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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pet carrier
Dog leash untangler for more than one dog
Overmolded pet toy
Artificial fishing lure with mechanical hook assembly
Flea vacuum including a kill agent
Decoy duck apparatus
Insect attractants and their use in methods of insect control
Microbicidal and antiseptic gel composition
Long lasting drug formulations
Non-polymeric compositions for controlled drug delivery
Fish cleaning methods
Device for casting edible products
Candy and method for producing the same
Food composition
Method of using a gravity wheel de-stemmer
Straight peeler
Storage receptacle for smoking material and system and method for using same
Scarf with hairpiece device
Method for reconnecting a button to a garment and apparatus therefor
Insole with reinforcement element
Insole and shoe comprising an electronic chip
Methods of making tungsten carbide-based annular jewelry rings
Apparatus and method for removing fingernail polish
Nail care or finger care tool and nail care or finger care tool set
Rotatable securing device
Dental device
Whole mouth toothbrush
Collapsible work bench apparatus
Modular racking system
Convertible pillow having a concealed surface
Window air conditioner unit mounting system
Mechanism for raising and lowering a dual shade covering a window
Toilet seat lifting device
Footwear cleaning device for removing magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants
Method for fitting a safety line cable on a tensioner
Cleaning apparatus and cleaning method
Device for stretching regions of tissue
Laparoscopic scalpel and method for use
Tissue severing devices and methods
Dynamic fixation device and method of use
Cryosurgical catheter
Apparatus for securing an electrophysiology probe to a clamp
Electrosurgical probe having conductive outer surface to initiate ablation between electrode
Physiological status monitoring system
Methods of assessing inner surfaces of body lumens or organs
Ultrasound contrast agent dosage formulation
Efficiency-modulated ultrasonic instrument inserts
Dual rotating electric toothbrush
Disposable finger mounted instrument cleaner
Promotional simulation for transdermal patch sampler
Anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agent combination for treatment of vascular disorders
Rapid expansion tampon pledget
Absorbent article
Bulking agents
Methods and devices to curb appetite and/or to reduce food intake
Fibrillated biodegradable prosthesis
Vertebral column implant consisting of bone material
Intervertebral disc prosthesis manufacturing method
Magnetic modular casket
Releasable forward wheel apparatus for a wheelchair
Patient lifter
Skin exfoliation apparatus
Treatment of parasitic infections in humans and animals
Method of applying a protective film over natural hair or scalp prior to application of bonding glue
Degraded TPO agonist antibody
Composition and device for treating bone and/or cartilage defects
Use of IL-23 antagonists for treatment of infection
Method of inhibiting methanogenesis
Method for producing multiple modifications in the chromosome of gram-negative bacteria and salmonella strains which are deficient in c-di-GMP synthesis obtained by said method
Integrin .alpha..sub.IIb.beta..sub.3 specific antibodies and peptides
Enhanced carriers for the delivery of microparticles to bodily tissues and fluids
Oil-in-water emulsified cosmetic composition
Hydrocarbon complex mascara
Co-polymer stabilizers for hydrofluoroalkane dispersions
Methods and formulations for making pharmaceutical compositions containing bupropion
Emulsion-containing medical articles
Method of antifungal and antibacterial drying of footwear and an apparatus for electro-drying of footwear
Catheter drug pump
Medico-surgical devices
Method and a balloon catheter assembly for treating bifurcation lesions
Insulin pump having a weekly schedule
Implantable intraocular pressure drain
Peripheral intravenous safety catheter with quick, painless puncture system
Cardiac assist device
Tanning device and method therefor
Cationic 6-aminoindolines, dyeing compositions containing them, processes and uses thereof
Breath responsive filter blower respirator system
Skiing simulating exercise machine
Weight stack assembly for exercise machine
Putting green simulator
Game machine
Method of using decks of playing cards
System architecture for wide-area wagering game and methods for conducting wide-area wagering games
Reverse-perspective architecture
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for recovering products from fermentation
High-output solvent-based electrospinning
Self cleaning high pressure abrasive slurry/fluid check valve
Ceramic nanofibers for liquid or gas filtration and other high temperature (> C.) applications
Treatment of contaminated gases
Gas separation membrane
Methane venting system
Systems and methods for water treatment
Manufacturing a microfluid mixer
Ball milling process for preparing hard alloy mixture
Watertight fragrance dispensing device
Water jet massage apparatus
Distribution system for liquid manure spreader
Discharger for discharging bulk material through an opening
Method and apparatus for producing small structures
Crystallisation method with control of the orientation of the crystal grains
Solar cell with structured gridline endpoints and vertices
Eliminating screens using a perforated wet belt and system and method for cement cooling
Substrate cleaning method
Beverage preparation device with in-line scale removal system and descaling method using such system
Ball end mill
Method for the production of a metal-ceramic substrate, preferably a copper ceramic substrate
Handling apparatus for motherboard
Convenient-used securing clamp
Linear pressure feed grinding with voice coil
Sanding block
Open-end ratchet wrench
Robot arm assembly with harmonic drive
Position restriction structure of scissors
Method for manufacturing imaging element
Multifunctional knife accessory
Fracturing apparatus
Saw blade and a method of manufacturing a saw blade
Cylindrical back washing purification apparatus
Thermoformed platform having a communications device
Method of making a golf ball with lattice reinforced layer
Structure with luminous and visual effects and light transmissive sheet thereof and method for making the same
Tire tread buffing apparatus and method
Protective sheet for solar cell module
Ceramic substrate material, method for the production and use thereof, and antenna or antenna array
Display panel
Ink discharge apparatus and method of controlling the same
Discharge energy recovery device and image forming apparatus using same
Screen printing method for applying a design on a ground surface
Thin film antenna and the method of forming the same
System, method and apparatus for batch vapor deposition of adhesion promoter for manufacturing discrete track media and bit-patterned media, and mono-molecular layer lubricant on magnetic recording media
Pneumatic tire and producing method thereof
Self-locking hitch pin
Vehicle seat
Hay bale stacker
Structure for fastening clip to trim board, clip, and clip fastening method
Vehicle drive apparatus
Low friction apparatus (LFA)
Power folding stroller having manual override system
Hydraulic power steering apparatus
Roll frequency dependency correction to control magnetic ship signatures
Spring loaded geared flap rudder
Tapered tunnel for tunnel thrusters
Inner bent repairment
Anti-counterfeit measures
Multiple-container bundle
Protective coverings and methods of making and using the same
Package system for particulate organic product
Cover tape for packaging electronic part and electronic part package
Multi-use modular container
Card package
Portable device case with corner protection element
Apparatus and method for storing a watch
Dumpster for holding waste material
Dispenser pump head for controlling misdirection
Transfer conveyor for transporting standardized loading units
Transport assembly
Grain cart having a single auger discharge conveyor
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for lifting a horizontally-oriented substrate from a cassette
Systems and methods for producing a cooling beverage
Liquid soap dispenser for dispensing a mixture of a dish cleaning liquid soap and water
Systems and methods for providing a self deflating cushion
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and an apparatus for converting solid organic materials into carbon or activated carbon
Copper-based water oxidation catalysts
Compact upright bioreactor for the elimination of nutrients
Methods and systems for processing solid fuel
Methods and systems for briquetting solid fuel
Method for preparing nanocrystalline germanium in GeO.sub.2 and freestanding germanium nanoparticles
In-line vacuum coating system
Method for producing electrode composite material
Substrate plating apparatus with multi-channel field programmable gate array
Cylinder block plate processing apparatus and sealing mechanism of the same
SiC epitaxial substrate and method for producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Shading process
Natural dyeing method of fiber using an indigo plant
Fixed Constructions
Guiding device
Self-deployable wave break system
Storm grate locking device
Panel mounting components, systems, and methods
Movement control screed
Multi-point suspended scaffold
Mobile house
Corner plate for holding a pool liner
Door hinge for opening and closing a door of a domestic appliance
Ceiling track system for guiding wall elements
Door hinge with quick removal structure
Device for receiving banknotes, security system having such a device, and corresponding method
Fixed frame window or door system
Shutter slat for a rolling shutter system
Easy blinds
Oilfield isolation element and method
Compact cable suspended pumping system for dewatering gas wells
Method and apparatus for creating an annular barrier in a subterranean wellbore
Managing pressurized fluid in a downhole tool
Process for tertiary mineral oil production using surfactant mixtures
Apparatus for fracturing of wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shape memory alloy fibers and shape memory polymer fibers and films and their composites for reversible shape changes
Scroll fluid machine
Control of blade tip-to-shroud leakage in a turbine engine by directed plasma flow
Turbine ring segment with riffle seal
Switchable roller finger follower assembly
Continuously variable valve lift system with default mechanism
Valve train with variable cam phaser
Method and device for controlling the regeneration of a particulate filter
Filter device for filtering automobile exhaust gas
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Gas turbine engine assembly and method of assembling same
Engine control apparatus
Fuel heating device
Vehicle including a variable intake pipe length device
Power capture device
Fastening device of a cover on a stationary component situated in the front area of a motor vehicle
Screw member
Anchor bolt installation system
Purse hanger
Spindle motor
Connection component for oil film bearings
Clutch bearing, a clutch drive device, and a motor vehicle equipped with such a bearing and with such a device
Shock absorber
Device for securing resilient cord
Lock releasing mechanism
Power transmitting mechanism for hybrid vehicle
Method of controlling a drive and drive system
Driving device and image forming apparatus
Method and system for adaptive continuously variable transmission gear ratio control
Dosing manifold assembly
Compensating pressure regulator
Water control structure of faucet
Faucet structure
Bidirectional sleeved/plug ball check valve
Sanitary coupling assembly
Method for repairing a damaged sewage pipeline without digging a trench
Apparatus for preventing fluid spray at leakage areas of a fluid pipe
Pipe stalk and method of assembling a pipeline therefrom
Outer tube for front fork
Device for mounting an electric blower drive motor on the housing of a heating, ventilating and/or air conditioning unit for vehicles
Connecting element and associated connection assembly
Material delivery systems and methods
Temporary headlight assembly
Swingable electronic candle
Grave marker assembly
LED lamp
Power-saving lighting apparatus
Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus
Outdoor LED lighting apparatus
Head lamp attachment structure
Low-profile e-reader light
Optical lens and light source module having the same
Vehicular lamp
Light emitting bulb
Brewery plant and method
Refrigerator with regulable dehumidification
Semiconductor device
Method for removing water from a mixture
Heat sink assembly having a fin also functioning as a supporting bracket
Heat dissipation device with parallel and perpendicular fins
Weapon mounted light
Method of making armor with transformed nanotube material
Inertial delay fuse
Absolute value transducer with discontinuity in coded absolute position
Method and apparatus for inspecting airfoils
Method and control unit for operating an injection valve
Wind turbine gearbox testing system
Systems and methods for evaluating asphaltene deposition inhibitors
Nano-resonator inertial sensor assembly
Luminescent electronic souvenir device
Method of coating a retroreflector to avoid reflecting visible light
Camera device with reduced size
Methods for operating scanning laser projectors to reduce speckle and image flicker
Bidirectional projector
Banking system operated responsive to data read from data bearing records
Pharmacy tracking system with automatically-entered customer transaction information
Identity verification and document validity processing system
Card reader device for a cell phone and method of use
Interactive healthy eating table game apparatus and game
Display assembly for posters and the like
Methods and articles for AIGS silver-containing photovoltaics
Methods for AIGS silver-containing photovoltaics
Methods for photovoltaic absorbers with controlled group 11 stoichiometry
Up converters and GaAs based semiconductor light source system for large color gamut display and projection displays
Asymmetrical aryl amine derivative for organic electroluminescence devices, method for preparing same, organic thin film for organic electroluminescence devices and organic electroluminescence device using same
Battery structures, self-organizing structures, and related methods
Portable electronic device
Battery module
Battery powered device having a plurality of selectable circuits for providing power
Fuel cell electrode, membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system including membrane-electrode assembly
Synthesis of LIFEPO4 under hydrothermal conditions
Non-aqueous electrolyte solution for storage battery devices, and storage battery device
Techniques for packaging and utilizing solid hydrogen-producing fuel
Information recording medium manufacturing system, apparatus, and method for recording in an information recording medium contents and contents code files
Method for making glass interposer panels
Expired Patents Due To Time
Lamb bone shaped dog treat
Removable shoe protectant
Sandal with inner ankle strap
Shoe upper
Components of footwear
Sandal closure device
Key ring
Badge and key wearable accessory
Cell phone holder
Golf bag bottom plate
Air heating device
Space heaters
Rapid vapor generator
Zooming optical system
Display device connectable to a camera
Distance measuring apparatus
Connection structure for camera and accessory
Panoramic image capture aid
Toner cartridge having encoded wheel
Feedback toner concentration control for an imaging system
Image forming apparatus with nip time changing device
Image formation apparatus capable of receiving plural jobs
Toner container including a movably mounted sealing member
Developing device frame process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Toner-guiding sheet, cleaning apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic apparatus
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Color image forming apparatus and belt unit and image forming unit thereof
Fixing apparatus with improved fixing efficiency
Electrostatic cleaning belt brush
Automated face up and down detection of image information
Anti-wrinkle fuser baffle
Envelope transport structure
Vehicle seat mounted educational book
High density TV motion picture distribution network
Apparatus and method for transmitting terrestrial signals on a common frequency with satellite transmissions
System and method of interconnecting and using components of home entertainment system
Method and system of load sharing and prioritization of radio repeaters
Method and apparatus for predicting impending service outages for ground-to-satellite terminal in a satellite communication system
Radio display pager with controller for prioritized message management
Remote test of a subscriber connection in a system implementing a wireless subscriber connection
Method and apparatus for reducing power in radio transmitters
Radio devices including power amplifier control circuits with hardware lockouts
Power amplifier control according to a delayed waveform suitable for use in a communication device
Range extension within a communication system
Receiving antenna scanning diversity system with controllable switching
Zipper pull with loop shape
Clothes carrier
Wooden basket
Case for interchangeable lens
Handle for a handbag
Purse hanger with timepiece
Cover with a hole for a storage box
Broom head handle connector
Combination bench and table
Oval table
Garden stand
Display rack
Mini CD-Rom storage container
Double plinth furniture leg design
Chair arm
Chair arm
Inflatable blimp with vinyl pockets for storing photographs
Adjustable pillow
Set of panels for window blinds, awnings, and room dividers
Pumpkin carving tool handle
Handle for a barbecue grill
Barbecue grill
Microwave oven
Electric grill
Cake pan
Covered electric pizza pan
Bread knife
Electric iron
Rectangular beverage dispenser cover
Tea bag coaster
Can opener appliance
Cup dispenser
Pneumatic nailing machine
CD opener
Folding knife
Letter opener in the form of a lower case letter e
Screw driver
Hand tool
Pedestal wrench
Pocket spark plug wrench
Strap winder
Flush plane
Pull style machining vise having a pivotal jaw assembly
Pneumatic fastener driver
Hose hanger with sun shaped head member
Curtain rod support
Support bracket
Removable rail webbing clip
Hook rack
Shelf bracket
Mop head
Operator for a closure element
Latch assembly
Connecting element
Lattice panel with octagonal pattern modules
Display container
Thread-on beverage container cap
Combination spray and pour nozzle
Twist top cap with vertical ribs
Container cap
Transformer pallet having quadruple entry fork slots
Trash can
Digital multi-meter
Electronic instrument
Ultrasonic occupancy sensor
L.E.D. light sensor head
Fire detector
Emergency right-light
Cartoon-like figurine
Tramway rail
Funnel for directing concrete into a sonotube
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Automobile body
Protective cover for gear shift lever
Trailer hitch cover
Bumper side panel
Surface configuration of a front panel for a vehicle
Configuration of rear bumper and dual exhaust for a vehicle
Exterior surface configuration for a hood of a truck
Rear air guide
Vehicle console
License plate frame
Exterior surface configuration for a door trim panel of a truck
Vehicle-wheel front face
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Power supply
Battery pack for a portable communication device
Spark plug igniter
Optical fiber connector
Coaxial cable connector
Lamp mounted touch control
Control device for electric apparatus
Combined radio receiver, disc player and clock
Combined picture frame and message recorder
Laptop computer
Palm top PC
Computing system
Computer mouse with roller
Ergonomic mouse
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Extension arm
CD card
Disc cartridge
Office business machine
Remote control for electric blanket
Combined television receiver and video tape recorder
Portable wireless telephone with a small camera
Wall phone
Language translating device
Diaphragm pump housing
Compressor for an automobile air conditioning system
Drain cleaner strip
Vacuum cleaner
Washing machine lint catcher
Handle for floor care apparatus
Narrow spaces duster
Copier with sorter
Ink tank for printer
Automatic document feeder
Name card rack
Exercise booklet with solutions to be scratched
Pen cap
Case for stationery
Floor mat
Game machine
Hand-held electronic football game
Electronic butterfly
Protective cover with light for handheld electronic game
Target dart toy
Slide cart
Motorcycle simulator
Molded children's play vehicle
Toy turtle
Sofa slug snail
Golf putter head
Frame for an in-line skate
Play system
Amusement vehicle
Portable playpen for infants
Paintball gun barrel muzzle
Base for supporting a scope on a rifle
Safety baton
Body of single handed shower faucet for wall installation
Sink basin
Undersink shield
Commode chair seat
Toilet paper roll holder
Heated liquid vaporization device
Scent wick dispenser
Room deodorant dispenser
Automatic spray air freshener
Electric fan with clamp
Ceiling fan bracket unit
Combined motor housing, blade irons, switch housing and light fixture unit for a ceiling fan
Combined motor housing, blade irons, switch housing and light fixture unit for a ceiling fan
Shower kit
Pressurized oil mist receiving device
Medical treatment unit
Oral irrigator handle
Needle holder assembly
Multipurpose wrap
Ice bracelet
Integrated port closed collection container
Sanitary napkin for men
Retaining wall block
Window frame extrusion
Home exterior window shutter
Resin building
Multi purpose light
State-shaped lamp
Combination halogen torchiere floor lamp and compact-disc storage rack
Lamp with timer
Halogen torchiere floor lamp
Outdoor lamp
Outdoor lamp
Lamp cover
Support frame of a table lamp
Self-contained solar powered lighting unit
String of decorative lights
Exit light bulb
Lamp cover
Hair dressing cutting tool
Razor blade holder
Clipper lid
Foot spa
Stand for a hair trimmer
Finger ring cosmetic container having a heart shaped receptacle
Light treatment device
Hand held percussive massager
Hair adornment
Computer wristband
Decorative base for a fishbowl
Pet bed
Molded casket dish
Human Necessities
Anthurium plant `A4`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Nurit`
Shrub rose plant named `Morden Snowbeauty`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meirecrom`
Variety of geranium plant named `Global Merlot`
Anthurium plant named `Candy Love`
Methods for handling masa
Computer docking drawer
Data acquisition sequence for computed tomography scanners
Computed tomography device
Sensor that can be placed intraorally in the mouth of a patient for the production of tooth/jaw exposures of a patient
X-ray apparatus with improved patient access
Combination pouch and release sheet and method for producing same
Medication storage and reminder device
Multimedia linked scent delivery system
Performing Operations; Transporting
High flow weld-in nozzle sleeve for rock bits
Image-modification methods
Laser output detector
Laser-texturing data zone on a magnetic disk surface by using degenerative two wave mixing
Gold-tin solder suitable for self-aligning applications
Method and apparatus for the computer-controlled manufacture of three-dimensional objects from computer data
System for controlling multiple optional units detachably connected to an image forming system
Recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus and receiver tray capable of automatically accommodating receiver sheets of various sizes and method of assembling same
Method for driving a recording head having a plurality of heaters arranged in each nozzle
Process and apparatus for high speed laser printing using a roller having a convertible structure
Laser printer utilizing a spatial light modulator
Optical printhead
Non-impact printer
Image recording apparatus having a plurality of laser diodes
Thermal transfer recording apparatus with ink sheet slackness removal
Housing for electric componentry
Single access control system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Panel for a color cathode ray tube
Method of coating nylon and polyester fibers with water dispersible polyvinyl acetate and coating achieved therefrom
Magnetron sputter-pulsed laser deposition system and method
Fixed Constructions
Wettability and fluid displacement in a well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical fiber cable with lateral light diffusion
Optical transmission tube and method for making the same
Light distribution systems and illumination devices
Apparatus for activity controlled waste incinerator afterburner
Ventilation--heating apparatus
Photosensitive resin plate with polyimide pattern edge portion having greater hardness than polyimide pattern portion
Cross-direction dryer for a machine producing sheet material moving in a machine direction having both gas powered and electric heating portions
Plenumless air cooled avionics rack
Precursor warhead attachment for an anti-armor rocket
Technique for screening work requests
Map display device, navigation device and map display method
Navigation information system
Navigation system and memorizing medium for memorizing operation programs used for the same
Echo detection in pulse-echo ranging systems
Nonlinear interferometer for fiber optic dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing a phase bias element to separate wavelengths in an optical signal
Radiation detecting apparatus
Identification of objects of interest using multiple illumination schemes and finding overlap of features in corresponding multiple images
Method and apparatus for distinguishing particles from subsurface defects on a substrate using polarized light
Cylindrical object surface inspection system
Fast, highly accurate frequency measurement technique
Circuit and method for fully on-chip wafer level burn-in test
Giant magnetoresistive sensor having weakly pinned ferromagnetic layer
Low-power satellite-based geopositioning system
Object recognizing apparatus for vehicle and the method thereof
Signal wave based detection system and method, with direction dependent transmission parameter
Dual beam monopulse antenna system
Preemptive processor for mode S squitter message reception
TCAS bearing measurement receiver apparatus with phase error compensation method
Radar detector
Focus corrector for zoom projection lenses used with pixelized panels
Zoom lens system
Catadioptric lens
Catadioptric microlithographic reduction objective
Protective window for optical sight
Virtually imaged phased array (VIPA) having lenses arranged to provide a wide beam width
Achromatic optical modulators
Optical scanner with a distance adjusting device
Raster output scanner with a field replaceable collimator assembly
Mirror mount for a rotor and a method of production of a mirror rotor
Wedged-shape holographic collector
Space-variant brightness control system for see-through displays
Illumination techniques for overcoming speckle artifacts in metrology applications
Lenticular lens sheet and transmission type screen using the same
Beam deflector and scanner
Planar holographic optical device for beam expansion and display
Dispersion-flattened optical fiber
Athermal waveguide grating based device having a temperature compensator in the slab waveguide region
Integrated optical polarizer
Chirped optical fibre grating
System for generating a wavelength stabilized output from a superluminescent diode
Fiber optic dense wavelength division multiplexer with a phase differential method of wavelength separation utilizing a polarization beam splitter and a nonlinear interferometer
Methods of fabricating grating assisted coupler devices
Optical signal interleaver
Micro-optic switch with lithographically fabricated polymer alignment features for the positioning of switch components and optical fibers
Optical switch
CMOS-compatible optical bench
Video camera apparatus
Method of making optical chirped grating with an intrinsically chirped grating and external gradient
Color liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display with optical compensator
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device, method for producing the same, and method for producing circuit board
Method for manufacturing a multidomain LCD panel using mask of different photo transmittances and/or resin photosensitive to UV and visible light
Display apparatus and assembly of its driving circuit
Saturable absorption type optical switch and controlling method therefor
Non-linear optical device for processing an optical signal, comprising an interferometer with multiple arms
Mounting system for a removable media holder in a scanning apparatus
Method for determining the amount of light in each primary color when copying a colored original
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional image recording/reproduction
Photo finishing system
Compact reticle inspection system capable of inspecting a reticle with high accuracy and method of inspecting the same
Inspection method and apparatus for projection optical systems
Electrostatically screened, voltage-controlled electrostatic chuck
Image processor provided with document detecting means
Watch movement
Method and apparatus for designing force sensations in force feedback applications
Stretching setup and hold times in synchronous designs
Image signal processing system which uses portable computer monitor as a display
Computer spare power supply structure
Ejection system and method for on line removal of edge connector cards
Egress network service monitor
Semiconductor memory device
Computationally efficient analysis and synthesis of real signals using discrete fourier transforms and inverse discrete fourier transforms
Data management within a virtual environment browser
Method for displaying an icon of media data
Graphical user interface for customer information management
Easily dismissed message windows
Monitor adjustment control
Intelligent keyboard system
Method and apparatus for implementing a graphical user interface keyboard and a text buffer on electronic devices
Input device with handle
System and method for multi-level context switching in an electronic network
Global viewer scrolling system
Printing black and white reproducible colored test documents
Method for correcting direction of document image
Image processing method and apparatus
Image edit device
Object oriented method and system to draw 2D and 3D shapes onto a projection plane
Method and apparatus for rendering a three-dimensional scene having shadowing
Clip testing unit for a three-dimensional graphics accelerator
System and methods for communicating through computer animated images
Method and apparatus for computing and visualizing volume data values
System and method for 4D reconstruction and visualization
Hypervideo system and method with object tracking in a compressed digital video environment
Method and apparatus for detecting motion vector and image coding apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing continuous level of detail
High performance surface normal compression
Picture coder, picture decoder, and picture transmission system
Method for verifying the expected postage security device and its status
Device for aligning sheets with plural drive roller groups on a common shaft
Container to manage and process photographic material and relative automated system of management and processing
Visual display means incorporating loudspeakers
Device for the production of an image on a screen by illuminating picture elements in a plurality of partial images
Display system
Electron generating device, image display apparatus, driving circuit therefor, and driving method
Circuit and method for controlling the color balance of a field emission display
Interlace plasma display apparatus partly shading display lines
Liquid-crystal control circuit display device with selection signal
Display apparatus and method for driving the display apparatus
Analog video signal selection circuit
High speed analog color key detection technique and system
Data compression process and system for compressing data
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing magneto-optical information
Technique for controlling motion of disk tray and pickup
Reproducing apparatus for recorded medium
CD changer using flexible belt transfer mechanism
Compressed video data recording method and recording apparatus providing improved performance during variable-speed playback
Data slicer for an apparatus and a method for reading from and/or writing to optical recording media
Apparatus and method for full period compensation in an optical disk reader
Optical disc recording/reproducing method and apparatus
Recording and reproducing system for simultaneous recording and reproduction via an information carrier
Read/write device
Moving-image data recording/reproducing apparatus for simultaneously recording/reproducing a plurality of moving image data items using a plurality of recording/reproducing means
Data bank apparatus and method of a video recording and reproducing system
Video camera with one-step operation for unlocking cassette cover and ejecting cassette holder
Disk playback device having a slide panel disposed with a turntable projecting therefrom
Disk unit including locking plate and spring for moving a disk drive frame between first and second positions
Car-mounted disc/tape player
Automatic gain control circuit and method
Unipolar last write for improved magnetic stability
Thin-film magnetic head having a three-layer pole tip structure
Magnetoresistive shield incorporating seedlayer for anisotropy enhancement
Disk drive suspension with hybrid flexible circuit leads
Magneto-resistive head having the sensor orthogonally positioned relative to the write gap
Servo band identification in linear tape systems having timing based servo formats
Methods and devices for controlling a head position actuator of a disk drive
Phase change type optical recording medium having minute length recorded marks
Tilt detection device, optical disc device, and tilt control method
Two-disc laminated optical recording medium
MTJ stacked cell memory sensing method and apparatus
Magnetic storage device using unipole currents for selecting memory cells
High density and speed magneto-electronic memory for use in computing system
Solid-state memory with magnetic storage cells
Content addressable memories
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method for maintaining the memory content of non-volatile memory cells
Self-convergence of post-erase threshold voltages in a flash memory cell using transient response
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for rapidly testing memory devices
Semiconductor memory device
Information card having optical communication interface sections at a plurality of its surfaces and read/write device for information card having separate interface unit
Semiconductor memory device using shared sense amplifier system
Voltage generating circuit for semiconductor memory sense amplifier
Method and apparatus for stress testing a semiconductor memory
Method for controlling high speed digital electronic memory
Memory device with sensing current-reducible memory cell array
Apparatus and method for generating a clock within a semiconductor device and devices and systems including same
Memory device having a chip select speedup feature and associated methods
Wait state generator circuit and method to allow asynchronous, simultaneous access by two processors
Methods and apparatus for examining a nuclear reactor shroud
Fuel transport container and method of transporting a fuel assembly
Slotted composite cable having a cable housing with a tubular opening for copper pairs and a slot for an optical fiber
Selective performance enhancements for interconnect conducting paths
Radiating device for electronic appliances
Metered force single point heatsink attach mechanism
Stress relieved integrated circuit cooler
Integrated circuit connection using an electrically conductive adhesive
Photovoltaic power generation apparatus and control method thereof
Built-in antenna
Plasma antenna with currents generated by opposed photon beams
Multi-pattern antenna having frequency selective or polarization sensitive zones
Thinned multiple beam phased array antenna
Electronically tuned helix radiator choke
High-performance sectored antenna system using low profile broadband feed devices
Combined mechanical scanning and digital beamforming antenna
Laser-diode-pumped solid state laser and an optical system using the same
Vertical cavity surface-emitting laser with optical guide and current aperture
Intermodal phase difference controller for beam angle modulation in index guided semiconductor devices
Latch and locate cradle
Electronic motor protection system
Detection circuit for circuit protection devices of a power supply and method of operation thereof
Protective relay with modular control panel
Digital signal processor controlled uninterruptable power supply
Snubber circuit for a power switch and recitifying diode and power converter employing the same
Switched capacitor circuit having voltage management and method
Power system utilizing improved power converter
Resonant gate drive for synchronous rectifiers
Switching power source with a digital control circuit to maintain a constant DC output signal
DC/DC converter with improved operation of plural parallel synchronous rectifiers
Power supply topology to reduce the effects of supply pumping
Zero voltage switching isolated boost converters
Transformer, system and method to control harmonic distortion
Non-directional frequency generator spark removal circuit
Method and system for synchronizing the phase angles of parallel connected inverters
Power converting system multiplexed with voltage dividing transformers, the voltage transformers, and controller for the system
Power converter with clamping circuit
Inverter apparatus operatable over extended frequency range while suppressing output error
Integrated circuit amplifier and method of adaptive offset
Remote automatic audio level control device
Signal compressing circuit
Matched filter for spread spectrum communication systems and hybrid analog-digital transversal filter
Analog adaptive line equalizer
Method and apparatus for programming a television receiver
Cable modem tuner
Apparatus and method for output signal pulse width error correction in a communications receiver
Phase comparator for determining in which direction the phase of a signal changes on the basis of a rotary vector
Analog to digital converter
Digital to analogue converter and method of operating the same
Switched capacitor type D/A converter and display driver
Device and method for converting analog signal to digital signal using interleaving sampling
Multi-channel, parallel, matched digital-to-analog conversion method, multi-channel, parallel, matched digital-to-analog converter, and analog drive circuit incorporating same
Oversampling data converter with good rejection capability
Stabilization of single loop sigma-delta modulators of a high order
Method and apparatus for signal acquisition and power control
Method and transceiver using an improved protocol for a frequency hop communication system
Digital automatic power controller for controlling output light intensity of an optical communication system light source
Apparatus and method for reception of optical signal
Wireless communications protocol
Multiple mode capable radio receiver device
Common packet channel
Apparatus and method for spectrum management in a multipoint communication system
Optical and programmable fiber optic wavelength add/drop system
Wavelength division multiplex optical transmission apparatus
Transmission device and signal transmission method in synchronous network
Multiplex transmission apparatuses, multiplex transmission networks, and operation method therefor
Method of sequencing time division multiplex (TDM) cells in a synchronous optical network (sonet) frame
Receiving apparatus and method
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system
Characterizing a communication system using frame aligned test signals
Method and apparatus for transparent intermediate system based filtering on a LAN multicast packets
Frame based quality of service
Industry specific network
Apparatus and method for restoration of internal connections in a home audio/video system
Method and protocol for a medium access control layer for local area networks with multiple-priority traffic
200 Mbps PHY/MAC apparatus and method
Multiport data network switch having direct media access control link to external management
Voice packet multiplexer with voice transit switching function
Interface devices providing electrical isolation
Universal network interface module
Communication server apparatus having distributed switching and method
Method and apparatus for bias suppression in a VCO based FM transmission system
OFDM receiving apparatus
ATM VLAN multi-protocol client-server system using layer-3 header of packets for transporting connectionless and connection-oriented traffic
Signal transmission system for high speed serial bus
System for synchronizing a block counter in a radio-data-system (RDS) receiver
System and method of operation for providing user's security on-demand over insecure networks
Dynamic private key security system for personal messaging devices
Encryption key processing system to be incorporated into data recovery system or key setting system for generating encryption key
Internet phone set
Method and apparatus for automatic telephone area-code dialing
Method and apparatus for implementing automatic number identification system for DAA
Method of restricting the duration of telephone calls and telephone implementing such a method
Digital isolation apparatus and method
Line testing in a telecommunications network
Apparatus and method for testing subscriber line
Telecommunication line termination test
Call rerouter method and apparatus
Systems and methods for providing order and service mediation for telecommunications systems
Method for accomplishing complete re-dial
Telephone transaction support system
System and method for automatic call
Internet telephony callback system and method of operation
Facsimile-copy combined apparatus
Network communication system
Hi-lite color ROS scan uniformity self correction architecture
Image exposure apparatus
Method of converting continuous tone color image into pseudo-halftone binary color image
Imaging device and method for implementing a color map with K-only black point while reducing interpolator artifacts
Method for retouching photograph and material used for the same
Method and circuit to determine a noise value that corresponds to the noise in a signal
Solid state image sensing device having variable resolution and color linear image sensor having variable resolution and control method thereof
Raster V-size adjustment circuit
Film scanning apparatus with motorized weave correction
Phase-locked sync stripper
Image pickup apparatus with vibration based camera control
Automatic modulation control of sync suppressed television signals
Liquid crystal display device and entertainment system
Method, apparatus and system for integrating television signals with internet access
Method for automatically adjusting time difference for video instrument
Circuit arrangement for demodulating an intermediate-frequency video signal
Method and system for controlled time-based image group formation
System and method for customizing program guide information to include reminder item or local identifier
Two-way information transmission system, two-way information method, and subscriber terminal device
Method of delivering advertising through an interactive video distribution system
Variable code frame length for multistream applications
Color CCD solid-state image pickup
Color picture quality compensation circuit and related control method thereof
Recording and playback of audio-video transport streams
Program recording methods and apparatus
Portable DVD player
Device and method of notifying and controlling congestion in asynchronous transfer mode network
Method of and apparatus for virtual link management
Interfacing device to extract M sets of bits out of N sets of bits, control unit and logical cell
ATM-based distributed virtual tandem switching system
Method for call admission in packet voice system using statistical multiplexing and dynamic voice encoding
Establishing telecommunication connections
Method and apparatus for synchronizing databases within intelligent network
System and method for least cost call routing
Method and apparatus for error free switching in a redundant duplex communication carrier system
Method for setting up telecommunication connections
Method and system for preventing information losses during alternative frequency searches
Bandpass loudspeaker system
Electroacoustic transducer
Frequency transpositional hearing aid with single sideband modulation
Fetal communication device
Point source speaker system
Computer, computer system and desk-top theater system
X-ray system with internal power supply including battery power and capacitively stored power
Fan duct for dissipating heat of a CPU of a computer
High-frequency shielding arrangement for an electrical circuit
Electromagnetic shielding screen and circuit support having such a screen
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