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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Habitat enclosure
Garment with exterior touch-sensitive features
Hooded garment with hidden drawstring
Method of producing a collapsible hat
Device for positioning a necklace
Counter balanced cover for table top
Mechanism for adjusting a telescoping member
Device for combing and/or brushing eyelashes and/or eyebrows, and/or for applying makeup thereto
Display frame
Protective apparatus for windows and construction areas
Hanger for shower curtain having same-orientation double hooks
Automated rack/basket lifting system for deep open vat frying system
Organ rejection monitoring
Dynamic radiographic image obtaining method and apparatus
MR head coil
Localization mechanism for an MRI compatible biopsy device
System and method for occluding a reproductive body lumen
Self-sealing insulation employed on a catheter or lead
Radio frequency antenna for a wireless intravascular medical device
Ventilation device and method for CPR
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cooled gas distribution plate, thermal bridge breaking system, and related methods
Liquid adhesive boundary control
Manufacturing heat exchanger from porous medium and conduits
Strip casting apparatus for rapid set and change of casting rolls
Spiral cutting device
Tongs with low torque at high pressure
Thermal printer with auxiliary heat sink and methods for printing using same
Data carrier and method for the production thereof
Pneumatic tire
Apparatus for detecting vehicle wheel positions through measurement of triggering signal strength and noise strength and apparatus for detecting vehicle tire inflation pressure using the vehicle wheel position detecting apparatus
Air maintenance tire and elbow connector system
Method for establishing a rate limit on the damper command signal of a vehicle damper
Vehicle backup detector that indicates a distance from an obstruction
Lighting control apparatus of vehicle-purpose lighting device
Vehicle loading based vehicle dynamic and safety related characteristic adjusting system
Remote entry chirp sound reduction method and system
Cellular augmented vehicle alarm notification together with location services for position of an alarming vehicle
Ship's fore body form
Storage and dispensing container
Beverage pod manufacturing machine
One-handed combination tape dispenser and applicator
Fixed Constructions
Railroad spikes and methods of making the same
Snow plow
End bit for a soil-working tool
Pressure (snap-in) flange for installing toilets
Control apparatus of vacuum valve
Easily installable protective sleeve for an embedded wooden post requiring uplift capability
Light weight modular units for staggered stacked building system
Molding arrangement and method for creating a recess when casting a part
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof
Multiple panel beams and methods
Gutter installation assembly
Systems, methods and articles for restraint
Double shackle bicycle padlock with RFID unlocking
Low temperature inductive heating of subsurface formations
System and method for correcting downhole speed
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine having a plurality of exhaust ports per cylinder and charge exchange method for such an internal combustion engine
Mixing device
Reactant delivery for engine exhaust gas treatment
Gas turbine generator set
Control system for plant
Electrical generator for wind turbine
Solar receiver
Geothermal wind system
Two piston cylinder
Hanger and method for routing a hot melt hose
Method for the in situ production of fuel/water mixtures in combustion engines
Intra-convertible thermal vapor extraction and delivery system
Geothermal adiabatic-isothermal heat sink exchange system
Vehicle air conditioning charging hose assembly and method
Temperature and humidity air treatment system
Data center of high heat dissipation efficiency
Grain drying apparatus
Firearm loading techniques eliminating firing pause and enabling rapid partial source replacement and load supplementation prior to empty
Compensation of effects of atmospheric perturbations in optical metrology
Tuned optical cavity magnetometer
Cylindrical ruler
Pressure-sensitive sensor, and grip apparatus and robot manipulator equipped with the same
Temperature compensation for spaced apart sensors
Measurement method and apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Measuring staff
Magnetic tilt compensated heading compass with adaptive zoffset
Gas flow meter with horizontal piston movement
Coherently controlled nonlinear raman spectroscopy
System and method for measuring the temperature of a device
Apparatus for rotatably mounting a rotor to be balanced
Collecting line for monitoring and locating leakages and device having the collecting line
Optical leak detection instrument
Method and apparatus for detecting contaminates on a hard surface
Apparatus and method for optical inspection
Testing method for testing color wheels
Recognition chip for target substance, and detection method and device for the same
Microwave imaging system and processes, and associated software products
X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
Method of identifying inhibitors using a 3-D structure of RAC-1 GTPASE
Systems and methods for high-speed image scanning
Preliophic moleculator using electric fields and gradients for manipulating molecules
System and method for measuring the concentration of impurities mixed with hydrogen gas
Capacitance measuring apparatus for capacitor
Specific phase position detection
Method of manufacturing a fluid flow measuring device
Contactor and test method using contactor
Apparatus, system, and method for data tracking
Connection management mechanism
Assisted global positioning system location determination
Identifying an internal multiple generator in a subterranean structure
Methods of electromagnetic logging using a current focusing receiver
High speed piezoelectric optical system with tunable focal length
Dichroic mirror
Light conductive controlled shape droplet display device
Method and device for multi-color interferometric modulation
MEMS device having a recessed cavity and methods therefor
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Laser marking device
Optical lens
Reflective optical circulator
Optically coupling into highly uniform waveguides
Low-emissivity glass
Monolithically integrated reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
Optical deflection method and optical deflection apparatus
Lens module
Focus module and method for manufacturing same
Liquid crystal display device having OCB mode liquid crystal layer and method of fabricating the same
Display device having anti-fog transparent protection plate
Back light assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display device
Transmissive liquid crystal display device
Lighting device, liquid crystal display device, and electronic apparatus
Light source supporting member, display device comprising the same and method thereof
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device using nematic liquid crystal and alignment layer favorable for low power consumption
Attachment process for flexible substrates and patterned sealant with circular point adhesive at opening of frame that has a guiding rib so that opening width increases with distance from frame
Semi-transparent TFT array substrate, and semi-transparent liquid crystal display with transparent pixel electrode and contrast reduction preventive electrode connected in the same layer
Display cell, in particular liquid crystal, or photovoltaic cell comprising means for connection to an electronic control circuit
Waveguide type optical isolator and magnet holder used in waveguide type optical isolator
Image processing system and camera
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, data recording device, and layout method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
High-definition sound-absorbing screen
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Radiation beam pulse trimming
Electrostatic latent image holder unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Developer container and image forming apparatus including the developer container with sealing mechanism providing enhanced usability
Image forming apparatus with an intermediate transfer member and a plurality of cleaning members
Fixing device having an induction heating control member
Protective-agent applying device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Hologram recording apparatus, hologram recording method and optical recording medium
Computer-supported determination method for supplementary position set values for a position guided moving supplementary element of a machine in particular a production machine
Systems and methods for control over unreliable networks
Revolvable vehicle-mounted display device
Theft and tamper resistant vehicle interior
Vehicle stationary/moving determination apparatus
Stove system with remote control and temperature indicators
Drive for a movable furniture part
Illumination adjusting device, illumination system using the same and illumination adjusting method
Operating mechanism for a parking brake
Peer based event conversion
System for providing a cluster-wide system clock in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
System and method for applying power to high intensity discharge lamps
Case structure for computer device
Computer card retention device
Method and apparatus to dynamically adjust resource power usage in a distributed system
Method of updating a dual redundant chassis management system
Re-synchronizing corrupted data
Application crash resist method and apparatus
Failure recovery system and server
Sliding window mechanism for data capture and failure analysis
Shelf management controller with hardware/software implemented dual redundant configuration
Data leak protection system, method and apparatus
Content data transmission system and content data transmission method
Method for coordinating relationships between multiple physical entities
High performance flash memory devices (FMD)
Loading data from a memory card
Snapshot format conversion method and apparatus
System and method for improved clearing of JAVA object's variables
Method for isolating third party pre-boot firmware from trusted pre-boot firmware
Defensive heap memory management
Method for encoding, traversing, manipulating and querying a tree
Network system and method for setting volume group in the network system
System for providing security for ad hoc networked computerized devices
Method and apparatus for providing accelerator support in a bus protocol
Device, system, and method of speculative packet transmission
Straightness measuring method and straightness measuring apparatus
Image processing method, program, computer readable information recording medium, image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Data processing apparatus, data processing method of data processing apparatus, and computer-readable memory medium storing program therein
Interactive alert bubbles for alert management
Method and arrangement for SIM algorithm automatic charset detection
Controlling memory access devices in a data driven architecture mesh array
Output control apparatus, output control system, output control method, computer-readable recording medium and computer program for communicating with a plurality of printing apparatuses
Printing system, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, control methods thereof, and program
System and method for providing secure value-added document network services
Methods and computer program products for securing display of message content
Host connectivity verification
Dynamic domain based electronic mail signature lines
Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamically annotating web pages passed via a messaging application
System and method for device management
Applications of universal frequency translation
Service providing system, service providing method, and program of the same
Loop protection for a protective proxy
Dynamic media content for collaborators with client environment information in dynamic client contexts
Method for free internet streaming of music
System for managing and controlling storage access requirements
Systems and methods for managing computer systems
System and method for dynamic security provisioning of computing resources
Transitioning between historical and real time data streams in the processing of data change messages
Addressing method and method and apparatus for establishing host identity protocol (HIP) connections between legacy and HIP nodes
Method and arrangement in a communication system
Cell-based computing platform where services and agents interface within cell structures to perform computing tasks
System and method for managing networked storage devices with a plurality of logical units
System and method for processing hardware or service usage data
Methods and computer program products for route determination
Optical wavekey network and a method for distributing management information therein
Data scoping and data flow in a continuation based runtime
Text correction for PDF converters
Products and processes for vending a plurality of products
Image reproducing method and image reproducing apparatus
Framework reactive search facility
Data element information management in a network environment
Dynamic generation of form pages for accessing a database
Movable tap finite impulse response filter
Computer-readable medium storing electromagnetic field analysis program, and method of causing computer to perform electromagnetic field analysis
Bilingual authoring assistant for the "tip of the tongue" problem
Efficient capitalization through user modeling
Method and apparatus for bilingual word alignment, method and apparatus for training bilingual word alignment model
Electronic appliance service system
Apparatus for managing outputs of applications
Frequency partitioning: entropy compression with fixed size fields
Providing a social network aware input dictionary
Discovering web-based multimedia using search toolbar data
Image log recording system, control method therefor, and storage medium storing a control program therefor, that store image logs and control transfer settings for transmitting image logs to an image processing server
Automatically hiding sensitive information obtainable from a process table
File server for performing cache prefetching in cooperation with search AP
Methods and apparatus for assigning content identifiers to content portions
System and method for managing changes to business rules
Method for correcting optical proximity effect
Comprehensive goal management through the use of an integrated software application
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Efficient electromagnetic modeling of irregular metal planes
Post initial microcode load co-simulation
Method and system for implementing circuit simulators
Automated register definition, builder and integration framework
Intelligent driving safety monitoring system and method integrating multiple direction information
Sheet metal factory processing system
Arrangement and a method for recirculation of exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
System and method for tracking transports in a production process
Digital content management system and apparatus
Enterprise access configuration
Authenticating computed results in a public distributed computing environment
Recording medium reproducer, cryptocommunication system and program license system
Soliciting user feedback regarding one or more web pages of a website without obscuring visual content
Method and data structure for user interface customization
Enhanced command line expansion
Pen-based interface for a notepad computer
Coordinate detecting device
Touch screen for mobile terminal and power saving method thereof
System to navigate within images spatially referenced to a computed space
Management of multiple page description languages
Output processing device and output processing method for executing print and communication operations in accordance with reply data sent from an external device in response to created print instruction data distributed thereto
Time-multiplexed routing for reducing pipelining registers
Tote-based warehousing system and method
Method for providing a pluggable custom data binding system
Document management method, document management program, recording medium, and document management apparatus
Transfer system and transfer method of object to be processed
Recognition of patterns in data
Method and apparatus for relaxed transactional isolation in a client-server caching architecture
Copy detection using contour analysis
Bi-directional data mapping tool
Evaluation of access control and filter conditions
Issuing a digital rights management (DRM) license for content based on cross-forest directory information
Electronic equipment and image forming apparatus
Reconfigurable magnetic logic-circuit array and methods for producing and operating such logic devices
Communication bus with hidden pre-fetch registers
Enhanced single threaded execution in a simultaneous multithreaded microprocessor
Method and apparatus for profiling execution of code using multiple processors
Mechanism for downloading software components from a remote source for use by a local software application
Computer method and apparatus for implementing redefinition of model features
Analytical server, program analysis network system, and program analysis method
Critical path profiling of threaded programs
Method for program debugging
Memory leak detection
Method for determining operational characteristics of a program
Method and system for measuring a program using a measurement agent
Registering processing flow in accordance with user parameter
System and method for performing context checks
Real-time threading service for partitioned multiprocessor systems
Integration architecture for non-integrated tools
Image processing apparatus
Wireless fingerprint attendance system
Image processing apparatus which processes an image obtained by capturing a colored light-transmissive sample
Real time analytics using hybrid histograms
Spatial and spectral calibration of a panchromatic, multispectral image pair
Including contextual information with a formed expression
Fluid measuring system and long focal point optical system
Visual watermark in both data area and inner-ring of record carrier
Digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark detecting apparatus, digital watermark embedding method, digital watermark detecting method and computer program product
Electro-optical method and apparatus for evaluating protrusions of fibers from a fabric surface
Hierarchical static shadow detection method
Pixel interpolation apparatus and pixel interpolation program product
Adaptive image sharpening method
Image reading apparatus
Apparatus for monitor, storage and back editing, retrieving of digitally stored surveillance images
Register mark detection apparatus
Patient control of health-related data in a remote patient monitoring system
Method and system of matching customer demand with production capacity
Data processing system for pricing, costing and billing of financial transactions
System and method for manufacturing a punch-out RFID transaction device
Method and apparatus for facilitating electronic commerce through providing cross-benefits during a transaction
System and method for providing cross-merchandising incentives in specialty departments
Securities market and market maker activity tracking system and method
Digital transactions for the delivery of media files
RFID tag read system and method of reading RFID tag
Locking seal with tamper indication and notification device
Method and apparatus for monitoring power supply failure
Broadcast receiver and method of controlling the same
Identifying activity in an area utilizing sound detection and comparison
Distributional alert system for disaster prevention utilizing ubiquitous sensor network
System and method for extracting and conveying modulated AC signal information
IT analysis integration tool and architecture
Rail including magnetic strip
Display device
Method for driving plasma display panel
Apparatus, system and method of providing auto-dimming and state transition signal functionality to telephone systems
Cursor control device
Controller, system and method for identifying a number of interactions with a computer input area
Multiple cursor system
Integration of structural and cosmetic bezel having a disk guide for a slot loading optical drive
Recording medium drive system and electronic apparatus
Cartridge locking mechanism and tray locking mechanism for cartridge drive apparatus
Information recording method and apparatus using plasmonic transmission along line of ferromagnetic nano-particles with reproducing method using fade-in memory
Data storage nanostructures
Thin-film magnetic head including two magnetic layers and flat spiral coil, and method of manufacturing same
Magnetic memory with porous non-conductive current confinement layer
Apparatus and method for adjusting a feed-forward signal for seek control during a seek operation
Optical disc drive and method for processing recorded data
Optical disk apparatus and control method thereof
Light-receiving element, optical head using the same, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Write verify method for resistive random access memory
Open circuit potential amperometry and voltammetry
High performance metal gate polygate 8 transistor SRAM cell with reduced variability
Magnetic storage device and method for producing the same
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory device
Staggered STRAM cell
Flash memory device and method for driving the same
Semiconductor memory device that can relieve defective address
Semiconductor memory device including a repair circuit which includes mode fuses
Memory system including nonvolatile memory and volatile memory and operating method of same
System and method for detecting glitches on a high-speed interface
Device threshold calibration through state dependent burn-in
Memory device and method having low-power, high write latency mode and high-power, low write latency mode and/or independently selectable write latency
STRAM with compensation element
Non-volatile memory device reducing data programming and verification time, and method of driving the same
Word line driver circuit with reduced leakage
Resistor circuit and oscillation circuit
System for setting shutdown voltage of electronic device
Current transformer with rogowski type windings, comprising an association of partial circuits forming a complete circuit
Ceramic laminated device and method for manufacturing same
Electrostatic micro actuator, electrostatic microactuator apparatus and driving method of electrostatic micro actuator
Energy conservation and control systems
Organic light emitting display device and method for fabricating the same
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Undercut-free BLM process for Pb-free and Pb-reduced C4
Heat dissipation device
Return loss techniques in wirebond packages for high-speed data communications
Method for packaging semiconductor dies having through-silicon vias
Light-emitting device using voltage switchable dielectric material
Sacrificial self-aligned interconnect structures
Unity beta ratio tri-gate transistor static random access memory (SRAM)
Semiconductor device having a plurality of stacked transistors and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting diode of high quantum efficiency and system thereof
Semiconductor packages, stacked semiconductor packages, and methods of manufacturing the semiconductor packages and the stacked semiconductor packages
Electrical antifuse having a multi-thickness dielectric layer
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and manufacturing method thereof
Suspended-membrane/suspended-substrate monolithic microwave integrated circuit modules
Electrical fuse having a cavity thereupon
MOS capacitor and semiconductor device
Thin film transistor with improved junction region
Semiconductor constructions
Field-effect transistor and method for fabricating the same
GaN-based semiconductor light emitting device
Electro acoustic sensor for high pressure environments
Ceramic and method of manufacturing the same, dielectric capacitor, semiconductor device, and element
Memory cell and memory device
Variable resonator
Method and apparatus for controlling gain of transmit antenna in a communication system
Methods and systems of changing antenna polarization
LED structure to increase brightness
Laser oscillation elements
Over-voltage protection device
Method and apparatus for preventing damage to electronics during tire inspection
Self-coupled transformer boostbuck circuit
Electronics with multiple charge rate
Charge accumulating system and charge accumulating method
Fan with active magnetic bearing
Terminal board as well as an electrical machine
Motor with simplified structure and related control device
Stepping motor
Surface mount-type vibration motor and fixation structure for surface mount-type vibration motor
Zero voltage switching high-frequency inverter
Controller and constant measuring apparatus for AC motor
Electric vehicle drive apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling stopping of vibration generating stepping motor
Ingress noise reduction in a digital receiver
Complex digital phase locked loop for use in a demodulator and method of optimal coefficient selection
Linearized digital phase-locked loop method for maintaining end of packet time linearity
Device and process for examining the signals of systems releasing them during operation or in response to external excitation
Class AB rail-to-rail operational amplifier
Integrated balanced-filters
EMI filter for controlling cutoff frequency
Effective adaptive filtering techniques
Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
On die termination device and semiconductor memory device including the same
Variable width management for a memory of a configurable IC
Storage elements for a configurable IC and method and apparatus for accessing data stored in the storage elements
High pass filter chip
Signal detection circuit with deglitch and method thereof
Phase locked loop that sets gain automatically
Delay-locked loop circuits and method for generating transmission core clock signals
Apparatus for low-jitter frequency and phase locked loop and associated methods
Method for suppressing light shift in optical pumping systems
Low-density parity-check decoder apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Determining message residue using a set of polynomials
Estimation of received signal strength
Radio transmitter-receiving apparatus and radio transmitting-receiving method for estimating noise and interference power in radio transmission using code spread
Adaptive forward error corrector and method thereof, and TDD radio repeating apparatus using the same
Information processing apparatus and connection control method
Channel equalization in receivers
Method and apparatus for providing coherent phase noise in transceivers or similar systems
Mobile terminal
Audio nickname tag associated with PTT user
Optical ring network for extended broadcasting
Optical transmission apparatuses, methods, and systems
Transmitting sports and entertainment data to wireless hand held devices over a telecommunications network
Portable electronic apparatus and communication control method
Power allocation in a wireless communication system
Resource management in a wireless communication network
Method and system for wireless communication of data with a fragmentation pattern and low-density parity-check codes
System and method for interactive broadcasting
Satellite broadcast receiving and distribution system
Composite apparatus and method of changing assignment of function of operation button of remote controller of decoding device
Broadcast playback method and broadcast playback apparatus
Communication node, wireless communication system and data relay method
Network span protection using span identifiers
Method for the acceptance of devices, an arrangement which can be used for this purpose, and equipment
Position location signaling method apparatus and system utilizing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Optical network system
Transient control solution for optical networks
Optical burst transport using an electro-optic switch
Transmit and receive transition accelerator
Asynchronous line interface rate adaptation to the physical layer with synchronous lines at the connection layer
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
Data receiving circuit that can correctly receive data, even when high-speed data transmission is performed, using small amplitude clock
Method and apparatus for improved estimation of selective channels in an OFDMA system with dedicated pilot tones
PON with distributed virtual port loopback
Circuits, architectures, systems, methods, algorithms and software for reducing contention and/or handling channel access in a network
Synchronization of distributed cable modem network components
Hierarchical modulation reverse link interface node
Hierarchical modulation reverse link interface node providing multiple service levels
Digital transmitter
Multilevel LINC transmitter
Stream cipher cryptographic system and method
Packet loss error recovery
Communications method
Flow control method and receiving end device
Multicast/broadcast extension to a point-to-point unicast-only packet switch system
Network-on-chip apparatus, and method for controlling dynamic frequency for the same
Address assignment apparatus, address assignment method, and computer product
Broadcast acknowledgement in a network
Article for improved network performance by avoiding IP-ID wrap-arounds causing data corruption on fast networks
Advertisement search agent
Method for setting up a connection between portions of an application distributed in nodes connected to a communication network with GMPLS control plane
Dynamic service-aware flow control in packet networks
Method and apparatus for negotiating bearer control parameters using property sets
Method for network-based remote IMS CPE troubleshooting
Retransmitting method and transmitting method in multi-antenna transmission
High bandwidth data transport system
Image processing apparatus capable of authenticating document
Configurable vehicle bus storage cache mechanism
Method for frequency acquisition of a mobile communications device
Network system and audio signal processor
Methods and apparatus for passing initialization vector information from software to hardware to perform IPsec encryption operation
Key-updating method, encryption processing method, key-insulated cryptosystem and terminal device
Information processor, information processing method, and computer program
Network firewall host application identification and authentication
Multi-functional detachable mobile phone
Method and procedure for compiling and caching VoiceXML documents in a voice XML interpreter
Tracing of signalling messages
Mobile electronic communication device with lights to indicate received messages
Method, system and apparatus for identifying an emergency service location of an internet protocol telephony client
Systems and methods for calculating workforce staffing statistics
Method for downloading software
System and method for limiting a wireless communication device to a specified geographic zone
Telecommunication network that provides caller-entered information to multiple call destinations
Method and apparatus for digital near-end echo/near-end crosstalk cancellation with adaptive correlation
Scanning device with a fastening unit for fastening a sensing unit to a scanner body
Scanning apparatus for preventing defocus aberration
Image processing method and image recording apparatus
3D video conferencing
Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
Processing method device and system to produce a focused image signal from an unfocused image
High-polymer optical low-pass filter, method for producing high-polymer optical low-pass filter, and digital camera
Solid-state image sensing apparatus and driving method thereof
Television channel change picture-in-picture circuit and method
Multi-video display system
Information processor, TV system, control method and program
Recording apparatus and method for recording image data on a removable recording medium having plural partitions
Method and apparatus for reproducing data from the recording medium
Method and apparatus for targeted advertising
System and method for supporting digital rights management in an enhanced Java.TM. 2 runtime environment
TV apparatus, its control method, network TV system and computer program
Web television having a two-way communication bus interconnecting a television controller and an internet module
Vehicle's peripheral visible apparatus
Vehicular image display apparatus
Message formation and distribution in heterogeneous networks
Method and system for determining a network topology
Radio frequency communications devices
Device configuration with RFID
Optical sensing in a directional MEMS microphone
Systems and methods for tracking signal strength in wireless networks
Hand over method for dual band/dual mode mobile communication terminal
Neighbor list generation in wireless networks
Cooperative communication in wireless cellular networks
Method of selectively adjusting the configuration of an access point antenna to enhance mobile station coverage
Storing, sending and receiving text message threads on a wireless communication device
Method for handover between asynchronous communication network and synchronous communication network
Systems, methods and computer products for providing a gradient driven mesh-network establishment
Cell base station virtual RF cage
Multiple-input multiple-output transmission system
Method of hand-over in the mixed network of asynchronous communication network and synchronous communication network
Protected paging indication mechanism within wireless networks
Radio communication apparatus and method
Outdoor lighting system with controlled luminance
Voltage control load center, modular voltage control transformer circuit, and method of making and using
Mesh structure and field-emission electron source apparatus using the same
Communication control system, information center, motor vehicle, communication control program, and system establishing the communication control system
Transformative adapter for coupling a host and a consumer electronic device having dissimilar standardized interfaces
Electronic device having a movable input assembly with multiple input sides
Electronic device and positioning structure thereof
Display apparatus with protective film
Cooling device and electronic apparatus using the same
Piston reset apparatus for a multichip module and method for resetting pistons in the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Paired row furrow opener
Seed tube for seed metering apparatus
Round baler for agricultural crop
Plant cultivation apparatus and method
Pet litter container
Animal-borne imaging and data logging system
Perch for trimming of a bird's nails to a predetermined length so as to prevent over trimming and resulting bleeding
Self supporting hanging bird feeder
Implement for feeding animals
Aquarium accessory device
Lamp showing movable floating ornaments
Part-replaceable water dispenser for domestic animals
Apparatus in an infusor for a liquid food product
Ice-cream freezer
Apparatus for converting a continuously supplied material flow into a single layer
Face masks having an elastic and polyolefin thermoplastic band attached thereto by heat and pressure
Quick-release connector system for footwear
Release resistant buckle cover
Key ring structure
Mechanical fastener
Slider for slide fastener with locking mechanism
Slide fastener tape composed of warp yarn knitting structure
Retracting mechanism used in an automatic multiple collapsible umbrella
Fixing structure for large-size sunshade
Rucksack with backrest provided with elastic strip
Computer work station
Adjustable shelving apparatus
Repair kit for industrial pallet rack frame
Indexable gravity flow shelving system
Structure of a barbeque push-cart
Bottle with dual interlocking cups and modular base assembly
Method for coronary artery bypass
System for safe disposal of sharp instruments
Ovarian capsules and methods of surgical contraception by ovarian encapsulation
Feeding tube spike set with integrated Y-port
Powder inhaler
Method and device for producing respiratory air which is harmless to health in positive pressure nasal breathing apparatus
Winding device, particularly for winding up fire hoses
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solid-liquid separating apparatus
Geothermal steam processing
Device for isolating small polymeric beads from a suspension of such beads
Particle manipulation
Self-propelled crushing machine
Tramp material removal from pulp feed system
Rotary sprinkler nozzle
Ergonomic trigger sprayer having side saddle supports
Airless dispensing device
Multi-refillable spray can, device for filling said cans and method for producing said spray cans
System for rapidly checking and sorting an article with low cost
Aerosol substrate cleaner
Method for collecting a viscous and sticky material
Process for producing a hot-rolled product and plant for carrying out the process
Method to control the axial position of slabs emerging from continuous casting and relative device
Impact bar and its manufacturing method
Device to form spirals in a coiling machine for rolled stock
Coiling machine for hot rolled stock such as strip or sheet
Metal vessel and a fabrication method for the same
Apparatus and method of forming an annular member
Apparatus for full-enclosed die forging
Process for the attachment of a mounting rail as well as a connecting device for a mounting rail
Device for continuous casting of two strands in parallel
Suction-type liquid measuring device and method of feeding molten fluid utilizing same
Method of turning a rotating metallic workpiece
Derosa router chuck
Production system using the dismounting method for fastening member
Saw blade sharpening machine having independently movable tooth grinding heads
Method for making rotors
Wafer scale micromachine assembly method
Rolling bearing manufacturing apparatus and method
Heat exchanger assembling apparatus
Method of repairing a turbine blade
Transmission mechanism for spindle head of five-axis machine tool
Air filtration device for use with roof drill
Loading station
Gripping arrangement for gripping casing
Ratchet wrench assembly with gripping surface
Tool with polygonal head for interchangeable bits
Hex key gripping aid
Fastening torque control tool in fastening device
Method and device for producing screw assemblies
Hand tool having pivoted handles
Hammer with replaceable nail striking head
Multiple bit screwdriver
Wrench with ergonomic gripping portion
Storage box
Arm structure for man type working robots
Set of implements for shaving a body part
Transport apparatus for handling cut products
Arbitrarily positioned longitudinal perforation forming apparatus for form printing machine
Housing panels, encapsulated, steel framed
Dual nested plunger transfer molding system and method therefor
Apparatus for bonding a strip to an article surface
Apparatus for use in forming carton blanks
Sail of one piece three dimensional fabric
Methods and devices for transporting a sheet
Print unit
Process for producing a laminated ink-jet recording head
Method of filling an ink cartridge with ink and an apparatus thereof
Vacuum processing apparatus
Bound folder
Method and apparatus for storing multimedia packages
Positionable indexing tab
Flat transparent magnifying envelope
Two-piece clip with elastically adjustable ferrule
Tray assembly with selectively engagable splash guard for paint roller
Brake drum dolly
Safety wheel of a baby's wheeled chair
Pneumatic tire including rib-shaped lands
Radial tire with specified outside profile, carcass profile and bead filler profile
Metallic cord and pneumatic tire
Tire with carcass cord angle in crown region different than in sidewall region
Tow bar for towing tongueless vehicles
Level adjustment device for vehicles with air springs
Method and device for measuring the angle of inclination on laterally inclined bends
Suspension apparatus having two interconnected shock absorbers
Air-suspension system
Device for motor-vehicle heating and/or air conditioning with improved blower
Vehicular air conditioner
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
Compact vehicle heating apparatus and method
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor
String-attached cap
Fuel tank with opening closed by removable holding cover and sealing ring
Accelerator position sensor
Electric vehicles
Method of converting an existing vehicle powertrain to a hybrid powertrain system
Apparatus for horse trailer
Igniting element
Side-impact airbag assembly
Airbag inflation gas generation via a dissociating material and the moderation thereof
Seatbelt device with locking retractor
Key code correlation security
Axle assembly parking brake mechanism
Automatic brake booster
Method for disposing a brake for motorcycles having foot boards
Method and apparatus for determining vehicle brake effectiveness
Piston-type accumulator for a hydraulic fluid to be supplied to a consumer in a hydraulic installation
Truck mounted brake beam
Motor driven power steering device
Extendable trailer
Noise reducer for construction equipment
Radiator structure for motorcycle
Steering system for a motorcycle
Structure for carrying scooter
Folding structure for a skate board scooter
Gear indicator holder for a bicycle
Hull modification to minimize porpoising of a boat
Marine anchor
Anchor system for the transfer of fluids
Boat fender system and method
Hands free signal device
Scuba diving regulator
Fluid-gauging system and methods
Photoemission based spacecraft charging sensor
Method of simulating external thermal fluxes absorbed by external radiating components of a spacecraft in flight, and spacecraft for implementing the method
Strapping apparatus
Apparatus for the intermediate storage of a strap to be supplied and delivered discontinuously
Apparatus for manipulating block-shaped commodities
Heat seal device of filling and packaging machine
Collapsible dispensing tube
Tamper-evident container closure
Self-sealing container
Container closure
Packaging box and method of packaging
Wire harness bounding method
Pallet and load packaging method
Liquid container
Method and apparatus for handling and transporting temperature-sensitive items
Device for containing and dispensing a product
Modular unit for the fabrication of conveyors
Transport device in a packaging machine
Winding machine having continuous loop and tension device and process for using winding machine
Process for threading material web onto reel and device for process
Apparatus for sticking sheet material
Hairiness suppressing device for automatic winder
Chair type stair elevating device
Machine installation for filling containers with contents
Liquor dispensing apparatus
Coaxial vapor flow indicator with pump speed control
Collapsible saddle assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for manufacturing technical glass and burner for implementing such a process
Vacuum degassing method for molten glass flow
Vacuum chamber for flat substrates
Method of producing glass substrate for information recording medium
Radiation-curable coatings and their use
Apparatus and method for strengthening articles of manufacture through cryogenic thermal cycling
Hydrogen generating apparatus and components therefor
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for drafting and condensing a roving, particularly an a ring spinning frame
Apparatus of a spinning machine for condensing a fibre strand
Locating frame for units for drawing and compacting bundles of textile fibers
Method and device for spinning with a suppressed yarn balloon
Textile effect yarn and method for producing same
Sewing machine accessory
Auxillary device of a sewing machine
Sewing machine needle plate and feed dogs
Sewing machine with fabric-retaining bed and method for sewing fabric thereon
Sewing machine needle having means for improved loop formation
Sewing machine needle having a slender eye
Automatic washing machine with improved power transmission mechanism
Methods for carbon dioxide dry cleaning with integrated distribution
Paper machine clothing having loop-forming longitudinal threads, at its ends
Fixed Constructions
Transfer system using segmented intermediate section
Switchgear for a suspended conveyor device
Method of building underground structure
Device for facilitating the removal of formwork
Hydraulic control device for working vehicle
Push-in closet flange
Connector for multiple member frame systems
Portable building construction
Double wall coupling tool
Dehumidification system of underground storage facilities and a method for dehumidification thereby
Metal beam structure and building construction including same
Corner apparatus and method for forming corners of wallboard constructed walls
Inflatable, deployable, and collapsible arch
Deadbolt security chain
Window sash pivot assembly
Vehicle door prop button
Runner for supporting a window in a vehicle door window lifter
Actuation assembly for venetian blinds or the like inside double-glazing units
Fixed cutter bit with chisel or vertical cutting elements
Deployment tubing connector having internal electrical penetrator
Pipe loading device for a directional drilling apparatus
Linear coiled tubing injector
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Leaktight seal of a circular vane stage
Method and apparatus for maximizing the productivity of a natural gas liquids production plant
Apparatus for augmenting power produced from gas turbines
Assembling arrangement for tensioner and hydraulic control valve
Holding device
Four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Vane-type variable valve timing control apparatus and control method
Vane type hydraulic actuator
Adjusting unit for actuating a device for variable control of valves of an internal combustion engine
Method for operating and valve drive for a multicylinder internal combustion engine
Method for the control of electromagnetic actuators for the actuation of intake and exhaust valves in internal combustion engines
Lubricating device for internal combustion engine
Lubricating oil supplying structure for crankshaft
Silencer assembly having single strand fiberglass acoustic pack material
Gas flow silencer
Method for making a catalytic converter assembly
Catalyzer arrangement in exhaust system of multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Gas engine operated machine
Crank journal support portion structure of a horizontal opposed type engine
Throttle control apparatus of internal combustion engine and throttle control method
Internal combustion engine having solenoid-operated valves and control method
Fuel supply apparatus of internal combustion engine
Diesel engine
Control system of air-fuel ratio sensor heater temperature for internal combustion engine
Device for controlling fuel injection
Electromagnetic system fuel injection apparatus an internal combustion engine having an electromagnetic system fuel injection apparatus, and a drive circuit of an electromagnetic system fuel injection apparatus
Electromagnetic valve driving apparatus having current limit switching function
Method for torque monitoring in the case of Otto engines in motor vehicles
Apparatus for detecting concentration of vapor fuel in lean-burn internal combustion engine, and applied apparatus thereof
Device for controlling the opening and closing of at least an internal combustion engine cylinder head air conduit
Exterior cooling for a heat engine
Intake air duct
Method of using an internally heated tip injector to reduce hydrocarbon emissions during cold-start
Ignition coil unit for engine and engine provided with plastic head cover
Solidification engine and thermal management system for electronics
Piston for swash plate type compressor, wherein head portion includes radially inner sliding projection connected to neck portion
Reusable pipe flange covers
Flow estimation and compensation of flow-induced pressure swings in CPAP treatment and assisted respiration
Hydraulic power supply unit, particularly for auxiliary actuators in presses
Starting clutch
Rolling-element clutch assembly
Planar ratchet one way clutch
Hydraulic coupling for vehicle drivetrain
Mechanical disk-type friction brake and disk type friction clutch
Device for overload protection and braking of a machine part driven by motor
Parallel shaft transmission
Hydrokinetic coupling device with a blade driving member, particularly for motor vehicles
Method of estimating a life of ball screw included in electric injection molding machine and life estimating system
Shift lock device for vehicle
Method for adapting a torque converter lock-up clutch
Bypass for hydrostatic transmission
Rotary valve actuator arrangement
Filling stop valve
Flexible bundle for binding the cables
Cryostat and magnetism measurement apparatus using the cryostat
Gas burner particularly for incorporated cooking hobs of a gas cooker
Grate for incineration plants
Pressure feedback signal to optimise combustion air control
Combustion chamber with separate, valved air mixing passages for separate combustion zones
Device and method for detecting anomaly of air conditioner by using acoustic emission method
Water removal enhancement device for refrigeration system
Evaporative air conditioner
Heat transfer apparatus and method employing active regenerative cycle
Absorption heat pump and process for operation of an absorption heat pump
Distributed intelligence control for commercial refrigeration
Cooling apparatus
Method and apparatus for recovering oxygen at hyperbaric pressure
Drying device
Air-cooled condenser
Clip on manifold heat exchanger
Gun tube calibrator
Ceramic tile armor with enhanced joint and edge protection
Manual die set for pressing explosive powder into hardware
Ammunition cartridge with electrically ignited propellant charge
Initiating device for use with telemetry systems
Ammunition cartridge with electric propellant ignition
Method and apparatus for pressure wave suppression in small-charge blasting
Method and devices for detecting flexure, and structure such as a geotechnical or building structure equipped with such a device
Portable precision electronic caliper
Margin inspector for IC wafers
Articulate laser degree finder
Level with securing apparatus
Measuring device for measuring the mass of a medium flowing in a line
Dual loop Coriolis effect mass flowmeter
Coriolis flow meter with adjustable excitation phase
Gas flow calibration of mass flow controllers
Engine torque-detecting method and an apparatus therefor
Evaluation device for evaluating mist generation in a vehicle lighting device
Leak tester
Live line insulation sampling
Device for collecting gas in sealed containers that are to be controlled
Installation for analyzing an atmosphere
Apparatus for measuring the depth, water velocity or water temperature of an open channel
Method for evaluating bonding properties of a metallic pipe
Universal mechanical testing device
Detection of salt content of water through measurement of radiation attenuation
Biosensor, method of forming and use
Semiconductor sensor chip and method for producing the chip, and semiconductor sensor and package for assembling the sensor
Method of making high density integral test probe
Seismic prospecting method and device in wells allowing guided waves filtering
Eyeglasses maintenance kit
Pressure level control device
Dithering assemblies for barcode scanners
System and method for converting multiple beam optical scanner
Audible indicators for optical code reading systems
Method of reading bar code
Produce data collector and produce recognition system
Consumer transaction facility
Indicating mechanism
Panel display with a stretchable structure
Peel back and re-sealable extended text label with detachment segment
Method of manufacturing slider and slider manufacturing aid
Magnetic tape splicing for reducing tape pack distortion
Media holder mouse pad
Surface treatment method and system
Method and apparatus for packaging IC chip, and tape-shaped carrier to be used therefor
Etched glass solder bump transfer for flip chip integrated circuit devices
Retaining device for a heat sink
Electronic device having a thermally isolated element
Method of producing a rotor for a commutator machine using an angled sonotrode
Piezoelectric element, manufacturing method thereof, and mounting apparatus of piezoelectric resonators
Identification card billing method using an identification card
Loudspeaker and method for producing the same
Method of fabricating a loudspeaker suspension device
Part retainer for holding a part
Component conveying device
Chip feeder and chip feeding system
Cover-tape treating method and apparatus and electric-component supplying unit
Component tape including a printed component count
Component alignment methods
Process of manufacturing a removably interlockable assembly
Double sided gasket
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