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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X03B503
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Methods for improving the yield of cucumber plants
Inhibitors of HCV NS5A
Frozen confections containing probiotic micro-organisms
Modified pectins, compositions and methods related thereto
Robotic milk bar
Method and apparatus for making centre-filled shaped food products
Child resistant container
Exoskeleton and footwear attachment system
Multi-purpose support assembly
Device for transporting objects
Spherical orienting device and method for manufacturing the same
Wetsuit hanger
Extension mailbox
Steam cooker
Beverage preparation machine with touch menu functionality
Heavy duty cooler
Dispenser assembly
Surgical portal apparatus with expandable cannula
Hemostatic device and its methods of use
Meniscal repair device
Micro-burst ultrasonic power delivery
Ablation device
Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment method and device
Tissue treatment apparatus and methods
Monitoring sleep stages to determine optimal arousal times and to alert an individual to negative states of wakefulness
Brand marketing and positive ID using inkless fingerprint technology
System for clinical assessment of movement disorders
Systems and methods for assessing risk of chromosomal disorders
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Non-removable bridge dental prosthesis
Appliance for delivering liquid to a gas stream for creating droplets in a dental cleaner
Anti-choking device
Porous sponge matrix medical devices and methods
Disposable absorbent product with shaped fluid storage structures
Tube connector with a guiding tip
Controlled release copolymer formulation with improved release kinetics
Drug eluting stent and a guide catheter device assembly for implanting the same
Prosthesis and delivery system
Vertebral surface preparation instrument
Device for maintaining an erection
Device, system and method for improving erectile functions in males
Height adjustable wheelchair seat
Soda carbonation retaining apparatus
Titration package for neramexane and its use in the treatment of an inner ear disorder
Pegylated cyclopamine analogue, preparation method and uses thereof
Substituted carbamoylcycloalkyl acetic acid derivatives as NEP
4-(or 5-) substituted catechol derivatives
Hypoglycemic oral drug for treating non-insulin dependent and insulin dependent diabetes
Kappa-opiate agonists for the treatment of diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome
Benzylidene-indolinone compounds and their medical use
Benzofurane compounds
Furo[3,2-B] pyrrol -3-one derivatives and their use as cysteinyl proteinase inhibitors
Aminopyrazines as ATR kinase inhibitors
Hair growth and/or regrowth compositions
2-oxy-benzoxazinone derivatives for the treatment of obesity
1,4-Oxazepines as BACE1 and/or BACE2 inhibitors
Pharmaceutical aerosol formulations for pressurized metered dose inhalers comprising a sequestering agent
Prophylactic agent or therapeutic agent for diabetes or obesity
Combination, kit and method of reducing intraocular pressure
Long lasting drug formulations
Compositions for preventing cardiac arrhythmia
Rage fusion proteins and methods of use
Antipathogenic peptides
Method of producing a novel opioid peptide
Cytotoxic conjugates having neuropeptide Y receptor binding compound
Composition and method for preventing and treating immune-related disorder
Transdiscal administration of anti-TNF.alpha. antibodies and growth differentiation factors
Pro-drug form (P2PDOX) of the highly potent 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin conjugated to antibodies for targeted therapy of cancer
Antibodies to the PcrV antigen of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Solid preparation for oral application
Two component interactive emulsion product
Compositions and methods for augmentation and regeneration of living tissue in a subject
Film-coated tablet or granules containing as active ingredient a pyridylpyrimidine compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of this compound
Cross-linked polysaccharide composition
Hollow nano-particles and method thereof
Process stream decontamination systems and methods
Propellant pillow manufacturing technique
Catheter with filtering and sensing elements
Cover for gas mist pressure bath
Pump module for use in a medical fluid dispensing system
Stabilized implantable vascular access port
Flow control device for medical liquid
Devices, systems and methods for delivering fluid to tissue
Use of Del-1 in hair, bone and cartilage regeneration
Cosmetic composition comprising an aqueous dispersion of polysiloxane/polyurea and a silane, cosmetic treatment process and kit therefor
Method and apparatus for exercise device
Weighted wrist band with an offset cuff
Multi-functional motivating exercise equipment
Golf club head
Golf club head
Basketball return apparatus
Punching bag assembly
Apparatus and method for catching a golf ball
Ice skate overshoe
Cue stick for billiards sports
Method of executing video game in mobile terminal and system for performing the same
Arrangement for axle and wheels with rolling cylinders for transportation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Blood circuit, blood purification control apparatus, and priming method
Process for the treatment of liquid effluents laden with hydrocarbons
Methods for removing pathogens from a platelet preparation
Filter device
Natural gas dehydration unit with continuously fired reboiler
Self-heated dense ceramic tubes for separating gases
Dialyzer with dual safety valves
Silicone gum emulsions
Water tank system
Powder treating apparatus
Method of producing synthesis gas from coal
Heterogeneous copper nanocatalyst and manufacturing methods thereof
Process for regenerating a catalyst
Water dispenser of drinking fountain
Method and system for orienting solar powered irrigation systems
Method for manufacturing bicycle wheel
Curable epoxy resin compositions having improved adhesion to metal substrates and processes for making and using the same
Process for the production of multi-layer coatings
Trash separator
Sorting mined material on the basis of two or more properties of the material
In-line cleaning method for ultrasonic welding tools
Recyclable printed plastic container and method
Method and apparatus for welding metal panels having flanges
Reducing back-reflection in laser micromachining systems
Forming constant diameter spherical metal balls
Tolerance-optimized sealed joint and production method
Floor finish removal and cleaning apparatus
Method for tightening bolt connection by elongation of bolt
Shingle holder and alignment tool
System and method for customizing a food tray
System and method for making a golf ball having a patterned surface
Method for producing a metal lid with guide posts for a container
Method of molding a single-piece hollow shell including perforations
Fabric wrap
Compatibalized blends of polyphenylene sulfide and thermoplastic vulcanizate
Pellet press for producing pellets
Sustainable polymeric nanocomposites
Impact resistant material
Porous sheet and method for manufacturing the porous sheet
Cloth-like personal care articles
Polyamides as binders for printing inks
Corrugated wrapping material
Sizing-adhesive composition
Multi-layer composite structure
Graphene growth on a non-hexagonal lattice
Liquid ejection head
Power supply device, power supply device control method, and image forming apparatus
Inkjet printer with in-flight droplet drying system
Detecting method for printing material boundary of large UV inkjet printer
Anti-counterfeit printed matter
Magnetically adjustable sun visor assembly
Apparatus for controlling power supplied to discharge lamp in response to command supplied from outside the apparatus
Safety seat, suspended in a mounting frame, for land vehicles, aircraft and watercraft
Dump trailer
Double articulating dental chair headrest apparatus
Field litter support
Shopping cart release
Triangular shaped bucket with rust resistant wheels
Seal assembly
High travel suspension for small ground mobile robots
Straddle-type vehicle
Headset lighting system for a bicycle
Carry-on bicycle contained by a single channel in a chassis
Frame for a bicycle
Hydraulic brake device
Arrangement of thrust reverser flap link rods on the internal fixed structure of a turbojet engine nacelle
Fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft and corresponding aircraft or spacecraft
Section of aircraft fuselage in composite material with a constant internal profile
Oscillatory vorticity generator and applications thereof
Aircraft engine exhaust nozzle system for jet noise reduction
Aircraft fuel system
Beverage cartridge
Anti-drip device for a bottle
Sealing cap and liquid storage device using the same
Beverage container including a cap and collar
Teacup cover
Knock-down packaging apparatus
Container for piece goods
Holder and disposal device for hypodermic needles
Multi-compartment ring-shaped holder
Hand tool rack
Storage system
Bottle feeding and processing system
Particulate handling apparatus and method
Article pattern forming method and apparatus
Inverting roller device for conveying paper and method for changing conveying path of paper
Sheet storage cassette and printing apparatus
Lifting device for storing a personal vehicle on a vehicle dolly thereon
Beverage dispenser
Air-activated sequenced valve split foam pump
Beverage dispenser using slurry ice heat transfer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the generation of synthesis gas
Graphite article
Separation of organosilicon compounds from wastewater
Method of processing surface of high-performance materials which are difficult to process
Method of making particulate material
Process and plant for lowering the residual carbon content of ash
Process for preparing acrylic acid from methanol and acetic acid
Synthesis of 1-BROM0-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Synthesis of polyalkylenepolyamines having a low color index by homogeneously catalyzed alcohol amination in the presence of hydrogen
Method and system for synthesizing liquid hydrocarbon compounds
Process for recovering alcohol
Process for producing anhydrous ethanol using extractive distillation column
Process for the preparation of 1,3-cyclohexanedimethanol from isophthalic acid
Inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase IX
Antiinfective and antitumoral compounds isolated from tropical lianas
Process for preparing formic acid by reaction of carbon dioxide with hydrogen
Catalyst and method for producing acrylic acid
Bridged monobactam intermediates
Inorganic salt complexes of vildagliptin
Process for preparation of substantially pure fosamprenavir calcium and its intermediates
Redox drug derivatives
Synthetic voacangine
Spiro-oxindole MDM2 antagonists
Phenylboronic acid
Secondary aminosilanes
Stimulus-responsive apta chelamers
Compositions comprising nucleic acids encoding HIV-1 reverse transcriptase CTL epitopes
Compositions comprising receptor-associated protein (RAP) variants specific for LRP2 and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor
Polypeptides, antibody variable domains and antagonists
Polynucleotides encoding humanized anti-NGF antibodies
Cellulose-containing mass
Organic switching element and method for producing the same
Impregnation with hybrid resins
Polar group-containing copolymer, rubber composition and studless tire
One-pot synthetic method for synthesizing silver-containing waterborne polyurethane
Method for color stabilization of poly(butylene-co-adipate terephthalate
Polyorganosiloxane, encapsulation material obtained from the polyorganosiloxane, and electronic device including the encapsulation material
Self-precipitating aqueous particulate composition comprising pigment binder particles
Heat-activatable free-radical initiators and composite material which comprises magnetic particles
Curing of epoxy resin compositions comprising cyclic carbonates using mixtures of amino hardeners and catalysts
Melamine phenylphosphinate flame retardant compositions
Pattern forming method
Two-part silicone rubber composition
Ceramic scintillator body and scintillation device
Use of elastomers to produce gels for treating a wellbore
Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal element, and liquid crystal display device
Alumina forming bimetallic tube for refinery process furnaces and method of making and using
Fuel composition for use in gasoline engines
Dishwasher detergent comprising a liquid non-ionic surfactant and at least two solid non-ionic surfactants
Aqueous cleaning agent comprising an alkanolamine salt of at least one carboxylic acid
Cleaning agent for removal of, removal method for, and cleaning method for water-soluble, lead-free solder flux
Photobioreactor systems and methods for treating CO2-enriched gas and producing biomass
Methods for ionophorically screening pore forming bacterial protein toxins and receptors
Combinatorial DNA library for producing modified N-glycans in lower eukaryotes
Dioxin elimination promoter
Method for promoting the formation of secondary cell wall of plant
Rhodanobacter ginsenosidimutans KCTC22231T-derived ginsenoside glycosidase, and use thereof
Halomonas strain WDG195-related alpha-amylases, and methods of use, thereof
Quantification of botulinum toxin
Device for examining myocardial toxicity, chip for examining myocardial toxicity and method for examining myocardial toxicity
Apparatus for auto-pretreating sugar chain
Chromosome conformation analysis
Methods for identification of tumor phenotype and treatment
Method of manufacturing thin film which suppresses unnecessary scattering and deposition of a source material
Atomic layer deposition using radicals of gas mixture
Three-dimensional fractal graduated-branching hierarchical structures and fabrication method thereof
Shower head gas injection apparatus with secondary high pressure pulsed gas injection
Method for refreshing an acid bath solution
Film of n type (100) oriented single crystal diamond semiconductor doped with phosphorous atoms, and a method of producing the same
Crystallization device
Assays for anti-drug antibodies in the presence of abundant endogenous protein counterpart of the drug
Textiles; Paper
Synthesis and application reactive antimicrobial copolymers for textile fibers
System and method for reclaiming rejects in sulfite pulping
Fixed Constructions
Method of repairing a court surface
Hybrid construction machine
Cascading system of floodway stormwater containment basins
Longitudinal belt with reinforcing fibres
Vehicle mounted canopy
Motorcycle paraphernalia locking system
Element containing thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material and methods and assemblies for formation thereof
Atomic layer deposition nanocoatings on cutting tool powder materials
Formation dip geo-steering method
Process for producing hydrocarbon fluids combining in situ heating, a power plant and a gas plant
Optical power for self-propelled mineral mole
Method and assembly for conveying well logging tools
Hydraulic circuit for longwall support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for measuring turbine shell clearance
Turbine wheel having de-tuned blades and including a damper device
Device for starting an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle using an improved control unit
Power generation system or turbine with potential energy gain
Displacement pump with internal compression
Centering device and system for driving ring
Method and system for operating an ejector
Locknut with cage
Pad-type thrust bearing and rotary machine comprising such a thrust bearing
Bearing enclosure with integrated wear detection
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly
Ball bearing with retainer
Roller bearing with knurled wear resistant exterior surface and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-disc frictional engagement mechanism
Ratchet hub
Torque limiter
Thin-type collapsible foot stand
HVAC inspection frame device
Antitheft device
Light-emitting diode work light including adjustable lens
LED lamp unit
Workspace lighting system
Driveway marking device
Display and electronic unit
Lighting apparatus
Light source comprising light deflecting particles
Adjustable back-lighting structure for a keyboard
Supply air terminal device
Sensor device for detecting an object in a detection area
Operation device
Encoder with gear mechanism and optical encoder device
Bubble formation techniques using physical or chemical features to retain a gas bubble within a droplet actuator
Electro-hydrodynamic wind energy system
Chemical synthesis and analysis via integrated, sequential and series-parallel photochemical and other chemical processes for microfluidic, lab-on-a-chip, and green-chemistry applications
System for preparing arrays of biomolecules
Electrochemical assay
Chemical sensor element, sensing apparatus, and sensing method
Current sensor consisting of a cable for attachment in the form of a loop
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Solar battery panel inspection apparatus for inspecting the insulation state in the outer circumferential insulating region of a solar battery panel, method of inspecting, and method of manufacturing
Projection detecting apparatus and projection detecting method
Intruding object discrimination apparatus for discriminating intruding object based on multiple-dimensional feature
Method and device to determine a magnetic resonance system activation sequence
Optical device and method of manufacturing optical device including transparent member between optical waveguide core and optical waveguide insertion hole
Optical communication module
Webcam illumination frame
Projector and projector system
Video projection device easy for adjustment work
Monomer, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process
Detecting beat information using a diverse set of correlations
Current-mode controller for step-down (buck) converter
Reducing power consumption in a voltage regulator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and supply voltage supervisor
Conversion between z-scanning indices, raster-scanning indices and 2-D coordinates using simple bit-operations in HEVC
Progressive betting pools
Method and apparatus for providing a multi-screen based multi-dimension game service
Local environment based wagering
Replaceable cosmetic panels for machine cabinets
Character specification system and method that uses a limited number of selection keys
On-screen diagonal cursor navigation on a handheld communication device
Touch-control writing tool
Method for finely controlling contents and portable terminal supporting the same
Gesture-based user interface employing video camera
Multi-touch optical touch panel
Integrated normal sensing and proximity sensing on a multi-dimensional sensor array
Payment card and methods
Information card overlay
Systems and methods for allocating a payment authorization request to a payment processor
Systems, methods, and apparatus for recording of graphical display
Video in e-mail
Method and apparatus for encoding datastream including additional information on multiview image and method and apparatus for decoding datastream by using the same
Method and device for snapping normals to create fair 3D surfaces from edge curves
Cashless computerized video game system and method
Fire alarm power line carrier com-system
Wireless biosensor network for point of care preparedness for critical patients
Litter box cleanup monitor
Location based proximity alert
Display device and method of driving the same
Touch sensing apparatus and operating method thereof
Rescaling for interoperability in virtual environments
Portable terminal
Drumstick holder
Music support apparatus and music support system
Systems, methods, and apparatus for music composition
Magnetic recording medium with a plurality of pinning portions in the magnetic layer
Indolium compound and optical recording material containing the same
Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
Electronic-component lead terminal and method of fabricating the same
Flexible printed circuit board
Positioner and composite curl cord
Magnet arrays
Amalgam heater for fluorescent lamps
Pattern measurement apparatus and pattern measurement method
Lens sheet and photoelectric conversion module
Light head and lamp using the same and assembling method of light head
Producing method of light emitting element transfer sheet, producing method of light emitting device, light emitting element transfer sheet, and light emitting device
Curvilinear heat spreader/lid with improved heat dissipation
Structural body and method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor devices with asymmetric halo implantation and method of manufacture
Process for producing semiconductive layers
Semiconductor device including an asymmetric feature, and method of making the same
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Copper post solder bumps on substrates
Low cost secure chip identification
Buried channel transistor and method of forming the same
Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with subsequent self aligned shallow trench isolation
Semiconductor-on-oxide structure and method of forming
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Semiconductor chip and stacked semiconductor package having the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Band gap improvement in DRAM capacitors
Semiconductor device having stacked storage nodes of capacitors in cell region separated from peripheral region
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Method of depositing organic layers onto a substrate
Organic light-emitting display panel and display apparatus having the same
Active edge structures providing uniform current flow in insulated gate turn-off thyristors
Electronic device and method for producing electronic device
MCT device with base-width-determined latching and non-latching states
Shared contacts for MOSFET devices
Perovskite manganese oxide thin film and manufacturing method therefor
Super lattice/quantum well nanowires
Active bandgap tuning of graphene for tunable photodetection applications
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing same, and solid-state image sensing device
Dielectric coating for single sided back contact solar cells
Imager microlens structure having interfacial region for adhesion of protective layer
Durable, lightweight, and efficient solar concentrator
Vacuum element and method for producing the same
Apparatus of large-scaled solar cell module
Method for producing a photovoltaic cell including the preparation of the surface of a crystalline silicon substrate
Nanostructure array substrate, method for fabricating the same and dye-sensitized solar cell using the same
Semiconductor light emitting device
Substrate structure and method of manufacturing the same
Sensing module
Heat engine system for vehicles
Piezoelectric and/or pyroelectric composite solid material, method for obtaining same and use of such a material
Rechargeable battery pack
Thin battery
Method for manufacturing positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery using same
Redox flow cell rebalancing
Negative electrode active material of lithium secondary battery, negative electrode of lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery for vehicle installation using the negative electrode active material and negative electrode, and method for manufacturing the negative electrode active material
Non-aqueous secondary battery
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method for producing the same
Electrode for a rechargeable lithium battery, and a rechargeable lithium battery fabricated therefrom
Method for optimizing the feed of fuel comprising a carbonyl-containing compound to the catalytic electrode of a fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system and operation method thereof
Fuel cell system
Tunable negative permeability based devices
Antenna holding device for electromagnetic measurements
Antenna support structures
Adaptor for adding a second power supply unit to a computer system
Socket for LED light string
Connector and construction machine
Wall-shaped high-frequency assembly having a mounting wall with integrally formed sleeves
Aluminum tube coaxial cable connector
Stackable cable reel with field data distribution system
System comprising a plurality of controllers and associated method
Image processing apparatus
Stator core and motor device including the same
Arrangement and method for cooling an electrical machine
Accurate bias tracking for process variation and supply modulation
Current canceling gain control for high frequency wideband cross-coupled amplifiers
Active low pass filter
Optical inspection method and optical inspection apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit and liquid crystal drive circuit
Time-to-digital converting circuit and digital-to-time converting circuit
Analog to digital converter with low jitter sensitivity
Smart 3D HDMI video splitter
3-D auto-convergence camera
Stereoscopic image partial area enlargement and compound-eye imaging apparatus and recording medium
Three-dimensional image pickup optical system and three-dimensional image pickup apparatus
Stereoscopic image display system and projection-type image display apparatus
Mobile terminal
Video communicating apparatus having eye-to-eye communication function and method thereof
RFID security reader
Food source information transferring system and method for a livestock slaughterhouse
Hearing aid microactuator
Bi-level dimming controller for LED light fixture
Lighting control system and lighting control method
Circuit arrangement and method for operating at least one discharge lamp
Integrated device with defined heat flow
Wiring board and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Portable electromagnetic interference shield
Expired Patents Due To Time
Electric toothbrush
Method and system for remotely managing communication of data used for predicting malfunctions in a plurality of machines
Constant pool reference resolution method
Method and apparatus with page buffer and I/O page kill definition for improved DMA and L1/L2 cache performance
Method and apparatus for resynchronizing a plurality of clock signals used to latch respective digital signals, and memory device using same
Data processing system and method for performing an arithmetic operation on a plurality of signed data values
Method, product, and apparatus for requesting a network resource
Method and apparatus for selectively using input/output buffers as a retransmit vehicle in an information handling system
Headwear with novel visor
Input/output recovery system which is based upon an error rate and a current state of the computer environment
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Resource management in a clustered computer system
Information reproducing apparatus, authenticating apparatus, and information processing system
System and method for sequencing packets for multiprocessor parallelization in a computer network system
Collaborative object architecture
Pair of high-heeled shoes
Change monitoring system for a computer system
Data transfer method for reduced number of messages by message passing library and direct intermemory data transfer library and computer system suitable therefor
Brush with handle
Message handling method, Message handling apparatus, and memory media for storing a message handling apparatus controlling program
Method and system for providing session pools for high performance web browser and server communications
Cross application time sheet for communicating with one or more enterprise management applications during time data entry
Magnetic fastener
Paper product with embossed surface pattern
Sheet material
Upholstered chair
Multimedia storage rack
Towel bar
Disk box
Credenza top
Desk top
Table leg
Table base
Chair device
Table program
Beverage dispensing machine
Drinking cup
Flat sided thermal container
Vacuum flask with flared base
Vacuum container with multiple handles
Condiment mill
Tool for threaded cap
Under cabinet can opener
Hand-held oscillating spindle sander
Pneumatic grinder
Shepherd's hook
Extension pole
Luggage handle
Door lock
Door strike
Electronic lock digital input pad housing
Marine slam latch
Locking device
Injection molded arbor
Snack packaging
Product display tray
Snack packaging
Snack packaging
Flexible beverage container with oval window
Transparent top opaque bottom flexible beverage container
Bag for wrapping
Bag for wrapping
Flexible beverage container with foil bottom gusset
Flexible beverage container with opaque diagonal mid-region
Foam dispenser
Holder unit for a blade disposal apparatus
LCD display clock with suction cups
Step counter
Tracking system
Clamp meter jaws
Electronic balance
Seat occupant sensor
Off-road four wheel vehicle
Motorcycle front fork assembly
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Radiator grill of a motor vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Electrical connecting socket
Electrical connecting socket
Connector housing
Distributor for television signal
Lamp holder
Receptacle adapter
Connector for printed circuit boards
Electrical connector
Hands free microphone and earphone
Speaker box
Disc player combined with radio receiver and tape recorder
Disc player combined with radio receiver and a tape recorder
Removable memory card for use with portable electronic devices
Electronics cabinet face
Support base for an electric device such as a computer, TV controller, video game machine, or audio or video disc player
Mouse pad
Communications card with a receptacle for receiving a RJ-type connector plug
Electronic memory card
Car antenna
CD/VCD cleaner
Car radio front
Wine cellar
Cutting insert for chip forming machining
Wide digital copying machine
Toy magnifying glass
Bank note checking machine
Positioning guide for an ink tank
Trademark tab
Clip holder
Portion of a book with a drum implanted therein
Writing instrument base
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Fountain pen
Writing utensil
Information kiosk unit
Plastic film dispenser
Frame of skating board bike
Running track
Jump rope with thickened section
Fuel/water separating filter assembly
Pan head shower head
Flush controller for sanitary fixtures
Emergency relief drain
Bathing enclosure entry
Holder for toilet paper
Post for bath accessory
Post for bath accessory
Portable toilet
Trapezoidal shower ball
Water heater bottom insulation member
Ventilator face panel
Ventilator face panel
Ventilator face panel
Range hood
Combined ceiling fan motor housing and light fixture unit
Pair of ear plugs
Roof ridge cover for a storage shed
Corrugated roof panel for a storage shed
Roof tile
Semi-octopost extrusion
Sill frame extrusion
Roofing shingle
Compact storage shed
Stand alone garage
Fog lamp for automobile
Fog lamp for automobile
Rear combination lamp for automobile
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
String lamp
Ornamental table lamp
Solar powered lamp
Smoking station
Piezoelectric lighter
Detergent tablet
Precision tweezers
Precision tweezers
Precision tweezers
Combined cosmetic box and circle cigarette case
Precision tweezers
Combined cosmetic box and cigarette case
Respiratory filter
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Bird feeder
Fruit and vegetable processor
Human Necessities
Camellia rosthorniana plant named `Elina`
Double Impatiens plant named `Cameo Lavender`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Salmon Pink Swirls`
Pulmonaria plant named `Emerald Isles`
Double impatiens plant named `Cameo Salmon Chiffon`
Impatiens plant named `TiTag`
Pulmonaria plant named `Dark Vader`
Euonymus plant named `Sunrise`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi White`
Taro cultivar named `Pauakea`
Tiarella plant named `Crow Feather`
Kniphofia uvaria plant named `Candle Light`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Tamar Cherry`
Pulmonaria plant named `May Bouquet`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Tamar Candy Cane`
Tiarella plant named `Black Velvet`
Pulmonaria plant named `High Contrast`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ovation Hot Lava`
Floor mat having antimicrobial characteristics
Knee pads for infants
Thermoregulatory clothing
Combined pack for storing tools and apron
Sweat band with displayer
Carrier for clothing
Helmet cover and helmet
Ring band adjustment structure of crash helmet
Impact indicator for athletic helmets
Rotational handgrip
Locking device for retractable handle of wheeled luggage
Toothbrush handle
Paint brush having a replaceable application head
Collapsible leaf for a playpen
Tub grab bar structure
Dust mop with replaceable electrostatically charged dust collector
Vacuum cleaner with tangential separation of trash
Apparatus and method for making an ear warmer having interior seams
Ophthalmic surgery method using non-contact scanning laser
Portable easy lifting device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for manufacturing carbonated water
Apparatus and method for forming metal building panels
Cylinder cleaning device
Wheel assembly for a baby walker or stroller
Windshield wiper arm connector
Windscreen wiper joint
Fixed Constructions
Automated flap and cup cleaner water-saving toilet
Office partition wall arrangement
Automotive hail protection and shade canopy
Device for adjusting inclination when building on blocks
Construction of mechanical draft excluders for the lower part of jambs
System for partitioning and testing submodule circuits of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for computer virus detection, analysis, and removal in real time
Electronic device
Complete and concise remote (CCR) directory
Multiprocessor system bus with system controller explicitly updating snooper LRU information
System for optimistic transmission flow control including receiver data discards upon inadequate buffering condition
Method for preparing a document involving the use of finishing instructions
Custom IC hardware modeling using standard ICs for use in IC design validation
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Pairing of load-ALU-store with conditional branch
Floppy disk drive device
Computer system providing low skew clock signals to a synchronous memory unit
Transfer function implementation using digital impedance synthesis
Method, system and computer program for replicating data in a distributed computed environment
Apparatus and method for displaying caption broadcast and teletext on the screen of a double-wide television
Fixation of cathode ray tube in TV receiver cabinet
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only