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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Threaded push broom locking clip
Female urination aid device
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic airflow
Electrocardiogram analyzer
Preterm labor monitor
Non-invasive imaging for determination of global tissue characteristics
Radiographic imaging system and radiographic imaging method
Noise reduction communication device
Conformal electrode pad for a stimulating medical device
Implantable medical devices comprising isolated extracellular matrix
Endoscope assembly with a polarizing filter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of forming a drum type washing machine having a driving unit
Extraction tool for extracting spiral threaded inserts and use of the extraction tool
Membrane electrode assembly and method of manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly
Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle
Vehicular travel guidance device, vehicular travel guidance method, and computer program
Systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring health and ergonomic status of drivers of vehicles
Fixed Constructions
Device to assist P-trap drainage
Low coherence interferometric system for phase stepping shearography combined with 3D profilometry
Non-destructive stress profile determination in chemically tempered glass
Interferometer for TSV measurement and measurement method using same
Remote frames
Proximity sensor distance detection ambiguity removal
Flow sensor assemblies
Method and system for measuring a rate of flow of an output
Method and device for determining the quality of measurement results of a scattered light meter
Water-in-fuel sensor
Method for core thermal conductivity determination
Electromagnetic wave resonator and its fabrication process as well as electromagnetic wave generator
Connector attaching/detaching apparatus and test head
System and method for setting redundant path segments in a multi-ring communication network
Method for providing service quality in a WiMAX communication network, and method for selecting an access transport resource control function by means of a guideline decision-making function in a communication network
Electrical parameter detection device for peripheral component interconnect devices
Method of obtaining information representative of an availability, a device for obtaining information, and a corresponding computer program
Real time reconstruction of 3D cylindrical near field radar images using a single instruction multiple data interpolation approach
Liquid optical element array and display
Camera apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the same
Tele-side converter lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Zoom lens, camera apparatus, information device and mobile information terminal apparatus
Attachment methods for daylighting films
Optical probe using sensor and method for controlling the same
Photographic lens optical system
Optical transmission module avoiding signal loss
Buried-type optical input/output devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Optical-electric converting element and optical-electric converting module
Display device and timepiece comprising a wiring board layered on a back surface of a back substrate
Image pickup apparatus
Image forming apparatus with mechanism capable of moving transfer device with respect to toner image carrier and image forming method for moving transfer device with respect to toner image carrier
Image forming apparatus, and method for transferring color toner images
Developing device having dual feeding chambers
Toner container, developing apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming method
Fixing device, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and fixing method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
System of displaying digital hologram based on projection and method thereof
Unlocking method for electronic device
Analysis engine and database for manipulating parameters for fluidic systems on a chip
Drone for inspection of enclosed space and method thereof
Autonomous vehicle and method for coordinating the paths of multiple autonomous vehicles
Electronic device having card holder
Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including enhanced temperature based voltage control
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and information processing program
Synchronizing a distributed communication system using diagnostic heartbeating
Touch-sensitive user input device failure prediction
Reducing impact of a switch failure in a switch fabric via switch cards
Dynamic cache correction mechanism to allow constant access to addressable index
Interactive analysis of a security specification
Transmitting apparatus and communication system
Dynamic VVDS expansion
Method for selectively enabling and disabling read caching in a storage subsystem
Apparatus and method for detecting false sharing
Data integrity protection in storage volumes
Flash-DRAM hybrid memory module
Data cache block deallocate requests in a multi-level cache hierarchy
Memory type-specific access control of a field of a record
Information processing apparatus and method for controlling information processing apparatus
Adaptive prestaging in a storage controller
Apparatus and method of providing a recommended broadcast program
Parameter management apparatus for acoustic apparatus
Safety arrangement
Thread synchronization in a multi-thread, multi-flow network communications processor architecture
Method and system for aggregating media collections between participants of a sharing network
Federating open social networks for analyses
Internet multimedia content delivery to consumer electronic devices through wireless network infrastructure
Interactive analytics processing
System and method for circumventing instant messaging do-not-disturb
Method, system, chat interface, and computer program product for comparing free time between instant message chat members
Location-based communications
Data synchronization system
E-meeting summaries
Compliance protocol and architecture
Determination of a spammer through social network characterization
Information processing unit, information processing method, client device and information processing system
Matching participants in a P2P recommendation network loosely coupled to a subscription service
Data buffering and notification system and methods thereof
Systems and methods for implementing dynamic subscriber interfaces
Configurable download timing and reward system in a data network
Methods for providing security over untrusted networks
System and method for sharing an experience with media content between multiple devices
Remote direct memory access (`RDMA`) in a parallel computer
Access network discovery
Service layer selection and display in a service network monitoring system
Selectively monitoring a service endpoint of an information technology system
Application based routing arrangements and method thereof
Candidate set solver with user advice
Optimized cooperation between resource list servers and presence servers
Interactive tool for visualizing performance data in real-time to enable adaptive performance optimization and feedback
Network apparatus, communication control method, and recording medium
Method and system for controlling environmental conditions of different entities
Managing dereferenced chunks in a deduplication system
Performance of RCU-based searches and updates of cyclic data structures
Privacy aware authenticated map-reduce
Method for order invariant correlated encrypting of data and SQL queries for maintaining data privacy and securely resolving customer defects
Interactive media playing system and method
Vehicle damping control apparatus
Multi-step time series prediction in complex instrumented domains
Method for translating computer generated log files
Automated glossary creation
Multi-pass validation of extensible markup language (XML) documents
Knowledge system method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for fast translation memory search
Method and apparatus for enhancing electronic reading by identifying relationships between sections of electronic text
Method for semantic classification of numeric data sets
System and method for exposing internal search indices to internet search engines
Governing information
Database management method, apparatus and system
Optical media protection driver
Encapsulation of multiplicity and sparsity in multidimensional query execution systems
Method and apparatus for user based search in distributed information space
Method and system for searching an electronic map
Method, computer readable medium and system for allocation and management of memory in runtime environments
Breaking up long-channel field effect transistor into smaller segments for reliability modeling
System and method of automated design augmentation for efficient hierarchical implementation
Optimal spare latch selection for metal-only ECOs
Wiring inspection apparatus and wiring inspection method
Processing system, method, and program for modeling system
Automated design rule checking (DRC) test case generation
Mask layout formation
Discrete sampling based nonlinear control system
Comprehensive analysis of queue times in microelectronic manufacturing
Digital map projection
Pump assembly
System and method of storing data
Method and system to detect invalid and fraudulent impressions and clicks in web-based advertisement systems
Codec encoder and decoder for video information
Cognitive pattern recognition for security access in a flow of tasks
CPS unit management in the disc for downloaded data
Virtual cultural attache
Visual playlist
Method of manipulating media object in media player and apparatus therefor
Document management framework
Directed communication in a virtual environment
Apparatus, system and method for a media enhancement widget
Offloading input/output (I/O) completion operations
Information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus controlling touch sensing system and touch sensing system employing same
Resistive touch panel with improved termination
Touch sensing device and method thereof
Smart window creation in a graphical user interface
Keystroke activated dynamic task menu
Hybrid knob/slider control
Display device and display method
Anchoring for content synchronization
Image forming device generating screens for remote and local access, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
Printing apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium for controlling printing performed by variable data printing
Print system for outputting data from web application on a network
Image reader device and image formation apparatus that utilizes read parameters and image processing parameters
Delegate access in a distributed scan system
Vehicle communication system
Method for controlling an automated friction clutch
System and method for triaging of information feeds
Generating a taxonomy for documents from tag data
Pattern-based stability analysis of complex data sets
Vector processing circuit, command issuance control method, and processor system
Effect translation and assessment among microarchitecture components
Server with plurality of network cards with remote restarting and wake-up functionality
Processors operable to allow flexible instruction alignment
Compiler-directed sign/zero extension of a first bit size result to overwrite incorrect data before subsequent processing involving the result within an architecture supporting larger second bit size values
Instruction tracking system for processors
Selective writing of branch target buffer when number of instructions in cache line containing branch instruction is less than threshold
Automated testing process
Instantiating a coding competition to develop a program module in a networked computing environment
Subsystem architecture for providing support services for software applications
Managing symbolic links in documentation
Reduction of the number of interoperability test candidates and the time for interoperability testing
Privacy application and method
Code inspection executing system for performing a code inspection of ABAP source codes
Specification of environment required for crowdsourcing tasks
Implementing performance-dependent transfer or execution decisions from service emulation indications
Task queuing in a multi-flow network processor architecture
Managing job execution
Load balancing method and apparatus in symmetric multi-processor system
Monitoring real-time computing resources for predicted resource deficiency
Methods of personalizing services via identification of common components
Method of deriving scattered wave, method of manufacturing lens, and non-transitory recording medium
Method of developing a petroleum reservoir from a facies map construction
Systems and methods for automated simulation of a propulsion system and testing of propulsion control systems
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling image forming apparatus, computer program product, and image forming system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image segmentation using hierarchical unsupervised segmentation and hierarchical classifiers
System for presenting high-interest-level images
Apparatus and method for extracting foreground layer in image sequence
Magnetic resonance system and method to automatically generate a selective MR image
Method of noise reduction in digital X-rayograms
Apparatus, method, device and computer program product providing enhanced text copy capability with touch input display
Method for extracting contour of pattern on photo mask, contour extraction apparatus, method for guaranteeing photo mask, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
System and method for image analysis with characteristic curves
Method for brightness level calculation of the digital x-ray image for medical applications
Mobile image search and indexing system and method
Method and system for resizing an image
Video processing apparatus and method
System and method for fingerprinting for comics
Algorithm for FAST corner detection
Image-based crack detection
Concurrent scheduling of plan operations in a virtualized computing environment
System and method for processing frequency spectrum of a signal in an image file
Real-time three-dimensional real environment reconstruction apparatus and method
Information display device and display image control method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Display control device
Merchandise display security device for headphones
Powered item attachment device
System and method for performing chemical analysis of fingerprints for providing at least one response
System and method for performing chemical analysis of fingerprints for providing at least one response
Trap for small animals
Voice alarm
Method and system for expansion of real-time data on traffic networks
Display device
Driver device, backlight unit and image display device
Positional context determination with multi marker confidence ranking
Illumination systems incorporating a light guide and a reflective structure and related methods
Electronic device, portable terminal, computer program product, and device operation control method
Terminal emulator and controlling method therefor
Display device and electronics apparatus
Methods for real-time navigation and display of virtual worlds
Display device and driving method thereof
User and vocabulary-adaptive determination of confidence and rejecting thresholds
Tape storage device
Touchdown detection in magnetic disk storage devices
System and method for automatically capturing user edits in a digital recording
System and method for generating a synchronized audiovisual mix
Non-linear transition shift identification and compensation
Tape drive device, tape library device, and data storing method
Method and apparatuses for synchronizing writing of data with a pattern of bit islands of media
Disk drive and method of writing servo write tracks to a disk
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile programmable logic switch
Read only memory bitline load-balancing
Three dimensional(3D) memory device sparing
Partial-maximum distance separable (PMDS) erasure correcting codes for storage arrays
Address output circuit and semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Screw in high voltage housing terminal for ignition coil
Continuous processing of thin-film batteries and like devices
Enclosed back side heating system for satellite dishes
Method and apparatus for generation and detection of rogue waves
Ion generator mounting device
Protection circuit, battery control device, and battery pack
Method for assembling supporting disk of motor rotor
Method and an apparatus for controlling the output voltage of a boost converter
Method and apparatus for controlling the maximum output power of a power converter
Output adjustment circuit for power supply unit
Configurable transceiver
Generating negative impedance compensation
Automatic volume adjustment
Process for adjusting the sound volume of a digital sound recording
Power synthesis circuit for radio frequency power amplifier
Dynamic adaptation of continuous time linear equalization circuits
Nanomagnetic logic gate and an electronic device
Fractional frequency divider with phase permutation
Hybrid phase-locked loops
Storage device including error correction function and error correction method
Power savings in hierarchically coded modulation
Low cost adjacent double error correcting code
Techniques utilizing step size adaptation for differential beamforming in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for multiple signal aggregation and reception in digital chaos network
Detection process for a receiver of a wireless MIMO communication system
Digital front end receiver using DC offset compensation scheme
Reducing power consumption on a receiver
Filtering apparatus and method for dual-band sensing circuit
Method and system for multi-standby operation for a multi-SIM multi-standby communication device
Method and system for utilizing a single SIM card socket to support multiple SIM cards in a multi-SIM multi-standby communication device
Evaluating lost communication links with mobile stations
Information processing device, position recording method, and program
Mobile information terminal
Wide-band multi-format audio/video production system with frame rate conversion
Method and apparatus for amplitude modulation of spread signal
Optical field receiver, optical multilevel signal receiver, and optical transmission system
Bit error generation system for optical networks
Wireless communication system, coexistence manager installed in said system, and method for wireless communication
Equalizer for loss-compensation of high-frequency signals generated in transmission channels
Radio power transmitting apparatus and radio power transmitting system
Systems and methods for reducing power consumption of a communications device using multiple elements in a receiver chain
Communication apparatus and communication method
Mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, MIMO system and data transmission method
Station comprising at least two transmit antennas, and a method of transmitting therefrom
Apparatus and method for mitigation of receive power imbalance on equalizer performance
TDMA-based wireless networks
Method and apparatus for wireless transmission of high data rate streams
Gain control optimizing SINR and data rate for wireless repeater
Communication system using OFDM for one direction and DSSS for another direction
Multimedia multicast/broadcast service providing apparatus and multimedia multicast/broadcast service providing method using the same
Method and apparatus for supporting multicast of AV data in a network
Logical-link management method and communication device
Communication method using time-division multiplexing
Transmitter gain control and calibration
Method for improving channel estimation performance in dynamic spectrum access multicarrier systems
Sending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) symbol
Device, system and method of processing single-carrier wireless communication signals
Resource-aware system, method and program product for managing request traffic based on a management policy
User equipment optimization for multimedia broadcast multicast service
Communication system, transmission device, reception device, program, and processor
Wireless local area network (LAN) system
Gateway network element, a method, and a group of load balanced access points configured for load balancing in a communications network
Detecting extended acquisition indicators
Peer-to-peer based group configuration for interconnected devices
Systems for distributing data over a computer network and methods for arranging nodes for distribution of data over a computer network
Privilege-based access admission table
Contention free pipelined broadcasting within a constant bisection bandwidth network topology
Automatic device detection and configuration in a network-aware print fulfillment engine
Unregistered multicast (MC) packet forwarding to multicast router ports
Method for performing gate coordination on a per-call basis
System and method for on-duty communication
Concatenated coding scheme for burst noise and AWGN for multi-channel applications
Process for suppressing intercarrier interference in a OFDM receiver
Data transmission method and related device and system
Rule verification apparatus and rule verification method
Unique surrogate key generation using cryptographic hashing
Method and system for authenticating an end user
System and method for preventing malware on a mobile communication device
Serialized authentication and authorization services
Publicly available protected electronic mail system
Generating codes for sync words to avoid cyclic collision
Multi-user searchable encryption system and method with index validation and tracing
Method for implementing encryption and device thereof
Operator provisioning of a trustworthy workspace to a subscriber
Storage system in which fictitious information is prevented
Independent administering of verified user-controlled electronic identifications utilizing specifically programmed computer-implemented methods and computer systems
Mobile terminal
Enhanced caller identification using caller readable devices
Inhibition of allowed closed subscriber group list
System and method for utilizing a user's mobile phone account as a funding source
Cradle for mobile telephone, videophone system, karaoke system, car navigation system, and emergency information notification system
Techniques for improving cache effectiveness of caches with low user population
Systems and methods for scheduling of outbound agents
Process for capturing site maintenance and repair information and creating a closeout package in near real time
Programmable communicator
Method for determining a correct international phone number of a contact
Echo canceller auditor
Image processing apparatus and determination method
Method and apparatus for video encoding and decoding
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding signals
Adaptive windowing in motion detector for deinterlacer
System for positioning micro tool of micro machine and method thereof
Stereoscopic glasses and display apparatus including the same
Stereoscopic video processor and stereoscopic video processing method
Method circuit and system for human to machine interfacing by hand gestures
Method, medium, and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding video by generating scalable bitstream
Combined-media scene tracking for audio-video summarization
Electronic camera with self-explanation/diagnosis mode
Frame to frame persistent shadow reduction within an image
Solid-state image pickup device, image pickup system including the same, and method for manufacturing the same
Information processing apparatus and display processing method
Tuner module, and mobile communication terminal
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with scan feature
Audiovisual data transmission system and audiovisual data transmission method
Image processing apparatus and information management system
Audio and video synchronization apparatus and method in wireless communication network
Video display apparatus, video processing method, and video display system
Smart television with a built-in router module
Receiving device, display controlling method, and program
Intelligent TV mosaic for IPTV
Method and apparatus for providing multi-threaded video decoding
System and method for a conference server architecture for low delay and distributed conferencing applications
Apparatus and method for managing variable multicast and broadcast service zones in MBS server
Video player and portable computer with detection
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Dual-imager biometric sensor
Vehicle rearview back-up system and method
Wireless multimedia system
Solid-state imaging device which sets a black level reference when capturing an image
Securing a transaction between a transponder and a reader
In-ground audio sub woofer and method of installation
Variable directivity condenser microphone
Sound signal processor and sound signal processing methods
Audio processing pipeline for auditory prosthesis having a common, and two or more stimulator-specific, frequency-analysis stages
Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone
Apparatus and method for controlling wireless network access
Determining geographic zone
Personal location code broker
Systems and methods for determining to use geo-fencing by using straight-line distances between locations
Overload detection and handling in a data breakout appliance at the edge of a mobile data network
Method for network entry in a wireless communication system
Methods of determining information regarding remote user terminals and related systems and computer program products
System and method for automatic registration notification for over-the-air activation
Push based services in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
Approach for managing the use of communications channels based on performance
Method and apparatus for performing component carrier-specific reconfiguration
Method and apparatus for reducing access latency in a wireless communication system
Providing location related information for a structure to mobile stations
Method for broadcasting/multicasting transmissions in wireless networks
Apparatus, method and system of sending and receiving for supporting application-based MMS
Method for informing user equipment of downlink control message construction information in cellular system
Mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, communication system, communication method and control program
Assisted state transition of a user equipment (UE) for delay sensitive applications within a wireless communications system
Power consumption improvement for certain M2M devices
Decoration plate and electronic apparatus having the same
Electronic device
Electronic module, control module, and electronic module set
Container data center and heat dissipation system thereof
Electronic device enclosure configured to shield against electromagnetic interference
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Pesticidal composition
Foldable artificial christmas tree
Container and method for cross-linking composite materials on dental prosthesis
Medical device with one or more helical coils
Porous tissue scaffoldings for the repair of regeneration of tissue
Aerosol formulation containing particulate formoterol, propellant and polar cosolvent
Methods for treating pain with a modified neurotoxin
Method of using haptenized ovarian carcinoma tumor cells
Vaccine composition containing polyribosylribitol phosphate and method for making same
Prophylaxis of allergic disease
Treatment of autoimmune diseases
Composition for treating and/or ameliorating the diseases of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema and symptoms thereof
Methods for treating AVM's using radio active compositions
Use of an indigoid compound in a cosmetic composition, in particular a make-up composition, in order to confer on it antimicrobial properties and the property of lengthy hold over time
Effervescent dual component dentifrice having reduced sensory cues
Opaque skin sanitizing composition
Use of nitrocellulose and cellulose ester in a nail varnish
Microcapsules, method of making and their use
Method of sterilization
Ultra violet liquid purification system
Apparatus and method for removing microbial contaminants from a flowing fluid
Sterilization process using small amount of sterilant to determine the load
Heating element for oil burning lamp
Method for assembling a shaft to a golf club head
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for regulating the flow rate of at least one fluid in simulated moving bed separation units
Apparatus for steam sterilizing and recycling leaf-filter aids
Elements and methods for coalescing a discontinuous phase of a fluid from a continuous phase
Process for producing ammonium metavanadate
Effluent gas stream treatment system having utility for oxidation treatment of semiconductor manufacturing effluent gases
Multi-phase solid ion and electron conducting membrane with low volume percentage electron conducting phase and methods for fabricating
Collector of dissolved metal from sea water having an amidoxime group and a hydrophilic group, a method for production thereof
Method of producing carbon nanotubes
Catalyst containing phosphorous and a process hydrotreatment of petroleum feeds using the catalyst
Process for ammonia and methanol co-production
Process for removing toxins from bodily fluids using zirconium or titanium microporous compositions
Method for operating a chemical and/or physical process by means of a hierarchical fluid injection system
Solid multi-component membranes, electrochemical reactor components, electrochemical reactors and use of membranes, reactor components, and reactor for oxidation reactions
Apparatus for measuring temperatures in tubular reactors
Integrated diverter and waste comminutor
Method of forming a film on strip material and apparatus thereof
Water repellent coating film, method and apparatus for manufacturing the same, and water repellent coating material composition
Composition and method for manufacturing a surface covering product having a controlled gloss surface coated wearlayer
Method for multi layer enameling and coating compounds for said method
Decontamination method and system, such as an in-situ groundwater decontamination system, producing dissolved oxygen and reactive initiators
Inert electrode containing metal oxides, copper and noble metal
Chip treatment device
Method and apparatus for making a one piece battery jar
Method for making molding parts using heat-curable molding compositions
Substrate design for bonded storage disks and method of making same
Process for producing an invisible and writable biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) raw processing film and the product thereof
Wiring method for a resin mold product
Method for assembling a hub to an optical disk
Method and apparatus for moulding and curing tires for vehicle wheels
Process for making LaMnO3-coated ceramics
Multilayered polymer films and process for the preparation thereof
Simple pressure seal methods
Modular floor tile with superimposed images
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the production of ozone
Process for the industrial production of high purity hydrogen peroxide
Method for upgrading used sulfuric acids
Method for producing an ultra fine silica powder
Cooling tower water cleaning system
Electrostatic fluid purifying device and method of purifying a fluid
System for separating algae and other contaminants from a water stream
Treatment of water containing organic wastes with ammonium nitrate
Apparatus for reducing nitrate concentration in wastewater
Methods of preventing scaling involving inorganic compositions in combination with copolymers of maleic anhydride and isobutylene, and compositions therefor
Liquid-crystal alkenyltolan derivative, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display element
Liquid crystalline (E,E)-butadiene compounds and mixtures and devices containing such compounds
Chimeric retrovirus/adenovirus system
Receptor derived peptides as modulators of receptor activity
Process for inhibiting complement activation via the alternative pathway
Autoantibody inhibitors
Medicinal composition containing gp34 binding-inhibitor as the active ingredient
Methods and apparatus for removing residual monomers
Method of ink-jet printing with pigment preparations having a dispersant
Adhesive tape and products made therefrom
Liquid crystal device
Synthesis gas production and power generation with zero emissions
Method and device for producing a coke coal cake for carrying out a coking process in a furnace chamber
Wide-cut synthetic isoparaffinic lubricating oils
Anode grade coke production
Micro-alloyed steel rolling bearings
Process for producing Fe-based member having high young's modulus and high toughness
Double-sided reflector films
Plasma CVD process
Method of producing adherent metal oxide coatings on metallic surfaces
Rework process
Electrochemical treatment of reinforced concrete
CMOS chemical bath purification
Cup-type plating apparatus and method for plating wafer using the same
Electro-deposition of superconductor oxide films
Electrolytic method of and compositions for stripping electroless nickel
Textiles; Paper
Process of making heat-retaining fibers
High speed spinning of sheath/core bicomponent fibers
Process of finishing an air-laid web and web obtained thereby
Method in connection with the pretreatment of comminuted fibrous material
Continuous digester system having a top separator
Method for measuring the content of bleaching chemicals used for bleaching cellulose fibers
Tissue with strikethrough resistance
Press arrangement and method for treating a fibrous web
Paper product having enhanced printing properties and related method of manufacture
Pulp product manufacturing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Process for making composite building panels
Apparatus and method for sealing insulated glass units
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Treatment apparatus, treatment method, and impurity removing apparatus
Method and device for producing a controlled atmosphere with low oxygen partial pressure
Resistant window systems
Photometer and cuvette for mixing
Measuring system and method for performing luminometric series analyses as well as multiple cuvette for receiving liquid samples therefor
Composite gas sensor
Air/fuel ratio detecting arrangement
Method and apparatus for producing optical fiber ribbons
Thin-film magnetic recording head manufacture using selective imaging
Method for fabricating composite carbon foam
Device and method for detecting and preventing arcing in RF plasma systems
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method using the same
Method for assembling a multi-layered ceramic package
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing of copper
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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