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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hybrid type working machine
Elastomeric sole for use with converted flatbed sewing machine
Adjustable bed carriage
Gas spring activated adjustable bed
Cradle conversion system
Cleaning device
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic airflow
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Apparatus for counting and dispensing pills using pill volume calculations
Method of implanting a spinal cord stimulator lead having multiple obstruction-clearing features
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for socket-deforming a tube end and for adjusting its length
Superplastic forming and diffusion bonding process
Wire feeder driving mechanism for spring manufacturing machine
Apparatus for guiding continuous fibers
Spindle head for a universal milling machine
Method and device for applying a scale or scale support
Battery-driven screwdriver
Self-adjusting locking pliers
Ergonomic handle for vegetation trimmer
Closure device
Structure of a connecting shaft mechanism of a caster assembly
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Tilt steering apparatus for vehicle
Method and device for producing hard packs for cigarettes
Textiles; Paper
Stretchable core-sheath type composite yarn and stretchable woven-knit fabric
Fixed Constructions
Adaptable, low cost air gap and flow control
Building panels
Enhanced curtain wall system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Double acting thermodynamically resonant free-piston multicylinder stirling system and method
Paint composition and sliding part
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Exhaust emission control and diagnostics
Exhaust gas control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Adiabatic power generating system
Valve arrangement and hydraulic drive
Conveyor gear with return lock
Cooling device for pluggable module, assembly of the cooling device and the pluggable module
Systems and methods for dimensionally inspecting threaded fasteners
Apparatus for estimating a resonant frequency of a wind turbine tower
Wavelength dependent optical force sensing
Method, apparatus and computer program for determining the location of a user in an area
People guidance using kiosk and user ID
Route planning using location/time encoded data from location aware snowplows
Route planning using location/time encoded data from location aware snowplows
Laser level
Fiber optic gap gauge
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Fluid level measuring device having at least one compressible member
Micro-force sensing system
Apparatus and method for inspecting motorcycle
Method of analyzing entrained liquid in a vapor containing fluid
Method and apparatus for the measurement of the mass fraction of water in oil-water mixtures
Vibratory gyro piezoelectric vibrator
Method of acquiring vibroseismic data concerning a zone of the subsoil, and seismic exploration method including such a method
Multi-beam light source device, optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Light deflector
Meta material and method of manufacturing the same
Intruder detection system
Surface plasmon optical waveguide
Game camera having an electromechanical device for switching an optical lens filter
Oscillation motor unit, oscillation motor, and lens driving device using oscillation motor
Color-corrected F-theta objective for laser material processing
Color filterless display device, optical element, and manufacture
Lithographic apparatus, and motor cooling device
Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and information processing method
Image forming apparatus
Image bearing member drive unit that drives image bearing member, method of controlling image bearing member drive unit, storage medium, and image forming apparatus
Image processing method, image processor, and image forming apparatus using same
Image forming apparatus
Development device and image formation apparatus
Toner supplying device and image forming apparatus using same
Method to operate a digital printer to print a recording material, and associated digital printer with mixing container
Fuser and image-forming apparatus
Clocks with uniquely driven elements which are interpreted by the use of traditional clock interpretation methods
Data center cooling control
Computing system with power requirement evaluation
Power management system and method
Link power management in an I/O interconnect
Display device
Communication device and communication system
Computer and power management system for computer
Power supply device and image forming apparatus
Reducing impact of a repair action in a switch fabric
Facilitating processing in a communications environment using stop signaling
Reducing impact of a repair action in a switch fabric
Facilitating processing in a communications environment using stop signaling
Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
Maintenance planning and failure prediction from data observed within a time window
Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
Method, apparatus or software for processing exceptions produced by an application program
Computer-readable recording medium, apparatus, and method for processing data
Temperature-profiled device fingerprint generation and authentication from power-up states of static cells
Redundancy and load balancing in remote direct memory access communications
Electronic device and method of ensuring guaranteed services
Interleaved architecture tracing and microarchitecture tracing
Low access time indirect memory accesses
Providing redundancy in a virtualized storage system for a computer system
Estimation of boot-time memory requirement
Preemptively allocating extents to a data set
Storage network data allocation
Randomized page weights for optimizing buffer pool page reuse
Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
Techniques for using sparse files during snapshots
Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
Storage device and storage-device control method
Complex memory device and I/O processing method using the same
Debugging a memory subsystem
WWN table management systems and methods
Adjusting location of tiered storage residence based on usage patterns
Distributing data among data storage partitions based on a forecasted demand in a networked computing environment
Apparatus and method for using a page buffer of a memory device as a temporary cache
Method and apparatus for efficient, low-latency, streaming memory copies
RDMA resource leakage detection and reporting
Bridging board and server system
Apparatus, system, and recording medium
Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium for requiring authentication information to discharge printed sheets
System and method for delivery of content objects
System and method for managing mail messages
Transient market resource locator
Method, apparatus and system for detecting unwanted digital content delivered to a mail box
Method and systems for enabling interaction between a device that comprises a display and a separable mobile core
Embedding an autograph in an electronic book
Smarter mechanism to implement push email on handheld devices
Peer to peer (P2P) operation by integrating with content delivery networks (CDN)
Mail server based application record synchronization
Determination of a spammer through social network characterization
Plug-in architecture for WSD DCP operations
Time integration of active-mode events and idle-mode events into communication data records
Browser based web conferencing employing attendee side image scaling
Programmable logic controller
Managing locally initiated electronic mail attached documents
Registration of media content with a content distribution network for transfer at a later time
Byzantine fault-tolerant SCADA system
Collection digest for a media sharing system
Managing a workflow using an instant messaging system to gather task status information
Method, system and device for controlling and/or limiting electronic communication
Method and apparatus for performing multiple DMA channel based network quality of service
Method and system for provisioning services to a terminal
Releasing computing infrastructure components in a networked computing environment
System and method for supporting of network service
Infrastructure management operational workflows
Provision of other than 1:1 resource mapping
System for distributed personal device management
Confidence based network management
Methods for sharing bandwidth across a packetized bus and systems thereof
Mapping services to a transport mechanism
Storage of content data in a peer-to-peer network
Method of cascading transfer of authorization rights for file access
Methods and apparatus for saving conditions prior to a reset for post reset evaluation
Robust Bayesian matrix factorization and recommender systems using same
Vehicle electronic controller for automatically switching between a port being suspended based on a mode of an internal oscillation circuit
Apparatus and method for transforming application for multi-modal interface
Search query expansion and group search
Use of multiple data sources for spell check function, and associated handheld electronic device
Touch-sensitive sensor
Handling unexpected responses to script executing in client-side application
Cloud services creation based on graph mapping
Managing digital signatures
Knowledge system method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for enhancing electronic reading by identifying relationships between sections of electronic text
Tag management device, system and recording medium
Field oriented pipeline architecture for a programmable data streaming processor
Method and computer program for evaluating database queries involving relational and hierarchical data
Redistribute native XML index key shipping
Full and semi-batch clustering
Reusing snapshots in a network data management protocol backup operation
Phrase clustering
Scan-free archiving
Power routing with integrated decoupling capacitance
Physical synthesis optimization with fast metric check
Optimized optical proximity correction handling for lithographic fills
Process enhancing safe SRAF printing using etch aware print avoidance
Method for circuit simulation
Photolithography mask design simplification
Method for compensating for variations in structures of an integrated circuit
Methods for improving double patterning route efficiency
Crashworthiness design methodology using a hybrid cellular automata algorithm for the synthesis of topologies for structures subject to nonlinear transient loading
Emission factor calculating apparatus and emission factor calculating method
System and method for analyzing an electrophysiological signal
Authorizing computing resource access based on calendar events in a networked computing environment
Write accessibility for electronic paper
Method for providing data to a personal portable device via network and a system thereof
Systems, devices and methods for an interactive art marketplace in a networked environment
Dynamic de-identification of data
Human-to-human collaborative session request queue processing
Reverse metadata viewing by multiple parties
Electronic device
Method for simultaneously providing DVB-H and streaming services in a portable terminal
Cross platform discovery and communication over a local network
Computing device and function module management method
Systems and methods for dynamic background user interface(s)
Object control device, object control method, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for virtual world based product design
Systems and methods for managing transform points and effects in multi-state electronic content
Distributed printing system and image forming apparatus, method, and software program for switching between a collaborative processing mode and a centralized processing mode
Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium for converting document information or image information input as a file into transmission data and transmitting the obtained data
System and method for highlighting barriers to reducing paper usage
Electronic device comprising display sections configured to face in different directions
Searching a range in a set of values in a network with distributed storage entities
DVIVD match audit system and 5 star event data recorder method thereof
TCAM defragmentation for heterogeneous TCAM application support
Apparatus and method to store information
Methods and apparatus to combine mail streams in a binding line
Replication of deduplicated data
Point in phasetime system and method thereof
Interestingness of data
Concurrent database access by production and prototype applications
Location activity search engine computer system
Garbled circuit generation in a leakage-resilient manner
Automated detection of flaws and incompatibility problems in information flow downgraders
Detecting logically non-significant operation based on opcode and operand and setting flag to decode address specified in subsequent instruction as different address
Determining software complexity
Computer product, IP model generating apparatus, and IP model generating method
Automated generation of bridging code to augment a legacy application using an object-oriented language
Comparing component weights between builds
Quality measure tool for a composite application
Processing an object-oriented query to retrieve data from a data source
Method and apparatus for populating a software catalogue with software knowledge gathering
Software defect prediction
Updating elements in data storage facility using predefined state machine over extended time period
Compiling source code for debugging with expanded snapshots
Computer program product containing instructions for providing a processor the capability of executing an application derived from a compiled form
Computer program product containing instructions for providing a processor the capability of executing an application derived from a compiled form
Indirect software performance analysis
Information processing apparatus for associating event information in an image input device with an application program that operates according to the event information
Virtual machine, virtual machine system and method for controlling virtual machine
Hypervisor for administering to save unsaved user process data in one or more logical partitions of a computing system
Apportioning summarized metrics based on unsummarized metrics in a computing system
Control of java resource runtime usage
Control of Java resource runtime usage
Load balancing in network based telephony applications
Apportioning summarized metrics based on unsummarized metrics in a computing system
Constant time worker thread allocation via configuration caching
Information processing apparatus for monitoring event delivery from plurality of monitoring threads
Apparatus and method for managing resources in containment framework environment
Working sets of sub-application programs of application programs currently running on computing system
Scheduling a parallel job in a system of virtual containers
Analyzing a patterning process using a model of yield
Hollow dot printing apparatus and methods
Image output apparatus, method for outputting image, and storage medium
Printing device for printing a document to be passed to one or more recipients, printing system, control method, and computer-readable storage medium for control program
Image forming apparatus forming images in accordance with image forming conditions
Generating an image of a seal impression
Video processing apparatus, method and system
Image processing method
Tracking-frame initial-position setting device and method of controlling operation of same
Image-based head position tracking method and system
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional images
Image processing circuit, semiconductor device, image processing device, and electronic appliance
High-performance closed-form single-scan calculation of oblong-shape rotation angles from optical image data of arbitrary size and location for user interface applications
Image processor, image processing method, and program for shift-changing depth data of an image
Animated image code, apparatus for generating/decoding animated image code, and method thereof
Robot control system, robot system and program
Workflow process consolidation
Mobile agent point-of-sale (POS)
System and method for rewarding customer loyalty in a mobile environment
System and method of auctioning a defaulted loan
Frequency-dependent ray tracing through an interface
Projector, projection system, and retrieved information displaying method
Library apparatus with a transportable recording and reproducing unit
Spindle motor having lower thrust member with insertion protrusion and hard disk drive including the same
Cartridge drive apparatus with identification hole detection lever
Read/write apparatus and read/write method
Method and apparatus for initial self-servo writing
Optical storage system having differential phase detector
Method of making narrow track width magnetoresistive sensor
Systems and methods for optimizing optical recording
Objective lens driving unit that maintains electrical connection between suspension wires and leads
Recording medium
Optical disk apparatus
Magnetoresistive device and nonvolatile memory with the same
Re-writing scheme for solid-state storage devices
Mechanisms for enabling power management of embedded dynamic random access memory on a semiconductor integrated circuit package
Storage device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Phase change memory with flexible time-based cell decoding
Memory device having data paths with multiple speeds
Semiconductor device having multi-level wiring structure
Supercapacitor cell and supercapacitive module incorporating a plurality of these cells
Low alternating-current loss oxide superconductor and fabricating method thereof
Method for manufacturing a wiring board
Wire harness manufacturing machine
Fluxless bumping process
Semiconductor laser device
Arc fault circuit interrupter, systems, apparatus and methods of detecting and interrupting electrical faults
Facility power supply with power-factor correction
Image data processing apparatus
Wireless communication apparatus
Communication device employing binary product coding with selective additional cyclic redundancy check (CRC) therein
Apparatus and method for controlling tracking area update in wireless communication system
Vehicle battery power save timer
Reducing wireless communication latency
Protection switching with transmitter compensation function
System, method and apparatus for high-sensitivity optical detection
Communicating between an optical receiver and an optical transmitter using a serial bus
Device for using a broadband network at a customer's premises, method of operating such a device and broadband network system utilizing such a device
Method to enable Wi-Fi direct usage in radar bands
Fully-digital BIST for RF receivers
Resource efficient acoustic echo cancellation in IP networks
Overpower detection device and radio communication device
Wireless bidirectional communications between a mobile device and associated secure element using inaudible sound waves
Mobile communication system, base station, cell coverage control method
Methods and arrangements in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for obtaining channel state information required for beamforming
System and method for testing multiple data packet signal transceivers
Antipodal demodulation method and antipodal demodulator for non-coherent unitary space-time modulation in MIMO wireless communication
Method and apparatus for controlling finger lock state in a rake receiver
Adaptive distributed turbocoding method for a cooperative network
Transporting GSM packets over a discontinuous IP based network
Apparatus and method for detection of a dedicated control channel (DCCH)
Enhancing PS-poll for low-power WiFi
System and method for faster response time in stereo/mono detection
Bandwidth control method, communication system, and communication device
Memory access system and method
Method and apparatus for coaxial cable based broadcast and communication convergence in home network
Frame timing controller and frame timing control method for triggering at least receiver in mobile station to start receiving transmitted information of base station by referring to at least frame pointer
PSS detection process for an LTE communication network
Data transmitting device and data receiving device
Enterprise information asset protection through insider attack specification, monitoring and mitigation
Communication system, method and apparatus
Serial transmission apparatus, information processing apparatus, and serial transmission method
Cached routing table management
Monitoring system, device, and method
Method, communication network and datacenter for traffic management in a communication network
Clearing forwarding entries dynamically and ensuring consistency of tables across ethernet fabric switch
Multicast bandwidth multiplication for a unified distributed switch
Method and apparatus for exchanging routing information and the establishment of connectivity across multiple network areas
Channel response noise reduction at digital receivers
Flexible channel decoder
Worker and iteration control for parallel turbo decoder
Signal compression apparatus and method for dynamic compressive sensing using sparsity information of input signal
Methods of allocating resources in a system and systems implementing the same
Layer shifting in open loop multiple-input, multiple-output communications
Systems and methods for medium access control with key agreement
System for preventing unauthorized acquisition of information and method thereof
Assignment acknowledgement for a wireless communication system
System, apparatus and method for decentralizing attribute-based encryption information
Mechanical input-output device for mobile terminal
Autonomous metallic supervision with sealing current
System of providing information to a telephony subscriber
Wireless base station, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and computer-readable medium storing device
Serving time critical information to mobile devices
Near field communication (NFC) accessory providing enhanced data transfer features and related methods
Emergency alert system (EAS) message service profile
Method and apparatus for intelligently composing a multimedia message for a mobile radio system
Automatic seamless context sharing across multiple devices
Evolving algorithms for network node control in a telecommunications network by genetic programming
Method and apparatus for network maintenance and supervision of a controlled on-board audio portion
Intelligently routing calls and creating a supporting computer interface
Management of national telephone and address system (NTAS) data
Audio communication system
Image processing in contone space and halftone space
Solid-state imaging device
Image sensing apparatus, image sensing apparatus control method, and imaging system
Water-proof casing
Camera module having tightening ring for fixing lens to lens holder
Image signal processing device for auto-focus for a scene including a point light source
Program information notification device, television receiver, program information notification method, program information notification program, and recording medium
Electronic displays having paired canvases
Video playback apparatus, information providing apparatus, information providing system, information providing method and program
Method and apparatus for configuring storage of video data from a plurality of sources
Information processing apparatus, remote operation support method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for enhancing television programs with event notifications
Coding blocks of data using one-to-one codes
Multimedia interactive simulator
Video player system with transmission device for transmitting content to content player device for content playback based consumption resource information
Managed video services at edge-of-the-network
Boat transducer mounting apparatus
Smart material actuator capable of operating in three dimensions
Method of manufacturing a multi-nozzle ink jet head
Speaker device
At least partially implantable sound pick-up device with ultrasound emitter
Hearing optimization device and hearing optimization method
Ear models with microphones for psychoacoustic imagery
Method and apparatus to evaluate quality of audio signal
Acoustic apparatus and method of manufacturing
Position information aggregation device and position information aggregation method
Communication server and session control method
Frequency list updating for fast return to wireless network
Radio communication terminal
Handover procedures in a wireless communications system
System and methods for media access control optimization for long range wireless communication
System for signaling the availability of a device to receive forward data
Short message processing method and apparatus
Systems and methods for monitoring communications
Method for personal network service configuration and system for personal network service configuration
Apparatus and method for time synchronization
Two-way ranging messaging scheme
Operation of devices supporting multiple SIMs
Mobile communication system and radio resource assignment method
Method allowing ranging dependent on status of mobile station in broadband wireless access system
Wireless communication apparatus and method
Radio communication system, high-power base station, low-power base station, and communication control method
Method for making an inkjet-head chip structure
Method and apparatus to deliver heated water for mixing masonry materials
Mobile terminal and casing connecting structure
Heat-dissipating device for electronic apparatus
Cooling system for onboard electrical power converter, and electrical power converter for railway vehicle
Expired Patents Due To Time
System for high-speed data transfer using a sequence of overlapped global pointer signals for generating corresponding sequence of non-overlapped local pointer signals
Method and apparatus for reducing I/O interrupts
Method for optimizing matching network of semiconductor process apparatus
Data processing apparatus and method for outputting data on the basis of similarity
Method to demonstrate software that performs database queries
Steering control system for vehicle
Autonomous survey system (auto survey)
Computer-implemented inbuilding prediction modeling for cellular telephone systems
Method for automated collection of psychotherapy patient information and generating reports and treatment plans
Cellular mobile telephone terminal
Cordless telephony device having a scanning element to analyze a frame requesting a connection
Human Necessities
System and apparatus for the storage and dispensing of items
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicle travel safety device
Route selection method and system
Effective optical path length compensable optical device
Process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Coprocessor-integrated packet-type memory LSI, packet-type memory/coprocessor bus, and control method thereof
Search method search apparatus, and recording medium recording program
Data storage library with efficient cartridge eject
Method and apparatus for developing a package of media advertising spots
Personal digital content system
Digital signal recording apparatus which utilizes predetermined areas on a magnetic tape for multiple purposes
Semiconductor memory device having function of supplying stable power supply voltage
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having redundant circuit
Voltage-dropping power unit for semiconductor memory device
Clock synchronization semiconductor memory device sequentially outputting data bit by bit
Radio receiver that digitizes a received signal at a plurality of digitization frequencies
Selective-calling radio receiver using direct conversion method
Roving voice mail
Fair buffer credit distribution flow control
Information transmission apparatus, information transmission method, and medium recorded with information transmission program, in store-and-forward type of electronic conference system
Method for monitoring voicemail calls using ADSI capable CPE
Image processing apparatus and method for extracting predetermined additional information from digital image data representing an original
Seamless communication service with intelligent edge devices
Speaker verification for authorizing updates to user subscription service received by internet service provider (ISP) using an intelligent peripheral (IP) in an advanced intelligent network (AIN)
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