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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of acquiring a physiological response
System and method for image based physiological monitoring of cardiovascular function
Stress detection device and methods of use thereof
Condition sensor for medical device package
Systems and methods for improving memory in Alzheimer's patients
System and method for estimating battery capacity
Devices and methods for absorbing, transferring and delivering heart energy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for detecting changes in the rigidity of a hydraulic brake system
Injector protection control method and common rail fuel injection control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Vehicle control apparatus
Contactless optical glide head using at least two concurrent interference signals and a multi-channel light detector for detecting disk asperities
Surface figure test method for large convex optical surfaces
Pressure sensor
Laser gyro having a solid-state amplifying medium and an optical ring cavity
Method and device for presenting information associated to geographical data
Method for scanning a surrounding environment of a vehicle
Optical differential delay tester
Heterodyne polarimeter with a background subtraction system
X-ray detector for phase contrast imaging
Crystal structure of a plasma membrane proton pump
Wideband transducer for measuring a broad range of currents in high voltage conductors
Container position measuring method and container position measuring apparatus
Static/dynamic resistance measuring apparatus and method
Method for testing multiple coupons
Structures and processes for fabrication of probe card assemblies with multi-layer interconnect
Apparatus and method for electrical detection and localization of shorts in metal interconnect lines
Apparatus and method for generating a defined charge pulse for carrying out a partial discharge measurement
Information processing apparatus, control method thereof and program
Communication method for point-to-multipoint communication system and subsidiary transmission apparatus for the same system
Apparatus and system for implementing variable speed scan testing
Planar magnetic field probe
Magnetic detection device
Magnetic field sensor element
Zoom lens and imaging device using same
MEMS devices with an etch stop layer
Display apparatus
Optical transmitter module
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Display device having polarizing layer and manufacturing method of the same
Thin film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Imaging apparatus and method of calculating usable time of imaging apparatus
Fixing device, fixing device control method, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring control voltages applied to magnetic particle carrying members
Image forming apparatus
Process unit and image forming apparatus including same
Apparatus for treating fuel and method of starting the same
Robot apparatus, position detecting device, position detecting program, and position detecting method
Method and a device for optimizing a programmed movement path for an industrial robot
Energy supply system
System and method for controlling hydronic systems having multiple sources and multiple loads
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Zero indication forwarding for floating point unit power reduction
Portable power bank with card reading function
Method and system for selecting an operating frequency for a chip to provide a desired overall power dissipation value for the chip
Resetting real time clock upon reference clock interruption
Two-axis hinge and mobile device
Base with counterweight for display screens
Server system with direct current transformation units receiving power on signal and generating operating voltage and ready signal
Power efficient high frequency display with motion blur mitigation
Providing a backup service from a remote backup data center to a computer through a network
Remote communication system and method
Monitoring and verifying a clock state of a chip
Electronic device, information processing system, method of notification of a fault of an electronic device, and fault notification program
Network-aware adapter for applications
Replication of data sets
Data migration methodology for use with arrays of powered-down storage devices
System and method for memory data protection with secure pad memory
Memory data backup system and memory data backup control method
Full-stripe-write protocol for maintaining parity coherency in a write-back distributed redundancy data storage system
Allocation of storage space for critical data sets
Screen transfer apparatus and method thereof and program storage medium
Recording device, and content-data playback system
Storage system and its management method
Propogation of DNS server IP addresses in a private network
Determining data contents to be loaded into a read-ahead cache in a storage system
Calculating read operations and filtering redundant read requests in a storage system
Prefetching for a shared direct memory access (DMA) engine
Direct injection of data to be transferred in a hybrid computing environment
Direct injection of data to be transferred in a hybrid computing environment
Sub SN, Sub SN calling system and method for calling the Sub SN
Application of system level policy in message oriented middleware
System and method for re-directing requests from browsers for communication over non-IP based networks
Aircraft data services
Method, system and article for client application control of network transmission loss tolerance
Methods, systems, and computer program products for processing a non-returnable command response based on a markup element
Server apparatus, client apparatus, content recommendation method, and program
Network device management unit, network device management system and communication management unit
Accelerated micro blogging using correlated history and targeted item actions
System and method for adaptive media bundling for voice over internet protocol applications
System, method and computer program product for provisioning of resources and service environments
Autonomic assignment of communication buffers by aggregating system profiles
Application recommendation
Neuromimetic homomorphic pattern recognition method and apparatus therefor
Method and system to manage multiple party rewards using a single account and artificial intelligence
Method and system for providing suggested tags associated with a target web page for manipulation by a user
Method and system for providing a framework for processing markup language documents
Apparatus and method for searching among and presenting information associated with geographical position data
Method and system for searching multilingual documents
Content grouping systems and methods
Method and system for access to restricted resources
Method and apparatus for enhancing webpage browsing
Sequenced query processing in data processing system
Method and apparatus for enhanced hashing
Method and system for aggregating searchable web content from a plurality of social networks and presenting search results
Method and recording medium
Implementing mulitple mask lithography timing variation mitigation
Method and system for optimal diameter bounding of designs with complex feed-forward components
Method for implementing circuit design for integrated circuit and computer readable medium
Symbolic switch/linear circuit simulator systems and methods
Driving instability determination device
Gyro zero turn rate offset correction over temperature in a personal mobile device
Diagnosing in-line critical dimension control adjustments using optical proximity correction verification
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and control system and control method therefor
Method for quantitative determination of the degree of methylation of cytosines in CpG positions
Models for combinatorial perturbations of living biological systems
Process of remote user authentication in computer networks to perform the cellphone-assisted secure transactions
Differential dynamic content delivery with a presenter-alterable session copy of a user profile
Adaptive infotainment device
Visual toolkit for a virtual user interface
System and interface for controlling devices
Information processing apparatus and inter-processor communication control method
Method of data communications with reduced latency
System and method for determining an attitude of a device undergoing dynamic acceleration
Method and apparatus for reducing driver energy consumption
Electronic device system utilizing a character input method
Integrated overlay system for mobile devices
Stylus having magnifying lens
Touch sensor function-equipped display device
Touch screen and method of manufacturing the same
Digital capacitive touch panel structure
Inviting temporary participants to a virtual meeting or other communication session for a fixed duration
Integrated content guide for interactive selection of content and services on personal computer systems with multiple sources and multiple media presentation
Method of browsing media items using thumbnails
Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium to output an image selected from images contained in a file
Choosing a printing device based on accumulated power consumption in a network
Partitioning management of system resources across multiple users
Modifying data set name qualifiers
Moving objects across a surface using a vertically-adjustable low friction transfer module
System, method, circuit and associated software for locating and/or uploading data objects
Tagging email and providing tag clouds field of the invention
Anonymous social networking with community-based privacy reviews obtained by members
Method for accessing a locked object
Method of finding solution of equation and recording medium storing program for implementing the same
System for conjugate gradient linear iterative solvers
Combined binary/decimal fixed-point multiplier and method
Matrix multiplication operations with data pre-conditioning in a high performance computing architecture
Simulating fluid flow at a moving boundary
Partitioning of node into more than one partition
Branch prediction apparatus of computer storing plural branch destination addresses
Automatically and securely configuring and updating virtual machines
Accelerator and its method for realizing supporting virtual machine migration
Associating data for events occurring in software threads with synchronized clock cycle counters
Techniques for provisioning cloud computing environment resources based on social media analysis
Vehicle feedback method and system
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional images
Security device and system
Change assessment method
Ready automated screening, diagnosis and classification technique for alzheimer's disease using magnetic resonance imaging signal from ventricular zone contour of brain
Image reconstruction for truncated detector array
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Color rolling detection method and detection device
Method of orthoimage color correction using multiple aerial images
Assay image acquisition system and method
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional images
Apparatus and method for interpolating and rendering image on mobile devices
Apparatus for coding or decoding an image by executing variable-length coding/decoding and fixed-length coding/decoding
Image processing device, image processing method and program with improved image contrast
Method of and apparatus for classifying image
Specialty stents with flow control features or the like
Multi-variable, multi-party auction and process to prop-up underwater mortgages, and stabilize/restore market values
System and method for allocating tickets using a draft
System and method for multi-product clock auctions
Telecommunication and advertising business model and method of utilizing same
Data sending/receiving method and apparatus, data receiving apparatus and data sending apparatus
Secure transactions using non-secure communications
Drug prescription registry
Use of internet site as a registry for results of medical tests
Simulating animation during slideshow
Linear interpolation of triangles using digital differential analysis
Busway joint parameter detection system
Rain detector
Sensor system for an alarm security device
Grip responsive sleep alert system and method
Dynamic adjustment of setup time based on paging performance
Vehicle driving assist apparatus and method
Visual scene displays, uses thereof, and corresponding apparatuses
Plasma display device and plasma display panel driving method
Systems and methods for processing data entered using an eye-tracking system
Display device and control method therefor
Joystick type computer input device with mouse
Audible errors detection and prevention for speech decoding, audible errors concealing
Disk decision method and optical disk drive using the disk decision method
Front panel of optical disc drive
Tape library system and method of diagnosing tape cartridges
Method and apparatus for preventing data reproducibility
Disk drive configuring dual fly height actuators during write operation
Disk drive estimating reader/writer gap across servo zones
Magnetic disc apparatus including a thermal actuator as part of a two-stage actuator
Flexible cable for optical pickup and optical disc drive including the same
Optical signal detecting circuit and information reproducing device using the same
System and method for tracking position of a laser beam on a storage device
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus and optical information recording method
Compatible optical pickup and optical information storage medium apparatus using the same
Optical data recording medium and method for reproducing recorded data
Hybrid memory cell array and operations thereof
Magnetic element and nonvolatile memory device
Semiconductor device having floating body type transistor
Nonvolatile random access memory
Multi-wafer 3D CAM cell
Content addressable memory
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
Decoder parameter estimation using multiple memory reads
Semiconductor device
Sense amplifiers and operations thereof
Memory device having switch providing voltage to bit line
Radioisotope production structures, fuel assemblies having the same, and methods of using the same
Method for designing a fuel assembly optimized as a function of the stresses in use in light-water nuclear reactors, and resulting fuel assembly
System and method for affecting flux of multi-pole magnetic structures
Organic light-emitting display apparatus including improved power supply lines
High pressure discharge lamp
Distributed X-ray source and X-ray imaging system comprising the same
Field emission display
Piezoelectric actuator and piezoelectric actuator array
Microelectromechanical resonators with passive frequency tuning using built-in piezoelectric-based varactors
Differential-common mode resonant filters
Bicone antenna
Rotary casing of satellite antena having an angle adjustable display screen
Light guide, light transmission module, electronic device, and manufacturing method of light guide
Serial surge suppression and overload protection optimization device
Reduced current leakage in RC ESD clamps
Matrix converter
Universal charging holster for charging and transporting portable electronic devices
Method and device for voltage detection and charging of electric battery
Axial air gap machine having stator and rotor discs formed of multiple detachable segments
Electric motor rotor selectively formed of one of two different magnetic units
Vibratory driving device
Magnetic gear
Magnetic coupling device having first and second rotating members arranged with opposing interaction surfaces
Circuit for controlling the current in an electrical control member or the voltage across the terminals of said electrical control member
High-efficiency compact miniaturized energy harvesting and storage device
Energy converter
Current injection circuit for delaying the full operation of a power factor control circuit for AC induction motors
Modular component electric machine
Motor drive system, control method of motor drive system, and traveling device
Crystal oscillator and method of manufacturing the same
Offset compensation apparatus for magnetic detection circuit and method thereof
Audio system including multiband audio dynamics processor
Multi-valued driver circuit
Fast power up comparator
Mixed-signal radio frequency receiver implementing multi-mode spur avoidance
MEMS-based frequency synthesizers with enhanced temperature compensation
Analog-digital converter
Rollover operative digital to analog converter (DAC)
Data link layer tunneling technique for high-speed data in a noisy wireless environment
Accumulating LDPC (low density parity check) decoder
ASIP architecture for executing at least two decoding methods
Data classification in a wireless communication system
Mechanically tuned radio utilizing ratiometric time measurements and related methods
Modem and method of operating a wireless device
Central decoding controller and controlling method thereof
Underwater communications
Underwater communications
Graphical user interface for flow noise modeling, analysis, and array design
Subsea transfer system providing wireless data transfer, electrical power transfer and navigation
Powerline communication device
Receiving device and method, demodulating device and method, and program
Multi-hop wireless communication system
Cooperative reception diversity apparatus and method based on signal point rearrangement or superposition modulation in relay system
Hybrid multi-band receiver
Method of multiplexing unicast and multicast transmissions
Method for processing and transmitting data packet
Method for reporting multi-address information, mobile station and authentication organization system
Method and apparatus for evaluating performance for a video broadcast and/or multicast
Method and system for sensing available spectrum in wireless communication systems
Transmission of UE-specific reference signal for wireless communication
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Mobile multimedia broadcast transmission system
Method of generating low peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) binary preamble sequences for OFDM systems
Voice data integrated multiaccess by self-reservation and contention algorithm
Media access control protocol for multi-hop network systems and method therefore
Data transmitting method and apparatus, and data communication method and apparatus
Signal transmitting apparatus for OFDM system and parameter adjusting method thereof
System and method for providing time zone as instant messaging presence
Mechanisms for discovering path maximum transmission unit
Band control apparatus, band control method, and storage medium
Two-layer switch apparatus avoiding first layer inter-switch traffic in steering packets through the apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing packets
Wireless network system carrying out multihop wireless communication between source and destination
Host ethernet adapter for handling both endpoint and network node communications
Voice packet redundancy based on voice activity
Method and apparatus for providing a reliable voice extensible markup language service
Communication system
Method and apparatus for enabling global telephony capabilities in communication networks
Method for soft modulation in a wireless telecommunication network
Radio receiver
Configurable all-digital coherent demodulator system for spread spectrum applications
Methods and systems for overhead reduction in a wireless communication network
Method and system for controlled media sharing in a network
Oblivious transfer with hidden access control lists
Location-based security, privacy, access control and monitoring system
System and service to facilitate encryption in data storage devices
Identifying guests in web meetings
Key agreement and transport protocol
Mobile device accessory
Communication terminal apparatus
Information processing apparatus
Broadcast program scene report system and method, mobile terminal device, and computer program
Mixed protocol multi-media provider system incorporating a session initiation protocol (SIP) based media server adapted to operate using SIP messages which encapsulate GR-1129 advanced intelligence network based information
Emergency call localization for IP-based telephony
End-to-end logic tracing of complex call flows in a distributed call system
System and method of managing calls at a call center
Predictive contact information representation
User-defined system-enforced session termination in a unified telephony environment
Automatic document feeder and image forming apparatus
Printer calibration
Inspection device and inspection method for detecting foreign bodies in a filled container
Solid-state image pickup device with particular pixel arrangement
Image pickup apparatus and method of correcting captured image data
LCD apparatus with camera module, and method of making same
High dynamic range approach for a CMOS imager using a rolling shutter and a gated photocathode
Methods and apparatus for jiggling correction in images
Drive unit, movable module, and autofocus control method
Device and method for processing video data
Information processing device and editing method
Method and apparatus for presentation of intelligent, adaptive alarms, icons and other information
Ambient light effects and chrominance control in video files
Information record medium, information record device and method, information reproduction device and method, information recording/reproduction device and method, recording or reproduction control computer program, and data structure containing control signal
Information signal processing apparatus and method, information signal processing system and method, and information signal playback apparatus and method
Method for processing a video data set
Image processing apparatus, camera module, and image processing method
Imaging apparatus comprising color image pickup device and monochrome image pickup device
Automatic surgical sponge counter and blood loss determination system
Speaker device
Ticketing and/or authorizing the receiving, reproducing and controlling of program transmissions by a wireless device that time aligns program data with natural sound at locations distant from the program source
Security management system and method
Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method
Sharing control channel resources
Apparatus and method for handover optimization in broadband wireless communication system
Radio measurements in cellular telecommunication systems
Scalable geofences
Method for an automatic identification of urban dense areas from cell phones records
Control of access terminal operation based on interference information
Adaptive modulation and coding
Display apparatus
System and method for supplying constant power to luminuous loads
System and method for supplying constant power to luminuous loads with power factor correction
Multi-lamp driving system
Predictable method for reducing power consumption during peak demand
Mounting apparatus with rotating member for retaining and buffering data storage device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Stretched plastic film for agricultural use
Method for producing flowering orchids in vitro
Inbred maize line NP2031
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36B08
Inbred corn plant 29MIFI2 and seeds thereof
Inbred corn plant RQAB7 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 9505389620962
Soybean cultivar 739871
Soybean cultivar 739685
Stabilized gas-supersaturated emulsions
Pesticidal device
Synergistic composition of peracetic acid and amine oxide
Oligonucleotide inhibition of cell adhesion
Use of tryptophan and analogs as plant growth regulators
Harmful fungi control with an active substance inhibiting respiration by inhibiting the cytochrome complex III, combined with an amide
Pyridine derivatives as fungicides
Anti-microbial aluminum product and method for producing the same
Nematophagous fungus Esteya vermicola
Microwavable semi-circular pizza product and packaging combination
Cappuccino creamer with improved foaming characteristics
Method and culture for producing cheese and other dairy products
Production of substantially pure kappa casein macropeptide
Beverage infuser
Process of modifying texture of food products
Method and apparatus for making cheesecake
Method for continuous production of dry feed for fish and shell fish
Process for preparing rigid animal feedblocks
Fortified edible compositions and process of making
Method for the continuous production of three-dimensional snacks and apparatus for performing the method
Compositions containing creatine and aloe vera extract
Glucan containing nutritional product and method of making the same
Method for producing a bone-in ham steak
Continuous shock wave food processing with shock wave reflection
Method for producing semi-rigid compact or cellular shaped bodies with a PUR base and the stabilization thereof; shaped bodies produced according to said method and the use thereof
Sealed food container and method of ensuring delivery of the container in a heated state
Wipes having a substrate with a discontinuous pattern of a high internal phase inverse emulsion disposed thereon and process of making
Serving tray with shrimp
Stack comprising W-Z folded sheets
Selectively activated shape memory device
Liquid sample assay device
Biotelemetry locator
Marker for determining its position in a cavity inside the organism of a living being
Carrier delivered dressing and method of manufacture
Compress for medical treatment
Disposable training pants having a suspended crotch covering sheet
Apparatus and method for producing porous superabsorbent materials
Non-adherent nasal, sinus and otic packing and method for processing sponge materials in fabrication of packings
Method for anticancer therapy using an herbal extract composition
Materials and methods for detection and treatment of immune system dysfunctions
Use of aminoguanidine analogs for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system
Pig appeasing pheromones to decrease stress, anxiety and aggressiveness
Medicines for treating dementia or cognitive disorder, which comprises asiatic acid derivatives
Cytostatic agents
Fluorine-substituted biphenyl butyric acids and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Composition and methods employing it for the treatment of 5-HT-mediated disorders
Compositions of (S) (-)-amisulpride
1,3 diazines with platelet-derived growth factor receptor inhibitory activity
Conformationally rigid aryl prostaglandins for use in glaucoma therapy
Pharmaceutical composition
Pharmaceutical composition
.beta.-D-glucan topical composition
Alkaline-earth metal salt for the treatment of ocular or palpebral pruritus and dysesthesia
Preventives/remedies for stomatitis
Method of inactivation of viral and bacterial blood contaminants
Low molecular weight components of shark cartilage, processes for their preparation and therapeutic uses thereof
Pulmonary administration of soluble complement receptor-1 (sCR1) and its derivatives
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating the eyes or eyelids
Modified factor VII
Pluripotent vaccine against enveloped viruses
Heat shock protein 70 preparations in vaccination against cancer and infectious disease
Attenuated forms of bovine viral diarrhea virus
Method for eliciting Th1-specific immune response
Immunostimulating activity of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 8 oligosaccharides
Compositions and methods for use of IL-12 as an adjuvant
Use of antibodies to block the effects of gram-positive bacteria and mycobacteria
Di-aryl ethers and their derivatives as anti-cancer agents
Potentiation of drug response
2-methyl-thieno-benzodiazepine formulation
Materials and methods for the intracellular delivery of substances
Antisense modulation of MEKK1 expression
Methods and kits for identifying ductal orifices
Methods for treating prostate tumors using radioactive compositions
Flavor blend for masking unpleasant taste of zinc compounds
Rejuvenating the skin using a combination of vitamin A and alphahydroxy acids
Endermic liniment containing a thiol compound and zinc oxide
Non-irritating composition for treating acne and other skin conditions
Cable protectant compositions
Controlled release drug delivery
Aqueous process for manufacturing paroxetine solid dispersions
Orally administrable nifedipine pellet and process for the preparation thereof
Method for improving the dispersion of redispersible polymer powders
Antimcrobial multi-layer island dressing
Fibrin glue without fibrinogen and biosealant compositions and methods
Plasma-induced polymer coatings
Portable device for electrically destroying needles
Apparatus for melting a needle using an electric current
Battery management apparatus for portable electronic devices
Method and MR device for simulating electrical simulations in a subject by MR stimulation
Compositions comprising oleum Melaleuca
Cleanser composition including a mixture of anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants
Supercritical oxidation process and apparatus
Remediation of soil polluted with phosphorus-containing wastes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Analytical apparatus
Finish for glass fiber fabric
Metal chelate-forming fibers, process for producing the same, process for sequestering with the same, and filter produced therefrom
Nonwoven filter media
Production of low sulfer syngas from natural gas with C4+/C5+ hydrocarbon recovery
Olefin purification
Method of removing nitrogen oxides from a gas flow by using a combustion engine
Method and catalyst for reducing pollutants in gases
Method for extracting xanthophylls from corn
System and method for solid-phase parallel synthesis of a combinatorial collection of compounds
Process and apparatus for interbed injection in plate reactor arrangement
Rapid process for making silica gel and silicate polymer and low density gels made thereby
Process for fabricating crystalline metal oxide material
Catalyst for production of acrolein, method for production thereof, and method for production of acrolein
Production of phenol
Catalyst and process for direct catalystic production of hydrogen peroxide, (H2O2)
Catalyst consisting of a hollow cylindrical carrier having a catalytically active oxide material applied to the outer surface of the carrier, and process for using said catalyst
Production of phenol
Wells-Dawson type heteropolyacids, their preparation and use as oxidation catalysts
Process for regeneration of catalysts of titanium silicalite type
Silylated perfluorinated ion-exchange microcomposite catalysts
Functionalized ferrocenyldiphosphines, a process for their preparation and their use
Polymerization of cyclopentadiene using cationic palladium complexes
Multiple component chromatographic assay device
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft
Miniaturized genetic analysis systems and methods
Amine ether acid salt surfactant composition
Method and device for obtaining stearin from animal or vegetable fats
Paint viscosity measuring system
Labyrinth gas feed apparatus and method for a detonation gun
Spraying apparatus for artificial hair augmenting agent
Dielectric heating using spread-spectrum energy
Hollow twisted and drawn cables and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for forming the ends of metallic tubes
Nozzle heater for die casting machine
Method of forming high-temperature components and components formed thereby
Apparatus and method for enhancing the working efficiency of an electric discharging machine
Apparatus and method for generating an electric discharge for use in the line cutting of a workpiece
Techniques for adaptive control of force in resistance welding applications
Method for removing residue and method for production of printed board having hole
Method for dissipating heat
Simplified command and control device for a coupling-welding machine for metal pipes in which the machine is inserted
Latch mechanism for a battery operated power tool
Compositions and methods for manufacturing starch-based compositions
Injection-molded product of propylene based resin composition
Elevated temperature dimensionally stable, impact modified polyester with low gas permeability
Plastering fillet with attached reinforcing material
Plastic light selective element for imaging applications
Pre-folded stock material for use in a cushioning conversion machine
Outer layer for fuser member having an aryl silane crosslinking agent
High surface density covalent immobilization of oligonucleotide monolayers using a 1-(thiotrifluoroacetato)-11-(trichlorososilyl)-undecane linker
Multi-layered polymer based thin film structure for medical grade products
Biaxially oriented polyethylene film with improved optics and sealability properties
Container for the selective scavenging of citrus juice components
Multilayer cover system and method for producing same
Lithographic imaging with reduced power requirements
Piezoelectric actuating element for an ink jet head and the like
Formulations of positive films in order to obtain the selection of colors by means of primary balanced colors, and method for obtaining such formulations
Method for forming color image
Etching of multi-layered coated surfaces to add graphic and text elements to an article
Device for measuring vehicle tire pressure
Tire having a base of precipitated silica with improved rolling resistance
Crew protection apparatus
Rotating signal transducer
Vehicular deformation sensor system
Polyurethane/polyacrylate dispersion coating for airbag fabrics
Remote keyless entry user-transparent auto re-synchronization apparatus and method
Vehicle control system having obstacle detector
Vehicle traffic control system
Compact drive
Apparatus for the selective heating of foods disposed on a tray using a gyrotron for microwave heating of the foods
Polymer plastic plug impregnated with wood preservative and method for making the same
Adhesive label
Acquisition of printed media with defined traction
Micromachined membrane with locally compliant and stiff regions and method of making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compact deoxo system
Process for the selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in reformed gases
Precipitated silica
Production of alumina
Spinel-type lithium-manganese oxide containing heteroelements, preparation process and use thereof
Process for producing thin transparent gold coatings
Radiation-curable optical fiber primary coating system
Alkali-free glass and flat panel display
Solution coated hydrothermal BaTiO3 for low-temperature firing
Method of manufacturing whisker-reinforced ceramics
Filler powder comprising a partially coated alumina powder and process to make the filler powder
P-Boronophenylalanine complexes with fructose and related carbohydrates and polyols
Coding combinatorial libraries with fluorine tags
Extended catalyst life two stage hydrocarbon synthesis process
Alkylation of aromatics with removal of polymeric byproducts
Method of preparation of alkali-metal amides
Fluorene-containing polymers and compounds useful in the preparation thereof
Phosphoric acid salts of an aromatic diamine
Process for producing dialkanolamines
Process for the purification of (RR,SS)-2-(dimethylamino) methyl-1-(3-methoxyphenyl)-cyclohexanol from (RS,SR)-2-(dimethylamino)methyl-1-(3-methoxyphenyl) cyclohexanol
Amino-tetralines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their pharmaceutical uses
Fluorinated phenantrene derivatives for liquid crystal mixtures
Process for the preparation of N-acylamino acids
Method for producing mixtures of monoolefinic C5-mononitriles by catalytic hydrocyanation
Method for separating 6-aminocaproic acid nitrile from mixtures containing 6-aminocaproic acid nitrile and an imine
Process for the preparation of substituted cyanophenyl uracils from substituted aminoalkene acid cyanophenyl amides
Method and kit for making a multidimensional combinatorial chemical library
Sulfonylalkanoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
(Methylsulfonyl)phenyl-2-(5H)-furanones as COX-2 inhibitors
Method for producing .alpha.-hydroxy-.beta.-aminocarboxylic acids
Method for producing dialkyl disulfides
Bicyclic ketones and their use in the field of perfumery
Process for preparing tetrahydrofuran from dialkoxybutenes
Process and apparatus for production of 5-cyclohexadecen-1-one
Cyclohexane derivatives, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display element
Alkyl, alkenyl and alkynyl Chrysamine G derivatives for the antemortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and in vivo imaging and prevention of amyloid deposition
Process for separation between dialkyl carbonate and alkyl carbamate
Selective hydrogenation of highly unsaturated compounds in hydrocarbon streams
Method for manufacturing (3S,4R)-4-[(R)-1'-formylethyl]azetidin-2-one derivatives
Anhydrous crystals
Bismaleimides comprising mesogenic groups
Indolinones having kinase inhibitory activity
Indoloylguanidine derivatives
1-(1,2-Disubstituted piperidinyl)-4-substituted piperidine derivatives
Process for preparing pyridinecarboxylic esters
Process for the production of substituted phenylpyridines
Aminotetrazole derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Bradykinin antagonist quinolines
Oxazolone derivatives and their use as anti-Helicobacter pylori agent
Process for recovery of ascorbic acid
Compounds useful to treat retroviral infections
Pyrazole derivatives
Quinoline and quinazoline compounds useful in therapy, particularly in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Farnesyl protein transferase inhibiting (imidazol-5-yl)methyl-2-quinolinone derivatives
Ink jet printing inks
Bicyclic heteroaromatic compounds as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Heterocyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Process for the production of cephalosporines
Metallocene and catalyst used for the preparation of chemically homogeneous cycloolefin copolymers
Metallocene compounds, processes for the preparation thereof, catalyst components for olefin polymerization, and processes for the production of olefin polymers
Process for producing a magnesium di[tetrakis(Faryl)borate] and products therefrom
Highly lipophilic camptothecin derivatives
Process for the preparation of alkylsilanes with bulky alkyl radicals
Polysiloles and polygermoles
Process for the removal of chlorohydrocarbons from organochlorosilanes
Preparation of organic phosphonium chloride
3-Ureido-pyridofurans and -pyridothiophenes for the treatment of inflammatory processes
Erythromycin A derivatives
Processes for the synthesis of oligomeric compounds
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) Nucleic Acid Ligand Complexes
Oligonucleotide N3'.fwdarw.N5'Phosphoramidate Duplexes
Deoxynucleic alkyl thiourea compounds and uses thereof
Sialyl-Lewisa and sialyl-Lewisx epitope analogues
Salts of 8,9-dehydroestrone sulfate ester
Process for the preparation of 16,17 acetals of pregnane derivatives with control of the epimeric distribution at the C-22 position
Method of identifying agents that disrupt the interaction of SV40 T antigen with Dnak homologues
Preparation and use of recombinant influenza A virus M2 construct vaccines
Hybrid protein between CS from plasmodium and HBSAG
Chimeric immunogens
Methods for making modified recombinant vesiculoviruses
Modification of pertussis toxin
Peptide inhibitors of neurotransmitter secretion by neuronal cells
PNA probes for detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis
Cotton plant gene
Nucleotide sequences of genes encoding sink protein and uses thereof for improving the nutritional quality of feeds
gp75 as a tumor vaccine for melanoma
Phospholipid transfer protein
Protein inhibitor of neuronal nitric oxide synthase
N-terminal modifications of RANTES and methods of use
Antibodies to ligands for HEK4 receptors
Enhanced in vitro synthesis of biological macromolecules using a novel ATP regeneration system
Recombinant DTctGMCSF fusion toxin in a baculovirus expression vector system
Antibodies that bind immunomodulators
Antagonists of interleukin-15
Biological applications of new peptides of IL-2 and derivatives and use as therapeutic agents
Extracellular adhesive proteins
Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences encoding rat mdr1b2 and screening methods thereof
Cloning and functional expression of cholecystokinin/gastrin receptor-encoding DNA
Use of a prolactin receptor or growth hormone receptor intracytoplasmic domain for achieving protein secretion
Mer receptor activation by gas6
Cyclic adhesion inhibitors
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
High-melting polyolefin copolymer elastomers, catalysts and methods of synthesis
Olefin polymerization catalyst comprising transition metal compound containing a cyclic ligand having at least two nitrogen atoms in its main chain skeleton
Fluoroelastomer latex
Electrically conductive resinous material and radiation curable formulation for producing the same
Metal oxide sols and process for making the same
Emulsion polymerized silicone-acrylate rubber impact modifiers thermoplastic blends, and methods for making
Branched ethylenic macromonomer and its polymer
Preparation of oxidized polyolefin waxes
Moisture-curable compositions containing polyisocyanates and polyacrylates having alkoxysilane groups
Two-component polyurethane coating composition with anti-corrosive properties
Polyglycidyl compounds
Continuous polyamidation process
Method for producing polyamides
Method for producing polybenzazole
Branched siloxane-silalkylene copolymer
Method and apparatus for recycling styrene resin
Waterborne hydrophobic cleaning and coating composition
Process for preparing polyoxymethylene molding compositions of improved quality
Polyolefin composites for printed circuit board and antenna base material
Construction sheeting
Inner parting agents for producing self-parting moldings made of polyisocyanate polyaddition products
Microcellular articles and methods of their production
Foamed pressure sensitive tapes
Laser marking of phosphorescent plastic articles
Thermal conductive silicone rubber compositions and method of making
Thermosetting resin potting composition
Glycerol monostearate blends as antistats in polyolefins
Plastic/rubber composition
Vulcanization of carboxyl containing elastomers using reductive hydrosilylation with extension into dynamic vulcanization
Block copolymer
Styrene resin composition and method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing styrene resin molded products
Alcohol-blocked brominated bisphenol a epoxy resin flame retardants for carbonyl-containing thermoplastic resins
Silicone gel composition and silicone gel produced therefrom
Elastomeric silicone containing an active ingredient
Pigment for electrophotographic toners and developers
Ink and coating compositions containing silicon-treated carbon black
Abrasion and stain resistant curable fluorinated coating
Coating agent, process for producing the same and its use, in particular for lacquering the outside of packages
Coating compositions with dicarboxylic half ester containing polymers and polyanhydride curing agents
Multilayer coating film
Chemically removable Cu CMP slurry abrasive
Flooring adhesives
Double faced tape with repositional adhesive
Hot-melt webs, laminates, and laminate making method
Electroluminescent phosphor thin films with increased brightness that includes an alkali halide
Electron field-emission display cell device having opening depth defined by etch stop
Semiconductor processing methods
Viscosifying hydrocarbon liquids
Compositions and methods for hydraulic fracturing
Oil soluble coking additive, and method for making and using same
High-temperature, water-based lubricant and process for making the same
Oil of Brassica napus
Dryer-activated fabric conditioning compositions with improved stability containing sugar derivatives
Coated detergent tablet
Paint and coating remover
Method for the activity of an enzyme
Low sudsing granular detergent composition containing optimally selected levels of a foam control agent and enzymes
Bioreactor with vortex mixing chamber
Methods for cultivating cells and propagating viruses
Method of detecting foreign DNA integrated in eukaryotic chromosomes
Screening methods for enzymes and enzyme kits
Genetic antiviral agents and methods for their use
Starch branching enzyme II of potato
Soybean glutathione-S-transferase enzymes
Host adaptation of retroviral vectors
Mixed cell diagnostic systems
Method of producing adenoviral vector stocks
Phenol oxidizing enzymes
Genes encoding operon and promoter for branched chain keto acid dehydrogenase of pseudomonas putida and methods
Purified .beta.1,2-xylosyltransferase and uses thereof
Plant geranylgeranyl transferases
Endopeptidase produced by Lactobacillus helveticus
Method for the production of thrombin
Protein having ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid:ethylenediamine lyase acitivity and gene encoding the same
Oligosaccharide enzyme substrates and inhibitors: methods and compositions
Preparation of optically active alcohol substituted with one or more halogen atoms
Change in system
Diagnostic test strip having on-strip calibration
Methods and devices for collecting and storing clinical samples for genetic analysis
Detection and identification of non-polio enteroviruses
Expression of G protein coupled receptors in yeast
Process for leaching copper from copper sulfide using bacteria
High nitrogen stainless steel
Material formulation for galvanizing equipment submerged in molten aluminum and aluminum/zinc melts
Highly corrosion-resistant chromium-containing steel with excellent oxidation resistance and intergranular corrosion resistance
Diffusion aluminide bond coat for a thermal barrier coating system and method therefor
Metallization process and method
Three-dimensional masking method for control of coating thickness
Process for coating with ceramic vaporizing materials
Method of removing surface oxides found on a titanium oxynitride layer using a nitrogen containing plasma
Fiber coating method
Chemical vapor depositions process for depositing titanium silicide films from an organometallic compound
Chemical vapor deposition for titanium metal thin film
CVD film formation method
Production method for a semiconductor device
Process for plating upon a polymeric surface
Coatings for turbine components
Process for the preparation of heteroaryl aldehydes and heteroaryl ketones
Process for applying a lead-free coating to untreated metal substrates via electrodeposition
Electrode substrate and recording medium
Model based method for wafer temperature control in a thermal processing system for semiconductor manufacturing
Textiles; Paper
Absorbable barrier membrane
Fixed Constructions
Combined storage and safety device
Liner strip for pipelines or tunnels
Power driven venting of a vehicle
Motor equipped driving apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Constant turbine inlet temperature control of a turbine power generating system
Electromagnetic actuator having an elastically deformable armature and/ or yoke
Electrically heatable catalytic converter
Starter motor drive stop
Engine igniting coil device
Compressed air servicing unit
Rotating coil electromagnetic clutch
Current control process
Work light
Dynamic recirculation system for heating and storing emulsified fuel oil
Method and measuring device for measuring at an envelope surface
Sensing device for detecting change in an applied magnetic field achieving high accuracy by improved configuration
Thermocouple sheath cover
IC monitoring chip and a method for monitoring temperature of a component in a computer
Severe storm warning system
Semiconductor pressure sensor including sensor chip fixed to package by adhesive
Backside device deprocessing of a flip-chip multi-layer integrated circuit
Method for the quantitative and/or qualitative determination of atoms or molecules
Signal enhancement for fluorescence microscopy
Water content metering apparatus
Electrical detector for micro-analysis systems
Chemical treatment station for use with cassette having individually addressable sample mini-columns
Analyzer transport device
GPIIb/IIIa platelet receptors assay
Limulus reaction-activating substance, method for inactivating the substance and measuring its amount, and method for measuring limulus reaction
Adjustable tooling pin for a card test fixture
Low-temperature wafer testing method and prober
Integrated circuit testing assembly and method
Wafer probe with built in RF frequency conversion module
Voltage sensing current foldback switch circuit
Single supply voltage to frequency converter optimized for low voltage sensing above and below ground
Multiport power monitor
Back bias voltage level detector
Process for the preparation of epitaxial wafers for resistivity measurements
Test for determining polarity of electrolytic capacitors within electronic assemblies
Very low frequency high voltage sinusoidal electrical testing method, systems and apparatus
Measuring apparatus and method for measuring characteristic of solar cell
Characteristic evaluation apparatus for insulated gate type transistors
Method and apparatus for testing an integrated circuit with a pulsed radiation beam
Defect inspection method and apparatus therefor
Functional test process for a mechanical switching element
Motor winding contamination detector and detection
Three axis sensor package on flexible substrate
Damped superconducting coil system having a multiturn, planar geometry superconducting coil and shunt resistors electrically connecting successive coil turns
Multiple resonance superconducting probe
Radio frequency coil
Flexible open quadrature highpass ladder structure RF surface coil in magnetic resonance imaging
Vibration cancellation for C-shaped superconducting magnet
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging method
Radiation-based imaging system employing virtual light-responsive elements
X-ray detector method and apparatus for obtaining spatial, energy, and/or timing information using signals from neighboring electrodes in an electrode array
Etching method for multi-level terraced structures
Manufacture of electronic devices comprising thin-film circuit elements
Method of optimizing crystal grain size in polycrystalline silicon films
Thin film type monolithic semiconductor device
Display device
Electro-optical display device with ionizable gas
Formulations for preparing metal oxide-based pigment-binder transparent electrically conductive layers
4-(n,n-dialkylamino)aniline compound, photographic processing composition containing the same and color image-forming method
Method for correcting mask pattern for use in manufacturing of semiconductor integrated circuit
Members for mask production, masks, and methods thereof for manufacturing same
Method of forming patterns
Positive acting photodielectric composition
Chemically amplified resist
Material and method for forming pattern
Method of solving metal stringer problem which is induced by the product of tin and organic ARC reaction
Integrated circuit fabrication
Method for etching semiconductor device
Multiple color proof temporary supports, photopolymerizable materials and pigmented transfer materials
Process for forming a cured film of a thermoplastic resin
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, process for fabricating the same, and apparatus for fabricating the same
Image forming method and dry toner therefor
Electrophotographic photoconductor and method for production thereof
Process for producing binder resin for toners for developing electrostatic images
Banked flight stall warning device and method
Device for converting high voltage alternating current to low voltage direct current
Auto-biasing circuit for current mirrors
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with built-in timing regulator for output signals
System and method for active detection of connection to a network
System for testing hard disk drives
Offset-compensated switched-opamp integrator and filter
Smart card actuated dome contact switch
Method of communications in a backscatter system, interrogator, and backscatter communications system
Self-checkout/self-check-in RFID and electronics article surveillance system
Shelf talker management system and method
LZW data compression/decompression apparatus and method with embedded run-length encoding/decoding
Low cost material suitable for remote sensing
Resonant circuit for electronic anti-theft element
Integrated field monitoring and communications systems
Early warning system for natural and manmade disasters
Personal location system
System and method of radio transmission between a radio transmitter and radio receiver
Device and method for communication location-specific messages
Mobile tracking and positioning system
Method and system for visually coding a musical composition to indicate musical concepts and the level of difficulty of the musical concepts
Backlighted fluorescent/retroreflective safety device
Visual information systems
Label adapted for use on optical disks
Field emission device and field emission display
Field emission display having circuit for preventing emission to grid
Resonance bracing for stringed musical instrument
Scratch board musical instrument and playing implement
Combination strap lock and pick storage device
Track-based music performance architecture
Tone generating device and method using a time stretch/compression control technique
Sound source with free compression and expansion of voice independently of pitch
Automatic performance apparatus with quick start by accelerated loading of setting data
Unit and method of driving with motor, and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing recording medium
Thin film electric motors
HDD chip set partitioning
Adapting seek velocity profile to destination track location
High coercivity, high signal-to-noise ratio dual magnetic layer media
Magnetic recording medium
Apparatus for differential zone lubrication of magnetic recording media and related methods
Patterned magnetic media and method of making the same using selective oxidation
Recordable optical element using low absorption materials
Optical recording medium
Optical information recording medium
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device comprising a memory transistor, a select transistor, and an intermediate diffusion layer
Trimming circuit
Sample and hold circuit having single-ended input and differential output and method
Semiconductor device
Method and circuit for regulating the length of an ATD pulse signal
Apparatus and method for determining side wall profiles using a scanning probe microscope having a probe dithered in lateral directions
Decontamination of metal
X-ray image intensifier and method for manufacturing thereof
Quad cable
Thermistor system
Screw-driven multiturn electrical device
Magnetic structure with stratified layers
Ferromagnetic tunnel junctions with enhanced magneto-resistance
Coiled component and its production method
Spiral-shaped inductor structure for monolithic microwave integrated circuits having air gaps in underlying pedestal
Panel switch and method of mounting the same
Flexible membrane circuit structure for keyswitch
Three position control switch assembly
Electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus
Display apparatus
Method and apparatus for flashover control, including a high voltage spacer for parallel plate electron beam array devices and method of making thereof
Motor and generator wherein magnetism aids motion
Laser ablation type ion source
Method and apparatus for controlling the dosage of ions implanted into a semiconductor wafer
High-pressure metal halide lamp having three part electrode rods
High pressure discharge lamp
Mercury vapor discharge lamp containing means for reducing leachable mercury
Oxygen dispenser for high pressure discharge lamps
Discharge lamp for automobile having a convex surface in the discharge chamber
Composition for a photo-conductive layer and a method for preparing a fluorescent layer on a CRT panel
Outlet port protective device for stocking unit
Heat treatment apparatus and method, detecting temperatures at plural positions each different in depth in holding plate, and estimating temperature of surface of plate corresponding to detected result
Laser crystallization of thin films
Method and apparatus for the localized reduction of the lifetime of charge carriers, particularly in integrated electronic devices
Method of making a high-voltage transistor with multiple lateral conduction layers
Method for enhancing the reliability of a dielectric layer of a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Method to increase contact area
Method of forming contact
Method for rough-etching a semiconductor surface
Electron bean curing of low-k dielectrics in integrated circuits
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for planarization of semiconductor device including pumping out dopants from planarization layer separately from flowing said layer
Methods of etching platinum group metal film and forming lower electrode of capacitor
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device having a graded junction
Flip chip pre-assembly underfill process
Ultra high density integrated circuit packages
Method and apparatus for packaging high temperature solid state electronic devices
Method of fabricating self-align-contact
Apparatus for electrically coupling bond pads of a microelectronic device
Socketable BGA package
Method for producing a power semiconductor component on a two-sided substrate that blocks on both sides of the substrate
Semiconductor devices comprised of one or more epitaxial layers
Method of local oxidation using etchant and oxidizer
Self-aligned non-selective thin-epi-base silicon germanium (SiGe) heterojunction bipolar transistor BicMOS process using silicon dioxide etchback
Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
DRAM capacitor including Cu plug and Ta barrier and method of forming
Method for cleaning via openings in integrated circuit manufacturing
Method fabricating metal interconnected structure
Method for fabricating Dram cell capacitor
Method for producing barrier-free semiconductor memory configurations
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having a passivation layer which minimizes diffusion of hydrogen into a dielectric layer
Semiconductor devices having interconnections using standardized bonding locations and methods of designing
Semiconductor chip assembly
Method for making integrated circuit capacitor including anchored plug
Surface mount IC using silicon vias in an area array format or same size as die array
High Q inductor and its forming method
Process for making new and improved crown-shaped capacitors on dynamic random access memory cells
Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) and method for making thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a split gate memory cell
Semiconductor device having grown oxide spacers and method of manufacture thereof
Method for forming a MOS device with an elevated source and drain, and having a self-aligned channel input
Method for fabricating high-performance submicron mosfet with lateral asymmetric channel and a lightly doped drain
Formation of junctions by diffusion from a doped amorphous silicon film during silicidation
Method for making semiconductor device
Process of mounting spring contacts to semiconductor devices
Method of forming projection electrodes
Methods of forming trench isolation structures by etching back electrically insulating layers using etching masks
Trench isolation structure and method for same
Chemical mechanical polishing for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Methods of fabricating integrated circuits including metal silicide contacts extending between a gate electrode and a source/drain region
Process to manufacture continuous metal interconnects
Method of making a sacrificial self-aligned interconnect structure
Metal wire of semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Fabrication method for semiconductor device
Dual gate MOSFET fabrication method
Method of forming poly gate and polycide gate with equal height
Semiconductor structure having multiple thicknesses of high-K gate dielectrics and process of manufacture therefor
Methods for forming electrodes including sacrificial layers
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including a DRAM having reduced parasitic bit line capacity and method of manufacturing same
Method for fabricating crown-shaped capacitor structures
Reduction of the aspect ratio of deep contact holes for embedded DRAM devices
Method of making memory device with an element splitting trench
Method of making a metallized recess in a substrate
Static semiconductor memory device
Method of forming a ferroelectric memory device
Process for the production of semiconductor substrate having silicon-on-insulating structure and process for the production of semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with improved leads
Method of forming extended lead package
Die attach pad adapted to reduce delamination stress and method of using same
Metal interconnection structure of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having conductive patterns
Determination of parasitic capacitance between the gate and drain/source local interconnect of a field effect transistor
Planar dielectric integrated circuit
Semiconductor stacked device for implantable medical apparatus and method for making same
Electrostatic discharge protection device
Semiconductor integrated circuit having an input and output protective circuit
Static protection circuit for use in a semiconductor integrated circuit device
High breakdown-voltage transistor with transient protection
Layout pattern for improved MOS device matching
Fabrication of uniform areal sensitivity image array
Method and apparatus for operating a dual gate TFT electromagnetic radiation imaging device
Backside illuminated image sensor
CMOS imager with improved sensitivity
Photoelectric conversion device and image sensor
Method for making backside illuminated image sensor
CMOS device with deep current path for ESD protection
Insulated gate bipolar transistor with high dynamic ruggedness
Semiconductor device
Light selective element for imaging applications
Method of fabricating integrated thin film solar cells
Reduction of surface leakage current by surface passivation of CdZn Te and other materials using hyperthermal oxygen atoms
Photovoltaic devices comprising zinc stannate buffer layer and method for making
System of infrared radiation detection based on sensors of amorphous silicon and its alloys
Infrared transceiver module and method for making same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor light emitting device
Inverted light emitting diode
Light-emitting diode device
Semiconductor light emitting device with conductive window layer
Metal thin film with ohmic contact for light emit diodes
Thermoelectric materials ternary penta telluride and selenide compounds
Unimolecular organic rectifier of electrical current
Battery electrolytes and batteries
Battery with an in-situ activation plated lithium anode
Air-managing system for metal-air battery using resealable septum
Prismatic electrochemical cell and battery
Use of polymer mesh for improvement of safety, performance and assembly of batteries
Microporous polyethylene membranes having low fusing temperatures
Cap assembly for secondary battery
Fabrication of electrodes and devices containing electrodes
Battery element containing metal macroporous additives
Layered lithium manganese oxide bronze and electrodes thereof
Electrochemical cell having a controlled electrode surface and associated fabrication and chemical process
Dielectric filter
Corrugated waveguide filter having coupled resonator cavities
Duplexer dielectric filter
Closed microwave device with externally mounted thermal expansion compensation element
Dielectric resonator comprising a dielectric resonator disk having a hole
Brush assembly for dynamoelectric machine
System for adhering parts
Method of fabricating a semiconductor light emitting device with etched end surface
Switchgear assemblies with molded support mounting bus bars extending through barriers between side-by-side cabinets
Low voltage re-enterable splice enclosure
Power supplying apparatus for a vehicle and an intensive wiring apparatus
Command and control system and method for multiple turbogenerators
Power source system for portable electronic devices
Capacity leveling circuit for a battery group
Method for charging lead-acid battery and charging apparatus using the method
Charging method and device
Power supplying adapter, electronic equipment, and signal transmission system
Seawater electric power system
Pumped capacitive storage system
Electrical junction box for auxiliary power
Flywheel-microturbine system
Electrical machine magnetic circuit structure in which pole-to-rotor air clearances vary asymmetrically to provide a more uniform flux distribution
Method for manufacturing a rotor having superconducting coils
Electromagnet type segmented field DC motor
Alternating current generator for vehicle
Trapped field internal dipole superconducting motor generator
Flat type two-phase vibration motor
Electronic ballasts with current and voltage feedback paths
Pulse frequency operation of regulated charge pumps
Self adapting motor controller
Electronically commutated motor with galvanically separate user interface circuit
High-frequency oscillating circuit
Oscillator mode suppression circuit
Active-bridge oscillator
Quadrature modulator with set-and-forget carrier leakage compensation
Transmission power control circuit capable of varying electric power over a wide range
Power amplifying circuit and automatic power control method
Feed forward compensation using phase and time modulation
System for sensing operating state of tower top amplifier for mobile communication system and method of sensing the same
Error amplifier with a high common mode rejection
Self-biasing sense amplifier
CMOS imager column buffer gain compensation circuit
Gain control, variable gain and automatic gain control amplifiers including differential circuit transistors and current splitter
Time constant calibration device
Stabilization of passband active filters
Method and system for locally annealing a microstructure formed on a substrate and device formed thereby
Drive circuit for a field effect-controlled power semiconductor component
DC-DC converter circuit
Drive circuit for a controllable semiconductor component
Transmission gate
Current limited power MOSFET device with improved safe operating area
High voltage switch for providing voltages higher than 2.5 volts with transistors made using a 2.5 volt process
Method and apparatus for reducing standby leakage current using a transistor stack effect
Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor buffer
Output buffer
Apparatus and methods for high throughput self-timed domino circuits
Product-term macrocells for programmable logic device
Programming architecture for field programmable gate array
Efficient routing from multiple sources to embedded DRAM and other large circuit blocks
Serial-parallel and parallel-serial converter
Oscillator with controlled current source for start stop control
Method and apparatus using feedback to generate a ramped voltage with controlled maximum amplitude
Circuit and method for selectively delaying electrical signals
Variable delay circuit
Conversion circuit with duty cycle correction for small swing signals, and associated method
Receive amplifier for high speed data
Variable delay module
Differential charge pump with reduced charge-coupling effects
Frequency synthesizer with a switched capacitor compensation circuit
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter (ADC) systems, methods, and computer program products
Programmable arrays for data conversions between analog and digital
Adjustable serial-to-parallel or parallel-to-serial converter
Current mode transmitter
Digital demodulator
Image sensor chip, method for manufacturing the same, and image sensor therefor
Ceramic heater and oxygen sensor using the same
Electrical heating apparatus
Monitoring and control system for monitoring the temperature of a glass ceramic cooktop
Gas discharge tube changeable color display and digital controller system
Lighting control with wireless remote control and programmability
Low cost, precision electronic starter
Lamp adaptable ballast circuit
Method and device for producing plasma with electrodes having openings twice the diameter of the isolator opening
Nozzle/nozzle carrier assembly for a plasma torch
Electrode for plasma generator the generator comprising same and process for treatment of solidifying liquid metal
Method of assembling thin film jumper connectors to a substrate
Solder resist window configurations for solder paste overprinting
Method of making a printed circuit board having a tin/lead coating
Enclosure for electronic components
Electrical cabinet having a bulkhead with electrical connectors
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