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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and system for concurrent localization and display of a surgical catheter and local electrophysiological potential curves
MRI detection and staging of Parkinson's disease and detection of progressive supranuclear palsy
Spectroscopic cross-channel method and apparatus for improved optical measurements of tissue
Selective resynchronization therapy optimization based on user preference
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for automatically actuating longitudinal blocks in four wheel drive vehicles, in particular in working machines and service vehicles
Method for correcting the outputs of vehicle behavior sensor
Method and system of energy integrating and photon counting using layered photon counting detector
Remote test facility with wireless interface to local facilities
Onboard battery monitoring apparatus and method for correcting offset value of current sensor thereof
Optical sensor and modulator
Coupling optical fibers
Low coupling loss photodetector/optical fiber apparatus and method for forming the same
Polarization mode dispersion compensator and polarization mode dispersion compensating method
Photographing system
Flexible printed wiring board arrangement of an imaging device
Image taking apparatus and assembling method thereof
Image forming apparatus that detects a presence of a conductive foreign object on a recording material
Image forming apparatus
Image forming system for executing a plurality of functions having stored sets of conditions
Image forming apparatus and image forming method characterized by a particular nip time
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic rule module clearinghouse
Modular microprocessor-based power tool system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing databases connected by wireless interface
Maintaining active-only copy storage pools
System and method for application fault tolerance and recovery using topologically remotely located computing devices
Method for transmitting information over a radio network and for representing the information by means of a mobile transmitting/receiving station
Signature searching system
Methods and systems for improving data transmission rates having adaptive protocols
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for an HPNA network
One-to-many device synchronization using downloaded/shared client software
Supporting ephemeral ports in a virtualized environment
Physician to patient network system for real-time electronic communications and transfer of patient health information
Data store wrapper enhancements
Network message filtering using hashing and pattern matching
System and method for monitoring server performance using a server
Creating devices to support a variety of models of remote diagnostics from various manufacturers
Remote discovery and system architecture
Auto organization hierarchy traversal in email addressees
Low-complexity nonlinear filters
Method for predicting negative example, system for detecting incorrect wording using negative example prediction
Participant node for a searchable distributed information network
Automated systems and methods to support electronic business transactions for spare parts
Data analyzing device and method, and program for making computer execute the data analyzing method
Partitioning for model-based design
Computer system and the computer control method
Method for calculating a materials requirements plan for demands containing multiple demand dates and priorities
Centralized queue in network printing systems
Multiplexer and wireless receiver
Contemporaneous symbolic and numeric presentation
Media delivering apparatus and media receiving apparatus
System and method for personalized presentation of web pages
Tire profile designing method
Method and apparatus for identifying mole growth
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program and computer readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and print product
Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method, and digital watermark analysis apparatus, method and program
Vehicle automatic exterior light control
Methods and apparatus for detecting objects in baggage
Image processing method and apparatus, program, and storage medium
Method for warped image object recognition
Moving image generation apparatus, moving image playback apparatus, their control method, and storage medium
Data transfer method and information processing apparatus
Anomaly detection system and a method of teaching it
System and method for unbundling baggage costs from airfare prices
System and method for editing existing footage to generate and distribute advertising content to retail locations
Content display monitor
Equity based incentive compensation plan computer system
Unmanned vehicle control system
Audio signal encoding apparatus and method
Disk device for serial communication and method of controlling the same
Semiconductor surface emitting device
Synchronizing method for impulse radio network
Digital signal offset adjusting apparatus and pulse pattern generator using the same
Qualification and selection of the frequency channels for an adaptive frequency hopping method by means of field strength measurement
Reverse link correlation filter in wireless communication systems
Method for reducing the effect of impulse noise in a motor vehicle radio
NRD guide transceiver, download system using the same, and download memory used for the same
Reservation multiple access
Near-end, far-end and echo cancellers in a multi-channel transceiver system
Time-frequency coding in a multi-band ultra-wideband system
Optical transmission system, optical transmitter, and optical receiver
Multi-level optical data communication circuit
Differential multilevel modulated optical signal receiver apparatus
Interference suppression techniques
Method of controlling mobile communication system, control device, and mobile communication system
Method of quadrature spreading
Transmission power level estimation
Self-configurable wireless local area network node
Method and apparatus to establish communication with wireless communication networks
Method and apparatus for generating and distributing an internal clock for radio network controller
Digital clock smoothing apparatus and method
Motion picture data transmission method and system
Stacked network switch using resilient packet ring communication protocol
Managing information describing a communications network
Measuring time management system, data transmitter-receiver and measuring time management method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing communications re-connection services
Scheme for routing circuits with dynamic self-adjusting link weights in a network
Technique for tracing source addresses of packets
Processing multiplex sublayer data unit data in hardware
Method and device for managing a shared transmission medium based on a TDMA/TDD scheme
Method of adding stages to a scalable switching network
Method and apparatus for PSTN-based IP active call recovery and re-routing
Spurious component reduction
Forward error correction in a distribution system
Clock and data recovery method and apparatus
Flexible sampling-rate encoder
Cryptographic device and associated methods
Sliding module and its axle structure
Adjustable earpiece
Method and system for directly interconnecting a TDM PBX to a voice mail system
Enhancing voice QoS over unmanaged bandwidth limited packet network
Cost control system for access to mobile services
Application based queuing via an H.323/SIP interface
Method for handling incoming calls directed to a virtual communication service subscriber via a guest PBX
Method for configuring composite file structure for data reproduction, and method and apparatus for reproducing data using the composite file structure
Recording and reproduction apparatus, recording apparatus, editing apparatus, information recording medium, recording and reproduction method, recording method, and editing method
Image reproduction apparatus, control method thereof, program and storage medium
Image processing apparatus
System and method for control of audio field based on position of user
Access points with selective communication rate and scheduling control and related methods for wireless local area networks (WLANs)
Terminal, system and method for providing location information service by interworking between WLAN and mobile communication network
Method of providing SMS callback
Mobile communication system and method of data dispersion in said system
System and method for automatic registration notification for over-the-air activation
Radio device, channel allocation method, and channel, allocation program
Heating device for an electrical appliance
Expired Patents Due To Time
Liquid crystal display device wherein voltages having opposite polarities are applied to adjacent video signal lines of a liquid crystal display panel
Circuit for driving a liquid crystal display
Virtual three dimensional space sharing system for a wide-area network environment
Display system with programmable display parameters
Remote digital image viewing system and method
System for interactively distributing information services
Editing digitized audio/video data across a network
Distributed object oriented multi-user domain with multimedia presentations
Index indicator, index display method and recording medium storing index indicator program
Portable interactive graphics display tablet and communications system
Video story board user interface for selective downloading and displaying of desired portions of remote-stored video data objects
Method and apparatus for simultaneously resizing and relocating windows within a graphical display
Quick input device for window selection list control signal of notebook-type computer
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface, which exploits spatial memory in three-dimensions, to objects
Method and apparatus for organizing and processing information using a digital computer
Method and system for viewing three-dimensional data for a tracked structure
Graphics segment organization in a graphics system
Wavelet-assisted volume ray casting
Method and system for improved z-test during image rendering
System for combining virtual images with real-world scenes
Graphic form shaping apparatus and graphic form shaping method
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus for jointed objects
Graphics processing method and apparatus thereof
Interface for a high performance low cost video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graphics and digital audio signal processing
Optical scanning system for printer
Image processing apparatus and method for adding predetermined additional information to an image by adding a predetermined number of unit dots to partial color component data of the image
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for forming image by causing ink to jump
Thermal printer
Thermal transfer type image forming device
Thermal transfer ribbon with paper leader and trailer
Multiple channel data writing device
Led head
Led uniformity correction with improved uniformity distribution in a desired range of grey levels
Bent smile corrector
Ingress noise measuring device in data communication network using CATV network
Method and apparatus for monitoring a biological sample
Film image input system
Video security system
Camera and vehicle-surroundings visual-recognition apparatus using the same
Electronic imaging apparatus selecting an operating mode responsive to the condition of a lens barrier assembly
Sensing circuit for capturing a pixel signal
Active solid-state imaging device which effectively suppresses fixed-pattern noise
Active pixel sensor array with simple floating gate pixels
Solid-state imaging device
Camera focus control according to extraction range size and/or zoom rate
Peak hold method and apparatus for detecting a peak value from a plurality of input sections
Method and apparatus for display of interlaced images on non-interlaced display
Method and apparatus for de-interlacing video fields to progressive scan video frames
Combining NTSC visual and aural signals with DTV signals
Video signal sampling circuit and an image display apparatus including the same
Multi-receiving demodulator for demodulating signals received from multiple broadcasting systems
Picture-in-picture type video signal processing circuit and method of using the same for a multi-picture display circuit
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Method for analog decimation of image signals
Automated language filter
Non-linear characteristic correction apparatus and method therefor
Method and apparatus for reducing visibility of damping wires in aperture grill display tubes
Front case structure of CRT display device
Imaging optical system
Thin film transistor and fabricating method thereof having patterned active layer
Semiconductor element with N channel and P region connected only to the channel and liquid crystal display device using the same
Optical display device having prismatic film for enhanced viewing
Display module having LCD panel attached to front housing having an opening, to be visible through the opening
Liquid crystal display
Polarizer, optical element, lighting device and liquid crystal display
Reflection-type liquid crystal displaying device having anistropic scattering film
Reflective LCD having reflectivity characteristics between electrodes and reflector
Reflective liquid crystal display with angularly selective light diffuser directly on reflector
Liquid crystal device including gate insulating film and layer insulating film having different dielectric constants
Liquid crystal display apparatus including a conductive layer on an array substrate thereof
Flat panel display having interconnected patternable conductive traces having piercing pins piercing conductive traces and a light modulating layer
Diffusion barrier layers with microstructured spacing members for liquid crystal display panel substrates
TN cell having improved display of grey shades
Liquid crystal element with a layer of an oriental liquid crystal polymer, and optical element and polarizing element using the same
Solid-state image capture system including H-PDLC color separation element
Monitoring apparatus and method particularly useful in photolithographically processing substrates
Beam detector
Imaging simplified laser pointing (ISLAPS)--A system modification/improvement
Method and apparatus for obtaining fluorescence data
Double pass monochromator
Fiber optic catheter for accurate flow measurements
Method of urinalysis, urinalysis apparatus, method of measuring angle of rotation and polarimeter
Optical height meter, surface-inspection device provided with such a height meter, and lithographic apparatus provided with the inspection device
System for point-by-point measuring of spatial coordinates
Method and apparatus for determining distance
Robot-based gauging system for determining three-dimensional measurement data
Stage apparatus
Retroreflectometer and method for measuring retroreflectivity of materials
Method and apparatus for color matching paints
Constantly high sensitivity fiber optic interferometer sensor
Combination fiber optic current/voltage sensor
Optical displacement measurement system for detecting the relative movement of a machine part
Interference measurement apparatus, interference measurement probe and interference measurement control system
System and methods for optically measuring dielectric thickness in semiconductor devices
Laser interferometric lithographic system providing automatic change of fringe spacing
Self calibrating pulse width modulator for use in electrostatic printing applications
Method of printing with a host based printer using an internal font
Printing method and apparatus, paper ejecting position control method and apparatus
Print data processing and compression apparatus
Fiber channel data transfer with feedback control within a photographic process printer system
Printing apparatus, printing method, and printing system
Freeing memory in a page printer during punt protection
Clearing ink jet nozzles during printing
Image scanner with intrinsic biasing of a scan head
Integrated scan-to-store apparatus
Spatially offset, row interpolated image sensor
Contact-type image sensor
Zero-order computer generated phase-only holograms
Display apparatus and method for forming hologram suitable for the display apparatus
Holographic memory
Power switching of optical fibre cable branching units
WDM system for reduced SBS
Optical add/drop wavelength switch
Optical transmitting apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical transmitting-receiving system
Electronic circuit for receiving and discriminating modulated light and an electronic price display comprising said circuit
Counter balanced optical scanner
Scanning image forming lens and optical scanning apparatus
Optical scanning system with single element refractive/reflective f.theta. lens and single element refractive/reflective f.theta. lens
Transmission rope for movable mirror modules of an image scanning device
Electro-optic probe
Through silicon modulator and method
Reversible electrochemical mirror for modulation of reflected radiation
Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface metal reflector and a display/signal light
Aromatic glycidyl amine-based epoxy edge seals for electrooptic devices
Optical amplifier gain control
Optical amplifier manufacture
Window film with optical brightener
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional deconvolution of optical microscope images
Diffraction type filter having an aberration correction function and wave length selectivity
Anti-reflection film and display device having the same
Self light-emitting retroreflective sheet and method for producing the same
Optical guide fixture
Image-forming optical system using prism elements
Viewfinder optical system and optical apparatus having the same
Screen illumination apparatus and method
Wide-angle eyepiece lens
Designing method of zoom optical system
Zoom lens optical system
Zoom lens and optical apparatus using the same
Projection optical system and exposure apparatus
Reflecting type optical system
Objective lens holder
Galvanoplastic optical mounting
Method and circuit for enabling rapid flux reversal in the coil of a write head associated with a computer disk drive, or the like
Method for writing a servo pattern using a writer having a split top pole
Method for decoding head position signal including on-the-fly compensation for misread track number
Storage apparatus
Audio signal transmitting apparatus and the method thereof
Method of controlling flying of magnetic head and device therefor in hard disk drive
Method of positionally controlling a recording/reproducing head so as to follow a rotational frequency component of a disk while eliminating a high order frequency component
Minimizing settling time in a disc drive servo system
Cassette auto changer system including tape signal reading means and selection means for selecting between a plurality of cassettes
Disk drive having the motor core secured via the disk rotating bearing flange to the chassis
Thin film magnetic head with contoured surface
Thin film magnetic head which prevents errors due to electric discharge
Head cleaner for linear tape drive that also functions as a head protector during cleaning tape operations
Non-belt drive tape cartridge
Spring assembly for biasing shutter of a disk cassette
Apparatus and system for stabilizing a disk media surface for engagement with a drive head
Magnetic recording medium and method for producing the same
Swageless head suspension and method of assembly therefor
Magnetic head unit, with coil winding arrangement to allow for specific gimbal to head surface dimensions
Low noise flexible printed circuit cable for a disk drive carriage unit
Floppy disk device
In plane, push-pull parallel force microactuator
Magnetoresistive sensor for high temperature environment using iridium manganese
Connector with built-in resettable power regulation
Semiconductor load driver circuit and method therefor
PCB based protector cartridge
Patch cable and method for installing telecommunications equipment in remote terminals
Method of increasing the cast-off speed of the armature in an electromagnetic actuator
Static chuck apparatus and its manufacture
Plasma chamber wafer clamping ring with erosion resistive tips
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor having the same
Media drive canister vibration dampner and method of dampening
Vibration dampening system for removable hard disk drive carriers
CPU module for compactPCI-based computer
Electronic power module, and electronic power system comprising a plurality of said modules
Heat generating element cooling device
Sealed type casing
Heat-dissipating module for an electronic device
CPU cooling system
Integrated circuit cartridge
Switch box for a vehicle
Computer security device
Semiconductor integrated circuit card assembly
IC card and manufacturing method thereof
Casing for PC card
IC card having a reinforcing member for reinforcing a sealing member
Electronic circuits and circuit boards
Adjustable circuit board support frame
Techniques of assembling modular electronic equipment
Protective shield for electrical components
Casing mountable filler module
Dual processor assembly retention member
Semiconductor device including an integrated circuit for realizing a DC voltage converter
Current oscillation control resonance circuit and power supply apparatus utilizing the same circuit
Switched-mode power supply
Device and method of supplying energy from an ac source in an ac to dc converter
High voltage step down DC converter
Zero voltage switching power supply with burst mode
Push-pull power converter circuit
Method for open-loop and closed-loop control of an electrical drive as well as an apparatus for carrying out the method
CSI based drive having active damping control
Reduced common voltage in a DC matrix converter
Filter for a D. C. converter
DC-to-AC converter with over-current protection
Snubber circuit for an inverter having inductively coupled resistance
High efficiency power system with plural parallel DC/DC converters
Inverter apparatus with off signal of at least minimum time duration
Non-directional frequency generator
Inverter device with cooling arrangement therefor
Data encoding for content addressable memories
Method and apparatus for selective match line pre-charging in a content addressable memory
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of storage regions
Relaxed layout for storage nodes for dynamic random access memories
Embedded DRAM architecture with local data drivers and programmable number of data read and data write lines
Method of forming a binary code of a ROM
Data storing apparatus including integrated magnetic memory cells and semiconductor devices
Method for controlling memory cell having long refresh interval
System and method for writing to and reading from a memory cell
Manganese oxide material having MnO.sub.3 as a matrix
Magnetic memory array with magnetic tunnel junction memory cells having flux-closed free layers
Nonvolatile memory device and refreshing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Multi state sensing of NAND memory cells by applying reverse-bias voltage
Read-only memory having specially output circuits and word line connected to a group of memory cells
Data line disturbance free memory block divided flash memory and microcomputer having flash memory therein
Single poly non-volatile memory having a PMOS write path and an NMOS read path
Apparatus and method for programming of flash EPROM memory
Fast flash EPROM programming and pre-programming circuit design
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with a level shifter circuit
Semiconductor memory device, method for manufacturing the same, and method for controlling the same
Flash memory array with internal refresh
Method, system and apparatus for determining that a programming voltage level is sufficient for reliably programming an eeprom
Approach to provide high external voltage for flash memory erase
Circuit and method for conditioning flash memory array
Dual port memory with synchronized read and write pointers
Semiconductor memory and method of controlling data therefrom
Semiconductor memory device having push-pull type output circuit formed by two N-channel MOS transistors
Semiconductor memory device including data output circuit capable of high speed data output
Multi-bank testing apparatus for a synchronous DRAM
Semiconductor memory having a negative voltage generator for an erasing operation
Method and apparatus for a level shifter for use in a semiconductor memory device
Priority determining apparatus using the least significant bit and CAS latency signal in DDR SDRAM device
Method of and apparatus for correctly transmitting signals at high speed without waveform distortion
Semiconductor memory device and defect repair method for semiconductor memory device
Memory device with multiple-bit data pre-fetch function
Dynamic precharge redundant circuit for semiconductor memory device
Dynamic random access memory
Multiple equilibration circuits for a single bit line
Address controlled sense amplifier overdrive timing for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor differential amplifier having a gain controlled by a memory transistor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for using the same
Refresh controller in semiconductor memory
Method for addressing electrical fuses
High voltage switch for eeprom/flash memories
Non-volatile counter
Integrated circuit low leakage power circuitry for use with an advanced CMOS process
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having row decoder
Semiconductor memory device using one common address bus line between address buffers and column predecoder
Clock synchronous type semiconductor memory device that can switch word configuration
Clock reproduction circuit that can reproduce internal clock signal correctly in synchronization with external clock signal
Circuit, architecture and method for reducing power consumption in a synchronous integrated circuit
Semiconductor device
Synchronous semiconductor memory device
Seismic detection apparatus and method
Apparatus for distance measurement by means of ultrasound
Ultrasonic broadband frequency transducer pest repulsion system
Low voltage power system for a towed acoustic array
Moulded transducer
Clock with a mainspring wound state indicator
Multiple timer display
Method and apparatus for measuring setup and hold times for element microelectronic device
Recording medium and reproducing apparatus thereof
Optical disc apparatus for installing two types of optical discs
Error signal detecting apparatus of optical pickup adopting hologram grating
Tracking device with a coil driven actuator and a sensor coil to determine a position of the actuator
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus based on tracking control of irradiated light
Optical recording medium reproducing apparatus
Skew detecting method and apparatus for optical disc
Tilt detection device, optical disc device, and tilt control method
Disk reproduction apparatus and tracking servo circuit
Processing of disc-drive pickup signals
Information carrier, reading/writing device and reading device for writing and/or reading information blocks
Information storage medium and information reproducing apparatus
Disc loading device for loading a cartridge containing therein a disc or a disc cartridge
Apparatus for loading discs of different sizes
Optical head with a diffractive lens for focusing a laser beam
Optical head assembly having means for detecting tracking errors based on astigmatisms generated by returning beams
Optical information storage apparatus having cylindrical lens for eliminating astigmatism generated by polarization beam splitter and newly generating astigmatism
Optical Disc cd recording/reproducing apparatus recording/reproducing information to/from optical discs according to different standards
Electronic apparatus, method of controlling electronic apparatus, recording and/or reproducing apparatus for recording media, and method of controlling recording and/or reproducing apparatus for recording media
Optical recording medium
Optical disc having oscillating land and grooves
Releasable disc adaptor for conforming central hub of information storage disc to standardized disc drive spindle
Multiple channel control using orthogonally modulated coded drive signals
Methods and apparatus for restoring connections in an ATM network
Programmable error control circuit
Flow control technique for X.25 traffic in a high speed packet switching network
Methods and apparatus for facilitating transmission of cells having multiple priorities in a cell relay network
System and method for integrated data flow control
Buffer-based traffic measurement system and method for nominal bit rate (NBR) service
Method for selecting a combination of modulation and channel coding schemes in a digital communication system
System and method for avoiding host transmit underruns in a communication network
Multiple-party network communication system and method of troubleshooting thereof
Rate adaptive digital subscriber line (RADSL) modem
Method an apparatus for designing soft handoff regions in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for a sectored cell of a cellular radio communications system
Signal transmitting method, transmitter, receiver, and spread-spectrum code synchronizing method for mobile communication system
Data transmission method, and a cellular radio system
Mobile station having plural antenna elements and interference suppression
Speech transmission between terminals in different networks
Switch with flexible link list manager for handling ATM and STM traffic
Communications between service providers and customer premises equipment
Method and system for small office and home office telephone private branch exchange allowing simultaneous data and voice communications
System for information on demand, including multi-casting
Method and system for receiving data packets in a unidirectional broadcasting system
Communication method, communication system and computer readable recording medium recording communication program
Packet classification state machine
Clock recovery for video communication over ATM network
Non-zero minimum cell rate for available bit rate ATM service
User traffic control apparatus for asynchronous transfer mode networks
Network node and method of packet transfer
Establishing connectivity in networks
Exchange system
Method and apparatus providing programmable thresholds for full-duplex flow control in a network switch
Apparatus for provision of broadband signals over installed telephone wiring
Access channel slot sharing
Data communication system and electronic control unit used therein
Media access control protocol
Apparatus and method for transmitting data
Dynamic forward error correction algorithm for internet telephone
Transmitter, receiver, communication apparatus, communication method and communication system
System and associated method for the synchronization and control of multiplexed payloads over a telecommunications network
Synchronization of wireless base stations by a service circuit in a telecommunication switching system
Method and system in an intelligent communications network for a programmable call control utilizing removable configurable control mechanisms
Compact discharge pumped soft x-ray laser
Linearly-polarized, single-frequency fiber lasers
Optical parametric oscillator with monolithic dual PPLN elements with intrinsic mirrors
Intracavity frequency-converted optically-pumped semiconductor laser
Thermal lens elimination by gradient-reduced zone coupling of optical beams
Optical semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor laser
Modulated cap thin p-clad semiconductor laser
High power laterally antiguided semiconductor light source with reduced transverse optical confinement
Monolithic independently addressable Red/IR side by side laser
High power, reliable optical fiber pumping system with high redundancy for use in lightwave communication systems
Electrode wrench
Using multiple high speed serial lines to transmit high data rates while compensating for overall skew
Conservation of power in a serial modem
Method for identifying data transmission rate, and a receiver
Control loop for adaptive equalization of a data signal
Dual mode receiver
Adaptive equalizers and methods for carrying out equalization with a precoded transmitter
Computer system and process for capture editing and playback of motion video compressed using interframe and intraframe techniques
Dynamic bit allocation for statistical multiplexing of compressed and uncompressed digital video signals
Image data compression
Overhead data processor in a memory efficient image processing system
Picture signal encoding method and apparatus and signal recording medium
Method and apparatus for performing adaptive encoding rate control of a video information stream including 3:2 pull-down video information
Reduced cost methods and apparatus for decoding bi-directionally coded image data
Motion vector detecting apparatus
Image data encoding apparatus
Method and device for variable complexity decoding of motion-compensated block-based compressed digital video
Method and apparatus for encoding the information, method and apparatus for decoding the information and method for information transmission
Data transmission circuit having a station and a response circuit
Method and apparatus for variably allocating upstream and downstream communication spectra
Transmitting circuit for use in code-division multiple access system and frequency-division multiple access system
Frequency generating circuit
Method and apparatus for digital interference rejection
Multi-channel digital transceiver and method
Digital signal processing
Apparatus and method for correcting a phase of a synchronizing signal
System and method employing a reduced NCO lookup table
Variable spread spectrum clock
Pressurized water reactor fuel assembly with a guide tube and method for producing the guide tube
Spacer grid with H-spring for fuel rods for use in nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
Apparatus and method for counting a series of progressively moving articles
Air pump for particle sensing using regenerative fan, and associated methods
Method of processing signals of encoders and apparatus employing the same
Compact buffer design for serial I/O
High voltage x-ray and conventional radiography imaging apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus for synchrotron radiation lithography
X-ray microscope with zone plates
X-ray imaging system for determining area density of low density samples
System and method for calculating scatter radiation including a collimator thickness
Radiation image pickup apparatus and driving method therefor
Computer communications device
Voice-dialing system using model of calling behavior
Method and a system for by-passing a receiver-off-hook timer for voice dialing systems and for supporting spoken digit dialing
Providing enhanced services through SIV and personal dial tone
Apparatus and methods for home networking
Modem apparatus
Telecommunications routing based on format of message
One number voice fax data PBX call discrimination
Bidding for 800 telecommunications traffic
Communication apparatus and communication method
Method for flexibly provisioning switching devices and a switching device incorporating the same
Telephone system using recorded messages to make outbound announcements
Method and apparatus for controlling a telephone system
Method and apparatus for signal mediation in a common channel signaling network
Conditional autodialer
Ring generator
Analog successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Echo detection, tracking, cancellation and noise fill in real time in a communication system
External resistor and method to minimize power dissipation in DC holding circuitry for a communication system
Method and apparatus for generating a ringing signal
Method for preventing copying of digital video disks
Secure communications in a wireless system
Spatialization for hearing evaluation
Apparatus and method for controlling sound for audio/video appliance
AV Amplifier
Multimaterial hearing aid housing
Object movement simulation apparatus
Monitoring system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for identifying a landing location on the moon or planets
Bone navigation system
Method and system for segmentation and detection of microcalcifications from digital mammograms
Security document including pseudo-random image and method of making the same
Method and system for inspecting the surface of a wafer
Inspecting apparatus of mounting state of component or printing state of cream solder in mounting line of electronic component
Method and apparatus for detecting extended defects in an object
Apparatus and method for 3-dimensional surface geometry reconstruction
Method and computer program product for removing microdots from photographic images
Method of compressing JPEG files
Image processing apparatus and secondary line feature indicative value calculating device
Method of isomorphic singular manifold projection and still/video imagery compression
Compression of hyperdata with ORASIS multisegment pattern sets (CHOMPS)
Method of reducing quantization noise generated during a decoding process of image data and device for decoding image data
Object-based digital image predictive method
Triangle mesh compression
Encoding and decoding methods and devices, and image processing apparatus using the same
Lossless transform coding system having compatibility with lossy coding
Rate-distortion optimized coding mode selection for video coders
Image processor
One-dimensional signal adaptive filter for reducing blocking effect and filtering method
Method for adjusting image detail to compensate for an applied tone scale
Method to enable the recognition and rendering of antialiased images
Image extractions apparatus and method
Arrangement of optical waveguides
Scanning method and architecture for display
Optical switching device
Cascading optical multiplexing device
Tapered amplitude optical absorber for waveguide photodetectors and electro-absorption modulators
Laser scanning microscope
Multiple port, fiber optic isolator
Method and system for providing an improved three port wavelength division multiplexer
Fiber optic coupler
Optical fiber cable
Plenum rated fiber optic cables
Optical element with conglutinated components
Cable having at least one layer of flexible strength members with adhesive and non-adhesive yarns for coupling an outer protective jacket and a buffer tube containing optical fibers
Optical fiber light amplifier
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display device, portable telephone and information terminal employing the surface light source device
Low profile communications outlet box
Optical fiber fixing device for optically coupling optical fiber with optical communication module
Adjustable optical attenuator
Video recording device for retroactively reproducing a video image of an event, while also recording images in real time
Speed controlling circuit of dubbing recorder and dubbing equipment using the speed controlling circuit
User interface for television schedule system
Recording medium capable of interactive reproducing
Specially formatted optical disk and method of playback
System and method for improving video recorder performance in a search mode
DVD disc, device and method for reproducing the same
Portable electric heater with digital display
Guard ring of a heating device of the light irradiation type
Multizone illuminator for rapid thermal processing with improved spatial resolution
Radiant electric heating appliance
Camera with frame shift prevention during exposure
Camera featuring a single drive source and a plurality of selectable drive transmission mechanisms
Information transmitting apparatus using flash light emission
Exposure operation mechanism of camera
Camera having a power zoom function
Camera system or flash unit
Camera with the function of changing the transmittance of liquid-crystal display section to let user know photograph enable mode
Number-of-prints indicating apparatus for camera
Data-imprinting camera
Image modifiers for use in photography
Film feed device capable of accurately aligning film by using one perforation sensor
Camera having data processor enabling external processing of image data
Copying system having plural copying machines
Method and apparatus for optimizing a charge image on a photoconductor of a copier or printer
Image forming apparatus having a function for recycling collected toner and control method thereof
Development density adjusting method for image forming apparatus
Feedback toner concentration control for an imaging system
Feed forward toner concentration control for an imaging system
Image forming apparatus
Temperature sensor and toner image fixing device provided with said temperature sensor
Flexible xerographic process controls patch scheduler
Image production equipment operable under voice direction
Grounding member, flange, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Anti-condensation baffle unit
Image forming apparatus with separate support structures for image forming parts and for other parts
Image formation apparatus and method capable of easily removing jammed paper
Photoreceptor drive module
Method for applying uniform gloss over the entire print
Liquid developing method of electrostatic latent image and liquid developing apparatus
Development system
Developing unit and image forming apparatus
Development system with split function development rolls
Image forming apparatus for enabling easy separation of recording sheets from photosensitive member
Image forming apparatus and image transferring device therefor
Print recording apparatus having modular autoduplex mechanism
Automatic document feeder for a flat bed input device and background plate for use with same
Device for recording multiple discrete messages for a book
Method and apparatus for global message monitoring
Method and apparatus for providing additional information to a selective call device about a broadcast
Damping modulation circuit for a full-duplex transponder
Universal wireless communication system, a transmission protocol, a wireless communication station, and a radio base station
Wireless-based aircraft data communication system with automatic frequency control
Wireless spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system with airborne airline packet communications
System and method relating to cellular communication systems
Technique for performing amplitude modulation without cheating side-bands
Offset voltage cancellation system for radio frequency power controllers
Diversity combining in a communications system
Gain control method and receiver
Method and apparatus for operating a PLL with a phase detector/sample hold circuit for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Fully integrated all-CMOS AM receiver
Local oscillator leak cancellation circuit
Data transmission in a radio telephone network
Avalanche victim locating transceiving apparatus
Network based tariff acquisition system for roaming mobile subscribers
Keyless portable cellular phone system having remote voice recognition
Security for a mobile or personal communications device having an identification code
Mobile data/message/electronic mail download system utilizing network-centric protocol such as Java
Coordination of message writing indications among a plurality of independent communication systems
System and method for providing menu data using a communication network
Arrangement for call forwarding in a mobile services switching center
Method for remotely changing the telecommunication settings of a subscriber station
Programmable wireless data acquisition system
System and method of quantifying the degree of balance on forward link and reverse link channels
Method for demand channel change for a radio telephone
Wireless communication service management
Communication apparatus
Aerial communications network including a plurality of aerial platforms
Methods for processing an outgoing and an incoming call in a mobile communications system
Method for managing system fault for CDMA home location register
Method for handling of positioning triggers for batch location requests within a location services system
Method and apparatus for processing control signals in a mobile station of a mobile radio system
Method and apparatus for controlling scanning of a subscriber unit
Terminal assisted handoff mobile communication system in which improvement is carried out as regards a handoff system
Soft handoff in the transmission of supplemental channel data
Interface between cellular and wired networks with enhanced subscriber mobility
Test transmitter, method and computer for testing a cellular mobile radio network
Apparatus, and associated method, for effectuating power control to maintain desired QoS levels in the performance of a communication service
Method for locating a mobile station
Method and apparatus for determining a location of a communication unit in a wireless communication system
Method to localize a mobile telephone
Terminal equipment, positional information display method, positional information providing device and positional information providing method
Combination cordless-cellular telephone system
Method and system for supporting PACS using a GSM mobile switching center
Method and system for initiating a data transfer in a cellular communications system
Mobile radio communication device with enhanced connecting scheme
Method and apparatus for updating site ranking factors in a wireless communication system
Cell selection based on user profile in cellular radio system
Device for converting a symmetrical signal into an asymmetrical signal
Method and apparatus for allowing cordless communication attempts in a multiple mode system
Multi-beam antenna system for cellular radio base stations
Portable cellular phone
Folded-type portable telephone set
Power supply assembly for portable phone
Method and apparatus of non-invasive measurement of human/animal blood glucose and other metabolites
Protected pin connector for an electrophysiology catheter
Registering method and apparatus for robotic surgery, and a registering device constituting an application thereof
Method for performing magnetic resonance angiography using a contrast agent
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