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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Gene controlling shell phenotype in palm
Mucoadhesive particulate formulation for inducing antigen-specific immune tolerance
Child resistant container
System for coupling accessory devices to a portable electronic device
Tool stand
Multi-button biopsy device
Surgical device for closure of atrial septal defect with minimally invasive approach
Hemostatic clip and delivery system
Compression device for interlocking compression nailing systems and method of use
Osteosynthesis apparatus for proximal femur fracture and master screw-type screw apparatus for osteosynthesis apparatus for proximal femur fracture
Organism paracentesis device and method thereof
Tissue cutter
Determination of neuropsychiatric therapy mechanisms of action
Multiple-layered energy-integrating detector in a hybrid computed tomography scanner
Ultrasound scanning capsule endoscope
Jig for bite alignment in dentistry and bite registration method using the same
All direction stretchable dressing article associated with curable materials
Highly elastic stent and production method for highly elastic stent
Tissue marking implant
Distraction and mobility back support
Thermal breast pad device
Apparatus for intraocular injection
Burial system and method
Transport carriage for transport of a patient support and/or an operating table column of an operating table
Patient support system
Portable active pneumatically powered ankle-foot orthosis
Method and apparatus for immobilizing subjects undergoing mechanical CPR
Pre-assembled fluid transfer arrangement
Compositions and methods for inhibiting intimal hyperplasia
Internal composition
Ingenane-type diterpene compound, and pharmaceutical composition for treating or preventing viral infectious diseases containing same
Method and composition for treating acne
Platinum(II) complexes with thione ligands and methods thereof
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and therapy of BCL2-associated cancers
Compositions and methods for treatment of osteoporosis and other indications
Composition of whey growth factor extract for reducing muscle inflammation
Use of a cereal extract as a slimming active agent in a slimming cosmetic composition
Albumin binding probes and drug conjugates thereof
Leukotoxin E/D as a new anti-inflammatory agent and microbicide
Extracting hirudin from leech in vivo
Compositions and methods of use of immunotoxins comprising ranpirnase (Rap) show potent cytotoxic activity
Cabazitaxel-platinum nanoparticles and methods of using same
Pharmaceutical composition comprising dapagliflozin and cyclodextrin
Methods and compositions related to miR-21 and miR-29a, exosome inhibition, and cancer metastasis
Imaging neuroinflammation
Marine based cosmetic active ingredients and use thereof
Preparation of antibody or an antibody fragment targeted immunoliposomes for systemic administration of therapeutic or diagnostic agents and uses thereof
Lipid microparticle growth factor formulations
Treatment of skin and soft tissue infection with nitric oxide
Compositions and methods for affecting mood states
Methods and compositions for muscular and neuromuscular diseases
Methods and systems for treatment of inflammatory diseases with nitric oxide
Treatment and prevention of learning and memory disorders
Techniques and systems for treatment of neuropathic pain and other indications
Controlled release formulations of nisoldipine
Solid pharmaceutical dosage form of dolutegravir
Liquid dispenser with sanitizing control functions
Mineralization and biological modification of biomaterial surfaces
Cell cultivation in chitosan alginate hydrogel beads
Tracheostomy devices and methods of use
Device and method for detection and treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia in a mammalian subject
Rotatable tip for endoscopic medical devices
Drainage cannula with anchor tab
Retractable needle assembly utilizing a standard interface and syringe utilizing the same
Pumping devices, systems and methods for use with medical fluids including compensation for variations in pressure or flow rate
Multipolar conductor for an implantable medical device
External cardiac defibrillator system for household use
Water equivalent depth measurement for providing a continuous calibration range based on discrete measurements
Ultrasound coupling device
Fall arrest system
Belt-based system for strengthening muscles
Exercise aid
Exercising apparatus
Pebble cover for a sports ball
Continued golf iron facetongue
Golf club
Corner-mounted target
Multipurpose putting practice device for enabling straight putting and distance practice by situation
Card dealing shoe
Online gaming
Experience ride representation apparatus and method for real-sense media service based on multi-vision
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multistage composite fluid separator and filter
Separation membrane for membrane distillation
Process for removal of siloxanes and related compounds from gas streams
Methods for chemical reaction perforation of atomically thin materials
Methods and systems for producing alcohols and amides from carbon dioxide
Thermo-catalytic cracking for conversion of higher hydrocarbons into lower hydrocarbons
Synthesis of CO.sub.2-one adsorbent for CO.sub.2 removal
Metal organic framework adsorbent for solar adsorption refrigeration
Cross-linked copolymers and methods thereof
Fluidized bed reactor
Device for standard preparation of urinary sediment for urine analysis (Mono system)
Ice shaving machine
Radiofrequency particle separator
Method for the separation of polarizable bioparticles
Sustainable shower
Plastic tubular product coating machine head and a plastic tubular product coating apparatus comprising the same
Process for manufacturing seamless steel pipe, hollow spring utilizing seamless steel pipe
Bending mold for bending apparatus
Method and apparatus for progressively forging a hard disk drive base plate
Foundry cloth filter setter for vertical mold machines
Method for fabricating biocompatible porous titanium
Method for applying hardfacing to a matrix substrate of a drill bit
Method of making lightweight heat pipe
Device for screwing and unscrewing bolts/nuts
Mounting frame for a vehicle door
Hydraulic press pliers power hand tool
Grout removal tool
System, method and apparatus for fabricating environmental masonry units
Mixer drum driving device
Method and apparatus for conditioning a lacrosse stick
Methods for altering the impact strength of noncellular thermoplastic materials
Distiller grain production device
Fused particle tooling
Method for producing an electrical insulation material, electrical insulation material and electrical machine
Method of producing an electrostatic field generator
Process for forming a container by selective laser heating and free blowing
Seed layer for low-e applications
Security substrate comprising a magnetic layer and opaque and non-opaque regions
Package bag sealing machine
Method and device for pasting optical protection film on flat screen
Thermoplastic coating and removal using bonding interface with catalytic nanoparticles
Embossing system
Vehicle wheel
Pneumatic tire
Collision deflector assembly
Hidden storage box and multi-purpose utility table for light pickup trucks
Foldable sun visor for scooter
Electric vehicle
Industrial vehicle, system for managing state of amount of electrolyte of industrial vehicle, and electric forklift
Mining vehicle
Modular construction supply materials container system and method of providing same
Illuminated steering assembly
Illumination device
Light strip for a passenger compartment of a rail vehicle
Secure truck box system
Windscreen wiper device
Hybrid powertrain with mechatronic actuator assembly and method of controlling the same
Automated control of interactions between self-driving vehicles and animals
Automated control of interactions between self-driving vehicles and animals
Emergency bearing mechanism
Method and apparatus for selling consumer products
Luggage sliders
Collapsible steering column assembly
Cargo bed cover for a vehicle
Drag reduction device and a vehicle comprising the device
Drag reduction system
Spherical tractor operating mobile platform
Backlight for bicycles
Single-wheel structure transportation device with extendable walking handle
Natural gas transport vessel
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft with variable wing geometry
Aircraft wing with slotted high lift system
Space object disposal device and space object disposal method
Ice bagging device
Article dispensing
Containing device
Package for holding articles
Container for the safe collection and disposal of used medical sharps
Beverage brewing system
Conveyors and transmission belts
Vibratory conveyor
Vibratory conveyor
Transport assembly locking system
Method and device for supplying pouring elements arranged and aligned at a distance from each other and comprising a flange
Foil processing device
Sheet stacking apparatus, method of controlling sheet stacking apparatus, and storage medium
Cable guide for fibres that are combined in cables
Sensor-based elevator system and method using the same
Monolithic CMOS-MEMS microphones and method of manufacturing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanoplatelet-type zirconium phosphate and method for preparing same
Steam reformer based hydrogen plant scheme for enhanced carbon dioxide recovery
Reactor with induction heater
Process and apparatus for conversion of silicon tetrachloride to trichlorosilane
Process for the production of a storage-stable barium sulphate having good dispersibility
Device and process to treat and disinfect sewage, food processing wastewater and other biologically contaminated water
Refractory product having a high content of zirconia
Porous mullite bodies having improved thermal stability
System, method and apparatus for manufacturing stable cement slurry for downhole injection
System and method for producing fertilizer from organic waste
Cyclopolyarylene compound and method of manufacturing same
Tetra-O-substituted butane-bridge modified NDGA derivatives, their synthesis and pharmaceutical use
Low calcemic, highly antiproliferative, analogs of calcitriol
Surface bonded Rh-bis(diarylphosphine) on magnetic nanoparticles as a recyclable catalyst for hydroformylation of olefins
Methods for suppressing isomerization of olefin metathesis products
Process for the preparation of tofacitinib and intermediates thereof
Boropeptide inhibitors of enteropeptidase and their uses in treatment of obesity, overweight and/or diseases associated with an abnormal fat metabolism
Process for producing Sovaprevir
Azepino[4,5-B]indoles and methods of use
Biaryl ether sulfonamides and their use as therapeutic agents
IRAK inhibitors and uses thereof
Mixed ligand gold(III) complexes as anti-cancer agents
Amino acid-modified siloxanes, process for preparing them and application
Purification of non-glycosylated polypeptides
Toll-like receptor 3 antagonists
Hybrid vegetable protein and method for obtaining same
Glucan fibre
Modified high-cis isoprene polymer, method for producing the same, and tire containing aforementioned polymer
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire
Porous polyisocyanurates having rigid linker groups
Cross-linked polycarbonate resin with improved chemical and flame resistance
Synthesis of a diallylammonium/SO.sub.2 copolymer bearing phospho- and sulfopropyl pendents
Curable resin composition and cured product thereof, encapsulant, and semiconductor device
Polyurethane scorch inhibitor
Thermoplastic molding compounds
Organosilicon compound, thin film forming composition using same, and organic thin film
Synergistic chemistry to prevent silicate scaling
Method for removing bacterial contaminants from saccharified solution and fermentation system
Tumour cytotoxic agent and methods thereof
Introduction of modular vector elements during production of a lentivirus
Modification of plant development and morphology
Polypeptides having ferulic acid esterase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
PCSK9 vaccine
Nucleic acid-free thermostable enzymes and methods of production thereof
Method for binding a recombinant polypeptide to a carrier
Host cell modification with artificial endosymbionts
Synthesis and use of isotopically labeled macrocyclic compounds
Evaluation peptide for use in quantification of protein using mass spectrometer, artificial standard protein, and method for quantifying protein
Production of high grade nickel product
Method of making inorganic or inorganic/organic hybrid barrier films
Sputtering sources for high-pressure sputtering with large targets and sputtering method
Aqueous composition for pretreating a metal surface before applying another coating or for treating said surface
Process for forming porous metal coating on surfaces
Electrodeposition system and method incorporating an anode having a back side capacitive element
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for monitoring contacts of a rotating component of a textile machine
Method for optimizing a rinsing phase in a washing machine and washing machine suitable therefor
Fixed Constructions
System for communications between plant and machines
Incrementally adjustable fluid control system and methods of installing and adjusting same
Supply system for a liquid
Non-structural insulating panel system
Hanger devices for interstital seismic resistant support for an acoustic ceiling grid
Method of building and installation of an interstitial seismic resistant support for an acoustic ceiling grid
Device for levelling and aligning surface covering parts
Cornerbead/corneraide apparatus and related methods
Foldable tent
Tamper-resistant locking systems and methods
Paddle latch
Rotation lock mechanism for load bearing hinges
Forced entry resistance system for wooden doors and method for manufacturing doors with such system
Safety gate with a rewindable, flexible barrier
Jumper support arrangements for hybrid riser towers
Adjustable conduit
Method and system for sealing an annulus enclosing a tubular element
Convertible valve with retained conversion element
Diffuser for cable suspended dewatering pumping system
Method for preheating an oil-saturated formation
Receiving and measuring expelled gas from a core sample
Face equipment comprising hose levels placed between the face conveyor and the shield support frames
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary internal combustion engine
Gas turbine nozzle arrangement and gas turbine
Switching roller finger follower with end stops in secondary arms
Control method for reducing agent supply apparatus and reducing agent supply apparatus
Vehicular control device and vehicular control method
Exhaust system with zone coated catalyst
Toroidal combustion chamber with side injection
Active exhaust pulse management
Method of and apparatus for operating a supercharger
Compressed gas energy storage and release system
Method and apparatus to operate internal combustion engine employing an intake air compressor
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Rocket motor combustion chamber injection head
Filter device and filter system
System and methods for managing fuel tank temperature
Mixing valve for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Fuel supply structure in vehicle engine
Wind turbine rotor blade having an electrical heating arrangement and method of making the same
Solar thermal power generation facility and method of starting up same
Electric submersible pumping sensor device and method
Accessible blower assembly, blower slider assembly, and methods
Hydraulic circuit for controlling booms of construction equipment
Apparatus and methods for determining a position of a piston in a cavity
Handheld mount and stand assembly for portable electronic devices
Telescopic rod
Bearing insulation
Fail-safe dry friction clutch for a vehicle accessory
Prime mover arrangement comprising a fluid-actuated clutch arrangement and a multi-disk clutch
Electromagnetic clutch
Axle-mounted brake disc with a connecting element
Shock energy absorber
Multi-mode transmission for vehicle powertrain system
Multi-mode transmission for vehicle powertrain system
Guide shoe
Rotary valve
Rapid release emergency disconnect system incorporating an integrated hydraulic skid
Super high flow pressure relief vent
Cycle valve for use in hydromethanation process
Electrically operated valve actuator with electro-mechanical end stop detection device
Flexible unbonded pipe
Line clamp assembly and method of use
Thermal insulating panel
Holding device for a tablet computer
Extendable viewing system and kit allowing for assembly of extendable viewing system
Multilayered lighting device
Vehicular illumination lamp
Light-emitting device for a motor vehicle headlamp and headlamp equipped with said device
Vehicle lamp
Omnidirectional LED bulb
Outdoor lighting device
LED lamp heat dissipating structure
Spot TIR lens system for small high-power emitter
Lighting device
Dual phase fuel feeder for boilers
Automatic turning ice block apparatus and method
Vehicular air-conditioning system including a temperature-dependent control cycle
Coolant heat exchanger having a scraper for each heat exchange interface surface
Spiral exchanger and method for manufacturing such an exchanger
Push-lever magazine release for converting a carbine from clamshell magazines to removable magazines
Firearm with integrated suppressor
Ambidextrous latchless charging handle with gas redirection
Projectile launching device
Small smart weapon and weapon system employing the same
Explosively formed projectile (EFP) with cavitation pin
Maritime emergency cable cutter
Thermal rocket initiator mechanism and rocket system incorporating same
Alignment guides for constructing building components
Label placement for line features
Linear route progress interface
Stochastic route planning in public transport
Calibration systems and methods for gyroscopes
Six degree-of-freedom laser tracker that cooperates with a remote sensor
Monitoring apparatus and control method of crane hoisting vertical deviation angle
Device and method for recalibrating an exhaust gas mass flow sensor
Method of operating a Coriolis mass flowmeter and coil for use in said method
System and method for low signal knife edge wavefront sensing in an adaptive optical system
Metallic nanoparticles and methods for their preparation and use
Tunable interference filter, optical module, and photometric analyzer
Spectral sensitive solid-state photodetector
Bolometric detector with a compensation bolometer having an enhanced thermalization
Systems and methods for planar temperature measurement
Modular instrumented floor covering
Climate control system
Selectable multi-axis shaker table
Water testing method and apparatus
Measuring semiconductor device features using stepwise optical metrology
Equi-biaxial membrane stretcher
Bond testing machine and cartridge for a bond testing machine comprising a plurality of test tools
Bearing wear detection device
Method for measurement of bioavailable testosterone
Detection of volatile chemicals using an RFID sensing system
System and method for using additives with isotopic patterns to enhance the specificity of a spectrometer
Compensating for hysteresis
Techniques for matching spectra
Method and device for assigning individual phase conductors in a polyphase energy distribution network
Magnetic resonance apparatus with touchscreen in flexible foil housing
Signature detection in point images
Microwave radio direction finding system
Eye protection employing luminescent materials for ionizing radiation warnings to the wearer
Systems and methods for reducing marine fouling
Reducing run time in seismic imaging computing
Wide azimuth seismic data acquisition method and system with at least three streamer sets
Fast fastening antifouling tape or substrate useable in marine seismic surveys
Remote visual and auditory monitoring system
Ultra-slim nuclear magnetic resonance tool for oil well logging
Polymerizable composition
Light pipe connector apparatus
Connector body for making crimp-less fiber optic cable connections
Optical coupling component with metal positioning rods and optical-electrical converting module having same
Cable installation device
Optical assembly comprising a mount having thermally dependent force compensation
Elastic hinge for spectacles
Printing of liquid crystal droplet laser resonators on a wet polymer solution and product made therewith
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Anti-glare mirror, vehicle, and manufacturing method for anti-glare mirror
Glove mount for GoPro.RTM. camera during scuba diving
Lithographic apparatus, control system and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic printing plate precursor and plate making method thereof
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using same, method for forming partition wall of image display device, and method for manufacturing image display device
Pattern forming method, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, manufacturing method of electronic device and electronic device
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and recording medium storing an image forming program
Liquid toner dispersion and use thereof
Reverse clock face with moving dial
One-touch countdown timer
Apparatus and method employing autonomous vehicles to reduce risk
Transmission-line coupled heat-dissipation device with an assembly of one or more controllable fins
Electronic device and method for controlling a setting of a maximum consumption current
Frame structure for fixing panels with different sizes and panel device therewith
Multicore processor system and power control method
Storage system, control apparatus, computer product, and control method
PSMI using at-speed scan capture
Methods, systems, and computer readable medium for active monitoring, memory protection and integrity verification of target devices
Resource-constrained test automation
Bitmap selection for remote copying of updates
Logical data shuffling
System and method of visualizing historical event correlations in a data center
Debug configuration tool with layered graphical user interface
Method, program, and system for generating test cases
System and method for handling user editing history based on spawning, merging data structures of directed acyclic graph
Streaming operator with trigger
Discovering optimized experience configurations for a software application
Injecting faults at select execution points of distributed applications
Discovery of application states
Reserving a storage area and building page frame table entries
Partitioning data for storage in a dispersed storage network
Management of memory pages
Average response time improvement from a file system for a tape library
Deferred metadata initialization
Store forwarding cache
PCI function measurement block enhancements
Method for logical organization of worksheets
Method for logical organization of worksheets
Reproducing a graphical user interface display
Cloud based data migration and replication
Method and apparatus for the implementation of a real-time, sharable browsing experience on a host device
Transductive feature selection with maximum-relevancy and minimum-redundancy criteria
Ingestion planning for complex tables
Authorship enhanced corpus ingestion for natural language processing
Method and apparatus for providing content to users
Context awareness in auditory browsing
Generating training data for disambiguation
Generating document content from application data
Translation system and method
Method and apparatus for processing time series data
Searching a vertex in a path
Managing a table of a database
Grouping data in a database
Form aggregation based on marks in graphic form fields
Persisting the state of visual control elements in uniform resource locator (URL)-generated web pages
Placing a database
Offline application support
Versioning for configurations of reusable artifacts
Text processing system and methods for automated topic discovery, content tagging, categorization, and search
Method and apparatus for storing, sharing, and/or organizing personal information
Applying a minimum size bound on content defined segmentation of data
Global regular expression backreferences
Estimation of closeness of topics based on graph analytics
Computer system for automatic organization, indexing and viewing of information from multiple sources
Systems and methods for on-line backup and disaster recovery with local copy
Maintaining stress in a layout design of an integrated circuit having fin-type field-effect transistor devices
Method for scalable liveness verification via abstraction refinement
Multi power synthesis in digital circuit design
Circuit routing based on total negative slack
Method and system for regulating adhesive application
Method and device for localization of data loggers on supply lines with a readout device
Measurement of voltage standing wave ratio of antenna system
Method and apparatus for providing data processing and control in a medical communication system
Secure display element
Device and methods for detecting a camera
Charge and data transfer system, apparatus, and method
Utilization based multi-buffer dynamic adjustment management
Implementing synchronization for remote disk mirroring
Optical shape sensing device and gesture control
Position information obtaining device and method, and image display system
Information processor input button display that prevents selection of undesired button
Systems and methods for actively resisting touch-induced motion
Touch device
Touch sensor
Method and system providing viewing-angle sensitive graphics interface selection compensation
Touch sensor mechanism and manufacturing method thereof
Location independent communication in a virtual world
Discovering and presenting decor harmonized with a decor style
Low latency touch input rendering
Method to improve page out mechanism with compressed memory pools
Memory-area property storage including data fetch width indicator
Multiple I/O request processing in a storage system
Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium for on-demand printing
Methods and apparatus to combine mail streams in a binding line
System and method for compensating gaseous fuel injection
Files having unallocated portions within content addressable storage
Social ranking metric
Updating local data utilizing a distributed storage network
Information processing apparatus, distributed processing system, and distributed processing method
Adaptive media file rewind
Systems and methods for managing return stacks in a multi-threaded data processing system
Compressed indirect prediction caches
Software documentation generation with automated sample inclusion
Three-dimensional GUI object stores in automation test tools
Ensuring access to long-term stored electronic documents
Management of shared transactional resources
Systems management based on semantic models and low-level runtime state
Apparatus and method for identifying correspondence between an installed program and an interface in a source code
Basic input/output system updating method and computer readable storage medium
Processing automation scripts of software
Transparent dynamic code optimization
Identifying an event associated with consumption of a utility
Automated software maintenance based on forecast usage
Method of splitting register live ranges
Method and system for running a virtual appliance
Variable accuracy parameter modeling in statistical timing
Assuring chip reliability with automatic generation of drivers and assertions
Technology abstraction layer
Systems and methods of optimizing resources for emulation
Job scheduling apparatus and method therefor
Computing apparatus, method of controlling computing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium having program for controlling computing apparatus stored therein to move processes to a same processor core for execution
Distributed procedure execution in multi-core processors
Eliminating execution of jobs-based operational costs of related reports
Heterogenous core microarchitecture
Logarithmic and exponential function generator for analog signal processing
Image formation data generating device and method for generating image formation data of simultaneously displayed images
Automatically generating a review rating the performance of a pattern based on pattern deployment, service history and operation of pattern
Encoding and decoding data in two-dimensional symbology
Analysis of stimulus by RFID
Analysis of stimulus by RFID
Non-contact communication module and card reader
Machine-readable symbols
Ensuring a desired distribution of images in a multimedia document utilizing facial signatures
Method, apparatus and system for determining a saliency map for an input image
System and method for generating and employing short length iris codes
Fingerprint enrolment algorithm
Method and apparatus for automated platelet identification within a whole blood sample from microscopy images
Method for accurately determining the position and orientation of each of a plurality of identical recognition target objects in a search target image
Aggregating photos captured at an event
Computer-based extraction of complex building operation rules for products and services
Filtering user actions based on user's mood
System and method for improving recovery of a telecommunications network from an unscheduled loss of service using repeatable requirements for applications by design criticality classification
Comparing utility and warranty of services
Biometric financial transaction system and method
Systems and methods for generating surveys
Automotive communication system
Greeting card with dial activated audio
Backlight unit
Method for processing data and electronic device thereof
Systems and methods for combining stochastic average gradient and hessian-free optimization for sequence training of deep neural networks
Method and system for motif extraction in electronic documents
Interactive embodied robot videogame through the use of sensors and physical objects
Flash memory codeword architectures
Multi supply cell arrays for low power designs
NBT-BT crystal piezoelectric film and piezoelectric stacking structure comprising the same
Poly(zwitterion-alt-sulfur dioxide) copolymer
System and method for improving acceleration performance of an electric vehicle
Power-free wireless operation device of portable electronic device
Wireless electronic couponing technique
Page-turning device and document camera system
Increasing storage space for processes impacting data storage systems
Diagnosing multipath interference and eliminating multipath interference in 3D scanners by directed probing
Computational systems and methods for locating a mobile device
Air valve for electronics enclosures
Security wrap
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Integrated low k dielectrics and etch stops
Tailings conveyor housing
Method of feeding fish
Single hand actuated friction type box call
Turkey call
Bactericidal or bacteriostatic method
Ozonated foam medium and production system and method for sanitizing a food processing environment
Stabilized bromine solutions, method of making and uses thereof for biofouling control
Pesticidal use of a parasitic flagellate for eliminating or suppressing harmful algae blooms
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Saw palmetto composition and associated methods
Method and means for stuffing natural casings with a food emulsion
Shock-wave meat treatment
Method of rapid curing and processing bacon derived from pork products
Process for the preparation of an extract with carotenoids, UV absorption, antibacterial and pH indicating properties from a deep-sea bacterium
Method for preparing process cheese containing increased levels of whey protein
Assembly comprising a container and a ready-to-drink beverage
Method for promoting extraction of beneficial compounds into beverages naturally containing same, and for extending the duration of freshness of coffee
Self-foaming soluble beverage powder
Customized dietary health maintenance system for pets
Gelatin extender
Barley and yam Natto
Process for the production of a mushroom flavoring
Composition containing isoflavone material and plant sterol for reducing LDL-cholesterol
Method and apparatus for making curled decorative grass
Composite footwear upper and method of manufacturing a composite footwear upper
Method for producing an adhesive closing element
Hand-held epilating device
Personal interproximal dental surface cleaning and drug delivery device
Finger roller for agricultural machines
Filamentary brush bristle material
Variable path infant walker
Filter for a carpet cleaning system
Air filter having electrostatically active nonwoven fabric inliners and their use
Endoscope system comprising an electrically bendable endoscope
Electronic endoscope system enabling different type of electronic endoscope to be used
Method for measuring positions and dimensions of vaginal prolapses with a vaginal speculum having removable blades
Method and apparatus for sonographic examination, biopsy, and excision
Urine test device
Apparatus and method for welding sutures
Device for locating a puncture hole in a liquid-carrying vessel
Implantable tissue fastener and system for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Devices, systems and methods for creating sutureless on-demand vascular anastomoses and hollow organ communication channels
Catheter apparatus and methodology for generating a fistula on-demand between closely associated blood vessels at a pre-chosen anatomic site in-vivo
Endovascular thin film devices and methods for treating and preventing stroke
Vertebrae fastener placement guide
Liquid jet-powered surgical instruments
Sonic element and catheter incorporating same
Operation balloon
Ultrasound treatment system
Anterior cervical plating system
Self-retaining bolt for internal spinal stabilizers
Bone plate
Modular tool connection assembly
Cryosurgical catheter
Medical instruments and techniques for highly-localized thermally-mediated therapies
Ablation catheter with cooled linear electrode
Tissue ablation device and methods of using
Multifunctional electrosurgical instrument
Bipolar medical instrument
Epicardial myocardial revascularization and denervation methods and apparatus
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Method and apparatus for measuring the heat transfer coefficient during cryogen spray cooling of tissue
Method and apparatus for arterial ablation
Tissue remover and method
Navigation information overlay onto ultrasound imagery
Non-invasive brain function examination
Breast self-examination prompter device
Closed loop medicament pump
Guidewire with tapered distal coil
Deep computing applications in medical device systems
Neurocognitive assessment apparatus and method
Continuous non-invasive sphygmomanometer
Apparatus and method for electronically predicting pleural pressure from pulse wave signals
Sensing device and method for determining aneurysmal pressure in a body cavity
Arteriosclerosis evaluating apparatus
Autonomic-nerve-function evaluating apparatus
Manipulation device with buoyancy breath monitor
Method and apparatus for monitoring the progress of labor
Retractable needle with dual locking mechanisms
Imaging ultrasound transducer temperature control system and method
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with articulating display
Doppler signal processing apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Nanophase dental prosthetics and method
Anti-rotational interarch orthodontic device
Anchor screw for orthodontic treatments
Veterinary delivery device and method
Hygiene article having an individual wrapping
Method for manufacturing a disposable excreta management device
Method of dynamically pre-fastening a disposable absorbent article having a slot-and-tab fastening system
Method of making a water disintegratable non-woven fabric
Vaginal suppository delivery device
Reversibly extensible film
Absorbent article provided with a belt
Thin soft tissue surgical support mesh
Prosthesis for surgical treatment of hernia
Modulated release particles for lung delivery
Delivery catheter
Method and apparatus for attaching or locking an implant to an anatomic vessel or hollow organ wall
Intracranial stent and method of use
Prosthesis for endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Endovascular prosthesis
Apparatus and method for placing bifurcated stents
Stent with optimal strength and radiopacity characteristics
Stent having variable properties and method of its use
Method for spray-coating medical devices
Prosthetic eye with polarized dilating pupil and cooperating polarized eyeglass lens
Medical stent
Annuloplasty ring for regeneration of diseased or damaged heart valve annulus
Femur shaft prosthesis with a proximal centering apparatus
Modular connection for orthopedic component
Apparatus and method for the replacement of posterior vertebral elements
Intervertebral spacer device having a slotted domed arch strip spring
Spinal disc
Intervertebral spacer device utilizing a spirally slotted belleville washer having radially extending grooves
Distraction instrument for use in anterior cervical fixation surgery
Bone plug
Foot insert for an artificial foot
Modular distal plate for rapid manufacturing of a prosthetic limb socket
Portable foldable splint
Feminine urinary device
Medical thermal energy exchange pad
Corneal surgery apparatus
Movable canopy for an infant care unit
Humidifier for a patient support apparatus
Orthotic apparatus and method for using same
Abdominal exerciser device
Trouser-type massager
Apparatus for execution of hydromassages
Massage and tactile stimulation device
Periodontal composition
Liquid tooth whitening gel
Regulatory T cells; methods
Composition for solubilizing salicylic acid
Method of treating atherosclerosis
Attenuated negative strand viruses with altered interferon antagonist activity for use as vaccines and pharmaceuticals
Methods for identifying compounds for regulating muscle mass or function using corticotropin releasing factor receptors
Universal T-cell epitopes for anti-malarial vaccines
Stratified and cryogenically stored vaccines, process for their preparation
Antibiotic product, use and formulation thereof
Method for the treatment of symptoms related to normal hormonal variations in women
Compositions for facilitating skin growth and methods and articles using same
Block copolymer
Gel delivery vehicles for anticellular proliferative agents
ImmunoConjucates for cancer diagnosis and therapy
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
Method for treating papillomavirus infections
Delivery of therapeutic agents by gene therapy
In Vivo production and delivery of insulinotropin for gene therapy
Hydrophilic light absorbing indole compounds for determination of physiological function in critically ill patients
Medical preparation for treating arthrosis, arthritis and other rheumatic joint diseases
Formulation for the remineralization of teeth
Dental compositions
Method for making a dental mill blank assembly
Agent for coloring fibers and method for temporarily coloring fibers
Skin-whitening cosmetic
Ophthalmic drug delivery device
Thermally-activated microchip chemical delivery devices
Particulate drug-containing products and method of manufacture
Method and device for producing different solid dosage forms
Controlled release of drugs
Galenic formulations fast disintegrating in the mouth and method for preparing same
Method for producing solid dosing forms
Combination dosage form containing individual dosage units of a cholesterol-lowering agent, an inhibitor of the renin-angiotensin system, and aspirin
Tablets incorporating isoflavone plant extracts and methods of manufacturing them
Method of depositing particles with an electrostatic chuck
Starch microcapsules for delivery of active agents
Dentifrice containing functional film flakes
Light stabilized antimicrobial materials
Systems and methods for collecting plasma that is free or virtually free of cellular blood species
Porous calcium phosphate cement
Water-soluble coating agents bearing initiator groups
Orthotopic total artificial heart
Temporary heart-assist system
Nasal oxygen cannula with supply tube management
Method and device for central nervous system protection during whole body hyperthermia or hypothermia
Anti-recoil catheter
Methods of maintaining selective flow within a vessel
Perfusion catheter
Introducer and perfusion cannula
Reinforced catheter and method of manufacture
Delivery mechanism for balloons, drugs, stents and other physical/mechanical agents and method of use
Catheter core wire
Needleless connector
Medical valve
Laminated patient infusion device
Medication delivery pump
Vacuum control cycle for jet injector
Safety syringe
One-handed hypodermic syringe
Safety syringe
REM sleep augmentation with extra-ocular light
Method and assembly for containing radioactive materials
Device for loading radioactive seeds
Method and compositions for coloring hair
Wastewater treatment with alkanes
Apparatus and method for treating containerized feed materials in a liquid reactant metal
Storable exercise apparatus for professional and home use
Adjustable weighted vest
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Barbell and dumbbell safety spotting apparatus
Hockey table combined with exercise machines
Stationary exercise bicycle
Method and apparatus for exercising internal and external oblique muscles
Wound-core golf ball
Propeller enhanced toy football
Hosel construction and method of making same
Metal wood
Golf club head with a face insert
Golf club head with metal striking plate insert
Golf club head having a striking face with improved impact efficiency
Golf putting and chipping practice green
Method and apparatus for determining golf ball performance versus golf club configuration
Baseball bat with simulated spiral hand grip
Expanding broadhead
Paddle ball game
Glove mounted target device and method for aiding a player in accurately throwing a baseball
Computerized repetitive-motion exercise logger and guide system
System of hit detection and signaling for fencing
Golf training device
Golf shot shaper training aid
Game system
Game device
Video game apparatus and method for uniquely enabling play of multiple games
Episodic delivery of content
Method of conducting a fantasy sports game
Device for manufacturing playing counters and drawing sequences in a lottery
Doll or toy character adapted to recognize or generate whispers
Construction toy set having low insertion force connecting bodies
Multi-purpose paper disk, confetti, or fluid projecting device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Alkali metal hydroxide evaporator system
Air trap for liquid circulation line
Apparatus for mixing fluids
Filtration device with stacked deep-bed filter elements
Stepping screen assembly hydraulically driven
Methods for making glued shale shaker screens
Process for making porous molded bodies of thermoplastic polymers
Honeycomb filter and ceramic filter assembly
Cyclone separator
Access port for house vacuum equipped with removable trap
Combination catalytic converter and filter
Separation of C2F6 from CF4 by adsorption on activated carbon
Method and apparatus for purifying carbon dioxide feed streams
Variable inlet air restriction for composition control of product gas
Installation for the production of pure hydrogen from a gas containing helium
Process for regenerating a catalytic redox solution, to include measuring the oxygen dissolved in the regeneration effluent and its application to desulfurization
Fuel cell system having flow-diverting element
Combinatorial synthesis and analysis of organometallic compounds and catalysts
Method for assembly of a polynucleotide encoding a target polypeptide
Purification process
Water purification by polymer colloids
Method for regenerating activated carbon and device for carrying out said method
Macrocyclic antibiotics as separation agents
Textured catalysts, methods of making textured catalysts, and methods of catalyzing reactions conducted in hydrothermal conditions
Alumina/zeolite lean NOx catalyst
High pore volume polyolefin catalyst
Mesoporous zeolitic material with microporous crystalline mesopore walls
Highly active midbarrel hydrocracking catalyst and the preparation thereof
Late transition metal diimine catalyst
Methods of treating commercial grade preservatives to remove undesirable odors and flavors
Preparing monomeric metal ion chelator containing diacetyl glycine group linked to proteinaceous molecule
Water treatment process
Gas-liquid inlet nozzle for cocurrent downflow reactors
Microfluidic devices and methods to regulate hydrodynamic and electrical resistance utilizing bulk viscosity enhancers
Microfluidic device for sequencing by hybridization
Microfluidic devices and methods for performing temperature mediated reactions
Frame for multiwell tray
Devices comprising multiple capillarity inducing surfaces
Test piece and system for reading out image information from the test piece
Liquid droplet dispensing
System for providing biological materials
Small particle polyacrylamide for soil conditioning
Color change booth
Yield and line width performance for liquid polymers and other materials
Method for forming a liquid film on a substrate
Coating method and coating apparatus
Method of manufacturing magnesium alloy molded product, painted structure thereof, method of painting the same, and casings using the same
Parametric transmit waveform generator for medical ultrasound imaging system
Micro-machined ultrasonic transducer (MUT) substrate that limits the lateral propagation of acoustic energy
Ultrasound transmitter and/or receiver system
Multi-stack exhaust system
Methods and compositions for etch cleaning microelectronic substrates in carbon dioxide
Screwed connection, fastener for said connection and method for the production thereof
TiAl based alloy, production process therefor, and rotor blade using same
Facing sand composition and method of incorporation in a mold
Purge plug
Preparation of articles using metal injection molding
Metal/ceramic composite molding material
Ductile particle-reinforced amorphous matrix composite and method for manufacturing the same
Metal/ceramic composite protective coating and its application
Furnace conveyer belt having thermal barrier
Interposer, socket and assembly for socketing an electronic component and method of making and using same
Ceramic matrix composite turbine components
Apparatus for inserting battery or accumulator plates into sleeves of separator material
Device and method for cool air cooling type machining
Surface treatment of oxidizing materials
Method of making optical fluoride laser crystal components
Resin diamond blade and optical waveguide manufacturing method using the blade
Abrading method and holding device
Angle grinder
Apparatus for high tolerance brush honing
Chuck means for flat workpieces, in particular semi-conductor wafers
System for in-situ monitoring of removal rate/thickness of top layer during planarization
Pad cleaning for a CMP system
Layer-thickness detection methods and apparatus for wafers and the like, and polishing apparatus comprising same
Protective hood for a right angle grinder
Abrasive article with optimally oriented abrasive particles and method of making the same
Fused abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
Grinding wheel with titanium aluminum nitride and hard lubricant coatings
Interchangeable handle grip assembly, conversion kit, and tools incorporating same
Method and device for processing tires
Process for manufacturing multilayer pellets and use of the multilayer pellets
Method and apparatus for producing brake lining material
Composite riser
Sheet-like structure material and manufacturing method
Malfunction-detecting method in injection molding machines
Multilayer container
Uniaxially oriented polypropylene-based film
Plastic film hinging and pre-creasing process
Photocurable form-in-place gasket for electronic applications
Golf club head that optimizes products of inertia
Molded article and process for preparing same
Cylindrical product
Method of constructing skin for a member of a body such as an aircraft
Device for laminating a layered structure consisting of at least two plastic strips in sections
Compact case forming machine
High density optical information recording medium
Laminate film, fixing film and image heating apparatus using same
Laminate sheet material for fire barrier applications
Multi-colored coverstock
Biaxially oriented laminate polyester film for magnetic recording medium
Photographic multilayer film base comprising 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol
Multi-ply paperboard prepared from recycled materials and methods of manufacturing same
Pre-cut fibrous insulation blanket
Glass-silicon column
Multi-layer extended text resealable label
Laminate for case-ready packaging including a gas-impermeable film capable of delaminating into a gas-permeable portion and a gas-impermeable portion, and a gas-permeable film bonded thereto
Drill stack formation
Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite body and method of manufacturing the same
Image forming material and method for forming thereof
Method and apparatus for improving stencil/screen print quality
Device for folding print copies
Printing roller having printing sleeve mounted thereon roller
Thermochromic dry offset ink, and printed article produced using the same
Inkjet-printing materials and coating agents therefor
Ink jet recording sheet and method for producing it
Sheet surface treating agent and ink-jet printing paper
Flame-retardant fabric for ink-jet recording and process for manufacturing the same
Recording medium, ink-jet recording therewith, and process for production thereof
Radiation-sensitive recording material having an electrically conductive back coating
Base material for lithographic printing plate and lithographic printing plate using the same
Support for lithographic printing plate and method of manufacturing the same
Presensitized printing plate with pigmented back coating
Device for manufacturing book-binding covers
Stack of sheets with repositionable adhesive alternating between opposite edges and containing one of more sheets different from other sheets
Method of manufacturing a pneumatic radial tire including forming a belt layer from strip pieces
Inside/outside air switching device with rotary door, and vehicle air conditioner using the same
Ventilation controlling apparatus and automotive air-conditioning system
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system having improved air warm-up
Nozzle cover
Inverted sun visor mirror assembly
Fuel cell system
Radiation emitter device having an integral micro-groove lens
Vehicle electronic control units
Wiring circuit member for vehicle
Trainline junction box
Laminated nylon air brake tubing
Transmission device for an electric cycling exerciser
Marine vessel for collecting floating debris
Methods for manufacturing a structural sub-assembly and a gliding board; structural sub-assembly and gliding board made by such methods
Weed-resistant outboard motor drive system
Method and apparatus for closing open end of carton blank
Restickable and removable label technology labels
Shortened layout from dryer to reel in tissue machine
Device for continuous reeling of a pulp sheet
Paper web folding and cutting apparatus
Device and method for handling a boat gimbal housing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing nanostructured materials of controlled surface chemistry
Gas generator
Systems and methods for affecting the ultra-fast photodissociation of water molecules
Methods and systems for humidifying fuel for use in fuel processors and fuel cell systems
Fuel cell power plant
Thermocatalytic process for CO2-free production of hydrogen and carbon from hydrocarbons
Process and apparatus for the production of synthesis gas
Method for bulk separation of single-walled tubular fullerenes based on chirality
Intercalated graphite flakes exhibiting improved expansion characteristics and process therefor
Method for carbonizing wastes
Separation method of goethite-containing red mud
Spinel-type lithium-manganese oxide containing heteroelements preparation process and use thereof
Composition for removing dissolved oxygen from a fluid
Method for eliminating Legionella from a colonised aqueous flow by electropulsing, a method for treating an aqueous flow by electropulsing, and its application to eliminating Legionella
Method for water denitrification
Apparatus for filtering and sterilizing water utilizing a turbidity and microorganism sensing system
HF etching and oxide scale removal
Container for high-grade natural products
Y-type hexagonal oxide magnetic material and inductor element
Sputtering target, transparent conductive oxide, and process for producing the sputtering target
ESD dissipative ceramics
Carbonized wood and materials formed therefrom
Corrosion-resistive ceramic materials and members for semiconductor manufacturing
Method for preventing warpage of gel plates during sintering
Pyrolytic boron nitride crucible and method
Method and composition for desensitizing the explosive performance of commercially available fertilizers
Organic light emitting diode
Monoclonal antibody antagonists for treating medical problems associated with d-amphetamine-like drugs
Composition and method for regulating the adhesion of cells and biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Electroluminescent devices
Electrophotographic organophotoreceptors with novel charge transport compounds
Recombinant Streptomyces hygroscopicus host cells that produce 17-desmethylrapamycin
Sigma-2 receptors as biomarkers of tumor cell proliferation
Method for detecting hematopoietic stem cells
Fluorescent nucleoside analogs and combinatorial fluorophore arrays comprising same
Methods for the detection, quantification and differentiation of infectious versus non-infectious pathogens in a sample
Compositions comprising bioactive peptides prepared without formation of native disulfide bonds
(Poly)peptides which represent the epitopes of the human herpes virus type 8
Defective adenoviruses including a therapeutic gene and an immunoprotectove gene
Packaging systems for human recombinant adenovirus to be used in gene therapy
Compositions and methods for treating viral infections
Host derived proteins binding HCV: medical, diagnostic and purification use
Recombinant fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin vaccine and preparation thereof
Oligonucleotide for detection and identification of Mycobacteria
Mutant genes in Familial British Dementia and Familial Danish Dementia
Semaphorin polypeptides
Porcine stem cell factor varients and recombinant cells expressing such polypeptides
Extracellular novel RAGE binding protein (EN-RAGE) and uses thereof
Isolated human receptor proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human receptor proteins, and uses thereof
TWIK-5 potassium channel nucleic acids and uses therefor
Human EP3 prostaglandin receptor
RNA-loaded antigen presenting cells
Methods for enhanced virus-mediated DNA transfer using molecules with virus-and cell-binding domains
Method of modulating fertility in animals by IL-11
Cancer-associated genes
88kDa tumorigenic growth factor and antagonists
Soluble lymphotoxin-.beta. receptor as a therapeutic agent for treating TH-1 cell-associated autoimmune disease
Method for screening combinatorial bead library, capturing cells from body fluids, and ligands for cancer cells
Anionic cellulose ethers having temperature-dependent associative properties
Process for preparing dextrins
Cyclopentadienyl-containing low-valent early transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Self-crosslinking water-dilutable binders
Aqueous dispersions of polymerizable reactants and a water incompatible catalyst sorbed on an inorganic particulate carrier
Epoxy resin composition for FRP, prepreg, and tubular molding produced therefrom
Toughened benzocyclobutene based polymers and their use in building-up printed wiring boards
Process and products of purification of anhydrosugar alcohols
Optical resin composition comprising thiol-ene prepolymer
Siloxane-containing oil compositions with good spreading properties
Insulating film
Stretched polyamide film
Method and composition for rejuvenating weathered polymeric materials
Process of making fiber having functional mineral powder
Process for manufacturing an extruded article and an extruded article
Coupled alcohol ethoxylates for improved thermal properties
Biodegradable resin compositions
Rubber composition for power transmission belts
Fly ash/mixed plastic aggregate and products made therefrom
Dye preparations comprising azo dyes
Dye set and ink composition with high water-fastness
Photographic dispersions for yellow filter dyes
Ink jet ink set
Ink jet printing process
Flexographic ink composition containing hydrolyzed gelatin as a binder resin
Thermosetting compositions containing carboxylic acid functional polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Resin-coated metal sheet for parts of electronic machinery and tools and production method thereof
Powder-based coating composition, a cured film thereof, and a method of improving a color strength of the cured film
Water based protectant containing a reaction product of two ionic surfactants
Method for preparing an adhesive for corrugated paperboard
Locating door hinge washer device for hinge assembly
Organic electroluminescent devices with high luminance
Oxide-based quantum cutter method and phosphor system
Phosphors having improved luminance and longer lifespan
Luminous substance for a light source and light source associates therewith
Process for etching bismuth-containing oxide films
Liquid-crystalline medium
Method for broadening bandwidth of cholesteric liquid crystal
Dispersion liquid of silica particles for polishing, method of producing the same, and polishing agent
Refrigerant composition
Process for converting coal into fuel cell quality hydrogen and sequestration-ready carbon dioxide
Synthetic jet fuel and process for its production (law724)
Electrical insulating oil with reduced gassing tendency
Cryopreservation bag assembly for mammalian cell lines
Disposable vessel
Culture dish package and method of making
Temperature-regulated cell perifusion chamber
Bioreaction module for biochemical reactions
Transfusion medicine leukodepletion filter devices as a source of genetic material for genotyping studies
Nucleic acid construct for expressing active substances which can be activated by proteases, and preparation and use
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Adeno-associated virus capable of expressing factor IX protein and cells comprising the same
Retroviral vectors
Automatic eukaryotic artificial chromosome vector
Cell transfection apparatus and methods for making and using the cell transfection apparatus
Molecular functionalization of carbon nanotubes and use as substrates for neuronal growth
Method for producing a lipid emulsion for use in insect cell culture
Cell culture media for mammalian cells
Method of screening compounds that inhibit lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Isolated human kinase proteins
Isolated human kinase proteins
Mutant Plk protein and gene encoding the same
Methods for producing highly phosphorylated lysosomal hydrolases
Arthropod protein disulfide isomerases
Polynucleotide encoding a diaminopimelate epimerase from Corynebacterium glutamicum
Stable particle in liquid formulations
Polypeptides involved in the biosynthesis of streptogramins, nucleotide sequences coding for these polypeptides and their use
Enzymatic reduction of cobalt in cobalamin
Enzymatic deposition and alteration of metals
Method for producing methacrylic acid acrylic acid with a combination of enzyme catalysts
Method for detection of total coliforms and E. coli
Catalytic domain of the human effector cell cycle checkpoint protein kinase materials and methods for identification of inhibitors thereof
Compositions and methods for monitoring the phosphorylation of natural binding partners
Apparatus for combined assay for current glucose level and intermediate or long-term glycemic control
Methods for characterizing mRNA molecules
Categorising nucleic acid
High throughput methods of HLA typing
Method for detecting transcription templates
Poly-primed amplification of nucleic acid sequences
Nucleic acid detection method and apparatus, and vessel for detecting nucleic acid
Method of diagnosing ischemic stroke via UCP-2 detection
Compositions and methods for template-dependent enzymatic synthesis of nucleic acid
Determining non-nucleic acid molecule binding to target by competition with nucleic acid ligand
Methods for detecting for the presence of tumor cells and for screening for anti-tumor agents
Method for optimizing the layout and operation of a reduction method
Method for operating manufacturing equipment including heating furnace
Roaster with stabilized fluidized bed for roasting zinc concentrate
Compositions for improved recovery of metals
Method for extracting metal from glass waste
Tilting rotary furnace system for recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrap or dross and method of operation
Process for producing a cast article from a hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy
Iron-based casting alloy
Method for producing titanium-bearing microalloyed high-strength low-alloy steel
Sintered sprocket
Microstructure controlled shear band pattern formation in ductile metal/bulk metallic glass matrix composites prepared by SLR processing
Method for treating an object with a laser
Treatment of ingots or spacer blocks in stacked aluminum ingots
Method for producing by evaporation a functionally graded coating with an outer ceramic layer on a metal substrate
Methods of fabricating high transition temperature SMA, and SMA materials made by the methods
Dual-scan thin film processing system
Method and apparatus to control the formation of layers useful in integrated circuits
Shutter disk and blade alignment sensor
Method for vacuum treatment of workpieces and vacuum treatment facility
Apparatus and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Hardware assembly for CVI/CVD processes
Substituted phenylethylene precursor synthesis method
Method of synthesizing metal doped diamond-like carbon films
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Gas processing apparatus for object to be processed
Acousto-immersion coating and process for magnesium and its alloy
Pretreatment for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Self-healing non-chromate coatings for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Thermal barrier coating system for turbine components
Cathode for electrolysis cells
Compact proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell stack
Molten salt electrolysis of alkali metals
Method for high deposition rate solder electroplating on a microelectronic workpiece
Process and apparatus for electroplating microscopic features uniformly across a large substrate
Preparation of crystals
Below 160NM optical lithography crystal materials and methods of making
High resistivity silicon wafer produced by a controlled pull rate czochralski method
Method of producing a high resistivity silicon wafer utilizing heat treatment that occurs during device fabrication
Magnetic field furnace and a method of using the same to manufacture semiconductor substrates
Silicon seed crystal and method for producing silicon single crystal
Method and apparatus for producing silicon carbide crystal
Atomic layer deposition method using a novel group IV metal precursor
Methods of microstructuring ferroelectric materials
Method for making an integrated circuit device including a graded, grown, high quality gate oxide layer and a nitride layer
Methods and compositions for making a multi-layer article
Textiles; Paper
High speed yarn finish application
Process of making polypropylene fibers
Process of making high-strength polyethylene fibers
Single ingredient, multi-structural filaments
Binder fiber and nonwoven web
Net fabric to be processed into net product
Durable and drapeable imaged nonwoven fabric
Process for restoring the natural appearance of para-aramid clothing
Device for use in connection with a fabric in a paper machine
Apparatus for maximizing water removal in a press nip
Twin-wire former
Composite sheet, method of preparing same, and thermosensitive recording adhesive label sheet having same
Process for the manufacture of coated liquid packaging board
Fixed Constructions
Rail profile grinding machine
Wastewater pretreatment, gathering and final treatment process
Ventilating sill plate for crawl spaces
Arrangement for jointing together adjacent pieces of floor covering material
Method of preparing smooth, watertight concrete surfaces on concrete pools
Telescopic ventline
Mine ventilation structure and deck panels therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for hydraulically adjusting the angle of rotation of a shaft relative to a driving wheel
Internal combustion engine having a catalytic reactor
Honeycomb body configuration with an intermediate layer containing at least one metal layer and sandwich structure in particular for a honeycomb body configuration
Flexible combined vibration decoupling exhaust connector and preliminary catalytic converter construction
Multiple part cowl structure for an outboard motor
Fuel supply device for fuel cell
Tree fastener
Fastening element having a flexible pull cord
Self-threading fastener for connecting an article to a surface upon movement of the article towards the fastener
Monolithic ceramic attachment bushing incorporated into a ceramic matrix composite component and related method
Torque converter coupling
Connecting assembly at a driveshaft
Coupling member in a torque-transmitting drive connection
Method of making belts having burnished seams
Frictional transmission belt and belt-type transmission unit using the same
Transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets and a stationary fixed interconnection
Planetary transmissions with a stationary member and clutched input
Dual input clutch planetary transmission
Coplanar reverted gear train loop
Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission, and method of controlling hydraulic pressure
Shift control apparatus for an automatic transmission
Line pressure control for a continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission with integrated torque sensor
Continuously variable transmission
Plastic movable guide for transmission device
Dual lift system
Candle with polyethersulfone barrier
Catalyst combustion device and method of producing frame body portion thereof
Gas fired radiant heating unit and method of operation thereof
Noise suppression and sound proof chamber
Outdoor fan system
Discharge apparatus for movable hearth type heat-treatment furnace, its operation method, and method and apparatus for manufacturing molten iron using the same
Titanium-based heat exchangers and methods of manufacture
System and method for scoring supersonic aerial projectiles
Hunting arrow
Method for quantitatively analyzing fragmented red blood cells
Apparatus for measuring parameters of material
Photopolymerization-based fabrication of chemical sensing films
Cell-free assay using oncogene-induced apoptosis to identify inhibitors of apoptosis in drug-resistant cells
Reinforced cluster optical sensors
Devices and methods for detecting analytes using electrosensor having capture reagent
Rapid evaluation of the ratio of biological molecules
Specificity in the detection of anti-rubella IgM antibodies
Method for assaying whole blood for the presence or absence of circulating cancer or other target cell fragments
Method of diagnosing and monitoring malignant breast carcinomas
Rapid quantitative analysis of proteins or protein function in complex mixtures
Assays for .beta.-amyloid processing
Differential diagnosis of neurological diseases
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Ultrasound imaging system using multi-stage pulse compression
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Method of and system for ultrasound imaging
Unitary operator control for ultrasonic imaging graphical user interface
Talking interactive microscope
Reflector with a resistant surface
Method of manufacturing diffractive optical element
Manufacturing method for polarizing conversion elements
Liquid crystal display device
Optical circuit in which fabrication is easy
Optical waveguide with layered core and methods of manufacture thereof
Color filter and liquid crystal display provided therewith
Embedded metal scheme for liquid crystal display (LCD) application
Method of fabricating an LC panel
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Method of processing silver halide color photographic materials
System and method for correcting 3D effects in an alternating phase-shifting mask
Photosensitive transfer material
Polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Positive-working resist composition
Silicon-containing copolymer and photosensitive resin composition containing the same
Method of treating an anti-reflective coating on a substrate
Positive type actinic ray-curable dry film and pattern-forming method by use of the same
Photolithographic methods of using a single reticle to form overlapping patterns
Optical proximity correction method utilizing serifs having variable dimensions
Mask pattern creating method and mask pattern creating apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Formation method of pattern
Positive working photosensitive composition, article and process for forming a relief pattern
Pattern forming method and method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method of reducing defects
Plasma processing method
Imaged printing plate and method of preparation
Electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus
Toner, image-forming apparatus, process cartridge and image forming method
Carrier for two-component developer for developing latent electrostatic images and developer using the carrier
Toolless thumb screw with adjustable height knob
Multipurpose combination USB hub and power adapter assembly
Card connector having improved stopper for eject mechanism
Sorting device of electronic card connector socket
IC card
Semiconductor device having a built-in contact-type sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic transaction system
Gaming device with bonus scheme providing increased reward for selecting related symbols
Game machine
Method and apparatus for improved visual presentation of objects for visual processing
Text line underscoring and overscoring method and implementation devices
Method and device for multi-sensory learning
Method for teaching interpretative skills in radiology with standardized terminology
Remote physiological monitoring system with configurable settings
Instrumented breast model
Method of instruction
Systems, methods and computer program products for collaborative learning
Label having tab member and methods for forming, applying and using the same
Tamper-evident label with multiple pressure-sensitive adhesives of different sensitivity
Library service port
Method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head with magnetoresistive effect element
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic read/write apparatus
Oriented magnetic medium on a nonmetallic substrate
Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
Optical recording medium and use of such optical recording medium
Information recording medium and method for producing the same, and method for recording/reproducing information thereon
Photorefractive material
Twin NAND device structure, array operations and fabrication method
Method for production of and material adapted to be sintered to a nuclear fuel element with oxide base
Method for making neutron absorber material
Anisotropic conductive film
Method of manufacturing laminated ceramic electronic component, and laminated ceramic electronic component
Permanent magnetic materials of the Fe-B-R tpe, containing Ce and Nd and/or Pr, and process for manufacture
Method of manufacturing a spin valve structure
Method for reactive ion etching and apparatus therefor
Method of treating surface of face panel for image display
Linear drive system for use in a plasma processing system
Method for testing the degradation of polymeric materials
High pressure discharge lamp and method for producing thereof
Method of removing contaminants from a double-ended arc discharge tube
Neck cleaning method for a CRT
Method of dimensionally stabilizing a tungsten filament
Apparatus for removing a coating film
Manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Method of fabricating image sensor equipped with lens
Providing a conductive material in an opening
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for reducing dishing in chemical mechanical polishing
Backside protection films
Method for fabricating surface acoustic wave filter packages
Method for forming lightly doped diffusion regions
Growing a dual damascene structure using a copper seed layer and a damascene resist structure
Semiconductor memory with deuterated materials
Method of fabricating a polysilicon capacitor utilizing FET and bipolar base polysilicon layers
Method and structure for reducing contact aspect ratios
Coupled-cap flip chip BGA package with improved cap design for reduced interfacial stresses
Method for manufacturing thin film transistors
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
High-pressure anneal process for integrated circuits
Triple gate oxide process with high-k gate dielectric
Process for forming high temperature stable self-aligned metal silicide layer
Formation of tungstein-based interconnect using thin physically vapor deposited titanium nitride layer
Method of forming a dielectric film
Methods of forming a layer of silicon nitride in a semiconductor fabrication process
Method of rounding a topcorner of trench
Method of forming a dielectric layer in a semiconductor device
Nanoporous dielectric films with graded density and process for making such films
Nitrogen-containing polymers as porogens in the preparation of highly porous, low dielectric constant materials
Method for fabricating a body region for a vertical MOS transistor arrangement having a reduced on resistivity
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacture method of that
Method for detecting etching endpoint, and etching apparatus and etching system using the method thereof
Platform table for cleaning parts
Device transfer method
Methods for forming a die package
High temperature electrostatic chuck
Method of forming shallow trench isolation with rounded corners and divot-free by using in-situ formed spacers
Method of plasma etching of silicon carbide
Method of forming a copper damascene structure comprising a recessed copper-oxide-free initial copper structure
Method of forming through-hole or recess in silicon substrate
Multilayered diffusion barrier structure for improving adhesion property
Metal interconnection with low resistance in a semiconductor device and a method of forming the same
Method for fabricating an ESD device
Planarizing method for fabricating gate electrodes
Methods of patterning a multi-layer film stack and forming a lower electrode of a capacitor
Process flow for two-step collar in DRAM preparation
Method for an advanced MIM capacitor
Method for fabricating devices in core and periphery semiconductor regions using dual spacers
Method of integrating volatile and non-volatile memory cells on the same substrate and a semiconductor memory device thereof
Method of fabricating mask read only memory
Non-volatile memory cell having bilayered floating gate and fabricating method thereof
Method of making a flash memory device with an inverted tapered floating gate
Texturing of a die pad surface for enhancing bonding strength in the surface attachment
Insulated bonding wire for microelectronic packaging
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating a CDBGA package
Low profile semiconductor package
Method for manufacturing a power semiconductor device and direct bonded substrate thereof
Method of decontaminating process chambers, methods of reducing defects in anti-reflective coatings, and resulting semiconductor structures
Simultaneous provision of controlled height bonding material at a wafer level and associated structures
Organic electroluminescent display and method for making same
Semiconductor device having capacitance element and method of producing the same
MOS transistor and method for forming the same
Method for forming a vertical nitride read-only memory
CMOS process for double vertical channel thin film transistor
Bipolar transistor produced using processes compatible with those employed in the manufacture of MOS device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor laser having recombination layer stripes in current blocking structure
Method of preparing photoresponsive devices, and devices made thereby
Organic electroluminescent device using hole-injectable, light-emitting material
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell with a solvent including a S-O bond
Lithium polymer secondary cell
Solid electrolyte, electrochemical device, lithium ion secondary battery, and electric double-layer capacitor
Method for producing a nickel metal-hydride storage battery
Glass to metal seal
Impregnated separator for electrochemical cell and method of making same
Electric storage battery construction and method of manufacture
Battery constructions having increased internal volume for active components
Battery and process for preparing the same
Solid polymer electrolyte, a membrane using thereof, a solution for coating electrode catalyst, a membrane/electrode assembly, and a fuel cell
Carbon monoxide tolerant electrocatalyst with low platinum loading and a process for its preparation
Separator for fuel cell
Fuel cell unit, composite block of fuel cells and method for manufacturing a composite block of fuel cells
Fuel cell stack assembly
Air supply pressure setpoint determination for a fuel cell power module
Coin battery connector
Connector having a function of reliably correcting the position of an object to be connected
Central processing unit socket assembly
Contact for pin grid array connector and method of forming same
Conductive elastomeric contact system with anti-overstress columns
High-density receptacle connector
Safety cover for an electrical outlet
Watertight connector
Apparatus for securing cable
Structure for locking two workpieces
Card connector unit provided with first accomodating position and second accomodating position
Power plug
Universal adapter with interchangeable plugs
High-speed axial connector
Semiconductor laser and fabricating method therefor
Structure for connecting shielded cable to shield connector
Device for connecting bus bars
Fuel cell system
ZIF socket
Method for manufacturing circuit board having conductive via
Removable housing for mounting pin grid array
Self-locking mechanism for a hot pluggable printed circuit board
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