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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Method for managing returns
Human Necessities
Soybean variety RJS22001
Transgenic mammals having human IG loci including plural V.sub.h and V.sub.k regions and antibodies produced therefrom
Cocoa extracts as antioxidants
Pharmaceutical formulations comprising salts of a protein kinase inhibitor and methods of using same
LPA receptor antagonist
Substituted porphyrins
Articulated body armour
Materials and methods for a hat with interchangeable logo
Bed panel structure
Handle for securing interchangeable loofahs
Extended pneumatic cleaning device
Method of evaluating skin conditions and method of estimating skin thickness
Electrostatic discharge protection for analog component of wrist-worn device
Method for delivering a device to a target location
Method, tomography system and image processing system for displaying tomographic records of a patient
Absorbent structure comprising synergistic components for superabsorbent polymer
Disposable absorbent articles being adaptable to wearer's anatomy
Acacia fiber-containing fibrous structures and methods for making same
Method and apparatus for spinal cooling
Combinations of ceramide and chemotherapeutic agents for inducing cell death and uses thereof in treating cancer
Crystal comprising (2R)-2-propyloctanoic acid and amine
Crystalline forms
Cyclohexylimidiazole lactam derivatives as inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
Substituted heteroaryl derivatives, compositions, and methods of use
Method of treating or inhibiting a non-digestive tract derived abdominal disorder associated with pain using a 5-HT, receptor antagonist
Methods and compositions for preventing or treating cardiovascular disease
Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors belonging to the tertiary amine class
Cyclic amines
Compositions and method for reducing TNF.alpha. levels
1-(2H)-isoquinolone derivative
Benzazole derivatives, compositions, and methods of use as aurora kinase inhibitors
Phosphoric acid addition salt of (2R)-1-[3-(2-{[2-(2-dimethylaminoethoxy)-3-pyridinyl]oxy}-ethoxy)-2-pyraz- inyl]-2-methylpiperazine
Indolylmaleimide derivatives
Peptidomimetic protease inhibitors
6-aminoimidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine analogs as rho kinase inhibitors for the treatment of rho kinase-mediated diseases and conditions
Inhibitors of MEK
Therapeutic agent for inflammatory bowel disease
Pyrimidinyl sulfonamide compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Methods of treating hypertension
Photosensing soluble organic semiconductor material
Lipid A and other carbohydrate ligand analogs
Anti-viral pyrimidine nucleoside analogues
Sugar intake promoters
Conjugated toxin peptide therapeutic agents
Antimicrobial peptides and derived metapeptides
Permeation enhancers
RNAi probes targeting cancer-related proteins
MRI-compatible implantable lead having high impedance electrodes
Method and apparatus for reducing far-field interchamber interference in an implanted medical device
Resynchronization method and apparatus based on intrinsic atrial rate
Electrode line and terminal part for an implantable heart stimulator
Treatment-speed regulated tumor-tracking
Methods of cleansing dyed hair
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for preparing vanadium/titania-based catalyst for removing nitrogen oxide at low temperature
Porous anodic aluminum oxide membranes for nanofabrication
Ink composition for a color filter, a color filter substrate manufactured using the ink composition and method of manufacturing a color filter substrate using the ink composition
Component for a household appliance, in particular for a dishwasher, and sump for a household appliance, in particular for a dishwasher, using it
Process and apparatus for scoring a brittle material
Automatic leveling fixture
Laser engraving mechanism and engraving method of using the same
Spectroscopic technique for measuring the composition of cored wire electrodes
Multifunctional tool for automotive air conditioning system testing and maintenance
Adhesive exhibiting maximum melt viscosity of 10,000 Pa s at 40 to 80 degrees C
Leather-like sheet and production method thereof
Image forming apparatus
Seat apparatus for vehicle
Parking control system and method
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Near infrared absorbent green glass composition, and laminated glass using the same
Method of preparing a stable lead zircon-titanate sol and method for preparing films based on same
Integrated microchannel synthesis and separation
CCR9 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Photolatent systems
Direct and selective production of ethyl acetate from acetic acid utilizing a bimetal supported catalyst
Phosphorus-containing mixtures, a process for their preparation and their use
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate from acetic acid via ethyl acetate
Condensed ring compound
Method for producing flavan derivatives
Compounds and methods for controlling fungi, bacteria and insects
2-(piperidin-4-yl)-4,5-dihydro-2H-pyridazin-3-one derivatives as PDE4 inhibitors
Method of preparation of azaindole derivatives
Diazabenzo[de]anthracen-3-one compounds and methods for inhibiting PARP
H.sup.+-gated ion channel
Synthetic peptides and uses therefore
CDNA encoding the human .alpha.2 .delta.4 calcium channel subunit
Tumor necrosis factor-gamma
Radiation curable inks
Process for the preparation of storage-stable polyamidoimide resins and coating materials which contain them
Nanostructured hybrid oligomer composition
Modified asphalt binders and asphalt paving compositions
Insulating film forming composition and electronic device
Rubber composition and golf ball including the same as rubber base material
Use of charged amphiphilic statistic polymers for thickening phase comprising giant micelles of surfactants and aqueous composition comprising same
Lubricant and method for improving air release using ashless detergents
Solid lubricant sticks having a two part formulation
Plants having increased yield and method for making the same
Textiles; Paper
Garments comprising a flexible high thermal performance outer shell fabric of polybenzimidazole and polypyridobisimidazole fibers
Fabrics made from a blend of polypyridobisimidazole/flame-retardant treated cellulose fibers and articles made therefrom
Fixed Constructions
Buoyancy operation mechanism for sewage suction device used in toilets
Detachable hanger for covering of building's opening
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for determining a parameter for normalized instantaneous heat release in an internal combustion engine
Rapid response portable hybrid emergency energy generator
System for generating heat using a wind tunnel
Generator utilizing fluid-induced oscillations
Measurement method, a measurement apparatus, and a computer-readable recording medium
Apparatus and method for measuring surface topography of an object
Apparatus and method for measuring distances
System and method for focusing discrete points on an under-measured object
Common path systems and methods for frequency domain and time domain optical coherence tomography using non-specular reference reflection and a delivering device for optical radiation with a partially optically transparent non-specular reference reflector
Apparatus for visual inspection
Systems and methods for lithographic illuminator beam deviation measurement and calibration using grating sensors
Angle measuring device and method
Systems, methods, and programs for determining a travel-related time
Portable electronic measuring device and method
Specific-condition-section detection apparatus and method of detecting specific condition section
Optical encoder for detecting movement of a moving object and electronic equipment including the optical encoder
Method and apparatus for weighing moving articles
Infrared camera for locating a target using at least one shaped light source
Method and device for calculating magnitude of wheel-generated cornering force
Method and device for activating additional functions in response to a rollover procedure of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for measuring a position of a particle in a flow
System to test electronic part and method of controlling the same
Tilt-angle detecting method and apparatus for a motorcycle
Anti-pinch sensor
Liquid crystal display apparatus and testing method for liquid crystal display apparatus
Method for testing a communication connection
Loop locating apparatus and loop locating method in layer 3 network
Flushing processing unit and method of switching device in network using spanning tree protocol
Element substrate, inspecting method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Circuit board apparatus for wafer inspection, probe card, and wafer inspection apparatus
System, method and apparatus for RF directed energy
System and methods of balancing scan chains and inserting the balanced-length scan chains into hierarchically designed integrated circuits
Method and article of manufacture to generate IC test vector for synchronized physical probing
Method and system for identifying moving objects using acoustic signals
Systems and methods for detecting GPS measurement errors
System and method for transmitting GPS signals over a network
Methods and apparatus for improved gamma spectra generation
Method for ultrasonic wave transmission and apparatus for ultrasonic wave transmission
Endoscope objective lens with large entrance pupil diameter and high numerical aperture
Dual optical path periscope
Dynamic motile medium
Neutron chopper
Drive for system for processing fiber optic connectors
Splitter modules for fiber distribution hubs
Optical waveguide film, optical substrate, and methods for manufacturing the same
Simple fiducial marking for quality verification of high density circuit board connectors
Optical transmission assembly
Buoyancy neutral fiber optic cable
Lens driving device
Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal
Separation type chassis and flat panel display having the same
Method of manufacturing polarizer, polarizer, polarizing plate, and image display
Transflective liquid crystal display device comprising domain partitioning members disposed in the reflective area and not in the transmissive area
Vertically-alligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Display device
Liquid crystal display device and alignment process method
Display device and manufacturing method of display device
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Exterior reflective mirror element for a vehicular rearview mirror assembly
Electrochromic rearview mirror assembly incorporating a display/signal light
Method for controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus adopting the method
Image blur correction device, lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Imaging device and in-focus control method
Image capture device with automatic focusing function
Image forming apparatus
Sheet finisher and image forming system using the same
Image forming apparatus
Filling-rate lowering and rolling rate adjusting image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that may correct the positional alignment of images
Developer conveying device and image-forming apparatus with electrodes for conveying charged developer
Image forming apparatus
Image formation device
Image forming apparatus having two fixing devices with sheet-paths of differing lengths
Image forming apparatus
Low-voltage dips generator device
Method for generating and using a plasma processing control program
Reference current generating circuit using on-chip constant resistor
High voltage input receiver using low voltage transistors
Constant voltage circuit and method of controlling ouput voltage of constant voltage circuit
Method for implementing thermal management in a processor and/or apparatus and/or system employing the same
Digital reliability monitor having autonomic repair and notification capability
Laptop stand
Failure recognition, notification, and prevention for learning and self-healing capabilities in a monitored system
Communications system
Maintaining consistency in a remote copy data storage system
Forwarding plane data communications channel for ethernet transport networks
Anomaly notification control in disk array
Intra-disk coding scheme for data-storage systems
Gorbadey's method for ensuring the reliable operation of the program computing means
Methods, systems and computer program products for CPU signaturing to aide in performance analysis
System and method for applying a destructive firmware update in a non-destructive manner
Data recording/reproduction for write-once discs
Work role yields management system and method
Mass prefetching method for disk array
Low power semi-trace instruction/trace hybrid cache with logic for indexing the trace cache under certain conditions
Preallocated disk queuing
Relative positioning and access of memory objects
Method of flexible memory segment assignment using a single chip select
System and methods for connecting multiple functional components
Cache memory
Apparatus and method for enumeration of processors during hot-plug of a compute node
Storage device and storage device data life cycle control method
Managing storage system configuration information
Methods and apparatuses for serial bus sideband communications
Channel-less multithreaded DMA controller
Discovery of a bridge device in a SAS communication system
Creating a session log for studying usability of computing devices used for social networking by filtering observations based on roles of usability experts
Image supply device, control method of the device, and printing system
Method and an apparatus to perform dynamic secure re-routing of data flows for public services
Apparatus and method for measuring and using response to SNMP requests to provide real-time network parameter estimates in a network management zone
Device and method for centralized data management and a access control to databases
Conference server redundancy
System for using non-standard transfer protocol from software received at in-vehicle communications gateway for exchanging data with client device
Method and apparatus for dynamic reconfiguration of web services infrastructure
Communication apparatus, program product for adding communication mechanism to communication apparatus for providing improved usability and communication efficiency, and recording medium storing program product
Federated multiprotocol communication
Method for flexible modifications to a packet
Apparatus and method for merging wireless data into an established process control system
Method for interfacing scanned product information with a source for the product over a global network
System of managing connection to web services and method thereof
Method for providing personalization service in ubiquitous environment and intelligent gadget thereof
Method for starting up file sharing system and file sharing device
Scalable unified memory architecture
Storage management method and server
Monitoring device used for producing compositions
Method and system for brokering media files
Application software configured to work with two operating systems
System and method for text segmentation and display
Methods and apparatus providing local search engine
Building management
Audio signal processing method and apparatus
Method, browser client and apparatus to support full-page web browsing on hand-held devices
Electronic device having music database and method of forming music database
Method for using lengths of data paths in assessing the morphological similarity of sets of data by using equivalence signatures
Snapback user interface for accessing different document pages directly without going through intermediate pages
Article dispensing device and method
Using a loudness-level-reference segment of audio to normalize relative audio levels among different audio files when combining content of the audio files
Bi-dimensional rewriting rules for natural language processing
Text explanation for on-line analytic processing events
Estimation of input/output requirements for table probe in join processing
Programmable method and apparatus for real-time adaptation of presentations to individuals
Predictive analytic method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for composite configuration item management in configuration management database
Method of reconfiguring NAS under GNS
Restoration of archived configurations for a network device
Query-driven sharing and syndication
Swapping multiple object aliases in a database system
Modeling and implementing complex data access operations based on lower level traditional operations
Apparatus and methods for displaying and determining dependency relationships among subsystems in a computer software system
Method and system for reducing complex tree structures to simple tree structures based on relevance of nodes using threshold values
Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, data processing apparatus, recording and reproduction apparatus and data transmission apparatus and corresponding methods
Method and system for providing real time offers to a user based on obsolescence of possessed items
Method of designing a digital circuit by correlating different static timing analyzers
Variable performance ranking and modification in design for manufacturability of circuits
Method and system of determining a location for a wind-powered electrical energy facility
Method and system for reduction of and/or subexpressions in structural design representations
Method of generating wiring routes with matching delay in the presence of process variation
Method and apparatus for automatic generation of multiple integrated circuit simulation configuration
Unrolling hardware design generate statements in a source window debugger
Chip having timing analysis of paths performed within the chip during the design process
Method and system of introducing hierarchy into design rule checking test cases and rotation of test case data
Inductance analysis system and method and program therefor
Transition balancing for noise reduction/Di/Dt reduction during design, synthesis, and physical design
Fluorescence detecting device and fluorescence detecting method
Power-based underspeed control
Internal combustion engine stop controller and stop control method
Detection of faults in an injector arrangement
Method and device for detecting computer network intrusions
Digital combined apparatus, control method therefor, and digital combined apparatus system
Device, system, and method for the automatic configuration of a network communications device
Process for automatic dynamic reloading of data flow processors (DFPs) and units with two- or three-dimensional programmable cell architectures (FPGAs, DPGAs, and the like)
Method and system for controlling multiple electronic mail messages in a data processing system
Methods and apparatus for interactive point-of-view authoring of digital video content
Computer readable recording medium recorded with graphics editing program, and graphics editing apparatus
Methods and apparatus for generating an executable file from a use case
User interface system having a separate menu flow software object and operation software object
Information processing apparatus and job processing apparatus
Method of drawing images using a dynamic reconfigurable processor, circuit therefor and image output control apparatus
Image processing method and image processing device
System and method for saving browsed data
System and method for automating data normalization using text analytics
Method and device for data backup
Method and system to provide contextual, intelligent address book listings
System and method of providing performance data
Collaborative workspace context information filtering
Systems and methods for classifying and transferring information in a storage network
Information recording medium, information recording medium accessing device, and area setting method
Dead reckoning for coordinate conversion
Command supply device that supplies a command read out from a main memory to a central processing unit
Context switching device
System and a method for numerical simulation of wave propagation in homogeneous media
Circuit having a multidimensional structure of configurable cells that include multi-bit-wide inputs and outputs
Imaging apparatus, information device including the same, and imaging method therefor
Apparatus, system, and method for discontiguous multiple issue of instructions
Computer program code comparison using lexemes
Process and implementation for using byte code insertion to modify a class definition to define and use probes for application components
Systems and methods for selectively copying embedded data files
Method of ensuring the integrity of TLB entries after changing the translation mode of a virtualized operating system without requiring a flush of the TLB
Computer-implemented method, system and program product for establishing multiple read-only locks on a shared data object
Intelligent memory device with variable size task architecture
Wireless transceiver components with improved IQ matching
Surface replacement of a femoral head
Image recording method and image recording apparatus
Image processing device and method for detecting developing lesions
Method and device for image reconstruction
Systems and methods for high-throughput radiation biodosimetry
Board inspecting apparatus, its parameter setting method and parameter setting apparatus
Method and system for tracking images
Multimedia color management system
Data security system
Method and system for ordering, loading and using admission tickets
Device and method for combining two images
Method and apparatus for alignment, comparison and identification of characteristic tool marks, including ballistic signatures
Locally adapted hierarchical basis preconditioning
Digital video compression
Method and system for improved processing of image data
Adaptive semantic reasoning engine
System and method for handling pre-picked invoices in order fulfillment
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Wireless wallet
Maintaining privacy for transactions performable by a user device having a security module
Information providing system, method thereof, and program
Presentation production system
Method and system for ordering a consumable for a device
System and software for providing recommendations to optimize a portfolio of items
Generation of cost or price quotations
Systems and methods relating to the formulation of a multi-party contract
Future check financing method
Structured data authoring and editing system
Home delivery box and home delivery baggage collecting/delivering system and method therefor
System and method for sound recognition
Smoke detector
Multivariate environmental sensing system with intelligent storage and redundant transmission pathways
Systems and methods for improved health care compliance
System for monitoring and tracking animals
Method for multiplexing different bit rate sources
Traffic light signal system using radar-based target detection and tracking
Rolling light emitting diode screen device
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Interface circuit for data transmission and method thereof
Data driving circuit, light emitting display device using the same, and driving method thereof
Image display apparatus, control signal generating apparatus, image display control method, and computer program product
Apparatuses for generating analog driving voltages and common electrode voltages and methods of controlling the analog driving voltages and the common electrode voltages
Shift register and organic light emitting display device using the same
Dynamic conference table display system
Image display apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image display apparatus using same
Computer application environment and communication system employing automatic identification of human conversational behavior
Method and apparatus for generating audio information from received synthesis information
Speaker intent analysis system
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording method
Optical disk reproducing apparatus with a disk identifying function
Disk apparatus with curved stabilizing member
Offset loop for wobble
Head IC, read circuit and medium storage device
Timing recovery for data storage channels with buffered sectors
Thin film magnetic head for high density recording and having a leading side magnetic pole piece of variable width at the media facing surface
Thin-film magnetic head in which perpendicular magnetic record head overlaps on reproducing head
Magneto-resistance effect element including a damping factor adjustment layer, magneto-resistance effect head, magnetic storage and magnetic memory
Disk drive head stack assembly interacting with movement guide for preventing head from contacting the disk during read/write operations
Method and system for adjusting tilt of an optical pickup head
Apparatus for writing a data to an optical storage media and servo control unit and laser diode driver unit thereof
Method for analyzing an abnormal region on an optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for recording information onto and reproducing information from a recording medium and managing a defective area in a recording medium
Information recording and retrieval method, and its apparatus
Data managing method for an optical disc drive writing user data into an optical disc having defects
TE signal polarity determining system and related method thereof
Data recording/reproduction for write-once discs
Optical pickup device for supporting a plurality of types of optical disks
Aberration detection device and optical pickup device provided with same
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Optical disc, optical disc apparatus, and optical disc reproducing method
Nonvolatile memory device and method including resistor and transistor
Multilayer ferroelectric data storage system with regenerative read
Nonequilibrium photodetectors with single carrier species barriers
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory circuit
Memory device having an evaluation circuit
Multi-layered radiation protection wall and radiation protection chamber
Cryotomography x-ray microscopy state
Correlated magnetic harness and method for using the correlated magnetic harness
Apparatus for storing electrical energy
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Puffer circuit breaker with an overpressure valve
Counter electromotive force prevention unit
Current inductive timer socket
Method for maintaining vacuum-tight inside a panel module and structure for the same
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Flat display panel having exhaust holes within display area
Plasma display apparatus comprising connector
Lighting unit and discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for extending equipment uptime in ion implantation
Light emitting diode structure
Method for purifying acetylene gas for use in semiconductor processes
Prevention of trench photoresist scum
Negative tone double patterning method
Methods of forming conductive interconnects
Preparation of thin film transistors (TFTs) or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags or other printable electronics using ink-jet printer and carbon nanotube inks
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Heat sink with preattached thermal interface material and method of making same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with wire-bonding on multi-zigzag fingers
Intermediate semiconductor device structures
Circuit structures and methods with BEOL layer(s) configured to block electromagnetic interference
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating semiconductor memory device
CRAM transistors with high immunity to soft error
Light activated silicon controlled switch
Semiconductor light emitting unit, method for manufacturing same and linear light source
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin-film transistor substrate and display device having the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Silicon carbide semiconductor device
Process for making contact with and housing integrated circuits
N-ary three-dimensional mask-programmable read-only memory
Electrical fuse circuit for security applications
Switch circuit, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing said semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including trench gate transistor and method of forming the same
Semiconductor component comprising a drift zone and a drift control zone
Semiconductor device and semiconductor system
Semiconductor memory device
Tunable capacitor
Solid state dye-sensitized solar cell employing composite polymer electrolyte
Liquid crystalline interpenetrating polymer networks
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof with a recessed backside substrate for breakdown voltage blocking
Solid-state imaging device with biased light shielding film
Photodetector with dark current reduction
Thin film transistor
Thermoelectric conversion device and manufacture method for the same
Method for measuring a temperature in an electronic device having a battery
Irreversible circuit element
Directional coupler
Directional coupler
Chip antenna, an antenna device, and a communication equipment
Antenna arrangement
Multi-band antenna
Gradient index lens for microwave radiation
Tunable antenna module with frequency correction circuit and manufacturing method thereof
Wavelength reconfigurable laser transmitter tuned via the resonance passbands of a tunable microresonator
Laser light intensity control device, laser light intensity control method, and image forming apparatus
Erbium doped fibres
Semiconductor device
Axial gap dynamo electric machine with magnetic bearing
Axial gap type motor
Power factor correction method for AC/DC converters and corresponding converter
Submersible motor
Dual voltage buffer with current reuse
Cascode amplifier and differential cascode voltage-controlled oscillator using the same
Crystal oscillator for surface mounting
Device comprising a feedback-less gain controlled amplifier
Differential voltage mode driver and digital impedance caliberation of same
Impedance calibration period setting circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Calibrating an oscillator and corresponding calibration device
DLL circuit
Background calibration system for calibrating non-linear distortion of amplifier and method thereof
Apparatus and method for efficient analog-to-digital conversion
Methods and apparatuses for generating parity symbols for data block
Low area architecture in BCH decoder
Trellis encoding device for encoding transmission stream and method thereof
System and method for reducing power dissipation in an analog to digital converter
Data processing system and method
Devices and methods for ultra-wideband communications
Method and apparatus for increasing data throughput
Remote control system, remote control apparatus, remote control method, program for implementing the method, and electronic apparatus
Receiver, transceiver circuit, signal transmission method, and signal transmission system
Radio receiver and method for detecting carrier waves
Apparatus and method for down-converting electromagnetic signals by controlled charging and discharging of a capacitor
Method and system for reconfigurable channel coding
Method and apparatus for control of rate-distortion tradeoff by mode selection in video encoders
Enhanced rake structure
Digital Gaussian noise simulator
Fast joint detection base station
Reconstruction and restoration of two polarization components of an optical signal field
Secure quantum optical communications system and method
Active tuning of temporal dispersion in an ultrashort pulse laser system
Compact, tunable, efficient IR laser and IR guiding silica fibers
Iterative multi-stage detection technique for a diversity receiver having multiple antenna elements
Communications system having pre-defined calling groups
Power saving in VoIP transmission apparatus, systems, and methods
Multi-antenna communication systems utilizing RF-based and baseband signal weighting and combining
Controlling data flow through a data communications link
Timing and frequency acquisition for mediaflo systems
Bus station and system and method of maintaining synchronizing of a bus station
Packet flow side channel
Method for transitioning between coordination modes for interfering neighbor networks
Method and apparatus for scheduling packet data transmissions in a wireless communication system
Self-calibrating multi-port circuit and method
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) receiver, OFDM reception method and terrestrial digital receiver
Method and device for cancelling interference in wireless communication system
Bandwidth measuring method and device
Generalized policy server
Apparatus for and method of managing a routing table in a multi-hop system
Path controls apparatus and table updating method
Method and system for policy-based routing in a private network-to-network interface protocol based network
Look-up table based approach for layer combining in ISDB-T and ISDB-TSB receivers
Methods and systems for network coordination
System and method for policing multiple data flows and multi-protocol data flows
Bandwidth allocation method and system for data transmission in EPON
Apparatus and method for TCP buffer copy distributed parallel processing
LCR switch with header compression
Method for routing packets in ad-hoc networks with partial channel state information
System and method to redirect calls in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for minimizing signal loss in transit
System and method for symbol rate estimation using vector velocity
Method and apparatus for interference suppression in a wireless communication receiver
Authenticated identity propagation and translation within a multiple computing unit environment
Apparatus, systems, methods and computer products for providing a virtual enhanced training sequence
Network data security system and protecting method thereof
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital data
Multiple matching control method
Systems and methods for management and auto-generation of encryption keys
Method and apparatus for automatic and secure distribution of a symmetric key security credential in a utility computing environment
Data card verification system
Telephone interface circuit
Cellular phone
Hand held apparatus and flip device thereof
Cover for mobile communication terminal, and mobile communication terminal
Communication terminal unit capable of receiving a message and method for identifying a message sender in the same
Method and apparatus for operating a communication station
Protective apparatus for a portable device
System and method for deploying application program components having an application server
Methods and systems for time-based delivery of calls
Image formation device and support body
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of accurately detecting displacement of transfer images and image density
Image forming apparatus capable of producing a high-precision light beam with a simple structure
Paper feeder
Mapping an input color value in an input color space to an output color value in an output color space
Information processing method and apparatus
Photoelectric conversion apparatus provided with arrangement of plurality of pixels each having plurality of photoelectric conversion devices and accumulating unit for temporarily accumulating charges accumulated in plurality of photoelectric conversion devices
Image enhancing system
Portable terminal equipped with camera and adapted for self-imaging
Display apparatus with camera and communication apparatus
Converter lens attachment with built-in light source for compact digital camera
Imaging module package
Signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing live view and instant review in an image capture device
Focus position detection apparatus and method
Image sensing apparatus that use sensors capable of carrying out XY addressing type scanning and driving control method
Image sensor with cooling element
Digital broadcast receiver
Image pickup device and reproduction control method
Time setting system, imaging device, video-device, and time setting method
Method and/or apparatus for implementing global motion compensation in a video system
Method for interpolations after edge detections in de-interlacing process
Method and apparatus for adaptive iterative decision feedback control coding in modems
Apparatus and method for video searching in a mobile communications terminal
Methods and apparatus for persistent control and protection of content
Method and system for adaptive transmission of smoothed data over wireless channels
Web television having a two-way communication bus interconnecting a television controller and an internet module
Apparatus and method for receiving tag signal in mobile RFID reader
Bone-conduction hearing-aid transducer having improved frequency response
Device playback using radio transmission
Wireless wide area network (WWAN) mobile gateway with communication protocol management
Call management method, call management system and message processing server system
Method and base station for allocating a channel required for a radio transmission
Apparatus and method for use in allocating a channel resource in wireless multiple access communications systems
Microwave assisted chemical synthesis instrument with controlled pressure release
Microwave oven and radiating structure of microwave in microwave oven
Supportive device for microwave heating and cooking of food
Circuit board
Bag computer assembly with exposable control surface
Modular chassis providing scalable mechanical, electrical and environmental functionality for MicroTCA and Advanced TCA boards
Electronic circuit packages
Expired Patents Due To Time
Methods of pharmacological treatment using S(-) amlodipine
Use of nitric oxide donors and/or substrates or nitric oxide inhibitors for regulating cervical dilatation and extensibility
Aryloxyaniline derivatives
Cationic electrodeposition coating composition
Process for producing anionic clays using magnesium acetate
Molybdenum-free low volatility lubricating oil composition
Pharmaceutical combination preparations containing erythropoietin and iron preparations
Liposomes containing oligonucleotides
Nitrogen-containing tricyclic compounds and drugs containing the same
Pattern-block flux deposition
Method for preventing aluminum intrusions
Plasma treatment system and method
Method for reducing non-homogenous density during forming process of borophosphosilicate glass layer
Process for manufacturing a premold type semiconductor package using support pins in the mold and external connector bumps
Method for forming a polysilicon node in a semiconductor device
Methods of forming hemispherical grain silicon electrodes by crystallizing the necks thereof
Method for forming SiGe bipolar transistor
Method for growing field oxide to minimize birds'' beak length
Bacterial polypeptide expression employing tryptophan promoter-operator
Human glycosylation enzymes
Diphenyl-triazole derivatives and their use as anti-gestative, immuno-suppressant and anti-tumoral agents
N-(aryl/heteroarylacetyl) amino acid esters, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Regulation of cellular apoptosis using modulators of .beta.-AR receptors
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