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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Multiple port, pressure-responsive adjustable hookah
Pleat making device and methods thereof
Cosmetic container with transparent window
Golfer's organizer
Conductor system
Merchandising support system
Radar antenna safety brace
Collapsible dish drying rack
Removable handle for modular cookware
Cervical occluder
Assistive ambulatory device
Dispenser with plural product chambers for separate storage and intermixing of products prior to use, and related method
Rapid access casualty extraction (RACE) belt
Exhaust assembly
Fire extinguisher nozzle
Game machine
Color by symbol picture puzzle kit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter
Process for producing nanoscale organic solid particles
Aerating nozzle tip
Sieving device and method for sorting out foreign particles and a system for the production of composite wood boards with such a sieving device
Casting mold
Wheel suspension of a motor vehicle
Integrated composite torsion cartridge
Active suspension system and hydraulic ram therefor
Tandem housing
Wheelchair suspension
Device for driving a fuel cell vehicle
System and holder for supporting a telephone headset in a motor vehicle
Tent leg weight assembly
Emergency safety system for vehicles with supplemental axles
Auxiliary power driven unit for a bicycle
Structure for joining torsion boxes in an aircraft using a triform fitting made from non-metallic composite materials
Wavy airfoil
Vertical take-off and vertical landing gyroplane
Standoff detection of motion and concealed unexploded ordnance (UXO)
Fluidic artificial muscle actuation system for trailing-edge flap
Aircraft sub-assembly and aircraft provided with such a sub-assembly
Vent opening mechanism
Sheet metal container with hermetically affixed end walls
Article accumulation table for a conveyor installation
Booklet conveying device, image forming system, and booklet conveying method
Apparatus for conveying and arranging bakery products
Skew correction device, image forming system, and skew correction method
Webbing take-up device
Elevator car for reduced upper ends of elevator shafts
Emergency brake apparatus for elevator system
Manually operated prying tool
Fixed Constructions
Roof jacking seat system
Collapsible, portable structure
Liquid rod pump and method
Treatment for recycling fracture water--gas and oil recovery in shale deposits
Well servicing methods and systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sleeve valve assembly
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, computer program product, computer program, and control and/or regulation device for an internal combustion engine
Diagnostic device for internal-combustion engine
Engine starting device and engine starting method
Disk brake device
Methods and brake disc assemblies to increase the use of friction material
Active vibration damper and method of manufacturing active vibration damper
Force level control for an energy absorber for aircraft
Built-in parking locking device of vehicle
Revolving switching device
Outlet of a spigot
Pneumatic vibration dampening device
Sootblower isolation wall box
Device and method for the lubrication of a chain drive
Relay device and corresponding method
Device and method for JTAG test
Method and apparatus for controlling power supply to recording devices of redundant-array-of-independent-disks group
Apparatus, system, and method for recovering a multivolume data set
Information recording apparatus, information recording method and recording medium recording program
Management of number of disk groups that can be activated in storage device
Cache coherency control method, chipset, and multi-processor system
Maintain owning application information of data for a data storage system
Storage area dynamic assignment method
Back-off timing mechanism in a digital signal processor
Embedded driver for bus-connected device
Arbitrating access for a plurality of data channel inputs with different characteristics
Method and system for optimizing the number of word line segments in a segmented MRAM array
Prioritization of interrupts in a storage controller based on interrupt control directives received from hosts
Reconfigurable data processing device and method
Optimal amplifier performance selection method
Method and apparatus for generating OPC rules for placement of scattering bar features utilizing interface mapping technology
Method and system for biometric identification and authentication having an exception mode
Persistent access control of protected content
Dynamic stabilization for a stream processing system
Managing and sharing identities on a network
Wireless user device having integrated hotspotter technology
Information processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium for replacing an entry in a memory device
Digital architecture using one-time programmable (OTP) memory
Systems and methods for determining the software components included in a view of a software development project at a particular time
System and method for simulating hardware interrupts
Behavioral model based multi-threaded architecture
Modular visual and electronic identification tag
Tag reading apparatus and a method of reading a tag
Image exchange without full MICR qualification
Retransmission control method and transmitter in wireless communication system
Tray loading/unloading apparatus
Data processing apparatus and method for flash memory
Semiconductor device test apparatus and method
System for computing a CRC value by processing a data message a word at a time
Decoder for executing a Viterbi algorithm
System and method for verifying content displayed on an electronic visual display
Method for serving multimedia data on demand using dynamic channel and apparatus thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Supply chain financing system and method
Method for conducting an on-line bidding session with bid pooling
Cashless card revalue system
System and method for the selection of heating equipment
Method and apparatus using distributed intelligence for applying real time pricing and time of use rates in wide area network including a headend and subscriber
Facet classification neural network
Architecture for corob based computing system
Method and apparatus for private information retrieval from a single electronic storage device
Heterogeneous record search apparatus and method
Information management system with remote access and display features
Method and apparatus for creating specialized multimedia threads in a multimedia communication center
Method and apparatus for navigating and displaying data points stored in a multidimensional database
Method of clustering electronic documents in response to a search query
Information retrieval system and method that generates weighted comparison results to analyze the degree of dissimilarity between a reference corpus and a candidate document
Join index for relational databases
Method of performing a sliding window search
Manufacturing control network having a relational database
High performance message store
Network device with selectable trap definitions
Multimedia plug-in using dynamic objects
Method and apparatus for automatically populating a data warehouse system
System, method and article of manufacture for building an enterprise-wide data model
Backtracked incremental updating
Comparative updates tracking to synchronize local operating parameters with centrally maintained reference parameters in a multiprocessing system
Computer system and method for customizing context information sent with document fragments across a computer network
Document processing apparatus for adding predetermined design types to an original document
User interface for entering and editing data in data entry fields
Handheld medical calculator and medical reference device
Wearable computer apparatus
System for adjusting size and scale of digital filters and creating digital filters
Recursive digital filter with reset
System and method for RAM-partitioning to exploit parallelism of radix-2 elements in FPGAS
Convolutive blind source separation using a multiple decorrelation method
Byte-switching arithmetic unit
Multiplication method and multiplication circuit
Multiplication method and multiplication circuit
Methods and apparatus for performing fast multiplication operations in bit-serial processors
Booth multiplication structure which selectively integrates the function of either of incrementing or negating with the function of booth multiplication
Concurrency control of state machines in a computer system using cliques
Method and apparatus for concurrent thread synchronization
System for implementing a real time control program in a non-real time operating system using interrupts and enabling a deterministic time charing between the control program and the operating system
Contact alerts for unconnected users
Replication service system and method for directing the replication of information servers based on selected plurality of servers load
Personal computer microprocessor firewalls for internet distributed processing
Service access using limited set of characters
Multicomputer with distributed directory and operating system
Server probe method and apparatus for a distributed data processing system
Method for creating peer-to-peer connections over an interconnected network to facilitate conferencing among users
Shared multi-user interface for multi-dimensional synthetic environments
Computer code for removing junk e-mail messages
Double opt-in.TM. method and system for verifying subscriptions to information distribution services
Data acquisition system and storage medium for storing the data used in the same
Method, system, and computer program product for page replication in a non-uniform memory access system
Method and system for distributed caching, prefetching and replication
Data retrieval, manipulation and transmission with facsimile images
Communication startup processing system
Customization of web pages based on requester type
Method and system for accessing and of rendering an image for transmission over a network
Entertainment and information systems and related management networks for a remote video delivery system
Method and system for exchanging routing information
Method and apparatus for defining and implementing high-level quality of service policies in computer networks
Automatically configuring network-name-services
Multi-processor communication system wherein multiple sources can transmit information during the transmission of a single message
Management event notification system using event notification messages written using a markup language
System and method for identifying and locating services on multiple heterogeneous networks using a query by type
Data communications management system and protocol replacement method for mobile communication environments
Multiple push protocol unifying system
Joint flow control mechanism in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for utilizing URLs to specify local or remote java bean repositories
Address setting method and communication system employing the address setting method in a multiple ring network utilizing variably set addresses and address write enable/disable states
Method and system for synchronous operation of linked command objects
System and process for controlling input and output devices by file system devices
Message filters, automatic binding, and encoding for distributed systems
Transport independent invocation and servant interfaces that permit both typecode interpreted and compiled marshaling
System for reassigning alias addresses to an input/output device
System for replacing control information in a printer according to external instruction information if a replacement function is valid
Programmable high performance disk formatter for headerless disk drive controller executing a series of low level instructions generated by a high level processing engine
Remote scanning through a computer system network
Firm addressing for devices on a fibre channel arbitrated loop
Mobile human/machine interface for use with industrial control systems for controlling the operation of process executed on spatially separate machines
System for managing multiple DMA connections between a peripheral device and a memory and performing real-time operations on data carried by a selected DMA connection
Multi-channel serial port with programmable features
Information reception and recording circuit
High-throughput interface between a system memory controller and a peripheral device
Digital camera having display device for displaying graphical representation of user input and method for transporting the selected digital images thereof
SCSI system capable of connecting maximum number of high speed SCSI devices with maintaining positive operation
Method of and apparatus for dispatching a processing element to a program location based on channel number of received data
System for communicating with and initializing a computer peripheral utilizing a masked value generated by exclusive-or of data and corresponding mask
System for detecting peripheral input activity and dynamically adjusting flushing rate of corresponding output device in response to detected activity level of the input device
Apparatus and method for distributed arbitration of shared resources
Data transfer method/engine for pipelining shared memory bus accesses
Apparatus, method and system for accelerated graphics port bus bridges
Computer system bridge employing a resource control mechanism with programmable registers to control resource allocation
Pipelined arbitration system and method
System and method for testing interrupt processing logic within an instruction processor
Information packet reception indicator for reducing the utilization of a host system processor unit
Address generating circuit for data compression
Method and apparatus utilizing a flash memory device to maintain accurate unit timing
Block erase type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for leveraging history bits to optimize memory refresh performance
On-line data verification and repair in redundant storage systems
Parallel access virtual channel memory system with cacheable channels
Multi-port RAM having functionally identical ports
Stack caching circuit with overflow/underflow unit
System and method for bypassing supervisory memory intervention for data transfers between devices having local memories
Using global memory information to manage memory in a computer network
High performance digital electronic system architecture and memory circuit therefor
Circuit and method for maintaining order of memory access requests initiated by devices coupled to a multiprocessor system
Semiconductor apparatus and read access method
Method and system for recovering from operating system failure
Method and apparatus for detecting an initialization signal and a command packet error in packetized dynamic random access memories
Data stream optimization system for video on demand
Data processing apparatus and register address translation method thereof
Circuits systems and methods for managing data requests between memory subsystems operating in response to multiple address formats
Memory space compression technique for a sequentially accessible memory
Mechanism for queuing store data and method therefor
Methods and apparatus for manarray PE-PE switch control
Method and apparatus for manifold array processing
Register and instruction controller for superscalar processor
Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing stack related exception traps
Data processing circuit with target instruction and prefix instruction
Replacing displacement in control transfer instruction with encoding indicative of target address, including offset and target cache line location
Apparatus and method for floating point exchange dispatch with reduced latency
Register scoreboard logic with register read availability signal to reduce instruction issue arbitration latency
Branch performance in high speed processor
Instruction cache configured to provide instructions to a microprocessor having a clock cycle time less than a cache access time of said instruction cache
Method to reflect BIOS set up changes into ACPI machine language
Dynamic creation of ACPI APIC tables using MP specification
Mobile computing scheme using encryption and authentication processing based on mobile computer location and network operating policy
Method, apparatus, system and information storage medium for wireless communication
Method and system for performing the transmission of private data over a public network
Data file authentication device
Trusted biometric client authentication
Digital signature providing non-repudiation based on biological indicia
Secret information protection system
System and method for protecting a client during runtime from hostile downloadables
Securely downloading and executing code from mutually suspicious authorities
Method and apparatus for providing security for servers executing application programs received via a network
Method and apparatus for forms data validation and processing control
Apparatus and method for efficient battery utilization in portable personal computers
Method and system for analysis of electric power transmission link status
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a decoder circuit with a phase-encoded data signal in a data storage device
Clocking system for microcontrollers
Programmably timed storage element for integrated circuit input/output
Instruction dependent clock scheme
Digital audio data accumulation device
Methods and apparatus for transferring mirrored disk sets during system fail-over
Automatic system recovery
Active dashboard extensible framework
Load test system and method
Object heap analysis techniques for discovering memory leaks and other run-time information
Trace cache for a microprocessor-based device
Communications protocol for an automated testing system
Method and apparatus for monitoring components of a computer system
Transmitting apparatus with code formation based on detected transmission channel data
Semiconductor memory device and redundant address selection method therefor
Method for detecting or preparing intercell defects in more than one array of a memory device
Arrangement for fault detection in circuit interconnections
Memory test mode circuit
Method and apparatus for testing dynamic random access memory
Self-adaptive test program
Method and apparatus for automatically inputting debugging data of a video cassette recorder
Automatic self-test system utilizing multi-sensor, multi-channel redundant monitoring and control circuits
Data error correcting method and apparatus
Memory access control device, and its control method
Write format for digital data storage
DVD controller with embedded DRAM for ECC-block buffering
Apparatus for convolutional self-doubly orthogonal encoding and decoding
Spiral scrambling
Combinational logic circuit, its design method and integrated circuit device
System and method for converting polygon-based wires of an integrated circuit design to path-based wires
System for logic extraction from a layout database
Method and apparatus for logic synthesis employing size independent timing optimization
Method for tolerating defective logic blocks in programmable logic devices
FPGA structure having main, column and sector clock lines
One-cold encoding method for low power operation in a complex programmable logic device
Method and apparatus for entry of timing constraints
Apparatus for creating an animation program and method for creating the same
Method and system for building components in a framework useful in developing integrated business-centric applications
Software system development framework
Method and system of custom marshaling of inter-language parameters
Variable retrieving apparatus and method and computer readable recording medium recording variable retrieving program therein
Technique for automatically updating software stored on a client computer in a networked client-server environment
Method and apparatus for implementing electronic software distribution
Collapsible standing drawer unit
Instrument stand
Computer desk
Computer desk
Table leg support
Base for a salon chair
Sleeve for a height adjustable arm rest unit
Sleeve and corner cover for a height adjustable arm rest
Frame joint of baby bed
Portion of a crib
Crib endboard frame
Tray for a salon chair
Hanging drawer set
Produce bag dispensing rack
TV caddy
Merchandising display structure with swinging grid
Multi-purpose mat
Compact disk carrying case
Low profile tea kettle
Barbeque grill
Cooking plate
Microwave oven
Pan corner
Baking pan
Covered electric stock pot
Covered electric frying pan
Spoon bowl
Barbecue grill side shelf for sideburners
Barbeque/utility lighter
Container with lid
Handicapped eating utensil
Filet knife and sheath
Apparatus for peeling vegetables
Storage device for a garden hose in the shape of a frog
Shovel element
Garden tool
Tool blade
Drum/barrel bung wrench
Bottle opener
Diagonal cutter pliers
Battery powered drill/driver
Tool handle with holder
Tong line block
Double-ended dual blade utility knife
Retractable blade utility knife
Folding knife
Folding knife
Multi-function desk accessory
Lever-style for a door handle
Knob for a personal security device
Push lock
Cable combination lock
Window latch
Plastic base
Corner mounting bracket
Security bracket
Deck support bracket
Support bracket
Heavy-duty support bracket for supporting an off-shelf merchandising display assembly
Deck rail hook
Locking head for a bundling strap
Food packaging
Flexible container
Combined candy and case with stamp
Ink cartridge package for printer
Tube-end closure
Dosing cover
Concentrate cartridge
Shroud for pump dispenser
Vending machine bottle
Beverage can
Bottle cap
Watch case
Wrist watch case
TV/CATV control watch
Divider compass
Map compass with a thermometer
Directional compass
Radius inspection hole cover
Pistol pac combination tape measure-chalk line
Water purifier flow meter
Electric meter
Alarm communication unit
Combined dimmer, switch, IR receiver, thermostat, ambient light sensor and passive infrared motion sensor
Watch face
Piece of jewelry
Cut stone
Jewelry setting
Inflatable Christmas tree
Refillable container for plants
Plant mat
Cartoon-like figurine
Cartoon-like figurine
Cartoon-like figurine
Zipper pull with barrel and loops
Zipper pull with barrel and cord
All-terrain vehicle with removable enclosure
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Motor car body
Recumbent bicycle frame
Motorcycle trim rings
Bicycle chain ring
Patient transport device
Towed vehicle brake controller and mount
Hitch mount cargo carrier and hitch cover
Exterior surface configuration of a radiator grille
Front bumper for an automobile
Motorcycle exhaust system
Outer surface of a pair of side panels for a dump truck body
Front face of a vehicle wheel cover
Disk wheel for golf club cart
Vehicle wheel
Fuel tank
Inflatable water craft
Inflatable water craft
Inflatable water craft
Inflatable water craft
Inflatable water craft
Vehicle top shade
Roof rack for vehicles
Visor organizer with multi-media carrier
Optical fiber connector
Optical fiber connector
Remote receiver
Power strip
Power strip
Power strip
Power strip
Computer cord connector
Selector for selecting audio visual apparatuses
Electronic control apparatus
Control device
Remote control keypad
Frame for electronics and instrumentation enclosure
Video telephone
Digital video disk player
Mobile telephone
Interactive telephone station
Charger for a wireless telephone
Disc player
Tape player
Digital audio disc player with radio receiver
Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape player
Combined radio receiver and clock
Telephone speaker
Speaker box
Holder for electronic device
Remote controller
Remote controller for disc player
Universal remote commander
Remote controller
Telephone support
Telephone mouthpiece cover
Computer station enclosure
Portable computer
Electronic notebook
Method and apparatus for producing benefit/risk evaluation data relating to radiation therapy in patients
Optical and computer graphic stereotactic localizer
Method for volumetric image navigation
Detecting, localizing, and targeting internal sites in vivo using optical contrast agents
Devices and methods for maintaining an alert state of consciousness through brain wave monitoring
Method for recording skin galvanic reactions and device for realizing the same
Electric mammograph
Iontophoretic drug delivery device having high-efficiency DC-to-DC energy conversion circuit
Device for transcutaneous administration of medications using iontophoresis
Power consumption reduction in medical devices employing just-in-time clock
Pulse variability in electric field manipulation of nervous systems
Implantable electric heart defibrillation system with attenuation of the pain resulting from the electric shock
Method and apparatus for electrically forcing cardiac output in an arrhythmia patient
Auto PVARP adaptation adaptive search AV
Closed loop ATP
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Downlink telemetry system and method for implantable medical device
Method of treating psychological disorders by brain stimulation within the thalamus
Telemetry system for implantable medical devices
Targeted hysteresis hyperthermia as a method for treating diseased tissue
Cardiac pacemaker lead with pacemaker connector
Lead locking device and method
Distributed object-oriented building automation system with reliable asynchronous communication
Apparatus and methods for management of flocks of layer fowl
Oil mist generating system and method
Process for generating program listings for programming a logic control unit
System for control and resource allocation for the manufacturing of a product
Interface module with protection circuit and method of protecting an interface
Intelligent wafer handling system and method
Method and system for controlling gas system
Machine tool monitoring system
CNC data correction method
Multi-mailer combining pre-personalized items with items not pre-personalized to produce zip code bundles
Pricing control system for multi-operation vending machines
Robot language processing apparatus
Dual microprocessor electronic trip unit for a circuit interrupter
Dynamic power management of systems
Method and system for controlling a plurality of vehicles as a group unit
Method and apparatus suitable for optimizing an operation of a self-guided vehicle
Highway information system
Method and apparatus for providing variable assist power steering
Vehicular occupant protection system and crash mode determining unit thereof
Method and apparatus for determining an excavation strategy for a front-end loader
Reconfigurable control unit for work vehicles
Method for storing and retrieving data in a control system, in particular in a motor vehicle
Drive system for a vehicle and method for operating a drive system
Method and system for filtering a speed signal in controlling a speed of a vehicle
Vehicle road speed control system
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine and estimation apparatus for estimating pressure in intake and discharge system of internal combustion engine
Method of governing acceleration in a vehicle throttle control system
Process for operating a controller with a programmable memory
Method and a device for finalizing data carrying communication equipment in traffic control systems
Navigation system for guiding a mobile body back and forth along the same route between two points
Vehicle positioning method and system thereof
Method and apparatus for ascertaining a characteristic of a geological formation
Battery parameter measurement
Method and apparatus for selecting information signal range and editing apparatus for information signal
Period determination of a periodic signal
Model-based diagnostic system with automated procedures for next test selection
Computer method and apparatus for interacting with a physical system
Method and apparatus for monitoring brake operation in an anti-lock or electronic braking system
High accuracy particle dimension measurement system
System for measuring a jump
Recursive vehicle mass estimation
System and method for remotely monitoring a plurality of computer-based systems
Method and apparatus for characterizing phase noise and timing jitter in oscillators
Method and apparatus for dynamic optimization
Racing vehicle four-link configuration method and apparatus
Motivational tool for adherence to medical regimen
Design for a simulation module using an object-oriented programming language
Methods and apparatus for automatically generating interconnect patterns in programmable logic devices
Method of initializing CPU for emulation
System and method for enhancing human communications
Method and device for automatic error detection and correction for computerized text files
Method and system for indentifying significant topics of a document
Automatic language identification using both N-gram and word information
Document semantic analysis/selection with knowledge creativity capability utilizing subject-action-object (SAO) structures
Speech filter for digital electronic communications
Signal identifying device, code book changing device, signal identifying method, and code book changing method
Linear prediction coefficient analyzing apparatus for the auto-correlation function of a digital speech signal
Signal processing method and system utilizing logical speech boundaries
Method for encoding and decoding a speech signal including background noise
Computer system with integrated telephony, handwriting and speech recognition functions
Speech recognition language models
Automated back office transaction method and system
System for user to accept or decline updating a calendar remotely with a proposed schedule update that may have schedule confliction
System and method for allocating manufactured products to sellers
Self-service checkout terminal
Design and production of print advertising and commercial display materials over the Internet
Method and apparatus for providing customer configured machines at an internet site
Computer mouse
Guide lights for a hand-held scanner
Handheld interrogator
Combined universal serial bus docking station and module
Portion of an operation controller for electronic computers
Computer front bezel
Replay bar icon for a display
Indoor fountain pump
Piston for compressors employed in automobile air-conditioners
Lawn mower unit
Seed boot
Digging tooth
Link for track of vehicle
Door for refrigerators and freezers
Miter saw
Cutting insert
Mounting device for a cutting tool
Camera with a display
Combined video tape recorder and camera
Combined video tape recorder and camera
Game controller
Game pad
Game pad
Augmented system and methods for computing to support fractional contingent interests in property
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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