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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
System and element for controlling odors of animal waste
Maize hybrid X08C980
Fishing lure with split brush guard
Tree-mounted hunting stand with modular functionality
Method for modulating stem cell growth
Methods and compositions for providing cardiac protection
Compounds and methods for selectively targeting tumor-associated mucins
Inhibitors of influenza viruses replication
Bacteria thyA(-) mutants with increased vitamin K
Mobile slaughtering and meat processing method and system
Method for making a two component beverage and associated two compartment container
Apparatus and method for cleaning peeling machines
Aromatic neomenthylamides as flavoring substances
Active wear apparel
Boot for sporting activities
Waterproof zipper and manufacturing method therefor
Lens holder apparatus and system and method
Storage case for whistle
Aperture brush with engaging product insert
Modular back pack system
Bonfire stand
Car wash water brush handle
Reinforcing method and arrangement for foldable furniture
Framework of an electrical panel or enclosure
Combination cabinet with foldable door
Artist's easel attachable to a door
Foldable leg rest
Collapsible chair
One-piece seat back frame assembly and method of making same
Portable chair with heat exchange pockets
Server rack with lockable tray
Biodegradable container for liquid and/or semi-solid products
Food serving assembly
Curtain rod end cap and cover
Detachable handle for a container having a bail
Shoe cleaning device and method
Device for storing suturing threads
Method and apparatus for enhancement of transdermal transport
Disc annulus closure
Biodegradable bone plates and bonding systems
Sealing holes in bony cranial anatomy using custom fabricated inserts
Dynamic vertebral fastener
Dynamic clamping device for spinal implant
Anti-unscrewing and multi-angular fastening apparatuses and methods for surgical bone screw/plate systems
Surgical devices for the correction of spinal deformities
Apparatus for providing derived glucose information utilizing non-invasive physiological sensors
Electronic data capture in clinical and pharmaceutical trials
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Method and apparatus for analyzing gait pattern
Method and system for tissue recognition
Device for puncturing body and introducing catheter
Transdermal patch
Disposable diaper with attached wrapper for enclosing and sealing the diaper when soiled
Method for vessel access closure
Devices and methods for treating sleep disordered breathing
Barrel-shaped apparatus for fusing adjacent bone structure
Spacer device and insertion instrument for use in anterior cervical fixation surgery
Bioabsorbable polymeric medical device
Cushioned restraint assembly
Method for a central venous line catheter having a temperature control system
Vibration method for clearing acute arterial thrombotic occlusions in the emergency treatment of heart attack and stroke
Therapeutic compounds
Statin and omega-3 fatty acids for reduction of Apo-B levels
Method of treating acquired perforating dermatosis with cantharidin
Naphthoquinones for disease therapies
Iminochromene anti-viral compounds
Antiviral drugs for treatment of arenavirus infection
Stable crystalline salt of (R)-3-fluorophenyl-3,4,5-trifluorobenzylcarbamic acid 1-azabicyclo [2.2.2]oct-3-yl ester
Therapeutic methods and compounds
Substituted 4-(4-fluoro-3-(piperazine-1-carbonyl)benzyl)phthalazin-1(2H)-one derivatives as poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibitors
[1,2,4]triazolo[3,4-C][1,4]oxazines as P2X7 modulators
Urea and thiourea derivatives
Chemokine receptor antagonists and use thereof
MMP-targeted therapeutic and/or diagnostic nanocarriers
Injectable composition containing hydroxychloroquine for local administration for treating hemorrhoids
Method of making sorbent, the sorbent obtained by this method and the uses of the sorbent as feed additive and medicine
Compositions and methods for treating fungal activity in plants or soil
Processes and intermediates
Perhydrolase epitopes
Glycan modified soluble receptors and binding protein and their use
Methods for inhibiting peritoneal dissemination of cancer cells
Therapeutic regimen comprising PEG-interferon, ribavirin and VX-950 for the treatment of hepatitis
Hyperglycosylated human coagulation factor IX
Methods of stimulating protective immunity employing Dengue viral antigens
Prevention and treatment of pain using antibodies to sphingosine-1-phosphate
Method of treating a pathological syndrome and a pharmaceutical agent
Methods and compositions for the treatment of immune disorders
Gastrointestinal absorption enhancer mediated by proton-coupled transporter and its preparing method
Method of treating patients with a mucinous glycoprotein (MUC-1) vaccine
Systems and methods for treatment of acne vulgaris and other conditions with a topical nitric oxide delivery system
Treatment of skin and soft tissue infection with nitric oxide
Methods and systems for treatment of inflammatory diseases with nitric oxide
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases using systems and methods for transdermal nitric oxide delivery
Treatment and prevention of learning and memory disorders
Techniques and systems for treatment of neuropathic pain and other indications
Methods and compositions for muscular and neuromuscular diseases
Cancer treatments and compositions for use thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment of osteoporosis and other indications
Tablet excipient
Immediate release tablet formulations
Compositions and methods for control of malodor and other environmental contaminants
Total artificial heart system for auto-regulating flow and pressure
Methods for treating cardio pulmonary diseases with NO group compounds
Device for tissue injection
Circulatory monitoring systems and methods
Combined otic aspirator and medication dispenser
Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Pyloric valve devices and methods
Anti-rotation and removal resistant adapter for use with a syringe
Device for conserving, extemporaneously preparing, and administering an active principle
Compositions and methods for treating AIDS or cancer by inhibiting the secretion of microparticles
Hand-held aerosol fire suppression apparatus
Waste disposal
Knee exerciser
Golf tee installation device
Bat having fiber-fused core section and method of manufacturing the same
Grip band
System and method for exercising
Wheeled personal transportation device powered by weight of the user
System for mounting a motorized cassette to a watercraft body
Smooth cue guide
Electronic gaming device and associated identification unit
Strategy board game
Name-day gaming
Inertial dynamic toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Coal slurry dewatering arrangement
Solid mineral composition, method for preparing same and use thereof for reducing heavy metals in flue gas
System for removal of organic contaminants from bio-gas for renewable energy production
Flow step focusing
Apparatus for distributing a fragrance using a fan
Fluid aerator
Mechanically fluidized silicon deposition systems and methods
Thermo-conductive reaction plate holder
Method for separating carpet fibers
Cone crusher and method of preparing cone crusher for operation
Pneumatic tool for blowing
Airless spray gun having a removable valve cartridge and protective insert
Wheel coating method and apparatus for a turbine
Transport table and method for the use thereof
Method for manufacturing on a film substrate at a temperature above its glass transition
Method and a device for the formation of an overlap joint
Method for producing metal nanoparticles and nanoparticles obtained in this way and use thereof
Dynamic load lock with cellular structure for discrete substrates
Cutting tool holder and a cutting insert therefor
Method for brazing metal parts
Method for producing blank printing sleeve for laser engraving
Non-contact rail heater with insulating skirt
Softwood cutting board
Test support apparatus
Ergonomic sanding block
Tool for the handling of a protection device for subsea electrical or fiber optical connectors
Band saw blade having nub-like protrusions
Hand plane with reverse angle frog
Earplug shaper having curved shaping surfaces
Plasticating and injection device
Labeler for labeling plastic containers in the blow mold in a rotary blow molder
Labeler and a labeling method for labeling plastic bottles in a blow mold, in particular in a rotary blow molder
Method of making an absorbent core having a plurality of first regions and a second region surrounding each of the first regions
Motif-arraying apparatus
Manufacturing method for trumpet spar and other curved objects
System for producing NdFeB system sintered magnet
Stationery machine
Laminated body, circuit board including laminated body, semiconductor package and process for manufacturing laminated body
Flexible insulation composite for high and low temperatures
Impact and vibration absorbing body-contacting medallions, methods of using and methods of making
Film composition and method of making the same
Precision wood particle feedstocks with retained moisture contents of greater than 30% dry basis
Method for producing composite pellet for extrusion molding, and composite pellet for extrusion molding produced by the method
Solar heat responsive exterior surface covering
Gas barrier film, electronic device including the same, gas barrier bag, and method for producing gas barrier film
Image forming device, and image forming method
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including same
Liquid discharge state detection device and image forming apparatus
Book binding apparatus
Machine for producing books, in particular photo books and/or illustrated books
Method and system for fabricating a narrow line structure in a magnetic recording head
Tire with label
Pneumatic tire
Extreme travel independent suspension system
Heat-exchanger protection structure
Method for operating a control circuit, particularly for use in a motor vehicle
Restraining system, in particular for a motor vehicle
Rotary electronic utility box locking system
Motorcycle pivotable passenger peg assembly
Method for shift control of an automated group gear
Construction machine
Railroad freight car draft gear assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling railway safety systems
Single-hand foldable baby stroller
Spring resistant riser system
Back support for an inflatable boat
Boat anchor
Salvaging device and salvaging method for salvaging condensed matter located on the water surface of a waterway
System and method for underwater observation
Composite aircraft frame
Wind turbine with control system
Structural element for an aircraft and spacecraft and method for producing a structural element of this type
Application of elastomeric vortex generators
Counter rotating facegear gearbox
Modular seat system for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for checking gripping elements
Hot-fill container providing vertical, vacuum compensation
Cup holder with recessed movable handle
Closure device for metallic containers
Closure device for a housing, sealed off from the environment, and a housing
Folding box
Bottle for flowable product
Package apparatus of power semiconductor device
Dispensing apparatus for use with pressurized containers
Diaper and wipe dispensing system
Image forming apparatus
Cup rack
Image forming apparatus capable of forming images on both faces of recording media
Supplemental elevator safety system
Mobile counterweight equipment of crawler crane and the crane including the equipment
Method and device for aseptically dispensing multiple portions of a fluid
Fuel nozzle breakaway prevention safety system
Dispensing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Biocompatible ceramic-polymer hybrids and calcium phosphate porous body
Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing cast silicon from seed crystals
Alumina particles and methods of making the same
Vanadium oxide purification process
Foaming of liquids
UVC water purifier system and method
Wastewater treatment system
Method of manufacturing a glass substrate for magnetic disk
Subtractive plasma etching of a blanket layer of metal or metal alloy
Method for preparing a donor surface for reuse
Concrete mixtures including carbon encapsulating admixture
Method of reducing plasma arcing on surfaces of semiconductor processing apparatus components in a plasma processing chamber
Process for preparing a silicon carbide part without the need for any sintering additives
Mineral complex, compositions thereof, and methods of using the same
Process for the conversion of ethane to aromatic hydrocarbons
Method for preparing 2-aminobenzamide derivatives
Chalcone structure fluorescence dye for embryonic stem cell probe
Process for the production of polyisocyanates
Method for producing urethanes
Controlling the formation of crystalline hydrates in fluid systems
Alkene azetidine derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Process for the preparation of tadalafil
Process for preparation of rufinamide
Thiazole derivative and process for producing same
Method for producing an alkylene oxide
Process for the preparation of alditol acetals
Tricyclic compounds, preparation methods, and their uses
Lipid binding nucleic acids
Transgene delivering retrovirus targeting collagen exposed at site of tissue injury
RNAi therapeutic for treatment of Hepatitis C infection
Synthetic genes for plant gums and other hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins
Regioselectively substituted cellulose esters produced in a tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate ionic liquid process and products produced therefrom
Cellulose materials with novel properties
Hydrophobic flourinated coating
Hybrid polymer compositions with enhanced bio-degradability
Copolymer semiconductors comprising thiazolothiazole or benzobisthiazole, or benzobisoxazole electron acceptor subunits, and electron donor subunits, and their uses in transistors and solar cells
Ethylene polymerization using discrete nickel(II) iminophosphonamide complexes
Epoxy-carbon nanomaterial based coating and method for preparing the same
Blood anticoagulant material, coating material and indwelling device comprising the same, and treatment using blood anticoagulant material
Curable resin composition and cured article
Halogen-free flame retardant material
Stabilized polypropylene-talc composite
Rubber composition for use in tire treads and pneumatic tire using the same
Compositions comprising 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and hydrocarbons and uses thereof
Methods and devices for extracting hydrocarbons from oil sand
Method for converting biomass into products containing acetal groups and use thereof as biofuels
Liquid cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising a zinc salt and amine oxide
Device and method for automating microbiology processes
Panelized drum system
Method for immobilizing glucose oxidase on a self-assembled monolayer
Recombinant vectors based on the modified vaccinia ankara virus (MVA) as preventive and therapeutic vaccines against AIDS
Modified carbonic anhydrase enzymes and their use in carbon dioxide sequestration and elimination
Methods for rapid forensic DNA analysis
Methods of increasing secretion of polypeptides having biological activity
Methods and compositions for identifying agents that inhibit an NS4B-mediated neoplastic cellular phenotype of HCV infected cells
Apparatus and method for detecting bacterial growth beneath a wound dressing
Schizophrenia-related isoform of KCNH2 and development of antipsychotic drugs
Apparatus for processing fur
Apparatus for processing fur
Method for leaching zinc from a zinc ore
Process for controlled oxidation of a ferrous solution
High ballistic strength martensitic armour steel alloy
Tinned steel sheet and method for producing the same
Systems and methods for preparation of epitaxially textured thick films
SiC single crystals with reduced dislocation density grown by step-wise periodic perturbation technique
Method for absolute quantification of polypeptides
Textiles; Paper
Ground covering
Bead feeder
Embroidery frame transport device and sewing machine
Sublimation dying of textiles and other materials
Fixed Constructions
System and method for golf course cart path construction
Hydraulic ripper for excavators
Termination pocket for deck
Process for providing emergency housing for a plurality of displaced people
Crack inducer apparatus
Modular roof system for a building
Low profile mounting system
Mobile service station and method of configuring the same
Tent with improved ventilation system
Latch receiver for hook latch
Door locking apparatus
Finger guard safety device
Support device with inclination adjustment function
Door sealing mechanism
Safety apparatus for closing and opening a door
Shower door assembly including a mechanism for convenient assembly
System and method for coupling downhole tools
Ice worthy jack-up drilling unit with conical piled monopod
Low salinity reservoir environment
Systems and methods for sonic subsurface material removal
Systems and methods for producing oil and/or gas
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotor and hydraulic motor including the rotor
Assembly for aligning an inner shell of a turbine casing
Axially segmented guide vane mount for a gas turbine
Crossover muffler
Burner for a diesel aftertreatment system
Lifting system that generates electrical power
Sole for a footwear
Effects of biodiesel fuel on fuel dilution of engine oil
Combustion system for a gas turbine comprising a resonator
Small engine and engine work machine including the same
Internal combustion engine with variable effective length connecting rod
Turbojet engine nacelle including a device for absorbing circumferential stresses
Switching device, starting device, and method for an electromagnetic switching device
Underwater power plant having removable nacelle
Stirling engine systems, apparatus and methods
Vehicle movement activated electrical power generator, and method for providing electrical power for roadside applications
Motor-driven compressor
Pump with wear sleeve
Attachment structure and display apparatus
Plain bearing half liner
Fluid working machine with cylinders coupled to split exterior ports by electrohydraulic valves
Multistage transmission
Multistage transmission
Power switching device for vehicles
Electric drive unit with modular motor assembly
Tonneau cover seal
Passive fluid flow regulator
Variable resistance device
Vessel and method for laying a pipeline
Offshore S-lay pipelaying vessel
Module based bend stiffener
Device for guiding lines, hoses, or the like
Coupling device for tube with annular corrugations
Stabilisation of objects
Utility illumination device
Street lamp
LED package structure having a light-projecting angle adjusting function
Cover for a compact fluorescent light bulb
Lighting system with gravity controlled light beam
Cast iron or aluminum sectional boiler
Candle burning device
Flat hollow tube solar collector
Door for a refrigerated cabinet
Structural panel with ballistic protection
Fletching system and method therefor
Integrated line and curve drawing templates for cloth stitching
In-situ monitoring device and method to determine accumulated printed wiring board vibration stress fatigue
Sensor end module, sensor and measuring system
Filling device with vertically arranged weighing device
Bearing vibration measuring device for a turbomachine
Bearing device having a sensor for measuring the vertical bearing force of a rotating shaft
Flow rate detection device
Falling-piston viscometer and methods for use thereof
Sensor device
Method for screening an agent being useful for the treatment of dry eye and/or corneal and conjunctival lesion and pharmaceutical composition obtained by the method
Probe incorporation mediated by enzymes
Stacked chip module with integrated circuit chips having integratable built-in self-maintenance blocks
Self indicating radiation alert dosimeter
Device for FTIR absorption spectroscopy
Backlight unit
Method of terminating a fiber optic cable
Computer program product for electro-optical assembly
Fiber optic connector and method of applying same to a fiber optic cable
Fiber connector and adapter
Collapsible snoot assembly for motion picture lighting fixture
3D image convertible projection optical system
Display system
Image Projection system and image geometric correction device
Mask pattern creation method, recording medium, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing waveguide lens
Pressure regulator
Regulator and high voltage generator including the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, DC-DC converter, and voltage conversion method
DC-DC converter circuit
Method for adjusting color tones of printed matter
Payment card and methods
Geo-location interactive gaming system
Dual mode water leak detector
Automatic guitar tuner
Betavoltaic power sources for mobile device applications
Perovskite manganese oxide thin film
Method for generating a closed-pore metal foam and component which has a closed-pore metal foam
Highly dielectric film
Jumper with integrated switch
Sliding button with rotating shaft
Photo-electric conversion device with current fluctuation suppression
Socket adaptor having AC-DC convertor for LED lamp
Plasma generating apparatus
Method for fabricating wavelength conversion member for use in LED lighting apparatus
Vertical light-emitting devices having patterned emitting unit and methods of manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Post etch treatment (PET) of a low-K dielectric film
Diffusion barriers
Thin film transistor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Reduction of pore fill material dewetting
Method of manufacturing semiconductor chip
Sample receiving device for sample materials in ultra-high vacuum chambers
Pass gate, semiconductor memory, and semiconductor device
SRAM device having four tunneling transistors connected to a flip-flop
Wafer dicing press and method and semiconductor wafer dicing system including the same
Schottky barrier diodes with a guard ring formed by selective epitaxy
Methods of reducing material loss in isolation structures by introducing inert atoms into oxide hard mask layer used in growing channel semiconductor material
Thin-film semiconductor component and component assembly
Semiconductor device including an insulating layer and heat sink plates formed in the insulating layer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Apparatus for and methods of attaching heat slugs to package tops
Substrate for semiconductor package which can prevent the snapping of a circuit trace despite physical deformation of a semiconductor package and semiconductor package having the same
Electrical interconnection structures including stress buffer layers
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacture therefor
Transistor structure having an electrical contact structure with multiple metal interconnect levels staggering one another
Semiconductor device
Calibrated image-sensor-based ambient light sensor
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Organic light-emitting device
Electrode structure, device comprising the same and method for forming electrode structure
Structure for self-aligned silicide contacts to an upside-down FET by epitaxial source and drain
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Silicided trench contact to buried conductive layer
Contact structure employing a self-aligned gate cap
Embedded source/drains with epitaxial oxide underlayer
Method for fabricating backside-illuminated sensors
Thin film photovoltaic device with enhanced light trapping scheme
Multi-finger HEMT layout providing improved third order intercept point and saturated output power performance
Plasma annealing of thin film solar cells
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
Luminaire and light-emitting apparatus with light-emitting device
Element-connecting board, producing method thereof, and light-emitting diode device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Method for manufacturing LED
Thermoelectric conversion structure and method of manufacturing same
Iron-based superconducting wire and method for producing the same
Method for operating a piezoceramic sensor and circuit for carrying out the method
Method of forming an array of piezoelectric actuators on a membrane
Method of manufacturing organic-light-emitting-diode flat-panel light-source apparatus
Laminated battery
Secondary battery including a cap assembly having a protection circuit assembly
Coupling member between battery cells and battery cell assembly using the same
Secondary battery
Water based biological and photochemical batteries
Negative electrode for lithium battery and lithium battery including negative electrode
Battery with a plurality of individual cells
Fuel cell system and method for operating fuel cell system
CO.sub.2 separator for direct methanol fuel cell system
Socket connector with multi insertion directions
Electrical connector for connecting to cables
Receptacle connector, plug connector and connector assembly thereof with improved locking structure
Socket module of electrical connector
Active electrical communication cable assembly
Audio jack and sound effect output device having the same
Combination of radio frequency, high speed digital communication, and direct current signals in a single cable assembly
Cable connector
Contact piece for a vacuum interrupter chamber
Feed through interconnect assembly for an implantable stimulation system and methods of making and using
Phase-change cooling of subterranean power lines
Cable management system
Electric connection device and a method of producing such a device
Apparatus and method for reorientation during sensed drop
Voice coil motor
Electric motor arrangement with improved brush and spring elements
Method and device for operating an asynchronous motor with increased efficiency
Motor control device
Method for heating a composite material area to be repaired
Volumetric three-dimensional display with evenly-spaced elements
Dual light sensors on a portable electronic device
Electronic control system for operating a street lamp
Heating device capable of accurately determining change in state, and image forming apparatus
Device for precise assembly of light receiver on substrate
Method of manufacturing radiation tomography apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method of producing an undifferentiated avian cell culture using avian primordial germ cells
Miniaturized immunosensor assembled from colloidal particles between micropatterned electrodes
Robust manufacturing method for making a III-V compound semiconductor device by misaligned wafer bonding
Process for producing nickel compound containing lithium
Multilayered photopolymer element including sensitivity controlling agents
Master for barrier rib transfer mold, and method for forming barrier ribs of plasma display panel using the same
Isothermal transcription based assay for the detection and genotyping of dengue virus
DNA polymerase-related factors
Method for quantitatively determining LDL cholesterols
Substrate for information recording disk, mold and stamper for injection molding substrate, and method for making stamper, and information recording disk
Dimensionally stable oriented strand board (OSB) and method for making the same
Molding material containing reinforcing fibers, method for producing molded articles using same and safety shoe toe cap
Thermoplastic resin composition and sheets and cards made from the same
Cosmetic preparations
Solid medicament form with active agent distributed in flat polymer fragments
Composition and method for topical treatment of androgenic alopecia
Process for the production of an organic electroluminescent device
Cell growth accelerator and cell growth method using the same
Method for fabricating nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
One step method for curing and joining BGA solder balls
Electrochemical cell and cell assembly process
Laminate film and processes for preparing printed wiring board
Image-forming method
Nucleic acid markers for rice blast resistance genes and rice blast resistance genes isolated by the use of these markers
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