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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Snap pea variety sugar heart
Non-invasive evaluation of physiological response in a transgenic mouse
Colorimetric sensor
Film-forming compositions for protecting skin from body fluids and articles made therefrom
Pourable dessert liquid product
Method and ingredient for increasing soluble fiber content to enhance bile acid binding, increase viscosity, and increase hypocholesterolemic properties
Method for processing tomatoes for the production of chunk tomato products
Nursing bra assembly
Scanning endoscope
Medical instrument
Method for treating a sphincter
Shapeable electrosurgical scalpel
Sampling device and method for obtaining samples of internal body substances and method for producing a sampling device
Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system
Pants-type disposable wearing article
Disposable wearing article
Disposable wearing article
Bellows for coupling a source acoustic waves to a subject to be treated
Therapeutic agents--I
Thio-substituted biaryl-methanesulfinyl derivatives
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Cyclic aminophenyl sulfamate derivative
Triazolopyrimidine derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors
Compositions of ezetimibe and methods for the treatment of cholesterol-associated benign and malignant tumors
Method for estimating immunostimulant activity of a polysaccharide
Method for extending storage of glutathione solutions and methods for treating Parkinson's disease with said stored glutathione solutions
Therapeutic combination of a VEGF antagonist and anti-hypertensive agent
Use of neurotoxin therapy for treatment of urologic and related disorders related to neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Endothelialization of vascular surfaces
Antibodies to OCIF-binding molecules
Self-etching dental compositions and methods
Silicone-treated powder, process of production thereof and composition containing the same
Anti tumor compositions and methods of use
Nanostructural substance
Storage stable power compositions of interleukin-4 receptor
Electrostatic loading of drugs on implantable medical devices
Material removal catheter and method
Method and apparatus for conditioning gas for medical procedures
Apparatus and method for providing percutaneous access and medicament to a target surgical site
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Golf ball and golf ball manufacturing method
Aerodynamic surface geometry for a golf ball
Self-righting golf ball tee
Swing plane indicating golf mat
Video poker game and method
Game machine, method and program
Gaming device having award positions with associated characteristics
Liquid activated toys and operating systems for use with same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas for plasma reaction and process for producing thereof
Wafer electroplating apparatus
Process for obtaining fatty acids with improved odor, color and heat stability
Crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol-based polymer membrane and a process of its preparation
Cyclonic cleaner
Composite structures of membranes that are selectively permeable to hydrogen and combustible gas processors using same
Method and apparatus for high-order differential mobility separations
Reactor cup shell-in-shell riser for reaction vessel used in hydroconversion of fossil fuels
Catalyst, its preparation and the polymerization of cyclic ethers over this catalyst
Catalyst composition without antimony or molybdenum for ammoxidation of alkanes, a process of making and a process of using thereof
Waveform generator for microdeposition control system
Gravure cylinder patch coating apparatus and method
Postal-item processing method, including rank monitoring
Clean work booth
Support pad for long hole drill
Tool clamping device
Method for the restoration of damaged areal components
Method and apparatus for producing composite particles using supercritical fluid as plasticizing and extracting agent
Resin molded semiconductor device and mold
Molding-system platen actuator
Extruder head
Spacer profile for an insulated glazing unit
Method of forming cord-reinforced tire structural member
Glass yarns, composite thereof, method for making same and reinforcing glass composition
Substrates comprising a photocatalytic TiO.sub.2 layer
Wood flooring laminated with high pressure veneer and impregnated low weight printing paper
Dicing die-bonding film, method of fixing chipped work and semiconductor device
Transcript apparatus
System and method for making extruded, composite material
Porous polymeric particle comprising polyvinyl alcohol and having interior to surface porosity-gradient
Control system and method for a portable electronic printer
Producing method of electrostatic sucking type liquid jetting head, producing method of nozzle plate, driving method of electrostatic sucking type liquid jetting head, electrostatic sucking type liquid jetting apparatus and liquid jetting apparatus
Ink sheet cartridge
File folder
Display insert containing writing instrument
Load containment netting system
Light source module and projection display having the same
Ship propulsion system with cooling systems for the stator and rotor of the synchronous machine of the propulsion system
Process for producing compression bag and compression bag
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Robust carbon monolith having hierarchical porosity
Microporous crystalline zeolite material (zeolite ITQ-22), synthesis method thereof and use of same as a catalyst
Production of lithium compounds directly from lithium containing brines
Halogenated solvent remediation
Process for the synthesis of distamycin and derivatives thereof using 1-methyl-4-formylamino-2-pyrrolecarbonyl chloride iteratively as an intermediate
Tetrahydrocarboline antiviral agents
Process for the preparation of methylaluminium dichloride
Probe matrix-based device for identifying microorganisms
PRO211 polypeptides
Polymerization process for producing propylene copolymers
Method of producing water-soluble nonturbid copolymers of at least one water-soluble N-vinyllactam and at least one hydrophobic comonomer
Phase change inks containing compounds derived from isocyanate, unsaturated alcohol, and polyol
Reaction injection material for a golf ball
Cycloolefin copolymer obtained by ring-opening polymerization, use thereof, and process for producing retardation plate comprising the copolymer
Antineoplastic polyalkoxyalkylsiloxanes and methods of use thereof
Method of making porous microspheres with geometric standard deviation of 1.25 or less
Low dust wall repair compound
Polymeric thickeners for oil-containing compositions
Stabilization of fluorescent dyes in vinyl articles using hindered amine light stabilizers
Poly(arylene ether)/polyamide composition and method of making
Polyoxymethylene molding compounds
System for treating petroleum and petrochemical slop oil and sludge wastes
Ink jet composition containing microgel particles
Ink jet dye design
High concentration surfactant compositions and methods
Liquid cleaning composition comprising an anionic/betaine surfactant mixture having low viscosity
Liquid composition for reducing toilet odor
Rapid thermal cycle processing methods and apparatus
Combinatorial DNA library for producing modified N-glycans in lower eukaryotes
Nucleic acid molecules from rice and their use for the production of modified starch
Precise cutting
Methods and compositions for tissue regeneration
Molecules, compositions, methods and kits for applications associated with flaviviruses
EGVII endoglucanase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Truncated forms of pullulanase
Kit for conducting a polymerase chain reaction
Recombinant Fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin vaccine and preparation thereof
Methods for identifying subjects susceptible to Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy type 1C
Methods for predicting relative efficacy of a beta blocker therapy based on a B1-adrenergic receptor polymorphism
Methods and compositions for detecting Bacillus species
Method of handling liquid non-ferrous metals with refractory material
Method for producing a beta-processed alpha-beta titanium-alloy article
Method of polishing a wafer
Conveyorized plating line and method for electrolytically metal plating a workpiece
Textiles; Paper
Surface material and absorbent article using the same
Fixed Constructions
Method for continuous on-site recycling of an asphalt mixture layer of a pavement and a motor-driven vehicle system therefor
Retaining wall block
Additive for increasing the density of a fluid for casing annulus pressure control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Seal arrangement
Rotor for jet turbine engine having both insulation and abrasive material coatings
Electric power generation system using a permanent magnet dynamoelectric machine for starting a combustion turbine and for generating uninterruptible excitation power
Gas turbine engine
Turbine with adjustable vanes
Portable range extender with autonomous control of starting and stopping operations
Pump aggregate
Variable vane arm/unison ring attachment system
Fluid bearing device
Quick release shackle pin system
Bicycle hub speed-change assembly
Planetary gear assembly
Insulation with mixture of fiberglass and cellulose
Replacement illumination device for a miniature flashlight bulb
Extremely portable LED light
Mounting adaptor apparatus for LEDs
Emission device
Transreflectors, transreflector systems and displays and methods of making transreflectors
Surface illuminator and liquid crystal display having the same
Backlight module
Preform heating module equipped with aerodynamically profiled air baffle
Position sensor
Method and apparatus for determining surface displacement based on an image of a retroreflector attached to the surface
Fanned laser beam metrology system
Linear and rotational inductive position sensor
Non-invasive electric-filed-detection device and method
Peak power and speckle contrast reduction for a single layer pulse
Gray balance calibration of an imaging system
Illumination method and apparatus having a plurality of feedback control circuit for controlling intensities of multiple light sources
Dual use thermometer
Cylindrical lens-based light sensor and use of the sensor in an automated method and apparatus for monitoring a target fluid for contaminants
Measuring apparatus and sensor unit for same
Paper detection apparatus and printing method
Charged particle beam apparatus
Detecting apparatus and device manufacturing method
Inspection method and inspection apparatus using charged particle beam
Nanostructures with electrodeposited nanoparticles
Dual mode oxygen sensor
Apparatus for the operation of a microfluidic device
Tests for the rapid evaluation of ischemic states and kits
Pharmaceutical composition and method for activating macrophage using the same
Tray for slide processing
Correlated-intensity velocimeter for arbitrary reflector
Device for automatic detection of battery polarity
Harmonic load pull tuner with resonant prematching module
Stray voltage detecting
Method and apparatus for reviewing defects by detecting images having voltage contrast
Probe card and testing method of semiconductor chip, capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for the optical inspection of contact faces at semiconductor devices with different appearances
Integrated circuit burn-in methods and apparatus
Process monitor for monitoring an integrated circuit chip
Method for determining electro-migration failure mode
System and method for testing one or more dies on a semiconductor wafer
Fault detection circuit
Radar oscillator capable of preventing leak of oscillation output
Object detection method and apparatus
Phased array antenna beam tracking with difference patterns
Optical filter for blocking UV light and IR light
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Lens module
Reflective projection lens for EUV-photolithography
High resolution objective lens assembly
Laser scanning microscope
Method and system for patterning alignment marks on a transparent substrate
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same including relationship between interval between deflector and scanned surface and a natural convergent point
Laser projection apparatus
Laser projection apparatus
Photocoupler with compensation circuit
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Optical display systems and methods
Optical transmission module
Angle-specific multi-fiber ferrules and associated methods of manufacture
Objective-lens protector, objective-lens treatment method, and objective-lens cleaner
Low power driver circuit for a polarization scrambler
Liquid crystal shutter device for a camera
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabrication thereof
Liquid crystal display device with retardation plates
Array substrate for reflective and transflective liquid crystal display devices and manufacturing method for the same
Method and apparatus for fabricating flat panel display
Liquid-crystal display having a particular ratio of horizontal to vertical for each pixel
Display device
Durable electrooptic devices comprising ionic liquids
Electrochromic salts, solutions, and devices
Optical signal waveform shaping apparatus
Pearlescent textured imaging supports
Method of forming conductive tracks
Method and structure for fabricating mechanical mirror structures using backside alignment techniques
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Photoimageable coating composition and composite article thereof
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and method of preparing the photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge therefor using the photoreceptor
Polymers of napthalene tetracarboxylic diimide dimers
Electrophotographic photoreceptor having defined mobility of electric charges in photosensitive layer and image forming device incorporating same
Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives as electron transport materials in charge generating layer and the electrophotographic imaging apparatus using the photoreceptor
Variable-Structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem
Bias generator with feedback control
System for setting an electrical circuit parameter at a predetermined value
Ballast for a gas discharge lamp and a method of controlling this ballast
Memory layout for re-ordering instructions using pointers
Wet ink
Pre-defined print option configurations for printing in a distributed environment
Apparatus and method for restoring active signal and synchronous signal
Operating unit, especially for operating a multimedia system in a motor vehicle
Image forming device management system
Facsimile machine with forwarding function
Compression of streams of rendering commands
Method and system for representing and displaying digital ink
Method for displaying three-dimensional polygon on screen
Method and system for developing image processing applications
Generating 2D transitions using a 3D model
Systems and methods for handling information from wireless nodes, including nodes for communication with aircraft
System and method of dynamically weighted analysis for intrusion decision-making
RFID asset identification systems
Security tag and method for securing articles
System to detect and monitor temperature
Vacuum system capacity analyzer
Signaling pressure detection assembly
Open fastener indicator
Driver fatigue assessment device and method
Method and system for implementing a serial enclosure management interface for a computer system
Communication protocol for interconnected hazardous condition detectors, and system employing same
Apparatus and method for generating digital pulse
Apparatus and method for adjusting gray levels in display device
Light emitting device and method of driving the light emitting device
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display device
Display device
Haptic input devices
System and method for blending images
Bracelet with information display and inputting capability
Handheld electronic device including a variable speed input apparatus and associated method
Intelligent lighting module and method of operation of such an intelligent lighting module
Adaptive scheduling to maintain smooth frame rate
Ergonomic classical guitar
Optical information recording medium
Molten metal reactor utilizing molten metal flow for feed material and reaction product entrapment
Deconvolving far-field images using scanned probe data
Proton conductive composition and proton conductive membrane
Power control system
Contaminant getter on UV reflective base coat in fluorescent lamps
EUV light source
Gas monitoring apparatus
Feedback control of imprint mask feature profile using scatterometry and spacer etchback
Method of ion implanting for tri-gate devices
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device for reducing a surface potential
Apparatus and plasma ashing process for increasing photoresist removal rate
Structure and method for improved stress and yield in pFETS with embedded SiGe source/drain regions
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device to mitigate short channel effects
Barrier layer for conductive features
Methods of forming a contact opening in a semiconductor assembly using a disposable hard mask
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
One-component hot-setting epoxy resin composition and semiconductor mounting underfill material
Method of making a capacitive substrate for use as part of a larger circuitized substrate, method of making said circuitized substrate and method of making an information handling system including said circuitized substrate
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating isolated semiconductor devices in epi-less substrate
Method of fabricating poly silicon layer
Manufacturing method of substrate having conductive layer and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Wire bonded wafer level cavity package
Liquid crystal display
Semiconductor device having improved adhesion between bonding and ball portions of electrical connectors
Printed circuit boards and method of producing the same
Electromagnetic wave shielding sheet
Bond quality indication by bump structure on substrate
Memory device with active layer of dendrimeric material
Mixed orientation and mixed material semiconductor-on-insulator wafer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Electroluminescent devices
Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof
Dual work-function single gate stack
Electro-optical device, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic memory cell, and magnetic memory device
Polymeric piezoresistive sensors
Solar panel including a low moisture vapor transmission rate adhesive composition
Solar cell having an integral monolithically grown bypass diode
Semiconductor device
Light-emitting device, planar light source and direct type backlight module
Light-emitting device
Active matrix EL device with sealing structure housing the device
Interleaved interdigitated transducers
Phase-change-type semiconductor memory device
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Extruded battery components and manufacturing process
Method and apparatus for charging a battery using a threshold to cease charging
Apparatus and method for controlling battery discharge between internal battery and external battery
Current collector to conduct an electrical current to or from an electrode layer
Coupled resonator filters formed by micromachining
Variable radio frequency band filter
Circuit having isolated transmitting and receiving paths
Mobile communication device
Patch radiator element and array thereof
Optimization of radar antenna switching hybrid in response to operating frequency
Phased array antenna system with adjustable electrical tilt
Waterproof connector
User identification card connecting device for broadcast reception apparatus and broadcast reception apparatus having the same
Information processing apparatus having a mounting slot and mounting slot door thereof
Lever-fitting type connector
Connecting module for communication
Connector having pin groups with different pin lengths
Multi-in-one card connector that allows insertion of only one single card at a time
Adapter for electrically connecting a miniature integrated circuit card in a memory card connector
Test plug and cable for a glucose monitor
Mechanical device showing prior mating
Hinge apparatus and wiring member for use in hinge apparatus
Detachable lamp socket
Spark plug
Spark plug with specific electrode material
Harmonic mitigating device with magnetic shunt
Magnetic transmission
Device and method for controlling motor
Arrangement for automatically influencing a mains supply and motor drive therefor
High power, low noise interconnection for an integrated dual wound motor to a dual inverter
Universal mobile keyboard
Amplifier circuit for double sampled architectures
Driven circuit of an emitter switching configuration to control the saturation level of a power transistor when used with highly variable collector currents
Driver circuit bias control
Voltage level shift circuit
VPA logic circuits
Duty ratio adjustment
Intrinsic RC power distribution for noise filtering of analog supplies
Apparatus and method for phase lock gain control using unit current sources
System and method for tuning output drivers using voltage controlled oscillator capacitor settings
Switched-capacitor reset architecture for opamp
Digitization apparatus
Data modulating method and apparatus, data demodulating method and apparatus, and code arranging method
Data modulating method and apparatus, data demodulating method and apparatus, and code arranging method
Method and apparatus for generating non-binary balanced codes
Transmission device and electronic apparatus with self-diagnostic function, and self-diagnostic method for use therein
Single pass duplex document path for a digital scanner
Image reproduction
Method and device for processing image data
Color cast reduction system and method
Display synchronization signal generator in digital broadcast receiver
Digital camera having flash memory for setting start information signal and method of controlling the digital camera
Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus for efficient replay operation, and digital photographing apparatus adopting the method
Remote high resolution photography and video recording using a streaming video as a view-finder
Fully integrated tuner circuit architecture for a television system
Laser television
Digital camera
Apparatus and method to control caption positioning
A/V system available for integrated control and method of controlling the same
Method for improving image quality
Digital signal processing apparatus in image sensor
Auto white balance apparatus and white balance adjusting method
Electrostatic induction conversion device
Air heating apparatus
Discharge tube drive circuit
Oil and gas well alloy squeezing method and apparatus
Ceiling support for a medico-technical radiation source
PC card, PC card housing, and PC card mounting configuration
Expired Patents Due To Time
Slider body for a slide-fastener
Electric iron
Telescoping snow brush with scraper, ice chisel and squeegee
Snow brush with scraper, ice chisel and squeegee
Combined tire sidewall protectant dispenser and applicator
Ice chisel
Integral metatarsal toe protector
Electronic device
LCD electronic alarm clock with zonetime display
Wrist watch
Fluid dispensing meter
Tank level sensor
Vehicle security device actuator
Watercraft reflector device
Precious stone
Cut corner princess stone design
Motivational display
Christmas ornament
Extended island merchandiser base
Housekeeping cart
Floor jack
Boat cleat
Bicycle crank
Flame trim for motorcycle side bags
Tire sidewall
Tire with animal foot print tread
Automobile tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Storage tray
Combination rechargeable portable battery booster pack, air compressor and DC power supply
Housing for an adapter unit
Expansion card holder
Portion of a matrix for surface mount package leadframe
Portion of a matrix for surface mount package leadframe
Radiator for a heat generating components in electronic equipment
Radiator for a heat generating components in electronic equipment
Edge liner
Disc player
Speaker housing
Portion of a speaker housing
Speaker housing
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Portable messaging device
Portion of a keyboard
Liquid crystal display
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Card reader
Optical mouse
Electronic lock card
Audio component face
Emergency alert radio receiver
Monitor television receiver
Wireless adapter
Keypad for a handset
Cellular phone
Phone case
Mobile phone
Head strap for holding a telephone
Mobile phone
Engine shroud
Shell for an air compressor
Shell for an air compressor
Air compressor
Air pump for a compressor
Fender deck
Dual sweep bagless upright vacuum cleaner
Upper portion of an upright vacuum cleaner
Canister assembly for upright vacuum cleaner
Control handle for cleaning appliances
Dual sweep bagless canister vacuum cleaner
Masonry stone cutting machine
Masonry stone cutting machine
Portable electric furnace
Digital camera
Digital camcorder
Portion of a top panel for an office machine
Binoculars with an image capture device
Light module
Sheet with labels
Sheet with labels
Hand-held printer
Ball motif business card holder
Chess board spray paint template
Writing utensil grip portion
Clip for a writing instrument
Neon sign
Vending machine
Hand-held electronic game machine
Paintball marker grip frame
Game board
Transformable toy figure
Combined game board and blocks
Rag doll
Domino game hub
Electronic learning aid housing face
Toy tractor
Control unit
Remote control
Inflatable float
Sports ball
Putter head
Weight-training handle
Golf club head alignment system
Exercise stepper
Portion of a golf club head
Housing for a physical fitness apparatus
Auxiliary apparatus for golf
Basketball net
Golf swing position trainer
Blow molded basketball backboard frame
Baby swing seat
Gaming device display
Truck tent
Roller guide
Hand-held insect killer
Faucet assembly
Grip for a sanitary faucet
Faucet handle
Grip for a sanitary faucet
Shower head
Flexible tube having a variable stiffness bellows
Dispensing head
Pistol nozzle
Kitchen sink
Flush toilet
Lavatory deck
Whirlpool tub
Small approved aquarium heater
Fan blade
Air freshener device
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Electric fan
Casing for an air conditioning, cooling and/or heating apparatus
Casing for an air conditioning, cooling and/or heating apparatus
Ceiling fan motor housing
Ceiling fan blade iron
Blood pressure measuring device
External defibrillator
Chassis for a medical machine
Mobile base
Surgical tool blade holder
Pump housing
Tongue scraper
Oral irrigator
Liquid pouch
Diagnostic test kit with specimen-handling tool
Multi-well liquid container
Needle holder assembly
Implantable intravascular stent
Sheet for cooling human body
Knee wrap
Hygienic napkin
Combined module and adapter for attachment to a hearing aid
Sheet for cooling human body
Lawn edging
Roof shingle
Ground safe
Four-sided window well cover
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Frame section with dual channels
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Rechargeable flashlight
Automatic light fixture
Ceiling lamp
Push light
Motion lamp
Floor motion lamp
Solar light
Solar light
Lamp with parallel movement
Hanging arbor lamp
Light bulb
Light bulb
Piezoelectric lighter
Mountable cigarette and cigar lighter
Lotion applicator
Soap bar
Combination photo frame and cosmetic compact
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Vibrating device
Hair curling heater
Container with action configuration
Razor handle
Hair trimmer
Cuticle nipper tweezer
Lighted compact with two mirrors
Combined portable pet stair and carrying bag
Bird feeder
Fork for removing pet waste
Mail box door assembly including a door and a door frame
Coin holder or dispenser
Human Necessities
Grass-cutting tractor with improved operating features
Multi-component, extruded vegetation cutting line
Operator control system for self-propelled vehicles
Mower arrangement having multiple mowing units and drive system therefor
Harvesting machine with freewheel compensation
Harvesting machine for stalk crops having a stepped cutting blades
Auger fingers for harvesting assemblies, and combines
Garden edging system
Agrotechnical method for training branch cordon vine and for regulation of its growth and yield
Bean sprouts cultivating system capable spraying water uniformly and adjusting pressures upon the bean sprouts flexibly
Method for applying a band about a sheet of material and a floral grouping
Nectarine tree named `Burnectten`
Mint plant named `Clackamas`
Impatiens plant named `Fisvision`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixbros`
Sutera plant named `Wesbawei`
Strawberry plant named `PS-3395`
Strawberry plant named `PS-3546`
Strawberry plant named `PS-3523`
Apple tree: `Smith Gala`
Ground Cover rose plant named `Noala`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixred`
Device for carrying objects
Convertible couch bed
Animal hair de-matter
Crawling tube for small mammals
Spray control anti-bark collar
Bird activity device, kit and method of using
Methods and apparatus for delivering fluid to egg injection devices
Artificial fish habitat for a fishpond
Nipple valve waterer
Fish lure with fluid attractant dispenser
Case for a fishing rod and reel
Method and apparatus for detecting, measuring, concentrating and suppressing subterranean termites
Insect bait and control system
Method and device for continuous production of ice-solution suspension
Variable-trim food refiner
Sock with reinforced foot sole region
Adjustable neck seal
Hunting waders and jacket combination
First baseman's mitt
Knit wear neck part knitting method and knit wear
Seamless front flap assembly
Adjustable insulation apparatus
Belt guide for clothing articles
Guided insert hat fasteners for eye glasses
Shoe sole with rounded inner and outer side surfaces
Fasteners incorporating a whistle
Harness buckle and method of making same
Shield for quick release fastener
Valet key ring holder
Multi-faceted combined cut gemstones
Housing for setting a stone in jewelry
Single-piece helical connector for adjustable or fixed length jewelry using cord-type construction
Control device of a luggage pull rod
Pool brush with dual-position hydrofoil
Roll-in futon bed
Truck cab bridge-bed
Patient care system
Bolster system for a patient support surface
Bed air bag deterrent system
Original foot free pillow
Spring units
Variable pressure relief inflated cushion
Convoluted foam futon mattress
Deep-groove fastener
Audio pillow with sun shield
Apparatus and method for connecting adjacent panels
Picture frame providing three dimensional visual effects
Container with refillable core
Anatomic pillow
Article of bedding with pocket assembly
Citrus fruit squeezer with centrifugation of the squeezed product
Fuel-efficient steam cooking device
Brewing system with movable brew basket mounting apparatus and method
Roaster with hanging and interlocking rack
Spice dispensing device
Mechanism for paper towel dispensers
Squeegee implement
Brush assembly removal device for a floor cleaner
Scuff marker removal tool
Loop pile fabrics and methods for making same
Motor brush dust removing filter for use in vacuum cleaner
Combined pet litter scoop with bag dispenser integrated into handle
Expandable screw apparatus and method thereof
Imaging medical examination apparatus having a bearing mechanism
Patient-support apparatus having grippable handle
Modular medical gas services unit
Turning mechanism for a patient confined to a bed
Retractable and disposable urinal
Baby garment
Selectively detachable and wearable electrode/sensors
Methods, apparatus, and systems for accelerated bioremediation of explosives
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas transfer energy recovery and effervescence prevention apparatus and method
Portable crusher
System and method for cryogenic cooling using liquefied natural gas
System and a method for measuring and determining flatness
Aluminum or aluminum alloy extruding die
Press and vibration severity die certification system
Method for continuous tension leveling of aluminum strip
Device for holding a sheet metal blank in a forming press
Method for preparing a multi-layer metal tube
Table saw outfeed table
Grout removing tool
Arrangement for subjecting a bonding wire to a mechanical load
Method for manufacturing a liquid-discharging recording head
Recuperator duct assembly line
Process and device for the control of a motorized feed drive
Handle for hand tools
Inner periphery of a driving member for driving nut with different specifications
Multi-functional screwdriver
Multi-lug socket tool
Clamping system
System and method for identifying hand tools
Handle systems for hand floats
Corrosion resistant lock blade knife
Hand-held cutting device
Continuous platform cutting method
Die cutter blanket locking arrangement
Device for treating sheet-like material using pressurized water jets
Concrete wall form and connectors therefor
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
Method and apparatus for simultaneously embossing and printing an extruded plastic slat
Steering wheel comprising a decorative covering
Control system for adjacent pitch in press cured positive drive belts
Platen for multistage panel press
Platen press with peripheral seal
Spout transfer method, spout transfer apparatus and spout positioning and supplying apparatus
Carton, a blank for producing a carton, and methods and apparatus for erecting, closing, and sealing a carton
Apparatus for image formation on cylindrical surfaces in printing machines
Sheet member holding apparatus
Printing machine with exchangeable ink application means
Web-fed rotary printing machine
Method for controlling a quantity of medium transferable between two rollers
Method for regulating the ink-to-wetting agent equilibrium in a rotary offset printing machine
Rotary printing press capable of nonstop printing during a change of printing plates
Method and devices for adjusting a roller in a printing machine
Printing apparatus
Method for producing glass tiles, glass borders, ornamental panels made from glass or the like
System for detecting forces exerted onto a tire
Method of improving steering performance robustness utilizing dimensional non-uniformity in tire/wheel
System and method for tire pressure monitoring including tire location recognition
Tire air pressure estimating apparatus
Glass run for motor vehicle
Lightweight door for motor vehicles
Sound insulating weather strip
Hydrostatic vehicle driving system applicable to a working vehicle
Apparatus and method for pulley actuator
Snap-in assist grip and assembly method
Metal-framed, factory-assembled, and road-transportable building having no floor, and the method of transporting the same
Automobile lock
Vehicle/aircraft security system based on vehicle displacement profile, with optional GPS/cellular discrimination indicator
Wiper blade for glass surfaces of motor vehicles
Actuator having common bearing
Hydraulic brake booster
Method and device for estimating an admission pressure in a motor vehicle brake system
Vehicle steering wheel
Production of vehicles
Heat-activated structural foam reinforced hydroform
Structural composite member formed of a metal and reinforced by a blow-molded member
Anti-theft device for cycles
Handlebar with adjustable dampening mechanism
Air treatment system for airplanes
Packing apparatus
Machine for making filter bags for products for infusion
Modular sliding door grid
Method for compacting bags
Process for the final folding and subsequent storage of a piece of linen
Packaging system with a tool for enclosing electronic components, and method of populating a carrying belt
Package for beverages
Ball lock cable tie having an aggressive ramp
Method and apparatus for packaging objects in a shipping container
Insulated container
Apparatus for an improved gasketed aerosol mounting cup
Web centering system
Automatic cutting device for an adhesive-tape holder
Use of jagged cutters
Door frame at elevator shaft doors
Non-contacting sensors
Concrete placing boom adapter
Scanning probe system with spring probe
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cryogenic system for providing industrial gas to a use point
Process for in-situ production of hydrogen (H2) by alcohol decomposition for emission reduction from internal combustion engines
Method for molding chalcogenide glass lenses
Method of shaping sheet glass
Forced convection heating furnace and method for heating glass sheets
Apparatus and methods for low pressure cryogenic cooling
Optical fiber drawing furnace having adjustable partitions
Liquid cooling of glassware molds
Method for the production of glass substrates for magnetic recording mediums
Non-peptidyl inhibitors of VLA-4 dependent cell binding useful in treating inflammatory, autoimmune, and respiratory diseases
Mixed frequency RF generator coupled to the gas distribution system
Systems and methods of monitoring thin film deposition
Textiles; Paper
Device on a carding machine for cleaning and opening fiber material
Open-end spinning arrangement
Heat-resistant crimped yarn
Weft knitting machine with transfer mechanism
Warp knitted fabric
Method for producing a multiaxial structure out of multifilament threads
Crochet hook assembly and method of making same
Tubular fabric plating method using four-bed flat knitting machine
Penetration type washing machine, method for controlling the same, and tub cover for the same
Washing machine
Distribution device for a device for dewatering pulp
Elastic roller, method for producing same device for smoothing paper and method for smoothing paper
Removal device
Fixed Constructions
Weldment for interconnecting slabs of pre-cast concrete
Mobile elevating gangway for passengers
Continuous prestressed concrete bridge deck subpanel system
Device for collecting excrements
Towable earth digging apparatus
Wedge-locking system and excavation bucket assembly with wedge-locking system
Height adjustable diverter spout assembly
Water-saving toilet
Debris recovery for drainage system
Vacuum toilet
Deflection clip for stud wall construction
Shear panel assembly
High-span anchors and reinforcements for masonry walls
Sound-deadened wall and wall panel for same
Ledger mould for building a ledger
Lightweight building component
Hurricane resistant precast composite building system
Variable load capacity and aesthetically enhanced construction components for patio enclosures
Gutter overflow chute
Device for removing ice from roofs
Reusable roof anchor for safety lines
Stucco fastening system
Formwork for pillars
Enclosure for portable toilet
System and method for supporting guyed towers having increased load capacity and stability
Flag pole holder
Flush mounted latch
Door locking handle assembly
Lock core
Locking device
Electronic token lock core
Pressure sensitive sensor and method of treating terminal of pressure sensitive sensor
Safety device to prevent the unintentional closing of a vehicle's trunk or hood lid
Holding rail for holding glass profile elements
Fire door or window
System and method for applying an animal access door to an inclined surface
Tong for wellbore operations
Continuous measurement-while-drilling surveying
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Acoustic monitoring of foreign objects in combustion turbines during operation
Heat recovery system
Steam cooled gas turbine system with regenerative heat exchange
Gas turbine exhaust passage and damper system for same
Methods for monitoring the catalytic activity of a catalytic converter
Method of checking the performance of catalysts in internal-combustion engines
Utilization of air-assisted direct injection, cylinder deactivation and camshaft phasing for improved catalytic converter light-off in internal combustion engines
Catalyst warm-up assessment method for a motor vehicle catalytic converter
Exhaust emission control device of internal combustion engine
Liquid cooled power steering pump
Cooling system for a diesel engine
Ejector-based cooling system for turbochargers
Rotary heat engine
Device for monitoring the combustion process in internal combustion engines
Piston with oil trap
Pulse detonation bypass engine propulsion pod
Rocket propulsion unit with separation of inner and outer casing and method of making same
Method and apparatus for the automatic setting of injectors
Method and apparatus for protecting the catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine from overheating
Geothermal energy production with supercritical fluids
Method and apparatus for converting dissipated heat to work energy
Method an apparatus for producing high pressure compressor cylinder liners
Refrigerant compressor driven by variable supply frequency motor
Piston seal
Screw mounting installation method
Composite joint for fitting at least one external member to a sandwich panel and panel integrating at least one such joint
Clip for attaching a cover member and a structure for attaching the same
Reel mower and bearing assembly
Coupling and angle encoder with such a coupling
Piston-rod scraping ring accommodated in a groove in a dashpot cap, and method of inserting such a ring in such a groove
Pivot-less watt linkage, pivot-less watt linkage-based suspension and micromachined device incorporating same
Ball screw nut
Ball screw with ball retainer cage
Step-change gearbox
Control system for a motor vehicle automatic gearbox and method for operating said control system
Shift linkage control assembly apparatus
Plunger assembly having a preset spring force pre-load
Chiller compressor circuit containing turning vanes
Ceiling mount assembly
Pressure regulated structure
Method and apparatus for spraying fuel within a gas turbine engine
Fastening a CMC combustion chamber in a turbomachine using the dilution holes
Pilot nozzle of gas turbine combustor
Air conditioner having hot/cold water producing device
Indirect fired process heater
Solar receiver-based power generation system
Heat pump apparatus
Rotating magnet magnetic refrigerator
Thermal storage apparatus and method for air conditioning system
Refrigeration cycle
Quiet ice making apparatus
System and a method of automatic defrost for a refrigeration appliance
Geothermal heat collector to collect heat for a load by accessing deep earth temperatures without drilling, trenching, or other excavation
Glass chilling method and apparatus
Flexible sealed system and fan control algorithm
Drier for commercial printers
Actuator assembly
Porous nozzle projectile barrel
Firearm pneumatic counter-recoil modulator & airgun thrust-adjustor
System for cleaning gun barrels
Firearm magazine holder
Three dimensional camouflage garment
Shaped charge liner and process
Explosively driven impactor grenade
Pressure distribution image analysis process
Highly accurate articulated coordinate measuring machine
Acceleration detection type gyro device
Vibrator for a vibrating gyroscope, vibrating gyroscope using the vibrator, and electronic apparatus using the vibrating gyroscope
Scale member, method of producing the same and displacement measuring apparatus therewith
Gas level monitoring system and gas flow rate sensor used therein
Optical flow-meter device
Method and apparatus to determine flow rate with the introduction of ambient air
Ultrasonic flowmeter and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method for thermal dissipation in a thermal mass flow sensor
Apparatus and method for thermal isolation of thermal mass flow sensor
Adjustable meter loop assembly
Measurement of the level of settled particles within a fluid vessel
Optical fuel level sensor
Nano-substance mass measurement method and apparatus
Sensor apparatus with magnetically deflected cantilever
Method for contactless measuring of vibrations of a rotating body
Optical sensor having differing diameters
Refrigeration manifold
Load detecting device
Spark apparatus with pressure signal response amplification
Pressure sensor module
Pressure sensor
Electronic fuel injector tester
Pattern matching for real time leak detection and location in pipelines
Test for hydraulic leakage
Vibration testing apparatus and method using acoustical waves
Active vortex control with moveable jet
Viscosity measurement by means of damped resonant vibration normal to an approximate rigid plate
02 Sensor filter
Carbon monoxide sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring LSAW propagation characteristics
Method and apparatus for generating specific frequency response for ultrasound testing
Rheometer for rapidly measuring small quantity samples
Viscoelasticity measuring device
Method and apparatus for analyzing organic macromolecular component and application thereof
Method and apparatus for analyzing organic macromolecular component and application thereof
Methods and apparatus for sealing and analyzing material samples including uncompacted bituminous samples according to water displacement testing methods
Dual-channel electronic multi-function probes and methods for realizing dissimilar and independent air data outputs
Capacitive type physical quantity detecting sensor for detecting physical quantity along plural axes
Apparatus and method for controlling the temperature of an electronic device under test
Gravity meter
Method of increasing tab bond strength using reactive ion etching
Method for manufacturing a display element for a timepiece and display element manufactured in accordance with such method
Noise and vibration reducing flex-cable assembly
Device for suspending posters
Air inflated portable billboard
Address sign with accommodating characters
Outdoor sign apparatus for real estate or other advertising purposes
Method of manufacturing a thin film magnetic head
Process for manufacturing a spin valve recording head
Semiconductor memory with alternately multiplexed row and column addressing
Method for manufacturing a wound, multi-cored amorphous metal transformer core
Multilayered board comprising folded flexible circuits and method of manufacture
Easily removed heatsink clip
Method of aligning features in a multi-layer electrical connective device
Method of making a semiconductor device having an opening in a solder mask
Method for producing a stacked piezoelectric element
Hydraulic compression tool and hydraulic compression tool motor
Stripping tool for coaxial cable
Automatic field cable stripper
Methods and apparatus for web-enabled engine-generator systems
Methods for trimming electrical parameters in an electrical circuit
Method for the production of an electrotechnical device
Rack-mounted equipment cooling
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