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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adamantyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Oxidative reductive potential water solution and methods of using the same
Method to reduce intoxication from ethanol in humans
Horizontal action seat tilt mechanism and bezel
Stand device
Beverage container for brewing apparatus
Beverage dispenser with multi-chambered carousel and automatic coordination of flavorant flow rate
Portable physical therapy/rehabilitation/exercise device, system and method
Powerhead of a power injection system
Method for designing and manufacturing a monofocal ophthalmic lens and corresponding lens
Implantable device for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome and the corresponding method
Absorbent article comprising a temperature sensor and a temperature change material
Gastrointestinal feeding and aspiration catheter
Beta carboline derivatives useful in the treatment of proliferative disorders
Injectable particle
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors containing a zinc binding moiety
Substituted 6-amino-nicotinamides as KCNQ2/3 modulators
Compositions and methods for nutritional supplementation
Uronic acid and probiotics of Lactobacillus paracasei and Bifidobacterium breve for in vivo treatment of infection
Topoisomerase 2b as a predictor of susceptibility to anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity
Functionalised antifouling compounds and use thereof
Botanical composition and method for treating pain and discomfort of various conditions
Regulation of skin pigmentation by neuregulin-1 (NRG-1)
Methods for treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract using a GLP-1 agonist
Peptide derivatives for treatment, prevention or alleviation of a condition associated with bone loss or low bone density or to inhibit osteoclast differentiation and stimulation
Heparin cofactor II fragments with anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant activity
Activated leukocyte conditioned supernatant and uses for wound healing
Glucagon analogues
Method of treatment of cancers characterized by ligand-dependent activating mutations in FGFR2 with FGFR1 ECD proteins
Conserved Neisserial antigens
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting influenza viruses replication
MET-binding agents and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for immunization against bacteria expressing a carbapenemase
Imidazopyridazine compounds
Methods for treating obesity
In vivo imaging method of mood disorders
Composition for eyelash growth
Headgear assembly for a respiratory mask assembly
Managing an active strap system for a face mask
Transdermally absorbable preparation
Syringe with a blocking structure
Fluid injecting apparatus
Hair cosmetic
Hair care products with selected amino functional silicones and cationic keratin
Composition and method
Reusable valve assembly
Booster reel
Foldable treadmill
Exercise roller with resistance bands
Golf towel transport and retrieval
Method and golf ball for playing a golf game
Miniature golf game
Gaming surface and game styled after american football
Pole/wrist strap assembly
Puzzle and its manufacturing process
Game-piece launching toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for purifying and sterilizing water using nano catalytic microelectrolysis
System and method for recycling high-boiling-point waste photoresist stripper
Separating device
Falling microbead counter-flow process for separating gas mixtures
Alkanolamine-based carbon dioxide absorption solutions with reduced corrosivity
Self-assembling polymers--VI
Reaction system and process for preparing polymethoxy dimethyl ether
High-selectivity catalyst for production of high-quality gasoline fractions from syngas and its preparation method
Regeneration of oligomerisation catalysts and their use
Commercial Fischer-Tropsch reactor
Vertical vortex generating sluice/slurry separator
Shield assembly of low-flow sprinkler
Apparatus including a fixed temporary stage for manufacturing molded product
Polymer membranes, processes for production thereof and use thereof
Method of applying thermoplastic liquid onto a substrate
Method of cleaning a rotating object
Apparatus and method for controlled access to pressurized fluid lines and to exhausted lines
Thixotropic gel for vadose zone remediation
Tower production method
Bending machine for helically bending an elongated workpiece
Electro-hydraulic rivet and method of riveting and welding parts
Arc ignition device
Laser apparatus for welding
Electrospark deposition process and system for repair of gas turbine
Lens module assembling device
Abrasive products and methods for finishing hard surfaces
Holder for sharpening and faceting
Automobile rim hammer
Vibration damper
Method for creating stylish haircuts of various shapes and cutting hair in one push of a button
Liquid reclamation and recirculation system for a wet saw cutting apparatus
Expanded compression molding of composite plastics
Fiberglass reinforced plastic lightweight heavy-duty ladder and method of making same
Composite structural member
Pelletizing press for producing pellets
Epoxy resin curing agent, epoxy resin composition, and adhesive agent for laminate
Ink for inkjet recording, inkjet recording method using the ink, and ink cartridge that accommodates the ink
Solid state nanopore devices for nanopore applications to improve the nanopore sensitivity and methods of manufacture
Process for manufacturing mesh bags from a roll of continuous mesh tube
Highly scratch-resistant coatings having good weathering and crack resistance
Optical scanning apparatus, method for performing the same and image forming apparatus
Device for ejecting droplets of an electrically non-conductive fluid at high temperature
Nozzle device
Disposable digital camera with printing assembly
Removable insert for a file folder
Glue dispensing apparatus with heating unit and glue dispensing method
Method for exchanging signals between a tire pressure sensor and a central processing unit in a motor vehicle
Tire for vehicle, comprising a tread comprising a plurality of compounds and a radial carcass reinforcement formed of at least two layers
Car seat control assembly
Two or three wind turbine blades as one unit
Vehicle display device
System and method for displaying visual flight reference points
Reduced profile lamp having enhanced illumination and method of construction thereof
Wave guide
Vehicle having actuator for door and methods for same
Device for locking and unlocking a belt height adjustment device and vehicle seat
Method of analyzing stopping distance performance efficiency
Method for actuating a starting process
Vehicle controller
Steering system
Systems and methods employing limbed vehicle and spaced posts
Bicycle equipped with electric generator at saddle area
Method and device for the installation of systems, and a freight loading system
System for specifying an installation position of rotor blades, securing element, rotor blade, turbomachine, and method
Aerial vehicle hold-down harpoon
Drive unit for aircraft running gear
Variable metering system for heterogeneous, sensitive and non-pumpable foodstuffs having a low liquid portion
Label application devices
Helically stackable container
Paint tray with removable paint screen and handle
Devices suitable for removing, preparing, and storing materials
System and apparatus for handling deposit beverage containers
Apparatus for the passage and conveyance of compressible material
Adhesive dispensing device having optimized cyclonic separator unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aluminum phosphate or polyphosphate particles for use as pigments in paints and method of making same
Manufacture of crystallite particles
Water vapor collectors
Water filtering system and method
Device to filter the effluent of a septic tank
Method for treating water within a sequential biological reactor including an in-line measurement of the nitrite concentration inside said reactor
Large refractory article and method for making
Manufacturing of stabilized propargyl bromide
Method for producing O-Alkylated aminoalcohols
Aromatic dicyanate compounds with high aliphatic carbon content
Gasifier fluidization
Cycloalkyl guanidine F.sub.1F.sub.0-ATPase inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof
Methods for hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids using a glycerol solvent system
Chrysophaentin analogs that inhibit FtsZ protein
Method for coproducing isobutene and ETBE from tert-Butanol mixture
System and method for continuously producing polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers
Production of cyclohexylbenzene hydroperoxide
Process for preparing an unsaturated aldehyde and/or an unsaturated carboxylic acid
Sepiapterin reductase inhibitors for the treatment of pain
LPAR--substituted cyanopyrazole compounds
Herbicidally active 4-nitro-substituted N-(tetrazol-5-yl)-, N-(triazol-5-yl)-, and N-(1,3,4-0XADIAZOL-2-yl)aryl carboxylic acid amides
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising 8-substituted dibenzylbutyrolactone lignans
3-(5-methyl-2-oxo-l, 3-dioxol-4-yl) methyloxy-2-trans-[(4-chloro phenyl) cyclohexyl][1,4]naphthaquinone-atovaquone prodrug
Antiprotozoal amidine compounds
Process for preparing ceftaroline fosamil
Inhibitors of PDE4 enzyme and antagonists of muscarinic M3 receptor
Tetrahydro-beta-carboline derivatives, synthesis and use thereof
Caffeinated compounds and compositions for treatment of amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies
Crystalline salts of Asenapine with organic di-acids and tri-acids
Process for preparing pharmaceutical compounds and intermediate compounds
1-phenyl-substituted heterocyclyl derivatives and their use as prostaglandin D2 receptor modulators
Mononuclear metal complex, hydrogenation reduction catalyst, dehydrogenation catalyst, method for producing hydrogenation reduction product, method for producing hydrogen (H.sub.2), and method for producing dehydrogenation reaction product
Phosphorescent metal complex, process for production and light-emitting component
Subgenomic replicons of the flavivirus dengue
Endoplasmic reticulum localization signals
Antibodies directed to the receptor tyrosine kinase c-Met
Covalent conjugates between endoperoxides and transferrin and lactoferrin receptor-binding agents
Method of recycling fibers from sewage sludge and means thereof
Manufacturing method of liquid discharge head
Photocrosslinkable fluoropolymers, UV processes and photocrosslinked polymers
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion and coating composition comprising the same
Powder coatings compositions
Alkyl phosphinate polymer and methods for preparing and using the same
Pseudothermoplastic, self-crosslinking composites
Seal comprising elastomeric composition with nanoparticles
Use of aqueous polymer dispersions for improving resistance to chemical influences
Selective etching method
Use of composition as an antifreeze agent
Liquid fuel composition
Additive for hydroconversion process and method for making and using same
Washing or cleaning agent with cellulose or a cellulose derivative
Fabric treatment compositions comprising target benefit agents
High solids enzyme reactor mixer with vertical paddle and method
Harmonic generation for activation of species and/or delivery of species to a target environment
Stem cell for therapeutic use which is derived from human monocyte, and method for inducing same
Pentose fermentation by a recombinant microorganism
Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method for thermal cycling of microfluidic samples
Recombinant ethanologenic bacteria comprising a urease gene
Compositions and methods for identifying enzyme and transport protein inhibitors
Mutation within the connexin 26 gene responsible for prelingual non-syndromic deafness and method of detection
Universal biomass refinery
Recovery of base metals from sulphide ores and concentrates
Re-added Ni-based dual multi-phase intermetallic compound alloy and method for producing the same
Apparatus for nano structure fabrication
Installation and industrial operation of an air supply system to dose given air flows to each individual cell of a set of electrolytic cells
Textiles; Paper
Paper machine fabric
Method for forming an anisotropic conductive paper and a paper thus formed
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle tire deflation system
Collector apparatus
System for controlling basement leakage and humidity
Spreader component for a dragline excavator
Plow for use with automobile
Hydraulic excavator
Water-saving management system for sanitary facility and water-saving management method for sanitary facility
Apparatus for preventing overflows
Modular drilling rig system
Vertical concrete form with removable forming panels
Transparent structural element for covers
Multiple cast-in insert apparatus for concrete
Modular attic flooring assembly
Stairway system having an improved baluster assembly
Method and mounting system for mounting lift components
Mortise lock conversion kit for operation with an American cylinder
Door hinge for heavy equipment
Hurricane protective system
Drill-site proppant vacuum system
Slotted metal seal
Corrosion management systems for vertically oriented structures
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve timing adjusting system
Method for regenerating a diesel particulate filter
Hybrid vehicle
Gas-fired engine
One-stroke internal combustion engine
Air cutoff valve and restart stabilization method using the same
Cylinder liner used for model engine
Convex thermal shield for rocket engine with extendable divergent nozzle
Magnetostrictive wave energy harvester with heave plate
Method and device for electrical power generation from wind power and method of manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for operating a solar energy system to account for cloud shading
Ground high-temperature high-efficiency solar steam electricity-generating device
Flow diode and method for controlling fluid flow origin of the invention
Tilting pad bearing
Non-rotating shaft for a continuous casting machine
Bearing unit for a vehicle wheel
Dog clutch control apparatus for automated transmission
Isolating decoupler
Scroll compressor having first and second oldham couplings
Vehicle wheel balance weights
Drive device for the road wheels of a vehicle
Drive device for the road wheels of a vehicle
Safety anti-reversing device for a bottom of a basin
Expansion valve with variable opening degree
Valve lockout device
Optical probe containing oxygen, temperature, and pressure sensors and monitoring and control systems containing the same
Aircraft conduit harness retention system
Lifting apparatus for gasless laparoscopic surgery
Light emitting device, and illumination apparatus and luminaire using same
Luminaire having a set of lamellae
Lamp device and securing unit thereof
LED lighting device and system
High-power LED lamp
Heat dissipation structure of lighting devices
Efficient spatially modulated illumination system
Lens and light source module incorporating the same
Lens and backlight module having the lens
Lighting assembly with a light guide having light-redirecting edge features
Lighting system
Fire container assembly
Monitoring of the presence of two flames in a fuel combustion device
Premix burner for a gas turbine
Energy transfer module utilizing thermal power generated by solar panels
Quiet system cooling using coupled optimization between integrated micro porous absorbers and rotors
Heliostat tracking and operation for a solar power generation plant
Storage container with sensor device and refrigerator having the same
Environmental control system with closed loop pressure cycle
Assembly for separating gas mixtures in fractionating columns
Rifle mounted pepper spray device with slide activation
Motion recognition method
Hybrid system
System for detecting misalignment of an aero surface
Device for measuring the relative position of two objects moving in relation to each other
Image pickup apparatus with inclination guide display
Device for detecting the position of an actuator
Method and device of measuring wavefront aberration, method of manufacturing optical system, and recording medium
Variable step tracking
Augmented mesh delivery system
Apparatus and method for detecting the position of application of a sealing strip onto a web of packaging material for food products
Systems and methods for flow sensing in a conduit
Module for gas flow measurements with a dual sensing assembly
Enhanced microfluidic electromagnetic measurements
Device for measuring droplet mass flux distributions to test spray injection system and the measuring method
Fiber-optic sensor device having a second fiber bragg grating unit to reflect light passing through a fiber optic sensor
Optical fiber assembly with prism to detect light intensity of light beam entering optical fiber
Spectrometer for microscope illumination sources
Enhancement of raman scattering
System and apparatus for analysis of a guayule plant in situ
Open area platform for wind tunnel testing
Method and system for performing inspection of a liquid product at a security checkpoint
Sensor device for a packaging machine designed as a capsule filling and sealing machine or for a capsule control device
X-ray detector system for assessing the integrity and performance of radiation protective garments
Multi-analyte system and method based on impedimetric measurements
Quantification and characterization of allergens
Comparison of protein samples
Methods of monitoring for adherence to aripiprazole therapy
Workfunction modulation-based sensor to measure pressure and temperature
Inertial sensor and method for measuring acceleration using the same
High frequency capacitance-voltage nanoprobing characterization
Accurately estimating install time
Semiconductor device defect monitoring using a plurality of temperature sensing devices in an adjacent semiconductor device
Current detector
Colorimetric radiation dosimetry based on functional polymer and nanoparticle hybrid
Near-offset extrapolation for free-surface multiple elimination in shallow marine environment
Nuclear quadrupole resonance system
Zoom lens having four lens groups and imaging device using same
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Pixel based gobo record control format
Compound optical film
TM-polarization splitter based on photonic crystal waveguide
Optical printed circuit board, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Optical coupling lens with plugs
Fiber optic rotary joints, methods practiced thereby, and fiber optic devices
Opto-electronic device assembly
Imaging lens system and imaging system including the same
System, apparatus, and method for correcting vision using an electro-active lens
Electro-optic modulator
System for controlling the chirp of an optical signal
Printed flexible display having grating
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Room mirror module for vehicle
Systems and methods for receiving optical pulses
Anti-vibration actuator, lens unit and camera furnished therewith, and manufacturing method for same
Integrated self-photographing apparatus
Light emitting device and super-luminescent diode having layer with first, second and third waveguides
Information processing apparatus and control method
Negative-type photoresist composition for thick film and use thereof
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing a toner consumption amount by performing toner supply control
Cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Particulate material production method and apparatus, toner production method and apparatus, and toner
Liquid developer dispersion for digital printing process
Yellow toner
Determining trajectories of redundant actuators jointly tracking reference trajectory
Adjustable water flow control apparatus for showers
Fully integrated adjustable DC current reference based on an integrated inductor reference
Time-correlation of data
Power supply unit
System for supply of power source current, connector and method of supplying power source current
Medium, control method and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for mitigating effects of memory scrub operations on idle time power savings modes
Methods and apparatus for virtual machine recovery
Memcached server replication
Base protocol layer testing device
Base protocol layer testing device
Diagnosing distributed applications using application logs and request processing paths
Identifying and tagging breakpoint instructions for facilitation of software debug
Predictive upload of snapshot data
Memory system and controlling method of memory system
Systems and methods for semiconductor voltage drop analysis
System level architecture verification for transaction execution in a multi-processing environment
Semiconductor memory device
Method for controlling program execution
Directory cache supporting non-atomic input/output operations
Two handed insertion and deletion algorithm for circular buffer
Providing extended cache replacement state information
Translation management instructions for updating address translation data structures in remote processing nodes
Distributed dynamic memory management unit (MMU)-based secure inter-processor communication
System method for deterministic message processing a direct memory access (DMA) adapter with head pointers and tail pointers for determining the in and out sequence of packets
Method and system for dynamic storage tiering using allocate-on-write snapshots
Converting apparatus, conversion method, and information processing system
False power failure alert impact mitigation
Interrupt assigning method, interrupt control method, and system therefor
Display apparatus incorporating multi-level shutters
Relay apparatus and relay method
Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
Interface monitoring device for an interface port and use of an interface monitoring device
Systems and methods for identification of spike-processing circuits
Method, software, and system for making a decision
Location of computing assets within an organization
Location of computing assets within an organization
Generating simulated containment reports of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
Method, system, and program product for transferring document attributes
Digital audio synthesizer
Computing time-decayed aggregates under smooth decay functions
Memoizing web-browsing computation with DOM-based isomorphism
Machine translation apparatus, method and computer readable medium
Radix sort with read-only key
MTree an XPath multi-axis structure threaded index
Dynamically determining join order
Topological sorting of cyclic directed graphs
Data analyzing method, apparatus and a method for supporting data analysis
Real-time search of vertically partitioned, inverted indexes
Relaxed anchor validation in a distributed synchronization environment
Test data generation and scale up for database testing using unique common factor sequencing
Test data generation and scale up for database testing using unique common factor sequencing
System and method for generating an output of relevant queries for a database
Sorting information by relevance to individuals with passive data collection and real-time injection
Compression/decompression accelerator protocol for software/hardware integration
Concurrent insertion of elements into data structures
Method for ranking paths for power optimization of an integrated circuit design and corresponding computer program product
Parasitic extraction in an integrated circuit with multi-patterning requirements
Hardware emulation method and system using a port time shift register
Object modeling
Method to couple fluid-flow and geomechanical models for integrated petroleum systems using known triggering events
Trimming of dummy fill shapes holes to affect near-neighbor dummy fill shapes with built-in optical proximity corrections for semiconductor applications
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including generating photomasks for directed self-assembly
Accelerating functional verification of an integrated circuit
Techniques to prelink software to improve memory de-duplication in a virtual system
Method for acquisition of software applications
Performing security operations using binary translation
Transmission terminal, transmission system and recording medium
Crosstalk mitigation in on-chip interfaces
Parallel incident processing
Executing a gather operation on a parallel computer that includes a plurality of compute nodes
Audio and tactile feedback based on visual environment
System and method for storing, accessing, and displaying specialized patient information and other medical information
Touch input device
Waterproof housing for digital devices having capacitive touch screen and its actuator mechanism
Control elements of graphical user interfaces
Recording events in a virtual world
Apparatus and method for providing user interface
Electronic device and page zooming method thereof
Capturing and visualizing data lineage in content management system
Dynamic feedback-based throughput control for black-box storage systems
Managing a multi-version database
Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs
Content space environment representation
Residue-based error detection for a processor execution unit that supports vector operations
Performing batches of selective assignments in a vector friendly manner
Mixed precision estimate instruction computing narrow precision result for wide precision inputs
Register renaming scheme with checkpoint repair in a processing device
Dynamic designation of retirement order in out-of-order store queue
Device, system and method of multi-channel processing
Managing an application development environment
Remote application debugging
Apparatus and method for testing conformance of service choreography
Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs
Communicating to update a memory
Determining logical configuration commands to create a logical object
Automatic testing a software product comprising a plurality of software packages
Method and information processing apparatus for extracting software correction patch for virtual machine
Analyzing potential benefits of vectorization
Replacing annotated program code in a networked computing environment
Method for singleton process control
Dynamic optimization of pipelined software
Automatic exploitation of data parallelism in streaming applications
Parameterization on the fly
System and method for displaying measurement programs
Minimizing workload migrations during cloud maintenance operations
Coded information bearing identification tags for cables
Method of improving contrast for text extraction and recognition applications
Automatic detection of swarm attacks
Water tables mapping
Method and system for estimating a similarity between two binary images
Apparatus and method extracting feature information of a source image
Method of perspective correction for devanagari text
Method and system for configuring rules for execution
Methods for improving the clinical outcome of patient care and for reducing overall health care costs
System for on-site management of an event
Display instrument having a pointer
Information processing system and control method for information processing system
Data protection method and device
Charge sensors using inverted lateral bipolar junction transistors
Thermosetting epoxy resin composition and uses thereof
Pyrene compound and organic electroluminescent device including the same
System and method for the provision of multimedia materials
System, method and computer program product for tamper protection in a data storage system
Methods and systems for providing mobile customer support
Systems and methods for enhanced mobile photography
Inspection apparatus for sheet
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soil conditioner implement
Reduction of soil contamination
Measuring spatial variability in soil characteristics
Frame and seat support for a riding lawn mower
Cutting device
Under floor unloading system for a crop storage bin
Container with automatically controlled discharge for continuous metering of liquid flow
Hay feeding case
Animal collar with integral identification holders
Method of monitoring animal feeding behavior
Hay bale container
Structural member for composite assembly device and method for erosion control and sediment retention
In Situ horseshoeing
Fish scaling tool
Method and apparatus for chilling a food product
Meat injection machine
Apparatus for the production of shells of fat-containing chocolate-like masses under pressure build-up
Methods for producing fertilizers and feed supplements from agricultural and industrial wastes
Coffee roaster attachments for home rotisserie oven appliance
Herbal composition as a substitute for tobacco
Golf club holder
Nipple enhancer
Disposable glove donning system
Alternate process for manufacturing shirts with inset sleeves
Illuminated safety helmet
Skate with adjustable size
Skating and other apparatus
Multiple-fold umbrella rib assembly having inner ribs of aluminum alloy and outer ribs of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics
Wheeled luggage and associated devices
Cosmetic stick container and method of producing cosmetic stick in such cosmetic stick container
Hydration system with improved fluid delivery system
Support device for an elongated weapon
Locking tool holder
Combination toothbrush holder and dental floss dispenser
Dispenser for cosmetic material or the like
Hand-held multipurpose casing with structure for reversibly extending functional tipped device
Bristle for a toothbrush
Articulated modular table
Personal computer keyboard and mouse support having moveable mouse extension
Metal wire shelf with collapsible sides, particularly for trolleys and the like
Pick deck
Adjustable detent mechanism for drawer slide
Slidable unit for modular shelving system
High-chair with tray provided with removable cover element
Multipurpose console
Goods display unit
Food service conveyor system
Merchandise display
Display case
Adjustable display device for securing cellular phones to a display
Fastening device
Multiple beverage pitcher device
Cup anchor
Display hanger and method of use
Outdoor ornament kit
Cooking pan for sauteing and deglazing
Wiping material dispensing drum in dispensing apparatus with format and length adjustment of the dispensed material
Dispensing apparatus
Mop with a liquid spraying device
Probe of endoscope
Linear transmission member driving unit for endoscope with rotation stopper mechanism
Illuminated rectal retractor
Coated superelastic stent
Materials and methods for improved bone tendon bone transplantation
Ultrasonic hand piece and ultrasonic horn for use with the same
Safety trocar with progressive cutting tip guards and gas jet tissue deflector
Operating instrument insertion apparatus and operation supporting apparatus
Ultrasonic trocar
Method and apparatus for performing sterile medical procedures
Safety trocar
One-piece sterile drape for use on surgical instrument carts
Apparatus and method for objective measurement of optical systems using wavefront analysis
Remote diagnosis system
Portable ultrasound diagnostic device with automatic data transmission
Virtual remote monitor, alert, diagnostics and programming for implantable medical device systems
System for identifying a cable transmitting a signal from a sensor to an electronic instrument
Blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Device and method for measuring the position of animate links
Reaction test
Alarm upon detection of impending sleep state
Systems and methods for improving emotional awareness and self-mastery
Medical ultrasonic contrast agent imaging method and apparatus
System and method for non-linear detection of ultrasonic contrast agents at a fundamental frequency
Dental flossing system
Apparatus for dental treatment using high pressure liquid jet
System and method for whitening teeth
Modified tooth positioning appliances and methods and systems for their manufacture
Composite dental abutment
Elbow brace with massage ball and topical product dispenser
Hernia prosthesis
Stent for transluminal implantation
Expandable space frame
Methods and apparatus for in-vivo tailored stents indicated for use in tortuous anatomy
Differential treatment of prosthetic devices
Metal jacket for a cementless artificial joint stem and artificial joint having the jacket
Component for use in prosthetic hip, the component having a polycrystalline diamond articulation surface and a plurality of substrate layers
Support apparatus with a plurality of thermal zones providing localized cooling
Method and apparatus for regional and whole body temperature modification
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Fluidic nozzle with multiple operating modes
Therapy steam and heat treatment cabinet
Systems for feeding, counting and dispensing discrete objects
Non-biohazard blood letting system
Implant coating for control of tissue/implant interactions
Manual breastmilk pump
Intra-aortic balloon catheter having a variable diameter inner tube
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling peritoneal dialysis therapy
Device for extracorporeal treatment of physiological fluids of organism
Alleviating motion, simulator, and virtual environmental sickness by presenting visual scene components matched to inner ear vestibular sensations
Guiding device and method for inserting and advancing catheters and guidewires into a vessel of a patient in endovascular treatments
System for holding an indwelling catheter
Integral intravenous chamber and filter
Method for compensating for pressure differences across valves in cassette type IV pump
Syringe with a barrel having a sealing cap to hold a fluid medium within the barrel
Safety hypodermic syringe having a design for easy positioning of the needle cannula holder
Infection preventing device, and an introducer provided therewith
Device for applying electromagnetic therapy
Radiation and thermal energy source
Apparatus and method for stimulating hair growth
Process for phase-locking human ovulation/menstrual cycles
Intravascular radiotherapy source ribbon having variable radiopacity
Remote afterloader
Record and verification method and system for radiation therapy
Respirator headpiece and release mechanism
Musical hula hoop
Arm exercising device
Slotted exercise handgrip
Weight stack apparatus for exercise machine
Exercise system
High efficiency hydrofoil and swim fin designs
Wound golf ball
Apparatus and method for returning a golf ball to a desired location
Golf practice device
Golf putter
Golf putter
Golfing iron club and manufacturing method thereof
Radiation shield for occupants of golf carts
Ball bat
Steer head roping training apparatus
Golf swing instructional device and method
Trading cards for an investment game, and game and method thereof
Video game system with data transmitting/receiving controller
Method for roulette-type games
Dual reward game
Method and apparatus for playing a quiz game
Amusement device
Shock absorber for a toy building element
Toy car camera system and rear vision mirrors
Interactive talking dolls
Operator controlled multilingual doll
Interactive talking dolls
Interactive toy
Scoring apparatus for simulated combat
Method and apparatus for a self-contained illumination device detachably coupled to a toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Telescopic hose and related drive systems
Filter for indoor barbecue
Snap-in vent filter assembly
Apparatus for removing impurity contents in the air
Method and device for evaporating a liquid and cylindrical drum for use in the device
Air flow control in a gas fractionalization system and associated method
Pressure swing adsorption process
Service life indicator for respirator cartridge
Method and apparatus for removing non-condensible gas from a working fluid in a binary power system
Production and use of improved polyimide separation membranes
Dehumidification process and apparatus using collodion membrane
Integrally asymmetrical polyolefin membrane
Diffuser mounting system for aeration of liquids
Miniaturized fluid flow switch
Inverted pressure vessel with shielded closure mechanism
Device for separating components of a fluid sample
Electrostatic air cleaner
Self ionizing pleated air filter system
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Single-functional shower head assembly
Device for producing high pressure in a fluid in miniature
Water-based paint recycling method
Sorting system with multi-plexer
Ultrasound cleaning device and resist-stripping device
Drainage system with membrane cover and method for covering wastewater reservoir
Single crystal casting mold
Device for pressing a side wall in installation for continuous casting of metal strips between two drums against the planar surfaces of the drums
Pig casting machine
Device of a tool spindle
Collet chuck provided with a driven movable member which can be driven hydraulically in two opposite directions for operating a collet
Expanding pullback clamping module
Endmill and cutting method
Slotting cutter with cartridge assembly
Laser alignment system for saws with rotating blades
Process for dressing an internal or external gear tool for fine machining of tooth profiles
Controlled attenuation capillary with planar surface
Bonding apparatus and bonding tool for component
Ultrasonic vibration cutting tool and production method thereof
System for controlling the stirring pin of a friction stir welding apparatus
Aerodynamic resistance weld pin
Clamping device for a machine tool
Parallel kinematics mechanism with a concentric sperical joint
Mandrel and tooling replacement and apparatus therefor
System and method for reducing surface defects in integrated circuits
Method of polishing a magnetic head slider
Methods and apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization using a microreplicated surface
Lens periphery edge processing apparatus
Target lens shape measuring device and eyeglass-lens processing apparatus having the same
Powered, unidirectional output controlling apparatus
Lighting device for a socket wrench
Screw setter tool
Water pump pliers with single-hand control
Tool-bit holding device in percussion tool
Screwdriver for wallboard spotter
Roof support arrangement for mining apparatus and roof bolting equipment
Gripper for parts having different shape in surface mount device
Multi-purpose processing apparatus
Self-closing manual dispenser
Plasticating process, apparatus and screw with mixing
Partial crystallization apparatus of amorphous plastic articles
Robotic systems for automated preform processing
Conformable composite structural member and method therefor
Thermal protection system especially for space vehicles
Lithographic printing members having secondary non-ablative layers for use with laser imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for distinguishing transparent media
Edge lift reduction for belt type transports
Printing apparatus, and method for controlling the power of the printing apparatus
Inkjet printer, and method and apparatus for controlling inkjet printer
Deflection enhancement for continuous ink jet printers
Electrostatic actuator, method of producing electrostatic actuator, micropump, recording head, ink jet recording apparatus, ink cartridge, and method of producing recording head
Liquid injection device, manufacturing method therefor, liquid injection method and manufacturing method for piezo-electric actuator
Ink-jet head mounted with a driver IC, method for manufacturing thereof and ink-jet printer having the same
Liquid discharge method, head, and apparatus which suppress bubble growth at the upstream side
Ink jet printhead with large size silicon wafer and relative manufacturing process
Service station for inkjet printheads
Self-cleaning ink jet printer and print head with cleaning fluid flow system
Wiping apparatus for an ink jet printer
Print system, ink jet printer and ink cartridge
Color ink jet recording method and apparatus therefor
Automatic print gap adjustment assembly for an ink jet printer
Ink jet printing method
Ink jet printing method
Machine for casing inner books into book cases
Sheet feeding apparatus
Liquid applicator implement
Bicycle hub with sliding engagement member and detachable freewheel
Sealing device for a flanged bearing
Bearing apparatus for wheel
Multi-part vehicle wheel
Automobile wheel unit with tire inflation system
Pneumatic tire having tread made of foamed rubber composition
Selectable trailer hitch apparatus
Structural attachment system and method for a vehicle
Integrated pod scroll
Installation for heating and/or ventilating the passenger compartment of a vehicle employing selective extraction of air
Air conditioner outlet vent device
Rearward closure assembly for an automotive vehicle
Protective bag for a coupe top automobile
Convertible hard top for vehicles
Roof construction for a motor vehicle having a removable roof
Hard tonneau cover with concealed exterior latch handle
Assembly of fuel system components on a fuel tank
Filler neck for a fuel tank of a motor vehicle
Wind-powered vehicle
Power take-off unit with automatically actuated drag brake
Front/rear wheel torque distribution control apparatus for four wheel drive vehicle
Vehicle traction control system and method
Vehicular constant-speed control apparatus and method of controlling vehicle speed
Method for integrated representation of the parameters of a distance control device
Vehicle transmission control apparatus
Railroad locomotive traction motor isolation
Seat slide apparatus
Vehicle seat with occupant protection devices
Reconfigurable console
Vehicle seat control lever
Grain wagon having an unloading conveyor with a moveable discharge spout controlled from a tow vehicle
Containerized refuse collection truck
Convertible vehicle transporting trailer
On-site media and communications trailer
Surface mount slide-out system
Head lamp apparatus for vehicle
Headlamp system with selectable beam pattern
Light manifold assembly
Sun visor having an electro-luminescent film for illuminating a mirror
Mass profiling system
Adaptive restraint system
Airbag apparatus
Scuttle area air bag for pedestrian protection
Seat belt pretensioner device
Seat belt retractor
Heavy duty rack attachable to various vehicles
Piston pump
Hover-effect craft
Inflatable air bag release and membrane protection device
Adjustable vehicle-carrying frame
Mobile maintenance cart having a storage compartment, a bag retention system, and a forward facing recess for supporting a container
Combination ice-chest stroller
Device and method for mounting of a lead-through means
Trailer having improved side wall
Dual action spoiler with CAM actuated tips
Electric power steering system
Sulky with removable foot plate
Suspension and drive mechanism for a multi-surface vehicle
Locking arrangement for motorcycle
Extendable mirror
Convertible bicycle
Head bowl set of bicycle and the like
Dual dial rods speed changing controller capable of linear displacement
Bicycle frame
Drive apparatus for a cycle
Awning for a recreational boat including a sliding window
Boat with hideable bow seating area
Material distribution vessel and method for distributing material recovered in a dredging operation
Removable marine gearcase plate
Common flight deck module for family of commercial aircraft
Automatic pilot system for model aircraft
Vortex attractor
Rotor blade with optimized twist distribution
Breathing mask stowage box
Breathing masks box for emergency equipment
Airbag system and method for facilitating emergency egress from an aircraft
Filling apparatus having a clean-shutoff conveyor
Medicine feeder
Panel stiffeners for blow-molded plastic containers
Plastic drum with reinforced sidewall
Device for safe-keeping and transporting piece goods
Method and system for storing miniatures
Cable tie installation tool
Cover for a container openable by peeling, comprising a gripping tab delimited
Packaging of nozzle for pressurized dispensing containers
Work transfer apparatus
Apparatus for diverting a stream of articles
Method of and apparatus for winding film, method of and apparatus for supplying film roll core, and method of and apparatus for inspecting appearance of film roll
Apparatus and method for applying glue to cores
Sheet feeding apparatus
Quiet jogging
Dispenser with cut-off blade/supply roll spacing assembly
Cord holder
Christmas light storage device
Wire-winding mechanism having dual wire outlets
People mover, such as a moving walkway or escalator, with a handrail, and a handrail for a people mover, such as a moving walkway or escalator
Elevator information communication system
Drum winding apparatus
Cable control with a simplified assembly
Compact panel lifter
Liquid dispenser with sliding flow regulator
Quick connect fill system
Parametric resonance in microelectromechanical structures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Well cement additives, compositions and methods
Fertilizer composition
Method for making soil conditioner
Process for recycling amido-carboxylic acid esters into amino-carboxylic acids
Cationic methylenedioxy benzenes, their use for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers, dyeing compositions and methods
Processes for forming styrenic copolymers
Fiber-reactive polymeric dyes
Higher organic inks with good reliability and drytime
Scratch ink composition and writing utensil containing the same
Modified soy protein adhesives
Composition and method for promoting adhesion of thermoplastic elastomers to metal substrates
Heating with steam
Fuel compositions containing hydroxyalkyl-substituted amines
Vegetable lipid-based composition and candle
Non-aqueous detergent compositions containing bleach
Carrier substrate
Process for agglomerating particulate material
Method for processing elemental sulfur-bearing materials using high temperature pressure leaching
Apparatus and method for generating indium ion beam
Scanned focus deposition system
Method for applying a high-temperature bond coat on a metal substrate, and related compositions and articles
Apparatus and method of growing single crystal of semiconductor
Method of fabricating crystal thin plate under micro-gravity environment
Textiles; Paper
Control of fill yarn during basket weave type patterns on air jet looms
Dye fixatives
Dyed polyamide-6 articles having improved wetfastness properties and methods of making same
Calender arrangement and a deflection controlled roll and method of operating them
Fixed Constructions
Concrete curing machine
Snow shovel having light weight and greater strength
Modular clean room filter system
Roof and rain gutter cleaning tools
Latch mechanism and housing
Power actuator arrangement
Three-part motor vehicle door lock
Self-adjusting cam lock for storage cabinet
Slide rod locking device
Safe for valuable documents such as banknotes, cheques etc.
Window covering slat
Motorized window shade with ultraquiet motor drive and ESD protection
Screen assembly
Step ladder
Method and apparatus for drilling a plurality of offshore underwater wells
Method and apparatus using coiled-in-coiled tubing
Torque limiting tool
Float valve assembly and method
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Method of creating a casing in a borehole
Internal gate valve for flow completion systems
Methods and associated apparatus for downhole data retrieval, monitoring and tool actuation
Circulation control device
Method of using a heater with a fiber optic string in a wellbore
Single trip perforating and fracturing/gravel packing
Low debris shaped charge perforating apparatus and method for use of same
Cable actuated downhole smart pump
Production system and method for producing fluids from a well
Method of monitoring the diameter of columns made by injection
Anchoring system for a directional drilling machine and methods of use
Drilling, image, and coal-bed methane production ahead of mining
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sliding vane pump
Pump apparatus having drive force input portion aligned with pump shaft bearing member
Balanced rotors positive displacement engine and pump method and apparatus
Rotary actuator with cushion mechanism
Gas turbine engine blade containment assembly
Annular after reactor with sound attenuator for use in a jet engine test cell and test stand
Deactivation roller hydraulic valve lifter
Variable valve control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Pump for supplying a fuel injection system and for supplying a hydraulic valve controller for internal combustion engines
Valve control system for electromagnetic valve
Lubrication structure of power unit
Internal combustion engine with combustion heater
Engine fluid cooling systems and methods
Oil cooler for watercraft
Controlled auto-ignition lean burn stratified engine by intelligent injection
Stratified scavenging two-stroke cycle engine
Engine with two cylinder banks each with a valve operating device enabling variation of valve timing and valve lift characteristic
Hydraulic circuit for unlocking variable compression ratio connecting rod locking mechanisms
Outboard engine unit
System for diagnosing fault conditions associated with an air handling system for an internal combustion engine
Control system for an internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for a cylinder injection type internal combustion engine capable of suppressing undesirable torque shock
Method for selecting a cylinder group when adjusting a frequency of air/fuel ratio oscillations
Fuel injection pressure control system for an internal combustion engine
Intake air controller for internal combustion engine and manufacturing the same
EGR metering subassembly including a gas arrestor
Push on sensor attachment arrangement
High-pressure connection for a fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Common rail fuel injection system
Pressure valve
Fuel injector module
Device for rapidly building-up pressure in a device of a motor vehicle, said device being supplied with a pressure medium by means of a feed pump
High-pressure fuel supply system and method of supplying fuel
Feedback tailoring of fuel injector drive signal
System and method for protecting a cranking subsystem
Foot activated independent standing starter aid for hand held internal combustion engine machines employing a pull cord starter mechanism
Oil separator
High volume low pressure air pump
Downstroke sucker rod pump and method of use
Fail safe electronic pressure switch for compressor motor
Air conditioner
Hydraulic pressure transformer
Fluid level control for a downhole well pumping system
Dry-compressing screw pump having cooling medium through hollow rotor spindles
Liquid ring pump
Assembly of rotatable members
Tip treatment bars in a gas turbine engine
Fuel pump for internal combustion engine
Molten metal submersible pump system
Hydraulic latching spool valve
Aggregate of pressure cylinders
Modular, compliant, sealing bearing assembly
Plain bearing
Brake/clutch module with simplified friction pad substitution
Coupling assembly for agricultural implements
Constant velocity universal joint and method for assembling the same
Constant velocity fixed joint with cross-groove tracks
Drum brake device
Friction surface coating for a friction material of a brake system
Magneto-rheological damper with an external coil
Magneto-rheological fluid damper piston-flux ring attachment
Continuous manufacture of push type CVT belt bands utilizing spiral winding & welding to form tube and slitting tube to form band of predetermined width
Hydrodynamic coupling device
Infinitely variable epicyclic transmissions
Method and apparatus for controlling a continuously variable automatic transmission
System for adjusting a transmission ratio in a transmission built into a motor vehicle
Control device for semiautomatic gearshift mechanisms of vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Method for producing a sealing between two engine parts, especially between an engine block and a cylinder head
Wire inserted non-extrusion ring
Elastomer energized rod seal
Multi passage valve
Pressure relief device with one piece gasket
Pneumatic snap pilot
Fluid flow proportioning device
Hollow body in the form of a flexible bar
Universal flange joint for attaching
Coupling assemblies for providing fluid connection
Arrangement for connecting two tubular elements
Self-sealing flexible metal hose
Decorative light assembly
Tubular light
Glare reducing visor for existing PAR bulb exterior lighting fixtures
Electrical candlestick device
Headlight or light
Asymmetric flood lighting reflector and apparatus for making same
Back-lighting system for a transmissive electrooptic modulator using the light polarization effect
Catalytic combustion heat exchanger
Gas control assembly
Air port damper
Durable catalytic burner system
Fuel-fired heating appliance with combustion chamber temperature-sensing combustion air shutoff system
Advanced NOX reduction for boilers
Front cover for air conditioner
Thermal barrier for air handling unit (AHU) cabinet
Floor panel for air handling unit
Refrigeration system for electronic components having environmental isolation
Defrost control method for reducing freezer package temperature deviation
Combined refrigerator-oven apparatus
Method and apparatus of indirect-evaporation cooling
Evaporator and refrigerator
Heat exchanger with parallel flowing fluids
Molded cooling tower
Muzzle brake vibration absorber
Method for correcting dynamic gun errors
Automatic air sport gun
Method for automatic weapon allocation and scheduling against attacking threats
Flameless tracer ammunition
Electric actuated explosion detonator
Bracelet for moving ultrasonic sensors along a pipe
Gyroscope and input apparatus using the same
Actuator for oscillator
Inertial rate sensor and method with built-in testing
Method for measuring fluid level
Float gauge with fixed liquid level gauge
Method for eliminating output discontinuities in digital pressure transducers and digital pressure transducer employing same
Method for collecting exhaust gases
Intrinsic dissolution apparatus with stationary sample holder
Article comprising a particle retrieval device
Method of preparing slag sample for X-ray fluorescence analysis and sampler for use in the same
Method for measuring absolute value of thermal conductivity
Cavitation sensor
Non-destructive testing method and apparatus to determine microstructure of ferrous metal objects
Ultrasonic austenitic weld seam inspection method and apparatus
Multilayered gas chromatograph
Method for characterizing a porous permeable medium by polarized gas NMR
Wind measurement apparatus
Mobile plate accelerometer with electrostatic feedback motor
Actuator configuration and method, in particular, for actuating an injection valve of an internal combustion engine
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with hexagonal scanning
Ultrasound imaging device
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Laser beam attenuator and method of attenuating a laser beam
Optical imaging apparatus
Guide pin for optical fiber connectors and optical fiber connector plug
Light-receiving module for optical fiber transmission with mesh shielding conductor
Miniature opto-electronic transceiver
Illumination system and projector
Compact camera
Compact camera with improved collapsible housing
Projector with guiding rib in vent
Automatic temperature control valve
Ergonomic forearm and wrist support device
Communications transceiver with internal EMI shield and associated methods
No-impact keyboard
Input circuit for memory smart cards
Contactless access ticket and method for making same
Portable data collection
Chip card connector and mobile station
Methods and apparatus for dual channel video recovery in bar code scanners
Optical reader having inclinable stage which mounts optical unit thereon
Circulation management system for issuing a circulation medium
Prompt coupon reimbursement after coupon redemption
Method and apparatus for wireless assistance for self-service checkout
Providing a location and item identification data to visually impaired shoppers in a site having barcode labels
Rendering of a multi-dimensional object data set
Device for warming and dispensing towels
System and method for conducting and playing a supplemental lottery game
Game machine notifying formation of a specific prize mode
Apparatus and method for deactivating electronic article surveillance in a retail self-checkout terminal
Fail operational optical design for tiled projection cockpit displays
Folding three dimensional construction
Ultrasonic probe using ribbon cable attachment system
Tape guide cleaning member
Hollow core spindle and spin, rinse, and dry module including the same
Focused particle beam systems and methods using a tilt column
Method of manufacturing electronic devices and apparatus for carrying out such a method
Semiconductor wafer holder
Apparatus and method for enhanced degassing of semiconductor wafers for increased throughput
Fixing structure of radiator
Environmental barrier material for organic light emitting device and method of making
Connector and a connecting structure of circuit boards therewith
Method and apparatus to increase cable connector density in equipment
Robust, small scale electrical contactor
Interconnection components with integral conductive elastomeric sheet material, and method of manufacturing same
LGA connector with integrated gasket
Coaxial connection with a tiltable adapter for a printed circuit board
Electrical connector with identification chip
Half-fitting prevention connector
Half-fitting prevention connector
Structural truss system with adjustable mechanical mounting track and internal conduit accessible from removable sidewall
Vehicle light bulb
Methods and apparatus for electrical connections
Connector coupled by pressure for telecommunications systems
Voltage terminal connector assembly
Snap-on rail mounted electrical device
Seal for a closure and a closure incorporating the seal
Mounting bracket
Integrated wireless broadband communications network
Method and device for imaging in digital dental radioscopy
Micro display projection system having electronically controlled color switches
Image projection system having uniform brightness
Channel reuse patterns in a mobile communications system
Apparatus and method for removing interconnections
Anti-tilt mechanism for a drawer assembly
Support using guide slider for interface card
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