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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electropneumatic installation applied to seeders having independent units associated to pneumatic seed dosing devices
Semi-molten or semi-solid molding method
Feed support and bale ring mover for use inside a bale ring
Interchangeable window treatment system
Blister protection sleeve including automatic locking means that can be unlocked by torsion
Bedpost shelf for dormitory room bed
Stackable, interlockable furniture modules
Corner protector
Mechanism for moving shelves of a refrigeration appliance and refrigeration appliance
Adjustable mount assembly for a carrier system
Lifting device for chair including force distributing pressing and locking sleeves
Reconfigurable child seat assembly
Slow cooker
Method for transmitting torque and variably flexing a corrugated insertion device
Eccentric dilation balloons for use with endoscopes
Medical instrument
Minimal incision maximal access MIS spine instrumentation and method
Multi-axial bone screw assembly
Devices and methods for cutting and evacuating tissue
Tibial guide for ACL repair having interchangeable and/or rotatable outrigger
Compliant balloon
Electrosurgical instrument which reduces collateral damage to adjacent tissue
Vision correction system and operating method thereof
Method and apparatus for evaluation of fluid responsiveness
Ultrasonograph that determines tissue properties utilizing a reference waveform
Circular ultrasound tomography scanner and method
Systems and methods for making and using a motor distally-positioned within a catheter of an intravascular ultrasound imaging system
System for the detection of dental artefacts
Intraoral device
Combination tongue and flap retractor
Dental implant with porous body
Flanged earplug
Belted absorbent article
Disposable pull-on type diaper
Gastric band composed of different hardness materials
Bifurcated stent with improvement securement
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Recess-ramp knee joint prosthesis
Methods and apparatus for pivotable guide surfaces for arthroplasty
Contamination detainment unit
CPR assist device adapted for anterior/posterior compressions
Reaction-curable adhesive composition and dental adhesive kit
Catheter assembly with tapered joints and method of manufacture
Systems, methods and devices for removing obstructions from a blood vessel
Flow-induced delivery from a drug mass
Port system with opposing clamping jaws
Vascular catheter installer
Telescoping cannula
Catheter introducer
Azo pigment or tautomer thereof, process for producing same, pigment dispersion, coloring composition, inkjet recording ink, coloring composition for color filter, and color filter
Fire-extinguishing system with servo motor-driven foam pump
System and methods for fire protection
Supporting device for a person's back and head area
Multilayer core golf ball having hardness gradient within and between each core layer
Multilayer core golf ball having hardness gradient within and between each core layer
Method and apparatus for remote interactive exercise and health equipment
All-terrain roller skate
Snow-ski board
Card game for learning and practicing experience elements to players for the models of behavioral and financial success
Gaming activity with secondary symbols forming random paylines
Gaming machine and control device capable of collecting advertisement cost from sponsor, and method of collecting the advertisement cost
Apparatus and methodology for gaming
Word forming game kit
Puzzle with problem-solution features aligning puzzle pieces with a corresponding support board location
System and method for applying lottery multipliers
Game method using community reels
Method of linking devices to gaming machines
Dynamo powered amusement device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for cooling a fuel injector
Directional jet flow control
Robotic soaper
Shower with rotatable top and bottom rotating covers
Fully automated paste dispense system for dispensing small dots and lines
Separation of carbon nanotubes using magnetic particles
Cleaning device and cleaning method of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Method for operating an actuation unit and device for carrying out said method
Quick-loading soldering apparatus
Method of remedying glass substrate defect
Substrate retainer
Mounting and dismounting device for cylindrical bodies
Ratchet wrench
Extension for wrench
Solid-liquid separating method, solid-liquid separator and solidified product
Nozzle for a container manufacturing machine
Touch roll, main roll, sheet film casting apparatus, fine pattern transferring apparatus and sheet film
Roller press with displaceable head elements
System and method for improving print quality on mail pieces having low reflectivity
Inkjet head support assembly
Liquid recovery containers and liquid ejection apparatus
Printer including color material cartridge having removably attached advance payment information storage section
Image forming apparatus
Seal for inkjet ink tank
Open loop print speed control
Printhead and method of printing
Managing project information with a hand-propelled device
Equipment for making an album core automatically
Actuator pouch and method thereof
Vehicle headlamp
Circular bicycle rim
Composite ball-bouncing tyre
Indexing door latch striker enabling complex door articulation
Connector for vehicle seat
Rear body structure for a vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same
Mechatronic vehicle safety seat
Vehicle seat having an anti-submarining device and method
Holding device and holding apparatus for a cargo space of a motor vehicle
Impact absorbing member for vehicle
Occupant restraint device
Clip for airbag
Inflatable knee airbag assemblies with articulating housings
Pre-crash side air bag device
Pyrotechnic inflator with composite overwrap
Automated retractable step apparatus
Height adjustable tower and cargo rack apparatus for wakeboard boats
Braking system
Vehicular system capable of suitably controlling engine speed and gear ratio according to battery charge state
Adapter coupler for adapting couplings of different design
Trash bin with detachable cart
Two person RUV with ergonomic seating and feet placement
Vehicle body for a motor vehicle
Methods and apparatus for utilizing electrically powered vehicles
Servo motor layout structure of saddle-ride type vehicle
Vehicle body frame structure of saddle-riding type vehicle
Wheel hub joint unit for a vehicle
Steering knuckle and method of forming same
Bicycle saddle
Vehicle lighting system
Scooter-type vehicle
Wire quick release device for brake wire of bicycle
Bi-directional propulsion caster
Two-wheeled motor vehicle
Bicycle control device
Manpower-driven device with bi-directional input and constant directional rotation output
Gate stanchion boarding ladder for sailboats
Floating security barrier
Personal visibility marker
Blade for reducing the drag movements of said blade, and a method of reducing such a drag movement
Aircraft lamp
Beverage filling plant for filling beverage containers with a beverage having a device for the feeding and removal of beverage containers
Cap and container for improved sealing
Weight case
Carrier for containers
Materials for and method for manufacturing a container with corner supports and the resulting container
Normally-closed dispensing closure with operative handle
Multipack carrier for packaging containers
Handler for electronic components, in particular ICs, comprising a plurality of circulating carriages that are guided along a circulating track
Method and device for conveying planar products
Recording apparatus
Surface covering installation tool and method
Electrodynamic propulsion system for conveying sheet material
Sheet processing apparatus and cart
Sheet processing apparatus, image forming system and sheet processing method
Safety device for elevator and rope slip detection method using drive sheave acceleration
Manually operated prying tool
Dispensing device
Dispensing pump for container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dyes with changeable solubilities, and methods for their use
Coal treatment process for a coal-fired power plant
Deposition box for silicon-based thin film solar cell
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for inertial stitch regulation
Fixed Constructions
Portable, flexible, and adaptable train system
Method of erecting a building structure in a water basin
Adjustable work platform for pipe and casing stabbing operations
Snap-action closure suitable for a thin-walled cabinet
Lockable latch
Overhead doors and associated track and guide assemblies for use with same
Auto winding mechanism for window blind
Drilling rig
Load bearing assembly
Systems and methods for initiating annular obstruction in a subsurface well
Downhole turbine
Turbine driven hammer that oscillates at a constant frequency
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface and tools therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Real-time turbomachinery blade breakage monitoring unit and turbo-apparatus
Variable position guide vane actuation system and method
Turbine blade
Near wall multiple impingement serpentine flow cooled airfoil
Soundproof exhaust pipe for a turbine engine
Cooling systems and methods for hybrid marine propulsion systems
Rotary one cycle internal combustion engine
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Simple start diaphragm carburetor
Vacuum supply system
Method and device for controlling a fuel-supply system
Method for controlling the start-up phase of a motor vehicle
Efficiency enhancement to a laser ignition system
Ignition control system for internal combustion engines
Device for utilizing the kinetic energy of flowing water
Eolic generator
Arrangement for delivering fluids
Mini pump
Peristaltic pumping system
Method of pumping agglomerative liquid and method of producing recording medium
Rotary axial peristaltic pumps and related methods
Regulatable coolant pump
Fan with impellers coupled in series and fan frame thereof
Fuel pump
Controlling gas partial pressures for process optimization
Composite member fixing structure
Fastening device
Telescopic shaft for vehicle
Single actuator self-adjusting dry dual clutch
Active materials actuated one-way clutch
Friction drive actuator
Panel mounting structure with sound reduction member
Gear train for an actuator
Transmission lubrication assembly
Automatic transmission
Device for switching between normal and reverse drive force
Lock-up clutch control apparatus
Retrofit kit for an Allison transmission
Operating device for manual transmission apparatus
Two-lip rubber seal with reinforcement
Slit valve control
Motor-driven valve
Adaptive pressure control valve with variable switching point
Water-conducting household appliance
Fastening flange
Oil pan and lubricating device
Device for power supply of a portable electric torch by storage battery unit or batteries, and lamp equipped with such a device
Barrier with ornamental lighting
Illuminating apparatus having light shelters on tubular sidewall
Discharge tube supporting structure, supporting member, discharge tube, ferrule, lighting device, display device and television receiver
Headlamp in an automobile
Lighting apparatus
Christmas holiday access, indicator, and mementos key method and apparatus
Omnidirectional LED lamp and complex, unitary lens
Light emitting diode disc optic with heat sink housing
Vehicular lamp
Optical system with reflectors and light pipes
Backlight unit and display device including the same
Backlight module
Mobile device with illumination
LED lighting fixture
Surface light source device
Microstructural polarized light-guide device
Pilot assemblies for heating devices
Hollow space aerating device
Low humidity detection system and method thereof
Heat dissipating structure and method of forming the same
Apparatus and method for gun recoil mitigation
Rifle handguard
Unit for fastening of the bowstring throwing devices (variants)
Ballistic projectile armour
Pressure sensor
Analysis of substance mixtures
Reflective sheet having first reflective layer and second reflective layer
Light pipe structure and luminaire with light pipe structure
Optical fiber coupling assembly and optical transmitting device having same
Road-adaptive side mirror adjustment system
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
Illumination device
Product management apparatus, product management method, and storage medium storing product management program
Theft-deterrence method and apparatus for processor based devices
Keypad with larger key areas in central key group
Method and system for identifying a game piece
Data storage medium which is in the form of a card and has a raised area
Electronic tag
Automatic touch identification system and method thereof
Industrial scanner
Mathematical method of 2D barcode authentication and protection for embedded processing
Training apparatus for calf roping
Simulated abdominal wall
Illumination device for display device and display device with the same
Forever flyer flag and flagpole
Method for resurrecting negative electron affinity photocathodes after exposure to an oxidizing gas
Exposure device, exposure method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and device for producing a maintenance-free battery having a fixed electrolyte
Leakage protection outlet
Multi-functional adaptation winder
Connector hat with extended mounting posts for securing a connector shell to a circuit board
RF plug connector, RF receptacle connector, and RF connector
Cable assembly with printed circuit board having a ground layer
Spark plug manufacturing method, and spark plug
Radiation imaging apparatus and method for controlling radiation imaging apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Low-leakage diode string for use in the power-rail ESD clamp circuits
Process and apparatus for measuring density fluctuations occurring with pulsed irradiation of a material
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording media
Tomosynthesis system and registration method
Data acquisition for computed tomography
Removing dose electric charge
Performing Operations; Transporting
Closed-loop purging system for laser
Piezoelectric volumetric array
Apparatus and methods for detecting killer particles during chemical mechanical polishing
Integrated spark and switch unit for combustion fastener driving tool
Optical disk, method of manufacturing the same and optical disk apparatus
Micro relief element and preparation thereof
Reflector assembly for UV-energy exposure system
Recording method and apparatus in which respective distances between a heating spot and a plurality of recording spots are substantially constant
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and printing apparatus
Load matched alternator system with fault protection
Substrate-stacking structure
Electrostatic zipper actuator optical beam switching system and method of operation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Flat panel liquid-crystal display such as for a laptop computer
Electro-optical glazing structures having scattering and transparent modes of operation and methods and apparatus for making the same
Distorted helix ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
Niobium powder, sintered body using the powder, and capacitor using the same
ND filter having composite PVD film of metal and its oxide
Fixed Constructions
Electrochromic windows and method of making the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling electromagnetic actuators for operating induction and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
Intelligent fasteners
Fluid seal and bearing with same
Hose with conductive fiber
Optical waveguide sheet having projections with two reflection faces and a ridge, surface illuminant device and liquid crystal display
Torpedo sonar comprising a plurality of acoustic transducers
Gravity and differential gravity sensor, and system and method for monitoring reservoirs using same
Interferometric sensors utilizing bulk sensing mediums extrinsic to the input/output optical fiber
Interferometric patterning for lithography
Method for determining the position and rotational position of an object
Reflective measuring scale graduation and method for its manufacture
Illumination measuring device
Method and system for optical spectrum analysis with a depolarized local oscillator signal
Method for the nondestructive quality testing of a thermocouple which can be used in particular at high temperatures and/or under high levels of vibration
Measurement of polarization dependent characteristic of optical components
Spectacle lens image sensing processing apparatus and spectacle lens positioning method
Imaging and analyzing parameters of small moving objects such as cells in broad flat flow
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
Combination thermal wave and optical spectroscopy measurement systems
Color measuring method and device for printed matter
Multi-channel densitometer
Multiple beam scanner for an inspection system
Apparatus for inspecting a substrate
Method and apparatus for inspection of patterned semiconductor wafers
Correlation speed sensor
Power amplifier
System and method for downloading network information to mobile stations for location calculation
Ultrasonic path guidance for visually impaired
Optical object detecting apparatus designed to selectively shift light emitting window
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system using the same
Apparatus and method for distributed control of seismic data acquisition
Control devices for controlling the position of a marine seismic streamer
Telescopic lens system
Projection optical system, projection type image display apparatus, and image projection system
Image pickup lens system
Zoom lens and optical apparatus using the same
Zoom lens and optical instrument using the same
Image-forming optical system
Optical filter and illumination optical system provided with same
Scanning angle expander and a method for expanding a scanning beam angle
Light-scanning optical system
Laser power control circuit and laser scanner
Optical device, method of cleaning the same, projection aligner, and method of producing the same
Virtual imaging system
Polarization converter
Color combining optical element, color separation optical element, and projection type display apparatus using them
Diffractive optical element and an optical system having a diffractive optical element
Composite birefringent crystal and filter
Method for manufacturing polarization diffraction film
Polymeric photonic band gap materials
Optical switch
Mounting of pre-scan optics for a laser scanning device
Optical apparatus including lens
Optical system driving control device and camera using the same
Portable telescope mount with integral locator using magnetic encoders for facilitating location of objects and positioning of a telescope
Vision enhancing optical system
Mounting member for fixing a display panel to a display unit body
Liquid crystal display including heating layer and two bus bars formed by a clamp having two limbs
Electro-optical device including a contiguous sealing member and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same without scattering spacers
Transmission-reflection type liquid crystal display device having a selectively reflective filter layer
Transflective liquid crystal display with backlight and reflection film
HTN mode liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for exhausting liquid crystal material from a liquid crystal display by heated air
Electrode patterns for liquid crystal cells
Array substrate for LCD device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display with a wide viewing angle a compensation film
Liquid crystal display with only portion of the long axes of the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in radial configuration
Liquid crystal display with method for OCB splay-bend transition
Electrophoretic device, method for driving electrophoretic device, circuit for driving electrophoretic device, and electronic device
Solid state laser
Wavelength conversion device
Screen for rear projection type projector
Simplified self-developing film assemblages and methods of making the same
Reflective spectral filtering of high power extreme ultra-violet radiation
Balanced positioning system for use in lithographic apparatus
Illuminator for a lithography apparatus, a lithography apparatus comprising such an illuminator, and a manufacturing method employing such a lithography apparatus
Microfabrication of pattern imprinting
Method for determining wafer misalignment using a pattern on a fine alignment target
Method to monitor stepper lens quality in color filter process
Laser spectral engineering for lithographic process
Article of manufacture bearing a universal alignment target
Environmentally protected holographic device construction
Sequential control method for a display assembly including two superposed display devices
Display device having a portable stick-shaped housing with an extendable and retractable screen
Portable electronic device having chassis reinforcement system
Miniature keyboard for a hand held computer
Image sensing apparatus including a card device connectable to an information processing device
computer enclosure with snap-on bezel
Latch for securing PCI card to a computer chassis
Device retention apparatus
Assembly of computer peripherals
Storage, storage method, and data processing system
Register stack in cache memory
Representing an image with weighted joint histogram
Journaling technique for reverse order printing
Object optimized printing system and method
Telecommunications network with generic analysis mechanism
Method and apparatus to optimize transition of resources from a lower priority to a higher priority job
Computer program product intended for processing print data, and apparatus and method for processing print data
Image forming system and method of operating an image forming system
Fingerprint recognition apparatus and data processing method
Measurement system having a camera with a lens and a separate sensor
Automated collection, processing and use of sports movement information via information extraction from electromagnetic energy based upon multi-characteristic spatial phase processing
Pose-adaptive face detection system and process
Document image processing with stroke preservation and background suppression
Method and apparatus for recognizing patterns
Pattern recognition apparatus and method utilizing conversion to a common scale by a linear function
System, method and apparatus for pattern recognition with application to symbol recognition and regeneration for a caligraphic display
Method and system for rewarding use of a universal identifier, and/or conducting a financial transaction
Watermarking of a digitized image
Geometrical transformation identifying system
Method and apparatus for detecting a watermark in a manipulated image
Information processing unit, information processing method, and recording medium therewith
Panoramic image navigation system using neural network for correction of image distortion
Fast epipolar line adjustment of stereo pairs
Motion vector detection device and motion vector detection method
Method for automatic assessment of emphasis and appeal in consumer images
Video transcoder with spatial resolution reduction
Video scramble/descramble apparatus
Methods and apparatus for motion estimation using neighboring macroblocks
Assisted personal communication system and method
Laser printing with rewritable media
Image display device with controlled image quality
Active matrix display device
Apparatus and method for display of progressive and interland video content
Method and apparatus for display of interlaced images on non-interlaced display
Sonar tracking array
Active reduction of tool borne noise in a sonic logging tool
Multidimensional beamforming device
Magneto-optical recording medium and reproduction method therefor
Magneto-optical storage media and method of reproducing the same
Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus
Front-loading disk player
Servo signal processing apparatus, recorded data reading apparatus and method for processing servo signal
Information detecting circuit including adaptive equalizer and reproducing apparatus
Minimizing milli-actuator reactive impulse and excessive power current
Magnetic tape device
Information storage medium, information recording method, and information reproduction method
Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, method of detecting wobble address encoding circuit, method and circuit for detecting wobble address, and recording medium therefor
Method and apparatus for forming data sector suitable for high density hard disk drive
Readback signal detection and analysis in a magnetic data storage system
Shock and vibration system
Method and apparatus for measuring the surface temperature of a disk
Electromagnetic interference shield
Magnetic head using a magnetoresistance effect based on ferromagnetic junction, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Common mode termination method and apparatus for a write head
Magnetic writer for noise suppression in perpendicular recording media
Recording head with oppositely directed microstrip waveguide conductors to induce a magnetic write field for longitudinal or perpendicular magnetic recording
In-stack longitudinal bias structure for CIP spin valve sensors with bias layer electrically insulated from free layer
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of and apparatus for defining disk tracks in magnetic recording media
Magnetic recording system including magnetic recording medium having three-dimensional random orientation of axis of easy magnetization
Characteristically terminated write driver with compensation for magnetic response and method therefor
Magnetic recording system with single coil for thermally assisted writing
Contact type magnetic disc apparatus
Thin film magnetic head recessed partially into substrate and including planarization layers
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Multi-layer magnetoresistive head and information-reproducing system
Magnetoresistive head including earth members
Apparatus for supporting a recording/reading head and assembling a flex circuit in a disc drive
Head carriage assembly drive system and disk drive
Microactuator magnetic circuit
Precise positioning actuator for head element, head gimbal assembly with the actuator and manufacturing method of head gimbal assembly
Method and apparatus to encode position error signal correction information
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal magnetic head fly height
Optical pickup
Defective region processing apparatus, defective region processing method, and information storage device
Method and apparatus for optical axis adjustment of optical driver
Light receiving and emitting compound element and optical pick-up device using the same
Method and apparatus for driving an electro-optic modulator assembly
Apparatus and method of controlling laser power
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and method and information recording medium
Optical pick-up apparatus, optical element, and objective lens having diffracting section
Ferroelectric random access memory with isolation transistors coupled between a sense amplifier and an equalization circuit
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device using high-speed sense amplifier
Method and apparatus for data inversion in memory device
Programming methods and circuits for semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a breakdown phenomena in an ultra-thin dielectric
Contest addressable memory (CAM) with tri-state inverters for data storage
System and method for hiding refresh cycles in a dynamic type content addressable memory
Low voltage non-volatile memory cell
Erasing method for p-channel NROM
Nonvolatile memory device with page buffer having dual registers and methods of using the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device with limited consumption current during erasure and erase method therefor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory having page mode with a plurality of banks
Piggyback programming with staircase verify for multi-level cell flash memory designs
Thin film magnetic memory device having redundancy repair function
Methods of operating a multiple bit line column redundancy scheme having primary and redundant local and global bit lines
Semiconductor chip with trimmable oscillator
High voltage low power sensing device for flash memory
Semiconductor device having simplified internal data transfer
Data strobe gating for source synchronous communications interface
Three-transistor pipelined dynamic random access memory
Method for writing data into a semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory therefor
Method and apparatus to conditionally precharge a partitioned read-only memory with shared wordlines for low power operation
Closed vessel for radioactive substance, seal-welding method for closed vessel, and exhaust system used for seal-welding method
X-ray image detecting apparatus
Tunnel magnetoresistive effective element, a thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device and a magnetic disk drive device
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Electric double layer capacitor and production method thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor, and method for preparing the same
Double layer high power capacitor comprising a liquid organic electrolyte
Power source breaker
Pulse width modulated solenoid
Reset lockout mechanism and independent trip mechanism for center latch circuit interrupting device
Method for effecting an electronic drive control
Circuit for operating voltage range extension for a relay
Method and apparatus for mounting a degaussing coil
Connecting structure, liquid crystal device, electronic equipment, and anisotropic conductive adhesive agent and a manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for determining a thickness of a layer
Method of cooling heat-generating electrical components
Power MOS transistor with overtemperature protection circuit
Electronic assemblies with high capacity curved fin heat sinks
Graphics card apparatus with improved heat dissipation
Double-triggered electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Programmable circuit structures with reduced susceptibility to single event upsets
Electrostatic protection circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
Image sensing device using MOS-type image sensing element whose threshold voltage of charge transfer switch and reset switch is different from that of signal output transistor
Protection device having a sleeve and method of assembling a battery with a protection device and an electrical component
Compact annular-slot antenna
Antenna having cross polarization improvement using rotated antenna elements
Antenna-integrated printed wiring board assembly for a phased array antenna system
Multi-resonant, high-impedance surfaces containing loaded-loop frequency selective surfaces
5-pin surface mount contacts and block assembly
Surge protector for high speed data networks
Microphone with a rotatable protective sleeve
Printed wiring board cable cover
Semiconductor optical amplifiers with broadened gain spectrum
Device for self-initiated UV pre-ionization of a repetitively pulsed gas laser
Chiral fiber laser apparatus and method
Switchable dynamic gain-flattened optical amplifiers and methods with wide dynamic gain range
Amplitude-modulated laser for high-bandwidth communications systems
Semiconductor laser with a lattice structure
Optical devices
Wavelength locker on optical bench and method of manufacture
Tunable diode laser system, apparatus and method
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Surge protector with thermally activated failsafe mechanism
Overvoltage protection device
Method and apparatus for detecting ground faults and for isolating power supply from the ground faults
Network protector relay and method of controlling a circuit breaker employing two trip characteristics
Circuit breaker for detecting an excessive voltage and tripping responsive thereto
Electronic communicating residential circuit breaker
Electric power conversion apparatus
Power apparatus
Technique for limiting current through a reactive element in a voltage converter
DC/DC converter
Switching power supply unit
Power converter having primary and secondary side switches
Power source and arrangement for restricting the short-circuit current or rectifier
Soft-switching power supply
Power converter with direct voltage and alternating voltage buses
Gain controller for circuit having in-phase and quadrature channels, and method
Offset voltage cancellation circuit
Decoder having a gain controller in a mobile communication system
Power amplifier
DTMF signal generator
Carrier detecting circuit for detecting the level of a received signal and communication apparatus
Glitch-free phase switching synthesizer
Phase-locked loop circuit for horizontal synchronization signal
Method of detecting, blind, the coding mode used for digital data
Three state pulse width modulation code
Detection of noise in a frequency demodulated FM audio broadcast signal
Ear microphone apparatus and method
Interference diversity in communications networks
Receiver for use in a code shift keying spread spectrum communications system
Method and apparatus for positioning pulses over time by applying time-hopping codes having pre-defined characteristics
Spread-spectrum high data rate system and method
Apparatus and method for measuring optical signal-to-noise ratio
Photonic arbitrary waveform generation and RF and microwave synthesis with a modelocked external cavity semi-conductor laser
Method and apparatus for generating return-to-zero modulated optical signals
Method and apparatus for transmitting a modulated optical signal
Optical receiver for burst transmission system
Optical amplifier
Raman amplifier and optical transmission system
Device and method for controlling powers of orthogonal channel and quasi-orthogonal channel in CDMA communication system
Spread spectrum adaptive power control
Spread spectrum communication device and spread spectrum communication method
Method for deep paging
Method and apparatus for sequentially synchronized network
Wireless communication system and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for reduction of interference in FM in-band on-channel digital audio broadcasting receivers
Method for generating complex quasi-orthogonal code and apparatus and method for spreading channel data using the quasi-orthogonal code in CDMA communication system
Data clock generator, data clock generating method, and storage medium therefor
Method and apparatus for indicating variable data processing in telecommunication connections
Method and system for adaptive voice buffering
Wireless infrared digital audio system
Frame control for efficient media access
Control apparatus having window control function
Telecommunications line test method
Multi-media communication management system with subscriber messaging integration services
Method for measuring transmission delay
Frame reference load model generator
Apparatus and method for interrupting data transmissions
Method and system for providing peer redundancy to asynchronous transfer mode emulated local-area networks
Method for detecting invalid packets by assigning super-transaction identifiers
Establishing shortcuts in a Multiprotocol-over-ATM system
Link list operable to increase memory bandwidth in a transmission system
Network relaying apparatus and network relaying method capable of high quality transfer of packets under stable service quality control
Network processor for multiprotocol data flows
Cross-point switch with deadlock prevention
Radio communication method and radio communication apparatus
ATM LAN emulation network having LECS for providing ATM address of LES of target ELAN
Dynamic buffering system having integrated random early detection
Sonet synchronous payload envelope pointer control system
Feedback control method and device in ATM switching system
Method and apparatus in a packet switched network
Switch based network architecture for IP multicast and integrated services
Channel estimation in a CDMA wireless communication system
Time-weighted transmission channel estimation
Decision feedback equalizer for a digital signal receiving system
Combined interference cancellation with FEC decoding for high spectral efficiency satellite communications
Measurement receiver demodulator
Phase detectors in carrier recovery for offset QAM and VSB
Generating signals having different modulation formats
Method and apparatus for recovering a payload signal from a signal that has been modulated by frequency shift keying
Zero IF receiver with reduced AM detector
Turbo trellis-coded modulation
Carrier modulator for use in a transmitter or transceiver
Lock detecting apparatus and method for multimedia digital broadcasting receiver
Method and system for wide area network load balancing
Method for using outgoing TCP/IP sequence number fields to provide a desired cluster node
Arrangement for common-format notification delivery messages based on notification device type in an IP-based notification architecture
Capability negotiation in a telecommunications network
Apparatus having an electroacoustic transducer mounted on a p.c. board with the aid of a holding means
Internet switch box, system and method for internet telephony
Telephone circuit
Method and apparatus for returning a false special information tone for an incoming telephone call
Speech enabled, automatic telephone dialer using names, including seamless interface with computer-based address book programs, for telephones without private branch exchanges
Adaptive transmit amplifier
Automatic voice announcement apparatus and control method therefor
Method for recording and reproducing a short voice memo in portable telephone
Intercom system for a building or apartment house
Multiple identification access codes for a single data file
Dynamic carrier selection
Method for charging in a data communication network
Method and apparatus for DC feed control
Systems and methods for protecting vulnerable micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and electronic relay devices
Method and arrangement for call control using a computer connected to a network
Service desk system for allowing easily changeable associations for data retrieval and display
Multimedia call handling
Fax broadcast from a single copy of data
Network facsimile apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method and image processing system
Method for compensating digital images for light falloff and an apparatus therefor
Adaptive error diffusion with improved edge and sharpness perception
Threshold bias circuits for enhanced color error diffusion
Removing color moire patterns from digital images having known chromaticities
Coverage-area gain compensation for high resolution printing
Scanner and printer profiling system
Color converting apparatus color converting method and a recording medium with a program for making computer execute the method recorded therein
Method and system for detecting digital camera failure
Estimating total average distortion in a video with variable frameskip
Spot position indication signal generation
Receiving apparatus and recording/reproducing system for digital broadcasts
Contour emphasizing circuit and method thereof
Apparatus for orthogonal movement of a CCD sensor and a method of light sampling therewith
Camera having light measuring device operable based on focus detecting device
Image sensing system, control method, and recording medium for controlling a camera apparatus utilizing a client device connected thereto
Image pickup device and method for controlling a dynamic range of an image sensor
Electric mask generating apparatus of electronic endoscope
VSB receiver
Autodetermination of appropriate television signal standard in a television signal receiver
Wireless digital camera media
Camera control system controlling different types of cameras
Determining the degree of resemblance between a data sample and interpolations of other data samples
CIF to QCIF video bitstream down conversion
Encoding device, encoding method, decoding device, decoding method, coding system and coding method
Method and apparatus for convergence correction in a television set
Liquid projection device having a liquid crystal display element that includes an electroluminescent element
Digital micromirror stage lighting system
Automated calibration in a projection display apparatus
Gamma calibration
Offset level detection method for auto color gain control of analog video signals
Chrominance signal processing circuit, chrominance signal processing method and camera using them
Robust signaling tone duration measurement
Communication network and communication node used in such network
Data channel reservation in optical burst-switched networks
Data transmission in a point-to-multipoint network
Short cell multiplexed ATM transmission system and transmission method
Method for flexible use of a tree topology in a wireless ATM system
Procedure for determining register recall filtering times in a telecommunication system in conjunction with a V5 interface
Telecommunications system and method relating to telecommunications services with number translation
System and method of triggering services for call control
Conference server for automatic x-way call port expansion feature
Method and apparatus enabling a calling telephone handset to choose a ringing indication(s) to be played and/or shown at a receiving telephone handset
Method of connecting calls
Method and system for providing the name of the state of a calling party
Data transmission method in GPRS
Method for optimizing hard handoffs in CDMA network
Electromagnetic transducer and portable communication device
Acoustic transducer with spiral-shaped piezoelectric shell
Sleeve for hearing aids, and a method and apparatus for testing hearing
Speaker and magnetic circuit used for the speaker
ESD prevention device enabled latch
Soldermask opening to prevent delamination
Electronic equipment having two circuit boards overlapping only partly
Module housing apparatus
Latching and locking handles
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