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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Non-invasive method and apparatus for determining onset of physiological conditions
Automated brain MRI and CT prescriptions in Talairach space
Apparatus and method for measuring blood component using light trans-reflectance
Method and device for spatial presentation of an examination area of an object under examination
Digital filter modeling for active noise cancellation
Estimating flap thickness for cochlear implants
Medical device with an electrically conductive anti-antenna geometrical shaped member
Stimulation device with stimulation outcome monitoring
Method of implanting a lead for brain stimulation
Pre-curved cochlear implant electrode array
Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lateral and longitudinal velocity determination for an automotive vehicle
Traction control using dynamic tire friction potential
Method for actuating a traffic-adaptive assistance system which is located in a vehicle
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Calibration of ship attitude reference
Method of producing aerial photograph data
Bandwidth and memory conserving methods for a vehicle navigation system
Method for determining an upward journey for all-wheel drive vehicles
Navigation system using wireless communication network and route guidance method thereof
Contaminant detector for food inspection
Glass recovery method
Power control system using acknowledgments
System and method for identifying nodes in a wireless network
Semiconductor device and method for testing semiconductor device
Input/output buffer test circuitry and leads additional to boundary scan
Circuit test pattern edition apparatus, circuit test pattern editing method, and signal-bearing medium embodying a program of circuit test pattern edition
Circuit for compression and storage of circuit diagnosis data
Water velocity corrections
Non-electronic radio frequency front-end with immunity to electromagnetic pulse damage
Rare earth doped and large effective area optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers
Automatic shutdown system and method for optical multiplexers and demultiplexers
Optical fiber coupler and optical fiber therefor
Radiation switch
Optical splitter/coupler and optical communication system
Camera having autofocus adjustment function
Camera rotating apparatus of portable terminal
Image distribution apparatus, image receiving apparatus, management method for image distribution apparatus, and setting method for image receiving apparatus
High resolution images from reflected wave energy
Electrophotographic type image forming apparatus and its driving method
Exit tray and image forming apparatus including the same
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a process cartridge for receiving power from a power supplying member
Image forming apparatus including developing units each having an agitation member
Image forming apparatus, toner density control method, toner density control program and storage medium for storing the program
Development device and toner replenishment method
Developing device using one-component toner for an image forming apparatus, and a process cartridge including the developing device
Developer supply container having a shutter cleaning feature
Image forming apparatus having a member for removing dust from an image carrier
Image forming apparatus having printing medium feeding unit
Marking system involving non-business usage
Method and system of monitoring, sensor validation and predictive fault analysis
Vehicular information system and method
Control method of AC/DC power converter for input current harmonic suppression
Probability estimate for K-nearest neighbor
Pulse-per-second attachment for STP
Clock domain crossing
Computer stability system
Method and apparatus for managing power in network interface modules
Connection set-up extension for restoration path establishment in mesh networks
Storage system and communications path control method for storage system
Remote copy synchronization in disaster recovery computer systems
Storage control device and data recovery method for storage control device
Dynamic write cache size adjustment in raid controller with capacitor backup energy source
Web controls validation
LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) coded modulation hybrid decoding
Methods, systems and computer program products for detecting tampering of electronic equipment by varying a verification process
Method and apparatus for learn and related operations in network search engine
Ordering real-time accesses to a storage medium
System, method and storage medium for providing data caching and data compression in a memory subsystem
System and method for mode select handling for a partitioned media library
Storage system and control method of the same
System and method for using swappable storage for storing program data
Automated instant messaging state control based upon email persona utilization
Operating system abstraction and protection layer
Methods and systems of verifying EMS compliance via NMS interface
Child protection from harmful email
System and method of transmitting data packets
Methods and systems for creating skins
Method and system for operating a PDA for use with an IP phone device
System and method for adaptive buffer allocation in a memory device interface
Portable system for programming hearing aids
Shared interface for components in an embedded system
Method and system for semantically labeling data and providing actions based on semantically labeled data
Method, system, and computer program product for assigning multiple telecommunications technicians at one time to at least one skill and a turf
Send of software tracer messages via IP from several sources to be stored by a remote server
Method for providing video enhanced electronic mail return receipts
System and method providing multi-tier applications architecture
System and method for downloading a document from a server computer to a client computer
System for and method of implementing a closed loop response architecture for electronic commerce
Viewing attachments to electronic communications via pushing the attachment to a networked viewing site
Systems and methods for updating dynamic IP addresses in a firewall using a DDNS server
Assembly and method for balancing processors in a partitioned server
Method for request and response direct data transfer and management of content manifests
Method and system for providing links to resources related to a specified resource
Apparatus for controlling a shared screen
Systems and methods for providing network access
Network management tool for maintaining printing device information
Predictive provisioning of media resources
Method and apparatus for packet analysis in a network
Method for grouping content requests by behaviors that relate to an information system's ability to deliver specific service quality objectives
Multimedia stream pre-fetching and redistribution in servers to accommodate mobile clients
Message exchange pattern tracking to avoid invalid message exchange
Policy driven autonomic computing-specifying relationships
WAP XML extension for WiFi and desktop passthrough connections
Array of Boolean logic controlled processing elements with concurrent I/O processing and instruction sequencing
Model-based fault detection and isolation for intermittently active faults with application to motion-based thruster fault detection and isolation for spacecraft
Ranking search engine results
System and method of identifying and sorting international mail pieces based on applied-postage adequacy in order to enhance postal service revenue protection
Method for web page rules compliance testing
Method and apparatus for restricting a fan-out search in a peer-to-peer network based on accessibility of nodes
Scoped metadata in a markup language
System and method for automatically completing spreadsheet formulas
Collaborative system for a team of unmanned vehicles
Methods and systems for obtaining data from legacy computer systems
Method of analyzing documents
Method for constructing segmentation-based predictive models
Compressed speech lexicon and method and apparatus for creating and accessing the speech lexicon
Using a rowset as a query parameter
System and method for proofing individual documents of variable information document runs using document quality measurements
Method and apparatus for maintaining relationships between parts in a package
Web store events
System and method for creating, appending and merging a work management file
System and method for providing preferred language ordering of search results
System and method for replicating data
System and method for providing preferred country biasing of search results
System and method for retrieving and displaying information relating to electronic documents available from an informational network
Training, inference and user interface for guiding the caching of media content on local stores
Programmable rule processing apparatus for conducting high speed contextual searches and characterizations of patterns in data
Flexible encryption scheme for GSO target passwords
Alpha-particle-tolerant semiconductor die systems, devices, components and methods for optimizing clock rates and minimizing die size
System and method for managing healthcare communication
Integration of MES and controls engineering
Method for determining the availability of paths to a device
High-speed data transfer and multitasking method for portable terminal having mass storage secondary memory
System and method for implementing RMII Ethernet reset
Hardware port scheduler (PTS) having register to indicate which of plurality of protocol engines PTS is to support
Event handling mechanism
System and method for developing user interfaces purely by modeling as meta data in software application
Display apparatus and management method for virtual workspace thereof
Control unit for controlling and/or regulating at least one vehicle function
Almost non-blocking linked stack implementation
Method of modifying a business rule while tracking the modifications
System and method for searching multiple disparate search engines
Extranet access management apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for pausing execution in a processor or the like
Vehicle direction estimation using transmission control information
System and method for automated response piece
Computing system and method that determines current configuration dependent on operand input from another configuration
OS independent device management methods and apparatuses having a map providing codes for various activations of keys
Basic input output system selection device
Early data return indication mechanism for data cache to detect readiness of data via an early data ready indication by scheduling, rescheduling, and replaying of requests in request queues
Self-describing artifacts and application abstractions
Online computer maintenance utilizing a virtual machine monitor
Patch application that enables the identification of patches for installation on a computer system in a reactive manner
System and method for installing a translator
Data model for automated server configuration
Network simulation system and method
Task supervision
Method, computer program and apparatus for operating system dynamic event management and task scheduling using function calls
Tracking across multiple cameras with disjoint views
System and method for cardiac imaging
Radiometric calibration from a single image
Stylization of video
Digital pictorial book system, pictorial book searching method, and machine readable medium storing thereon pictorial book searching program
Method and computer program for the detection of the contour of an obstacle in the surroundings of a vehicle
Whiteboard imaging system
Apparatus and method for processing image data based on object movement speed within a frame
Compression of partially-masked image data
Apparatus and method for improving the quality of a picture having a high illumination difference
De-noising digital radiological images
Method and device for sorting similar images
Digital pictorial book system, pictorial book searching method, and machine readable medium storing thereon pictorial book searching program
Dynamic document context mark-up technique implemented over a computer network
Method, network system and center for intermediating transactions
Ordering method utilizing instant messaging
Method, data storage medium, and computer system for generating a modular multi-coverage insurance product
System and method for competitive pricing and procurement of customized goods and services
Conducting commerce between individuals
Diagnostic system and method for transducers
System and method for providing a compensated speech recognition model for speech recognition
Method and apparatus for voice recognition
Acoustic presentation system and method
Systems and methods of remotely enabling sound enhancement techniques
Controlling apparatus and method for bit rate
Information processing device and information processing method
Method for determining time borders and frequency resolutions for spectral envelope coding
Electrostatic fly-height control
Method for optimizing write parameters of optical storage medium and recording device therefor
Zig-zag shape biased anisotropic magnetoresistive sensor
Coherent spin valve and related devices
Magnetic head supporting mechanism with two openings proximate to pivot of load beam
Composite head-electrical conditioner assembly
Optical pickup apparatus
Light emitting module and optical pickup apparatus and method employing the same
Optical pickup having a polarization beam splitter
Logical operation circuit and logical operation method
Method for using a mixed-use memory array
Reading circuit and method for a nonvolatile memory device
Crossbar apparatus for a forwarding table memory in a router
Utilization of memory-diode which may have each of a plurality of different memory states
Dynamic random access memories and method for testing performance of the same
Content addressable memory (CAM) cell having column-wise conditional data pre-write
PMOS three-terminal non-volatile memory element and method of programming
NAND architecture memory devices and operation
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit including memory macro
Memory system comprising a controller managing independent data transfer between input-output terminal, synchronous dynamic random access memory, and flash memory
Voltage control circuit and semiconductor device
Temperature determination and communication for multiple devices of a memory module
Semiconductor memory device and transmission/reception system provided with the same
System and memory for sequential multi-plane page memory operations
Method for predicting inductance and self-resonant frequency of a spiral inductor
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Electrode structure and optical semiconductor element
Optical element and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated laser-diffractive lens device
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Grating--outcoupled surface-emitting lasers
Cleaning apparatus
Multi-mode regulator
Bidirectional DC/AC inverter
Adaptive transmit equalizer
Decision feed forward equalizer system and method
Selection of transmission alphabet sets for short message services
Method and apparatus for memory optimization in MPE-FEC system
Mobile radio telephone receiver
Method and apparatus for removing cross modulation noise in a wireless transceiver
Interpolation for use in channel estimation
I/Q mismatch correction using transmitter leakage and gain modulation
System, method and mobile unit to sense objects or text and retrieve related information
Connection of one or more transceivers at a cellular base station to one or more control and radio interfaces
Apparatus and method for managing user data in a mobile terminal
Peer-to-peer communication in a radio network
System and method for improving battery life of a mobile station
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving wavelength division multiplexing signals
Dispersion compensating method and dispersion compensating apparatus
Stray light insensitive detector system and amplifier
High-speed wireless LAN system
IR control signal distribution via a communications network
System for transparent node for WDM shared "virtual ring" networks
Method for operating transparent node for WDM shared `virtual ring` networks
Continuous phase frequency shift keying modulation during wireless transmissions in a closed system while minimizing power consumption
Method for displaying received signal strength bars in wireless terminal device
Wireless transmitting device and wireless receiving device
Data unit detection including antenna diversity
Method for communicating via a channel characterized by parameters that vary in time within a transmission block
Device and method for saving power during monitoring of a broadcast channel using broadcast scheduling information
Temporary mobile group identifier generation and distribution method
Dynamic quality-of-service mapping apparatus and method through hybrid monitoring in digital home service
System and method for distributing guaranteed bandwidth among service groups in a network node
Correlation detection apparatus and fourier transform apparatus
Fiber and wire communication system
Optical subscriber network system
Method for controlling operation of a child or neighbor network
System and methods of wireless vehicle to vehicle data sharing
Gigabit Ethernet-based passive optical network and data encryption method
Apparatus and method for receiving signals in an OFDM communication system
Digital broadcast signal receiving apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for channel coding in mobile communication system
Method and device for delivering multimedia data using IETF QoS protocols
GEM OAM frame transmission method in gigabit-capable passive optical network
Method for selecting restoration path in a mesh network
Resource allocation in multi-stream IP network for optimized quality of service
Fibre channel arbitrated loop bufferless switch circuitry to increase bandwidth without significant increase in cost
Method and apparatus for interconnecting IPv4 and IPv6 networks
Network repeater apparatus, network repeater method and network repeater program
Method and apparatus for managing a data carousel
Configuring direction-based core based tree (CBT) for CBT-based overlay multicast
Method and apparatus for implementing multiple portals into an Rbridge network
Method for discovering topology in Ethernet network
Network header compression arrangement
Storage network out of order packet reordering mechanism
Method and communication apparatus for controlling a jitter buffer
Method for calculating hop count of mobile IP in an IP network
Method and a device for scheduling and sending data packets from a common sender to a plurality of users sharing a common transmission channel
System and method to multicast guaranteed and best-effort traffic in a communications network
Ethernet passive optical network for convergence of broadcasting and communication
Head end apparatus for media gateway control protocol type voice over internet protocol call service
Conversational bearer negotiation
Apparatus and method for filtering data symbols for a decision based data processing system
Intelligent terminal SIP enabled devices
Method for address mapping in a network access system and a network access device for use therewith
Method and apparatus for controlling telephone calls using a computer call assistant
Method for transmitting short message using internet phones and system therefor
Method and apparatus for reserving and releasing bandwidth for a packet-switched telephony connection established over an HFC cable network
Synchronization of data links in a multiple link receiver
Clock and data recovery apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus of transmitter and receiver for MIMO MC-CDMA system
Method and apparatus for diversity combining and co-channel interference suppression
Parallelizable authentication tree for random access storage
Method and system for decoding charging data records in mobile telephone networks
System and method of watermarking a signal
System and method of watermarking a signal
Subset difference method for multi-cast rekeying
Sliding/folding-type portable terminal
Portable communication device interface to a projection display
Sliding module for portable terminal
Method for reliably managing database in GSM/GPRS hybrid terminal and hybrid terminal
Wireless communication system for at least one control unit in a vehicle
Low voltage sensing and control of battery referenced transistors in subscriber loop applications
Transceiver for bidirectional frequency division multiplexed transmission
Home office communication system and method
Apparatus and method for IM to PTT correlation of mobile phones as associated devices
Method and system for call answer while connected to voice mail
Method for improving communication success rate in simultaneous call trial between subscribers in mobile communication systems
Method and apparatus for communicating information about a called party to a calling party
Method, system, and article for audibly identifying a called party
Adjusting music length to expected waiting time while caller is on hold
Systems and methods for automatic call forwarding in a wireless mobile station
Optical disc playback apparatus
Hard disk recorder and video record apparatus
Digital camera and printing system
Digital signal recording and reproduction apparatus suitable for recording and reproducing a compressed video signal
DVD navigator and application programming interfaces (APIs)
Method for addressing a bitstream recording
Digital camera and printing system
Image recording and reproducing apparatus
Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining 4X4 intra luminance prediction mode
Image data transmitting apparatus and method and image data reproducing apparatus and method
Wander generator, and digital line tester and phase noise transfer characteristic analyzer using the same
Method for frequency division duplex communications
MIMO signal processing method involving a rank-adaptive matching of the transmission rate
Mobility management method using an improved neighbor graph
Method and system for managing real-time bandwidth request in a wireless network
Communication system, communication terminal device, and information storage module
Method for performing roaming capable of minimizing ping-pong phenomenon and dual mode mobile terminal using the same
System and method for providing advanced wireless telephony services using a wireline telephone number
Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum sharing
Multicast transmission method in GEM mode in Gigabit-capable passive optical network and method of processing frame
Hearing aid adjustment device
Skew compensation by changing ground parasitic for traces
Electronic system and method
Computer system having multi-direction blower
Heat dissipation device and fan module thereof
Power module having self-contained cooling system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Infant wrap with pockets
Tree stand hunting vest
Outsole for a shoe
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Rounded edge lamp storage box
Case for holding a compact disc player
Jewelry container
Entertainment pack
Pillow shaped jewelry box
Large tampon case
Passport carrier
Modular cargo tray
Musical instrument case
Oval-shaped convex bag with spaced medial bindings
Limousine basket
Toiletry case
Oval, convex bag with Y-shaped medial binding
Bag holder
Toiletry case
Eyeglass case
Rod supported container
Pouch-shaped optical case
Garden caddy
Walking cane
Stretcher structure used in multiple collapsible umbrella
Rain guard disc
Beach umbrella
Child carrier
Kitchen tool with detachable head
Hair brush
Surface pattern for a napkin providing the illusion of a three-dimensional fish
Pattern for a synthetic thermoset solid surface material
Pattern for a synthetic thermoset solid surface material
Concrete and steel bench
Lounge chairs and table
Swivel base for a chair stool
Towel ring
Holder for compact discs
Metal wire planter stand having an upper triangular shelf
Bowl brush base
CD case
Storage cabinet
CD case
Key box
Holder for baby teeth
Portion of a table top
Inflatable mat
Seat cover
Tortilla warmer
Round covered casserole
Buffet server
Decorative rim for a container
Coffee machine
Dinner plate
Coffee brewer
Tea kettle
Insulated tumbler with lid
Pasta bowl
Foil roaster tent
Table grill
Citrus reamer
Cookie press
Cup holder
Handle for tool
Dispenser for liquid products
Bread bin
Policeman sipper cup lid
Candle lighter
Grill lighter
Air die grinder
Body of pneumatic hammer
Finger blade
Carabiner knife
Speed saw
Reciprocating saw blade
Drive socket
Spanner with two heads
Paint roller handle
Pair of tool handgrips
Pin extraction tool
Nailer housing
Wall hanger assembly
Flexible paper separation device
Laminating clamp
Motorcycle handgrip and footpeg
Padlock shackle
Locking rod device
Trailer pin lock
Door bolt
Corner coupling for a chair frame
Ribbed dowel
Shackle seal
Explosive cord clamp
Anti-rattle rod guide clip
Vehicle wheel lug-nut having frontal indicia
Wrench drive wingnut
Fastener for panel of an automobile
Casement window operator cover
Link for a security chain
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Container for perfumes and cosmetic products
Container and applicator
Circular dispensing container
Egg tray
Stackable container
Tray sleeve
Stackable carton
Stackable carton
Wicker designed bag
Pourer device
Mount for packaging of electric fluorescent bulb
Mount for packaging of electric fluorescent bulb
Electronic device
Boat cleat
Wheel face
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel
Vehicle front grille
Bumper for an automobile
Engine hood for automobiles
Pillar array for disc brakes
Vehicle side-view mirror
Bath accessory post
Electric soap dispenser
Human Necessities
Computer program for microwave antenna
MRI-guided interventional mammary procedures
Optical object tracking system
Software-based record management system with access to time-line ordered clinical data acquired by an implanted device
Electronic apparatus and method for monitoring net calorie intake
Diagnostic device including a method and apparatus for bio-potential noise cancellation utilizing the patient's respiratory signal
Computed tomography scan protocol
Method and system for recording probe position during breast ultrasound scan
See-through electrode-pad package and method for using a storage system that includes the package
Electrode apparatus for stimulating penile tissue
Electro-medical device for use with biologics
Selective dorsal column stimulation in SCS, using conditioning pulses
Sensor-based regulation of excitable tissue control of the heart
Method and apparatus for automatic implantable medical lead recognition and configuration
Split-can dipole antenna for an implantable medical device
Defibrillation shock strength determination technology
Electromagnetic-field therapy method and device
Automated calibration for radiation dosimetry using fixed or moving beams and detectors
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for tagging mail
Working robot
Arm operation mechanism and industrial robot incorporating the same
Robotic teleportation method and system
Automation equipment control system
Method and apparatus for an automated injection molding configuring and manufacturing system
Apparatus for and method of preparing pattern data of electronic part
Method and system for vehicle trajectory estimation
Method and system for an in-vehicle computing architecture
Curve approach device, and vehicle equipped with curve approach device
Method and apparatus for storing, accessing, generating and using information about speed limits and speed traps
Method for interrupting a speed control or vehicle to vehicle ranging in a control system of a motor vehicle
Method and arrangement for controlling a vehicle
System and method for automotive systems relative positional translations
Hardware independent mapping of multiple sensor configurations for classification of persons
Vehicle-mounted system
Wheel-railhead force measurement system and method having cross-talk removed
Rotational angle measuring apparatus
Vehicle controlling apparatus and method
Conveyor line process control system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Structure-based identification of candidate compounds using three dimensional structures and models of Fc receptors
Fixed Constructions
Method and system for supplying well log data to a customer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for automatically setting rocker arm clearances in an internal combustion engine
Method and system for scheduling optimal compression ratio of an internal combustion engine
Vehicle idling stop control apparatus
Fault diagnosis method for an input shaft speed sensor of an automatic transmission
Method for restoration of the drive torque during a change of gear
System and method for controlling an automatic transmission for use in an automobile
Indirect position determination with the aid of a tracker
System and method for tracking, locating, and guiding within buildings
Systems, functional data, and methods for generating a route
Mobile information processing system, mobile information processing method, and storage medium storing mobile information processing program
Map information system for moving body
Input method for a driver information system
Testing valve assemblies
Method and apparatus for measuring flow velocity and method and apparatus for measuring flow rate
Method for evaluating sound and system for carrying out the same
Color optical inspection system
Method of multivariate spectral analysis
Cure monitoring
Method for analyzing mass spectra
Velocity measuring system
Power quality utility metering system having waveform capture
LSI communication device with automatic test capability
System and method for measuring temporal coverage detection
Method and apparatus for managing circuit tests
System and method of determining the noise sensitivity characterization for an unknown circuit
Testing the operation of integrated circuits by simulating a switching-mode of their power supply inputs
Built-in self verification circuit for system chip design
Integrated circuit with serial I/O controller
Internally generated vectors for burnin system
System of management of the trimming of integrated fuses within a scan test architecture
Distributed test architecture for multiport RAMs or other circuitry
Apparatus and method for multi-cycle memory access mapped to JTAG finite state machine with external flag for hardware emulation
Testable transparent latch and method for testing logic circuitry that includes a testable transparent latch
Insertion of scan hardware
Integrated circuit having a self-test device
Single platform electronic tester
Magnetic resonance imaging guidewire probe
Phantom for optical and magnetic resonance imaging quality control
Magnetic resonance imaging using direct, continuous real-time imaging for motion compensation
L1/L2 GPS receiver
Method and system for estimation of rainfall intensity in mountainous area
Method of processing seismic geophysical data to produce time, structure, volumes
Magnetic tracking methods and systems
Nonlinear constrained inversion method to determine base of salt interface from gravity and gravity tensor data
Cellular weather station and computer system using the public cellular data telephone system and internet for controlling irrigation and method of use
Hot plate precipitation measuring system
Device for representing information in a motor vehicle
Layout for measurement of overlay error
System and method for tuning the weight control of a flow of material
Network interface for industrial controller providing application programmer interface
Apparatus and method for creating machining region data
Numerically controlled curved surface machining unit
System and method for managing monitoring equipment
System, autopilot supplement assembly and method for increasing autopilot control authority
On-board apparatus for avoiding restricted air space in non-overriding mode
Path prediction system and method
Transmission systems and components utilizing thermo-stabilization and methods of use therein
Majority vote circuit for test mode clock multiplication
Data processing system generating clock signal from an input clock, phase locked to the input clock and used for clocking logic devices
Information processing equipment and information processing system
Method and apparatus for reducing signal timing skew on a printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for phase-lock in a field programmable gate array (FPGA)
Clock controller for controlling the switching to redundant clock signal without producing glitches by delaying the redundant clock signal to match a phase of primary clock signal
Auxiliary processor manages firmware personalities while borrowing host system resources
Network and network terminal
PC card controller with advanced power management reset capabilities
Microcomputer malfunction preventive apparatus and microcomputer malfunction preventive method
System for transitioning a processor from a higher to a lower activity state by switching in and out of an impedance on the voltage regulator
Power saving in a USB peripheral by providing gated clock signal to CSR block in response to a local interrupt generated when an operation is to be performed
Audio controller for portable electronic devices
Diagnosing crashes in distributed computing systems
Method and system for recovery of the state of a failed CPU/cache/memory node in a distributed shared memory system
Method and device for synchronizing and testing a processor and a monitoring circuit
Pre-data-collection applications test processing system
Rendezvous of processors with OS coordination
Method and apparatus for detecting a data receiving error
Incremental fault dictionary
Two-dimensional storage array with prompt parity in one dimension and delayed parity in a second dimension
Multiple ECC schemes to improve bandwidth
Data processing apparatus, method and computer program with optimized key-pointing operation for log record storage
Method and apparatus for exercising external memory with a memory built-in self-test
Integrated circuit with multiple processing cores
Method and apparatus for generating and using a tamper-resistant encryption key
Performance assessment of data classifiers
Device initialize command for a synchronous memory
PACS archive techniques
Method and apparatus for managing memory
Multi-processor computer system with cache-flushing system using memory recall
Method and apparatus for demand usable adapter memory access management
Method and apparatus for validating and ranking disk units for switching
Dram with memory independent burst lengths for reads versus writes
Method and apparatus for coordinating memory operations among diversely-located memory components
Automatic removal of array memory leaks
Semiconductor device with memory controller that controls page mode access
Distributed mapping scheme for mass storage system
Method and apparatus for determining volume swaps
Method and apparatus for filtering prefetches to provide high prefetch accuracy using less hardware
Fast DRAM control method and adapted controller
Method and apparatus for improving write performance in a cluster-based file system
Multiprocessor cache coherence system and method in which processor nodes and input/output nodes are equal participants
Circuit and method for protecting 1-hot and 2-hot vector tags in high performance microprocessors
System and method for managing storage space on a sequential storage media
Method and apparatus for identifying candidate virtual addresses in a content-aware prefetcher
System and method for employing a global bit for page sharing in a linear-addressed cache
Method and system for assigning priority among network segments
Fault tolerant communications using a universal serial bus
Method, apparatus and recording medium for data transfer
Streaming-media input port
Shared memory access by multiple controllers having different bus widths
Method for an execution unit interface protocol and apparatus therefor
Sharing arbiter
Apparatus and method for providing round-robin arbitration
Method and apparatus for handling transfers of data volumes between controllers in a storage environment having multiple paths to the data volumes
Apparatus, method and system for accelerated graphics port bus bridges
Field bus interface board
System and method for mid-plane interconnect using switched technology
System and intelligent dock using a symmetric extended bus bridge and method therefor
Loop formation eliminating apparatus of a serial bus system and method thereof
Communication bus controller including designation of primary and secondary status according to slot position
SCSI data rate speed determination
Bridge device for connecting multiple devices to one slot
Information processing apparatus
Dynamic routing of data across multiple data paths from a source controller to a destination controller
Accelerated graphics port (AGP) controller supporting fast write transactions
Methods and apparatus for implementing a device side advanced serial protocol
Computer system controlling memory allocation
Collaborative work support system
Identification of active server cluster controller
Recovery of cluster consistency following failover
Techniques for the hardware implementation of random early detection mechanisms
Universal protocol for enabling a device to discover and utilize the services of another device
System and method for adjusting the traffic carried by a network
System for learning and applying integrated task and data parallel strategies in dynamic applications
Apparatus for video access and control over computer network, including image correction
Method of starting execution of threads simultaneously at a plurality of processors and device therefor
Method and system for backing up digital data
Data processing apparatus for chromatograph
Hybrid domain processing of multi-dimensional transformed data
Mellin-transform information extractor for vibration sources
Pipelined linear array of processor elements for performing matrix computations
Method, computer program, and storage medium for estimating randomness of function of representative value of random variable by the use of gradient of same function
Font access, registration, display and printing method and a method for processing electronic documents having variant fonts
Table layout for a small footprint device
Methods and systems for generating XML documents
Case-insensitive custom tag recognition and handling
Redline extensible markup language (XML) schema
Methods, articles and apparatus for providing a browsing session
Peer-to-peer automated anonymous asynchronous file sharing
Method and apparatus for efficient data browsing
Electronic note taking from network web pages
Database apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing frames using static and dynamic classifiers
Integrated multidimensional database
System and method for measuring similarity between a set of known temporal media segments and a one or more temporal media streams
Method and system for sharing catalogs in a multiprocessing system utilizing a shared processor
Database processing method, apparatus for carrying out the same and medium storing processing program
Co-presence data retrieval system
System and method for balancing binary search trees
Method to efficiently partition large hyperlinked databases by hyperlink structure
Method and system for enhancing a commercial transaction conducted via a communications network
Method and apparatus for organizing data pertaining to audiovisual content
Full match (FM) search algorithm implementation for a network processor
Memory based on a digital trie structure
Data controlling device
Data updating apparatus that performs quick restoration processing
Method for linking a billboard or signage to information on a global computer network through manual information input or a global positioning system
Managing changes to a directory of electronic documents
Method for scanning, analyzing and handling various kinds of digital information content
File management system
System for collecting and displaying summary information from disparate sources
Concept-based search and retrieval system
Parallel object-oriented data mining system
Method of enhancing clear field phase shift masks by adding parallel line to phase 0 region
Method for controlling timing in reduced programmable logic devices
Combined waveform and data entry apparatus and method for facilitating fast behavorial verification of digital hardware designs
Global method for mapping property spaces
Layout method arranging nodes corresponding to LSI elements having a connecting relationship
Method and system for predicting worst-case capacitive and inductive switching vector
System and method for disabling schematics
Recognition of a state machine in high-level integrated circuit description language code
Graphical user interface to integrate third party tools in power integrity analysis
Floor plan-based power bus analysis and design tool for integrated circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuits and method for designing the same
Method of dealing with problems affecting a medical apparatus and a medical apparatus suitable for carrying out such a method
Internet based supplier process reliability system
Method and apparatus for controlling the flow of wafers through a process flow
Method and system for on-line sheet metal nesting
Process for the physical segregation of minerals
Method and apparatus for document management utilizing a messaging system
Execution of instructions using op code lengths longer than standard op code lengths to encode data
Software packaging and distribution system
Method for downloading software from server to terminal
Remote controlled computer system and management method having an identification number
Method and apparatus for providing commands to a command memory
Each of a plurality of descriptors having a completion indicator and being stored in a cache memory of an input/output processor
Method and apparatus for matching system and device fonts
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for generating alternative views of client applications
Method and apparatus for determining a byte select vector for a crossbar shifter
Logs of printed products
Method and system for attaching information to words of a trie
Counter control apparatus and control method thereof
Decibel adjustment device with shift amount control circuit
Monobit-run frequency on-line randomness test
Method and apparatus for performing rotate operations using cascaded multiplexers
Method and apparatus for maintaining and configuring systems
Methods of determining whether a network interface card entry within the system registry pertains to physical hardware or to a virtual device
Method and computer system for detecting and correcting a failure in a computer application program during startup
Multimedia instruction set for wide data paths
Behavioral memory enabled fetch prediction mechanism within a data processing system
Method and apparatus for store forwarding using a response buffer data path in a write-allocate-configurable microprocessor
Exception handling for SIMD floating point-instructions using a floating point status register to report exceptions
Apparatus for mapping instructions using a set of valid and invalid logical to physical register assignments indicated by bits of a valid vector together with a logical register list
Counting speculative and non-speculative events
Hierarchical connection of plurality of functional units with faster neighbor first level and slower distant second level connections
Processor for improving instruction utilization using multiple parallel processors and computer system equipped with the processor
System and method for imbedding hyperlinked language grammar notation in a "literate" programming environment
System and method for executing hybridized code on a dynamically configurable hardware environment
Method, system, and program for embedding a user interface object in another user interface object
Possibility of execution evaluating apparatus and method therefor
Wireless communication device with markup language based man-machine interface
Java and native application window integration
Temporary halting of thread execution until monitoring of armed events to memory location identified in working registers
Object oriented apparatus and method for allocating array objects on an invocation stack
Hardware device for parallel processing of any instruction within a set of instructions
System of program objects and program components with external interface
Software-module dynamic loader, a software-module dynamic loading method and a medium storing the software-module dynamic loading method
Methods and apparatus for seamless firmware update and propagation in a dual raid controller system
Path speculating instruction scheduler
Automatic generation of balancing logic for data conversion
Insertion of prefetch instructions into computer program code
Method and apparatus for optimized multiprocessing in a safe language
System and method for fusing instructions
Program conversion apparatus
Method for providing a service implementation for both EJB and non-EJB environments
Method of providing and enabling a dynamic and scaleable system architecture for a computer system
Method for cooperative multitasking in a communications network, and a network element for carrying out the method
Geometric engine including a computational module without memory contention
Methods and apparatus for providing quality of service for legacy applications
Method for providing extensible dos-fat system structures on one-time programmable media
Method and system for the quantum mechanical representation and processing of fuzzy information
Methods and apparatus for performance management using self-adjusting model-based policies
Distributed document-based calendaring system
System and method of using a plurality of sensors for determining an individual's level of productivity
Information technology project assessment method, system and program product
System and method for performing substitute fulfillment information compilation and notification
Computerized systems and methods for managing project issues and risks
Six sigma design method
Method for deploying multiplely occupied vehicles to meet the mobility needs in a densely populated urban area
Transaction authorization system
Method and apparatus for efficient storage and retrieval of objects in and from an object storage device
Method for maintaining an object, and a maintenance system
Transaction signature
Computer network based coin-operated machine monitoring system
Audio steganography
Mobile communication system for learning foreign vocabulary
Visualizing high dimensional descriptors of molecular structures
Method of and apparatus for editing annotation command data
Automatic language identification
Method and apparatus for improving speech recognition accuracy
Lossless audio coder
Audio coding systems and methods
Apparatus for converting reproducing speed and method of converting reproducing speed
Method and system for integrated audiovisual speech coding at low bitrate
Apparatus and method for calibrating multi-gripper equipped accessor in an automated data storage library
Method and apparatus for detecting errors in DVD data
Code error correcting and detecting apparatus
Virtual electronic data library supporting mixed drive types using virtual libraries within a single library
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, portable recording and reproducing apparatus, data transfer system, data transfer method, and data recording and reproducing method
Method and system for determining erase procedures run on a hard drive
Vehicle-loaded audio device having a common controller
Communications system including lower rate parallel electronics with skew compensation and associated methods
Memory access and data control
Internal memory in application specific integrated circuit device and method for testing internal memory
Memory circuitry with auxiliary word line to obtain predictable array output when an invalid address is requested
In-situ measurement method and apparatus in adverse environment
Integrated circuit annealing methods and apparatus
Method of data compression using principal components analysis
Systems and methods for forming data storage devices
Method of constructing an integrated circuit comprising an embedded macro
Power distribution system including integrated power node control center
Line fault protection unit for an electrical power system
Printed single balanced downconverter mixer
Radio communication apparatus and transmission power control method therein
Statistics generator system and method
Digital filtering circuit
Two-dimensional tuning system for computer-controlled radio equipment
Calibrating single ended channels for differential performance
Code transmission scheme for communication system using error correcting codes
Method and apparatus for combined puncturing and repeating of code symbols in a communications system
Error correction coding of data blocks with included parity bits
Extended error correction for SEC-DED codes with package error detection ability
Turbo-like forward error correction encoder and decoder with improved weight spectrum and reduced degradation in the waterfall performance region
Direct comparison adaptive halting decoder and method of use
Method and apparatus for receive channel noise suppression
Dynamically varying linearity system for an RF front-end of a communication device
Communication terminal device with communication controller
Source detection apparatus and method for audience measurement
Method and apparatus for fault analysis in a communication network
System and method to determine data throughput in a communication network
Charging method and terminal equipment in the information and communication network system
Method and apparatus for customizing and fowarding parameters in a network processor
Apparatus, and associated method, for reporting a measurement summary in a radio communication system
Network mixed topology data switching with interconnect to provide storing and retrieving of data using a switch and interconnect to provide network notifications
Adaptive type signal estimator
Method and apparatus for reducing inefficiencies caused by sending multiple commands to a server
Protocol-independent support of remote DMA
Request based caching of data store data
Forward error correction (FEC) for packetized data networks
Method of detecting TCP/IP bindings of installed network interface cards present in a computer system
Copy server for collaboration and electronic commerce
System for user-space network packet modification
Method and system for remote control of a local system
Method and apparatus of supporting an audio protocol in a network environment
Method and system for algorithm-based address-evading network snoop avoider
Technique for improving throughput of a gateway interface
Collecting data in a batch mode in a wireless communications network with impeded communication
Method and apparatus for generating replies to address resolution protocol requests for virtual IP addresses
Automatic baud rate detection of null modem unimodem client connection
Information certificate format converter apparatus and method
HTML electronic program guide for an MPEG digital TV system
Method and apparatus for information labeling and control
Data distribution system using coordinated analog and digital streams
System and methods for preparing multimedia data using digital video data compression
Data receiving apparatus, a method of regenerating a source clock to be used for this, and a computer product
Handling different communications types by using agents to implement communication goal commands
Registration scheme for network
Caller information providing apparatus and transmitting method in mobile communication network
System and method for automatically muting cellular telephone devices in noise sensitive areas
Automated configuration of a wireless communication device
Intelligent component feeder system
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