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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Insecticidal arylpyrrolines
Apparatus for and a method for cleaning the floor of an accommodation of an animal
Human prolactin antagonist-angiogenesis inhibitor fusion proteins
Combination of azelastine and ciclesonide for nasal administration
Method for the eradication of pathogens including S. aureus and antibiotic resistant microbes from the upper respiratory tract of mammals and for inhibiting the activation of immune cells
Inoculation of recombinant viral vectors for rapid pre-exposure prevention and post-exposure protection against alpha-virus-induced encephalitides
Dehydrated mash potato product and process
Rack handle member for a dishwasher
Minimal incision maximal access MIS spine instrumentation and method
Medical apparatus and living tissue freezing and harvesting apparatus
Interchangeable surgical instrument
Device for the production of anastomoses between hollow organs
Double-ended lancet, method and lancet device using the double-ended lancet, and method of assembling and/or making the double-ended lancet
Clamping device for an epliation device
Collet-activated distraction wedge inserter
Echogenic needle catheter configured to produce an improved ultrasound image
Medical imaging device having a forward looking flow detector
Pants-type disposable sanitary article with improved fit
Disposable diaper
Absorbent article
Implants for administering substances and methods of producing implants
Inorganic shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
Long term drug delivery devices with polyurethane-based polymers and their manufacture
Embolic protection system
Multifunctional compounds for forming crosslinked biomaterials and methods of preparation and use
Methods and apparatus for anchoring within the gastrointestinal tract
Polymeric coating for reducing the rate of release of a therapeutic substance from a stent
Metal injection molded tubing for drug eluting stents
Method and device for electrochemical formation of therapeutic species in vivo
Biodegradable self-expanding drug-eluting prosthesis
Methods and apparatus for a stent having an expandable web structure
Device for use in eye surgery
Ocular implant iris diaphragm
Fastening system for prostheses
Intervertebral spacer device having engagement hole pairs
Medical slings
External skeletal fixation device
Device for men to manage the involuntary loss of bladder control
1, 2-disubstituted amido-anthraquinone derivatives, preparation method and application thereof
Dicycloazaalkane derivates, preparation processes and medical uses thereof
Compositions and methods for decreasing type III deiodinase activity to modulate adiposity and blood glucose levels
Hedgehog signaling pathway proteins and uses thereof
Ampholytic copolymer based on quaternized nitrogen-containing monomers
Identification of a micro-RNA that activates expression of .beta.-myosin heavy chain
Fenugreek extract for treating human and animal diseases involving flagellate parasites
Macrocyclic tetrazolyl hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Dissolution of arterial plaque
Methods of inhibiting cell death or inflammation in a mammal by administering a BCL protein
Peptides that bind to the erythropoietin receptor
Method of treatment for preventing or reducing tumor growth in the liver of patient
Mutated immunogenic peptides derived from R9M, polynucleotides coding for same and therapeutic uses thereof
Glycosylated specificity exchangers
Methylated heparin-binding hemagglutinin recombinant mycobacterial antigen, preparation method and immunogenic compositions comprising same
Neutrokine-alpha antibodies and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions of [32P]-labeled adenine nucleotides for the treatment of atherosclerosis, vascular arterial diseases and coronary artery diseases
Multimodal imaging using a three compartment polymer nanoparticle with cell specificity
Multicomponent assemblies having enhanced binding properties for diagnosis and therapy
Multicomponent assemblies having enhanced binding properties for diagnosis and therapy
Photostabilization of octyl triazone
Cyclohexene derivatives and their use as odorants
Chelated mineral water
Drug delivery system for the prevention of cerebral vasospasm
Targeted liposomal drug delivery system
Skin treatment compositions containing copper-pigment complexes
Skin treatment compositions containing copper-pigment complexes
Air purification apparatus
Soft collector for a negative pressure wound therapy system and its combination
Adjustable stiffness catheter
Medication reservoir
Device and method for delivery of a physiologically active substance depending on a measured physiological parameter
Remote monitoring and control of sedation and analgesia systems
Eye coloring systems
Protective guard for needles of injection devices having removable needle assemblies
Method and apparatus for syringe injection of fluids
Bloodless catheter and needle shielding catheter insertion apparatus
Locking device for endoluminal prosthesis delivery system
Biophysiological regulator for therapeutic treatments
Suprachiasmatic nucleus inducing, melatonin suppressing light emitting device to enhance wake cycle
Golf ball having moisture barrier layers made from polyolefin compositions
Multilayer core golf ball having hardness gradient within and between each core layer
Golf club head with moveable insert
Golf putting practice aid assembly
Gaming machine having a function of the number of free games according to the result of a game in which a player selects a choice from among multiple choices
Progressive jackpot system accelerating increment rate of jackpot value
Gaming control system
Methods and apparatus for proper installation and orientation of artificial eye or eyepiece insert onto a taxidermy mannequin or life-like sculpture
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reduction of antimicrobial compound levels during product dispensing
Water filter removal and installation tool
Filter apparatus and method
Filter closure system
Exhaust gas purification device
Method for refining dilution air and dilution air refinery
Droplet extraction from a liquid column for on-chip microfluidics
System for synthesis gas production
Apparatus for carbon nanotube synthesis
Method and device for generating movement in a thin liquid film
Complex oxide for exhaust gas purification catalyst, production method thereof, coating material for exhaust gas purification catalyst, and diesel exhaust gas purification filter
System and method for producing hydrogen from seawater
Fixing device for catalyzer particles
Analyzing tool and device
Sample pick-up and metering device with integrated liquid compartments
Composition and method for producing improved faux finishes
Optical film, polarizing plate, image display, and manufacturing method of optical film
Bar coater, and bar coating method
Dishwasher with top mounted touchscreen
Sterilizable washing machine using ultraviolet radiation and sterilizable washing method in the same
Water and method for storing silicon wafer
Deposit removing method and substrate processing method
Soft magnetic material, powder magnetic core, method for manufacturing soft magnetic material, and method for manufacturing powder magnetic core
Process and apparatus for grinding with electrolytic dressing
Polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization and/or other polishing methods
Resin film forming method, resin film forming apparatus, and electronic circuit board manufacturing method
Ethylene urea displaying lasting powder flow
Medical device tubing with discrete orientation regions
Method for producing a packaging material
Glass substrate with protective glass, process for producing display device using glass substrate with protective glass, and silicone for release paper
Method for integral vent screen in molded panels
Method for producing polarizer
Coated glass and method for making the same
Process for making rare earth containing glass
Hydrophilic member and process for producing the same
Process for treating wood for increasing the lifetime thereof and wood thus obtained
Building board with coating and method of coating building boards
Wet friction lining
Laminated structure for marking and method of forming a mark
Anti-glare film and display device
Method for the production of a laminate material for hook and loop closures
Process for producing preparation for oral administration
Printed circuit board made from a composite material
Particles with photochromic and light absorbing material for reimageable medium
Composition for coating wiper blade rubbers, coating method using the same, and wiper blade rubbers made therefrom
Highly dispersible fine powder of alkaline earth metal carbonate
Treatment for a microelectronic device and method of resisting damage to a microelectronic device using same
Process for producing ink jet head
Method of making fuser member
Solid inks for masks for printed circuit boards and other electronic devices
Recording medium and image forming apparatus
Device for mixing fresh air and heating air and use of the device in a ventilation system of an aircraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthetic methods for generating WS.sub.2 nanostructured materials
Operation method of synthesis gas reformer in GTL plant
Fluorine-containing magnesium oxide powder prepared by vapor phase reaction and method of preparing the same
Yellow inorganic pigment from samarium and molybdenum compounds and a process for preparing the same
Methods for manufacturing spinel-type lithium manganese and cathode active material for lithium secondary battery
Wetland biofilter chamber with peripheral catch basin and method of use thereof
Display-on-demand mirror with optional defogging feature, and method of making the same
Gypsum-containing product
High strength clay blend for sanitary ware
Mutants of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist
Colorant compounds
Photo-erasable ink for full color printing
Curable inks comprising inorganic oxide coated magnetic nanoparticles
Enhanced alpha particle emitter
Mixtures of additives for organic polymers in granular form
Benzo[f]chrome any pyrano[3,2-f]chrome derivatives for use in liquid crystal media
2, 5-selenophene derivatives and 2, 5-tellurophene derivatives
Method for forming products from a flue gas desulfurization by-product and products formed thereby
Manufacture of charcoal
Method and device for the formation of biological cell material
Compositions and methods relating to proteins requiring gamma-carboxylation
Nucleic acid codifying for a utrophin transcription specific regulating protein, protein codified thereby and uses thereof
Modified biotin-binding protein
Methods of unidirectional, site-specific integration into a genome, compositions and kits for practicing the same
Bone semi-permeable device
Isoforms of pig liver esterase
Organic solvent pretreatment of biomass to enhance enzymatic saccharification
Method for the secretory production of heterologous protein in Escherichia coli
Stereoselective bioconversion of aliphatic dinitriles into cyano carboxylic acids
Method of measuring blood sample on blood test instrument using a disposable cartridge
Mass spectrometry assays for identifying compounds that activate deacetylases
Genotyping using multiple variant-specific primer pools
Methods and systems for DNA isolation on a microfluidic device
Casted aluminum alloy and method for producing the same as well as aluminum alloy material and method for producing the same
High strength thick steel material and high strength giant H-shape excellent in toughness and weldability and methods of production of same
Metal heating apparatus, metal heating method, and light source apparatus
Methods for forming a transparent conductive oxide layer on a substrate
Vapor phase deposition apparatus, method for depositing thin film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for producing substrate having catalyst compositions on surfaces of opposite sides
Magnetic material, and a MEMS device using the magnetic material
Method and apparatus for improving corrosion resistance of chrome plated material
Apparatus and method for electrochemical processing of thin films on resistive substrates
Electrode anchoring structure in crystal-growing furnaces
Textiles; Paper
Elastic composite tape
Methods of pretreating comminuted cellulosic material with carbonate-containing solutions
Method and arrangement for the treatment of cellulose pulp
Apparatus and method for treatment of pulp
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Friction lining
Shoe having a spring position limitation, or torsional oscillation damper having such a shoe
Friction-ring transmission having a friction ring, and method for producing a friction cone
Forward-reverse switching device for vehicle
Gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
Automatic transmission
Driving force distribution mechanism
Connection of sheet metal components of a transmission
Machine element
Six link front derailleur
Power transmission device and vehicle having the same
One-solution type thermosetting composition for protective film of color filter, and color filter using same
Multi-dimensional chromatographic methods for separating N-glycans
In situ analysis of tissues
Assay for detection of transient intracellular CA.sup.2+
Methods for obtaining antibodies
Labeling dye for detecting biomolecule, labeling kit, and method for detecting biomolecule
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Plate making method of lithographic printing plate precursor
Photosensitive polymer composition, method of forming relief patterns, and electronic equipment
Lithographic printing plate precursor and process for producing lithographic printing plate
Spirodilactam polycarbonate containing photoconductors
Toner composition for preventing image blocking
Magenta electrostatic developing toner, developer for electrostatic development, production method of electrostatic developing toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Label for removable attachment to an article
Sintering silver paste material and method for bonding semiconductor chip
Rare earth magnet
Substrate structure with die embedded inside and dual build-up layers over both side surfaces and method of the same
Thermal treatment apparatus, thermal treatment method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Overcoming laminate warpage and misalignment in flip-chip packages
Method of fabricating group III nitride semiconductor device
Lead frame substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Insulated nanogap devices and methods of use thereof
Wiggling control for pseudo-hardmask
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Actuating transistor including multiple reentrant profiles
Manufacture method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of forming a semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of thin film transistor substrate of liquid crystal display panel
Memory cell that employs a selectively fabricated carbon nano-tube reversible resistance-switching element, and methods of forming the same
Method of joining electronic component and the electronic component
Thermally enhanced semiconductor package
Method for manufacturing stacked contact plugs
Dicing die-bonding film
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with a ceramic/metal substrate
Method of making a light emitting device having a molded encapsulant
Active matrix substrate, method of making the substrate, and display device
Fabrication of devices having different interfacial oxide thickness via lateral oxidation
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
Process for joining oxide superconducting tubes with a superconducting joint
Organic electroluminescent devices
Fuel cell
High tortuosity diffusion medium
Conductive and hydrophilic coating for PEMFC bipolar plate
Direct methanol fuel cell structure
Fuel cell
Solid oxide fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell bundle
Scalable microbial fuel cell and method of manufacture
Vehicular power transmission control apparatus
Automatic transmission for a power tool
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Piezoelectric speaker
Multiple modality interface for imaging systems
Videoscope and its display unit
Battery powered, joystick controlled folding wheelchair
Method of and system for adding information and recording medium
System and method for managing and controlling a robot competition
Performing Operations; Transporting
Split focusing cytometer
Ultrasound portable tubular transducer
Engine driven inverter welding power supply
Spindle apparatus
Printer and printing method capable of double-sided printing
Apparatus and method for printing two colors in a single pass using thermally sensitive direct and transfer media
Display device for motor vehicle
Power supply for a hybrid electric vehicle
Motor control apparatus
Method for determining object location from side-looking sensor data
Display arrangement in a vehicle
Emergency vehicle wiring harness and control system
Optical motion detector, transport system and transport processing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Single layer multi-state ultra-fast cholesteric liquid crystal device and the fabrication methods thereof
Anodizing system with a coating thickness monitor and an anodized product
Fixed Constructions
Remote controlled window treatment and/or lighting system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stop device
Moving-coil electromagnetic actuator, particularly for a control valve, with resilient element incorporated in the coil
Wind-driven twin turbine
Electric axial flow machine
Fan control circuit
Apparatus for controlling vehicle transmission
Closed-loop infrared countermeasure system using a high frame rate infrared receiver with nulling sequence
Method and apparatus for testing objects
Measuring system with improved method of reading image data of an object
Optical method and system for rapidly measuring relative angular alignment of flat surfaces
Probe card measurement tool
Position detection apparatus with distributed bridge sensor
Interferometer system for a semiconductor exposure system
Drive feedthrough nulling system
Car navigation display system
Electrooptic display device
Utility meter remote reader
Process and device for making secure the processing of safety signals, on lifting apparatus
Variable attenuation circuit for a differential variable reluctance sensor with enhanced initial threshold accuracy
Small-sized sensor
Methods and apparatus for improving the long-term stability of spectroscopic quantitative analyses
Portable colorimeter
Interferometric polarization interrogating filter assembly and method
Temperature sensor circuit having trimming function
Method and apparatus for optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) analysis
Method and apparatus for determining physical collective parameters of particles of gases
Method and apparatus for measuring suspended particulate matter
Microwave corrosion detection systems and methods
Ratiometric background correction for fluorescence polarization assays
Efficient phase defect detection system and method
Pre-viewing inspection method for article and device therefor
Surface object locator with level indicator and scribe tip
Testing head having cantilever probes
Micro compliant interconnect apparatus for integrated circuit devices
AC current detection device
Semiconductor tester, semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor testing method
Frequency measurement circuit
Impedance measuring apparatus for electronic component
Vehicle lamp inspection system
Method and system for multi-port synchronous high voltage testing
Method and apparatus for determining and/or improving high power reliability in thin film resonator devices, and a thin film resonator device resultant therefrom
PWM-based measurement interface for a micro-machined electrostatic actuator
Method for testing a semiconductor integrated circuit when a difference between two consecutive current exceeds a threshold value
Method and system of evaluating PLL built-in circuit
Method for determining the operating state of an energy-storage battery
Method for measuring magnetic field based on electro-optic probing technique and measuring electric field based on magnetic probing technique
Amplifier circuit with offset compensation
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Distributed capacitance inserts for NMR probes
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a horizontal basic magnetic field
Method and apparatus for high resolution ex-situ NMR spectroscopy
High sensitivity GPS receiver and reception
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated communications, navigation and surveillance satellite system
Global positioning system and global positioning apparatus
System and method for distance measurement by inphase and quadrature signals in a radio system
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Automotive radar system
Apparatus for providing GPS positioning information to a plurality of computers from only one GPS receiver
Position detection and location tracking in a wireless network
Methods and apparatuses of positioning a mobile user in a system of satellite differential navigation
FM-CW radar processing device
Methods and apparatus for minimum computation phase demodulation
Radar system and method of adjusting characteristics thereof
Methods and apparatus for measuring electrical properties of a ground using a graphite electrode
Optical element and method for recovering the substrate
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and camera using the same
Method and apparatus for unobstructed telescopic communications
Optical architecture for an observation telescope, in particular a telescope for observing the earth from a satellite
Illumination optical system in exposure apparatus
Confocal microscopic device
Laser microscope
Microscope zoom objective lens
Transmitted light/lighting device for microscopes
Focusing system for a microscope and a reflected illumination fluorescence microscope using the focusing system
Arrangement for the visual inspection of substrates
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Optical phase front measurement unit
Method and apparatus for device linearization
Optical lens of optical scanner
Image display device
Head mounted display using single display including only one liquid crystal shutter
Color correction to target white points by adjustment of two colors
Image display performing color reproduction using color filters
Optical automatic gain control based on stable, non-absorbing optical hard limiters
Travelling wave-type optical modulator
System, method and article of manufacture for a beam splitting acousto-optical modulator
Apparatus for introducing a fluid into vias formed in a liquid crystal display element
AC palc display device with floating electrode
Liquid crystal display with nitrided insulating substrate for TFT
Liquid crystal display device wherein liquid crystal inlet shielded by means of shield pattern and second outer periphery wiring
Cone protrusion in multi-domain vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
LCD having a compensator directly on the substrate of adjacent LC cell having particular subpixels
Liquid crystal optical element and test method for its boundary layer
Method for manufacturing flat type display includes forming closed loop consisting of sealant with recess formed inside the loop
Liquid crystal display element and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display and methods for manufacturing the same
Active matrix liquid crystal display apparatus
Light-modulating cell
Scanning exposure apparatus and method
Photographic film conveying device
Light beam cut-off device
Method of photolithographic exposure dose control as a function of resist sensitivity
Evaluation mask, focus measuring method and aberration measuring method
Projection exposure methods and apparatus, and projection optical systems
Off-axis levelling in lithographic projection apparatus
Method and apparatus for holographic data storage
Apparatus for making holograms including images of particular sizes
Image reconstructing apparatus, hologram forming method, hologram and hologram sheet
System for physical location of field devices in process plants
Digital controller with two control paths
Filtering circuit and battery protection circuit using same
Power cutoff device
Current source utilizing a transconductance amplifier and a lowpass filter
Clock signal generation device
Integrated pointing and drawing graphics system for computers
Thumbwheel selection system
Methods and apparatus for improving the quality of displayed images through the use of display device and display condition information
Power down mode signaled by differential transmitter's high-Z state detected by receiver sensing same voltage on differential lines
Memory system for accelerating graphics operations within an electronic device
Method and apparatus for improving performance of an accelerated graphics port (AGP) device
Fast, symmetric, integer bezier curve to polygon conversion
Graphical user interface to query music by examples
Method and apparatus for automatically recording snapshots of a computer screen during a computer session for later playback
Service portal for links separated from Web content
Information terminal device
Chinese character input method using numeric keys and apparatus thereof
Image reading apparatus and image processing system
Position determination II--calculation
Method and apparatus for inputting information including coordinate data
Technique for processing print data
Printing customized high resolution images in a distributed network system
Output stage of a charge pump circuit providing relatively stable output voltage without voltage degradation
Multi-instruction stream processor
Interactive data-bound control
Self-compensation circuit for terminal resistors
Print controller apparatus, print controlling method and recording medium
Method and system for determining the position of a wanted object which is positioned in a row of objects and is provided with a transponder
Method of identifying several transponders
Assembling and printing compound documents
Interactive wagering system with controllable graphic displays
Extended view morphing
Key reduction system and method with variable threshold
Generalized, differentially encoded, indexed raster vector data and schema for maps on a personal digital assistant
Apparatus and method for real-time volume processing and universal 3D rendering
Graphics processor for stereoscopically displaying a graphical image
Adaptively subdividing a subdivision surface
Method and system for automatic generation of shape and curvature data for a geographic database
Method and system for modeling geological structures using an unstructured four-dimensional mesh
Image processing apparatus, method and providing medium
Image processing device and method, and recording medium
Method for processing data expressing three-dimensional shape
Data compressor utilizing switched input coincidence elements
Method and system for airport and building security
Inanimate entity line-of-bearing location method via linking material-specific non-uniform static electrification spatial gradient pattern to dielectrophoresis
Automated tracking system
Object finder
Emergency informing terminal and emergency informing system including the terminal
Display control apparatus
Driving circuit for a plasma display panel with discharge current compensation in a sustain period
Method for driving a plasma display panel and a plasma display apparatus therefor
Method for power level control of a display and apparatus for carrying out the method
Active matrix organic electroluminescence display device and method of fabricating the same
Driving circuit of electro-optical device, driving method for electro-optical device, and electro-optical device and electronic equipment employing the electro-optical device
Drive method for liquid crystal display device
Method for driving electro-optical panel, data line driving circuit thereof, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic equipment
Drive unit and liquid crystal device
Method of and unit for displaying an image in sub-fields
Augmenting and not replacing paper based work practice via multi-modal interaction
Preventing audio feedback
Method for reducing the electromagnetic irradiation of an OSD system
Image reproduction system for reproducing a still image from a video tape
Recording clock generation circuit
Run length limited coding with minimal error propagation
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Image memory system
Analog-to-digital conversion method and device, in high-density multilevel non-volatile memory devices
Circuit, apparatus and method for improved current distribution of output drivers enabling improved calibration efficiency and accuracy
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Predictive timing calibration for memory devices
Methods and apparatus for trimming electrical devices
Slot core transformers
System and method for orthogonal inductance variation
Flyback transformer
Electromagnetic actuator, optical scanner and method of preparing electromagnetic actuator
Electromagnet with a magnet armature
Circuit configuration for DC-biased capacitors
Rotary switch with rotatable contact
Opening and/or closing control device, in particular for a switchgear apparatus such as a circuit breaker, and circuit breaker equipped with such a device
Switch relay with switching status display
Magnet system for a relay
Gas-discharge display panel and process for manufacturing the display panel
Plate for a plasma display panel (PDP), method for fabricating the plate, and a PDP having the plate
Plasma display panel
Mask in color cathode ray tube
Shadow mask for flat cathode-ray tube
Color display tube with improved suspension of the color selection electrode
Tension focus mask for a cathode-ray tube (CRT)
Electron gun for cathode-ray tube
Multi-layer common lens arrangement for main focus lens of multi-beam electron gun
Asymmetric space-saving cathode ray tube with magnetically deflected electron beam
Panel for color cathode ray tube with seal and surface having rough surface
Getter placement and attachment assembly
Field-emission matrix display based on electron reflections
Light source for a digital image projection system
Electron beam emitter
Plasma processing apparatus and method of controlling chemistry
Photocathode having ultra-thin protective layer
Backlight including external electrode fluorescent lamp and method for driving the same
Gas discharge lamp comprising an oxide emitter electrode
Gas discharge lamp
Semiconductor device having dispersed filler between electrodes
Ball grid array chip packages having improved testing and stacking characteristics
Wire bond package with core ring formed over I/O cells
Apparatus for implementing selected functionality on an integrated circuit device
Controlled impedance transmission lines in a redistribution layer
Driving method for solid-state image pickup device
Electroluminescence display device
Illumination unit having at least one LED as light source
Temperature-compensated piezoelectric force motor
Single crystal piezoelectric transformer
Method for grouping unit cells using pattern matching technology of impedance spectrum
Cell voltage detector for fuel cell
Ultra wideband frequency dependent attenuator with constant group delay
Non-reciprocal circuit element and communication device
Multi-layer substrate suppressing an unwanted transmission mode
Adaptable pre-matched tuner system and method
Six-port junction/directional coupler with 0/90/180/270 .degree. output phase relationships
Evanescent resonators
Laser beam frequency collection device
Antenna arrangement
Balanced antenna structure for bluetooth 2.4 GHz physical region semiconductor integrated circuit
Dual-band meandering-line antenna
Antenna apparatus
Housing or part thereof for distance sensor
RF MEMS switch loop 180.degree. phase bit radiator circuit
Microstrip patch antenna with progressive slot loading
Electronic filter assembly
Electronic device
Current-carrying member for a direct-current motor in a fuel pump, method for producing the same, and fuel pump
Method and apparatus for achieving flat broadband Raman gain
Optical power equalizer
Circuit protection device with half cycle self test
Balanced current converter with multiple pulse width modulated channels
Method and a device for compensation of the consumption of reactive power by an industrial load
Control system for a renewable energy system
Operation method for secondary battery and secondary battery device
Magnetic device with flux return strip
Motor actuator control system and method for controlling motor actuator
Rotary electric machine having conductors insulated by insulation sleeve inserted into core slot
Rotary electric machine
Electric motor, in particular for hand power tools
Method for increasing subtransient reactance of a generator
Hybrid stepping motor
Linear motor
Liquid cooled alternator
Vehicle electrical generator
Current limiting technique for a switching power converter
Multiple phase switching regulators with stage shedding
Power supply control apparatus and method thereof
DC motor control
Current limiting circuit of brushless DC fan motor
Motor driver and motor drive method
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
Oscillator having surface acoustic wave resonator and oscillation circuit
Method and apparatus for simplified tuning of a two-point modulated PLL
Differential time sampling circuit
Concurrent multi-band low noise amplifier architecture
System and method for producing an amplified signal using plurality of amplitudes across spectrum
Amplifier circuit
Digitally controllable nonlinear pre-equalizer
Distributed RF amplifier with filtered dummy load
Blind linearization using cross-modulation
High frequency power amplifier, high frequency power amplifier module, and portable telephone
Electrical signal filter with improved isolation shield
Phase shifter and multibit phase shifter
Communication terminal
Non-reciprocal circuit element, communication device, and method of manufacturing non-reciprocal circuit element
Surface acoustic wave filter and communication device using the filter
Elastic wave device
Band switchable voltage controlled oscillator with substantially constant tuning range
Output buffer circuit and method of operation
Swithing regulator utilizing seperate integrated circuits for driving each switch
Electronic device having a CMOS circuit
Method of forming a semiconductor device and structure therefor
Low power wired OR
General-purpose logic module and cell using the same
Programmable input/output cell with bidirectional and shift register capabilities
Multiport arbitration using phased locking arbiters
Differential signal reception device and method for supporting variable threshold levels
Interpolating circuit, DLL circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Robust clock circuit architecture
Apparatus for generating sync of digital television
High speed analog to digital converter
Dual channel analog to digital converter
Combined multiplexer and switched gain circuit
Capacitive folding circuit for use in a folding/interpolating analog-to-digital converter
Pulse width modulation analog to digital conversion
Digital-phase to digital amplitude translator with first bit off priority coded output for input to unit weighed digital to analog converter
Line driver structures that enhance driver performance
Methods and apparatus for tone reduction in sigma delta modulators
System and method for data decompression
Programmable variable length decoder circuit and method
Wide band erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA)
Raman amplification
Raman excitation control method and optical transmission system using the same
Wavelength division multiplexing systems
High-throughput, low-latency next generation internet networks using optical label switching and high-speed optical header generation, detection and reinsertion
Output buffer circuit
Method for transmitting facsimile data between facsimile apparatuses through an internet protocol network and relay apparatuses used in the method
Holster with detection for an inserted electronic device
Digital camera and method which displays a page number of a displayed page
Data processing method in network system connected with image processing apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus utilizing light distribution characteristics of an electronic flash
Technique for autostereoscopic image, film and television acquisition and display by multi-aperture multiplexing
MOS-type solid state imaging device with high sensitivity
Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
Scan velocity modulation technique
Signal processor and signal processing method
Apparatus and method for detecting and correcting defective pixels in image sensor
Outdoor housing for TV camera
Imaging apparatus for performing selective processing of image data
Method and circuit for electronic shutter control
Method of controlling transmission light amount and television camera apparatus using the method
Video sample rate conversion to achieve 3-D effects
Display apparatus, marker signal making process, marker signal detector circuit, and control signal generator circuit
Filter and image device with filter
Optical state modulation method and system, and optical state modulation apparatus
Digital still camera with image preview using a first and second memory and method for using the same
Image recording apparatus and method for selective prohibition of erasure during recording
Network conference recording system and method including post-conference processing
Methods and apparatus for switching between a representative presence mode and one or more other modes in a camera-based system
Audio-video conference system with parallel networks
Television system distributing a dynamically varying number of concurrent video presentations over a single television channel
Internet-connected television receiver displays timed messages
Device for and method of converting a frame rate in a moving picture decoder, and a record medium and an integrated circuit device for implementing such a method
Method and apparatus for implementing 4:2:0 to 4:2:2 and 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 color space conversion
System and method of simulated image reconstruction
Method and apparatus for processing a data series including processing priority data
Image pickup apparatus
Image processing apparatus which does not generate a false signal even if unevenness of spectral sensitivities of the color filter occurs
Controlling hue using a saturation control circuit
Apparatus and method for image compositing
Luminance and color difference signal separator for adaptively selecting color difference signals output from comb and line filters
Informational messages display system for mass transit systems and method for same
Light emitting diode driver and image forming device including the same
EL driving circuit, control method and electronic apparatus
Thin film electroluminescent device having thin-film current control layer
Electronic ballast
Non-blinking direct current fluorescent lamp circuit
Multiple discharge lamp ballast with equalizer voltage protection
Ballast circuit having enhanced output isolation transformer circuit
Efficient photographic flash
Resistively ballasted gaseous discharge lamp circuit and method
Method and apparatus for tuning particle accelerators
Adding electrical resistance in series with bypass capacitors to achieve a desired value of electrical impedance between conductors of an electrical power distribution structure
Electronic component module and piezoelectric oscillator device
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