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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Protein skimmer
Method for the production of porcine nuclear transfer embryos
Compositions for microbial and chemical protection
Method of freezing meat in a marinade
Convertible/inverted tree
Electronic endoscope system
Devices for electrosurgery
Sequential wavefront sensor
Skin detection sensor
Phosphor panel
Continuous production crown core/crown making process
Interlabial pad
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Medical device having a hydration inhibitor
Agent eluting stent and catheter
Medical device for delivering biologically active material
Percutaneous aortic valve
Method of in situ formation of translumenally deployable heart valve support
Implant with composite coating
Wortmannin analogs and methods of using same in combination with chemotherapeutic agents
Substituted indole derivatives
Crystalline forms of conazoles and methods of making and using the same
Method for producing human intervertebral disc cells for implantation
Peptides modulating caspase activation
Cerebrospinal and vascular pharmaceutical composition and process for preparing the same
EG-VEGF nucleic acids and polypeptides and methods of use
Heterodimeric four helix bundle cytokines
Glycosylated interferon .alpha.
FSH formulation
Carrier-drug conjugate
Medical device and method for diagnostic sensing
Delivery of sedative-hypnotics through an inhalation route
Pharmaceutically active particles of a monomodal particle size distribution and method
Biocompatible polymeric systems carrying triflusal or HTB
Patient alignment system with external measurement and object coordination for radiation therapy system
Combination chair and leg extension apparatus for obesity prophylaxis
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Low compression, resilient golf balls with rubber core
Golf putter head
Vibration damping for hollow golf club heads
Memory for video game system and emulator using the memory
Swing with support base
Open top swing
Micro aerial vehicle
Assembly unit for toy and morphologically deforming toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for detecting the cleanliness of a filter
Asymmetric forward osmosis membranes
Desublimator for aluminum chloride
Device for catalytic treatment of smells and filtering hood equipped therewith
Method and system for providing compressed substantially oxygen-free exhaust gas for industrial purposes
Exhaust gas purification catalyst
Continuous flow reaction systems with controlled addition of reactants
Fluid processing sets and organizers for the same
Method and arrangement in coating line for fibre-like product or products
Method for detecting single postal covers and postal covers stuck together in a mail sorting machine
Catheter having fibrous reinforcement and method of making the same
Heat sink design using clad metal
Safety mechanism comprising a height-adjustable holding device
Cutting tool assembly including diamond cutting tips at half-pitch spacing for land feature creation
Ergonomic handle attachment with adjustment feature
Machine for finishing an object such as a profiled element, a panel, or suchlike
Method for fabricating ceramic articles
Process for forming a single piece co-cure composite wing
Insert for an injection molding apparatus
Molding tool, and method of making plastic articles
Artificial firelog and firestarter chip producing apparatus and method and products produced therefrom
Component fabricating method and pneumatic tire
Mold for forming cardboard boxes
Seal system
Impact resistant building panels
Molded product of fiber reinforced composite material and method
Foam sheet for car interior member, and car interior member
Radiation curable low stress relaxation elastomeric materials
Article having a vibration damping coating and a method of applying a vibration damping coating to an article
Precision fluorescently dyed polymeric microparticles and methods of making and using same
Switch container for hermetically encapsulating switch members and method for producing the same
Flat plate-shaped platen and inkjet recording apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus
Thermal printer
Method for manufacturing printing plate
Surface bonding in halogenated polymeric components
Tire condition monitoring system
Interior vehicular illuminator having a controllably dimmed light source
Vehicle lamp with auxiliary lens
Accessory system suitable for use in a vehicle
Lighting and/or indicating system for a vehicle, with improved actuator control
Method for controlling an actuator of a starting clutch in the automatic transmission of a vehicle
Carbon nanotube switches for memory, RF communications and sensing applications, and methods of making the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Control of pressurized microchannel processes
Method to partially reduce calcined niobium metal oxide and oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Method and apparatus for collecting pollutants in a body of water
Ceramic green sheet and ceramic substrate
Alkylation process with recontacting in settler
Process for oxidizing alkylaromatic compounds
Preparation of intermediates for acetycholinesterase inhibitors
Method for purifying oxybisphthalic anhydrides
Gene participating in acetic acid tolerance, acetic acid bacteria bred using the gene, and process for producing vinegar with the use of the acetic acid bacteria
Antibodies that bind human Dickkopf-1 proteins
Curable composition
Catalyst compounds, catalyst systems thereof and their use in a polymerization process
Phosphorus-containing cured benzoxazine resins and preparation thereof
Water and oil repellent aqueous composition
Method for producing cure system, adhesive system, and electronic device
Polymeric additives to improve print quality and permanence attributes in ink-jet inks
Phosphor and manufacturing method of the same, and light emitting device using the phosphor
Optical films comprising a UV-curable alignment film and a liquid crystal compound
Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal display
Hot solids gasifier with CO.sub.2 removal and hydrogen production
Cleaning composition for disposable cleaning head comprising a sulfamic acid/alkyl sulfate surfactant mixture
Agents that are absorbed on the surfaces of substrates
Process for preparing detergent particles
Compositions comprising low-DP polymerized surfactants and methods of use thereof
Compositions comprising low-DP polymerized surfactants and methods of use thereof
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Zygomycetes-derived endoglucanase enzyme lacking cellulose-binding domain
Mutant isopropylmalate isomerase
Methods and compositions for detecting VKORC1 single nucleotide polymorphisms
Fluorescent nucleotide analogues
Temperable member
Intermetallic compound superconducting material comprising magnesium and beryllium and alloy superconducting material containing the intermetallic compound
Substrate processing method and substrate processing system
Textiles; Paper
Dry-cleaning article, composition and methods
Impregnation of chips with an acid liquid prior to a sulphate pulping process
Fixed Constructions
Salt chlorine generator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust-gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine with a variable turbine geometry
Fan duct blade containment assembly
Seal assembly
Fan or compressor blisk
Guide vane outer shroud bias arrangement
Double-acting reciprocating downhole pump
Electroconductive roller
Backlight device
Backlight module with point light sources and liquid crystal display using same
Backlight module with frame having side opening and cooperative sliding guide and liquid crystal display with same
Burner having a burner lance and staged fuel injection
Reflective alignment grating
Device for measuring in three dimensions a topographical shape of an object
Method for optically detecting the spatial form of inside spaces and a device for carrying out said method
Method of evaluating film thickness, method of detecting polishing terminal, and device-manufacturing apparatus
Object information sensing apparatus, pointing device, and interface system
Angle-measuring instrument having a spacer for positioning a cap relative to a printed circuit board
Eye-protection device having dual high voltage switching
Electro-optical element and method for manufacturing thereof, optical module and method for driving thereof
Micro defects in semi-conductors
Method and device for diagnosing an external temperature sensor
Multipass cell for gas analysis using a coherent optical source
Nondestructive residential inspection method and apparatus
Gas sensor and nitrogen oxide sensor
Gas sensor
Capillary array unit and electrophoresis based thereon
Process and apparatus for loading a particulate solid into a vertical tube
Method of detecting cancer using delta-catenin
Multiple testing bars for testing liquid crystal display and method thereof
Probe apparatus, wafer inspecting apparatus provided with the probe apparatus and wafer inspecting method
Enhanced signal observability for circuit analysis
Integrated circuit testing module including address generator
Position data exchange systems, mobile communication devices, and methods
Remote triggered X-ray image capture device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and radio frequency coil unit
Method of calibrating multi-channel nuclear energy spectra
Zoom optical system and imaging system using the same
Cytological imaging systems and methods
Substrates with multiple images and methods of use
Display optical system, image display apparatus, image taking optical system, and image taking apparatus
Azo compounds and dye-type polarizing films or plates containing the same
Light pipe and polarized-light source
Relaxed tolerance optical interconnect systems
Ribboned polarization-maintaining fiber and manufacturing method therefor, and polarization-maintaining optical fiber array using the same
Optical focusing device
Zoom lens system, imaging apparatus and method for varying focal length
Wireless interactive headset
Optical isolator and optical device
Liquid crystal display device having refraction pattern aligned with black matrix thereof
Direct-lit liquid crystal displays with laminated diffuser plates
Transflective switchable double-cell LCD device
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Liquid crystal display device having particular configuration of pixel electrodes
Mirror reflective element assembly including electronic component
In-plane field type reflective liquid crystal display device having extraordinary polarizers
Compact multicolor light beam source
Driving controller and method for driving plural driving units and image sensing apparatus
Projection equipment support system
Optical display device and projection-type display device
Optimisation of the illumination of a projection appliance
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Radiation image storage panel suitable for use in mammographic applications
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, acid etching resistant material and copolymer
Method to resolve line end distortion for alternating phase shift mask
Image forming device
Holographic recording and reproduction apparatus, and method with temperature adjustment device for semiconductor laser
PWM controller for a voltage regulator
Reference voltage generator
DC DC voltage boost converter
Active power conditioner for AC load characteristics
Voltage-controlled current source and frequency scanner using the same
Highly scalable methods and apparatus for multiplexing signals
Supporting mechanism for storage drives
Portable computer
Portable display apparatus
Data storage device carrier and carrier tray
Video and graphics system with an integrated system bridge controller
Synchronization of plugins
Print content system and method for providing document control
Transactional printer with slip processing mechanism
Method and apparatus for printing information on a page containing preprinted objects
Display controller with DRAM graphic memory
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an orientation interpolator
Spectator experience for networked gaming
Compositing two-dimensional and three-dimensional image layers
System and method of computing and displaying property-encoded surface translator descriptors
Electronic location monitoring system
Passive environmental RFID transceiver
Devices for use by deaf and/or blind people
Light emitting device
Compensating organic light emitting device displays for temperature effects
Display driver, display device, and driver method
Method and apparatus for measuring response time of liquid crystal, and method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display device using the same
Inverter and liquid crystal display including inverter
Computer system and display method thereof
Controlling haptic sensations for vibrotactile feedback interface devices
Display control device
Data input device, data input method, and data input program
Displaying a plurality of images in a stack arrangement
Color signal correction apparatus, color signal correction method and image display apparatus
High bit depth display with low flicker
Apparatus and method for self-tuning stringed musical instruments with an accompanying vibrato mechanism
Music information calculation apparatus and music reproduction apparatus
Method for precompensation/write-current latching to improve error rate
Thermally assisted recording system
NBTI-resilient memory cells with NAND gates
Methods utilizing scanning probe microscope tips and products thereof or produced thereby
Metallic colloidal solution and inkjet-use metallic ink
Leakage transformer
Balance transformer
Method of producing an anode for an electrolytic capacitor
Combination of two electromagnetic switching devices
Erosion resistance of EUV source electrodes
In-plane distribution measurement method
High-density plasma source
Field emission light source
Packaging substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Method of driving a light emitting device
Method of forming a semiconductor device having an interlayer and structure therefor
Trench photosensor for a CMOS imager
Adhesion by plasma conditioning of semiconductor chip
Fabrication process of memory cell
Method for producing bonded wafer
Etching and plasma treatment process to improve a gate profile
Interlayer interconnect of three-dimensional memory and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Metal structure with sidewall passivation and method
Device having dual etch stop liner and reformed silicide layer and related methods
Method of forming a CMOS device with stressor source/drain regions
Method for reducing overlap capacitance in field effect transistors
Method for removing nanoclusters from selected regions
Method for the production of a semiconductor component having a metallic gate electrode disposed in a double-recess structure
Process for making a metal seed layer
Method for silicide formation on semiconductor devices
Method for increasing polysilicon grain size
Methods of providing an adhesion layer for adhesion of barrier and/or seed layers to dielectric films
Gap free anchored conductor and dielectric structure and method for fabrication thereof
Semiconductor package having an interfacial adhesive layer
Method of fabricating isolated semiconductor devices in epi-less substrate
Method for forming a dual metal gate structure
Laser beam irradiating apparatus, laser beam irradiating method, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Structure of power semiconductor with twin metal and ceramic plates
Chip package structure
Semiconductor chip assembly with welded metal pillar of stacked metal balls
Chip package structure and fabricating method thereof
Method and structure for charge dissipation during fabrication of integrated circuits and isolation thereof
Three dimensional integrated circuits
True color image by modified microlens array
Process sequence for doped silicon fill of deep trenches
Capacitor including a percentage of amorphous dielectric material and a percentage of crystalline dielectric material
Method and apparatus for fabrication of passivated microfluidic structures in semiconductor substrates
CMOS image sensor module with wafers
Light emitting diode having conductive reflecting layer
Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Electronics device, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Interconnect structure for semiconductor package
Transistor with dopant-bearing metal in source and drain
Optical color sensor system
Solid state imaging device
Solid-state imaging device, production method and drive method thereof, and camera
Semiconductor substrate for optoelectronic components and method for fabricating it
Optoelectronic component and method for the production thereof, module and device comprising a module of this type
Radiation-emitting semiconductor chip, method for production thereof and radiation-emitting component
PVT variation detection and compensation circuit
Polymer device with a nanocomposite barrier layer
Surface acoustic wave device
Hybrid piezoelectric energy harvesting transducer system
OLED provided with organic layer comprising first and second dopants based on iridium organic complex compounds
Organic electroluminescent device
Fuel cell
Fuel cell stack
Method for detecting abnormality in fuel cell
Electrical power generator
Electrode structure for solid-polymer type fuel cell
Mobile display device
Multi-band antenna
Mobile antenna mounted on a vehicle body
Multiband monopole antenna with independent radiating elements
Antenna device and mobile terminal apparatus equipped with the antenna device
Integrated LTCC mm-wave planar array antenna with low loss feeding network
Cross dipole antenna and tag using the same
Electrical connecting device and method for its production and electrical line and solar modular arrangement with a connecting device of this type
Method for contacting flexible printed circuit with another flexible circuitry component and related circuitry assembly
Connector assemblies
Electrical interconnection system having magnetic retention device
Integrated overmolded cable seal and gasket for an electronic module
Electrical connector assembly with improved pick up cap
Edge connector with slot ribs
Card for information equipment, and terminal for information equipment
Signal connector
Auxiliary connector for a row of terminals
Fixed seat of a socket
Multi-in-one card connector having a lift board
High voltage cable assembly with ARC protection
Card connector capable of guiding small ExpressCard
Audio signal switcher
Rotary connector device equipped with built-in steering angle sensor
Electrical connector assembly with carrier
Field communication and computer data distribution system
Systems, devices, and methods for restraining conductors
Fuse module with movable fuse holder for fused electrical device
Rearview mirror system for accommodating a rain sensor
Cable transit device
Overcurrent detection method and detection circuit
Apparatus for preventing capacitor charger from overcharging and method thereof
Intelligent battery charging system
Diagnosis method for state-of-health of batteries
Electronic device having path of power supplied to display part switched according to whether external power is supplied
Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
Magnetic structure and motor employing said magnetic structure, and driver comprising said motor
Stepping motor and drive device
Outer rotor type hybrid stepping motor
Linear motor armature and linear motor using the same
Control methodologies for a motor control module
Fully differential amplifier device with output-common-mode feedback and control method thereof
Programmable delay circuit
Phase shifter circuit
Transmission line and wiring forming method
Data transmission system and cable
Adjusting driver stage output impedance
Receiver start-up compensation circuit
I/O circuitry shared between processor and programmable logic portions of an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit with a logic circuit including a data holding circuit
Compensation of resistance drift
Self-scan programmable keypad interface
Method and apparatus for optically detecting selections made on an input device
Incremental delta-sigma data converters with improved stability over wide input voltage ranges
Lookup table array compression and indexing
Compression and decompression of configuration data for programmable logic devices
Facsimile to E-mail communication system with local interface
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for generating dither mask through interpolation between preferred patterns
Digital still video camera, image data output system for digital still video camera, frame for data relay for digital still video camera, data transfer system for digital still video camera, and image regenerating apparatus
Apparatus and method for processing video signals
Method and apparatus for detecting text associated with video
State validation using bi-directional wireless link
High efficiency off-line linear power supply
Multi-lamp driving system
Middle output electrodeless lighting system
Induction heating cooker with buoyancy reducing plate
Coffee maker and microwave oven and method for controlling the same
Method of forming gate wiring pattern by droplet discharge
Disk-drive system having multiple power supplies and mirroring and method
Compression connection for vertical IC packages
Electronic device having insulating cap for end of fastener protruding into housing
Computer having a heat discharging unit
Rack-mount equipment bay cooling heat exchanger
Electromagnetic wave shielding gasket
Board level shielding module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Length adjustment mechanism for a strap
Chest protector
Knob for a length adjustment mechanism for a strap
Insulated drug case
Toiletry case
Key chain
Belt pouch
Beverage holder having spring-biased clip, encircling strap with hook-and loop fastener, and pivoting support platform
Tool box
Jewelry case with strap
Disposable toothbrush
Water-powered soap dispensing shower brush
Wall cabinet
Media storage case
Wire wall hook
CD case
Wall organizer shallow container
Furniture top
Assembly joint for furniture
Table base
Sofa trim
Adjustable length crib skirt
Pillow made with a shirt
Child's seat cushion
Golf cart seat cover
Beverage container
Electric espresso maker
Food tray
Container lid
Drinking glass charm mounting assembly
Stackable cup
Beverage dispenser
Cheese cutter
Snow brush with scraper and ice chisel
Liquid applicator
Boiler housing generating steam for steam irons
Spill pan
Pepper grinder
Cloth bottle cover with snowman design
Airtight container for storing foods
Paint mixer
Ergonomic grip for travel mug
Portable electric jig saw
Cordless screwdriver
Pneumatic tool
Tool handle
Pneumatic tool
Tool reversing lever
Wrench with spanner head
Nailer housing
Laser etched socket
Cordless power tool
Punchdown tool with light
Portable electric driver
Mechanical cable snap
Storage hook
Kit for converting a pair of steel posts with inwardly turned nubs into a combination pesticide duster and scratcher for livestock
Chair caster
Raised surface for a power tool clamping knob
Electronic lock keypad
Lock bumpers
Propeller lock for marine engine
Face mounted deadbolt
Pin assembly for towels, sheets and the like
Adjustable clamping bracket
Cable clip
Clip with suction cup
Container and pump
Product dispenser
Container and pump
Portable dispenser for distributing de-icing particulate
Soap pump
Stackable carton
Lid for a bowl
Take out food container
Packaging container for a lighter
Coffee package
Liquid spray nozzle air directing cap
Mount for packaging of electric flourescent bulb
Flexible bag retainer
Ventilated waste can with side opening
Combination bag holder and disposal container for tampons
Electronic device
Electronic device
Pyramid clock
Wrist watch
Measuring spoon
Wind sensor
Measuring spoon
Baby monitor
Lightning rod assembly
Lightning rod assembly
Miniature hockey uniform
Decorative cylinder
Garden ornament
Screwless faceplate
Baby seat for a grocery cart
Two-part attachment for shopping cart for handling conduit and other elongate items
Product display and vending cart
Work surface
Boat cleat
Boat cleat
Sidewall portion of a watercraft bunk beam
Pool float
Modern sports car body
Baby cart
Circular wing flying saucer
Armored vehicle
Tire tread
Tread portion of an automobile tire
Tire tread
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Fifth wheel tow plate adaptor
Bumper for an automobile
Hood for an automobile
Gas can rack
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a console for a vehicle
Removable battery pack
Electronic cable junction
Outdoor dial controller
Indoor dial controller
Capped electrical connection head
Control panel for a mobile phone and/or car or other vehicular handsfree device
Pair of connectors for a cord set
Radiator for a heat generating components in electronic equipment
Electric connector for power and control lines, particularly for commutators/regulators
Surface mounted electrical cable way
Electric connector for power and control lines, particularly for commutators/regulators
Contact for an electrical connector
Disc player
Speaker housing
Disc player
Speaker box
Voice recording/reproducing apparatus
Digital video disc player
Tissue holder radio with LCD clock
Speaker housing
Phonograph cartridge
Digital video disc player
Speaker housing
Audio speaker cone
Speaker housing
Curved face dual compartment auto stereo mounting device
Hard disk case
Electronic keypad holder
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Mouse for a computer
Server blade enclosure base
Face panel for a controller board
Computer front bezel
Adjustable data processing device
Illuminated keyboard
Base station for computer communication network
Cellular phone
Housing for a data router
Digital video disk player with display
Remote control device
Mobile telephone
Cellular antenna adaptor cover
Exhaust manifold
Shell for an air compressor
Rubber crawler
Handle for an upright extractor
Interface for top-loading laundry appliance
Side cutter for sewing machine
Refrigerator air filter
Console for laundry appliance
Digital camera
Portion of an operating-position viewable panel for an office machine
Portion of front panel and control panel lead-in surrounding for an office machine
Industrial safety goggles
Throttle sunglasses
Paperclip dispenser
Cover for a binder, folder or notebook
Cover for a binder, folder or notebook
Pen cap
Cap for a pen
Lighting pen
Ball-point pen
Ball-point pen
Ball-point pen
Transparent dome forming the top of a cap of a pen
Portable tissue holder
Bus stop sign
Sign support
Adjustable low profile label holder
Toy tractor
Cloud toy
Pair of swim training paddles
Electronics package
Light accessory for a handheld electronic device
Paddle with full mesh center
Iron golf club head
Bowling ball holder
In-line skate base
Aquatic treadmill
Hockey stick
Amusement drum
Slot machine face
Gaming device display
Gaming device display
Gaming device display
Fish strike warning apparatus
Perforated strainer-scoop
Insect control device
Sleeve for accessing interior of garbage disposal
Watering device
Cup for paint sprayer
Valve of a hose end sprayer
Frame for fogger assembly
Grip for a sanitary faucet
Lavatory cleaning device
Faucet-mounted water treatment device
Shower controls
Filter cartridge
Patterned internal end band for fittings
Monolithic sink and countertop with backsplash
Flush toilet
Toothbrush holder
Commode lid
Cover for water closet tank
Air freshener device
Ceiling fan
Ceiling fan
Blower frame
Vapor dispenser
Filter element for engine
Sorter for medical image printer
Blood pressure reducing device
Polyclean dialysis station
Blood glucose test meter
Irrigation/aspiration instrument connector
Operating knob for endoscope
Surgical tool blade holder
Surgical tool blade holder
Tissue grasper rongeur instrument
Holder for an inhalation device
Connector clip
Wound dressing
Wound dressing
Nasal dressing retainer
Decorative cast cover
Multi-use body treatment device
Hygienic napkin
Spa shell
Scaffold support bracket
Multi-grained molding
Face of a ceiling tile arrangement
Building block
Nestable modular underground enclosure
Six-sided window well cover
Box culvert
Concrete tunnel for a rapid transit train
Swimming pool
Gardening shed
Car wash and oil change building
Cushion block for built-up floor
LED light
TV/radio/flashlight companion device with other accessories
Stand lamp
Floor motion lamp
Lighting fixture
Solar light
Solar light
Lighting fixture
Security porch light
Fluorescent lamp
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Automobile light
Light emitting diode headlight ring
Surgical lighthead
Cosmetic compact
Combined lotion applicator and cover
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic case
High frequency vibration toothbrush
Flossing device
Massage tool
Protective blasting mat
Bird briefs
Retractable dog leash
Novelty mailbox
Locker bank
Locker bank
Human Necessities
Towed farm machine
Plant protector
Trimmer with output shaft locking mechanism
Adjustable spindle assembly for a grass trimmer
Hydro-mechanical variable speed feeder/header drive for an agricultural combine
Electric lawn mower
Substantially circular blade hedge trimmer
Weed cutter
Floral bouquet bag
Aquatic planting process and related plant holders
Rhipsalidopsis plant named `Lauren`
Schefflera plant named `Dazzle`
Peach tree named `FA 42`
Oak tree named `QSFTC`
Artichoke plant named `PS-IG0060`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `KORolesola`
Coleus plant named `Plum Good`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Wezgrey`
Coleus plant named `Molten Lava`
Grandiflora rose plant named `Wezlavn`
Geranium plant named `FN Deep Lilac`
Gladiolus plant named `Palampur Princess`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Cas`
Bermuda grass named `Macho World Feeder`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Luc`
Dianthus plant named `Red Dwarf`
Shrub rose plant named `POULoesy`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Two Pin`
Crape myrtle plant named `Whit VI`
Crown bed
Fishing hook bait attachment device and method
Spinnerbait fishing lure
Method and fishing lure for producing oscillatory movement
Water container with floating electrocution device equipped trap for killing gravid mosquitoes
Motion decoy
Method and system for cooling and effecting a change in state of a liquid mixture
Undergarments protecting against electrostatic field induced tissue degradation
Surfing shorts with wetsuit undergarment
Protective garment
Cut prevention finger guard
Combination protective sleeve and head wear
Protective garments with glove flaps
Jacket with head sock and storage pocket
Head gear and method of use
Helmet with self-adjusting padding
Footwear sole and method for forming the same
Foot guided shoe sole and footbed
Golf shoes
Protective cage for footwear bladder
Fluid flow system for spring-cushioned shoe
Shoe with level and method for determining grade
Ski boot
Breathable rubber boot
Web adjuster
End-fitting webbing buckle
Portable hair washing apparatus
Hammock assembly with foldable left and right frames
Low-profile mounting clip for personal device
Brush head and method of manufacturing such a brush head
Metallic wire strip brush assembly and apparatus and method for making
Hairdressing apparatus
Sofa sleeper with integral air mattress and valve
Device for correcting a sagging bed
Playyard floor lock system
Plant stand
Toilet seat
Drill bit penetration measurement system and method
Ash silhouette display device
Control apparatus and control method for a storable patient lift and transfer device
Personal urine collecting apparatus having bidet system
Thermally insulated container
Portable spittoon
Ice composition containing hydrogen peroxide and method of storing perishable food
Portable colon irrigator
Weighted insert
Interlockable element for structure assembly set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil re-refining method and apparatus
Method for testing the integrity of DPFs
Recovery apparatus for drilling and excavation application and related methods
Centrifuge having a spring-loaded nut for securing a rotor to a drive cone
Roller head for a planetary rolling mill
Method and device for manufacturing a surface-structured pipe conduit element
Apparatus and method for manufacturing rubber-wrapped spiral wound gaskets
Process and system for producing metal sheets
Method for making heat dissipation device
Method and device for rotating and machining bar material
Pull stem hi-lite pin with pull groove for swaging collars
Method and apparatus for improved valve seating of a fuel injector by coining and a valve made thereby
Wear resistant chain
Pipe preparation device
Machine alignment system
Flat panel saw and router guide
Apparatus for deep rolling of recesses and radii of crankshaft journal bearings
Clutch for a screw gun and utilizing method
Manual stretcher
Puller apparatus and method for pulling
Harmonic damper pulley removal tool
Windshield wiper arm puller
Portable hydraulic crimping tool
Track-laying assistance device
Scissors with hole parts
Hair clipping device with adjustable deflecting comb assembly
Liquid container for a hair removing apparatus
Sheet feeder and sealer for automatic slicing machine
Seal jaw modules for reclose bag modification to vertical form, fill, and seal packaging system
Packaging method and packaging apparatus
Embossing device for planar materials
Ink bottle
High speed machine for inserting sheets into envelopes
Tire with a sensor and method for determining a wear variable of such a tire
Target tire pressure learning method
Drive device of working machine
Concealable buckle apparatus
Guarding lock for camping trailer
Automobile pedal lockset with vertical entry
Wiper arm having cover
Windshield wiper clip
Wiper blade
Method of making a vehicle chassis of extruded links and couplers
Aircraft air conditioner
Filling machine provided with flushing device
Rotary heat sealing system
Plastic container having an outwardly bulged portion
Self-contained silicone-gel insulated container
Storage and dispensing package for batteries and other objects
Process and device for pneumatic retention of a yarn
Elevator landing door structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen storage and transportation system
Textiles; Paper
Spinning machine with a condensing device
Method for controlling washing and drying machine
Washer door or lid defined by a tempered glass panel bordered by an open frame-like encapsulation of one-piece injection molded polymeric/copolymeric synthetic plastic material
Washing machine and its washing method
Apparatus for conserving vapor in a carbon dioxide dry cleaning system
Clothing iron with detachable light assembly
Fixed Constructions
Phosphorescent paving block
High-tension high-compression foundation for tower structures
Fluid pressure transmitting apparatus
Self-aligning building blocks
Concrete construction block and method for forming the same
Seam plate for retaining roof decking membrane
Staircase, staircase repair device and methods of fabricating same
Raised floor system equipped with view panels
Virtual reality theater
Spa cover lifter
Pool cleaner
Reversible spring-loaded lock slide
Lock with a fixable key
Remote-controlled door lock
Lockable sliding window apparatus
Washer for a pivot hinge
Rubber core spacer with central cord
Edge inserts for stiles of molded doors
Entryway system with leak managing corner pads
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process for preheating suction air by waste heat in power engines
Compliant foil fluid film thrust bearing with a tilting pad underspring
Counterrotatable booster compressor assembly for a gas turbine engine
Operation method for combined plant
Turbine power generation systems and methods using off-gas fuels
Gas turbine pilot burner and method
Simplified fuel control for use with a positive displacement pump
Two-level pressurization valve controlled by a fuel metering unit
Exhaust emission control system of internal combustion engine
Adaptive engine control for low emission vehicle starting
Method of initiating regeneration of a particulate filter for a direct-injection diesel engine with a common rail injection system
Combined cycle pulse detonation turbine engine
Evaporative emission control system and method for detecting leaks therein
Method and apparatus for generating energy using pressure from a large mass
Method for finishing the ball star of a homocinetic joint
Mixing enhancement using axial flow
Gas-heated infrared radiator for an infrared drying unit
Wall elements for gas turbine engine combustors
Air conditioning system including liquid washdown dispenser and related methods
Efficient water source heat pump with hot gas reheat
Refrigerator with cyclone liquid gas separator
Absorption refrigerator control method
Dual section refrigeration system
Method and apparatus for fine tuning an orifice pulse tube refrigerator
Sequencing of variable primary flow chiller system
Dewfall preventing device of refrigerator
Kimchi refrigerator
Variable capacity fluid mixture separation apparatus and process
Method for operating a cryogenic plant
Drying tool for honeycomb core
Method and apparatus for drying a stack of flats
Process for fabricating heat sink with high-density fins
Fluid temperature control apparatus
Striker trigger mechanism for automatic and semi-automatic firearms
Moon clip cartridge loading device
Method for operating a touch probe system and a touch probe system for executing the method
Glide head with outer active rail
Magnetic marine compass
Thermal airflow sensor
Apparatus for detecting fraud on a fluid meter
Narrow band excimer laser and wavelength detecting apparatus
Method and device for analyzing a signal from an ion current sensor in an internal combustion engine
Tire comprising a measurement device
Method and apparatus for leak testing plastic containers
Visual gas show identification method
Apparatus for process line testing
Device for examining friction conditions
Apparatus for conducting high-temperature liquid chromatography analysis
Vapor trap system and associated method for detecting volatile organic chemical vapors
Probe tip alignment for precision liquid handler
Sensor device
Sensor probe
High pressure polarizer for hyperpolarizing the nuclear spin of noble gases
DC-to-DC controller having a multi-phase synchronous buck regulator
Computer work station (elastic or movable) arm rests
Method and system for the secured distribution of multimedia titles
Sequentially unlocking expansion slots
Pole with lifting mount and banner display
Photograph quick-change display apparatus
Reminder apparatus for a brand of a product
Artificial aquarium having magnetic and water pump drive system
Convertible message sign
Label holder with dust cover
Mount for tandem sign
Ergonomic color sample fan deck
Refrigerator artwork organizer
System and method of multi-dimensional force sensing for scanning probe microscopy
Method and device for filling drums containing dangerous waste
Wiring method for forming conductor wire on a substrate board
Method for heat processing of substrate
Deposited tunneling oxide
Method of fabricating a planar pre-stressed bimorph actuator
SMT connector and method of production of same
Training a recursive filter by use of derivative function
Message delivery method for interactive televideo system
Cutting a ground plane to remove circuit board resonance
Method for mounting electric components with a mounting device
Method for transferring a plurality of integrated circuit devices into and/or out of a plurality of sockets
Printed circuit board with SMD components
Modular computer system and latching handle for same
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