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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Shrimp deheading station
Multifunctional food preparation apparatus
Clothing article with an integrated body support
Reconfigurable seating device with integral document shelf
Zero-wall clearance linkage mechanism for providing additional layout
Combination of a waistrest and a backrest
Retractable vehicle seat clothes hanging bar
Needle for biopsy device
Tissue measurement and ablation antenna
Ultrasound treatment system
Examination stand with improved access for the wheelchair bound patient
Time of flight estimation method using beamforming for acoustic tomography
Disposable articulator having at least one continuous opening for acceptance of stabilization means
Nozzle assembly for liquid droplet based interproximal cleaner
Dental prosthesis for bovine animals with fully or partially worn down teeth
Absorbent article having a top sheet with a lower apparent density region
Absorptive article including waistline stretching regions
Pressure-to-tension conversion device for treating urinary incontinence
Dual tendon bundle
Systems and methods for installing and removing an expandable polymer
Ankle walker
Method and apparatus of paraffin treatment of the skin
Systems and methods for detecting tissue contact and needle penetration depth using static fluid pressure measurements
Intravascular filter with drug reservoir
Embolic device delivery system with retractable partially coiled-fiber release
Localized delivery of drug agents
Anesthetic syringe having a longitudinally displaceable feeding piston and check valve having passage and blocking device
Fiber optic brush for light delivery
Hair dye
Slidable exercise apparatus
Barbell having parallel forearm engaging bar
Low lift golf ball
Trampoline with sleeve joint coupling
Swing-pitch system
Foot anchor for golf
Device for receiving a foot or a boot on a gliding apparatus
Proximity tag race system and method
Mechanical ride safety system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water separation systems and methods
Oxygen removal
Air cleaner for motorcycles
PSA process, an equipment arrangement for heat exchange and a process of thermal energy recovery in said PSA process
Template-free clathrasils and clathrasil membranes
Animal feed mechanism
Methods and systems for mixing materials
Molten metal reactors
UV protective coating composition and method
Mold assembly with interchangeable insert for blow-molding
Continuous type liquid ejection head and liquid ejection device
Wiper bumper for a fluid dispensing component
Droplet discharging apparatus, image forming apparatus, and bubble separating method
Liquid ejection device
Sliding roof sunshade assembly
Hydraulic excavator
Vehicle side protector
Vehicle seat
Gas generating system
Toolbox system for vehicles having flared fenders
Vehicle braking apparatus suppressing excessive slip of wheel during braking
Brake device
Stake pocket mounting bar for portable step
Vehicle cowl components adapted for hood/fender sealing
Unloading plant for low-lying storage bunkers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressor blade root heating system
Turbine vane with endwall film cooling
System for providing dynamic pitch control in a wind turbine
Pool recirculation pump safety system and method
Gas compressor
Power transmission device and joint unit of power transmission device
Electric power tool
Method and apparatus for mounting distributed buoyancy modules on a rigid pipeline
Lighting device
Illuminating device
Object having internal cavities, light emitting diode assembly
Light device with enhanced flow rate and cooling efficiency and reduced noise and a cooling unit thereof
Combustion apparatus
Heat conductive structure of a non-mercury non-electronic clinical thermometer
Non-mercury non-electronic clinical thermometer with a protective structure
Method and apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity of small, highly insulating specimens
Reflective mirror for solar thermal power generation
Adapter plate for a camera
Attachable timepiece
Controlling player-to-player commerce in video game environment
Contactors for electric vehicle charging system
Mounting structure of connector for circuit board
Cover structure
Network cable assembly and protective sleeve thereof
Universal serial bus socket
Connector system and method
Power plug having solering tails of a contact terminal and a sleeve terminal projecting outside a body
Flexible socket of a power source hub
Electrical connector having a shielding adapter to radially compress a shielding ferrule onto a cable
Key type wiring connection switch
Expired Patents Due To Time
Mop head
Bottle draining stand
Face shield to protect from hot curling irons
Crucifix including silhouette of Jesus
Cover for a recreational vehicle air conditioner
Vacuum cleaner
Handle assembly for an upright deep cleaner
Handle for floor care apparatus
Combined disc recorder and camera
Video camera housing
Video camera housing
Overhead projector
Shutter for a toner cartridge
Sanding parameter calculator
Cash drawer
Tape supply cartridge
Manually operated bookbinding tool
Four-bin tray
Tape dispenser
Transfer head cover for a correction tape dispenser
Wall calendar and clock
Writing instrument
Display board
Video display and catalog system
Advertising sign
Advertising sign
Advertising sign
Advertising sign
Reverse vending machine for empty beverage containers
Hand-held electronic basketball game
Hand held electronic game
Operating apparatus for a game machine
Board game
Magnetic wheel spiral toy
Toy riding vehicle
Toy building element
Jumping snail
Aerobic exercise weight belt
Training javelin
Tai Chi emblem bowling ball
Short hockey blade
Golf club head
Golf club head bottom
Golf club cavity
Golf target ring
Inflatable aquatic float
Steerable inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable aquatic vehicle
Playground deck
Debit card operated game housing
Firearms noise suppressor
Front sight for shotguns
Replacement blade for a rear sight for a handgun
Fishing lure
Fishing lure body
Fishing lure with decorative side panels
Set of protective clothing
Tabletop fountain
Filter cartridge
Socket for a coupler
Faucet body
Shower arm diverter
Combination adult and child toilet seat assembly
Combined cartridge filter and tube frame structure
Scent dispensing ring for an incandescent bulb
Toilet deodorizing apparatus
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Moose antler ceiling fan
Bottle for a dialysis machine
Bottle for dialysis machine
Bottle for a dialysis machine
Bottle for dialysis machine
Lens adjustment device of a slit lamp
Bucket for a sharps container
Laryngoscopy blade
Collection tube with a specimen label
Collection tube with a specimen label
Collection tube with a specimen label
Jet tip for a oral irrigator
Shielded female connector
Twist valve for a medical bag
Massage device
Ear plug
Solarium sill extrusion
Resin structure roof section
Door overlay
Canopy shelter
Building tower
Tab portion of a strip shingle
Planar flashlight
Flashlight body
Light attachment for portable electronic or computing device
Table lamp
Electric Kwanzaa lighting unit
Personal book light
Ornate table lamp
Closed glass shade for light fixture
Lamp module
Tube light surface clip
Adjustable lantern holder
Lighting fixture component
Lighting fixture arm
Lighting fixture column
Lighting fixture arm
Glass shade
Combination lighter and cigar cutter
Hot roller carrying case
Hair clipper
Detachable brush
Finger pressure device
Hair adornment
Round-topped helmet cover
Hockey glove
Combined nasal mask shell and cushion
Decorative rim for a fishbowl
Decorative base for a fishbowl
Multi-level cat scratching post
Cat bed
Tray for a pet cage
Horse trailer feed storage bin
Human Necessities
Vision target based assembly
Tree planting apparatus and method of using same
Anhydrous ammonia application device
Method and apparatus for fumigating soil
Windrower header speed control
Tensioner for header of a harvester
Christmas tree watering device
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACrove`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hermes`
Apple tree named `Pi 80 Select`
Geranium plant named `Balcolilac`
Apricot tree named `Alex`
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprirana`
Philodendron plant named `Congo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI YT8`
Schefflera plant named `Connie`
Grape plant named `Sugrafifteen`
Animal stall having anti-cast safety strip
Coated fly fishing line and a method and apparatus for coating a fly fishing line
Ice seeding apparatus for cryopreservation systems
Method for treating cotyledonous plants
Food processing method and system
Process and apparatus for the in-line freezing of products
Cooker die and rotary cutter removably securing mechanism
Equipment for sewing machines for obtaining a flat seam when joining pieces of sheer knit fabric
Reinforced garment with looped grasping handles
Waders for fishing or hunting
Disposable surgical gown with single-ply knitted wrist cuffs and method of producing same
Multifunction cap structure
Motorcycle helmet with fragrance device
Puncture resistant insole
Athletic shoe, in particular soccer shoe
Athletic shoe cleat
Closure device
Light reflecting tag attached to ends of a shoelace
High compression zipper
Ring with rotating bead
Threadless jewelry connector assembly
Portable display case
Handle having a covering
Hand held appliance and holder assembly
Convertible hat and pack apparatus
Hybrid office panel construction for a modular office furniture system
Method of connecting partitions
Furniture system
Crib dropside assembly and method of installation
Peeler for root vegetables
Tamale and vegetable steaming device
Baker for waffles, pancakes and similar food items
Portable commercial barbecue cooker
Ventilated toilet seat
Upright water extraction cleaning machine with improved tank structure
Upright extraction cleaning machine
Vacuum cleaner with filter clogging indicating means
Anterior spinal instrumentation and method for implantation and revision
Pressure sensor and guide wire assembly for biological pressure measurements
Ultrasonic system for grading meat
Collet type crimping tool
Device for washing crotch region of patient
Feeding mechanism for machine for enrobing tablets
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of cancers
Sanitized ice transportation system and method
System and method for determining the flow rate of blood in a vessel using doppler frequency signals
Hand shaped fluid medium containing article for use in transferring images
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dehydrating method and hydroextractor
Method and system for diagnosing deterioration of NOx catalyst
Exhaust gas purification system for a lean burn engine
Method and apparatus for generating ultrasonic pulses with a specified waveform shape
Cleaning tool
Double side cleaning apparatus for semiconductor substrate
Method and apparatus for replacing the rollers of rolling mills having different sizes
Tension control system and method for reducing front end and tail end overfill of a continuously hot rolled product
Method and apparatus for forming bends in a selected sequence
Drawing and coining die for manufacturing metal containers and the like
Noise-reducing structure of a processing machine
Method for manufacturing ventilated sheet-metal floor members
Vane forming apparatus
Single cam container necking apparatus and method
Method for transporting heat exchanger fins and forming a heat exchanger core subassembly
Method for assembling a heat exchanger
Dust collection port for use with a saw
Tooth form for a saw blade
Arc welding torch
Chair seat frame system
Tank upgrading method and tank assembly
Measurement and compensation system for thermal errors in machine tools
Socket wrench driven adjustable jaw crow foot wrench
Spanner with torsion spring
Tool for turning fasteners in confined spaces
Curb valve replacement and installation tool
Locking swivel wrench
Torque Wrench
Method for tightening a screw connection by means of an impact screwdriver having a variable speed electric drive motor
Lamp removal tool
Pliers-based, combination tool
Aligned laser system having a combined level and square device
Shaving implement
Synthetic panel and method
Carriage for food slicer
Weatherstrip product formed by sequential extrusion of cellular and non-cellular plastic resins
Sealing apparatus
Sliding frame press
Door assembly for waste-paper baler
Finished flooring underlayment and method of making same
Laminated foam structures with enhanced properties
Mandrel carrier for high speed can decorators
Device for controlling the printing of one or more webs of material in a rotary printing press
Secured pen and holder
Curve forming device
Carpenter's gauge
Dual chalk line device
Arrangement for attaching gearshift assembly and method of assembling the same
Gas pedal for a motor vehicle
Apparatus and method for determining a person's sobriety
License plate bracket
Bicycle carrier fastening bracket
Steering and braking control system for a vehicle
Elevated cableway system
Running stabilizing linkage system for the joint of coaches
Single screw bridgeplate
Rail vehicle with an impact absorbing device
Tapered wear liner and articulated connector with tapered wear liner
Tiltable steering column lock mechanism
Device for making micro adjusting the steering bearing of bicycle
Handlebar-mountable ergonomic shifter for a motor vehicle
Boat weather cover and ventilation system
Floating bridge
Mountable and demountable wrapping material and method for use
Tubular bagging machine
Bung closure and center orifice
Packaging device
Pallet structure for yarn packages
Combination floral product and display container imprinted wrap around message sleeve on floral product and display container
Container box and lifter features
Lifting apparatus
Apparatus for detecting hydrocarbon using crystal oscillators within fuel dispensers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of polarizing glass
Fiber manufacturing spinner
Method and apparatus for controlling heating and cooling in segments of a fiber glass bushing
Water-soluble monoazodye containing a triazinyl or pyrimidinyl group and at least one vinyl sulfonyl type group in its structure
Acid pretreatment for adhesive bonding of vehicle assemblies
Electrochemical hydrogen pump and uses thereof for heat exchange applications
Textiles; Paper
Shifting device for establishing contact between a flat bar and a cleaner in a carding machine
Method and device for automatically replacing the lap, preparing and joining its edges and restarting it in a combing machine
Apparatus for varying the depth of a chute in a fiber feeder
Individual-spindle-drive type multiple twister
Knitwear having no curl collars
Sinker and selector arrangement for a circular knitting machine
Method and system for computer aided embroidery
Pattern sewing machine
Sewing machine having work holder
Device for supplying upper thread of sewing machine
Drum type washing machine having a pump integrally formed with a filter
Iron with non-drip device
Group twinner for single and double conductor bobbins and method of making communication cables
Press roll with a ceramic coating, method for manufacturing the same and coating composition
Fixed Constructions
Supplementary reinforcing construction for a reinforced concrete pier
Tractor bucket extension device and method
Rotary mechanism control with power supply
Variable rate ride control
Bathroom ventilator inlet
Personal hygiene device, toilet bidet
Expansion joint cover
Corner post for a wall panel system
Concrete plastic unit CPU
Prefabricated concrete wall form system
Light-gauge truss framing element
Steel-wood system
Early warning leak detector
Window, in particular for mounting in an inclined roof surface
Roof or access hatch safety railing system
Counter flashing
Casing system for dumbwaiters
Serrated hand tool for plaster application
Utility pole
Columbarium system
Bolt drive for motor-vehicle door latch
Car inside handle unit structure
Security cable coupling device
Hinge providing an electrical connection
Furniture hinge mounting plate
Control mechanism including a permanent magnet system
Device for operating hinged or guided closures
Stop device for sliding closures
Adjustable Frame
Method for assembling windows and the like
Security window assembly
Dual mini-blind cutter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gasification power generation system using preheated gasifying-agent to gasify fuel
Vapor temperature control in a kalina cycle power generation system
Exhaust gas purification system for low emission vehicle
Secondary air injection system for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust manifold attachment apparatus and method for fabricating same
Internal combustion engine with VTG supercharger
Method of using fuel gas expander in power generating plants
Externally fired combined cycle gas turbine
High pressure gas cycle and powder plant
Method of checking lambda sensor connections in multicylinder internal combustion engines
Device for controlling the air/fuel ratio of the mixture supplied to an endothermal engine
Device for determining load in an internal combustion engine
Energy generation device
Clearance distribution to reduce the leakage area
Compressor for refrigeration cycle
Engine module locator bushing
Chain link for an energy guide chain and having a cover which can be put into two different stable positions
Screw mechanism
Flexible meshing type gearing having three-dimensional, non-interactive wide-area intermeshing tooth profile
Adjusting device for the automatic operation of a gear-change device
Apparatus for illuminating medical diagnostic imaging film with enhanced viewability
Castable cyclone deflector
Process for thermally utilizing spent grains
Portable cooling and heating unit using reversible refrigerant circuit
Air conditioning condensation drainage system
Condensate evaporator apparatus
Falling film evaporator having two-phase distribution system
Refrigeration unit
Accumulator baffle molded from desiccant
Single-fluid stirling/pulse tube hybrid expander
Direct refrigerant geothermal heat exchange or multiple source subcool/postheat/precool system therefor
Method for controlling a refrigerator having a direction control valve
Self-carbonating self-cooling beverage container
Installation for the distillation of air and corresponding cold box
Drying of grain and other particulate materials
Gun barrel vibration absorber
System for localizing and identifying mines
Reverse initiation device
Initiator for air bag inflator
Propelling material formed in strips for use in large caliber guns
Ultra-miniature, monolithic, mechanical safety-and-arming (S&A) device for projected munitions
Pushing suspending device of a measuring tape
Capacitively readout multi-element sensor array with common-mode cancellation
Electronic level and a leveling rod for use in combination with the same
Aeronautical holding pattern calculator
Plummet level
Pivotal float for liquid level detection apparatus
Rail-mounted fluid-pressure indicating apparatus
Stud tensioning method
Capacitance type pressure sensor with capacitive elements actuated by a diaphragm
Method and apparatus for automatically detecting gas leak, and recording medium for leak detection
Container tightness test
Leak analysis
Programmable atmospheric sampling systems and methods
Automated sequential gas sampling system
Rotary viscometer with an air bearing
Testing apparatus
Ultrasonic inspection system for laminated stiffeners
Lipid-dispersed solution, production thereof and use in determining lipid levels
Single-side microelectromechanical capacitive accelerometer and method of making same
Angular velocity sensor and diagnosis system for this sensor
Detecting fields with a single-pass, dual-amplitude-mode scanning force microscope
Method of manufacturing and testing an electronic device, and an electronic device
Control system for controlling at least one variable of a process as well as a use of such a control system
Auxiliary throttle for snow mobiles and the like
Center feed parallel flow cold plate dual refrigeration systems
Method for personalizing flat supports
Video signal coding method
Advertising display standard
Illuminated modular sign having adjustable quick release modules
Information display system for the sides of buildings and vehicles
Double-directional rotary water ball structure
Combination custom printed form and container and method of using
Process for producing a vertical magnetic head
Method for repairing vertical welds in a boiling water reactor shroud using a clamp with eccentric pins
Apparatus for remote handling of plugs and sockets
Filter and a method for manufacturing a filter
System and apparatus for retaining position of cam follower
Method of blind connecting an I/O module into a cabinet
Connecting method of electric wire and terminal
Method of making a rotary motor
Circuit for limiting the output voltage of a power transistor
Method of controlling remote control electronic apparatus coupled to a network and a remote control electronic apparatus to be coupled to a network
Interactive call processor to facilitate completion of queued calls
Method for producing circuit board assemblies using surface mount components with finely spaced leads
Mechanism for engaging and disengaging electrical connector halves
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew