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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85180 CAC
Tomato variety N 6407
Tomato variety N 6410
Dog restraining apparatus and method
Wish fish system
Detachable line cartridge system
Imprinted particle structure
Lighting apparatus for controlling plant disease
Agricultural composition, method for the production thereof and uses in the treatment of cultures
Insecticidal compositions and method for insect control
Compositions for retarding spoilage of coffee, methods of treating coffee with the compositions and coffee treated with the compositions
Protein hydrolyzate and processes for the production thereof
Electronic cigarette and its atomizing device
Electronic cigarette device and electronic cigarette thereof
Reversible compression support bra
Garment with elastic seams
Glove accessory
Ventilating footpad
Buckle-tongue arrangement for four point seat belt system
Umbrella with off-centered canopy
Multipurpose storage device and method
Cosmetics storage assembly
Lighted hair clip assembly
Apparatus having rigid thermally-insulated container, table assembly and collapsible thermally-insulated container
Backpack that converts to a sleeping mat
Cleaning device
Brush parts holder
Foldable table
Panel dismounting and locking mechanism of drawer
Height-adjustable table
Ready to assemble sofa and method for packaging same
Physical support device
Jewelry display hanger with cable tie
Undergarment organizing device and method of use
Sliding blackout curtain apparatus
Household appliance for heating liquid
Gas barbecue
Self-securing roll holder and method
Ring apparatus and grab bar
Connector for a dishwasher middle spray arm
Ultra-wide range observation endoscope apparatus
Tweezer arrangement for an epilation head
System and method for assessing retinal functionality
Unobtrusive active eye interrogation
System and method for automatic, non-invasive diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension and measurement of mean pulmonary arterial pressure
Sustaining ventricular tachycardia detection
Device for measuring biomedical data of a test subject and method for stimulating the test subject using data processed in real time
Contoured electrode
Arrangement and method for determining the spatial distribution of magnetic particles
Biosignal measurement apparatus
Radiographic apparatus including a bending constant calculating device and a twisting constant calculation device
Ultrasound diagnostic device and ultrasound image display method
Cross-band communications in an implantable device
GI lead implantation
Energy delivery apparatus and method
Implantable anchor with rotating cam
Atrial tachyarrhythmia detection using selected atrial intervals
Electrical muscle controller
Method and apparatus for sensing mechanical energy of an implantable lead
Implantable carrier member having a non-communicative lumen
Two-part electrotransport device
Systems, devices and methods for acute autonomic stimulation
Sequenced and simultaneous stimulation for treating congestive heart failure
Cardiac rhythm management system selecting between multiple same-chamber electrodes for delivering cardiac therapy
Intelligent control system for adaptive cardiac resynchronization therapy device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Disassemblable structure, electric equipment and non-electric equipment having disassemblable structure, and disassembling method
Line head and an image forming apparatus using such a line head
Exposing device for controlling the exposure of a photoconductor
Laser driving device, optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Intelligent tire systems and methods
Vehicle unlocking systems
Cup sleeve with handle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pyrazolopyrans having herbicidal and pharmaceutical properties
Structure of the insulin receptor ectodomain
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for generating a diagnostic signal of an engine component using an in-cylinder pressure sensor
Energy storage system utilizing compressed gas
Baby bottle warmer
Position sensor, optical head device, head moving mechanism, information recording and reproduction device and position control system
Method of measuring coating thickness using infrared light
Chemical sensing with coherent detection of optical signal
Navigation device and facility image display method
Stabilized solid-state gyrolaser
Tunable broadband anti-relfection apparatus
Method for detecting surface plasmon resonance
High speed quantum efficiency measurement apparatus utilizing solid state lightsource
Pool and superpool matrix coding and decoding designs and methods
Automated decision support for associating an unknown biological specimen with a family
Re-configurable mixed-mode integrated circuit architecture
Current-aligned auto-generated non-equiaxial hole shape for wiring
Foreign object detection sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Photon imaging system for detecting defects in photovoltaic devices, and method thereof
Nondestructive inspection method of insulator using frequency resonance function
State machine select inputs coupled to TDI, TCK, and TMS
Positioning system, position information transmitter, communication terminal, and control method of the positioning system
Method of maneuvering a moving platform with on-board obstruction
Method for detecting a vehicle type, a vehicle speed and width of a detecting area by a vehicle radar sensor
Supercavitating projectile tracking system and method
Estimating in situ mechanical properties of sediments containing gas hydrates
Method and device for automated generation of a formal description of a magnetic resonance system measurement sequence, using a sequence model
Independently excitable resistivity units
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens system
Concept for detecting images with sub-wavelength resolution
Electronically controlled stage lighting system
Optical scanning device and two-dimensional image display device using the same
Piezoelectric mirror device, optical equipment incorporating the same, and piezoelectric mirror device fabrication process
Head-mounted display
Wavelength interleaver
Optical fiber connector
Lens unit composed of different materials and camera module and method for manufacturing the same
Optical element assembly and method of manufacturing optical unit
Lens barrel and photographing apparatus including the same
Planar gradient index optical metamaterials
Waveguide-type semiconductor optical modulator and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for dispensing liquid crystal material and method for fabricating liquid crystal display device using the same
Repairing structure of liquid crystal display and repairing method thereof
Liquid crystal display
Projector system
Liquid crystal display device comprising a reflection region having tilted first and second recesses and method for manufacturing the same
Backlight device, liquid crystal display device and illuminating device
Depolarizing film, process for producing the same, and liquid-crystal display
Reflective liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Fluorescent tube, illuminating apparatus for display device, and display device
Liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, and television receiver equipped with the same
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Display device comprising an antioxidant film formed on a microcrystalline semiconductor film wherein the antioxidant film has a recessed portion overlapping a channel region
Electrochromic device and method of fabricating the same
Acoustically focused optical lens
Use of undoped crystals of the yttrium/aluminum/borate family for creating non-linear effects
Hand-wearable camera harness and method of assembling the hand-wearable camera harness
Lithographic apparatus and a method to compensate for the effect of disturbances on the projection system of a lithographic apparatus
Exposure apparatus, immersion system, exposing method, and device fabricating method
Power supply control device
Method and apparatus for aligning coupled digital print engines
Power off sequence of image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including main unit and process cartridge
Electrophotographically produced barrier images
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the log-off of user
Image forming apparatus with air cooling of sheets through multiple ducts
Method for providing functions in an industrial automation system, control program and industrial automation system
Control device for the position control of a hydraulic cylinder unit comprising a linearization unit
Machine tool and controlling method thereof
Driver information device
Anti-arcing protection circuit for an electronic ballast
Shared power domain dynamic load based power loss detection and notification
Method and apparatus for managing power from a sequestered partition of a processing system
Random signal generator and random number generator including the same
Time synchronization of portable devices
Holder of magnetic storage apparatus, magnetic storage apparatus and electric device including the same
Electronic device
Electronic module with shockproof function
Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method of processing data
Dynamic control of reduced voltage state of graphics controller component of memory controller
Multiprocessor system including a power saving mode and control method thereof, and computer-readable medium
Distributed turbocoder for block-fading channels
Digital television systems employing concatenated convolutional coded data
Defect detector for holographic storage systems
Base station with a retransmission function
Modified turbo-decoding message-passing algorithm for low-density parity check codes
Interleaving scheme for an LDPC coded 32 APSK system
Virtual storage migration technique to minimize spinning disks
Storage system and virtualization method
Method and system for storing logical data blocks into flash-blocks in multiple non-volatile memories which are connected to at least one common data I/O bus
Apparatus and method for executing rapid memory management unit emulation and full-system simulator
Active-active remote configuration of a storage system
System for determining allocation of tape drive resources for a secure data erase process
Backward compatible extended USB plug and receptacle with dual personality
Instruction generation apparatus for generating a computer program resistant to unauthorized analyses and tampering
Home entertainment system providing presence and mobility via remote control authentication
Control device
Memory access controller, system, and method
Consistency evaluation of program execution across at least one memory barrier
Method and apparatus for measuring performance of hierarchical test equipment
Print control device and method
Information processing apparatus, rule file outputting apparatus, program, and method of determining exclusive relationship between parameters
Leakage aware design post-processing
Method, system, and computer program product for efficiently serializing navigational state in a portal
Method of enhancing multimedia
Data transferring method and content transferring method
System and method for processing large amounts of transactional data
Providing ring protection for access networks
Communication system, communication apparatus, communication server, communication method, information storage medium, and program
System and method for presence subscription delegation
Service server
Adaptive streaming of conference media and data
Extended virtual memory system and method in a computer cluster
Autonomic control of a distributed computing system using dynamically assembled resource chains
Cloning policy using templates and override cloned policy
Method and system for controlling and auditing content/service systems
Service grouping for network reporting
System and method to publish information from servers to remote monitor devices
Systems and methods for QoS provisioning and assurance for point-to-point SIP sessions in DiffServ-enabled MPLS networks
Systems and methods for private network addressing in IP protocols
Processor delivering content information recovered upon sequence of processes performed by data path reconfigured based on received configuration information containing use frequency
Client-based solution for seamless access to applications across networks
Classifying an operating environment of a remote computer
System and method for determining the routing of 911 calls
High-frequency signal interpolation apparatus and high-frequency signal interpolation method
Fast synthesis sub-band filtering method for digital signal decoding
Internet enabled computer system management
System and method for network file system server replication using reverse path lookup
Work optimization based upon lifecycle tracking data
System and method for smart card personalization
Mapping raw spreadsheet data into graphs on arbitrary subsets of the data
Document encryption and decryption printing apparatus, method, and storage medium
Use of gradient road resistance strategies
Fast algorithm for convex optimization with application to density estimation and clustering
Modal advertising for wireless devices
Engine out NOx virtual sensor using cylinder pressure sensor
Apparatus, method, and medium for dialogue speech recognition using topic domain detection
Community-driven approach for solving the tag space littering problem
System and method for rating a written document
Apparatus and method of driving loadable device component
Geographical distributed storage system based on hierarchical peer to peer architecture
Data management method and apparatus
Storage device for generating and storing description information of multi-media contents including keywords in which duplicative keywords are replaced by reference information, and a computer readable storage medium for causing a computer to function as the storage device and to locate selected keywords in said multi-media content
Predictive analytic method and apparatus
Verification of logic circuit designs using dynamic clock gating
Method for enabling multiple incompatible or costly timing environment for efficient timing closure
Pin-out designation method for package-board codesign
Automated integrated circuit clock insertion
Semiconductor device design support apparatus and semiconductor device design support method
Power switch design method and program
Aware manufacturing of an integrated circuit
Performing optical proximity correction by incorporating critical dimension correction
Methods to obtain a feasible integer solution in a hierarchical circuit layout optimization
Process for designing rugged pattern on golf ball surface
Sub-field enhanced global alignment
Standard cell library and semiconductor integrated circuit
Transmission power control parameter calculation method and device
Wireless vehicle test equipment
Remote high-performance computing material joining and material forming modeling system and method
Analyte testing systems
System and method for correcting systematic parametric variations on integrated circuit chips in order to minimize circuit limited yield loss
Hand held refrigeration gauge
Method for managing product segments of product production rules
Method and apparatus for locating position of a GPS device
Optimized scheduling based on sensitivity data
Method and apparatus for facilitating password access to a device
Method of packaging broadcast contents
System and method for generating secured authentication image files for use in device authentication
System, device and method for secure provision of key credential information
System, method and program product for communicating a privacy policy associated with a biometric reference template
Optimizing playback of media content
Transcript editor
Information processing apparatus, peripheral device control method, and storage medium
Device management apparatus, device management method, and recording medium
Digital TV scanning optimization
Merging modifications to user interface components while preserving user customizations
High-speed programs review
Mouse with a finger triggered sensor
Semiconductor device comprising transistor having gate and drain connected through a current-voltage conversion element
Electronic device system utilizing a character input method
Tactile sensor
Method of displaying menu items and related touch screen device
System and method for task management
Systems and methods for configuring information displayed on a screen
Print processing system, printer and recording medium
Printing control system with suspend modes and method thereof
Method for the operation of a data bus, and data bus system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and memory medium for storing computer program for executing method, with interpreter for control programs that are provided for execution on OS-independent platform
Methods and systems for annotation of digital information
Concurrent presentation of video segments enabling rapid video file comprehension
Facilitating the creation and use of collections on an electronic device
Cluster arrangement
Probabilistic recommendation system
Hand hygiene delivery system
Push artifact binding for communication in a federated identity system
Computation of logarithmic and exponential functions
Method and computer system for thermal throttling protection
Analysis of effects of a software maintenance patch on configuration items of a CMDB
Automated deployment of defined topology in distributed computing environment
Methods and apparatus to provide a managed runtime environment in a sequestered partition
Method of product performance improvement by selective feature sizing of semiconductor devices
Workflow processing method and apparatus for determining the existence of data in the storage location and changing the setting information and name of storage location
Scheduling resources in a penalty-based environment
Thread synchronization methods and apparatus for managed run-time environments
System for balance distribution of requests across multiple servers using dynamic metrics
System and method for managing resources of applications and threads performed on java virtual machine
Methods and systems for user controlled reproduction job removal
Image forming apparatus, print control method, and computer-readable recording medium storing print control program
System and method for adjusting operation of printheads in an ink printing device
Process for marking substrates with information using a texture pattern and related substrates
Moving object detection apparatus and moving object detection method
Similarity analyzing device, image display device, image display program storage medium, and image display method
Method and device for determining a similarity value between minutiae templates
Pathology indicating measure related to cartilage structure and automatic quantification thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method of generating color correction matrix for an image sensor
Image processing device and image correction device
Scatter component estimating method
Forms for completion with an electronic writing device
Object detection apparatus, object detection method and object detection program
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and program
Method and system for the detection and the classification of events during motion actions
Image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Method of determining the position of a drill hole to be drilled on an ophthalmic lens
Bit rate control circuit and method for image compression
System and method for detecting scrolling text in mixed mode film and video
Method and apparatus for encoding video data, method and apparatus for decoding video data, and program recording medium
Method for video enhancement and computer device using the method
Pre-filter for object detection
System and method for adjusting backlight in measurement of a profile image
Method and apparatus for image processing for massive parallel DNA sequencing
Area extraction program, character recognition program, and character recognition device
Method and apparatus for estimating object contour in a moving picture
Edge detection technique having improved feature visibility
Method and apparatus for reading a surface coded pattern
Method and system for providing online records
Organizational behavior monitoring analysis and influence
Dynamic interface between BPSS conversation management and local business management
Multimedia engagement study
Medical support system
Method and device utilizing polymorphic data in E-commerce
System, method, and computer readable medium for providing recommendations based on purchase phrases
Method and system for evaluating product substitutions along multiple criteria in response to a sales opportunity
Electronic commerce for system registered consumers
Determining strategies for increasing loyalty of a population to an entity
System and method for increasing traffic to websites
Demand modeling and forecasting for configurable products or services
Integrated content viewing and payment
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for facilitating the exchange of reciprocal deposits
Method and computer-readable medium for administering an insurance policy premium payment deferral plan
Method and system for using reward points to liquidate products
System and method for providing a financial transaction instrument with user-definable authorization criteria
Emergency alert feature on a mobile communication device
System and method for processing checks and check transactions with thresholds for adjustments to ACH transactions
Systems and methods for improving investment performance
Automated fulfilling of currency exchange requests over a computer network
Method and system for reserving future purchases of goods or services
System and method for managing meetings budgets and allocating and reconciling expenditures
Computer-readable recording medium which stores knitting structure model generation program, knitting structure model generation apparatus and knitting structure model generation method
Rasterization engine and three-dimensional graphics system for rasterizing in order adapted to characteristics of polygon
System and method for colon unfolding via skeletal subspace deformation
Three-dimensional shape data recording/display method and device, and three-dimensional shape measuring method and device
Cryptographic module for secure processing of value-bearing items
Blood pressure measurement and reminder system
RFID tag and manufacturing method thereof
Ice safety device
Devices, systems and methods to control caloric intake
Methods and apparatus for overload control of prioritized message flows in a state machine execution environment
Method for resource allocation for hybrid-automatic repeat request
Incremental redundancy retransmission method for fragmented packets
Self assembling display with substrate
Liquid crystal display with periodical changed voltage difference between data voltage and common voltage
Display apparatus and driving method thereof synchronizing frequencies of a synchronization signal and dimming signal
Optimal backlighting determination apparatus and method
Projection system, information processing apparatus
Mobile terminal and method for displaying images thereon
Liquid crystal display device and method and circuit for driving the same
Image processing apparatus and image displaying apparatus
Minimum classification error training with growth transformation optimization
Electronic information access system and methods
Method and apparatus to encode/decode low bit-rate audio signal by approximiating high frequency envelope with strongly correlated low frequency codevectors
Fluid dynamic bearing, spindle motor having the fluid dynamic bearing, and storage apparatus having the spindle motor
Method and apparatus for judging blank area and data recorded-area of optical disc
Disk drive and method for measuring clearance change in the disk drive
Magnetic data eraser
Magnetic recording medium
Multi-bit phase alignment for synchronization mark pattern matching
Optical head, optical head manufacturing method and optical disc device
Method and device for recording soundtracks onto film
Writing repeating patterns of features to a substrate
Overwrite parameter determination for optical drive
Recording determination apparatus and recording determination program
Variable track width recording compensation
Liquid crystal element, optical head device, and variable optical modulation element
Information recording medium with prepit and recording/reproducing apparatus and method using the same
Optical information recording medium
Two terminal programmable hot channel electron non-volatile memory
Method and circuit for calibrating data capture in a memory controller
Managing possibly logically bad blocks in storage devices
Memory device and method of storing data with error correction using codewords
Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device
Decay heat removal system comprising heat pipe heat exchanger
Particle beam apparatus having an annularly-shaped illumination aperture
Variable capacitor
Composite carbon electrodes useful in electric double layer capacitors and capacitive deionization and methods of making the same
Semiconductor device
Imaging device unit and photographing apparatus comprising a piezoelectric element mounted on a plate
Liquid metal containment in an x-ray tube
Systems and methods for analyzing underwater, subsurface and atmospheric environments
Mass spectrometer
Conductive conduits for chemical analyses, and methods for making such conduits
Method and apparatus to reduce arcing in electrodeless lamps
Temperature compensated driver for pulsed diode light source
MOSFET with multiple fully silicided gate and method for making the same
Lateral extended drain metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (LEDMOSFET) with tapered dielectric plates
Diffusion regions having different depths
Microelectronic package
Semiconductor device includes a ceramic substrate and heat sink
Alignment of wafers for 3D integration
Ball-limiting-metallurgy layers in solder ball structures
Methods and structures for controlling wafer curvature
IC having viabar interconnection and related method
Semiconductor element and display device provided with the same
Efuse containing sige stack
Damage propagation barrier
Vertical NPNP structure in a triple well CMOS process
Image sensor, method and design structure including non-planar reflector
Method for pixel shift calculation in digital subtraction angiography and X-ray diagnostic imaging system for generating images in digital subtraction angiography
Memory cell for modification of revision identifier in an integrated circuit chip
Vertical thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same and display device including the vertical thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Directional gamma radiation detector system
Pixel sensor cell with a dual work function gate electode
Fringe capacitor using bootstrapped non-metal layer
High-density capacitor configured on a semiconductor
Audio signal processing apparatus, audio signal processing method, audio signal processing program, and computer-readable recording medium
Circuit with high-density capacitors using bootstrapped non-metal layer
Method and structure to improve body effect and junction capacitance
Semiconductor heterostructures and manufacturing therof
Constructions comprising hafnium oxide and/or zirconium oxide
Active pixel sensor with nanowire structured photodetectors
Field effect transistor
Integration of MEMS and CMOS devices on a chip
Layer structure for electrical contacting of semiconductor components
Method of forming deep trench capacitor
Thin film transistors having multiple doped silicon layers
Intelligent solar panel array
Light guide array for an image sensor
Solid state imaging device and fabrication method for the same
Nitride-based semiconductor device having electrode on m-plane
Phosphor coating method for fabricating light emitting semiconductor device and applications thereof
White light emitting device and vehicle lamp using the same
LED chip
Flexible display and manufacturing method of the same
Actuator with sensor
Surface acoustic wave device and method for production of same
High frequency coupler and communication device
Resonator for wireless power transmission
AISG inline tilt sensor system and method
Methods, systems, and apparatus for storage, transfer and/or control of information via matter wave dynamics
System and method for polyphase ground-fault circuit-interrupters
Monitoring method, circuit, and system
Wind power generation system
Aspects of winding symmetry in HPO motor design
Horizontal linear vibrator
Rotor of brushless motor
Move-sled-home device and method for use in optical disc drive
Motor drive
Driving control apparatus for stepping motor and image forming apparatus
Frequency-responsive wind turbine output control
Surface mount crystal oscillator and manufacturing method of the same
Preventing metastability of a divide-by-two quadrature divider
Tuning circuit for inductor capacitor (LC) tank digitally controlled oscillator
Frequency converting system
Combined mixer and balun design
System and method for adjusting an audio signal
Real-time eye monitor for statistical filter parameter calibration
Surface-wave passive sensor including an integrated antenna, and medical applications using such a type of passive sensor
Driver and output buffer circuit
Current-controlled CMOS logic family
Peak or zero current comparator
Level shift circuit and power conversion unit
Device, system, and method of frequency generation using an atomic resonator
Receiving circuit and sampling clock control method
Apparatus and method for generating a linear code
Programmable compute unit with internal register and bit FIFO for executing Viterbi code
Apparatus and method for communication
Method of managing sound source and apparatus therefor
Correcting quadrature crosstalk contamination in receivers
Method and system for a low noise amplifier utilizing a leaky wave antenna
Distributed mobile communication network
Method and system for low noise amplifier (LNA) gain adjustment through narrowband received signal strength indicator (NRSSI)
Directional pattern determining method capable of quickly selecting optimum directional pattern
Method of connecting to network in broadband wireless access system
Frequency translated filter
Terminal with display function
Mobile communication device with ergonomic feature
Separable mobile terminal and method of operation
Node structure for representing tactile information, and method and system for transmitting tactile information using the same
Method and system for generating information for use in detecting a signal
Method and apparatus for complexity reduction in detection of delay and Doppler shifted signature sequences
Wide field-of-view amplified fiber-retro for secure high data rate communications and remote data transfer
Data center with free-space optical communications
Optical modulation device
Delay processing apparatus, signal amplification apparatus, opto-electric conversion apparatus, analog-digital conversion apparatus, receiving apparatus, and receiving method
Rotary joint
Optical communication apparatus, control apparatus, and method for controlling optical output
Multi-stage raman amplifier
De-pop circuit and an associated audio system
Appratus and method for preventing noise
Method and arrangement for noise floor estimation
Vibration device
Receiver circuit and data transmission system
Method and device of frequency domain equalization
Forwarding schemes for cooperative relay groups
Timer handling in a transmitter in a telecommunication system for voice and data packet transmission
Method of uplink synchronization establishment based on the united transmission technology
Subscriber station, time division multiplexing system and transmission timing control method suitable for wireless communication in synchronous PtoMP scheme
Method for using a base station to selectively utilize B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
OFDM signal transmission apparatus and method
Network restoration under dual failures using path protecting preconfigured cycles
Adaptive scheduling
Modified range requests enabling bandwidth requests and state of health reporting
Frame synchronization method of OFDM communication system and receiver therefor
Signaling allocation method and apparatus thereof
Switching device and loopback detecting method
Transmitting apparatus
System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video using mode changes based on channel feedback (CF)
System and method for communicating using an in-vehicle system
Preamble sequence detection and integral carrier frequency offset estimation method for OFDM/OFDMA wireless communication system
Equalization for zero prefix OFDM systems
Demodulating circuit, demodulating method, and receiving system
Ascertaining presence in wireless networks
System, method and computer program product for residential gateway monitoring and control
Authenticating a data transmission by varying a rate thereof
Message handling in a local area network having redundant paths
System and method for multicast transmission
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a virtual posting service
Configuring a three-stage Clos-network packet switch
Systems and methods for assured communications with quality of service
Network quality monitoring device and method for internet services involving signaling
Method and system for transmitting supplementary data, and communication terminal
Radio transmission device, radio reception device, radio transmission method, and radio reception method
Method and apparatus for generating soft bit values in reduced-state equalizers
Methods of scrambling and descrambling units of data
Appropriate control of access right to access a document within set number of accessible times
Proactive forced renewal of content protection implementations
Secure key management in conferencing system
UPnP apparatus and method for providing remote access service
Image reading apparatus, authentication method, evaluation system, method, and computer program product
Method and apparatus for applying digital signatures to translated content
System and method for managing external storage devices
Method, apparatus and system for frequency synchronization between devices communicating over a packet network
Information processing device, signal processing method, and signal transmission method
Clock and data recovery with a data aligner
Redundant key server encryption environment
Computing isogenies between genus-2 curves for cryptography
System and method for copy protection for digital signals
Secure messaging systems
Method of managing metadata
Watch type mobile terminal
Methods and apparatus for recovering video information in a mobile communication system
Portable wireless apparatus and antenna structure
Method and apparatus for selecting a multi-band access point to associate with a multi-band mobile station
Communication device
Electronic devices including substrate mounted acoustic actuators and related methods and mobile radiotelephones
Systems and methods for characterizing loop termination via single-ended line testing
Method and apparatus for retrieving all voicemail messages at the same time
Regulating alerts generated by communication terminals responsive to sensed movement
Method and apparatus for establishing data link based on audio connection
Method of exchanging voice messages between the driver and user of the vehicle
Method for optimizing the transmission resources by local loopback in a mobile radio communication cellular network, network and local adapters thereof
Intelligent communication routing system and method
Inhibition of telephony based phishing
Method, device and system for displaying caller identification information
Method and system for enhanced call notification and treatment
Communication control method, communication system and communication controller
Adaptive filter for use in echo reduction
Cooperative MIMO for alien noise cancellation (COMAC) for upstream VDSL systems
Photosensitive chip with shifted rows of photosensors and methods thereof
Image process system, image process method and image process program
Image processing apparatus and method for determining document scanning area from an apex position and a reading reference position
Dot forming element arrays at different resolutions
Moving picture coding method, moving picture decoding method, moving picture coding device, and moving picture decoding device
Apparatus and method of frame rate up-conversion with dynamic quality control
Occlusion handling in stereo imaging
Pixel drive circuit, image capture device, and camera system
Image processing apparatus and method of processing image for reducing noise of the image
Imaging apparatus having adjustable power supply based on imager sensitivity
Solid-state imaging device, method of fabricating the same, and camera module
Camera module capable of calibration
Hadamard multimode optical imaging transceiver
Shake correction module for photographing apparatus and photographing apparatus including the same
Image sensing apparatus providing driving direction of focus lens for attaining in-focus state and control method therefor
Imaging apparatus for detecting a face image and imaging method
Image pickup device for wide dynamic range at a high frame rate
Staggered reset in CMOS digital sensor device
Interactive program guide navigator menu system
Apparatus and method for providing EPG, and terminal and method for displaying EPG
Display frequency boosting system for increasing image display frequency
Detailed information providing method and apparatus of personal video recorder
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding image containing gray alpha channel image
Picture processing via a shared decoded picture pool
Method allowing compression and protection parameters to be determined for the transmission of multimedia data over a wireless data channel
Enhanced video telephony through augmented reality
Transmission of composite digital broadcast information
Service providing apparatus and server providing method
Apparatus and method to provide a signal using a communication link
Systems and methods for television antenna operation
Method of processing video data and wireless communication apparatus
Reproduction device, reproduction method, and program for stereoscopic reproduction
Image reproducing apparatus for reproducing images recorded in accordance with different rules and control method therefor
AIMD external programmer incorporating a multifunction RFID reader having a limited transmit time and a time-out period
Anonymous tracking using a set of wireless devices
Semiconductor pressure sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Electret transducer with solar power
Hearing aid algorithms
Loudspeaker having adjustable magnet
Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method for specifying sound generating period
Method and apparatus for determining a modeled room impulse response
Read-out circuit with high input impedance
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method with dynamically varying mapping coefficients
Global positioning system (GPS) instant friend-making and cash flow services system
Mobile communication system and method for estimating moving speed of mobile terminal
Apparatus, system and method capable of pre-allocating and communicating IP address information during wireless communication
Apparatus and method for configuration and optimization of automatic neighbor relation in wireless communication system
System and method for automatic registration notification for over-the-air activation
Gateway device, method for controlling radio transmission, and radio communication system
Allocating resources in a frequency-time space to mobile station data
Faint connectivity session setup
Arrangement and method relating to direct tunnelling in connection with handover in a communications network
Method and apparatus for transmitting an ACK/NACK signal in a wireless communication system
Mobile station, base station, and area shaping method performed by specified base station
Cluster-based cooperative communication system and method
Charged particle accelerator and radiation source
Individually selective intelligent lighting system
Electronic ballast with lamp flicker suppression during start-to-steady state transition
Integrated on-time extension for non-dissipative bleeding in a power supply
Operating resonant load circuit, dimming circuit and dimming method
Time division light output sensing and brightness adjustment for different spectra of light emitting diodes
Electromagnetic induction heating device
Switchable current supply for auxiliary current circuits in a current converter
Electronic component
Circuit substrate for mounting electronic component and circuit substrate assembly having same
Printed circuit board equipped with piezoelectric element
Electronic component and method of manufacturing electronic component
Hard disk drive holder
Apparatus and method for regulating various conditions affecting electronic equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar SJ743473
Inbred sweet corn line I880S
Soybean cultivar 927494
Herbicide composition comprising glyphosate and at least a polyxyloside alkyl
1,3-oxazoline and 1,3-thiazoline derivatives, their preparation, and their use as pesticides
Substituted phenylketoenols
Rubber composition stabilized with carnosic acid
Humidity cabinet with automatic fluid fill system
Dispersible absorbent products and methods of manufacture and use
Composition & method for altering levels of or sensitivity to adenosine with a dehydroepiandrosterone &/or a ubiquinone
Cancer chemotherapy with 2-deoxy-D-glucose
Compounds and methods for modulating cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of human prostate cancer
Compounds and methods for treating transplant rejection
Swainsonine compounds as inhibitors of toxin receptor expression
Method of treating Parkinson's disease
Use of phanquinone for the treatment of alzheimer's disease
Method for treating COPD
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
Analogs of galanthamine and lycoramine as modulators of nicotinic receptors
Prostanoic acid derivatives as agents for lowering intraocular pressure
Oxime-group containing oestrone sulphatase inhibitors
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Method for ameliorating muscle weakness/wasting in a patient infected with human immunodeficiency virus-type 1
Compositions and methods for double-targeting virus infections and targeting cancer cells
Drugs for periodontal disease
Use of sulfated oligosaccharides in lowering blood triglyceride levels
Facilitation of wound healing with CM101/GBS toxin
Therapeutic uses of BPI protein products in humans with otitis media with effusion
Selenocosmia huwena toxin and analgesic uses thereof
Treatment of osteocarcinoma with alpha-1--antitrypsin or secretory leucocyte protease inhibitor
Methods and compositions for inhibiting angiogenesis
Method of treating cardiovascular disease
Method and compositions for treating the inflammatory response
Method of treating hepatitis delta virus infection
6-Mercapto-cyclodextrin derivatives:reversal agents for drug-induced neuromuscular block
Methods for transdifferentiation of body tissues
Methods of administering epothilone analogs for the treatment of cancer
Method of targeting pharmaceuticals to motor neurons
Actinium-225 complexes and conjugates for targeted radiotherapy
Adamantane derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Thermochromic dental material
Composition for removal of calcium or magnesium compounds from an article
Method and composition for minimizing percutaneous absorption of industrial chemicals
Fluorouracil-containing formulation
Complex cationic lipids having quarternary nitrogens therein
Carbamate-based cationic lipids
Non-naturally occurring lipoprotein particle
Cocoa extract compounds and methods for making and using the same
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of skin sensitization and irritation
Tampon with infection-protection
Biofunctional polymers prepared in supercritical fluid
Method of administering dienogest in high dosages to reduce the body of the breast and pharmaceutical composition for same
Reductive amination for aldehyde neutralization
Golf ball and rubber composition therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for preparing fluorine-based solvent
Process for the preparation in pure form of the protease activating blood clotting VII, its proenzyme or a mixture of both proteins by means of affinity chromatography
Fabric care compositions and systems for delivering clean, fresh scent in a lipophilic fluid treatment process
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Gas sampling system for a mass spectrometer
Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of fabrication
Process for producing polyether polyols
Template-textured materials, methods for the production and use thereof
Enhanced functionalized carbon molecular sieves for simultaneous CO2 and water removal from air
Methods, compositions, and biomimetic catalysts for in vitro synthesis of silica, polysilsequioxane, polysiloxane, and polymetallo-oxanes
Free-standing monolithic catalyst with micro-scale channel dimensions
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Platinum-rhenium-tin catalyst for hydrogenation in aqueous solution
Catalyst having a bimodal pore radius distribution
Material constituted by ultrafine metallic and oxide particles
Polymeric foam powder processing techniques, foam powders products, and foams produced containing those foam powders
Methods and apparatus for localized heating of metallic and non-metallic surfaces
Surface modification
Method of toughening thermoplastic polymers and thermoplastic compositions produced thereby
Wetlaid unitary stratified composite
Fabrication of low leakage-current backside illuminated photodiodes
Ink jet recording ink set, recording method and recording apparatus therefor, and recording image made thereby
Mail handling equipment and methods
Tread rubber for high traction tires
Sensor integrated bracket for weight classification
Lever apparatus for vehicle
Electrical junction box for a vehicle
Electronic module
Dishwashing method
Thermoformed polypropylene mineral-filled microwaveable containers having food contact compatible olfactory properties and process for their manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Rapid aerogel production process
Processes for synthesizing borohydride compounds
Admixture for optimizing addition of EO/PO plasticizers
Process for alkylating aromatics
Process for producing phenyl-alkanes using olefin isomerization and paraffin recycle
Process for producing ferrous picrate and a fuel additive containing ferrous picrate from wire
Combretastatin A-4 phosphate prodrug mono- and di-organic amine salts, mono- and di- amino acid salts, and mono- and di-amino acid ester salts
Process for manufacturing the chloride of 1,3-bis- (dimethylbenzylammonium) isopropyl, acrylate alone or mixed with other monomers, and corresponding (co) polymers
Method for preparation of metal organic acid chelates
Amino acid N-carboxyanhydrides with acyl substituents on nitrogen atoms thereof
Process for the preparation of aryloctanoyl amides
Phenoxyethylamine derivatives having high affinity for the 5-HT1A receptor, preparation thereof, use thereof as drugs, and pharmaceutical compositions containing said derivatives
Method for producing dinitro-diaza-alkanes and interediate products thereof
Process for the preparation of phenyl glyoxylic acid ester oximes
Fluorinated polycycles and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Amination process
Chiral copper complex and production processes thereof and using the same
Curable compounds, curable resin compositions containing the same and methods of easily disassembling cured materials
Process for the production of r(+).alpha.-lipoic acid
Polysubstituted indan-1-ol compounds, and methods for their preparation and use
Fluorine-containing diene, its production method and its polymer
Substituted tetraarylethylene compounds
Conversion of organic substrates to oxygenates or olefins using a bicyclo imide promoter
Process for preparing 2,5-dimethoxy benzaldehyde
Process for producing alkylated hydroxyl-containing aromatic compounds
Method for recovery of terephthalic acid from a material containing poly(ethylene terephthalates)
Method and producing acetic acid in a reactor cascade
Process for the production of aromatic acids
Process for the recovery of organic acids from aqueous solutions
Method for removing impurities from oxidation products
Process for the production of methyl methacrylate
Azinyloxy, and phenoxy-diaryl-carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and use as mixed ETA/ETB endothelin receptor antagonists
Ester compounds, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Aspirin-triggered lipid mediators
Tropane analogs and methods for inhibition of monoamine transport
Phthalic diester derivatives and electron donors
Olefin recovery in a polyolefin production process
Methods of making pyrrolidones
Methods of treating p38 kinase-associated conditions and pyrrolotriazine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Synthesis of enantiomerically enriched 4-piperidinylglycine
Dextromethorphan tannate
Hydroxyformamidine derivatives and medicines containing the same
Process for preparing torsemide intermediate
Benzamide derivatives as thrombin inhibitors
Quinoline derivatives, having in particular antiviral properties, preparation and biological applications thereof
Process for the preparation of 10-methoxycarbamazepine
Methods and compositions for destruction of selected proteins
Thrombopoietin mimetics
Pyrimidine compounds with pharmaceutical activity
Process and novel intermediates for preparing isoxazolin-3-ylacyl benzenes
Process for the expoxidation of olefins
Oxiranecarboxylic acids for the treatment of diabetes
Benzopyran derivative and antiallergic agent
Substituted thioacetamides
Substituted chroman derivatives
Aryl aniline .beta.2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Pyranocoumarin compounds as a novel pharmacophore with anti-TB activity
Process for producing cyclic formal
Process for racemization
Pyridone inhibitors of fatty acid binding protein and method
Piperidine compounds for use as ccr-3 inhibitors
Methods to enhance white blood cell count
Pyrazolopyrimidinone cGMP PDE5 inhibitors for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
Pyridazine endothelin antagonists
Fatty acid synthase inhibitors
Epoxide derivatives of allylarylphenols
Resolution of trans-7-(hydroxy-methyl)octa-hydro-2H-pyrido[1,2-a]pyrazine
Aryl ether substituted imidazoquinolines
Certain pyrrolopyridine derivatives: novel CRF1 specific ligands
Bicyclic modulators of androgen receptor function
Optically active pyrrolopyridazine derivatives
Substituted imidazo 1,2a}azines as selective inhibitors of cox-2
Laulimalide derivatives
Compounds and method for inhibiting MRP1
Azole compounds as therapeutic agents for fungal infections
N-heterocyclic derivatives as NOS inhibitors
Catalytic complexes and their use for polymerizing alpha-olefins
Polymers of substituted cyclopentenes
Process for preparing substituted pyridines
Process for preparation of L-ribose using 1,4-lactone
Method of treating cancer
11-O-substituted ketolide derivatives
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Oligonucleotide analogues
2'-substituted nucleosides and oligonucleotide derivatives
Androgenic steroid compounds and a method of making and using the same
Methods and compositions for treating diseases due to androgen deficiency with glucocorticoid receptor antagonist compounds and new compounds
Process for the isolation of novel oligospirostanoside
Betulinic acid derivatives for inhabiting cancer growth and process for the manufacture of betulinic acid
19-nor-17.alpha.-pregna-1,3,5(10)-trien-17.beta.-ols with a 21,16.alpha.-lactone ring
Human endogenous retrovirus in breast cancer
Protein fragments for use in protein targeting
Arabidopsis ESD4 gene and method to control flowering time
Maize promoters
Proteins and peptides derived from protein ESM-1 and their uses in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases linked to leukocyte migration
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Compositions and methods for therapy of ovarian cancer
Protein and gene involved in myocyte differentiation
Retinal calcium channel (alpha)1F-subunit gene
Hybrid molecules and their use for optically detecting changes in cellular microenvironments
Reduced side-effect hemoglobin compositions
Method of detection of alterations in MSH5
Multivalent antigen-binding proteins
Prevention and treatment for retinal ischemia and edema
Depsipeptide compound
Cyclic peptide antifungal agents
N1 modified glycopeptides
Method for producing regular porous cellulose pearls, corresponding cellulose pearls and use thereof
Modified starch
Pentasaccharides processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for synthesizing trans-1,4-polybutadiene
Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer, process for production thereof, olefinic thermoplastic elastomer compositions, process for producing the same, and moldings thereof
Method for producing block-shaped polymethacrylimide foamed materials
Process for synthesizing functionalized styrene monomer
Rubber-acrylic adhesive formulation
Olefin polymers formed by use of constrained geometry addition polymerization catalysts
Conductive coating on a non-conductive flexible substrate
Thermosetting resin compositions comprising epoxy resins, adhesion promoters, and curatives based on the combination of nitrogen compounds and transition metal complexes
Polymeric castor dimer polyesters
Block copolyester
Production process and production system of aromatic polycarbonate
Method for the production of olefin/carbon monoxide copolymers
Hot melt adhesives based on polyamides
Thixotropic catalyst for condensation cure siloxane materials
Method for crosslinking porous biodegradable polymers
Method of melt processing amine containing polyethylenes
Ross-linked sulphonated polymers and their preparation process
Process for devolatilizing an acrylic resin and process for preparing a powder coating composition
Friction material
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Olefin-polyamide thermoplastic alloy and process for making the same
High-voltage direct current cable insulation
Polar ethylene-based polymer, cycloolefin polymer blends
Binder resin composition and uses thereof
Compatibilizing agent, radical copolymerizable unsaturated resin composition, molding material, and molded article
Compatible blend of polycarbonate with vinyl (co)polymer
Information recording medium
Reactive dyes, their preparation and use
Color composition, ink for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Crosslinkable organopolysiloxane compositions
Monomethyl paraffin adsorptive separation process
High performance lubricant for metal punching and shearing
Blooming type compositions containing biphenyl solvents
Low pollution solvents and emulsions especially useful in cleaning soils from painted and unpainted metal and plastic surfaces
Wash cycle unit dose softener containing a disintegrating agent
Liquid cleanser
Spot pretreatment compositions
Granular compositions
Environmental stress-tolerant plants
Gibberellin 2-oxidase
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from potato
Method for predicting fiber length using QTL's and molecular markers
Nucleic acids containing single nucleotide polymorphisms and methods of use thereof
Thin-film solar cells and method of making
Method of depositing epitaxial layers on a substrate
Fixed Constructions
Solar battery, solar generating apparatus, and building
Method and apparatus for the down-hole characterization of formation fluids
Design for constructing an input circuit to receive and process an electrical signal
Image projector and image correction method
Thermal radiation sensor
Radiometry calibration system and method for electro-optical sensors
Fiberoptic fuel gauging system for measuring the level of a liquid in a tank
System and method for spectral analysis
Undercut measurement using SEM
Conductive polymer coated nano-electrospray emitter
Volume cone beam acquisition on a nuclear spect system using a digital flat panel
Light detection equipment in components with optical access
Anti-reflective coating of polymer with epoxide rings reacted with light attenuating compound and unreacted epoxide rings
Ultraviolet-light irradiation apparatus
Inductive heating roller apparatus
Coordinates input method
Legs formed from laminated woody board and keyboard musical instrument using the same
Shoulder rest for violin or the like capable of improving tone quality
Damped tensor ring
Musical instrument case
Media player for distribution of music samples
Musical-instrument controller with triad-forming note-trigger convergence points
Tact switch
Illuminated button switch
Rotary switch mechanism for operation panel
Rotation key device for a portable terminal
Multi stage and multi direction key and multi stage and multi direction key switch using the same
Self heating thermal protector
Electron microscope
Electron detection device
Scanning device and scanning method
System and method for directing a miller
Sample support plates for mass spectrometry with ionization by matrix-assisted laser desorption
Preparation of ion pulse for time-of-flight and for tandem time-of-flight mass analysis
Installation for processing wafers
Method for forming horizontal buried channels or cavities in wafers of monocrystalline semiconductor material
Image sensing component package and manufacture method thereof
Low K dielectic etch in high density plasma etcher
Metal oxynitride capacitor barrier layer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Fabrication method for punch-through defect resistant semiconductor memory device
Method of reducing polysilicon depletion in a polysilicon gate electrode by depositing polysilicon of varying grain size
Production method for annealed wafer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with formation of a heavily doped region by implantation through an insulation layer
Method of making electrode-to-electrode bond structure and electrode-to-electrode bond structure made thereby
Inert atom implantation method for SOI gettering
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Underfill coating for LOC package
Method of fabricating lateral diodes and bipolar transistors
Photosensor and photosensor system
Transistor with local insulator structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Photovoltaic strip assembly
Silicon-germanium solar cell having a high power efficiency
Semitransparent optical detector on a flexible substrate and method of making
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Enhanced thermoelectric power in bismuth nanocomposites
Radio wave absorber
Housing and coaxial connector having the same
Snap engagement electrical fitting for EMT
Low power autozero of pixel amplifier
Infrared oven
Illumination sensor with spectral sensitivity corresponding to human luminosity characteristic
Eddy current/hysteretic heater apparatus
Heat retentive food tray with cover
Microwave oven
Food separator
Wall-mounted type microwave oven
Inline and "Y" input-output bus topology
Printed circuit board unit with detachment mechanism for electronic component
Electromagnetic shield for printed circuit boards
Magnetically shielded enclosures and associated methods for protecting a field-sensitive system from stray external magnetic fields
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