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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hatching kit for toxicity test
Spiroheterocyclic thiofuran dione derivatives
Liquid agrochemical composition containing hydrophobic agrochemical active compound
Strain of entomopathogenic fungus Isaria fumosorosea CCM 8367 (CCEFO.011.PFR) and the method for controlling insect and mite pests
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid packaged particles for the treatment of hypersensitivity
Stove and method for preventing cooked material from being burnt dry
Antiviral Morinda citrifolia L. based formulations and methods of administration
Selective heated extraction of albumin proteins from intact freshwater algal cells
KDR peptides and vaccines comprising the same
KDR peptides and vaccines comprising the same
Stabilized protease composition
Antigen purification process for pertactin antigen
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Generation of replication competent viruses for therapeutic use
Fusion proteins comprising flagellin and dengue viral envelope proteins
Humanized anti-EGFL7 antibodies and methods using same
Anti-IL12Rbeta1 antibodies and their use in treating autoimmune and inflammatory disorders
Highly inhibited starch fillers for films and capsules
Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles
Corticosteroid particles and method of production
Tablet dosage form
Methods and apparatus for reducing count of infectious agents in intravenous access systems
Biological H.sub.2S removal system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and article of manufacture for solvent extraction operation
Method for production of chromatography media
System and method for grease containment with water draining utility
Metal oxide support material containing nanoscaled iron platinum group metal
Method and apparatus for processing exhaust gas
Electrolyte membrane, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
Method of manufacturing expendable salt core for casting
Partial die process for uniform etch loading of imprint wafers
Method and device for the automated manufacture of at least one elongate composite material part with one or more layers
Method for applying a fluid to end walls of thermoplastic containers
Rubber laminate
Shell structure and manufacturing method for shell structure of electronic device
Method for joining a profiled first structural component to a second structural component
Protection sheet for coating film
Method of manufacturing thin film device
Anti-reflective coatings comprising ordered layers of nanowires and methods of making and using the same
Water-based hot-foam adhesive panel
Ionic polymer devices and methods of fabricating the same
Apparatus, systems and methods for preparing food in packages having integral compartments
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Solid material in the divided state, process for the production of such a material, and use of such a material in a photovoltaic cell
Process for selective oxidation of hydrogen sulphide
Using boron-containing compounds, gasses and fluids during ammonothermal growth of group-III nitride crystals
Cyclic preparation method for producing titanium boride from intermediate feedstock sodium-based titanium-boron-fluorine salt mixture and producing sodium cryolite as byproduct
Process for producing hydrocyanic acid
Process for manufacturing prefluxed metal oxide from metal hydroxide and metal carbonate precursors
Method for wet oxidation of effluents heated essentially by self-combustibility, and corresponding installation
Valuable resource recovery system and operation method thereof
Process for removing oxidants from water injected into a subsurface aquifer to prevent mobilization of trace metals
Advanced treatment system of wastewater having plasma discharging vessel
Blue phase liquid crystal composition
Desulfurization of petroleum streams using metallic sodium
Nucleic acid extraction from complex matrices
Method for processing biological material
System for screening agonists/antagonists of cellular signaling pathways
Methods and kits for miRNA isolation and quantitation
Mutational profiles in HIV-1 reverse transcriptase correlated with phenotypic drug resistance
Apparatus for applying a primer coating with the aid of vacuum
Magnet mounting system and magnetron sputtering device having same
Substrate processing method
Method for generating hollow cathode plasma and method for treating large area substrate using hollow cathode plasma
Textiles; Paper
Superhydrophobic fibers and methods of preparation and use thereof
Fabric belt for a machine for producing web material, in particular paper or cardboard
Fixed Constructions
Protective bumper device
Methods for determining the efficiency of a therapeutic
Sensor holder, holder unit in which blood sensor is mounted to the sensor holder, and blood testing device to which the holder unit is mounted
Separator and separation strip
Prediction and prevention of preeclampsia
Method and means for treatment of osteoarthritis
Biomarkers for the detection and screening of down syndrome
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Battery pack assembly with integrated heater
Holding mechanism and electronic device using the same
Fuel cell stack including buffer protrusion system in connection channel
Metal oxide negative electrodes for lithium-ion electrochemical cells and batteries
Fuel cell system and method for starting up the same
Fabricating method for multilayer printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Unfold finger for a forwardly folding planting implement
Helicopter logging system
Self-aligning delimbing apparatus
Arrangement for mounting a cutting head assembly of a delimbing device on a support member
Fence sprinkler system
Trimming machine having braking device for cutting blade
Arrangement and a method of performing an animal-related action
Method and an implement for automatically milking animals
Animal confinement pen with improved access to animal
Animal training system
Humane training and control collar
Food dish for pets
Pet food feeding apparatus
Non-freezing watering dish for animals
Remotely operable centrifugal brake
Fishing reel with multiplier for increasing line winder speed
Device for storing and dispensing fish hooks
Apparatus for treatment of fluent materials
Arranged plurality of waste material-containment devices
In-line roller skate
Snowboard binding
Footwear with a releasable pin for use in gliding sports
Umbrella frame
Durable device for wheeled luggage
Caddy shaver receptacle for shaving items and instruments
Cosmetic pencil and case
Cosmetic package having permeable zone
Device for inflating/deflating the shoulder straps of a means intended to be worn on the back by a person
User attachable device for securing single use cameras and the like on clothing
Patio table tie-down assembly
Hanging file support apparatus
Shelf construction
Multiple microphone support device
Ice separation device
Adjustable railing bracket
No-sew drapery system
Hot fluid transfer mechanism
Method for coronary artery bypass
Optically transparent medical instrument cover
Method and apparatus for controlling the body temperature of a patient
Baby supplies carrying case
Applicator for a wrap for a boxer's hand
Device for treatment of male and female urinary incontinence
Convertible wheelchair and a method for converting a wheelchair chassis
Wheel camber adapter for a wheelchair
Adjustable mobility assistance device
Acoustic respiratory therapy apparatus
Resealable vial with connector assembly having a membrane and pusher
Unit for orienting and supplying bottom shells of medicinal capsules
Vitamin and pill dispensing device
Self righting bottle
Method for inducing partial recovery of lost voluntary motor function after spinal cord injury in a mammal
Inhaled insulin dosage control delivery enhanced by controlling total inhaled volume
Packaged skin product
Selected C-10 perfluorinated hydrocarbons for liquid ventilation and artificial blood
Air freshener card, method of use and method of manufacture
Medical air hose internal flow heater
Swabbable check valve
Delivery conduit for a breathing equipment
Fire Protection system
Golf ball holder
Nested, two-layer golf bag strap for one-shoulder or two-shoulder carrying
Automatic golf bag support stand
Organizer bag for transporting baseball softball equipment on a golf cart
Pneumatic ball tossing device
Snowboard boot with binding interface
Device for detecting playing pieces on a board
Ring toss game with moving target
Apparatus and method for playing a matching game
Domino box kit and domino stands
Electronic body-bending game
Illuminated kite system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-layer microfluidic devices
Stainless steel chopper/mixer-grinder worm having improved resistance to fatting
Shredding module used in a paper shredder
Apparatus for processing rubber-based materials
Rotary drum washer
Method for separating electrically conductive mineral components from electrically non-conductive mineral components of an ore
Hand-operated pump with a trigger, for dispensing liquids
Flame spray system with splatter blocking and automated rod delivery apparatuses
Airless system for spraying coating material
Electrically operated cartridge dispensing appliance
Hot melt adhesive applicator with centrally located filter
Capacitive method and apparatus for accessing contents of envelopes and other similarly concealed information
Temperature controlled degassification of deionized water for megasonic cleaning of semiconductor wafers
Process for production of tube profile element with swaged closed head end and muffler suspension produced thereby
Continuous casting device
Support structure for oscillating continuous casting mold
Strip casting apparatus
Strip casting apparatus
Ingot mould system
Positioning apparatus and method for precision pouring of a liquid from a vessel
Method for producing embossed metallic flakelets
Cutting matrix and method of applying the same
Chuck with jaw blade rotational stop
Method of brazing titanium to stainless steel
Method and apparatus for controlling a time/temperature profile of a reflow oven
Movable selective debridging apparatus for debridging soldered joints on printed circuit boards
Method for preventing a gold plate connector on a PCB from being contaminated
Expansion agent assisted diffusion bonding
Ultrasonic vibration bonding machine
Friction stir conduction controller
High strength friction stir welding
Method for joining materials together by a diffusion process using silver/germanium alloys and a silver/germanium alloy for use in the method
Hydrodynamic seal and method of manufacture
Sorting apparatus for parts from workpiece cutting machine
Vacuum collet with release filament
Universal lift system
Adjustable socket rack
Segmented variable height basket body form
Method and apparatus for profiling a log
Process for producing non-slip floor covering
Method for washing prefoamed particles
Removable thread guide which receives threads projected onto a surface
Pipe liner, a liner product and methods for forming and installing the liner
Sheet separating device
Sheet handling device for continually fed sheets which are aligned and moved from first to second storage locations
Valve stem with slidable, rotatable air-tight coupling for removably attachable devices
Pneumatic tire for passenger cars having specified harshness factor
Inflation-free tire structure
Trailer alignment backing aid for vehicles
Y-shaped tow bar having a channel adapted to conceal and protect an associated cable
Vehicle height adjust control apparatus and method
Integration of an engine lubrication system with an engine fuel system
Electromechanical refueling control system
Operating element arrangement for controlling motor vehicle longitudinal and transverse movements
Dynamic speed governing of a vehicle
Multi-adjustable stand for vehicle electronic components
Accessing step construction on downwardly curved vehicle bumpers and methods of operating and constructing it
Storage compartment with a displaceable lid arrangement
Demountable wheeled container for carrier of a sports utility vehicle or truck
Braking system with a hydrodynamic retarder
Device for automatically locating a railway vehicle
Operator for a railroad implement
Golf bag push cart
Customer information terminal system with a docking member for a data collection device
Steering system for an articulated tracked combine
Engine mounting and stabilizing arrangement
Engine enclosure
Easy-install, two-position tractor hood
Bicycle stand
Bicycle frame assembly having wooden appearance and enhanced mechanical properties
Kick scooter combination frame structure
Low-drag, high-speed ship
Boat mooring assembly
Automatic vent device that prevents fuel spillage for marine vessels
Boat trim tabs
Maritime chemical tanker having composite tanks for storing and/or transporting liquid organic and inorganic chemicals and the like
Underwater vehicle
Aircraft door assembly
Double pane window for an aircraft cabin
Flight control system for airplane
Uplock assembly
Shear tie device
Container distribution apparatus
Labeling machine
Household product package
Stackable container
Breakaway container with thumb slit
Injection stretch blow molded tubular containers
Corkscrew-free bottle stopper
Container having a snap fit selectively detachable lid
Container having a sliding inner member
End opening bulk material box
Shipping/display box having tear-out segments
Child-resistant threaded closure
Compact basket-style carrier blank
Bottle carrier
Carton box retainer
Reclosable sleeve package
Cup with attached straw
Egg carton having compartment for other ingredients
Cigarette packet
Accumulation conveyor system
Zero back pressure conveyor system
Drive system for a mail processing machine
Low pressure dynamic accumulation table
Web tension control apparatus and method
Coaxial paddle wheel fan and gripper conveyor sprocket with independent driving means for each
Method and unit for feeding blanks to a user machine
Sheet feeder unit
Sheet feeding apparatus and sheet processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for automatically finishing copies after the maximum storage tray capacity has been exceeded
Transmission mechanism for pick-up roller
Printer sheet deskewing system with automatically variable numbers of upstream feeding NIP engagements for different sheet sizes
Dual bobbin mandrel
Restraining means for limiting speeds of a measuring cable returning to a linear transducer which is a cable extension transducer
Method and apparatus for detecting position of an elevator door
Self-actuating slack puller
Mounting adapter and related bottle cap for a bottled water cooler
Vapor recovery diagnostics
Methods and systems for distributing liquid chemicals
Fuel dispenser for a vehicle
Water deflection system for use in fuel dispenser cabinets
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Heat exchanger and method of purifying and detoxifying water
Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite internal combustion engine intake/exhaust valves
Methods of sealing subterranean zones
Low friction cam shaft
Thermal CVD/PECVD reactor and use for thermal chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide and in-situ multi-step planarized process
Apparatus and method for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) in a single wafer reactor
Textiles; Paper
Gripper system for gripper loom
Fixed Constructions
Reinforcing mat for reinforcing asphalt
Orifice protector
Multi-purpose underground utility conduit system
Expandable metal canopy
Fall protection device for construction sites
Adjustable roofing scaffold assembly and method of use
Device for vertical arrangement of a pole or post-like object
Tent with integral air mattress
Seal setting mechanism
Blind with angled slats having unequal wings
Window assembly having rolling window screen assembly
Lineman's ladder stabilizer
Ladder safety device
One cone rotary drill bit featuring enhanced grooves
Wear indicator for rotary drilling tools
Well pump electrical cable with internal bristle support
Drill pipe
Remote control valve
Method of underbalanced drilling
Small diameter run in whipstock and method for setting in large diameter casing
Isolation tool release mechanism
Adjustable stuffing boxes for pump rods
Removable non-metallic bridge plug or packer
Helical perforating gun
Toe-to-heel oil recovery process
Oil recovery system and apparatus
Electrical submersible pump and methods for enhanced utilization of electrical submersible pumps in the completion and production of wellbores
Method of determining in-situ stresses
Anti-wobbling bailer with high speed insertion
Method and apparatus for radially drilling through well casing and formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary combustion engine with pistons
Vale opening and closing time detecting apparatus and method thereof for electromagnetically operated valve mechanism in internal combustion engine
Two-part variable valve timing mechanism
Hydraulic control device for at least one lifting valve
Lubricating device for four-stroke engine
Crankcase breather oil collector for motorcycles
Portable handheld work apparatus having a four-stroke engine
Device and a method for sound reduction in a transport system for gaseous medium and use of the device in an exhaust system for ships
Mounting configuration for the exhaust pipe cover of an engine
Arrangement for spark-igniting direct-injection internal combustion engine
Timed tube induction system for improving the performance and efficiency of an internal combustion engine
Movable crankpin, variable compression-ratio, piston engine
Cleaner for combustion systems and catalytic converters
Throttle lever assembly
Apparatus for controlling EGR valve of diesel engine and method
Method of determining distribution of vapors in the intake manifold of a banked engine
Method of controlling idle of internal combustion engine
Engine with torque control
Multiple spark capacitive discharge ignition system for an internal combustion engine
Control device for controlling the power of a driving engine
Water-cooled internal combustion engine
Cylinder liner for a liquid-cooled internal combustion engine
Semi integrated sealing system
Integrated air-fuel module and assembly method
Gas valve
Exhaust gas recirculation valve with variable flow area
Intake system for an internal combustion engine
Fuel catalyst apparatus for exhaust gas purification
Air cleaner system
Injection valve with control valve
Slotted housing for fuel injector
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Valve, for use with a fuel injector
Fuel injector utilizing a multiple current level solenoid
Control device and control method for cam driving type electronic control unit injector
Low noise electronically actuated oil valve and fuel injector using same
Piezoelectrically actuated fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injector with tubular lower needle guide
Fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Method and device for producing a perforated disc for an injector valve, perforated disc for an injector valve and injector valve
Crank pulley for recoil starter
Circuit arrangement for an ignition stage, in particular for the ignition circuit of a motor vehicle
Method for determining ignition angles for individual cylinders in a multicylinder internal combustion engine
Aftercooler having bypass passage integrally formed therewith
Power transfer pump
Protection of downwell pumps from sand entrained in pumped fluids
Water transporting device
Pilot 3-port transfer valve
Bi-directional flow control valve
Corrosion and contaminant resistant slide valve
Pneumatic spring
Release mechanism for a motor vehicle friction clutch
Electronically controlled clutch actuation system
Hydraulic rotary clutch
One-way clutch
Abrasive coating on brake pads
Hydraulically damping elastomer bearing
Torque transmitting apparatus
Hydraulic damper with elastomeric spring assembly
Method and system for determining clutch status in a vehicle
Metal gasket with two half beads
Metal laminate gasket with common plate support area
Self-centering brush seal
Shaft seal for mixers
Hydraulic valve
Rotary valve shaft seal
Bottom entry cryogenic valve
Cross member mounted cable containment device for avoiding propshaft/universal joint/cable interference
Fuel nozzle
Method and composition for grouting water-flooded conduits
Double-wall insulated container
Image receiving monitor using LCD
Cylinder cabinet
Air flow activated control unit for a furnace
Air treating device
Catalytic combustion heater
Instantaneous water heater
Ice cube tray and dispenser
Snow making tower with antifreeze precooling system
Thin, planar heat spreader
Heat transfer tube
Heat exchanger with flexible tubes, especially for a motor vehicle
Cooling apparatus and method of assembling same
Heat exchanger mounted to vehicle
Heat exchanger tank
Bladder water gun with pump and quick charge system
Fold-out fin
Case with wrist strap and removable accessory
Diaphragm-type gas pressure regulator with drop-in valve subassembly
Valve assembly for an apparatus under pressure
Apparatus and method for controlling vibrating feeder
System and method for cascade control of temperature and humidity for semi-conductor manufacturing environments
Information display device
Multi-mode heat transfer using a thermal heat pipe valve
High performance gas cooling system and method
Chip-card with mode switching between contactless and contact-coupled mode
Wireless communication devices and methods of forming wireless communication devices
Apparatus and method of providing a dual mode card and reader
Card reader assembly
Method and apparatus for reading invisible symbol
Random selection game device
Positive drive coin discrimination apparatus and method
Vending machine in which an article passage has an effective width automatically adjusted in accordance with an article size
Card type dispenser assembly with bottom loading
Card reader
Electronic cash register and price calculation method
Apparatus and method for automatically inserting markers into books
Rotating balloon apparatus
Chime tube hanger cord connector
.lambda./4 absorber with an adjustable band width
CD package
Method and device for the twisting of at least two single-lines
Two chamber plasma processing apparatus
Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Wafer holding structure for semiconductor wafer containers
Method and apparatus for the linear positioning and for the position recognition of a substrate on an onserting unit
Dynamic chuck for semiconductor wafer or other substrate
Low EMI emissions heat sink device
Captive device for conduit anchoring bush
Component carrier having high strength pocket
Apparatus for positioning electronic component holder head and apparatus for transferring electronic component
Control system for use with semiconductor device transporting and handling apparatus
Method for soldering DPAK-type electronic components to circuit boards
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew