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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
SGLT-2 inhibitors, methods of making them, and uses thereof
Synergistic fungicidal active substance combinations
Isothiazolo-pyrimidinedione derivatives as TRPA1 modulators
3-aryl-substituted quinazolones, and uses thereof
Aminocarboxylic acid derivative and medicinal use thereof
Inhibitors of serine proteases
Pyrolinone derivative and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Treatment of hepatitis C virus related diseases using hydroxychloroquine or a combination of hydroxychloroquine and an anti-viral agent
Compounds and compositions as modulators of GPR119 activity
Phthalazine-containing antidiabetic compounds
Epiminocycloalkyl[b] indole derivatives as serotonin sub-type 6 (5-HT.sub.6) modulators and uses thereof
Beta-lactamase inhibitory compounds
Composition and method for treating Streptococcus pneumoniae infection
Peptides and methods for inhibiting G alpha protein signaling
Use of type-B lantibiotic-based compounds having antimicrobial activity
Tc and Re labeled radioactive glycosylated octreotide derivatives
Selective inhibitors of CB2 receptor expression and/or activity for the treatment of obesity and obesity-related disorders
Non-steroidal compounds useful as glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of preparing a catalytic composition for dimerization, co-dimerization and oligomerization of olefins
Preparation of silica-containing EPDM rubber composition and use thereof for articles of manufacture including tires and engineered products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
N-substituted tetrahydroisoquinoline/isoindoline hydroxamic acid compounds
Cyclic inhibitors of 11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
Imidazole derivatives as aldosterone synthase inhibitors
Pyrazinothiazines having herbicidal action
Clusterin derived peptide
Copolyester composition and method for producing copolyester polymer
Use of low triphenylphosphate, high phosphorous content isopropyl phenyl phosphates as flame retardants in polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams
Processes for preparing diacids, dialdehydes and polymers
Polylactide composition
Fluoropolymers having diacrylate ends
Sacrificial polymer compositions including polycarbonates having repeat units derived from stereospecific polycyclic 2,3-diol monomers
Thermoplastic silicone resin
Sulfonic acid group-containing carbonaceous material
Acrylic fireproof coating and method of preparing
Applications of shaped nano alumina hydrate as barrier property enhancer in polymers
Method to establish viscosity as a function of shear rate for in-situ polymerized nanonylon via chain extension
Recycled elastomer and method
Solvents in the preparation of polyuretherane dispersions
Polymer composition for microelectronic assembly
Thermoplastic resin composition
Transparent, tough and rigid molding compositions based on styrene-butadiene block copolymer mixtures
Compositions and methods for treating cancer
Activated leukocyte composition and uses for wound healing
Method for production of mesenchymal cell, method for production of tooth, and mesenchymal cell for formation of tooth
Methods for mobile zinc measurement
Fluorescence analysis method using fluorescent-activating antibodies
Magnetic memory and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming silicon nanowires and method of fabricating lithium secondary battery using the same
Method for manufacturing solar cells
Method of improving power conversion efficiencies in dye-sensitized solar cells by facile surface treatment
Methods of building crystalline silicon solar cells for use in combinatorial screening
CMOS with channel P-FinFET and channel N-FinFET having different crystalline orientations and parallel fins
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing light-emitting film and light-emitting device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Carbosilane precursors for low temperature film deposition
Method for reducing thickness of interfacial layer, method for forming high dielectric constant gate insulating film, high dielectric constant gate insulating film, high dielectric constant gate oxide film, and transistor having high dielectric constant gate oxide film
Method for etching gate stack
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Two-step hydrogen annealing process for creating uniform non-planar semiconductor devices at aggressive pitch
Selective electromigration improvement for high current C4s
HBT with emitter electrode having planar side walls
Method for fabricating nonvolatile memory device
Electrically contactable grids manufacture
Sputtering and aligning multiple layers having different boundaries
Top corner rounding of damascene wire for insulator crack suppression
Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
Semiconductor optoelectronics structure with increased light extraction efficiency and fabrication method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bull rope safety release
Air pump
Vacuum module for tortilla counter-stacker
Adapter member for connecting extruders
Apparatus for the expansion and/or heat treatment of oleo resinous material
Method of and apparatus for manipulating cigarette trays
Brim mounted novelty light for sports caps
Bracelet-watch including a device allowing adjustment of the length of the bracelet
Seal for hard tissue, producing apparatus therefor, and method for attaching seal on hard tissue
Device and assembly
Applicator and dispensing device using same
Oral hygiene appliance
Filament tape for cleaning and dental application
Flat panel monitor mounting assembly
Computer mainframe housing for computer
Adjustable armrest for chairs
Reclinable seating using a torsion bar
Rail-supported seating-type motion furniture having stationary-footed arm frame
Seat back with shaped internal ribs
Chair with calf support
Easy-to-assemble/recycle armrest
Wankel type pump for transporting fluid with entrained particulate matter
Ophthalmoscope and attachment therefor
Method of polymerizing photo-polymerizable composition for dental use and dental light-curing apparatus for use therewith
Direct drive dental prophy angle
Needle and method for injecting heated thermoplastic material into a dental cavity
Orthodontic bracket insert
Orthodontic bracket
Orthodontic appliance for treating overjet
Universal dental implant abutment system
Ceramic dental abutments with a metallic core
Protective goggles for laser and laser treatment apparatus with the goggles
Decentered noncorrective lens for eyewear
Keyed cap for gas outlet valve
Word game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polymer filtration method and apparatus
Mechanical proportioner
Device for injecting a liquid in a compressed gas
Rotor for the treatment of liquid
Zirconium nitride coating having a top layer thereon
Toolholder having a clamping arm and a spacer for preventing overclamping
Cutting insert and holder for metal cutting machining
End-mill tool with multiple cutting edges
Turbine rotor wheel with forged replacement dovetail and method of repair
Magnetic carrier
Combination of an electric-powered tool and an illuminating device received in the tool
Method to provide anti-jam probe
Holder for embossing a card
Vacuum manipulation device
Apparatus for producing high density slurry and paste backfills
Casting apparatus for formation of resin-made membrane
Composite laminate automotive structures
Cooling device for molded articles
Golf ball mold
Vertical molding machine provided with pre-plastication injection unit
Shot piston for molten plastic material
Apparatus for manufacturing composite parts produced by resin transfer molding
Apparatus for making two component fibers or continuous filaments using flexible tube inserts
Apparatus for cryogenic stretch blow molding
Impact-driven plastic fasteners
Hybrid lay-up tool
Life jacket
Paper driven rotary encoder that compensates for nip-to-nip handoff error
Recording apparatus having a sheet conveying force adjustment system
Transfer printing station with adjustable-width paper conveyor means
Thermal transfer printer
Color printing apparatus
Heated inkjet print media support system
Printer for forming a full-width image on a receiver exclusive of a transverse side of the receiver, and method of assembling the printer
Ink jet printer
Recording apparatus and method for correcting offset of recorded pixels
Manufacturing method for the liquid ejection head
Ink-jet head using sealant and ink-jet apparatus using the ink-jet head
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet head method of production thereof, and jig for producing ink jet head
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet print head
Self-cleaning ink jet printer with oscillating septum and method of assembling the printer
Maintenance station for an ink cartridge for a printer
Recording apparatus and recording method
Translational service station for imaging inkjet printheads
Electrical interconnect for replaceable ink containers
Ink tank cartridge, a manufacturing method thereof and a packaging structure of the ink tank cartridge
Pressure controlled ink cartridge
Liquid replenishing method and liquid ejection recording apparatus using the same method
Recording apparatus
Tape printing apparatus
Image forming device
Thermal transfer printer with a plurality of cassette holder plates
Device for rounding and backing book blocks
Ring binder
Flattenable loop binder
Wrap around notebook
File drawer rail
Portfolio having multiple pockets
Ballpoint pen for ink
Hubcap protective device
Vehicle cab suspension
Defroster duct installation structure
Apparatus for covering automobile windshields
Top storage compartment lid for a motor vehicle
Device for fixing knobs to lever arms for gearboxes of automobile vehicles
Methods and arrangements for controlling an occupant restraint device in a vehicle
Seat assembly including a vehicle seat and system for rotating same
Recliner control mechanism for a seat assembly
Tiedown hook and rail
Apparatus and method for securing a load in the flat bed area of a vehicle
Wheel luminaire
Pivot support for adjustable rearview mirror
Rearview mirror
Airbag deployment device and control
Inflatable air bag for an automotive vehicle
Tongue for an inflatable belt and inflatable belt device
Occupant protecting device
Airbag module
Motor vehicle instrument panel having integrally hinged air bag door
Airbag cover
Cover for an air bag
Combined seat-integral airbag for the head and thorax
Head air bag system
Truck occupant restraint apparatus
Inflator for an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Dual level inflator
Gas generating apparatus for air bag apparatus and method for inflating air bag
Inflatable curtain with tensioning device
Inflatable curtain with tensioning device
Pyrotechnic initiator with petal retainer structure
Assembly for protecting a vehicle occupant's head from an impact
Load limiting device for a seat belt
Windscreen wiper system for vehicles
Camper stand with folding legs
Park brake release apparatus and method
Hydraulic brake system for motor vehicles
Shopping cart collection vehicle and method
Vehicle frame assembly having integral support surfaces
Passenger compartment for a passenger car
Frame assembly for a construction machine
Two piece plastic vehicle panel construction
Floating board
Float tube with pontoons
Inflatable structure, in particular a life float
Propeller blade configuration
Jet boat with improved hull design and engine placement
Pump jet with double-walled stator housing for exhaust noise reduction
Push pole for a boat
Defecting propeller guard
Rotor blade for rotary-wing aircraft
Helicopter rotor blade with a movable flap
Airport taxi signal light having LED light array with light processing assembly and dichroic filter
Apparatus for making a hermetically sealed container with frangible web and locking lugs
Closure system for pliable container
Method of loading a container
Top load, top feed article magazine
Shipping method for extruded shapes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Back panel for a plasma display device
Installation for thermal treatment of suspended powder substances, and use for flash calcining of mineral, in particular clayey, substances
Method for fusion treating a solid waste for gasification
Apparatus for guiding the removal of a processing tube from a semiconductor furnace
Textiles; Paper
Yarn-forming filament cooling apparatus
Lighting apparatus for a sewing machine
Fixed Constructions
Set of paving stones
Spacer for supporting a guard rail on a post
Road safety reflector
System for lining a bank of a waterway
Retaining wall and method of wall construction
Retaining wall block having a locking shear key for residing between respective adjacent sides of like blocks in an adjacent upper or lower course
Retaining wall anchoring system
Method and apparatus for forming enlarged pile heads
Carrier retainer system
Bi-directional surface leveling system
Seal for use with roof drains
Parking facility with movable pallets for carrying vehicles to storage locations
Mating closure part for a tailgate lock or door lock
Door lock device for vehicle
Vehicle door latch device
Latch assembly
Pivot joint for use in a computer
Device for protecting and guiding an elongate part connected via a hinge to two mutually hinged rigid elements, and industrial applications thereof
Connector and connection method
Dual pump system in which the discharge of a first pump is used to power a second pump
Atmospheric detection system for an automated mining system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotating compressor bearing with dual taper
Rotary device with means for monitoring and adjusting the clearance between the rotors
Method and apparatus for eliminating thermal bowing of steam turbine rotors
Cooling system for the leading-edge region of a hollow gas-turbine blade
Airfoil isolated leading edge cooling
Engine lift for outboard motor
Intake apparatus of outboard motor
Dual hydroturbine unit
Reciprocating pump with linear displacement sensor
Electric motor/radial pump assembly
Swash plate type compressor in which improvement is made about a shoe interposed between a swash plate and a piston
Bistable microactuator with coupled membranes
Air driven double diaphragm pump
Flexible tube of squeeze pump
Dosing pump for dosed liquid conveyance
Piston pump having lifting valves with a convex surface
Oil pump apparatus
Hydraulic conveying device
Scroll compressor having axial compliance valve
Scroll-type compressor having power transmission mechanism allowing idling
Friction vacuum pump
Spring-loaded vaned diffuser
Universal, light fixture/ceiling fan recessed mounting device
Fan assembly for forcing filtered air into a micro computer case
Air deflectors to accommodate multiple size ventilator outlets
Rotary pump with ventilated chamber
Twist-lock connector for adjustably interlocking telescopic tubular members
Bearing assembly for use with water pumps
Bearing unit including linear bearing
Rolling bearing unit with tone wheel
Check valve module
Threaded connection with supporting ring
Pipe coupling
Flashlight with light emitting diodes
Garden lamp
Luminaire motorized shade (douser) mechanism
Trim retention gravity inversion clip
Energy efficient recessed lighting fixture
Retrofit canopy luminaire and method of installing same
Electro-luminescent lighting arrangement for a lighting apparatus with a lamp holder
Vehicular lamp
Vehicular headlamp assembly with discharge bulb and glare protection film
Spot par reflector lamp
Light fixture having a plurality of light reflecting fins
Transparent and spread illuminating apparatus
Hybrid distributed lighting system for a vehicle
Gas incinerator
Flame monitor
Ignition system with delay switch for a gas appliance
Child-resistant utility lighter incorporating a cam mechanism and a lever spring lock
Child resistant barbecue and fireplace lighter
Safety lighter with an improved child safety assembly
Containment system for packaged air conditioning unit
Batch-type kiln
Illumination lamp mounting structure for use in measuring instrument
System for precisely controlling discharge rates for loss-in-weight feeder systems
System and method for optically determining the temperature of a test object
Device for measuring physical quantity using pulsed laser interferometry
Test sockets for integrated circuits
A-base terminal block assembly
Retroreflective cube corner article
System and method for aligning optical fiber collimators
Optical fiber positioning device and optical connector provided with this device
Alignment adapter for an optical connector and method for making same
Lamp box with color variable light source
Apparatus for magnetic securing a spectacle frame to a support
Spectacle frame with elements of superelastic alloy
Apparatus for processing exposed photosensitive elements
Electronic equipment comprising thin keyboard switch
Case keyboard
Electronic control unit having user breakable function
Electronic card connector having an improved card release mechanism
Lighting unit for reading marks
Article providing apparatus which has excellent loading capacity and enables reduction in its installation area
Method of creating vivid paintings using clear canvas
Multiple test item scoring system and method
Optical discs, producing methods and production apparatus of the optical discs
Flex support and seal apparatus for a disc drive
Electroluminescent lamp for illuminating push-button devices
Straight fluorescent tube that has an electronic ballast housed in the sockets on both sides
Vacuum clean box, clean transfer method and apparatus therefor
Connecting plate for battery holder and method of producing the same
Contact element
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly and method for making the same
Slot 1 retention device for processor module
Anisotropic conductivity sheet with positioning portion
Electrical connector
Two conductor bridge
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector
Loadbreak connector assembly which prevents switching flashover
Electrical connector retention device
Latch mechanism for engaging electrical connectors
Two-part electrical connector
Clamping structure for communication connector
Removable pin stabilizer and assembly
Connector assembly having anti-disorientation device
Terminal structure and a universal low noise blockdown converter using the same
Shielded electrical connector
Receptacle connector
Audio jack connector
Connector structure
Selectable compatibility electrical connector assembly
Ferrule-to-blade fuse adapter with a blown fuse indicator
Communications cabling system
Electric wire connecting structure
Snap type retention mechanism for connector terminals
Electrical connection box
Connection device with an elastic cage
Securement arrangement for slanted type card edge connector
Vacuum suction pick-up device mountable to electrical connector
Coaxial cable connector
Module jack arrangement
Printing apparatus and method, and facsimile apparatus comprising the apparatus
Communications connector having crosstalk compensation
Electrical connector
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew