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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Universal shoulder protector
System and method for removing particles in semiconductor manufacturing
Power toothbrush using acoustic wave action for cleansing of teeth
Cremation urn, kit and system for retaining cremation remains
Patient single surface system
Methods and apparatus for joining small diameter conductors within medical electrical leads
BioNet for bilateral cochlear implant systems
Bifocal cardiac stimulation device and methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of, and apparatus for, manufacturing metallic bellows
Method for reinforcing a tubular beam with a sleeve
System and method for assembling a vehicle body structure
Cookware handle with compressible grip
Clamping arrangement for receiving a saw blade in multiple orientations
System for a virtual dew point sensor
Method for controlling an operating condition of a vehicle engine
Construction apparatus with pivotable mast
Textiles; Paper
Method for spin-drying textiles after an impregnation process
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus protecting vehicle with accessory when scraping edge of accessory strikes fixed object
Faucet spout structure
Expandable drywall corner piece
Spider hinge for a frameless glass door
Solar window apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cover plate anchor
Shot-counting device for a firearm
Method of attaching device to weapon
Method and device for calibrating mobile terminal
Stretch level
Method and device for estimation of combustion chamber pressure
Systems for compensating for creep and hysteresis in a load cell
Method and apparatus for examining semiconductor apparatus and method for designing semiconductor apparatus
System and method of estimating phase noise based on measurement of phase jitter at multiple sampling frequencies
Seismic sensors
Lens device, image pickup device and optical device
Circular extinction contrast imaging microscope
Mirror with local deformation by thickness variation of an electro-active material controlled by electrical effect
Apparatus and method for displaying stereoscopic two-dimensional image
Use of glasses containing rare earth oxide, alumina, and zirconia and dopant in optical waveguides
Optical transmission device
Optical connection device and optoelectronic hybrid apparatus including the same
Tuneable grating assisted directional optical coupler
Dual core corrugated Bragg grating
Device and method for automatic connection and disconnection of the binding cables within a distributor
Optical system and optical apparatus including optical system
Image reader and image reading method
Toner quantity measuring device, method of measuring toner quantity and image forming apparatus
Assembly and method for reducing shaft deflection
Image forming apparatus and process unit
System, apparatus, and method for preventing access to information stored in a consumable item of an image forming apparatus
Method for image forming capable of performing fast and stable sheet transfer operations
Image forming apparatus using detection of toner image on image bearing member
Drive unit, method of producing drive unit, running body moving unit, image reading apparatus, and imaging apparatus
Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device, fixing method, image forming apparatus, image forming method
Image forming apparatus having a sheet removal portion
Instrument for measuring intervals of time comprising a ringing mechanism
Noisy clock test method and apparatus
Replaceable liquid crystal display back plate for portable computer
Image sensing apparatus and power managing method
Programmatic binding for power management events involving execution of instructions in a first programming system with a first interface and a second programming system with a second interface
Non-volatile memory with network fail-over
System and apparatus for storage and transfer of secure data on web
Computer peripheral connecting interface system configuration debugging method and system
Method and device for switching database access part from for-standby to currently in use
Multiple error management mode memory module
Methods and systems for maintaining an encrypted video memory subsystem
Memory system and method for transferring data therein
Distributed independent cache memory
Cache management controller and method based on a minimum number of cache slots and priority
Tracking switch transactions
Method and system for verifying integrity of storage
Method and system for creating and restoring an image file
Method and apparatus for raid on memory
DMA module having plurality of first addressable locations and determining if first addressable locations are associated with originating DMA process
Accounting for update notifications in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
Self-organizing data driven learning hardware with local interconnections
Information architecture for the interactive environment
Image processing device and method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program recording medium, color adjustment method, color adjustment device, and color adjustment control program recording medium
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Methods and systems for determining distribution mean level without histogram measurement
Internet usage data recording system and method employing distributed data processing and data storage
Heterogeneous network file access
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for a HPNA network
Negotiated wireless peripheral security systems
Method and system for dynamic variation of orginal message length in a reply message
System for searching device on network
Generic external proxy
Method and system for storing duplicate data
Maintaining a common AAA session id for a call over a network
Federated multiprotocol communication
Location measurement process for radio-frequency badges
Method of session payload editing
Electronic disc jockey service
Method and system for modifying host application functionality based upon downloaded content
Enforcing uniform file-locking for diverse file-locking protocols
Network contents managing system
Method of finding a path between two nodes in a network
Site evaluation system and site evaluation program storage medium
Method and system for modeling behavior of elements in a telecommunications system
System and method for initially configuring and booting a device using a device identifier
Maltweb multi-axis viewing interface and higher level scoping
Language phonetic system and method thereof
Integrated multilingual browser
System and method for constructing and personalizing a universal information classifier
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving structured documents
Accounting for update notifications in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
Hosted learning management system and method for training employees and tracking results of same
Compressing database workloads
Accounting for update notification in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
Database aggregation query result estimator
Remote copy system
System for preserving logical object integrity within a remote mirror cache
Encapsulating parameterized cells (pcells)
Hot carrier circuit reliability simulation
System and method for accommodating non-Gaussian and non-linear sources of variation in statistical static timing analysis
Method of modeling physical layout of an electronic component in channel simulation
Methods and systems for management of information related to the appearance of an object
Method for sizing production lot starts within a linear system programming environment
System and method for virtual tape management with remote archival and retrieval via an encrypted validation communication protocol
Method and an arrangement for scrollable cross point navigation in a user interface
Application sharing viewer presentation
Self-installing peripheral device with memory wherein in response to user request for additional storage peripheral device being configured to remove installation software stored on memory
Enhanced video content information associated with video programs
Asymmetric data path media access controller
Predicting avatar movement in a distributed virtual environment
Apparatus and method for efficient data storage using a FIFO memory
Method for operation of a vehicle and corresponding device
Enterprise information integration platform
String search scheme in a distributed architecture
Token-based object description
Apparatus and method for detecting illegitimate change of web resources
Method and system for verifying a client request
Variable width, at least six-way addition/accumulation instructions
Changing the personality of a device by intercepting requests for personality information
Method and system for efficient testing of sequences of computer-related operations
Initiating and debugging a process in a high assurance execution environment
Source code editor for editing multilanguage documents
Extensibility application programming interface and framework for meta-model objects
Debugger causality system and methods
Language-neutral representation of software code elements
Method of simulating deformation of rubber material
Halftone proofing with inkjet printers
Logo data generating method and system
Method and apparatus for image processing capable of high speed processing
Electronic ink as a software object
Method for blindly embedding and extracting a watermark by using wavelet transform and an HVS model
Method, device and software for separating the individual subjects of an anatomical structure segmented from 3D datasets of medical examination procedures
Color space transformations for use in identifying objects of interest in biological specimens
Demosaicking method and apparatus for color filter array interpolation in digital image acquisition systems
Two-dimensional inverse discrete cosine transforming
Virtual image artifact detection
Image compression/decompression apparatus and method
System for image analysis in a network that is structured with multiple layers and differentially weighted neurons
Folder with card-receiving recess
Electronic sign with multiple direction positionable rear access doors
Safety kick plate device and manufacturing methods
Automobile interior exhibit
Method and apparatus for displaying speech recognition progress
Graphical user interface and method for modifying pronunciations in text-to-speech and speech recognition systems
Data cartridge holder operable with a data cartridge library system
Disk player
Device for limiting current in a sensor
External coil bias for giant magneto-resistive sensor
Bilayer coil insulation for magnetic write heads to minimize pole recession
CPP magneto resistive head with decreased variation in asymmetry and output
Play control method in digital versatile disc player
Integrated circuit having a resistive memory
Magnetic random access memory device
Thin film magnetic memory device writing data with bidirectional current
Memory device capable of stable data writing
Nonvolatile memory device and data write method for nonvolatile memory device
SRAM, semiconductor memory device, method for maintaining data in SRAM, and electronic device
Memory card having buffer memory for storing testing instruction
Semiconductor device with electrically broken fuse and its manufacture method
Register circuit, and synchronous integrated circuit that includes a register circuit
Data accessing apparatus and method
Semiconductor memory circuit
Sense amplifier with multiple bits sharing a common reference
Circuits and methods of temperature compensation for refresh oscillator
Method and apparatus for controlling refresh operations in a dynamic memory device
Temperature dependent self-refresh module for a memory device
Memory device with multistage sense amplifier
Reducing read data strobe latency in a memory system
Electrochemical capacitor and method of use
Architecture for power modules such as power inverters
Semiconductor laser drive apparatus, optical write apparatus, imaging apparatus, and semiconductor laser drive method
CO.sub.2 laser stabilization systems and methods
Organic laser and liquid crystal display
Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
Adjustment assembly for back-to-back enclosures, and back-to-back enclosure assembly employing the same
Leakage current interrupter with sustained overvoltage and/or overcurrent protection
Arcing horn device
Motor manufacturing method
DC/DC converter having transistor switches with flywheel diodes and program for controlling the transistor switches
Switching power source apparatus
Electrostatic chuck with smart lift-pin mechanism for a plasma reactor
Reduced complexity coding system using iterative decoding
Feed forward equalizer and a method for analog equalization of a data signal
Pilot-aided channel estimation for OFDM in wireless systems
Method and apparatus to generate a clock-based transmission
Miniaturized multichannel transmitter and wireless telemetry system
Feed forward clock and data recovery unit
Reception system for multisensor antenna
Terminal and standby operation control method
Radio mobile terminal communication system
System and method for providing a single-ended receive portion and a differential transmit portion in a wireless transceiver
Method and apparatus for raking in a wireless network
Method and system for compensating residual dispersion curvature
High speed modulation of optical subcarriers
Synchronous amplitude modulation for improved performance of optical transmission systems
Mobile phone push-to-talk voice activation
Master-slave processor for dual mode mobile telephone
Device and method for nodal multiple access into communications channels
Method and apparatus for maximizing the use of available capacity in a communication system
Multiplexed data producing apparatus, encoded data reproducing apparatus, clock conversion apparatus, encoded data recording medium, encoded data transmission medium, multiplexed data producing method, encoded data reproducing method, and clock conversion method
Demultiplexer for channel interleaving
Method and apparatus for CDMA signal reception
Efficient available bandwidth usage in transmission of compressed video data
Resource management protocol for a configurable network router
Memory-efficient conversion between differing data transport formats of SONET overhead data
Online card present transaction
Method and apparatus for peak to average power ratio reduction for orthogonal frequency division multiplex systems
Highly-available OSPF routing protocol
Network monitoring and controlling apparatus
Memory load balancing for single stream multicast
System and method for storing and utilizing routing information in a computer network
Measurement architecture to obtain per-hop one-way packet loss and delay in multi-class service networks
Multi-level register bank based configurable ethernet frame parser
Communications system and communication method
Router and methods for distributed virtualization
Automated method for mapping constant bit-rate network traffic onto a non-constant bit-rate network
Traffic shaping apparatus and traffic shaping method
Method and apparatus for handing off control of service access over a cable IP network
Weighted fair share scheduler for large input-buffered high-speed cross-point packet/cell switches
Device and method for efficient delivery of redundant national television signals
Method for provisioning a permanent virtual circuit in an ATM network
Local area network of serial intellegent cells
Telephone terminal and storage medium storing terminal control program thereof
Flexible electronic message security mechanism
MIMO TCM with constellation rotation and coordinate swapping
Method and apparatus for reception of data over digital transmission link
Time difference adjustment circuit
System and method for automatically correcting duty cycle distortion
Encryption to BCC recipients with S/MIME
Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
Deterministically generating block substitution tables which meet a given standard of nonlinearity
Portable digital communication device usable as a gaming device and a personal digital assistant (PDA)
User information management program and user information management device
Method and a system for submitting messages deposited in an inbox of a messaging service
Wireless adhoc communication system, terminal, authentication method for use in terminal, encryption method, terminal management method, and program for enabling terminal to perform those methods
Method and telecommunication system for transmitting a facsimile message
Method and apparatus for determining gaps in cellular phone area coverage
Call routing apparatus
Exchange node
Geographical call routing for a non-emergency calling service
Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus which adaptively switches image processing methods between a dot image portion and a non-dot image portion
Method and apparatus for image processing capable of efficiently performing a gray-scale correction
System and method for creating and displaying a preference based menu for a viewing session
Communicating program identifiers from a digital video recorder (DVR) to a set top box (STB) independent of when the STB demodulates the associated program data
Method and apparatus for transforming moving picture coding system
Remote control unit for intelligent digital audiovisual reproduction systems
Image coding method and apparatus
Cell search method in discontinuous reception mode in a mobile communication system
Telephone equipment including a line holding system, an extension communication detecting system, and a notification system
Communication support system, information processing terminal, radiotelephone network, message server, and recording medium
Mobile station, radio communication system, base station switching control method, program, and recording medium
Admission control method and device in mobile communication system
Communication processing apparatus, communication processing method, and computer program
Method and apparatus for a centralized home agent function
Logical channel selection for information transmission in a telecommunications system
Roaming service method and system in multi-zone private wireless network systems
Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
Advertising system and advertising signs
SIP-based user mobility providing apparatus and method
Filter manipulator, filter, holder for a number of filter manipulators, and system comprising a filter manipulator and a holder for a filter manipulator
Support structure of loudspeaker unit and loudspeaker system
Electret capacitor microphone
Band-limited adaptive feedback canceller for hearing aids
Microphone for a hearing aid
Bi-fold mounted printed wiring board
Reference layer openings
Circuit board assembly having a set of edge clips for connecting multiple boards together
Folding latching mechanism
Liquid-cooling heat dissipation module
Heat dissipating structure applicable to a computer host
Shielding case structure of handheld communication apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Carrying case for personal digital assistant device and ancillary electronic device
Fiber optic imaging endoscope interferometer with at least one faraday rotator
Method and apparatus for influencing X-rays in a beam path
Grid holding frame, which provides grid information to X-ray image processing apparatus
Input device for game machine, and method of controlling position of controller thereof
Image generation device and information storage medium
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of utilizing wasted nested space
Thermal printer
Message management system for a user interface of a multifunctional printing system
Thermal head with small size of steps of protective layer formed on heating portion and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film printhead with layered dielectric
Packaging body and image forming method for utilizing packaging body
Method and apparatus for determining the location of an occupant of a vehicle
Underwater object positioning system
Heat activating and thermosensitive recording for thermosensitive adhesive label
Microfluidic devices for heat transfer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for making marks in a transparent material by using a laser
Display medium using emitting particles dispersed in a transparent host
Fixed Constructions
Magnetically coupled input device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Press-fit and plastic-flow coupling of a shaft to a hub of a disk device
Thermal insulation to be inserted between two insulating structures
3D scanner and method for measuring heights and angles of manufactured parts
Surface profile measuring method and apparatus
Oblique incidence interferometer for removing higher-order interference fringes
Method for improving the accuracy of measurements made using a laser interferometer
Range finding
Apparatus and method for determining position
Surveying instrument having an optical distance meter
Electronic distance meter
Optoelectronic arrangement for determining an object's profile
Detector constructed from fabric using measured current to determine pressure
Electronic whiteboard system using a tactile foam sensor
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Retardance measurement method
Hand-held produce recognition system and produce data collector
Compact laser apparatus
Method of measuring chemical concentration based on spatial separation and resolution of luminescence
Inspection system for edges of glass
Inspection apparatus for surfaces of spheres
Defect detecting apparatus
Data recovery system for radio frequency identification interrogator
High precision laser range finder with an automatic peak control loop
Acoustic surveillance system with signature and bearing data display
Static correction method for exploration seismic data using first arrivals of seismic waves
Prism and optical device using the same
Article comprising a metallic anti-mirror
Image display apparatus having three-dimensionally decentered optical path
Microscope objective lens
Polarization independent grating modulator
Sound reduced rotatable polygon assembly
Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Multi-beam exposure apparatus
Image pickup device having means for correcting the motion of an image
Optical device with diffraction grating having plural grating regions
Method for an optical switch on a silicon substrate
Lens holding frame and lens barrel
Lens driving apparatus
TV lens with function of automatically adjusting flange back length
Method of creating color-changing displays
Liquid crystal display element and a display device having a homeotropic alignment
Liquid crystal elemental device, production process thereof and spacer-bearing substrate
Method for interconnecting a flat panel display having a non-transparent substrate and devices formed
Portable computer having a flat panel display device
Liquid crystal display element integrated with a touch sensor
Driving device and driving method of liquid crystal display device
Stacked display device with folded substrate
Liquid crystal display device
Transmission/reflection type color liquid crystal display device
Method of fabricating a reflective type LCD
Liquid crystal display with polarization layer interior to substrates
Transflective liquid crystal display device
Circuit arrangement for regulating light transmission of an electrochromic glass pane
Tunable fiber optic parametric oscillator
Motion picture film projector illumination system for minimizing film buckle
Double concave screen and method of assembly
Photographic paper exposing method and an optical digital printer employing this method
Automated periodic focus and exposure calibration of a lithography stepper
Exposure control method and apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method of controlling the same
Scanning type exposure apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus for outputting image in response to digital image signal
Three-dimensional holographic stamping of multi-layer bit-oriented non-linear optical media
Time-to-digital converter
Construction and civil engineering database generator and display
Structure for preventing wires from being damaged
Shock mount for hard disk drive in a portable computer
Ergonomic touch pad
Docking apparatus for note-type personal computer having improved releasing function
Method and system for identifying an industrial personal computer in a rack
Computer with thermal cooling and a thermal cooling system and method
Self-stabilizing heat exhaust system
Generic bus system
Remotely controlling video display devices
Curve slider apparatus
Window display controller and its program storage medium
Arrangement of information to allow three-dimensional navigation through information displays with indication of intended starting point
Retrofittable apparatus for converting a substantially planar surface into an electronic data capture device
Light-receiving unit for optical mouse and optical mouse having the same
Data separating interface apparatus and method
Smart peripheral device for translating input printer data into general-purpose import-file
Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium
System and method for managing a plurality of associated windows for an application
Multiple language support for component-based systems
Extensible user interface for viewing objects over a network
Method and apparatus for managing job contention for system resources in an electronic reprographic system
CBR/VBR traffic scheduler
Image forming apparatus having a trial print mode
Look-up table device and image generation device
Method and apparatus for antialiasing using a non-uniform pixel sampling pattern
System and method for generating a family of icons
Glyph-based outline font generation independent of resolution
Method and system for theory of constraints buffer graphing, tracking and management
Multi-format vertex data processing apparatus and method
Video processing and rendering
Attribute interpolation in 3D graphics
Volume rendering
Texture map blender with adaptive interpolation when switching to a new level-of-detail map
Method and system for efficient rendering of image component polygons
Motion data generation apparatus, motion data generation method, and motion data generation program storage medium
Overlay printing
System and method for high definition video rescaling
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for smoothing text outlines
Dual-prime motion estimation engine
Method and device for video compression
Quantization matrix for still and moving picture coding
Moving picture coding and/or decoding systems, and variable-length coding and/or decoding system
Automatic detector for starting security cameras
Remote control system
Apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Plasma display panel employing radio frequency and method of driving the same
Plasma display panel capable of being easily driven and definitely displaying picture
Method of and unit for processing images
Active matrix type display apparatus and drive circuit thereof
High matching precision OLED driver by using a current-cascaded method
Liquid crystal display panel driving device and method
Method for automatically adjusting sampling phase of LCD control system
Driving method for a liquid-crystal-display
Liquid crystal device, driving method therefor, and electronic apparatus using the same
Liquid-crystal display panel drive power supply circuit
System for contrast control using linearized variable network of parallel resistive terms
Liquid crystal display apparatus including scanning circuit having bidirectional shift register stages
On-screen transparent keyboard interface
Graphics accelerator
Method and apparatus for dynamic adaptation of a large vocabulary speech recognition system and for use of constraints from a database in a large vocabulary speech recognition system
Voice communication with simulated speech data
Method of recording/reproducing an information signal
Tape guide mechanism which orients tape in transverse and normal-to-transverse directions for adjusting tape stiffness
Disc identifying method and device
Hard disc drive with base incorporating a spindle motor stator
Detecting circuit for read signal from magnetic recording system using partial response
Method and apparatus for recording with a magneto-optical recording medium applying one period of an alternating magnetic field to a unit domain length
Servo area numbering strategy for computer disk drives
Fly height control for a read/write head over patterned media
Cartridge for information-recording media having deformable elastic pressing member urged by projection on shutter
Recording medium and tape drive suitable for the same
Disk, recording and reproduction apparatus, and recording and reproduction method
Disk drive apparatus
Channel quality monitor (CQM) for digital peak detection (DPD)
Recording medium reproducing apparatus
Acoustic insulator for controlling noise generated in a mass storage device
Dampening member for isolating actuator vibration
Magnetic disk drive with unique cable wiring scheme and electronic device using the same
Data recovery apparatus, method and memory medium for a magnetic memory read/write channel
Method for assembling an actuator device for a hard disk, comprising a read/write transducer, a microactuator, and a suspension, and the actuator device thus obtained
Inductive magnetic recording head having inclined magnetic read/write pole and method of making same
Thin film magnetic head including an antireflection film
Magnetic systems with irreversible characteristics and a method of manufacturing and repairing and operating such systems
Spin-valve magnetoresistive head, and composite-type magnetic head and magnetic recording medium drive using the same
Read head with a combined second read gap and pinning layer for a top spin valve sensor
Disk drive suspension with multi-layered piezoelectric actuator controlled gram load
Multiple zone data storage system and method
Generalized Fourier seek method and apparatus for a hard disk drive servomechanism
Method and apparatus for driving actuator of storage disk device
Magnetic coil actuator
Air bearing slider having improved take-off velocity
Head slider capable of improving shock resistance of recording disk drive
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Method and apparatus for controlling track jump
Method for determining vertical or horizontal operation of optical disk driver
Spliceless editing of a read/write optical medium
Pickup drive apparatus, pickup drive method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical disc having groove and land tracks
Read error reduction system for a disk player
Optical pickup apparatus employing an adjusting circuit
Method and apparatus for parallel readout and correlation of data on optical disks
Actuator for optical pickup
Device suitable for manufacturing an optical registration carrier, such as a master plate
Accessing of two-terminal electronic quantum dot comprising static memory
High density memory sense amplifier
Thin film magnetic device including memory cells having a magnetic tunnel junction
Electronic driver circuit for word lines in a memory matrix, and memory apparatus
Semiconductor memory and its driving method
Semiconductor memory device allowing easy characteristics evaluation
Structure and method for hiding DRAM cycle time behind a burst access
Integrated circuit having an EEPROM and flash EPROM
Channel write/erase flash memory cell and its manufacturing method
Nonvolatile memory, cell array thereof, and method for sensing data therefrom
Circuit arrangement for the lowering of the threshold voltage of a diode configured transistor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Using a low drain bias during erase verify to ensure complete removal of residual charge in the nitride in sonos non-volatile memories
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Word-line deficiency detection method for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device capable of concurrently diagnosing a plurality of memory banks and method thereof
Circuit and method for stress testing a static random access memory (SRAM) device
Data writing system
Wiring board and electronic device having circuit board
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) capable of canceling out complementary noise developed in plate electrodes of memory cell capacitors
Die architecture accommodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Semiconductor memory device enabling selective production of different semiconductor memory devices operating at different external power-supply voltages
Current steering reduced bitline voltage swing, sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device
Refresh control for semiconductor memory device
tRCD margin
Precharge circuit with small width
Bitline pull-up circuit for compensating leakage current
Technique for the reduction of memory access time variation
High speed memory architecture and busing
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory integrated circuit
Alternating reference wordline scheme for fast DRAM
Internal addressing structure of a semiconductor memory
Plastic capacitor
Trimmer capacitor
Electrochemical capacitor
Quick-action mechanical switching point
High voltage transient voltage surge suppression fuse link system
Flat panel display apparatus having high aspect ratio spacers and method for manufacturing the same
Optical technique to detect etch process termination
Electrostatic clamp for holding workpieces with irregular surfaces
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Torsional heat sink retention device
Clip for heat sink
Heatsink mounting with shock absorbers
High performance fin configuration for air cooled heat sinks
Heat sink and information processor using it
Heat sink capable of having a fan mounted aslant to the lateral side thereof
Three-dimensional interconnect system
Bi-directional ESD diode structure
Solid image pick-up unit and driving method therefor
Electroluminescence display device with improved driving transistor structure
1.4-1.52 .mu.m-band optical amplifier
Optical amplifier using wavelength converter
Long-band fiber amplifier using feedback loop
Optical amplifier reflecting spontaneous emission back into the amplifier to improve efficiency
Microlaser assembly having a microresonator and aligned electro-optic components
Optical amplifier pump control
Method, system and apparatus for an electrically assisted chemical oxygen iodine laser
Raman amplifier, optical repeater, and raman amplification method
Temperature-insensitive semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser driving circuit and semiconductor laser device
Stabilization of a laser array module
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser emitting device having asymmetrical diffraction gratings
Distributed feedback surface plasmon laser
Arrangement for aligning the light beam paths of a group of laser diodes on a common spot, especially for providing pumping light for a solid state laser
Plane emission type semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Power distribution panel with flame containment slots
Recognition device for connecting contacts on switch panels
Method of synchronous circuit opening of generator circuit breaker, and its control apparatus
Apparatus for providing high performance electrostatic discharge protection
Method and device for power system protection
Hermetic refrigeration compressor motor protector
Method and apparatus for magnetic amplifier to reduce minimum load requirement
Arrangement of a multiphase converter
Motor driving inverter
Television signal receiving tuner
Broadcast transmission system with single correction filter for correcting linear and non-linear distortion
Serial digital data communications receiver with improved automatic cable equalizer, AGC system, and DC restorer
Solderless, coaxial feedthrough component
Estimation of introduced frequency offset by a signal correction and transmission medium
Configuration memory architecture for FPGA
Optical receiver module optical transmitter module phase-locked loop circuit voltage-controlled oscillator and frequency response controllable amplifier
Delay compensation
Apparatus and methods for intereference cancellation in spread spectrum communications systems
CDMA receiving apparatus
Optical multiplex transmission apparatus and optical multiplex transmission method
Apparatus and method for monitoring the qualities of optical signal using clock amplitude
Cascaded line-of sight free-space communications system
Adaptor and method for use with a light-communication device
Optical transmission apparatus for multiple wavelengths and optical transmission wavelength control method
Optical data bus for a vehicle
Apparatus and method for line of sight laser communications
Apparatus, system, and method for extracting an optical clock signal from an optical data signal
Method and apparatus for optimizing dispersion in an optical fiber transmission line in accordance with an optical signal power level
Digital silence for a PCM data communication system
Self-diagnostic method for detecting faults in a transceiver within a wireless receiving unit of a base transceiver station
Method of and device for measuring echo parameters on telephone lines
Slotted mode in wireless CDMA systems
System for increasing the call capacity of a wireless communication system
Manifold assisted channel estimation and demodulation for CDMA systems in fast fading environments
Apparatus and method for instantaneous reacquisition in a network system
Apparatus and method of network synchronization in asymmetric two-way satellite communication system
Dynamic frequency hopping
High-data-rate supplemental channel for CDMA telecommunications system
Method for balancing the ratio Eb/I in a service multiplexing CDMA system and telecommunication systems using same
Method for providing security for a transmission of information through a plurality of frequency orthogonal subchannels
Routing in a WDM system
Producing smoothed clock and data signals from gapped clock and data signals
Direct spread spectrum communication system corresponding to delayed multiplex mode, and method of communication using the system
Hybrid ATM/TDM transport over a common fiber ring
Low complexity maximum likelihood detecting of concatenated space codes for wireless applications
Method for the transmission of digital signals
Network-based service for originator-initiated automatic repair of IP multicast sessions
Flexible packet technique for monitoring calls spanning different backbone networks
Method of and apparatus for realizing priority data transmissions for CSMA/CD system
Distributed method and apparatus for allocating a communication medium
Method for controlling data flow associated with a communications node
Method for determining a quantity of channel resources to reserve for data services in a communication system
Wireless data transfer using a remote media interface
Apparatus and method in a network switch for dynamically assigning memory interface slots between gigabit port and expansion port
System and method for data transmission across a link aggregation
ATM switch
Node device and packet transfer method using priority information in plural hierarchical levels
Method of managing hop-count in label switching network and node apparatus
Radio communicating method
Stacked address transport in connection oriented networks
System and method for controlling data flow in a wireless network connection
Method and system for transmitting graphical images
Mobile IP communication scheme for supporting mobile computer move over different address spaces
Modular network switch with peer-to-peer address mapping communication
Method supporting the quality of service of data transmission
Scheduler implementing weighted fair queuing by a weight limited first in-first out methodology
Message sender status monitor
Network communication system
Sampling system
Method and apparatus for providing high speed modem replay using locally connecting modems
Fast frame synchronization
Carrier recovery in DAB receivers
Mobile IP dynamic home address resolution
Participant-controlled conference calling system
Method and apparatus for allocating tones to a plurality of users in a multi-tone modem communications system
Cryptographic processing apparatus cryptographic processing method and recording medium for recording a cryptographic processing program
Facsimile having user interface with keys that enable undo, yes, no and report functions
Audio system for a personal computer
Telephone call connection architecture
Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
Method and device for device-to-device enablement of camp-on capability
Voice code registration system and method for registering voice codes for voice pages in a voice network access provider system
Method and apparatus for equitable call delivery
Method and apparatus for remotely controlling telephone call-forwarding
System and method for teleconferencing on an internetwork comprising connection-oriented and connectionless networks
Apparatus for routing hoses and cables in an imaging system
Data communication apparatus
Image duplicating apparatus and storage medium
Image processing apparatus carrying out multi-value error diffusion process
Image transmission apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method with variable phase masking period for beam detect signal
Method and system for designing spatially-partitioned and correlated stochastic screens for color halftoning
Tone dependent plane dependent error diffusion halftoning
Stereoscopic display device and recording media recorded program for image processing of the display device
Dynamic range enhancement for imaging sensors
Method and apparatus for reducing flicker effects from discharge lamps during pipelined digital video capture
Broadcasting program displaying device for receiving and displaying a program video and property information
Digital/analog broadcast signal processing unit
Method and apparatus for modifying a video signal by back porch lowering
Video format converter for digital receiving system
Video format converter
Multimode interpolation filter as for a TV receiver
Dynamic mapping of broadcast resources
Adaptable intraframe/interframe motion video encoder
Receivers for television signals
System and method for improved fine granular scalable video using base layer coding information
System and related methods for analyzing compressed media content
Variable bit-rate encoding device
Device for generating multiple quality level bit-rates in a video encoder
Optical system in projection television receiver
Method and apparatus for automatic calibration of analog video chromakey mixer
Scheme for label switched path loop detection at node device
Broadband telecommunications system
Multipoint/multichannel connection device in integrated services digital network
Architecture and method for using an advanced intelligent network (AIN) to reduce voice switch and trunk loading
Method for variable block scheduling indication by an uplink state flag in a packet data communication system
Local multipoint distribution service base station apparatus
Apparatus and method for processing digital audio signals of plural channels to derive combined signals with overflow prevented
Electronic control unit
Decoupling structure and method for printed circuit board component
Reliable card detection in a CPCI system
Structure of a ball grid array IC mounting seat
Series-parallel fans system
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