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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Offset hitch
Multi-purpose garden tool
Mowing machine chute cleaner apparatuses and methods
Bio-identical hormones and method of use
Pet bed
Automated walk-thru cattle sprayer
Aquaculture water quality ecology system
Agricultural boom structure
Articles with spores exhibiting antagonistic properties against pathogens and/or spores forming micro-organisms
Smokeless vent system for a cooking appliance
Method and apparatus for producing a shell of a mass containing fat and/or sugar in a mould
Method of improving dough and bread quality
Non-catalytic combustor for reducing NOx emissions
Heat reflection footwear device
Plate for athletic shoe
Cushioning for athletic shoe
Ice spike for mountaineering
Flexible carrier apparatus and method for tracking the same
Sleep system
Air mattress with quilted pillow top
Folding step stool
Seat with built-in beverage dispenser
Dispenser for cup-shaped articles and adjustable retainer for same
Corrugated display base
Hydrophilic substance dispensing device
Automatic device for the extraction of a substance
Flavor wave plate for barbecues and combination of flavor wave plate and barbecue
Beverage mixer with stir stick
Gas-heated dishwasher
Balloon occlusion device and methods of use
Apparatus for deployment of micro-coil using a catheter
Intravascular balloon occlusion device and method for using the same
Dynamic fixation device and method of use
Device for holding and positioning an endoscopic instrument
Surgical covering assembly
Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measuring apparatus and a method of noninvasively measuring continuous blood pressure
Hybrid intrastromal corneal ring
Facet prosthesis
Artificial intervertebral disc with reliable maneuverability
Adjustable gastric implant
Pediatric immobilizer
Multi-lumen catheters and methods for using same
Lymphedema treatment system
Herbal-based composition for treating acute and chronic myeloid leukemia
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Formulations of steroid solutions for inhalatory administration
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
Use of Galectin-3 to promote the re-epithelialization of wounds
Diagnostic method for detecting dysplastic epithelial tissue
Process and composition for enhancing the action of vitamin a on the cellular activity of an individual, and use of vitamin c
Pravastatin pharmaceutical formulations and methods of their use
Hard capsule
Artificial lung of membrane type
Decontamination tub
Pharmaceutically active plant preparation for the treatment of migraine
Individual respiratory gas supply device including a respiratory mask and a facial respirator
Carbon-carbon initiators for use in golf balls
Two-piece solid golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and apparatus for packing chromatography columns and chromatography column
Self-diluting feedwell including a vertical education mechanism
Replaceable filter cartridge with support element and liquid filter with such a filter cartridge
Patient isolation unit
Compressed air control apparatus for compressed air systems of motor vehicles
Ozone generator and light source for enclosed spaces
Chlorine dioxide generator
Crusher rotor
On-line control of coal flow
Pumping device and cosmetic spray having the same
Method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out polishing and washing of a semiconductor device
Lock-out for power assisted strapping tool
Wire nipper
Electrical discharge machine
Bonding method for a plurality of components, bonding method for container and lid member, and ultrasonic welding apparatus
Method of fabricating a micro-electromechanical device using organic sacrificial layers
Process for reclaiming rubber-metal waste
Buffing head and method for reconditioning an optical disc
Wafer grinder
Hydraulic ratchet wrench with double-action hydraulic cylinder piston drive
One hand actuated "C" clamp
Device for handling packaging material
Clockspring with flat cable
Precision alignment of tire building drum to automated tire building system working axis
Integrated composite structural conduit formed in place
Mat perimeter system
Absorbent mats for food packaging
Printing unit arrangement in a web-fed rotary printing press
Ink jet printhead chip having an actuator mechanisms located about ejection ports
Permanent heat activated ink jet printing process
Inkjet printhead, driving method of inkjet printhead, and substrate for inkjet printhead
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus comprising the same
Printing mechanism with a rotating platen assembly
Ink container and recording apparatus
Ink reservoir, ink jet head structure including ink reservoir, and ink jet recording apparatus including ink reservoir
Ink tank and ink-jet printer using the same
Optical encoder device
Security printing
Binding system with sheet-wise formation of features
Wrap-around notebook technique
Wrap-around notebook
Vertically joined floor elements comprising a combination of different floor elements
Tire antenna containment system and method
Pressure sensor, transmitter, and tire condition monitoring apparatus
Automatic transmission for motor vehicles
Control device for hybrid vehicles
Adjusting device for a vehicle seat
Occupant detecting apparatus capable of improving detection accuracy
Shopping cart having small items bag
Arrangement and method for automatically disengaging a manual operator for an electric parking brake
Apparatus for operating commodity trailer hopper trap doors
Shopping cart having cupholder in seat base
Aircraft engine nacelles and methods for their manufacture
High ratio, reduced size epicyclic gear transmission for rotary wing aircraft with improved safety and noise reduction
Misfueling prevention device
Method and device for tank leakage diagnosis at elevated fuel degassing
Tape-packaged headed pin contact
Oriented polymer hinge pins in modular plastic conveyor belts
Conveyor pan
Drive mechanism for a conveyor with stretching compensation means
Adjustable apparatus for orienting containers
Web accumulator having limited torque disturbance
Device for decurling a sheet of paper taken from a roll
Sheet stacking apparatus
Protective sheet peeling device and protective sheet peeling method
Device for pushing a stack of printed products from a table
Clamp for coil handler device
Liquid dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Continuous multistage thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion system
High-temperature sintering of soot bodies doped using molecular stuffing
Inorganic matrix compositions, composites and process of making the same
Process for manufacturing boron nitride fibers from borylborazines
Method and composition for downhole cementing
Fatty acid desaturases and mutant sequences thereof
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Flame retarding compounds
Energy transfer dyes
Amino substituted dibenzothiophene derivatives for the treatment of disorders mediated by NP Y5 receptor
Antimicrobial 2-deoxystreptamine compounds
Methods and compositions for regulating T cell subsets by modulating transcription factor activity
Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor compositions
Monoclonal antibody
Stable free radical polymers
Reactive hot-melt adhesive compositions with improved adhesion to difficult substrates
Anticurling agent, ink jet ink, method for ink jet recording and method for reducing curling
UV curable compositions for producing mar resistant coatings and method for depositing same
Methods of fracturing a subterranean formation using a pH dependent foamed fracturing fluid
Apparatus and method for aging wine or spirits
Flocculation of cell material
Obligately symbiotic thermophile symbiobacterium toebii SC-1 producing thermostable L-tyrosine phenol-lyase and L-tryptophan indole-lyase and a method for screening its relative bacteria
Kit for rapidly diagnosing upper respiratory conditions
HCV replicase complexes
Steel plate having TiN+ZrN precipitates for welded structures, method for manufacturing same and welded structure made therefrom
Methods of forming nitrogen-containing masses, silicon nitride layers, and capacitor constructions
Processing system, evacuating system for processing system, low-pressure CVD system, and evacuating system and trapping device for low-pressure CVD system
Enhanced atomic layer deposition
Metal film and manufacturing method therefor, and laminated ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
Textiles; Paper
Sensor for detecting belt rupture
Fixed Constructions
Article exhibiting dry and wet retroreflectivity
Apparatus for and method of installing segmented concrete pilings in new construction
Insulating cover
Fence slat system
Skimmer seal
Lockable media storage box with lock and key
Pull-out safeguard, in particular for a drawer cabinet
Scuba tank lock assembly
Method for varying the density of drilling fluids in deep water oil and gas drilling applications
Secondary release for wellhead connector
Valves for use in wells
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce oxygen containing formation fluids
Plunger enhanced chamber lift for well installations
Real-time monitoring and control of reservoir fluid sample capture
In situ thermal recovery from a relatively permeable formation using gas to increase mobility
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine vibrator
Sole plate for turbine and power generating plant equipment
Combined cycle gas turbine system
Latch timing mechanism for a two-step roller finger cam follower
Electronically controlled thermostat
Supercharged internal combustion engine
Intake throttle valve apparatus
Fuel pump module assembly for fuel tank
Compression pulse starting of a free piston internal combustion engine having multiple cylinders
Linear compressor with aerostatic gas bearing passage between cylinder and cylinder liner
Apparatus with piston having upper piston extensions
Compressor diagnostic and recording system
Bearing pressure balance apparatus
Pump with seal rinsing feature
Means for auxiliary manual operation
Fluid diversion apparatus
Rolling bearing arrangement for an electromotor
Freewheel coupling device for a spring-loaded operating mechanism for a high-voltage circuit-breaker
Dynamic damper and propeller shaft
Valve core for single handled faucet
Apparatus for distinguishing between tubing assemblies
Display orientation adjustment apparatus
Gas supply apparatus and gas supply method
Active night vision system for vehicles employing anti-blinding scheme
Luminaire louvre with double-walled side reflectors
Surface light source device
Gaseous oxygen resonance igniter
Smooth surface gas cooktop having an electric ignition/turndown system
Programmable power level control for a cooking appliance
Gas reclaiming equipment
Radiator plate rapid cooling apparatus
Heat pipe having an elastic sealing member
Firearm laser training system and method facilitating firearm training with various targets and visual feedback of simulated projectile impact locations
Single-cam compound bow with multiple idler wheels
Automotive instrument
High-density polycrystalline lutetium silicate materials activated with Ce
Electronic clinical thermometer
Automotive cylinder pressure sensors
Resonator-type microelectronic pressure sensor that withstands high pressures
Surface-modified wick for diagnostic test strip
Device for checking the neck of a container for the presence of an incline
Contact hole standard test device, method of forming the same, method testing contact hole, method and apparatus for measuring a thickness of a film, and method of testing a wafer
Compact coupler plug, particularly for a planar broadband lambda probe, having an integrated secondary locking
Radiation detector, arrangement and method for measuring radioactive radiation, where continuous low-energy background noise is reduced
Half-round total internal reflection magnifying prism
Optical connection sleeve, optical module and optical communication module
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Camera exterior part and camera with lens barrier
Method and apparatus for cooling control
Adjustable patient lateral support
Method of controlling stepper process parameters based upon optical properties of incoming anti-reflecting coating layers, and system for accomplishing same
Photoconductive imaging members
Fluid balance control system for use in a fuel processor
Proportional pilot-operated flow control valve
Ink-jet printing method, ink-jet printing apparatus, and program
Data carrier with a battery and display
Coin bank
Cash dispensing automated banking machine display failure detection system and method
Educational audio/visual clock
Large EL panel and manufacturing method therefor
Combination carrying case and instrument stand base
Strummable electric harpsichord
Song-matching system and method
Merging a head stack assembly with a data storage medium
Key assembly for electronic machines
Highly efficient compact capacitance coupled plasma reactor/generator and method
Method of forming flow-fill structures
Apparatus and method for drying under reduced pressure, and coating film forming apparatus
Device transfer techniques for thin film optoelectronic devices
Semiconductor fabrication process with asymmetrical conductive spacers
Nitrogen implantation using a shadow effect to control gate oxide thickness in DRAM semiconductor
Silicon dioxide removing method
Adhesion of copper and etch stop layer for copper alloy
Device for fixing thin and flexible substrates
Photolithography scheme using a silicon containing resist
Method of forming dual gate insulator layers for CMOS applications
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bottom antireflection coating color filter process for fabricating solid state image sensors
Contact pin and socket for electrical parts provided with contact pin
Connector supporting structure and a squeezed amount calculating method
Card socket
Lockable electrical plug and socket connection
Jack with foolproof member for selectively restricting plug insertion
Connecting structure between a liquidizer switch and a circuit board
Electrical connector having a cover for registering cables with contacts
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method and electronic device using random pulse characteristics in digital signals
Mobile telephone system and method for carrying out financial transactions using a mobile telephone system
Method and apparatus for billing of wireless telephone calls
Flow control of authentication triplet request for reducing usage time of a central processor
Wireless communication system that supports multiple standards, multiple protocol revisions, multiple extended services and multiple extended services delivery options and method of operation therefor
Apparatus, method and system for mobile broadcast of information specific to a geographic region
Landline-supported private base station for collecting data and switchable into a cellular network
System for evaluating communication network services
Mobile communications system and mobile terminal therefor with capabilities to access local information resources
Apparatus, and associated method, for maintaining a selected quality of service level in a radio communication system
System and method for providing historical data for location services
Reverse inter-MSC handover
Mobile telephone with interial identifier in location messages
Information terminal, processing method by information terminal, information providing apparatus and information network system
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for determining a location at which a subscriber unit is positioned
System and method for automatically distributing communications to selected locations
Digital cordless telephone apparatus
Method of transmitting messages in a dispatch call
Power control of remote communication devices
Telecommunication system
Mobile communication system with re-connect function for non-speech data communications
Focused narrow beam communication system
Graphical user interface for a portable telephone
RF front-end with signal cancellation using receiver signal to eliminate duplexer for a cordless phone
Non-invasive uterine activity sensor
Devices and methods for monitoring female arousal
Device for fastening of sensors to the surface of the skin and a method for detecting the removal of sensors from the surface of the skin
Electrophysiology catheter with multifunctional wire and method for making
Method and device for reconstructing three-dimensional images of blood vessels, particularly coronary arteries, or other three-dimensional structures
Cardiac rhythm management system with cross-chamber soft blanking
System and method for quantifying alternation in an electrocardiogram signal
Iontophoretic drug delivery apparatus
Autocapture determination for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator
Defibrillating cardiac jacket with interwoven electrode grids
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator with automatic arrhythmia detection criteria adjustment
Spinal cord stimulation
Telemetry system for implantable medical devices
RF electrode array for low-rate collagen shrinkage in capsular shift procedures and methods of use
Control system for an industrial installation
Apparatus and method for sharing data among a plurality of control devices on a communications network
Automatic polling for user interrupts in a programmable controller using relay ladder logic
Method and apparatus for preventing cold temperature induced damage in a disk drive
Method and system for modeling, predicting and optimizing chemical mechanical polishing pad wear and extending pad life
Automated production of instrument faces and instruments
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Wire harness manufacturing system
Control method of stocker entry task and stocker exit task in semiconductor wafer cassette transportation apparatus
Method of controlling the input station in a letter-sorting installation
Subbase programmable control system
Transponder communication of ORVR presence
Method of generating a vehicle lateral acceleration signal for use in an active tilt control system
Automatic driving system
Process for determining the time elapsed between stopping a motor vehicle engine and restarting the engine.
Motor vehicle diagnostic system using hand-held remote control
Microcomputer-built-in, on-vehicle electric unit
Process for controlling occupant safety devices corresponding to the requirements
Device and method for controlling accident protection triggering devices in motor vehicles
Vehicle occupant protection system
Front control system, area setting method and control panel for construction machine
Control apparatus of automatic transmission for vehicle and control method of automatic transmission for vehicle
Method for controlling a vehicle drive unit having a continuously variable transmission
Active brake control having yaw rate estimation
System for determining passability of vehicle
Method and apparatus for protecting an engine from overheating
Intelligent public transit system using dual-mode vehicles
Communication and navigation system incorporating position determination
Vehicle navigation system providing for determination of a point on the border of a map stored in memory on the basis of a destination remote from the area covered by the map
Satellite signal receiver with speed computing integrity control
Ionospheric correction for single frequency GPS receivers using three satellites
Method of predicting kinematics for surface multiples
Method for determining the damage potential of the different types of wafer defects
Method and apparatus for producing an insulation displacement terminal and the same
Systems and methods for controlling gas flow from landfills
Magnetic field strength mapping system
Apparatus for controlling consumption by a household appliance
Fluid property and flow sensing via a common frequency generator and FFT
Apparatus for detecting a moving state of an object
Cascade method and apparatus for providing engineered solutions for a well programming process
Apparatus and method for estimating performance integrated circuit
Device and method for full-text large-dictionary string matching using n-gram hashing
Generalized analysis-by-synthesis speech coding method and apparatus
Method to suppress noise in digital voice processing
Information analysis and method
Encoding method and apparatus, decoding method and apparatus and recording medium
Method for closed loop processing of transactions utilizing bank card association
Point-of-distribution pre-paid card vending system
Method and apparatus for regulating the use of licensed products
Method and system of assigning rates based on class service and discount level
Mail handling process and device
Computer-assisted sales system for utilities
Method for operating a neural network with missing and/or incomplete data
3-brain architecture for an intelligent decision and control system
Parallel data base record distribution method and parallel data base management system
Index merging for database systems
Global incremental type search navigation directly from printable keyboard character input
Method and apparatus for determining a set of database entries
System and method for refining search queries
System and method to automate equipment placement at remote sites
Data sharing system for efficiently transferring data on network
Method and apparatus for parallel profile matching in a large scale webcasting system
Client server system and control method thereof
Search engine for remote access to database management systems
Method, data structure, and computer program product for object state storage
Method for creating and modifying similar and dissimilar databases for use in hardware equipment configurations for telecommunication systems
Link information maintenance management method
Remote observation system having transmission line for isolating local area network at data gathering site from remote monitoring site, and having provision for data request from remote monitoring site via the transmission line
Method and apparatus for forming subject (context) map and presenting Internet data according to the subject map
Method of and a system for generating multiple-degreed database for images
Dictionary and index creating system and document retrieval system
User interface, and associated method, permitting entry of Hangul sound symbols
System for transfering format data from format register to memory wherein format data indicating the distribution of single or double precision data type in the register bank
Workflow systems and methods
Apparatus and method for communicating messages between data processing nodes using remote reading of message queues
Synchronization and information exchange between communication components using a network management operations and control paradigm
Video on demand service system for performing automatic expanding processing of data and title information
Embedding web access functionality into a device for user interface functions
On-the-fly trivial file transfer protocol
Controlling devices on a network through policies
Computer operation management system
Method and apparatus for determining and initiating interaction directionality within a multimedia communication center
Methods and apparatus for a computer network firewall with cache query processing
Method and apparatus for controlling access to network information sources
Computer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment
Network apparatus with Java co-processor
System for selectively requesting data from a server based on prior accepted requests, transmission rate, and transmission capacity
Method and system coordinating actions among a group of servers
Remote procedure calling using an existing descriptor mechanism
Means system and method for operating an apparatus
Reservation and dynamic allocation of resources for sole use of docking peripheral device
Server computer I/O redirection tool
Method and system for monitoring and controlling data flow in a network congestion state by changing each calculated pause time by a random amount
System for accessing an input/output device using multiple addresses
Adjusting the volume by a keyboard via an independent control circuit, independent of a host computer
Distributed computer system supporting remote interrupts and lock mechanism
Mobile computing systems which automatically reconfigure to operate any devices attached to a docking module upon connection to the docking station
LPC/ISA bridge and its bridging method
Method for hot swapping a programmable network adapter by using a programmable processor to selectively disabling and enabling power thereto upon receiving respective control signals
Voltage overshoot control in hot plug system
Method and apparatus for restreaming data that has been queued in a bus bridging device
Read/write state machines for transferring data to/from host interface in a digital data storage system
Priority encoder circuit
Forwarding causes of non-maskable interrupts to the interrupt handler
Hardware assisted mask read/write
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) having variable configuration for data processing system and corresponding expansion support for the interleaved-block configuration thereof
Semiconductor memory device and data transfer circuit for transferring data between a DRAM and a SRAM
Method and apparatus for storing information among a plurality of disk drives
Trace based instruction caching
Memory controller for interchanging memory against memory error in interleave memory system
Superscalar processor employing a high performance write back buffer controlled by a state machine to reduce write cycles
Integrated circuit memory with a bus transceiver
Disc drive data storage system and method for dynamically scheduling queued commands
Method for controlling an optic disk
Systems and methods for synchronizing redundant controllers with minimal control disruption
Cross-system data piping using an external shared memory
Accessing a memory system via a data or address bus that provides access to more than one part
System and method for managing system memory and/or non-volatile memory using a memory controller with integrated compression and decompression capabilities
PC circuits, systems and methods
PC circuits, systems and methods
Length decoder for variable length data
Apparatus and method for program level parallelism in a VLIW processor
Method and apparatus for implementing predicated sequences in a processor with renaming
Microprocessor with circuits, systems and methods for responding to branch instructions based on history of prediction accuracy
Method and apparatus for predicting target addresses for return from subroutine instructions utilizing a return address cache
System for computer recovery using removable high capacity media
Method and apparatus for identifying a computer through BIOS scanning
Mobile computer and method of packet encryption and authentication in mobile computing based on security policy of visited network
Method and apparatus for cryptographically camouflaged cryptographic key storage, certification and use
Tracking memory modules within a computer system
Method and apparatus for targeting a digital information playback device
Method and system for secure cable modem registration
Fault detection on dual supply system for a universal serial bus system
Method for performing atomic, concurrent read and write operations on multiple storage devices
Computer and a method for displaying the time of using system
Automatic system for dynamic diagnosis and repair of computer configurations
Power-off recovery management for sector based flash media managers
System for automatically reporting a system failure in a server
System and method for preserving the state of a device across a reset event
Bit error measuring device for modem device and bit error measuring method for the same
Test method of cache memory of multiprocessor system
Method for optimizing test fixtures to minimize vector load time for automated test equipment
Logic circuit verification apparatus and method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for error detection in digital communications
Source coding to provide for robust error recovery
Data and real-time media communication over a lossy network
Systematic punctured convolutional encoding method
Method for encoding a digital communication channel
Fault simulation using dynamically alterable behavioral models
Power supply circuit diagram design system
Method and system for floorplanning a circuit design at a high level of abstraction
Method and system for interfacing to a variety of software development tools
Taking corrective action in computer programs during instruction processing
Method for performing dynamic optimization of computer code
Human Necessities
Hydraulic system having boost pump in parallel with a primary pump and a boost pump drive therefor
Lawn mower having independent drive wheel suspension
Cam path for orientating fingers of a harvesting reel
Round bale forming roll
Round baler idler roll mounting apparatus
Self-draining in-ground flower holder
Method of making a decorative container
Method of and an implement for milking and/or treating animals
Multipurpose bathrobe for pets
Remote controlled animal training system
Variable volume multi-species bird house
Poultry feeder with position adjustable poultry drinker combination
By-catch reduction acoustic device
Ribbon fin lure
Leader for fly fishing
Diving fishing weight
Sporting apparatus suited for fishing and hunting
Apparatus for attracting waterfowl
Solid particle aerosol belt and dissemination method
Embalming fluid distribution tube
Method and apparatus for preparing a folded food product
System for freeze granulation
Device and method for transporting products such as leafed vegetables
Article such as a stocking or pair of tights (panty-hose) made from sheer knit fabric, with thin, flat seams
Combination lint brush and necktie
Magnetic buttons and structures thereof
Cap having full rear adjustment band
Article storage for hats
Clip-on visor
Hard hat
Method and apparatus for fluid flow transfer in shoes
Shoe apparatus and method
Shock absorbing liner for baseball shoe
Footwear with internal reinforcement structure
Footwear customization system and process
Method and apparatus integral with an article of apparel for tightening a strap
Seat belt buckle
Press fastener
Watertight press fastener part
Ornament hanger ring of necklace
Structure for connecting blocks of band
Push button device for releasing locking mechanism
Adjustable wall-mounted shampoo bowl
Lashing system
Article of clothing with attachable magnetic ball marker
Electric back scrubber brush
Push broom with bowed handle
Rotating brush cleaning apparatus
Toothbrush with handle comprising means for vertical storage
Teeth-cleaning device with a handle
Folding leg mechanism
Recessed monitor table
Collapsible table
Furniture system comprising worktops that can be equipped with fittings
Manually guided implement having a drive motor
Method of attaching mattress cover handle
See through protective crib cover construction
Structure of a foldable baby bed base
Device for keeping food in a cold environment
Hanging display device for memorabilia
Multi-support sleeping pillows
Self-opening towel
Apparatus for the production of heated beverage
Food preparation
Enclosed rotisserie with added convenience
Cooking device
Convertible household electric cooking appliance
Collapsible barbecue tools
Apparatus and method for producing wet and dry pads
Aids splash back toilet guard
Automatic machines for cleaning outer wall of a high-rise building
Removal of heat and water vapor from commercial dishwashing machines
Method and apparatus for reducing the size of elongate particulate material in a vacuum cleaner head
Collection apparatus for use with blower/vacuum units
Method and apparatus for measuring the characteristics of meat
Compliant embosser assembly
Operating equipment
Cremated remains display upon a substrate system and method therefore
Insulated burial vault
Foldable sauna cabinet
Capsule filling apparatus
Tablet cassette for automatic tablet sorting and counting machine
Medication collecting system
Roller coaster control system
Boat for spill water raft rides
Steering gear box for toy vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Receiver and filter and adsorbent unit therefor
Emission control system for an internal-combustion engine
Electronically monitored mechanical pipette
Micro tube cap opening device with tube holder and slidable lifting bar
Sample cooling apparatus and methods
Modular waterfall apparatus and method
Liquid coating applicator
Abrasive member and cleaning device for probe needle for probe card
Lehr roll cleaning apparatus
Cleaning tape for photographic material transporting rollers
Device with a stepped adjustment for adapting the vertical position of rolls to the rolling line
Hydraulic load capsule for a metal working rolling mill
Apparatus for the controlled cooling of hot-rolled sections, particularly beams, directly from the rolling heat
Process to produce indentations in tubes together with the tube produced by the use of this process
Apparatus for simultaneously performing multiple hydroforming operations
Bump cam
Method for making die boards, and materials and apparatus for practicing the method
Bending press for forming channel-shaped bends in the edges of a metal sheet
Bending press for making channel-shaped bends in the edges of a sheet-metal panel
Gear tooth smoothing and shaping process
Transmission shaft of a movable arm of a pipe bender
Method of securing a termination element to an end portion of a wire rope
Deburrer for billets and slabs for use in continuous steel casting plants
Detachable chipbreaker for a cutting insert
Quick-change collet chuck
Circular saw having movement prevention means
Method of preparing and using a plastic mask for paste printing
Determinant spar assembly
Indexing mechanism
Dual spring hold down for wood working tools
Single-point flexure toric contact lens forming machine and method
Apparatus for displaying a contour of a lens-shaped template
Jig for manufacturing long period grating filter and apparatus and method for manufacturing long period grating filter using the same
Method for peening the internal surface of a hollow part
Magnetoresistive type magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same and apparatus for polishing the same
Soft golf spike utility tool
Nut holding devices
Socket wrench extension
Power operated screwdriving device
Tool for safely removing clip on pre-opened hose clamps
Shaft manipulating and centering tool
Roller chain link retainer tool
Hand tool with multiple locking blades controlled by a single locking mechanism and release
Shock-proof structure of the handle cover of a hand tool
Handle for a hand tool
Method of assembling components of an assembly using a laser image system
Pocket knife
Baked potato opener
Reciprocating cutting assembly
Circular saw splitter device with integral anti-kick back
Insulated concrete form
Arrangement for detecting a need for maintaining a hydraulic breaking apparatus
Grid structure
Trim member mounted on a panel flange and a method of mounting thereon
Device and method for curing an adhesive between two layers of an information carrier
All-in-one tire repair tool
Upper slide drive rod and spacer design
Cushioning product and machine and method for producing same
Swing arm transmission for driving sheet feed mechanism of a printing device media input tray
Printing method and device for mounting printing plates via cooperating holes and protrusions
Vehicle air-conditioning system with automatic louver oscillation control
Windshield spacer
Motor vehicle door
Apparatus for keeping upwardly swinging door of vehicle at desired angle
Battery powered electric snow thrower
Control valve seal
Brake booster
Negative-pressure booster
Pressure-driven magnetically-coupled conveyance
Vibration dampening hypoid gear structure
Brake actuating lever for a bicycle
Bicycle pedal assembly
Watercraft bilge system
Production/platform mooring configuration
Attachment of equipment to composite sandwich core structures
Boat hull construction and method of making the same
Rebuilt double hull vessel and method of rebuilding a single hull vessel into a double hull vessel
Apparatus for sails
Fisherman refrigerating device using engine exhaust
Translating sleeve for cascade type thrust reversing system for fan gas turbine engine for an aircraft
Cascade structure arrangement for a gas turbine engine
Remote controlled wrapping system
Wrapping machine for wrapping an article from a roll of film, and a method thereof
Package wrapping method and machine
Low speed container package forming machine
Sealing machine and method
Apparatus for bulk cartoning of books
Process and apparatus for producing packs with glued folding tabs
Process and device for packaging elongate products and packages produced thereby
Label stamper with a guide channel for receiving the side edge of a tape
Packaging and disposal system
Dock seal and method of producing the same
Vehicle shelter having channels
Apparatus for transporting signatures
Portable batt cutter
Method and arrangement for transmitting yarn-specific data during rewinding processes for producing two-thread lock stitch seams which are to be documented
Method for producing a knitted article on a flat knitting machine
Device for preparing a thread end for splicing with an apparatus for the knotless pneumatic splicing of textile threads and yarns
Load sensing system
Micromechanical accelerometer for automotive applications
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass spinner with partitioned spinning head
I.S. machine
Mechanism for driving plungers of metal molds in a bottle-making machine
I. S. machine
Medium gray colored glass with improved UV and IR absorption and nitrate-free manufacturing process therefor
Superconducting wire and method of manufacturing the same
Flares having igniters formed from extrudable igniter compositions
Signal transmission fuse
Plasma reactor with a deposition shield
Method and apparatus for processing a wafer
Gas feedthrough with electrostatic discharge characteristic
Showerhead electrode assembly for plasma processing
Symmetric tunable inductively coupled HDP-CVD reactor
Textiles; Paper
Card clothing for flats of a card
Apparatus for feeding slivers to a draw frame
Transport belt for transporting a fiber strand to be condensed
Flat knitting machine
Method and apparatus for transferring a loop from a selected needle to an adjacent needle for creating a decorative open-work pattern
Correction apparatus for sewing data and correction method
Quilting machine with adjustable presser plate and method of operating the quilting machine
Presser foot for a sewing machine
Spool winder for sewing machines
Sewing machine with multiple needles
Remote control bobbin case exchanger device
Tables for machine units
Method and apparatus for continuously cleaning yarn fibers
Washing machine equipped with an air bubble generator having contraction/enlargement exhaust nozzles
Fixed Constructions
Rail vehicle for use in the collection and distribution of railroad crossties
Thermal storage reservoir for ice rink
Movable safety tunnel for use during bridge maintenance
Composite deck system and method of construction
Powered quick attach snowplow
Dog bone chain link
Excavator, in particular a mini-excavator
Control device for hydraulically driven equipment
Hydraulic fluid supply system
Putty plate for faucet fixture
Bearing elements and methods relating to same
Demountable wall system
Deck system
Cupola roof panels with snap-fit edges
Multi-panel hollow door structures and manufacturing methods employing paperboard cores
Joist bracing apparatus
Frame with water stop and method of installation
Prestressing system for wood structures and elements
Continuous monitoring of reinforcements in structures
Apparatus for use on pitched roofs and related method
Cladding system
Siding panel with interlock
Panel assembly
Wall panel mounting system and method
Block and brick wall construction system
Furniture system
Main drain safety grate apparatus
Retractable platform for swimming pool
Building system using shape memory alloy members
Pick-resistant lock system with improved cylinder construction
Interconnect mechanism for dual lock
Method and apparatus for securing electronic components
Notebook computer hinge
Door assembly
Continuous gear hinge with intumescent seals
Furniture hinge mounting plate
Window regulator mechanism
Door construction for a magnetically shielded room
Turning blocking device
Prehung door installation aid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Single shaft microturbine power generating system including turbocompressor and auxiliary recuperator
Locator for a gearbox mount
Shipping system for jet aircraft engine and method of installing and removing jet aircraft engine
Hydrocarbon combustion power generation system with CO2 sequestration
Method and apparatus for converting low grade heat to cooling load in an integrated gasification system
Exhaust emission control apparatus for combustion engine
Stroke identifying unit of a four-stroke engine
Turbojet thrust reverser with downstream obstacles
Variable thrust nozzle system
Liquid-propellant rocket engine
Anchor device for a member for actuating a steerable nozzle
Control algorithm for maintenance of discharge pressure
Fan for refrigerator
Fluid power rotary drive device
Piston bypass valve
Brake mechanism
Connector for conveyor belts
Gear reducer drive assembly
Device for converting a rotational movement into an axial movement
Rotary-to-linear actuator
Neutral returning control system and method for electronic pneumatic shift device
Selection system for an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Actuating arrangement
Valve security guard
Energy-supply chain
Adaptive stand for a video monitor
Apparatus for detecting abnormal sound and method for judging wrong in machine
Methods and apparatus for monitoring water process equipment
Waste tire incinerating and post-treating system
Multiple rake sootblower with internal valving manifold
Combustion apparatus
Method and device for minimizing thermoacoustic vibrations in gas-turbine combustion chambers
Portable air conditioner
Sizing and control of fresh air dehumidification unit
Weather shield solar heat collector per reflector
Oil return from refrigeration system evaporator using hot oil as motive force
Desiccant installation for refrigerant condenser with integral receiver
Noise suppressing refrigeration jumper tube
Refrigeration system with inertial subcooling
Method and apparatus for automatically hydrating, freezing and packaged hydration material
Refrigeration system using liquid-to-liquid heat transfer for warm liquid defrost
High performance food storage system for a refrigerator
Vending machine
Self-cooling beverage and food container and manufacturing method
Refrigeration process and plant using a thermal cycle of a fluid having a low boiling point
Separation of air
Circular drying element and drying plant with such a drying element
Radiation curing system
Device for drying substrates
Vacuum drying of semiconductor fragments
Firearm safety apparatus
Weapon tube
Method and apparatus for storing and handling propellant charge units
Winged peep sight
Method and apparatus for defeating high-velocity projectiles
Desk and removable bullet resistant desk top shield
Device for the cutting of nonmetallic parts by means of a pyrotechnic expansion tube
Energetic transmission line completion/interruption mechanism
Method and arrangement for programming shells
Method and apparatus for measuring a gap
Method and device for measuring permanent length deformations of materials
Method of making an encapsulated transducer with an alignment plug
Angular velocity sensor and angular velocity sensing system
Pipeline distortion monitoring system
Rotary displacement system using differential measuring
Vortex flowmeter with signal processing
Air mass meter
Coriolis mass flowmeter
Lever gauge with hinged arms
Torque detection mechanism for a flexed meshing type gear drive
Tire and rim assembly centering method
Signal processing system for energy transfer arrangement under test
Method of introducing an additive into a fluid system, especially useful for leak detection, as well as an apparatus for leak detection and a composition useful for leak detection
Spiral sampler
Methods of use for sensor based fluid detection devices
Electromagnetic acoustic transducer and methods of determining physical properties of cylindrical bodies using an electromagnetic acoustic transducer
Detecting rotational acceleration
Device for positioning a measuring sensor
Test fixture customization adapter enclosure
Self-diagnosis apparatus for vehicle meters and method starting a self-diagnosis mode for vehicle meters
Pressure and vacuum switch testing tool
Structure for attaching drying agent to lens barrel
Ergonomic range accommodating adjustable foot pedal
Indicator device
Nautical chart holder arrangement
Corrugated yard sign
Interactive display unit for refrigerated foods
Name tag having a viewing window and a fastening clip
Method for producing magnetic head
Capacitor with cold-flow-extruded electrodes
Chamber liner for semiconductor process chambers
Apparatus for HF-HF cleaning
System of components to be hybridized and hybridization process allowing for thermal expansions
Universal unit strip/carrier frame assembly and methods
Wafer packaging method
Printed lumped element stripline circuit structure and method
Apparatus for making a wire harness
Method for guiding a wire
Rotor assembling method
Magnetic laser bar clamp
Microprocessor controlled motor controller with current limiting protection
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