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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method of modifying programmable blind spot detection sensor ranges with vision sensor input
Pit road display
Method for intelligent crescendo system
Method and apparatus for measuring heterodyne optical interference utilizing adjustable polarizing plate
Bill discrimination device and sensor for same
Rolling bearing
Inclined detector
Micro resonator sensor
Method and device for three-dimensionally determining the refractive index of transparent or partially transparent layers
Optically measuring interior cavities
Dynamic plasmonics-enabled signal enhancement, a device comprising the same, and a method using the same
Method and apparatus for monitoring oil deterioration in real time
Fiber-optic seismic sensor
Probe sensing pads and methods of detecting positions of probe needles relative to probe sensing pads
Systems and methods for defect testing of externally accessible integrated circuit interconnects
Positioning correction system and method for single and multi-channel ground penetrating radar
Ultrasonic sensor
Two-axial pad formation resistivity imager
Aspheric plastic lens and mold for manufacturing the same
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
MEMS control system gain normalization
Microelectromechanical device with spacing layer
Microelectromechanical device with optical function separated from mechanical and electrical function
Pyramidal microlens and camera lens structure using the same
Optical diffuser having frit based coating with inorganic light diffusing pigments with variable particle size therein
Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
Transmissive phase plate, polarized beam splitter, and projection display
Voice coil driving auto-focus lens module
Spacer and lens module using same
Multi-function lens module
Optical processing
Liquid crystal display having a defect repair mechanism interposed between a light shielding storage line and a light shielding output electrode
Structure and drive scheme for light emitting device matrix as display light source
Liquid crystal display
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Bistable liquid crystal displays and the method for driving the same
Pattern writing apparatus and pattern writing method
Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Alarm control mechanism
Bootstrap voltage generating circuits
Segmented keyboard for portable computer system
Multifunction image forming apparatus and document information searching method
Data processing apparatus and method of controlling an image processing mode
Warning system and warning method
Actuated multi-faced keys
Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program
Printing apparatus, print control method, computer-readable recording medium for storing program, and program
Drug delivery management system
Power saving device for GPS device
Refrigerated container
Query tree based tag identification method in RFID systems
Radio frequency identification system
Monitoring tags
Wireless sensor system and bearing assembly having built-in wireless sensor
Attachment device, attachment receiving device and system for identifying secured containers
Dual mode RF power amplifier
On-board unit
Plasma display and driving method thereof
Plasma display device and driving method thereof
Brightness control method and device for a display
Editing device, editing method, editing program and computer-readable recording medium with editing program recorded thereon
Image display device and timing controller
Computer peripheral with integrated infrared therapy and method of making same
Tray load/unload control system and method
Method for correcting added and lost bits in a hard disk drive using error correction codes
Apparatus and method for accurately converting groove/land polarity upon groove/land track change on optical medium
Optical disc drive
Method for formatting data sectors on magnetic disk, and magnetic disk drive
Magnetic recording disk and disk drive with patterned phase-type servo fields for read/write head positioning
Magnetic write head having a self aligned, steep shoulder pole structure and method of manufacture thereof
Magnetoresistive sensor with a free layer stabilized by direct coupling to in stack antiferromagnetic layer
Objective optical system for optical recording media and optical pickup device using it
Optical pickup device and manufacturing method thereof
Control of stepper motor in an optical disc
Disk device and control method for disk device
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Memory element utilizing magnetization switching caused by spin accumulation and spin RAM device using the memory element
Methods for operating semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Circuit and method for a sense amplifier
Sense-amplifier assist (SAA) with power-reduction technique
Interleaved input signal path for multiplexed input
Simplified surface-mount devices and methods
Aluminum plate for aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrode, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and method for manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Electrical supply circuit, switch activating apparatus and method for operating a switch activating apparatus
Hybrid electrical switching device
Image display apparatus having accelerating electrode with uneven thickness
Display filter, display device including the display filter, and method of manufacturing the display filter
Plasma display apparatus comprising connector
Driving device and method
Battery module having coupled cases of adjacent unit batteries
Line-waveguide converter having plural electrode cells and radio communication device using such a converter
Portable communication device antenna arrangement
VHTR TSA for impedance matching method
Backlight unit having protection circuit using induced voltage detection
Lightning protection
Dual-input redundant power supply
Electrical apparatus
Battery charger circuits using constant current/constant voltage mode using maintenance offset currents and methods of operating the same
Lithium-ion battery diagnostic and prognostic techniques
Motor vehicle battery disconnect circuit having electronic disconnects
Uninterruptible power supply device with circuit for degradation judgment of storage battery
Small form factor power supply
Motor driving apparatus
Control arrangement for an induction motor compressor having at least three windings, a torque-augmentation circuit, a starting capacitor and a resistive element
Bang-bang architecture
Device and method for biasing a transistor amplifier
Pull-up circuit for an input buffer
Programmable logic controller and related electronic devices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Resistor-capacitor oscillation circuit capable of adjusting oscillation frequency and method of the same
Method and device for determining a duty cycle offset
Oscillating apparatus
Pipeline type A/D converter apparatus provided with precharge circuit for precharging sampling capacitor
Method and apparatus for scanning a key or button matrix
Rate-28/30 DC-free RLL code
Determination of compression state information for use in interactive compression
Encoding and decoding systems
Emergency underwater notification device
Alarm system for hearing impaired individuals having hearing assistive implanted devices
Method, apparatus and computer program product providing synchronization for OFDMA downlink signal
Printing apparatus and control method
Print job management apparatus and print job management method
Image-sensing method and apparatus, control method and apparatus therefor, and storage medium
Production of color space conversion profile based on correspondence of grid points and ink amounts
Gamma correction device, image conversion apparatus using the same, and display device
Reduction of effect of image processing on image sensor
Digital camera with reduced image buffer memory and minimal processing for recycling through a service center
Humidity control systems and methods for infrared cameras
Solid state imaging device incorporating a light shielding film having openings of different sizes
CMOS image sensor with noise cancellation
2:2 and 3:2 pull-down detection techniques
Adaptive high frequency laser sonar system
Lamp with integral voltage converter having phase-controlled dimming circuit for reducing RMS load voltage
Stereoscopic electronic circuit device, and relay board and relay frame used therein
Portable electronic device case with battery
Mounting means for a sensor device
Electronic device installation structure
Mounting device for mounting heat sink onto electronic component
Heat dissipation device
Heat sink with heat dissipating fins and method of manufacturing heat sink
Heat dissipation device with heat pipe
Expired Patents Due To Time
N-(substituted glycyl)-2-cyanopyrrolidines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase-IV
Sulfonyl urea derivatives and their use in the control of interleukin-1 activity
2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane derivatives and antimalarial pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Cannabinoids selective for the CB2 receptor
Inhibitors of cholesterol-biosynthesis for reducing the cholesterol content of poultry eggs
Immunomodulator, cell adhesion inhibitor, and agent for treating, and preventing autoimmune diseases
Phenyl oxo-acetic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Kodaistatins A, B, C and D, a process for their production and their use
Zinc amino acid chelates having ligands comprised of glycine and a sulfur-containing amino acids
Amino acid derivatives
Combinations of DP and FP type prostaglandins for lowering IOP
Pharmaceutical compositions
Antiestrogens, process for their production and their pharmaceutical use
Taste enhancing food additives
Use of L-acetylcarnitine, L-isovalerylcarnitine, L-propionylcarnitine for increasing the levels of IGF-1
Stable gelled composition with a high electrolyte content
DFMO for the treatment or prevention of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Aminoquanidine carboxylates for the treatment of obesity
Methods and apparatus for treatment of Parkinson's disease
Substituted 5-biarylpentanoic acids and derivatives as matrix metalloprotease inhibitors
Suckable flurbiprofen lozenges for treatment of sore throat
Compositions for the treatment of chronic wounds
Method of producing analgesia
Small molecules that increase the conversion of food to body weight gain
Low dosed 15-deoxyspergualin preparations
Benzamidine derivatives substituted by amino acid and hydroxy acid derivatives and their use as anti-coagulants
Prodrugs with enhanced penetration into cells
Prevention and treatment of pathologies associated with abnormally proliferative smooth muscle cells
Fluorocarbon compositions for pulmonary therapy
Cosmetic or dermatological compositions of polyurethane and/or polyurea block polycondensation products containing silicone grafts and their use
Blowing agent and method for producing foamed polymers and related compositions
Method of preparing a drilling fluid comprising structured surfactants
Pre-expanded particles of polypropylene resin, process for producing the same and process for producing in-mold foamed articles therefrom
Method for production of porous material
Use of organofunctionally modified polysiloxanes in the production of polyurethane foam
Tetrafunctional initiator
Cationically polymerizable pigmented composition
Ultraviolet-curing coating composition for cans
Denture adhesive
Aqueous gelable compositions with delayed gelling times
Hot-melt color ink-jet recording process
Process for making an ink jet ink
Liquid pavement marking compositions
Method for producing an optical rod-shaped graded-index polymer preform, preform obtained in accordance with this method and optical lens and optical fibre obtained by using same
Preparation of reinforced elastomer, elastomer composite and tire having component thereof
Syntactic rigid PUR/PIR foam boardstock
Process for preparing pressure sensitive adhesives
Aqueous binder compositions and their use in heat curable coating compositions
Cement admixture and cement composition
Flexible building material compounds
Fire and electrical resistant compositions
Flame resistant polyphenylene ether-polyamide resin blends
Carbonate polymer compositions stabilized against discoloration and physical property deterioration during sterilization by ionizing radiation
Water-soluble film
Emulsification process for functionalized polyolefins and emulsions made therefrom
Flowability additive
Flame retardant composition
Curable organopolysiloxane composition
Alumina hydrate coating fluid, recording sheet and recorded product
Reflective composition of particles with resinous binder and process for preparing same
Cationic laminar compounds and their production and use as stabilizers for halogen containing plastics
Graded-refractive-index optical plastic material and method for its production
Binder solutions for printing inks containing aromatic polymers with high softening points
Interpenetrating networks of polymers
Color reduction of polymethylene poly (phenylisocyanates)
Photochromic polyurethanes
Method of using crosslinked polymer compositions in tissue treatment applications
Highly reactive modified phenolic resin and molding material for electrical/electronic parts and semiconductor sealing material
Directly paintable thermoplastic olefin composition containing maleic anhydride-modified polymers
PC/ABS blends possessing high melt flow having controlled levels of fries branching species
Polypropylene resin composition with tapered triblock copolymer
Aliphatic sinterable thermoplastic polyurethane moulding compositions of reduced mechanical strength
Resin composition utilizing coated resin moldings and multilayer resin molding
Poly(arylene ether)/polyetherimide blends and methods of making the same
Fluoropolymer composition
Paintable, surface-damage resistant compounded grade thermoplastic olefin (TPO)
Elastomer blend and use in tires
Fluorine-containing resin for preparing paint
Adhesive compositions based on blends of grafted metallocene catalyzed and polar ethylene copolymers
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, hose comprising thermoplastic elastomer composition and process of production thereof
Polypropylene resin composition
Blends of .alpha.-olefin/vinyl aromatic monomer and/or aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinyl or vinylidene monomer interpolymers
Curable resin composition, adhesive composition, bonded product, speaker and bonding method
Pressure sensitive adhesive comprising saturated backbone having side chains
Durability enhancing agents, method therefore and cured coating compositions containing the same
Hydrophilic graft polymer, production process therefor, composition containing the polymer, and use thereof
Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of a polyacrylate-modified polyurethane-alkyd resin and the use of such a dispersion
Lactone chain-extended phenolic polyester polyols
Process to produce low density polymer in a loop reactor
Process for the syndiotactic propagation of olefins
Olefin polymerization catalyst composition having increased activity
Process for preparing polymers of vinyl monomers with narrow molecular weight distribution by controlled free-radical polymerization
Method for making photocurable halofluorinated acrylates
Iodonitriles as chain transfer agents in the manufacture of perfluoropolymers
High index/high abbe number composition
High-strength degradable materials and molded articles for implantation into human and animal organisms
Process for making deodorized rubbery polymer
Incorporation of functionalized comonomers in polyolefins
Refractory material
Process for producing organosilicon resin and process for producing polyurethane foam by using the organosilicon resin obtained by that process
Blocked polyisocyanates, a process for their preparation, and their use
Polyurethane synthesis from functional group terminated polymers containing sulfonate groups
Composition and process for preparation of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU based on a polybutadiene soft segment)
Polycarbonate resin for substrate of optical recording medium
Application of sulfone, ketone and ester containing polyalkyl ether units to medical materials
Aliphatic polyesters and/or copolyesters and a process for the production thereof
Esterification catalysts and processes therefor and therewith
Polyamide resin composition
Method of forming poly-(3-substituted) thiophenes
Biodegradable polymers chain-extended by phosphates, compositions, articles and methods for making and using the same
Method to prepare processable polyimides with non-reactive endgroups using 1,3-bis(3-aminophenoxy) benzene
Para-fully aromatic polyamide pulp, an apparatus for producing thereof and a process of making thereof
Cancer marker protein and peptides thereof
Compounds and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of chlamydial infection
Telomerase catalytic subunit
Inducible endothelial surface protein mediating melanoma cell adhesion, antibodies, and uses
Chromosome 21 gene marker, compositions and methods using same
Human adenosine receptors
Human neurotensin receptor type 2 and splice variants thereof
Chemically-modified G-CSF
Process for making a bioprosthetic device
Antibodies to human TIE-2 ligands
Monoclonal antibody which binds to a human-Th2-specific protein and hybridoma
Method of concentrating prion proteins in blood samples
Carbamate-derivatized nucleosides and oligonucleosides
Process for production of alkyl glycoside stable in hue and odor
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding human skeletal muscle-specific ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
Human polyhomeotic 1(HPH1) acts as an oncogene
PGC-1, a novel brown fat PPAR.gamma. coactivator
Polynucleotides encoding MY1 receptor
TMPRSS2 is a tumor suppressor
Nematode-active toxins and genes which code therefor
Amplification and detection of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli
Oligomeric compounds having pyrimidine nucleotide (S) with 2'and 5 substitutions
Methods for oligonucleotide synthesis
N-2 substituted purines
Cascade polymer complexes, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing said complexes
Process for the preparation of 1,4,7,10-tetraaza-cyclododecane-1,4,7-triacetic acid and the derivatives thereof
Benzophenoxazine dyes
Heterocyclic amino substituted heteroaryl fused pyridines; GABA brain receptor ligands
Crystalline melamine
2-Aryl-4-(1-[4-heteroaryl]piperazin-1-yl)methylimidazoles: dopamine . D.sub4 receptor subtype ligands
Pyrrolo[3,4-D]Pyrimidinone derivatives and their use as medicaments
Preparation of bicyclic amidines and diazacycloalkenes
Preparation of fungicidal quinazolinones and useful intermediates
Piperidine derivatives
Perylene imide monocarboxylic acids
Sequential benzylic oxidations of the naloxone ring system
Process for the synthesis of N-(hydroxyalkoxy) substituted hindered amine stabilizers
Omeprazole process and compositions thereof
Process for preparing pyridylmethyl isothiocyanates
Process for producing guanidine derivatives, intermediates therefor and their production
Compounds useful as neuro-protective agents
Process for the production of alkoxycarbonyldipeptides intermediates in the synthesis of the lisinopril
Benzotriazole UV absorbers having enhanced durability
Benzimidazole derivatives
Ethylenically unsaturated imidazidolidinone monomers
Production method of optically active imidazole compound, synthetic intermediate therefor and production method thereof
Method for producing chiral 3,4-dehydroprolines
Process for the preparation of 2,4-dimethylpyrrole
Method for racemization of optically active azetidine-2-carboxylate
Processes for producing dialdehyde monoacetals
Synthesis of aryl ethers
Preparation of (S)-2-amino-6, 6-dimethoxyhexanoic acid methyl ester via novel dioxolanes
Process for the production of 3-alky-3-hydroxymethyloxetanes
N-trityl and N-phenylfluorenyl carboxyanhydrides of amino acids
Sterol extraction with polar solvent to give low sterol, high triglyceride, microbial oil
Two phase extraction of oil from biomass
Process for producing ester quats
Onium gallates cationic initiators
Tripodal cyclopentadiene derivatives and their use
Heterogeneous organotin catalysts
Vinyl carbonate and vinyl carbamate contact lens material monomers
Removal of dissolved silicates from alcohol-silicon direct synthesis solvents
High purity organofunctional alkyldialkoxysilanes
Oligonucleotide protecting groups
Process for co-production of dialkyl carbonate and alkanediol
Process for the simultaneous preparation of acrylonitrile and arcylic acid
Method for producing compounds containing fluorine, in particular fluorobenzaldhydes and fluorobenzonitriles
Process for the preparation of insecticidal phenylhydrazine derivatives
Oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen substituted cyclohexene and cyclohexane derivatives having retinoid-like biological activity
Photoimageable compositions having improved chemical resistance and stripping ability
4-fluorosalicyclic acid derivative and process for production thereof
Method for preparing cyclopropanecarboxylic acids
Process for the separation of acrylic acid
Creatine pyruvates
Continuous hydrolysis process for the preparation of 2-hydroxy-4-methylthiobutanoic acid
Labeled reagents for use in immunoassays and fluorescent compounds and complexes used therein
Process for preparing dichlorofluoroacetyl halides
Process for producing N-(1-alkoxyethyl)carboxylic amides
Method of manufacturing high purity amidoximes from hydroxylamine and nitriles
Production of tertiary amine oxides
Process for preparing (4-nitro-sophenyl)phenylhydroxylamine
Asymmetric hydrogenation method of a ketonic compound and derivative
Process for preparing methylamines using acidic molecular sieve catalysts
Process for preparing a 1,1,1-trifluoro-2-aminoalkane
Tandem reduction and host-guest complexation
Oxidation catalytic system and process for producing ketoisophorone using the same
Surfactant manufacture
Processes for the manufacture of acrolein
Oxidation catalyst system and method of oxidation with the same
Processes for the preparation of n-butyraldehyde, n-butanol and mixtures thereof
Preparation of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers by catalytic conversion of dimethyl ether with formaldehyde formed by oxidation of methanol
Synthesis of n-silylated cyclopentaphenanthrene compounds
Selective oxidation and the synthesis of hydroxyl-containing aromatic compounds
Process for the preparation of 2-phenyl ethanol
Extractive distillation separation
Method for synthesis of hydrocarbon compounds containing fluorine on at least one alkyl chain carbon
Molybdenum trioxide catalyzed fluorination reactions
Processes for fluorinating aromatic ring compounds
Catalyzed liquid phase fluorination of 1230za
Fluorination process
Method for producing heptafluoropentane
Process for evaporating 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC)
Use of naturally acid smectites to remove olefins from aromatics or aromatic mixtures and processes therewith
Preparation of olefins
Catalyst for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
Alkylation of benzene to form linear alkylbenzenes using fluorine-containing mordenites
Fast-fluidized bed reactor for MTO process
On-line synthesis and regenerating of a catalyst used in autothermal oxidation
Container for radioisotopes
Absorbent articles having cuffs with skin care composition disposed thereon
Mesh plug kit for the inguinal box surgical technique for hernioplasty
Corticotropin-releasing factor overproducing transgenic mice
Method of producing transgenic animals for xenotransplantation expressing both an enzyme masking or reducing the level of the gal epitope and a complement inhibitor
IRAK modified transgenic animals
Glutathione-S-conjugate transport in plants
Production of pathogen resistant plants
Raffinose synthetase gene, method of producing raffinose and transgenic plant
Method of increasing growth and yield in plants
Cotton fiber tissue-specific genes
Composition and method for plant pathogen resistance
Soybean variety 92B35
Soybean cultivar 952122712860
Soybean cultivar 950045734361
Soybean cultivar 943337616696
Soybean cultivar 738594
Method for assaying genetic attributes in cotton fiber cells
Modified Bacillus thuringiensis gene for lepidopteran control in plants
Inbred maize line PH1CP
Inbred maize line NP2208
Inbred sunflower line PHA207
Method of producing hybrid catharanthus using male sterility
Apparatus for automating a stringed instrument
Guitar sound board assembly
Bridge mechanism for guitar
Water activated chiming device
Drum hoop with protective edge
Drum beater for bass drum
Musical performance data editing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for real-time correlation of a performance to a musical score
Device for processing a microphone signal of a karaoke apparatus
Automatic performance apparatus with variable arpeggio pattern
Cryogenic thermoelectric generator
Single absorber layer radiated energy conversion device
Multi-junction photovoltaic device with microcrystalline I-layer
Tandem solar cell
Terminal box for a solar cell module and a solar cell module provided with said terminal box
Encapulation process for mono-and polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules
Encapsulated gas isolated high voltage installation with a partitioned connector component
PC card housing with insulative cover and ground feature
Shield panel structure
Metal cable
Wiring box with shielded water outlet
Package stack via bottom leaded plastic (BLP) packaging
Protecting electrical device assemblies during installation
Housing for an extended-format releasable plug-in card
Device and method relating to cable branching
Method and apparatus for controlling the bend in a ribbon cable
Bumps with plural under-bump dielectric layers
Plating process for fine pitch die in wafer form
Bathroom scale
Digital force sensor with a measuring cell able to be deformed elastically and method for directly measuring the application of a force
Device including a printed circuit board which is contacted by depressing a key located at a housing wall which makes an angle with the printed circuit board
Tubular switch and device for connecting the switch
Safety switch intended to be fitted in an electrical circuit of a motor vehicle
Electrical contact components for gate switch
Dual cross edge contacts for low energy switches
Pushbutton in keyboard (2)
Unidirectional clutch assembly for a stored energy circuit breaker operator assembly
Circuit breaker handle block
See-saw switch
Apparatus for sorting sheets or the like
Method and system for welding steel rails
Finned tube
Hydraulically driven welding machine with feedback
Wire feed apparatus and method with nonlinear stage
Air conditioning apparatus having electrical heating member
Ice shield for roof eaves
Free-standing warmer drawer
System and apparatus for in situ monitoring and control of annealing in semiconductor fabrication
Power-saving controller for image-forming apparatus
Temperature monitoring system
Electric mat containing nephrite jade
Honeycomb heater in a metallic casing
Induction heating apparatus and method for pipeline welding operations
Heat treating of metallurgic article with varying aspect ratios
Actuators released by remote microwave radiation
Automatic cooking control method for a microwave oven
Defrosting method for a microwave oven
Microwave oven having a microwave detecting device
Photodetector and method for manufacturing it
System and method for monitoring and controlling the deposition of pattern and overall material coatings
Programmable analog arithmetic circuit for imaging sensor
Photodetection device, process for the production of this device and application to multispectral detection
Microcollector for photosensitive devices using sol-gel
Method and apparatus for generating a control signal
Diffuse reflective light curtain system
Polarization detection device and method for producing the same
Focal plane scanner with reciprocating spatial window
Molded spring gap setting mechanism for optical encoders
Offset optical axes for bar code scanner
Multi-beam scanning device
Infrared image sensor with incorporated functions
Method for improved signal-to-noise for multiply charged ions
Direct injection high efficiency nebulizer for analytical spectrometry
Resolving power evaluation method and specimen for electron microscope
Uncooled background limited detector and method
Method for determining feed quality
Non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer
Method and apparatus for minimizing blurring and generating a high resolution image in a radiation imaging system
Multi-photon laser microscopy
Micro-processing method using a probe
Electron beam exposure apparatus and method
Source guide tube for radiography source projector system, system containing tube and flexible radiation attenuating sleeve for a tube
Apparatus having a light source and a sol-gel monolithic diffuser
Radiation shielding composition
Uranium oxide shipping container
Exposure for performing synchronized off-axis alignment
Method and apparatus for automatic inspection of moving surfaces
Dual background document scanner to eliminate hole printouts
Amorphous silicon interconnect with multiple silicon layers
Semiconductor devices
Display device with inverted type transistors in the peripheral and pixel portions
Thin film transistors
Active matrix device including thin film transistors
Thin film transistor of liquid crystal display with amorphous silicon active layer and amorphous diamond ohmic contact layers
Flash memory with microcrystalline silicon carbide film floating gate
Pressure-contact type semiconductor element and power converter thereof
Integrated circuit having embedded memory with electromagnetic shield
Semiconductor device in which at least two field effect transistors having different threshold voltages are formed on a common base
Solid-state imaging device
Precharge circuit and semiconductor storage device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Hexagonally symmetric integrated circuit cell
Flash EPROM memory cell having increased capacitive coupling
MONOS flash memory for multi-level logic and method thereof
Heat removal from SOI devices by using metal substrates
SOI device with double gate and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having field effect transistors different in thickness of gate electrodes and process of fabrication thereof
Electronic circuit
Semiconductor device with improved noise resistivity
CMOS analog semiconductor apparatus and fabrication method thereof
Complementary metal gates and a process for implementation
High-voltage SOI thin-film transistor
Semiconductor memory device
Method and structure of high and low K buried oxide for SoI technology
Polysilicon fuse that provides an open current path when programmed without exposing the fuse to the environment
Inductor with cobalt/nickel core for integrated circuit structure with high inductance and high Q-factor
Integrated circuit having a via and a capacitor
Capacitance structure for preventing degradation of the insulating film
Semiconductor device having a resistance element with a reduced area
Lateral bipolar transistors and systems using such
Integration of low-K SiOF as inter-layer dielectric for AL-gapfill application
Formation of a barrier layer for tungsten damascene interconnects by nitrogen implantation of amorphous silicon or polysilicon
Lead-frame package with shield means between signal terminal electrodes
Lead frame, method for manufacturing the frame, resin-molded semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the device
Semiconductor device with a thickness of 1 MM or less
Substrate for use in wafer attracting apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Resin molded semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor package
Die clip assembly for semiconductor package
Flip-chip ball grid array package with a heat slug
High frequency semiconductor device
Rotary electric machine and bearing structure thereof
Method of fabricating a compact bearingless machine drive system
Brushless DC motor
Dynamo-electric machine
Airgap armature coils and electric machines using same
Dynamo-electric machine and generator and motor wherein the machine is used
Molded stator core for electric motor
Brushless motor and magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus using the same
1-port type surface acoustic wave device
Ultrasonic motor with rotor converting longitudinal vibrations into torque
Method for assembly of microelectromechanical systems using magnetic actuation
Spark plug having a spark discharge portion with a specific composition
Spark plug
Anti-carbon fouling spark plug
Shadow mask structure with specific skirt portion
QPF electron gun with high G4 voltage using internal resistor
Deflection yoke, cathode-ray tube device using the same and display device
Electron gun with heat dissipation elements
Pixel for display and method of forming same
Electron emission device and display device using the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Light emitting device using dual light emitting stacks to achieve full-color emission
Field emission display of uniform brightness independent of column trace-induced signal deterioration
Lighting device and display equipment
Low loss, electronic ballast
Electric multispark ignition system, insensitive to moisture and wet
Drive circuit arrangement for a gas discharge lamp
Square wave ballast for mercury free arc lamp
Lighting entertainment system
Electronic control system for lighting lamps
Drive unit for hybrid vehicles
Power output apparatus and method of regulating power
Actively controlled regenerative snubber for unipolar brushless DC motors
Index signal generating circuit
Thermal current limiting apparatus and method for vehicle system with electric motor actuator
Disc drive spindle motor with programmable current control
Control apparatus for robot having an arm moving within allowable working area
Interlocking apparatus
Wireless safety clutch
Disk drive system
Process for controlling the displacement of the window pane of a motor vehicle door
Detection system for substrate clamp
Image forming apparatus
Energization controller for a phase coil of an electric motor
Controller for diesel electric locomotive
Four-quadrant AC-AC drive and method
Apparatus and method for controlling induction motor
Electrical power supply circuit having a solar generator and a battery
Battery charger for towed vehicles and the like
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Implantable power management system
Camera battery adapter system
Intercell bussing system for battery pack
Current-to-voltage transition control of a battery charger
Battery conditioning scheme
Smart alternator method and apparatus for optimizing fuel efficiency and monitoring batteries in an automobile
Alternate fuel gauge for an alkali metal electrochemical cell
Automatic electric power generator control
DC/DC converter
Control circuit and method for maintaining high efficiency in a buck-boost switching regulator
Lossless current sensing in buck converters working with low duty cycles and high clock frequencies
Voltage-current conversion circuit
Current-Limited switch with fast transient response
Three phase to single phase power protection system with multiple primaries and UPS capability
Electrical circuit breaker locator with transmitter and receiver
Frequency spectrum analyzer with high C/N ratio
Method and apparatus for measuring the wheel speed
Inductive angle sensor that adapts an oscillator frequency and phase relationship to that of an interference frequency
System and method for measuring erase band widths on magnetic media
Method to measure the variations in section of a rolled bar while minimizing the influence of temperature
Autoclave cycle monitor for autoclaved instruments
Magnetoresistance sensor having minimal hysteresis problems
Method of resistivity well logging utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance
Apparatus for and method of nuclear quadrupole resonance testing of a sample
Nuclear magnetic resonance level gauging device
Method and apparatus for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance
MR imaging system with interactive image contrast control
MRI reconstruction using partial echo and partial NEX data acquisitions
Method for determining the relative clay content of well core
Line card loss of battery detector
Method of detecting battery capacity in a zinc-air battery
Electronic circuit for measuring series connected electrochemical cell voltages
Charge measuring instrument
Method for monitoring the state of microcrystalline change of solid materials
Method and apparatus for testing a semiconductor wafer
Prober-tester electrical interface for semiconductor test
Flexible electrical test fixture for integrated circuits on prototype and production printed circuit boards
Apparatus and method for seating and/or unseating printed circuit boards in a chamber
Method for testing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device tested thereby
Process of selecting dies for testing on a wafer
Method for measuring gate length and drain/source gate overlap
Redundancy circuitry for logic circuits
Basic cell structure having a plurality of transistors for master slice type semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for protecting off chip driver circuitry employing a split rail power supply
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for dual mode output buffer impedance compensation
Control circuit for clock enable staging
Circuit for comparing two electrical quantities
Adaptive threshold circuit for comparators
Analog sampling processor
Method and arrangement for generating orthogonal sinusoidal signals
Test interface circuits with waveform synthesizers having reduced spurious signals
Output buffer circuit with switchable common mode output level
High speed frequency divider circuit
Voltage-controlled delay line, direct phase controlled voltage-controlled oscillator, clock/data recovery circuit, and clock/data recovery apparatus
High resolution delay line
Circuit for turning on and off a clock without a glitch
Signal transmission circuit achieving significantly improved response time of a driven circuit, CMOS semiconductor device and circuit board therefor
Method and apparatus for controlling timing of digital components
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and microcomputer
Circuit arrangement to compensate non-linearities in a resistor, and method
Digitally controlled signal magnitude control circuit
CMOS high-to-low voltage buffer
Differential integrator having offset and gain compensation, not requiring balanced inputs
Method and apparatus of an output buffer for controlling the ground bounce of a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, and operating device, signal converter, and signal processing system using the semiconductor device
Forward biased MOS circuits
Methods and apparatus for a high efficiency charge pump that includes a MOSFET capacitor operating in an accumulation region
Integrated circuit and method therefor
CMOS circuit for generating a current reference, the circuit comprising a transistor in a weak inversion region
Power supply circuit
Reference voltage generator circuit for an integrated circuit device
Current mirror and/or divider circuits with dynamic current control which are useful in applications for providing series of reference currents, subtraction, summation and comparison
FET gate biasing control device for power amplifier
Linear CMOS transconductor with rail-to-rail compliance
Input/output devices for complex integrated circuits, and assembly method thereof
Self calibrating demodulator system
Linearization technique for analog to digital converters
High efficiency power amplifying apparatus with phase compensation circuit
Method for feedback control of a controlled variable
Power amplifying circuit with supply adjust to control adjacent and alternate channel power
Impedance matching networks for non-linear circuits
Automatic gain and phase controlled feedforward amplifier without pilot signal
Super-linear multi-carrier power amplifier
High-efficiency switching power amplifier
Class-ab output stages with improved distortion performance
Semiconductor amplifier with compensated passing gain characteristic and passing phase characteristic
Integrated audio amplifier
Phase and frequency locked clock generator
Semiconductor test structure formed in cutting path of semiconductor water
Thermo-electric cooled oven controlled crystal oscillator
Oscillator circuit supplied with optimal power voltage according to oscillator output
Integrated reconfigurable polarizer
Resonator ladder type surface acoustic wave filter
Coplanar line filter and duplexer
Voltage-controlled resonator, method of fabricating the same, method of tuning the same, and mobile communication apparatus
Nonradiative planar dielectric line and integrated circuit
Blind mate non-crimp pin RF connector
Circuit breaker with trip bar reinforcing clip
Pole piece assembly and open magnet having same
Electrical safety receptacle
Overcurrent limiter having inductive compensation
Resistance wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for displaying a message which has been received
Time slot structure for improved TPC estimation in WCDMA
Modular alarm assembly
Piezoelectric horn, particularly for vehicles
Pyroelectric intrusion detection in motor vehicles
Clandestine missing vehicle location reporting using cellular channels
Mobile detection and alert system
Arrangement and method for detecting objects from a motor vehicle
Combination delay box with driver reaction time tester and tachometer and playback
Wireless fuel gauge
Method and apparatus for alerting a vehicle driver of an operating condition
Interactive alarm systems
Process for reducing motion-type false alarm of security alarm system with self-analyzing and self-adjusting control
Garage door status signalling device
Radio burglar alarm system for travel bag
Marker for use in a magnetic anti-theft security system and method for making same
Apparatuses for electronic identification of a plurality of passing units and methods of electronic identification of a plurality of passing units
RF/ID transponder with squinted beam radiation pattern using dipole-over-ground plane antenna
Personal emergency response system
Bicolor indicator lamp for room occupancy sensor
Termite sensor and termite intrusion detecting system
Electronic tracing system
Method and apparatus for controlling the whereabouts of an animal
Patient monitoring system
Road surface friction detector and method for vehicles
Vacuum-adsorbing apparatus of semiconductor device fabrication facility
Fire detector
Aspirated detector
DSRC on-vehicle device
Secure self learning system
Radio selective calling receiver having automatic time correction function
System and method for locating misplaced items
System for address initialization of generic nodes in a distributed command and control system and method therefor
Drilling assembly with reduced stick-slip tendency
Device and method for identifying magnetic induction coordinate
Emergency assistance system for automobile accidents
Imminent icing condition enunciator
Speed limit control system
Toll collecting system and method including determination of a towed vehicle
Driveway alarm system
System for detecting ice on an aircraft
Structure of key pad
Architecture for inverse quantization and multichannel processing in MPEG-II audio decoding
Efficient data structure for entropy encoding used in a DWT-based high performance image compression
Data compression method and apparatus with embedded run-length encoding
Method and apparatus for compression and encoding of unicode strings
Selection of turbo or non-turbo error correction codes based on data type or length
Method and apparatus for providing DC offset correction and hold capability
Protection from inbound signal noise caused by inductively coupled outbound signal transitions by controlling decision threshold
Self calibrating current mirror and digital to analog converter
Analog-to-digital converting circuit apparatus and coverting method thereof
Digital/analog converter and method using voltage distribution
Data acquisition system and method with a selectable sampling rate
Analog to digital converter using several cascade-connected interpolation circuits
Pipeline analog-to-digital conversion system using double sampling and method of operation
Correlating device and sliding correlating device using the same
Image synthesizing method using a plurality of reflection radar waves and aircraft image radar apparatus using the method
Fourier-transform-based adaptive radio interference mitigation
Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and method
Range dependent time delay target detecting device
Measuring the thickness of materials
Radar device and object detection method
System and method for high-integrity detection and correction of cycle slip in a carrier phase-related system
Artificial satellite navigation system and method
Wireless user position update using infrastructure measurements
Corrected magnetic compass
Method for determining position of mobile earth station in satellite communication system
Data processing system and method for disabling a portable computer outside an authorized area
Adaptive beamformer with beam mainlobe maintenance
Adaptive nulling methods for GPS reception in multiple-interference environments
Self-calibrating reference terminal
Planar single feed circularly polarized microstrip antenna with enhanced bandwidth
Tapered leaky wave ultrawide band microstrip antenna
Printed twin spiral dual band antenna
Antenna detent and latching mechanism for a radiotelephone
Dual radiator galvanic contact antenna for portable communicator
Antenna means, a method for its manufacturing and a hand-held radio communication device
Rearview mirror with integrated microwave receiver
Antenna source for transmitting and receiving microwaves
Satellite terminal antenna installation
Dual polarization antenna array with radiating slots and notch dipole elements sharing a common aperture
Microstrip antenna
Combination satellite and VHF/UHF receiving antenna
Dual elliptical corrugated feed horn for a receiving antenna
Multi title-configured phased array antenna architecture
Rotating field antenna with a magnetically coupled quadrature loop
Antenna shroud for a portable communications device
Apparatus perfected arrangement of spiral antennas
Broad beam monofilar helical antenna for circularly polarized radio waves
Variable color display system for sequentially exhibiting digital values
Plasma addressed electro-optical display
High-persistence display circuit and method to therefor
Active matrix display device
Displaying device
Thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display driver
Presentation apparatus for two-dimensional picture information
Image processing apparatus
Video game system with vertical array of cursor images
Consistently ordered adjustment of a digitally represented image
Color LCD driver with a YUV to RGB converter
Mouse as computer input device having additional mechanism for controlling additional function such as scrolling
Portable electronic apparatus having pointing device
Mouse interface device providing force feedback
Method and apparatus for sequencing palette updates in a video graphics system
Low dielectric constant material and method of application to isolate conductive lines
Interconnection for preventing signal interference in a semiconductor device
Method of forming a via overlap
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with reduced thickness
Cascade-type chip module
Semiconductor device and method for producing same
Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Semiconductor memory device having first and second voltage level shifters
Starter having a vibration resisting magnet switch
Power output apparatus having a battery with a high charge-discharge efficiency
Control assembly for a vehicle and method of installation
Distributed airbag firing system and interface circuit therefor
Apparatus for driving electrical loads provided at a vehicle
High-speed disconnector using semiconductor technology
Printed-circuit assembly
Power conditioning circuit
Capacitor mounting arrangement for marx generators
Electrical junction box having a replaceable controller
Winding arrangement of alternator for vehicle
Bypass motor/fan assembly having separate working air passages
Axial force electrical machines
Power module
Vibration generating mechanism using repulsive forces of permanent magnets
Performing Operations; Transporting
Battery disconnection system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Insulating material for enameled wire of motor of refrigeration compressor
Ultrathin electronics using stacked layers and interconnect vias
Silicon on silicon package with precision align macro
Load current sharing and cascaded power supply modules
Motor housing
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