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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Weed whacker attachment
Nikita bra
Compact hanging clothing assembly
Multifunctional carrier device for hunting equipment
Strapping base and assembly
Magnetic cordless shade
Portable grill system
Motorcycle container holder system
Endovascular flexible stapling device
Suturing device for anastomisis of lumens
Ultrasound liquid blade scalpel device
Single use lancet assembly
Surgical obturator
Sternum closure device
Orthopedic implant with locking element
Implant for fixing bone plates
Bone fixing device
Polyaxial locking screw plate assembly
Medical device for tissue ablation
Surgical manipulator for a telerobotic system
Quantitative non-invasive method for detecting degree of malignancy in tumors and application thereof
Medical imaging diagnosis apparatus and medical imaging diagnosis method
Brightness adjustment method and system for 3D ultrasound
Dental prosthesis stabilizer
Methods of identifying orthodontic adhesives
Magnetic devices, systems, and methods placed in or on a tongue
Sanitary napkin
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Disposable article tab attachment adhesive
Method for treating morbid obesity
Stent coating for eluting medication
Medical device retaining sheath and medical device delivery system employing same
Reversible applicator for an intraluminal endoprosthesis
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Knee arthroplasty prosthesis
Intervertebral disc annulus stent
Neutral displacement wick
Catheter assembly and method for internally anchoring a catheter in a patient
Hair restoration device and methods of using and manufacturing the same
Weightlifting apparatus for pronation and supination exercises
Motion stilts retention system
Electronic throw-and-catch game
Nitinol ice blades
Low deflection cue
Playground device with motion dependent sound feedback
Block set and managing method thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
High performance mixed matrix membranes incorporating at least two kinds of molecular sieves
Filter retention systems and devices
Cooling tower
Vapor-liquid contacting apparatuses with vortex contacting stages
Method for treatment of drain in hydrogen production and hydrogen production system
Reformer of fuel cell system and method of controlling the same
Structure for fixing reducer for sprinkler in side wall
Application of solids
Laparoscopic lens cleaner
Handheld sterilization device
Gate valve cleaning method and substrate processing system
Cleaning method and system utilizing microcapsules
Geomorphology for environmental remediation process and systems
Casting delivery nozzle
Cooling system for low-pressure casting mold
Die casting method for semi-solid billets
Vibration body for cutting, vibration cutting unit, processing apparatus, molding die and optical element
Machining tool and machining method
Cutting tool insert having internal microduct for coolant
Bearing unit and main spindle device of machine tool provided with bearing unit
Elliptic C4 with optimal orientation for enhanced reliability in electronic packages
Device for positioning an object in all directions
Substrate flat grinding device
Apparatus for evaluating the quality of a lapping plate
Non-core drill bit
Vise or clamp attachment
Universal joint with coupling mechanism for detachably engaging tool attachments
Drilling and/or striking hammer with a lubricating device
Hole-piercing punch
Multiwire sawing machine for the cutting of material in block form
Printing apparatus with movable head device for ejecting ink
Transfix roller load controlled by force feedback
Ink jet recording head
Inkjet printer and inkjet print method
Refill unit for incremental millilitre fluid refill
Temperature sensor mount for melt plate
Methods and apparatus for suspending fixtures
Vehicle wheel cover retention system and method for producing same
Non-skid tyre cover
Replacement tread for a truck racing tire
Pneumatic tire with tread having radially extending fine grooves
Air conditioner for vehicle
Armrest for a vehicle seat and corresponding vehicle seat
Passenger automobile
Vehicle lamp
Adaptive front light system having high heat-dissipation efficiency
Energy absorption device, especially for non-axial loads
Airbag cover
Multi-stage inflator
Seat belt retractor
Locking mechanism for locking a removable data carrier
Brake system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle control apparatus
Power output apparatus, hybrid vehicle equipped with power output apparatus, and control method of power output apparatus
Safety system for a seat of a ski lift facility and method for implementing same
Strap system and method of use
Airplane ground support equipment cart having extractable modules and a generator module that is seperable from power conversion and air conditioning modules
Motor vehicle steering system
Bicycle saddle
Solar powered kayak outrigger
System and method for mooring of offshore structures
Cable pulling apparatus and method for pulling thereof
System for changing the attitude of linear underwater sensor arrays via neutrally buoyant fluid transfer
Composite anti-crash structure with lateral retention, for an aircraft
Ram booster
Connecting node and method for constructing a connecting node
Postage label dispensing system and repositionable peeler guide therefor
Suspended utensil storage system and method
Tank filler neck with a negative and positive pressure relief valve
Stiffened flexible baking tin
Vacuum skin packaging laminate, package and process for using same
Case for receiving a medicament pack, and use thereof
Reusable shipping container
Method and system for locally buffering substrate carriers in an overhead transport system for enhancing input/output capabilities of process tools
Device for the separation of substrates from a stack
Sheet loading apparatus, sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Finisher, sheet discharging method and image forming apparatus
In-line justifier for letter and flat mail sorter
Extended registration control of a sheet in a media handling assembly
Shock absorbing hitch
Underwater galvanic load release device
Bottle closure with low torque assembly feature
Method for forming polymerized microfluidic devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composition of liquid fertilizer
Buffered amino alcohol solutions of N-(n-butyl)thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) and urea fertilizers using such solutions as urease inhibitors
Powdery composition based on a calco-magnesian compound
Vacuum feed supply system for drilling fluid additives
System and process for recovery of cadmium telluride (CdTe) from system components used in the manufacture of photovoltaic (PV) modules
Apparatus for depositing an organic layer and method for controlling a heating unit thereof
Grown diamond mosaic separation
Highly pure modafinil
Textiles; Paper
Tub for washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Tamping device
Connection element and a sheet pile wall having such a connection element
Translucent resin wall system
Cabin tent frame
Striker assembly
Combination lock with two dial plates
Method and apparatus for removing casing
Drillable bridge plug
Method and apparatus for preventing slug flow in pipelines
Method and apparatus to deliver energy in a well system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tensioner assembly with multiple cylinder stroke system
Inspection port plug devices
Turbine blade with trailing edge root slot
Turbine airfoil
Near wall compartment cooled turbine blade
Waste heat auxiliary power unit
Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Oil separator
Force transfer mechanism for an engine
Gas turbine combustion chamber
Methods for generating electricity from carbonaceous material with substantially no carbon dioxide emissions
Method and system for controlling an exhaust gas recirculation system
Fuel delivery system for heating fuel therein
Plasma jet ignition plug
Vane machine with stationary and rotating cylinder parts
Methods and systems for providing variable mechanical brake torque
Double-headed piston type compressor
Jet well pump
Modular air compression apparatus with separate platform arrangement
High pressure, multiple-stage air pump with valve body inlet port arrangement
Tubing holding device for roller pumps
Cleaning method of a rotary piston vacuum pump
Stuffing box for walking beam compressor
Chemical liquid supplying apparatus
Wheel bearing apparatus for a vehicle
Single-row spherical roller bearing with increased axial load capacity
Motor shaft support device
Electromotive actuator for deflecting a motor vehicle part
Axle driving apparatus
Wheel brake for a vehicle and a vehicle comprising the wheel brake
Conical spring bushing
Vibration damping device, in particular a multistage torsion vibration damper
Spring arrangement for a vehicle
Flow damper for drawer
Suspension spring adjusting apparatus of hydraulic shock absorber
Transverse element for a drive belt for a continuously variable transmission
Two-stage machine tool gearing, in particular spindle gearing
Multi-speed transmission with external drive gearsets
Torsional vibration damper and hydrodynamic torque converter device for an automotive drive train
Differential case for vehicle and differential device for vehicle including differential case
Continuously variable transmission and straddle type vehicle
Cooling gallery insert for a piston
Magnetic fluid shaft-sealing device
Tire valve having a stepped shoulder
Cartridge insert valve
Fixing, fixing structure of fixing object, fixing method for fixing object, and method for unfixing fixing
Hose coupling
Centering valve box adapter
Thin design display apparatus and display unit detachment method
Support stand device for rebar bender
Flexible light emitting array
Mosaic floors and corresponding installation procedures
Air-tite compact fluorescent lamp plate
Lighting apparatus
LED lamp with 360-degree illumination
Booklight for a protective cover of an eReader
Vehicle headlamp assembly
Ammonia vaporization system using non-flue gas intermediate heat transfer medium
Humidity control system
Composite blast wave attenuators for boots
Inertial sensor misalignment and compensation
Device for determining a mass flow of a first gas within an overall mixture of gases
Flow monitoring apparatus having an ultrasonic sensor with a coupling adapter having securing mechanism
Systems and method for monitoring urea level
Capacitive liquid level detector for direct methanol fuel cell systems
Method and apparatus for predicting steady state temperature of solid state devices
Plasmon resonance detector
Speed and position sensing device for EMD two-cycle diesel engines
Sensor structure in particular for a harsh environment in a motor vehicle and preheater plug comprising such a sensor
Diagnostic system for valve actuation camshaft driven component compensation
Exhaust purification device of internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for detecting abnormality of inter-cylinder air-fuel ratio dispersion in multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Level sensor mounting
Performance test apparatus and image taking device thereof
Acceleration sensor and method of fabricating it
Optical fiber connector with enhanced bonding capability and method of assembling fiber
Electronic device
Foldable support device for camera of handwriting device and handwriting device having same
Display shelf having placing tables and transmission type screens at front of placing tables
Mechanical shutter and camera module having same
Ground water restoration type terrestrial heat exchanger using auto temperature bypass apparatus
Steering wheel and method of making
Avatar refrigerator
Voting device including dynamic keypad and gesture voting
System and method for secured voting transactions
Semiconductor device
Method of processing mailpieces that enables virtual identification of the mailpieces to be used with forwarding
Barcode scanner capable of switching reading resolution of scanning
System and method for independent verification of circulating bank notes
Doped Gd.sub.5Ge.sub.2Si.sub.2 compounds and methods for reducing hysteresis losses in Gd.sub.5Ge.sub.2Si.sub.2 compound
USB plug protective cover
Electrical Connector System
Mounting arrangement for an electric supply cable having a connector with a sealing ring and locking means
Multi-port connector with different standards
Mini displayport
Connector device
Printed wiring boards and communication connectors having series inductor-capacitor crosstalk compensation circuits that share a common inductor
Wire termination mechanisms and methods of use
Diagnostic delivery service
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Carrier provided with an eletronic transponder for identifying animals, and method for producing such carrier
Electronic candy and oil thermometer
Systems within a communication device for evaluating movement of a body and methods of operating the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electric power unit for electric discharge surface treatment and method of electric discharge surface treatment
Positioning mechanism having elongate bending elements oriented perpendicular to the direction of movement
Power tool and convertible remote battery pack therefor
Tire condition sensor communication with unique sampling on vehicle-side diversity antenna array
Apparatus and method for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure
Method and apparatus for data exchange between towing vehicle and trailer
Rotary position sensor
Air conditioner for vehicle
Highly integrated single substrate MMW multi-beam sensor
Device and method for controlling input/output of secondary battery
Accessory device driving apparatus for vehicles
Current detector used in system of controlling motor for driving vehicle
Synchronous motor-control apparatus and vehicle using the control apparatus
Brake monitoring system
Apparatus and method for positioning a reflective surface on a vehicle
Rearview mirror assembly with added feature modular display
Secondary seat belt warning system
Vehicle security system having unlimited key programming
Vehicle anti-theft lock apparatus and method
Rechargeable battery for headlight and attaching structure thereof
Automatic wheel-driven generating means and lighting device thereof
Wireless communication device and method
Control lever for heavy machinery with near-proximity sensing
Addressable fuse array for circuits and mechanical devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Shatter-resistant incandescent lamp, silicone coating composition, and method
White light emitting phosphor blend for LED devices
Heat treatment apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic actuator with molded connector
Linear compressor driving device, medium and information assembly
Motor arrangement
Bearing with data storage device
Rotary angle encoder having an adjustable coupling
Vibration control apparatus
Method and device for monitoring a flame
Induction type transducer and electronic caliper
Apparatus and method for measuring thickness
Angular position detection device having linear output characteristics
Capacitive, operator-sensing circuit for disabling engine of mobile power equipment
Highly sensitive capacitance comparison circuit
Method for applying and correcting measuring marks on a carrier
Calibrated encoder multiplier
Thermistor-type temperature sensor
Ultra-sonic transducer assembly incorporated into a printed circuit board for determining tension forces in a bolt
Multiple reference electrode array for measuring open circuit potentials in artificial crevices
Procedure and device for detecting nonuniformities in the wall thickness of inaccessible metal pipes
Eddy-current flaw detector probe
Method for determining the remaining service life of the switch contacts in an electric switching device and electric switching device with an evaluation unit for carrying out said method
System having a switching device and an evaluation device for determining a remaining service life of a contact piece
Evaluation circuit for a magnetoresistive sensor
Testing base for semiconductor devices
Integrated circuit tester with high bandwidth probe assembly
RF current sensor
Signal analyzing apparatus
Optical spatial frequency measurement
Circuit configuration for measuring the capacitance of structures in an integrated circuit
Test structure apparatus and method
Inspection stage including a plurality of Z shafts, and inspection apparatus
Direct to chuck coolant delivery for integrated circuit testing
On-chip optically triggered latch for IC time measurements
Method of displaying full-charge-state
Battery management system
Magnetic sensor with modulating flux concentrator for 1/f noise reduction
Vector kerr magnetometry
Hall effect sensor assembly with cavities for integrated capacitors
Robust giant magnetoresistive effect type multilayer sensor
Magnetic resonance imaging system using coils having paraxially distributed transmission line elements with outer and inner conductors
Gradient coil arrangement comprising dampening of inner mechanical vibrations
Method for three-dimensionally correcting distortions and magnetic resonance apparatus for implementing the method
Application-specific optimization of echo time in MR pulse sequences for investigating materials with susceptibilities different from that of the background in which they are embedded
High speed multifunction testing and calibration of electronic electricity meters
Use of GPS correction data on trans-oceanic routes
Oscillator with frequency stabilizing circuit and method of constructing same
Method for locating a concealed object
Patrol speed acquisition in police Doppler radar
Transceiver assembly used in a Doppler-based traffic radar system
Timing and control and data acquisition for a multi transducer ground penetrating radar system
Mobile cellular telephone comprising a GPS receiver
Sensor system and method for determining yaw orientation of a satellite
Precise parallel swathing guidance via satellite navigation and tilt measurement
Article identification apparatus and method
Frequency domain electromagnetic geophysical mapping instruments
Aircraft weather information system
Method of controlling liquid crystal lens in solar powered spectacles using light sensors
Integrated semiconductor superlattice optical modulator
Electro-optical device
Display and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device
Method for improving a stepper signal in a planarized surface over alignment topography
Audio, video, or multimedia system keypad controller having multiple vector control paths and associated methods
Electrical control apparatus including a plurality of programmable modules
Low electrical consumption voltage regulator
Voltage source
Input bias current reduction circuit for multiple input stages having a common input
Power supply circuit
Buffer/driver for low dropout regulators
Trimmable bandgap voltage reference
Current mirror type bandgap reference voltage generator
Glitch-less clock selector
System and method for compensating for supply voltage induced signal delay mismatches
Generation of clock signals for a semiconductor memory that are edge-synchronous with the output signals of a clock generator
Clock control method and circuit
Supply voltage regulation system for transmission lines
Portable information processing apparatus
Method and system for providing a location-based legal information service
Method of and apparatus for partitioning, scaling and displaying video and/or graphics across several display devices
Analog integrator circuit
Object carriers for an object control and tracking system
IC card, antenna frame for IC card and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory card
Capacitive finger detection for fingerprint sensor
Neuron circuit
Method and apparatus for securely determining aspects of the history of a good
Probabilistic theft deterrence
Security system for monitoring the passage of items through defined zones
Item locator system
Internet communication of parking lot occupancy
Interface terminal for the visually impaired
Sampling clock adjusting method, and an interface circuit for displaying digital image
El display device and electronic device
Driving system and method for electroluminescence display
Display with aging correction circuit
Reduced noise electric motor for disk drive data storage devices
Semiconductor memory cell
Three-dimensional (3D) programmable device
Single-input/dual-output sense amplifier
Data output circuit for semiconductor device with level shifter and method for outputting data using the same
Ferrite core
Planar printed-circuit-board transformers with effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding
Vertical transformer
Rotary transformer with synchronized operation
Ignition coil having a circular core and a method of making the same
Permanent magnet actuator mechanism
Electromagnetic actuator
Quantum energy storage or retrieval device
Device for controlling power distribution to subsystems
Microelectromechanical liquid metal current carrying system, apparatus and method
Alternating-current plasma display panel
Magnetron having magnetic pole pieces providing a specific magnetic flux to thickness ratio
Method of insulating stem pins of a cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube
Apparatus and method for terminating crosswires on a tension focus mask
Shrinkage band for CRT with optimization condition inequalities
Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method
Graphic fluorescent display device
Thallium free--metal halide lamp with magnesium and cerium halide filling for improved dimming properties
Structure and method for controlling copper diffusion and for utilizing low K materials for copper interconnects in integrated circuit structures
Semiconductor memory device and method of producing same
Constructions comprising insulative materials
Semiconductor device having conducting material film formed in trench, manufacturing method thereof and method of forming resist pattern used therein
Structures comprising transistor gates
Barrier cap for under bump metal
Integrated capacitor with a mixed dielectric
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device comprising a bottom gate type thin film transistor
Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Trench isolation for semiconductor device with lateral projections above substrate
Semiconductor device having trench isolation structure and method of forming same
Signal processing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Atomic layer barrier layer for integrated circuit interconnects
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Process for manufacturing electronic devices comprising high voltage MOS transistors, and electronic device thus obtained
Semiconductor device with capacitor using high dielectric constant film or ferroelectric film
Substrate for an integrated circuit package
Semiconductor package structure having central leads and method for packaging the same
Semiconductor package having increased solder joint strength
Semiconductor device with semiconductor chip on flexible tape
Semiconductor device, semiconductor module and hard disk
Flip chip package with improved cap design and process for making thereof
Power module
Substrates and assemblies including pre-applied adhesion promoter
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and an electronic device
Structure and method for securing a molding compound to a leadframe paddle
Semiconductor device
Lead frame which includes a die pad, a support lead, and inner leads
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and a mount structure
Substrate for accepting wire bonded or flip-chip components
Interconnect structure for surface mounted devices
Deflectable interconnect
Stitched plane structure and process for package power delivery and dual referenced stripline I/O performance
Low inductance power wiring structure and semiconductor device
Bond pad having variable density via support and method for fabrication
Fuse configuration for a semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device which prevents leakage of noise generated in a circuit element forming area and which shields against external electromagnetic noise
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Power transistor module, power amplifier and method in the fabrication thereof
Arrangement relating to electronic circuitry
High frequency wiring board and its connecting structure
Multi-chip semiconductor package with heat dissipating structure
Stackable semiconductor package having conductive layer and insulating layers and method of fabrication
Voltage switching circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device with MIS transistors
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
Active CMOS pixel with exponential output based on the GIDL mechanism
Semiconductor apparatus and process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor component and method for producing the same
Advanced lateral PNP by implant negation
Thin film transistor
Semiconductor device and drive circuit using the semiconductor devices
Static self-refreshing DRAM structure and operating mode
Modified-anode gate turn-off thyristor
Compound semiconductor device
High speed semiconductor photodetector
Light emitting diode (LED) device that produces white light by performing phosphor conversion on all of the primary radiation emitted by the light emitting structure of the LED device
Quantum dot white and colored light emitting diodes
Light emitting diode
Light emitting diode assembly with low thermal resistance
Anode modification for organic light emitting diodes
Outdoor electroluminescent display devices
Handy battery charger for cellular phones
Method for adjusting the filter characteristic of a microwave ceramic filter
Filter, duplexer, and communications device
Duplexed front-end for a radio transceiver system
Dielectric filter having forked auxiliary conductor
Method and arrangement for fastening inner conductor of resonator structure
Radioelectric transmission system provided with a rotating part and a part fixed to an antenna extending over two circles
Method and system of directing an antenna in a two-way satellite system
Flexible substrate wide band, multi-frequency antenna system
Multiband helical antenna
Surface-mounted type antenna and communication device including the same
Antenna device for dual frequency bands
Three dimensional antenna configured of shaped flex circuit electromagnetically coupled to transmission line feed
Tunable patch antenna
Antenna apparatus and wireless apparatus and radio relaying apparatus using the same
Primary radiator capable of achieving both low reflection and low loss
Multi-band corrugated antenna feed horn with a hexagonal aperture and antenna array using same
Method and apparatus for increasing bandwidth of a stripline to slotline transition
Flat radiating cable
Coaxial dielectric rod antenna with multi-frequency collinear apertures
Wide scan angle circularly polarized array
Electrical connection box, a positioning method and a testing device for the same
Ground buzzer
Semiconductor substrate made of a nitride III-V compound semiconductor having a wurtzite-structured crystal structure
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Bar tester
Ignition coil for vehicles
Charge/discharge protection apparatus having a charge-state overcurrent detector, and battery pack including the same
Fault tolerant AC transfer switch
Energy recovery snubber circuit for bidirectional power converter and method of operation thereof
Rotor for a vehicular A. C. generator
Stator for an alternator
Stator of dynamo-electric machine and manufacturing method therefor
Generator rotor lead path configuration
Pawl brake assembly for an electric motor
Sequential burst mode activation circuit
Low voltage supply higher efficiency cross-coupled high voltage charge pumps
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Power converter having regulated dual outputs
Three phase rectifier circuit with virtual neutral
Method and apparatus for controlling a high-speed AC permanent magnet synchronous motor coupled to an industrial turbo engine
Three-band switching oscillator suitable for size reduction
Voltage controlled oscillator and communication device using same
Method and apparatus for correcting the effect of dielectric absorption in an open-loop modulator circuit
Multi-band amplifier
Semiconductor circuit with a stabilized gain slope
Actively biased class AB output stage with low quiescent power, high output current drive and wide output voltage swing
Differential current source with active common mode reduction
Differential amplifier circuit
Apparatus and method for electrical signal amplification
High speed, low-power CMOS circuit with constant output swing and variable time delay for a voltage controlled oscillator
Adaptive filtering for improved RMS-to-DC signal conversion
Digital filter
Ceramic filter for use with a beacon receiver
Duplexer device
Compensated surface acoustic wave filter having a longitudinal mode resonator connected with a second resonator
Resource cost assignment in programmable logic device routing
CMOS circuit for maintaining a constant slew rate
Semiconductor integrated circuit
High speed multiplexer
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for programmable active termination of input/output devices
Level shift circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit and an electronic apparatus incorporating a multiplicity of semiconductor integrated circuits
Level-shifting circuitry having "low" output during disable mode
High speed input buffer circuit
Logic/memory circuit having a plurality of operating modes
Overdriven pass transistors
Power-conserving external clock for use with a clock-dependent integrated circuit
High-speed flip-flop operable at very low voltage levels with set and reset capability
Programmable differential D flip-flop
Self-powered, maximum-conductive, low turn-on voltage CMOS rectifier
Semiconductor device with signal transfer line
Fast-locking DLL circuit and method with phased output clock
Spread-spectrum clock buffer/driver that modulates clock period by switching loads
Dynamic duty cycle adjuster
Method for reducing peak to peak jitter in a dual-loop delay locked loop
Analog phase frequency detecting apparatus and method
Ring oscillators with improved signal-path matching for high-speed data communications
Semiconductor device having timing stabilization circuit with overflow detection function
Self-calibration device and method for calibrating phase offset between output waveforms of ring osciliator
System and method for optimizing power in pipelined data converters
Digital-to-analogue converter using an array of current sources
Correction of operational amplifier gain error in pipelined analog to digital converters
Means for compensating a data-dependent supply current in an electronic circuit
Analog-to-digital converter including a series of quantizers interconnected in cascade
System for creating and amplifying three dimensional sound employing phase distribution and duty cycle modulation of a high frequency digital signal
Digital to analog converter
Switched-capacitor DAC/continuous-time reconstruction filter interface circuit
Method and apparatus for digital to analog conversion with distortion calibration
Finite impulse response digital to analog converter with offset compensation
System and method for encoding an input data stream by utilizing a predictive, look-ahead feature
Scalable physical coding sublayer (PCS) and 8B/10B encoder
System, method and computer readable medium for compressing a data sequence
Variable-length code decoder using barrel shifters and a look-up table
System and method for using impulse radio technology to track and monitor vehicles
Method and apparatus for graphical display of multiple network monitors over multiple intervals
Radio signal selective-calling receiver and method of receiving radio signals
Surveillance system and network system
Bit-plane dependent signal compression
Device and method for demagnetizing the shielding of a color display device
Apparatus for automatically correcting for earth magnetic field effects on a monitor
Apparatus for correcting mis-convergence and geometric distortion in deflection yoke using variable resistance
Automotive harness and audio system analyzer
Full-wave driving circuit for multiple electroluminescent cells
Sports lighting system and method, electrical control unit and apparatus, and power connector module
Dimmer unit
Variable switch with reduced noise interference
Microcontrolled ballast compatible with different types of gas discharge lamps and associated methods
Ballast with efficient filament preheating and lamp fault protection
Metal halide lightbulb strobe system
Piezoelectric transformer driving circuit
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