method and device
Transceiver device capable of calibration and calibration method used by the same
Method and apparatus for joint scheduling to increase frequency efficiency and fairness in a distributed antenna system using frequency reuse and common power control
Adaptive cell ID detection in a cellular communications system
Modification of en-route message to add destination port number selected based at least in part on message originator
Retransmission method for multiple antenna system
Wireless communications system
System and method for dividing subchannels in a OFDMA network
System and method for bypassing an access point in a local area network for P2P data transfers
Generating distance bands
DVB-H receiving terminal and method for frequency scanning in DVB-H receiving terminal
System and method for providing notification message in DVB-H system
System and method for allocating resource and user terminal
Time constrained signal MIMO wireless and wired communication method
Lamp driving device and liquid crystal display device having the same
Bipolar (dis)charging LED drive method and circuit thereof
Light emitting device for transmission of communications information
Electronic apparatus having self-diagnosis capability
Electronic unit
Plug-in unit-mounting structure and electronic apparatus
Computer packaging system
Microfins for cooling an ultramobile device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Digester method and system for processing farm waste
Chemical dispenser with removable cover layer
Heated volatile dispenser
Cryopreservation of swine embryos
Method for photodecontamination of pathogens in blood using 5'-primary aminopsoralens
Enhanced post-emergent herbicidal compositions containing ammonium salts and methods of using the same
Water emulsifiable formulations
Pesticidal composition for seed treatment
Fungicidal mixtures based on amide compounds
2-pyridylmethylamine derivatives useful as fungicides
Method of treating hyperproliferative diseases using active vitamin D analogues
Fungicidal mixtures
Triple antimicrobial composition
Substituted guanidine derivatives
Biocontrol agent containing an endotoxin gene
Herbal compositions for treating immunological disorders
Method for controlling the temperature of edible dough during kneading step
Crisp filled pastry after microwave baking
Hyper-absorption of vitamin E combined with milk protein
Method for preparing beverages containing powdered tea using a steamer
Ice confection
Tryptophan source from plants and uses therefor
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Animal feed additives
Composition related to low glycemic index foods
Flavorant compositions
Method of preventing development of severe metabolic derangement in inborn errors of metabolism
Blood type methods and dietary supplements
Method for diffusing ozone in a closed environment
Adding flavidin to a composition as an anti-oxidant
Processed dairy products
Laminated composites
Container for liquid cosmetics
Luminescent cards with detachable decorative items and method of manufacturing Luminescent cards with detachable decorative items
Method for roasting fowl
Wiping cleaner
Absorbent composite materials
Flexible composite sheet and process for making the same
Flexible composite sheet for disposable garment
Delivery of a skin health benefit agent to a treated substrate for transfer to skin
Absorbent article which maintains or improves skin health
Casket lid and method of making same
Non-alcoholic and hypoallergenic face cream for the treatment of razor bumps
Dental formulation
Antiperspirant or deodorant compositions
Methods for treating atopic disorders
Triple drug therapy for the treatment of narcotic and alcohol withdrawal symptoms
Method for prevention or treatment of acute allograft rejection and a pharmaceutical composition therefor
Skin care agents containing combinations of active agents consisting of vitamin a derivatives and UBI- or plastoquinones
Use of creatine and/or creatine derivatives for treating typical disorders in women
Nitrate salt of anti-ulcer medicine
Use of 4-amino pyridine for treatment of peripheral neuropathies
Cabergoline and pramipexole: new uses and combinations
Method for optimizing ciprofloxacin treatment of anthrax-exposed patients according to the patient's characteristics
Granulates of hexahydropyrazine derivatives which can be administered orally
2-heterocyclically substituted dihydropyrimidines
Treatment of ischemic brain injury
Composition and method for treatment of cerebral ischemia
Thienopyrimidine-based inhibitors of the Src family
Topical compositions including deodorant compositions
Method of using matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors in filtering blebs following glaucoma filtering surgery and in the treatment of ischemic damage to the retina and optic nerve
Treatment of HIV
Cationic amphiphiles containing N-hydroxyalkyl group for intracellular delivery of biologically active molecules
Migraine treatment method using topiramate and related compounds
Anti-AIDS immunomodulator complex
Pharmaceutical compositions for prolonged peptide release and preparation method
Method of treating cytotoxic damage
Compositions containing nucleic acids and ligands for therapeutic treatment
Apolipoprotein A-1 adenovirus vector compositions and methods
Delivery of bioactive compounds to an organism
AAV-mediated delivery of DNA to cells of the nervous system
Pantropic neurotrophic factors
Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery
Matrix protein compositions for wound healing
Polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity
Nutrient therapy for immuno-compromised patients
Allogeneic cellular vaccine
Method for the development of an HIV vaccine
Composition comprising camptothecin and a pyrimidine derivative for the treatment of cancer
Combination regimens using 3,3-substituted indoline derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition and method for treating hypogonadism
Stable compositions
Process for gelling aqueous media, use of copolyesters as gelling agents for aqueous media and new gelling copolyesters for aqueous media
Long-acting drugs and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Tissue specific prodrug
Prodrugs for antimicrobial amidines
Elastomeric functional biodegradable copolyester amides and copolyester urethanes
Peroral gene therapy of diabetes and obesity
Chemically specific imaging of tissue
Radiopharmaceutical compositions
Silicone composition curing at room temperature and the use thereof
Two-part dental bleaching systems having improved gel stability and methods for bleaching teeth using such systems
Elastomer free, high efficacy antiperspirant stick
Anhydrous skin care composition
Make-up composition containing a blend of waxes
Method of reducing or preventing malodour
Deodorant products
Cosmetic composition comprising farnesol, farnesyl acetate and panthenyl triacetate
Ferulic ester derivative, 3,9-diferulylcoumestrol and cosmetic product containing same
Cosmetic compositions with menthol
Pourable liquid vehicles
Cosmetic compositions having improved wear and beauty
Water-in-oil emulsion containing fibers and the use thereof as a cosmetic composition
Dermatic cosmetic material
Process for obtaining a hair conditioning agent
Fiber-containing base composition for use with mascara
Strip for whitening tooth surfaces
Cosmetic aerosol composition for fixing and sheen of keratin substances, and processes
Oral composition
Polydialkylsiloxane/polyamide copolymer, process for producing the same, and various materials
Method for preparation of plant extract powder oral compositions containing plant extract powder prepared by the same
Use of borate-polyol complexes in ophthalmic compositions
Reduced lipid flowable preparations
Non-chlorofluorocarbon aerosol formulations
Amorphous paroxetine composition
Preparation of powder agglomerates
Fibrin microbeads prepared from fibrinogen, thrombin and factor XIII for binding cells
Polymeric compositions and a method of making the same
D-mannitol and its preparation
Method for coating pharmaceutical dosage forms
Sustained release ranolazine formulations
Pharmaceutical preparations for the targeted treatment of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
Pharmaceutical composition containing tetrahydrocannabinol and a transdermal/transcutaneous delivery method thereof
Oxygen activatable formulations for disinfection or sterilization
Absorbent articles enhancing skin barrier function
Antimicrobial containing solventless hot melt adhesive composition
Method for cross-linking hydrogels with bis- and poly-2-oxazolidinones
Copolyesters with minimized hydrolytic instability and crystalline absorbable copolymers thereof
Ultraviolet processing apparatus and ultraviolet processing method
Fibrin sealants or adhesives comprising a hyaluronic acid derivative material
Process for forming shaped articles of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene suitable for use as a prosthetic device or a component thereof
Biocompatible carrier containing actinomycin D and a method of forming the same
Methods of forming a coating for a prosthesis
Air purifier
Integrated blood oxygenator and pump system
Oxygenator of hollow fiber membrane type
Compositions for aerosolization and inhalation
High rate batteries
Preparation for warts
Composition comprising silicone polymer containing non-silicone backbone and at least one thickening polymer or copolymer of (meth) crylamide or of a (meth) acrylamide derivative
Process and apparatus for treating dioxins
Fluid-swellable composition, device and method for using the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Non-polar media for polynucleotide separations
Use of sulfide-containing liquors for removing mercury from flue gases
Anti-corrosion solutions for air dehumidification systems
Method for processing polluted fluid containing pollutants
Process for malodorous gas treatment
Method for removal of nitrogen oxides from gaseous streams by cayalytic carbon in the presence of ammonia
Smart air cleaning system and method thereof
Method for purifying gaseous effluents by means of photocatalysis, installation for carrying out said method
Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of fabrication
Biosensor arrays and methods
Filtration of hydrocarbon containing liquid
Magnetic carrier, preparation thereof, and method of extraction of nucleic acid
Process for the purification of serum albumin
Quasi-crystalline boehmites containing additives
Method of preparing pentafluoroethane, catalysts for fluorination and a preparation method thereof
Promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst
Supported catalyst and the process for preparing the same
Attrition resistant catalyst with reduced surface area
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Heat treating a molecular sieve and catalyst
Synthesis of ruthenium or osmium metathesis catalysts
Process for sulfiding catalyst in a column
Feed injector with internal connections
Device for collecting a blood sample from a plastic segment tube
Container and method for high volume treatment of samples on solid supports
Microplate with transparent base
Analytical system and method
Multi-ejector system for ejecting biofluids
Container for dying biological samples, method of making such container, and method of using same
PCR thermocycler
Oil pan containing a magnetic filter apparatus
Acoustically enhanced paint application
Coating method and apparatus with substrate extension device
Transparent substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Method of coating microstructured substrates with polymeric layer(s), allowing preservation of surface feature profile
Removal of oil and chloride from oil contaminated material
Biologically pure Paenibacillus validus bacterial strains that degrade polyaromatic hydrocarbons
Situ method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Organically modified mineral materials containing engrafted bacteria for chemical contaminant decomposition
Press-formed product and press-forming method
Composite nickel fine powder and method for preparing the same
Iron-based powder composition for powder metallurgy having higher flowability and higher compactibility and process for production thereof
High density soft magnetic products and method for the preparation thereof
Processes for the production of zintl compounds, intermetallic compounds and electronic components including intermetallic compounds
Method and device for electro-chemical discharge processing with self-acting bubble layer
Techniques for modifying a circuit board using a flow through nozzle
Method of manufacturing an assembly of brazed dissimilar metal components
Lead-free solder alloys
Magnetorheological polishing devices and methods
Method and system for detecting an exposure of a material on a semiconductor wafer during chemical-mechanical polishing
Process for monitoring a process, planarizing a surface, and for quantifying the results of a planarization process
Endpoint stabilization for polishing process
Hand-held conformable sanding block
Impregnation of a lignocellulosic material
Method for forming of a fiber mat
Dry friction clutch liner crowns, and methods of making them
Method of making a gasket having an elastomeric seal
Process for manufacturing floor and wall coverings and product thereof
Mold for use in method for producing a harness
Heat-resistant polymer foam, process for producing the same, and foam substrate
Liquid transfer molding system for encapsulating semiconductor integrated circuits
Cold runner molding system
Method and apparatus for balancing flowing conditions of laminar flowing materials
Process for manufacturing an extruded article and an extruded article
Process for forming multilayer articles by melt extrusion
Title improved infrared absorbing polyester packaging polymer
Process for making a container with a pressure equalization opening and containers produced accordingly
Method for embossing paint rollers
Method of and apparatus for curing an optical disc
Article made of plastics material, a method of manufacture, and a molding composition
Carbon fiber sheet materials and methods of making and using the same
Fibers for reinforcing matrix materials
Multicolored patterned floor covering and method for manufacture
Interconnects with Ti-containing liners
Multilayer film laminates
Active energy beam-curable adhesive composition
Carpet having syndiotactic polypropylene backing and technique for making same
Oxygen-absorbing multi-layer laminate, production method thereof and packaging container
Cold seal release biaxially oriented polypropylene film for packaging with stable release properties
Multilayered structure
Heat sealable films
Metallized multi-layer film
Soft touch labels
Polyester tray package with lidding film having glycol-modified copolyester sealant layer
Sputtering target, method of producing the target, optical recording medium fabricated by using the sputtering target, and method of fabricating the optical recording medium
Process for making foam laminates
Repositionable doubled-sided adhesive pad having a display
Method and material for packaging
Multilayer composite PSA constructions
Composite firewall structure
Processless thermal printing plate with cover layer containing compounds with cationic groups
Polymer system with switchable physical properties and its use in direct exposure printing plates
Screen printing stencil composition with improved water resistance
Method of manufacturing a micro electro-mechanical device
Ink jet printer head actuator and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming an electronic device
Printed document having a value and comprising a luminescent authenticity feature
Heat sensitive composition, original plate using the same for lithographic printing plate, and process for preparing printing plate
Reversible thermosensitive coloring composition and recording material using the composition and recording method using the recording material
Ink jet recording sheet
Ink jet recording sheet
Ink jet recording element
Ink jet printing method
Enhancement of ink jet image waterfastness with overprinting
Hollow-chamber lightweight component
Elongated structural member
Transversely tearable double-sided notched adhesive tape
Production method of a micromachine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing chlorine dioxide using sodium chlorite and a water-retaining substance impregnated in zeolite or in aqueous solution
System and method for treating irrigation water
Process for the preparation of anhydrous sodium sulfide
Process for separating solid compound other than lithium hydroxide
Process for producing nanoporous dielectric films at high pH
Process for the production of ultrafine powders of metal oxides
Method of preparing silver-doped vanadium pentoxide antistatic agent
Manganese oxide helices, rings, strands, and films, and methods for their preparation
Distribution box for a wastewater treatment system
Process for the control of microbial contamination in water-based solids suspensions
Wastewater treatment system and method
Gas-liquid contact apparatus
Phosphate stabilizing compositions
Effluent purifying system
Antimony oxide glass with optical activity
High rigidity glass-ceramic substrate
Glass composition, structure, and apparatus using the same
Lithographic fabrication of nanoapertures
Process for depositing at least one thin layer based on silicon nitride or oxynitride on a transparent substrate
Photomask blank, photomask and method of manufacture
Glass article, method for handling glass article and handling tool for glass article
Antistatic hard coat film
Transparent substrate provided with a stack of layers reflecting thermal radiation
Magnetic recording medium using a glass substrate
Molecular, inorganic glasses
Dielectric ceramic composition, method of preparing dielectric ceramic material, and dielectric resonator
Bomb annealing of thin films
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric ceramic element using the same
Dielectric ceramic composition and ceramic electronic component
Method for producing melt-infiltrated ceramic composites using formed supports
Gas diffusion electrode and its production
Silicon carbide composites and methods for making same
Process for producing cellulose and fertilizer by-product
Complex combinatorial chemical libraries encoded with tags
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic biochip
Process for the preparation of styrene and propylene oxide
Ethers of O-Desmethyl venlafaxine
Processes for producing S,S-2-hydroxypropylenediamine-N-N'-disuccinic acid
Amino acid derivative and producing method thereof
2,6-diamino-6-methyl-heptanoic acid and derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and use thereof
Excitatory amino acid receptor modulators
Process for the preparation of amides
Color-stable solution of dimethylaminoacetonitrile in water and process for preparing it
Process for the preparation of 1-[cyano(aryl)methyl] cyclohexanol
Cyclopentane and cyclopentene compounds and use for detecting influenza virus
Methods for identifying RNA binding compounds
Fluorophenyl-substituted alkenylcarboxylic acid guanidides, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament containing them
Process for the preparation of 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Process for synthesizing pharmaceutically active disulfide salts
Two-stage isomerization of saturated C6 hydrocarbons
Catalysts and processes for the conversion of succinates to citraconates or itaconates
Process for production of aromatic carboxylic acids with improved water removal technique
Transport and/or storage of acrylic acid
Lambda-shaped carbazole and main-chain NLO polyurethane containing the same
2-phenylindoles as antiestrogenic pharmaceutical agents
Arylpiperidine and aryl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridine amide derivatives
Electro-luminescent arrangements with thiophene carboxylate metal complexes
Pyrazine compounds
Hydroxyalkanoylaminolactams and related structures as inhibitors of a .beta. protein production
Antibacterial agents
Amino lactam sulfonamides as inhibitors of A.beta. protein production
Substituted cyclic carbonyls and derivatives thereof useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Substituted thiadiazolesulfonamides
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives
Integrated method for producing epoxides from olefins
Method and apparatus for preparing taxol using supercritical fluid from source materials
Pyrazole derivatives as p38 kinase inhibitors
Indole and dihydroindole derivatives
Fab I inhibitors
Imidazoles and related compounds as .alpha.1A agonists
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use therefor
2,4,6-trisubstituted pyridines with estrogenic activity and methods for the solid phase synthesis thereof
1-phenyl-benzimidazole compounds and their use as GABA-A receptor modulators
3,3-biarylpiperidine and 2,2-biarylmorpholine derivatives
Haloalkoxy imidazonaphthyridines
Bridged nicotine compounds for use in the treatment of CNS pathologies
[1,4]diazepino [6,7,1-jk ]carbazoles and derivatives
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Compounds of 7-oxo-2,3,7,14-tetrahydro-1H-benzo[b]pyrano[3,2-h]acridin carboxylate
Deuterated rapamycin compounds, methods and uses thereof
Isolated nucleic acids relating to the fkbA gene within the FK-520 polyketide synthase gene cluster
Process for the preparation of an antibiotic
Platinum complex, its preparation and therapeutic application
Tetrahydrofuran-adducted group II .beta.-diketonate complexes as source reagents for chemical vapor deposition
Cyclosilane compound, and solution composition and process for forming a silicon film
Phosphorous-containing monomers and flame retardant high impact monovinylidene aromatic polymer compositions derived therefrom
Synthesis of higher polyol fatty acid polyesters by transesterification
Carboxymethylgalactose derivatives
Erthromycin a oxime solvates
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Method for quantification of an analyte
Antigestagenically active steroids with a fluorinated 17.alpha.-alkyl chain
Anti-estrogenic steroids, and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Compositions and methods for treating infections using cationic peptides alone or in combination with antibiotics
Diagnostics and therapy of diseases associated with HHV-8 infections
Lymphotropic agents and vectors
Identification and use of antiviral compounds that inhibit interaction of host cell proteins and viral proteins required for viral replication
Targetable vector particles
Derivatives of choline binding proteins for vaccines
Attenuated strains of mycobacteria
Endogenous ketogulonigenium plasmid
Selected polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences of the methanogenic archaeon, methanococcus jannashii
Serotype-specific probes for Listeria monocytogenes
Cytochrome b5 gene and protein of Candida tropicalis and methods relating thereto
Cell based signal generation
Cloning and characterization of bves, a novel gene expressed in heart and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding a cysteine rich protein
Isolated nucleic acid encoding a human lactate dehydrogenase and uses thereof
Method for identifying human and animal cells having an unlimited proliferation of tumor-formation potential
Microtubule-associated protein
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Transcriptional regulator
Polynucleotides encoding chemokine .beta.-15
GDNF receptor
Substrate peptides and assays for detecting and measuring proteolytic activity of serotype A neurotoxin from clostridium botulinum
Method for using tobacco mosaic virus to overproduce peptides and proteins
Human anion channel
Method for genetic typing
Method for preparing dual virally inactivated immune globulin for intravenous administration
Method for receptor desensitization
Remedies for lymphocytic tumors
Canine allergy therapeutic recombinant chimeric anti-IgE monoclonal antibody
Antibodies to crosslinkers and methods for using the same
Optical film and liquid crystal display using the same
Vulcanizable rubber composition usable for the manufacture of a tire, and a tire comprising this composition
Photocurable composition containing an .alpha.-cyanoacrylate and a metallocene compound
All polymer process compatible optical polymer material
Latex processes
Surfactant free aqueous emulsions
Fluorine-containing rubber composition
Propylene polymers and products thereof
Stable N-oxyl radial assisted mini emulsion polymerization
Safe, efficient, low t-butanol forming organic peroxide for polypropylene modification
Polyurethane/polyurethane-urea resin and process for producing the same
Liquid polyurethane plasticizers containing allophanate and/or carbodiimide and/or uretonimine groups
Polyurethane based thermoreactive hot-melt adhesives
High-uniformity spandex and process for making spandex
Use of beta-hydroxyalkylamide in ambient and low bake liquid coatings
Dispersion stable curable compositions and method for making hollow shells using same
Hardener for epoxy resin and epoxy resin composition
Cationic coating composition
Process for preparing polycarbonate
Process for the production of branched melt polycarbonate by late addition of fries-inducing catalyst
Method of producing crosslinkable silyl group-containing polyoxyalkylene polymers
Tertiary amide-terminated polyamides in structured personal care compositions
Polyamide chain extension process and related polyamide product
Polytetrafluoroethylene fine powders and their use
Nucleotide sequences, proteins, drugs and diagnostic agents of use in treating cancer
Polyester film with specified surface roughness, Young's modulus and heat shrinkage for use as substrate for magnetic recording medium
Methods and apparatus for the formation of heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes
Ophthalmic lens made of organic glass, comprising an anti-shock primer coat
White elastomer seal materials and a process for manufacture thereof
Micronized particles
Adhesive or paint coating for toy articles
Polymer composition with metal coated carbon flakes
Synthetic resin composition
Vibration-damping thermoplastic resin composition and molded article therefrom
Polyolefin-based printable articles
TPE composition that exhibits excellent adhesion to textile fibers
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved set and foams made therefrom
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polymers as grind resins and grind vehicles comprising same
Methacrylic resin modifier composition less dependent on processing conditions
Flame-retardant polyester molding compositions containing flame retardant nitrogen compounds and diphosphinates
Thermoplastic polycarbonate molding composition containing a rubber free copolymer and a combination of graft polymers
Softening composition
Asphalt modifier of styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer and styrene-butadiene latex
Reactive dyes, processes for the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Crystal polymorphs of a yellow disazo colorant, and their preparation
Neonanoplasts and microemulsion technology for inks and ink jet printing
Co-processed pigments
Phthalocyanine composition, process for production thereof, and electrophotographic photoreceptor
Toner, external additive therefor and image forming method using the toner
Barrier films
Solvent-based non-fluorescent ink for writing instruments based upon pigment dispersions in non-aqueous solvents
Gelled non-aqueous ball point pen ink for forming drawn line approximate to that of aqueous ball point pen and ball point using the ink
Radiation-curable coatings for optical discs and optical discs incorporating such coatings
Pressure sensitive adhesives and articles including radial block and acrylic polymers
Organic electroluminescent device
Ta barrier slurry containing an organic additive
Ternary compositions of ammonia, pentafluoroethane and difluoromethane
Sealing subterranean zones
Staged catalyst regeneration in a baffled fluidized bed
Process for the hydrogenation of a thiophenic sulfur containing hydrocarbon feed
Extended drain manual transmission lubricants and concentrates
Power steering fluid additive
Stable colored thickened bleaching compositions
Stabilized oxalic acid sour
Cationic sugar surfactants from ethoxylated ammonium compounds and reducing saccharides
Cleaning method to remove flux residue in electronic assembly
Stable non-aqueous liquid laundry detergents comprising low density particles
Alkaline detergent containing mixed organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil removal
Ultra mild detergent compositions
Stable, aqueous compositions for treating surfaces, especially fabrics
Controlled atmosphere incubator
Method of plasmid DNA production and purification
Methods and compositions for preparing a genomic library for knockout targeting vectors
Compositions and methods for extracting a nucleic acid
Antisense ogligonucleotides against Hepatitis B viral replication
Antisense modulation of BH3 interacting domain death agonist expression
Antisense modulation of syntaxin 4 interacting protein expression
Polyketide synthase genes from Streptomyces venezuelae
Viral vector complexes having adapters of predefined valence
Particle transfection: rapid and efficient transfer of polynucleotide molecules into cells
Mammalian CDP-diacylglycerol synthase
Campylobacter glycosyltransferases for biosynthesis of gangliosides and ganglioside mimics
Yeast strains possessing the interrupted ATF2 gene and their applications
Methods of using randomized libraries of zinc finger proteins for the identification of gene function
Analytic sensor apparatus and method
Ubiquitin ligases and uses related thereto
Chromogenic substrate to detect urine adulteration
Diagnostic tests and kits for Clostridium difficile
Composition and device for detecting leukocytes in urine
Fibrinopeptides in saliva as indicator of blood coagulation status
Method for detecting ATP
Mutation analysis using mass spectrometry
Method of detecting a substance to be analyzed
Screen for compounds with affinity for nucleic acids
Methods for rapidly detecting methicillin resistant staphylococci
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension for detecting disease
Methods and apparatus for detecting polynucleotide hybridization
Nucleic acid biosensor diagnostics
Method, reagent and kit for genotyping human papilloma virus
Polymerase chain reaction assays for monitoring antiviral therapy and making therapeutic decisions in the treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Metal-zirconia composite coating with resistance to molten metals and high temperature corrosive gases
Corrosion and grain growth resistant aluminum alloy
Metallic powder molding material and its re-compression molded body and sintered body obtained from the re-compression molded body and production methods thereof
Superalloy HVOF powders with improved high temperature oxidation, corrosion and creep resistance
Method for producing non-grain oriented magnetic sheet steel
Method for producing chromium carbide coatings
Method of applying a coating by physical vapor deposition
Method for preparing ZnSe thin films by ion-assisted continuous wave CO2 laser deposition
SBTN ferroelectric thin film and method for producing same
Physical vapor target constructions
Mobile plating system and method
Plasma CVD method, plasma CVD apparatus, and electrode
Thin film formation by inductively-coupled plasma CVD process
Liquid precursor mixtures for deposition of multicomponent metal containing materials
Method for forming a capacitor for semiconductor devices with an amorphous LixTa1-xO3 dieletric layer having a perovskite structure
Method of producing polycrystalline silicon for semiconductors from saline gas
Multistep chamber cleaning and film deposition process using a remote plasma that also enhances film gap fill
Application of controlling gas valves to reduce particles from CVD process
Chemical plasma cathode
Substrate support having bonded sections and method
Method for forming insulating film
Process for producing graded coated articles
Method of thermally coating a cylinder barrel of a cylinder block of a combustion engine
Method of etching a tantalum nitride layer in a high density plasma
System for reducing wafer contamination using freshly, conditioned alkaline etching solution
Process for improving the adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces
Process for retarding the formation of corrosion on metal surfaces
Metal treatment with acidic, rare earth ion containing cleaning solution
Process for the production of alkali metal- and ammonium peroxodisulfate
Electrolysis apparatus for producing halogen gases
Method and apparatus for growth removal in an electrowinning process
Method of electrodepositing a porous film
Hard-chrome plated layer
Electroplating apparatus
Electroplating apparatus using a perforated phosphorus doped consumable anode
Group III-V compound semiconductor and method of producing the same
Low threading dislocation density relaxed mismatched epilayers without high temperature growth
Semiconductor fabrication apparatus and fabrication method thereof
Silicon wafers having controlled distribution of defects and slip
Centrifuge and method for centrifuging a semiconductor wafer
Textiles; Paper
Manufacture of cellulosic particles
Carbon fiber precursor fiber bundle and manufacturing method of the same
Texturized, combined polyester multifilament yarn and process for producing same
Yarn comprising polytrimethylene terephthalate
Fabric coating containing energy absorbing phase change material and method of manufacturing same
Substrate coatings, methods for treating substrates for ink jet printing, and articles produced therefrom
Dryer fabric with reinforced edges
Method of producing a paper having a three-dimensional pattern
Twin wire former assembly
Apparatus and method for chemically loading fibers in a fiber suspension
Fixed Constructions
Textile netting for reinforcing layers connected by bitumen
Method of texturing a fluid surface
Method for manufacturing reinforced concrete
Deformable roof flashing material and a method for the manufacture of a flashing rail with a skirt made from the roof flashing material
System of pipework for a device for filtering and pumping the water of a swimming pool basing
Vacuum IG window unit with fiber inclusive edge seal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for producing an enhanced thermal barrier coating system
Compact fluid storage system
Liquid chromatograph
Chiral separation of enantiomers by high-speed countercurrent chromatography
Liquid chromatograph and method of outputting an analysis result of the same
Systems and methods for measuring nitrate levels
Determination of heteroatom content in Fischer-Tropsch wax
Method for capturing analytes eluted from surface-bound ligands
Rapid immunoassay for detection of antibodies or antigens incorporating simultaneous sample extraction and immunogenic reaction
Selective removal of contaminants from a surface using articles having magnets
Embedding parasitic model for pi-fet layouts
Testing vias and contacts in integrated circuit fabrication
Microstructure array, and methods of fabricating a microstructure array, a mold for forming a microstructure array, and a microlens array
Method for monolithic integration of multiple devices on an optoelectronic substrate
Method of fabricating holding devices for fiber optic connector ferrules
Galvanoplastic optical mounting
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor-integrated color filter
Use of spiro compounds as materials in non-linear optics
Light-sensitive silver halide photographic material for forming direct-positive images and method for making same
Color film restoration process
Calcium ion stable photographic color developing composition and method of use
Image forming method
Phase shift mask and semiconductor device fabricated with the phase shift mask
Phase shift mask blank, phase shift mask, and method of manufacture
Method for fabricating mask
Phase shift masking for complex patterns
Photoresist composition, preparation method thereof and method for forming a pattern during semiconductor processing using the photoresist composition
Electron beam resist
Alicyclic photosensitive polymer, resist composition containing the same and method of preparing the resist composition
Nitrile/fluoroalcohol-containing photoresists and associated processes for microlithography
Antireflective composition
Antireflective silicon-containing compositions as hardmask layer
Resist coating and recycling method
Electron beam projection utilizing multiple exposures with different current densities
Manufacturing process for semiconductor device, photomask, and manufacturing apparatus for semiconductor device
Developer solution and edge bead remover composition
UV assisted chemical modification of photoresist
Thin film materials for the preparation of attenuating phase shift masks
Component for a printer, fax machine, copier or the like
Process for the production of toner for developing electrostatic image
Toner compositions comprising polythiophenes
Color toner for developing an electrostatic image
Emulsion aggregation toner particles coated with negatively chargeable and positively chargeable additives and method of making same
Toner and toner manufacturing method
Self-compensating spiral for a spiral balance-wheel in watchwork and process for treating this spiral
Variable fuel cell power system for generating electrical power
Method for forming the air bearing surface of a slider using nonreactive plasma
Surface treatment with ZP process for GMR media
Optical information recording medium, method for producing the same, and method for recording and reproducing optical information
Flash memory cell with contactless bit line, and process of fabrication
Magnet powders and isotropic rare-earth bonded magnets
Electron beam writing method
Plasma processing apparatus
Method of modifying an RF circuit of a plasma chamber to increase chamber life and process capabilities
Method of rinsing residual etching reactants/products on a semiconductor wafer
Multi-chamber system having compact installation set-up for an etching facility for semiconductor device manufacturing
Magnetically enhanced inductively coupled plasma reactor with magnetically confined plasma
Passive ceramic component
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices utilizing underlayer-dependency of deposition of capacitor electrode film, and semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a patterned metal-oxide-containing layer
Plasmaless dry contact cleaning method using interhalogen compounds
Composition for film formation, process for producing composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Graphite-based heat sink
Contact structure for a semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having a storage cell
Room temperature wafer-to-wafer bonding by polydimethylsiloxane
Semiconductor photoelectrically sensitive device
Method for forming gate electrode of a semiconductor device with dual spacer to protect metal portion of gate
Notched gate configuration for high performance integrated circuits
Temperature spike for uniform nitridization of ultra-thin silicon dioxide layers in transistor gates
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of making MFMOS capacitors with high dielectric constant materials
Method of forming a smooth polysilicon surface using a soft etch to enlarge the photo lithography window
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for forming metal-filled openings in low dielectric constant dielectric material while inhibiting via poisoning
Metal via contact of a semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for establishing dopant profile to suppress silicidation retardation effect in CMOS process
Wafer scale image sensor package fabrication method
Method of fabricating isolation structure for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing flip chip type semiconductor device
Oxide etch
Method and structure for forming a trench in a semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing capacitor elements on a semiconductor substrate
Methods for insitu plasma pre-deposition wafer treatment in chemical vapor deposition technology for semiconductor integrated circuit applications
Forming conductive layers on insulators by physical vapor deposition
Method for forming multi-layer wiring structure
Delamination resistant multi-layer composite dielectric layer employing low dielectric constant dielectric material
Process for selective polishing of metal-filled trenches of integrated circuit structures
Use of linear injectors to deposit uniform selective ozone TEOS oxide film by pulsing reactants on and off
Process to increase reliability CuBEOL structures
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Substrate having a semiconductor layer, and method for fabricating the same
Fabrication process for a semiconductor device with an isolated zone
Method for forming trench isolation
Method for reducing stress and encroachment of sidewall oxide layer of shallow trench isolation
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of making an organic copper diffusion barrier layer
Method of reducing planarization defects
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Low resistance strap for high density trench DRAMS
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having different gate oxide thickness
Device and method for forming semiconductor interconnections in an integrated circuit substrate
SOI CMOS device with reduced DIBL
Thin film device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Method of making in high density DRAM circuit having a stacked capacitor
Method and structure for a top plate design for making capacitor-top-plate to bit-line-contact overlay margin
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing the same
Molded ball grid array
Deflectable interconnect
Method of fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit device for connecting semiconductor region and electrical wiring metal via titanium silicide layer
Die pad crack absorption system and method for integrated circuit chip fabrication
Method for fabricating stacked chip package
Integrated circuit chip carrier assembly
Integrated circuit isolation of functionally distinct RF circuits
Double gated transistor
Non-uniform channel profile via enhanced diffusion
Channel implant through gate polysilicon
MOS transistor with two empty side slots on its gate and its method of formation
High density vertical SRAM cell using bipolar latchup induced by gated diode breakdown
Lateral bipolar transistor and method for producing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage apparatus and production method of the same
Complementary accumulation-mode JFET integrated circuit topology using wide (>2eV) bandgap semiconductors
Method for concurrently forming an ESD protection device and a shallow trench isolation region
Method and system for emitter partitioning for SiGe RF power transistors
Power MOS device with asymmetrical channel structure for enhanced linear operation capability
Self-aligned silicide (salicide) process for strained silicon MOSFET ON SiGe and structure formed thereby
Bipolar electrochemical battery of stacked wafer cells
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Organic electrolyte and lithium secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Methodology and apparatus for supply of reactant fluids to and purging of product and inert fluids from cells of fuel cell stack
Method for production of battery
Battery protection device and method of making same
Fuel cell assembly method with selective catalyst loading
Layered metal hydride electrode providing reduced cell pressure
Lithium ion battery containing an anode comprised of graphitic carbon nanofibers
Thin graphite bipolar plate with associated gaskets and carbon cloth flow-field for use in an ionomer membrane fuel cell
Stamped bipolar plate for PEM fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system
Implantable fuel cell
Radiowave absorbent and manufacturing method thereof
Self-aligned fabrication method for ridge-waveguide semiconductor laser
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
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