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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for non-invasive monitoring of blood substances using self-sampled tears
Hearing evaluation device with noise detection and evaluation capability
Determining the hydration status of a patient
Device-to-lead terminal connector for implantable tissue stimulators
Method and related composition employing nanostructures
Performing Operations; Transporting
Information providing system and apparatus and methods therefor
Printhead having digital circuit and analog circuit, and printing apparatus using the same
Universal fleet electrical system
Wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle using passive and active detection
Obstacle detection device and method therefor
Single person vehicle light test
Monitoring device and tire combination
Bicycle computer and handlebar assembly with bicycle computer
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for engine driven vehicle incorporating generator
Neutral start interlock
Apparatus and measurement procedure for the fast, quantitative, non-contact topographic investigation of semiconductor wafers and other mirror like surfaces
Rapid depth scanning optical imaging device
Method and apparatus for the direct characterization of the phase of an optical signal
Magnetic calibration array
Atomic absorption spectrometer
Smart resolution valve pressure control
Active sensor circuit with one or more T-network pairs
System and method for measuring conductivity on molecular level
Method and apparatus for testing liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for positioning a test head on a printed circuit board
Method of electrical testing
Intelligent buffering process for network conference video
Apparatus and method for internet telephone communication
Method and apparatus for accurate aircraft and vehicle tracking
Method of locating object using phase differences among multiple frequency beacons transmitted from spaced apart transmitter sites
Target identification from a pool of targets using a new adaptive transmitter-receiver design
Radiofrequency wave transmission circuit using arbitrary waveform generator and NMR apparatus using the same
Magnetic resonance imaging method using a partial parallel acquisition technique with non-Cartesian occupation of k-space
NMR RF coils with improved low-frequency efficiency
Downhole telemetry system using multiple uplink modes as data channels using discrete multi-tone modulation
Zoom lens system and image-taking apparatus having the same
Varifocal zoom lens and camera system
Image-taking optical system and image input apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Collimating lens with temperature compensation and an optical scanning apparatus using the same
Variable hologram element, and optical device using the same
Fiber-optic filter with tunable grating
Polymer optical waveguide and method of making the same
Device for bending an optical beam, in particular in an optical integrated circuit
Lens system and optical device having the same
Lens for reading an original, method and apparatus for reading an original, and image forming apparatus
Contact lens having a uniform horizontal thickness profile
Color filter substrate having color filter portions of different thickness, and overcoating layer on common electrode, LCD having the same, and method of manufacturing
Liquid crystal display including array of protrusions in a broken zigzag pattern all formed within area of light-shielding matrix
Alignment treatment of liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display comprising the spacers disposed near the liquid crystal inlet, wherein the spacers have prism shapes or elliptical column shapes
Liquid crystal display device having venting portions in seal pattern and method of manufacturing the same
In-plane switching liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method of the same
Transflective liquid crystal display device having color filter-on-thin film transistor (COT) structure and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Structure of switching device for liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof comprising monitoring an etch rate by measuring a thickness or resistance of one of the metal samples formed in a dummy area
High-speed magneto-optic modulator
Optical waveguide device and manufacturing method therefor
Optical equalization
Optical frequency converter
Auto focus camera, lens apparatus and camera system with a vibration motor drive
Lithographic apparatus, article support member, and method
Belt driver, image forming apparatus, and method that can reduce the time until speed control of a belt is performed
Transfer device, with transfer pressure control
Double facing double storage capacity
Large date display device
Thermal cycler for PCR
Pattern-and model-based power line monitoring
Autonomous machine for docking with a docking station and method for docking
Switching power supply control device and switching power supply
Boost circuit with a voltage detector
Binary tree for complex supervised learning
Carrier device and method for a multiple disc array
Peer-to-peer method of quality of service (QoS) probing and analysis and infrastructure employing same
Method and apparatus for reducing EMI emissions
Image-processing apparatus equipped with recording-material manual-feeding mechanism and control method for the apparatus
Method and apparatus for measurement of processor-utilization
Printing method employing printer-independent print quality characteristics
Metrics and status presentation system and method using persistent template-driven web objects
Method for recovering the data of a logic cell in a DCE system
System and method for combined mailing of a plurality of diverse publications
Partial pre-aggregation in relational database queries
Staged mixture modeling
Method and programmable apparatus for quantum computing
Personalized library interface for providing data to a user
Encoding and transferring media content onto removable storage
Database management system using offsets in entries with at least one varying-length column
System with user directed enrichment and import/export control
Method and apparatus to search for information
System and method for accessing biological data
Method for adaptive critical path delay estimation during timing-driven placement for hierarchical programmable logic devices
Experiment management system and method thereof in semiconductor manufacturing environment
Computer software for automated annotation of biological sequences
Process controller for semiconductor manufacturing
Method, apparatus, system, program and medium for inspecting a circuit board and an apparatus incorporating the circuit board
Printhead assembly with composite support beam for a pagewidth printhead
Material reservation distribution system and method
Method for checking the operability of an ambient pressure sensor of an internal combustion engine
Assembly and an autonomous agricultural machine for performing an agricultural operation, in particular crop processing
System and method for programming an automation system, based on pulse timing diagrams
Program for controlling laser apparatus and recording medium for recording program for controlling laser apparatus and capable of being read out by computer
Digital camera for image device calibration
Method and apparatus for creating and using a master catalog
Query access plan rebuilds
Method and device for accepting articles in the form of sheet-type material
Method and apparatus for configuring the operation of an integrated circuit
Linearizing apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus and masking coefficient calculation method
Closed loop feedback system for alternative toners
Method of extracting face using color distortion information
Three-dimensional terrain-information generating system and method, and computer program therefor
Method and apparatus for RGB color conversion that can be used in conjunction with lossless and lossy image compression
Semi-automatic reconstruction method of 3-D building models using building outline segments
Image color matching scheme
System and method for real time lip synchronization
Automated cropping of electronic images
Fast two dimensional object localization based on oriented edges
Method of filling exposed areas in digital images
Passive embedded interaction code
Palettized image compression
Dynamic chain-based thresholding using global characteristics
System and methods for optimized drug delivery and progression of diseased and normal cells
Online exchange market system with a buyer auction and a seller auction
Catalog phone sales terminal
Method and computer system for conducting a progressive, price-driven combinatorial auction
Integrated nested account financial system with medical savings subaccount
Image scaling device and method
Methods and apparatus for navigating an image
System and method for performing an insert-extract instruction
Computer graphics methods and apparatus for ray intersection
Apparatus and method for protecting an uninterruptible power supply and critical loads connected thereto
Patient management in automated diagnostic hearing test
Reducing power consumption in packet based networks with Quality of Service (QoS) features
Plasma display panel and method and apparatus for driving the same
Gate signal delay compensating LCD and driving method thereof
Illuminator, image display comprising the same, liquid crystal television, liquid crystal monitor, and liquid crystal information terminal
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display device
Method and mechanism for programmable filtering of texture map data in 3D graphics subsystems
Context sensitive labels for a hardware input device
Optical system design for a universal computing device
Morph map based simulated real-time rendering
Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Actuator for a switch
Computer input device providing absolute and relative positional information
Pointing device reporting utilizing scaling
Inboard thrust surface fluid recirculation pump
Wobble signal reproducing circuit
Servo track writing apparatus with a head assembly shroud
Methods and apparatuses for writing spiral servo patterns onto a disk surface
Systems and methods for two-step self-servowriting without removing timing eccentricity on intermediate patterns
Method and apparatus for optimizing record quality with varying track and linear density by allowing overlapping data tracks
Recording head and information recording apparatus
Magnetic recording disk drive with patterned media and compensation for write-clock timing error caused by rotational disturbances
Phase lock loop for a controller in an optical disk system and methods therefor
Magnetic recording head with heating device
High resistance sense current perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head
Burst position error data write method and magnetic disk unit
Control of twist, crown and camber for sliders using location sensitive scribing
Thin film magnetic memory device having a highly integrated memory array
Memory system, method and predecoding circuit operable in different modes for selectively accessing multiple blocks of memory cells for simultaneous writing or erasure
X-ray illumination optical system and X-ray reduction exposure apparatus
X-ray irradiation apparatus
Power supply module and electronic apparatus using the same
Superconducting magnet apparatus
Phosphor particles having specific distribution of average diameters
Hermetical end-to-end sealing techniques and lamp having uniquely sealed components
Integrated circuit package substrate having a thin film capacitor structure
Flip chip stack
Encapsulated stack of dice and support therefor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor chip assembly with carved bumped terminal
Memory cell using silicon carbide
Power control system and method
Microwave waveguide
Retractable/extendable antenna assembly
Meander line antenna
Optical antenna array for harmonic generation, mixing and signal amplification
Transmission apparatus for mobile communication terminal
Wideband antenna
Miniature planar notch antenna using microstrip feed line
Antenna apparatus
Narrow-directivity electromagnetic-field antenna probe, and electromagnetic-field measurement apparatus, electric-current distribution search-for apparatus or electrical-wiring diagnosis apparatus using this antenna probe
Electric motor and brush retaining assembly
Erbium doped fiber amplifier for reducing transient phenomena of OSNR and BER in dynamic WDM system and amplifying method thereof
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers, apparatuses and methods
Semiconductor laser element and method of fabrication thereof
Spark plug and method of producing spark plug
Electric power switch with an electronic memory unit for parameters and conversion factors
Innovative regulation characteristics in multiple supply voltages
System for detecting defective battery packs
Zero voltage switching power conversion circuit
Method and apparatus for balancing active capacitor leakage current
Power supplying apparatus and power supplying method
Fan-controlling system to control a plurality of fans with different pulse width modulation signals
Amperage control for protection of battery over current in power tools
Low phase shift implementation of the baseband circuitry of a Cartesian feedback loop
Common-mode current feedback amplifiers
Differential-mode current feedback amplifiers
Amplifier with digital DC offset cancellation feature
Call device
Logic circuit
Power management circuit
Programmable slew rate control for differential output
Level shifter
Hybrid CVSL pass-gate level-converting sequential circuit for multi-Vcc microprocessors
Routing architecture with high speed I/O bypass path
Zero idle time Z-state circuit for phase-locked loops, delay-locked loops, and switching regulators
Data retaining circuit
Semiconductor device
High resolution digital loop circuit
Phase detector for reducing noise
Modulation system
Methods and apparatus for processing variable length coded data
Negative feedback amplifier for transmitter, transmitter, and method of correcting error in the negative feedback amplifier
Channel calibrator for use with a quadrature mixing receiver and a method of operation thereof
Rapid identification of transmission media channel characteristics
Method and apparatus for transmitting voice information in a mobile radio network
Method and system for transcoding video data
Method and apparatus for enhancing data rates in spread spectrum communication systems
Pilot interpolation for a gated pilot with compensation for induced phase changes
Acquisition method and apparatus for carrying out the method
Optical multiple transmission method, optical network and optical transmission apparatus
Return-to-zero (RZ) optical data modulator
Optical communication with phase encoding and phase shifting
Main signal controlling apparatus and method in a WDM optical communications system
Polarization mode dispersion compensation module
Digital baseband system and process for compensating for analog radio transmitter impairments
Method and system for adjusting downlink outer loop power to control target SIR
Processing wireless packets to reduce host power consumption
Single user detection base station
Single user detection user equipment
Cell switch module with unit cell switching function
System and method for dynamic caching of data connections
Bi-directional communication channel
CDMA system using quasi-orthogonal codes
Address determination circuit and optical communication system
Two-optical signal generator for generating two optical signals having adjustable optical frequency difference
Method and system for logging on a mobile unit at a fixed station
Method and equipment for identifying a logical channel
Method and device for synchronizing a mobile radio receiver with a time slot structure of a received radio signal
Embedded cell loopback method and system for testing in ATM networks
System and method for reducing power consumption by spectral shaping of signals
Method and apparatus for allocating time slots within a frame of a TDMA frequency channel
Method and apparatus for encryption of data
Method and system for solving the word problem in braid group cryptosystems
Signal component demultiplexing apparatus, filter apparatus, receiving apparatus, communication apparatus, and communication method
Failure control unit
Transport network and method
Apparatus and method to compensate for unsynchronized transmission of synchrous data by counting low energy samples
Transmission apparatus
Modulation and demodulation format selectable system
Apparatus and method for determining a data rate of packet data in a mobile communication system
Demodulation of multiple signals
Key installation system, LSI for implementing the same, and key installation method
Digital certificate support system, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce transaction and rights management
System and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Changing the operational mode of a wireless communication device using a voice service option
Radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
System and method for separating signals received by an overloaded antenna array
Cover plate for a mobile device having a push-through dial keypad
Method and apparatus for DTMF detection and voice mixing in the CELP parameter domain
Method and apparatus for intercept of wireline communications
Method and apparatus for soliciting personal voice recordings for a voice-dialing system
Methods and apparatus for restricting access of a user using a cellular telephone
High-speed turbo decoder
Information management and processing in a wireless network
Optical carriage of scanner and method for the same
Image reading device, method of controlling the same, control program, storage medium and image forming apparatus provided with the image reading device
Portable coilable electronic apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for color interpolation
Dynamic shadow removal from front projection displays
System and method for creating still images by utilizing a video camera device
Contoured surface cover plate for image sensor array
Instrument and method for digital image stabilization
Automatic focal point sensing device
Recording audio enabling software and images on a removable storage medium
Realtime data recording method
Motion vector detection apparatus for performing checker-pattern subsampling with respect to pixel arrays
Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
Method and devices for digital video signal compression and multi-screen process by multi-thread scaling
Image processing apparatus having an image correction circuit and its processing method
Image pickup apparatus
Container with a selective opening and closing mechanism
Method for supporting hand-off decision for guaranteeing mobility of a dual-mode mobile terminal between different mobile communication network systems
Monitoring boundary crossings in a wireless network
Method and system for determining correct escape mechanisms and controlling interference in third generation wireless systems
Apparatus and method for reactivating multiple packet data sessions in a wireless network
Channel setting method in mobile communication system
Method and system of pooling channel elements on a switch or OMCR level
Position location SMDPP message retry mechanism
Emergency information notifying system, and apparatus, method and moving object utilizing the emergency information notifying system
Floating IP address for roaming internet connected subscriber units
Idle mode cell reacquisition and reselection
Autonomous multi-services card
Modeling of hybrid time-code division multiple access communication systems
Hearing protection and communication assembly
Luminous device including conductive film
High efficiency 4-lamp instant start ballast
Personal computer power supply installed within a case of a personal computer
Information-processing device having a crossbar-board connected to back panels on different sides
Integrated circuit packages with sandwiched capacitors
Frame-level thermal interface component for transfer of heat from an electronic component of a computer system
ATCA integrated heatsink and core power distribution mechanism
Processor heat sink retention module and assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dough press with interchangeable perimeter edge molds
Breast supporting garment utilizing slip resistant materials to control position of garment
Lightweight bear bag
Implant simulating device
Lighted dental prop
Device for forming a dental prosthesis
Retainer wire and tooth row retaining device using retainer wire
Immediately loadable expanding implant
Instrument and process for minimum distance placement implant--implant and implant--natural tooth and minimum peripheral placement of restoration material for cylindrical and screwed implants in dentistry
Method of hard tissue repair
Metal wood golf club head
Golf club driver with gel support of face wall
Device for positioning the head of a golfer during the golf swing
Golf swing training aid
Soft diving stick
Electronic poker device and method for operating same
Three-dimensional display game device and recording medium for three-dimensional display game
Operation controlling device and video processing system used therewith
Balloon displays
Convertible child's toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for the removal of gas and particles formed during welding and cutting jobs
Polishing apparatus with transfer arm for moving polished object without drying it
Polishing method and device
Polishing apparatus
Method for fabricating silicon semiconductor discrete wafer
Method and apparatus for grinding a workpiece
Apparatus for machining glass lenses
Method of and apparatus for mirror-like polishing wafer chamfer with orientation flat
Grinding wheel assembly
CMP polish pad and CMP processing apparatus using the same
Polishing method and polishing device
Cutter hub holder
Apparatus for encasing array packages
Apparatus for injection molding multi-layer articles
Apparatus for localized preform cooling outside the mold
Universal dunnage tray mold
Integral sole plate and hosel for a golf club head
Cable reel
Gusseted bag for medicinal or medical purposes formed of a plastic film laminate composed of a plurality of layers
Lunch bag
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composite bearing
Polishing composition and method for producing a memory hard disk
Utility lighter
Induction-hardened rolling bearing device
Fixed Constructions
Floating cushion sub
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Displacement type fluid machine having an orbiting displacer forming a plurality of spaces
Displacement type fluid machine having an orbiting displacer forming a plurality of spaces and method for manufacturing same
Radial piston pump for high pressure fuel delivery
Scroll-type fluid displacement apparatus
Rolling bearing for supporting rotary shaft of disk memory device
Rolling bearing with seals and method for attaching seals to a bearing
Bearing device
Propeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint for a propeller shaft
Rotation transmitter having torque limiting mechanism
Damper disk assembly
Structure of a fluorescent tube seat
Handle for gas burners
Child-resistant utility lighter incorporating a cam mechanism and a lever spring lock
Multi-channel remote diode temperature sensor
Contact temperature probe with thermal isolation
Laser diode module
Semiconductor laser coupling device and method for assembling the same on circuit board
Optical transmitter/receiver apparatus, method for fabricating the same and optical semiconductor module
Card connector with card-ejecting device
Electrical connection device employing an anisotropic electrically conductive film
Circuit module having connectors, and electronic apparatus incorporating the circuit module
Connector structure having dust/water droplet damage prevention capability
Female connector
Modular plug and harnessed plug
Waterproof connector
Wet-mateable electro-optical connector
Connector assembly having inertia locking mechanism
Lever fitting-type connector with division connectors
Connector supporting mechanism
Hinged connection system
RJ-45 jack module with simultaneous plug release
Card connector
Half-fitting prevention connector
Fixing apparatus
Housing for a communications card
Swivellable receptacle
Insulation replacement electrical connector
Structure for connecting flat circuit member
High voltage electrical connector with access cavity and inserts for use therewith
Spatial transformation interposer for electronic packaging
Retention device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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