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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Disk harrow with U-shaped cushions of tapered round section
Combination line trimmer and edger
Picking rake with dual handles and dual rake heads for gathering and picking material
Structure of an assembled type christmas tree
Composition and method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
Mold for the making of a hand-holdable edible food product
Eyeglass protective device
Adjustable musician's stand
Nail clippers with finger illuminator
Adjustable armchair mouse tray
Modified spring system end cap for packaging fragile articles within shipping cartons
Back construction for seating unit
Display device
Product display support systems and methods
Glass rack
Biopsy needle
Device and method for converting a balloon catheter into a cutting balloon catheter
Trocar sleeve for endoscopic applications
Bone anchor implantation device
Vertebral fixing device
Systems and methods for electrosurgical treatment of obstructive sleep disorders
System and method for noise reduction in thermodilution for cardiac measurement
Ultrasonic detection of ear disorders
Two-component dental materials having a low setting temperature
Tissue treatment
Inhibitors of cruzipain and other cysteine proteases
Methods and therapeutic combinations for the treatment of xanthoma using sterol absorption inhibitors
6H-thieno[2, 3-b]pyrrole derivatives as antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH)
Bis-benzimidazoles and related compounds as potassium channel modulators
Aspartic protease inhibitors
Quinazolines and uses thereof
Acylated benzylmaltosides as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation
Treatment of skin diseases using a pharmaceutical preparation in colloidal form
Anticoagulant/sterilizing compositions and methods
Peptide having osteogenetic activity and osteogenetic accelerator containing the same
Beta-secretase substrates and uses thereof
Inhibition of cell motility and angiogenesis by inhibitors of Grb2-SH2-domain
Compositions which can be used for regulating the activity of parkin
Bone morphogenetic protein antagonist based on the mature protein
Method for the treatment of chemonucleolysis
Modulation of central nervous system (CNS) dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPIV) -like activity for the treatment of neurological and neuropsychological disorders
Compositions and methods for eliciting an immune response to gram-negative bacterial infections
Bacteriocins and novel bacterial strains
Streptococcus pneumoniae proteins and vaccines
Set for sterilising medical instruments or appliances
Inhaler for multiple dosed administration of a pharmacological dry powder
Catheters and methods of using catheters
Apparatus and methods for occluding an access tube anastomosed to sidewall of an anatomical vessel
Placental blood collection line including a rinsing bag
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Atomization technique for producing fine particles
Transformation method of products containing amiantus
Standing weightlifting apparatus
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Compositions for use in golf balls
Iron golf club and golf club set
Object retrieval system
Lacrosse head having an articulated member
Casino pinball game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid-liquid extraction of polar organic substances from their aqueous solutions with fluorinated extracting liquids
Separating device, particularly for separating solids from liquids
Combination particulate and acid-neutralizing filter
Step-by-step alkylation of polymeric amines
Environmental control system including vapor cycle system and isothermal CATOX/PTF
Ultra-stable lamellar mesoporous silica compositions and process for the preparation thereof
High loading supported carbon catalyst, method of preparing the same, catalyst electrode including the same, and fuel cell including the catalyst electrode
Hydrogen generating device having hydrogen separator membrane and control method therefor
Device used in parallel microsynthesis
Air filter device for air exhauster
Centrifugal separating device and method of clarifying must during the production of wine
Atomizing device
Aerosol product
Method for providing a chrome finish on a substrate
Processes for coating photoconductors
Method of forming a fluid ejection device with a compressive alpha-tantalum layer
High rep-rate laser with improved electrodes
Method for applying electrolyte in the manufacture of a battery
Compact rolling mill and a method of producing a thin strip
Method of and apparatus for forming forging blank
Rotatable cutting tool
Plasma catalyst
Method for making a radiating appliance
Machine tool
Wafer carrier with pressurized membrane and retaining ring actuator
Portable rail cutting apparatus
In situ finishing control
Manual sanding machine tool
Grinding wheel in combination with a grinding ring
Adjustable clamp
Staple remover with storage bin
Collapsible stand for a bench-top power tool
Marking device
Paper-cutting apparatus and paper-holding device of the same
Scribing and breaking apparatus, system therefor, and scribing and breaking method
Compressed wood product and manufacture
Method for producing multi-cored molded article
Method for manufacturing image display device
Solvent casting process
Support layer for thin copper foil
Layer obtained from an aqueous dispersion containing a silicon/titanium mixed oxide powder prepared by flame-hydrolysis
Multilayer polymer hose line or tubing having reduced length variations
Transparent composite composition
Composite material for use in the manufacture of electrical contacts and a method for its manufacture
RBC or CRBC fine powder dispersing foam-molded synthetic resin material, method for preparing same and uses thereof
Dry paint transfer laminate for use as wall covering
Offset lithographic printing press having seamed sleeved printing blanket
Ink feeding method and ink feeding apparatus
Printing press equipped with color chart measuring apparatus
System and method for improving print quality on mail pieces having low reflectivity
Inkjet head and ejection device
Actuating control device
Paper edge sensing apparatus and method for borderless printing
Cartridge for an electronic pen
Method of controlling register when overprinting a plurality of separated colors
Unit dose delivery system
Mechanical improvements to a personal vehicle
Steering device for the support device for the rear wheel hub in motor-vehicles
Automotive HVAC system and method of operating same utilizing evaporator freezing
Seat device for a vehicle
Detachable children vehicle seat
Seated occupant impact-injury minimizing method
Multilength tubular transporter
Generator trailer with anchor system
LED luminaire with thermally conductive support
Anti-submarining seat-belt assembly
Method for determing a transmittable torque of a clutch in an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle
Core bar for rubber crawler and rubber crawler
Device for inserting wire or cable into a loom
Rescue boat
Method for protecting a marine propulsion system
Method for braking a vessel with two marine propulsion devices
Marine propulsion system with pressure compensated hydraulic supply capability
Pressure sprayer
Food storage containers
Container lid with closure member
Belt attachment device and method
Tablet feeder
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Manufacturing apparatus and method for carbon nanotube
Apparatus for in-situ microbial seeding
Method to fabricate hollow microneedle arrays
Fullerene compounds
Preparation of N-substituted 2,7-dialkyl-4-hydroxy-5-amino-8-aryl-octanoyl amides
Method for the production of crystalline forms and crystalline forms of optical enantiomers of modafinil
Crystal of bicalutamide and production method thereof
Use of modifiers in a dinitrile hydrogenation process
Process for the synthesis of bisphenol
Preparation of perfluoropolyethers having at least one --CH.sub.2OH or --CH(CF.sub.3)OH end group
Catalytic process for the preparation of isolongifolene
Process for producing levetiracetam
Preventives/remedies for urinary disturbance
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnormal physiological states
Process for the preparation of tetrasubstituted imidazole derivatives and novel crystalline structures thereof
Synthesis of nicotine derivatives from nicotine
Isolation of high-purity triethylenediamine (TEDA) by distillation
Tricyclic compounds protein kinase inhibitors for enhancing the efficacy of anti-neoplastic agents and radiation therapy
Releasable nonvolatile mass-label molecules
Nucleic acid marker ladder for estimating mass
Molecular regulatory circuits to achieve sustained activation of genes of interest by a single stress
PAS kinase
Promoter and plasmid system for genetic engineering
Multifunctional magnetic nanowires
Isolated cancer associated antigens NY-MEL 1 and NY-MEL 3, peptides based thereon, and their uses
Human serpin polypeptides
Bifunctional chelating agent
Colon specific gene and protein
Method for producing homopolymers and copolymers of isobutene
Lactic acid-based resin composition
Process for the manufacturing of the polymer compensation layer for LCD optical light shutter and the construction thereof
Active energy ray curable composition for coating optical disk and optical disk
Linear low density polyethylenes with high melt strength and high melt index ratio
Water-thinnable polymer precursors, their preparation and use
Polymerizable composition containing novel cyclic sulfur compound and resin obtained by curing the polymerizable composition
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymer precursors
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulator film, and semiconductor device
Moulded bodies made from a polyurethane material, production and use thereof
Intrinsically-viscous clear-lacquer slurry, method for production and use thereof
Polymer mixtures with improved odor control
Oil-based pigmented ink composition
Device that comprises recycling to a separator a liquid effluent that is obtained from an absorber and is mixed with a feedstock
Phyllosilicate adsorbate and its use
Cell wall anchor proteins derived from yeast, genes thereof and cell surface expression systems using the same
Non-autonomous transposon gene of rice, transformed plant and method of use
DNA vaccine containing tumor-associated gene and cytokine gene and method of preparation the same
Manipulation of the phenolic acid content and digestibility of plant cell walls by targeted expression of genes encoding cell wall degrading enzymes
Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in cell culture
Circular site-directed mutagenesis
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds with antibiotic or weeding activity
Cytotoxic assay and new established cell line of sturgeon origin
Determination of a genotype of an amplification product at multiple allelic sites
Use of methylated nucleic acid segments for isolating centromere DNA
Identification of viral agents in breast ducts and antiviral therapy therefore
Method and apparatus for containing and ejecting a thixotropic metal slurry
Methods, apparatuses, and substrate assembly structures for fabricating microelectronic components using mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization processes
Materials for dental and biomedical application
Textiles; Paper
Laminate tape
Apparatus for forming an extended nip
Dewatering of a paper web in a press section of a papermaking machine
Fixed Constructions
Structural slab and wall assembly for use with expansive soils
Bucket column base and installation support
Sanitary, storm and catch basin trap with filter insert
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof
Keyway plug for safe deposit locks
Combination lock and padlock combination with opening warning device
Child barriers
Drilling with concentric strings of casing
Divinyl sulfone crosslinking agents and methods of use in subterranean applications
Aqueous-based tackifier fluids and methods of use
Method for preparing a chlorine dioxide block-removing agent in oil wells
Screen and method having a partial screen wrap
Pressure activated release member for an expandable drillbit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling arrangement
Turbine engine and a method for cooling a turbine engine
Valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Adjustable fast bleed lifter
Method and arrangement for controlling an internal combustion engine
Oil pan of internal combustion engine
Secondary air supply control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Combustion-type power tool having gas canister cooling arrangement
Method for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Cylinder liner providing coolant shunt flow
Auxiliary valve
Resin intake manifold for multicylinder engine
Method for controlling an injection valve of an internal combustion engine
Method to control auto-ignition in an internal combustion engine equipped with variable valve timing control
Apparatus and method for a heat engine
Internal intermediate pressure multistage compression type rotary compressor, manufacturing method thereof and displacement ratio setting method
Multiple gear stage automatic transmission
Coaxial-type differential transmission apparatus
Differential transmission apparatus
Six-speed powertrain of an automatic transmission for a vehicle
Gearbox control system
Internal fuel vapor valve
Solenoid valve
Transparent coupling
Christmas tree stand
Cellular reservoir flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Tank cooling system and method for cryogenic liquids
Recessed light source for vehicle seat belts
Herbal steam device
Method and apparatus for control of carbon dioxide gas cooler pressure by use of a capillary tube
Heat exchanger
Modular architecture for thermal control in a spacecraft
Electroosmotic microchannel cooling system
Distance measuring apparatus
Borehole caliper tool
Tire inflation pressure sensing apparatus with function of spare wheel identification
Uniform, non-disruptive, and radiometrically accurate calibration of infrared focal plane arrays using global scene motion
Optical encoder
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Fluid level measuring device
Measurement of torsional dynamics of rotating shafts using magnetostrictive sensors
Joint simulator testing machine
Method and equipment for detecting pattern defect
Weighted noise compensating method and camera used in millimeter wave imaging
Non-destructive testing apparatus
Vibroguard for machine elements
Device for low-vibration force measurement in rapid dynamic tensile experiments on material samples
Methods and devices for measuring total polar compounds in degrading oils
Organ transplant rejection and associated conditions
Use of soluble cytokeratin-1-fragments in diagnostics and therapy
Clonal expansion of T cells of unknown specificity and identification of ligand recognized by the clonally expanded T cells
Flexible liquid-filled radiation detector scintillator
Optical system and optical apparatus provided with the same
Laser module for reading optical codes
Automatic optimization of a splice loss estimator for optical fiber splicers
Liquid crystal information displays
Method for creating brightness filter and virtual space creation system
Projection display apparatus
Light source device, optical device, and liquid-crystal display device
Efficient illumination systems for reduced etendue color video projection systems
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Non-aromatic chromophores for use in polymer anti-reflective coatings
Polymeric antireflective coatings deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Polymers and photoresist compositions for short wavelength imaging
Pattern formation method
Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material having three arylamino groups
Composition for forming overcoat layer for organic photoreceptor and organic photoreceptor employing overcoat layer prepared from the composition
Image-forming color toner, developing agent, image-forming apparatus, toner container, image-forming process cartridge and image-forming process
Hologram recording sheet, holographic optical element using said sheet, and its production process
Flow-through pressure regulator including a perforated diaphragm-to-seat spring retainer
Mass flow controller
Pedal arrangement in a vehicle cab
Automatic business reply mail funding
Workpiece inspection method
Symmetric data tags
Link cost minimization for portable wireless terminal connectable to the internet
Self-illuminating fabricated solid material objects
Beat analysis of musical signals
Automatic music selecting system in mobile unit
GMR magnetic detecting element comprising current limiting layer provided in free magnetic layer and method of manufacturing the detecting element
Method for the catalytic oxidation of a gas, recombination device for carrying out the method, and system which includes the recombination device
Collimator for high-energy radiation and program for controlling said collimator
Cable with an external extruded sheath and method of manufacturing of the cable
Split cable seal
Process for manufacturing barriers for a plasma display panel
Manufacturing method of organic flat light-emitting devices
Method of producing fiber, and methods of producing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image display device each using the fiber
Light bulb catcher for use with a changing device
Methods of inspecting a lithography template
Stacked semiconductor device assembly and method for forming
Method of fabricating a fluid ejection device using a planarizing step
Field emission device, display adopting the same and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes changing the internal stress of a conductive film
Plasma reaction chamber liner comprising ruthenium
Method of assessing potential for charging damage in SOI designs and structures for eliminating potential for damage
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by crystallization of a semiconductor region by use of a continuous wave laser beam through the substrate
Method for preparing a semiconductor substrate surface for semiconductor device fabrication
Method for depositing porous films
Source side injection storage device with spacer gates and method therefor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with improved gate oxide film arrangement
Transistor, memory cell array and method of manufacturing a transistor
Method and apparatus for forming a memory structure having an electron affinity region
Vertical conducting power semiconductor devices implemented by deep etch
Method of fabricating a compound semiconductor layer
Interconnection method
Method of forming solder bump with reduced surface defects
Thin metal oxide film and process for producing the same
Diamond heat spreading and cooling technique for integrated circuits
Encapsulation of a stack of semiconductor dice
Package for electronic component and method of manufacturing piezoelectric device
Semiconductor device having multiple semiconductor chips stacked in layers and method for manufacturing the same, circuit substrate and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device
Microelectronic component assemblies and microelectronic component lead frame structures
Solid state imaging device and method of driving the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory devices including fuse covered field regions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Electro-optical device, method for fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor component and assembly having female conductive members
Semiconductor device
Transistor sidewall spacer stress modulation
Magnetic random access memory array with proximate read and write lines cladded with magnetic material
Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
Single wall carbon nanotube electronic devices
Battery pack
Pressing device for lithium batteries
Electrode arrangement for a fuel cell
Fuel cell
Hydrogen generator, fuel cell system and control method of hydrogen generator
Methods and apparatus for improving the cold starting capability of a fuel cell
Fuel cells and fuel cell catalysts
Fuel cell system
Socket for a microelectronic component having reduced electrical resistance and inductance
Electrical connector having first and second terminals
Retractable plug of power supply
Angled coaxial cable connector for mating axis termination method
Card connector
Contact and electrical connector
Coupling for coaxial cables
Double sided grill with automated control including localized prompting and confirmation of manual operations
Fogless mirror
Combination toaster microwave oven and method for operating the same
Method of manufacturing a device
Packaging method using lead-free solder
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Articles of clothing incorporating magnets for therapeutic purposes
Object retrieval device used in water
Iris retractor for use in surgical procedure on the eye of a living being
Finger-guided surgical instrument
Surgical suturing instrument and method of use
Heart wall tension reduction kit
Spinal fusion instrumentation system
Surgical reamer and method of using same
Synthesis device for orthopaedia and traumatology
Polymer filled spinal fusion cage
Spine distraction implant
Spine distraction implant
Surgical ablation tool
Loop structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
System and method for performing image guided surgery
Blood and interstitial fluid sampling device
Superior-and-inferior-limb blood-pressure index measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring values of physiological parameters
Regional flow catheter
Method for evaluating skin conditions
Heart wall tension reduction apparatus
Valve to myocardium tension members device and method
Orthopaedic implant with proximal collar
Expandable intervertebral fusion implant having improved stability
Ostomy appliance
Devices and methods for capturing and containing menstrual flow
Microkeratotome for the dissection of lamellae of corneal tissue
Hand-held massaging apparatus
Portable cardiopulmonary resuscitation device with precise compression depth and uniformity
Ostomy tube placement tip
Two phase thermally deformable biocompatible absorbable polymer matrix for use in medical devices
Coupling and stabilization system for proximal end of catheter
Self-advancing endoscope
Compressible syringe
Needle injection-facilitating device
Golf ball cores with improved durability
Toy conker
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter unit having a filter cleaning nozzle associated with the filter unit and including a guide body
Processing system for the preparation of compressed air
Evacuation system
PSA plant using valves having long and heterogeneous operating times
Membrane module for selective gas separation
Method and apparatus for separation of heavy and tritiated water
Method to lower the formation of clods and the clustering tendency of reducible iron containing agglomerated material, in particular pellets
Activated carbon filter and process for the separation of noxious gases
Liquid spray system for depositing coatings on substrates
Pipeline cleaning
Processing apparatus, processing system and processing method
Punch, powder pressing apparatus and powder pressing method
Alloy for producing metal foamed bodies using a powder with nucleating additives
Aluminum-silicon alloy formed from a metal powder
High-strength metal solidified material and acid steel and manufacturing methods thereof
Method for modifying surface of hydrogen storage alloy for NI/MH secondary battery using flake type metal
Automatic bladed tool changer
Method and device for cleaning guide rollers in a web-fed rotary press
Ink, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit, image recording apparatus and image recording method
Continuously variable transmission
Removable cover for bicycle chain and derailleurs
Variable ratio drive system
Propulsion system
Trim-tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Jet-propelled boat
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon monoxide reducing device for reducing carbon monoxide in a reformate gas
Slag for cementing a well, in particular an oil well
Cement compositions and methods for high temperature wells containing carbon dioxide
Phthalocyanine compounds for ink-jet printing
Assay methods
Method and plant of utilizing fine coal in a melter gasifier
Process for working up steel slags and iron carriers for obtaining pig iron and environmentally safe slags
Materials processing cylinder containing titanium carbide
Thermomechanical processing of plasma sprayed intermetallic sheets
Iron-rare earth-boron-refractory metal magnetic nanocomposites
Martensitic stainless steel for seamless steel pipe
Mixed powder metallurgy process
Processing of titanium-alloy billet for improved ultrasonic inspectability
Method of forming a diffusion aluminide-hafnide coating
Substrate processing apparatus and maintenance method therefor
Apparatus and method for selectively coating internal and external surfaces of an airfoil
Substrate processing apparatus
Method of improving oxidation and corrosion resistance of a superalloy article, and a superalloy article obtained by the method
High throughput OMPVE apparatus
Manufacturing method for calcium fluoride and calcium fluoride for photolithography
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control system and method for continuously variable transmission
Belt for continuously variable transmission
Loading cam device for, an apparatus for measuring thrust of a loading cam device for, and a method of assembling a toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Model-based on-coming clutch pressure control for an automatic transmission upshift
Controller for an automatic transmission
Photoresist dispensing device
Physical vapor deposited electrode component and method of manufacture
Planar display device manufacturing method
Method for fabricating plasma display device
Modularized metal-air battery and method for manufacturing the same
Connector structure
Crimp connector with uniform bending die
Joint connector and method of manufacturing metal fittings for connection with the joint connector
Joining structure of connector
Connector assembly
Waterproof connector
Clip ring for an electrical connector
Modular telecommunication jack-type connector with crosstalk reduction
Connection structure and connection method between shield electric wire and shield terminal
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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