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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Row unit for agricultural implement
Methods of managing timberland
Production and extraction of procyanidins from plant cell cultures
Babycare heating apparatus
Method of establishing mouse strain
Ice fishing alarm
Animated decoy spreader
Cornea storage container to maximize cornea health
Bait formulations for controlling slugs and snails
Dry fryer with stirring function and heating cover thereof
Preparing oil seed for ruminant feed
Infant formulation containing an aroma composition for use as fragrance
Electronic cigarette case
USB charger for electronic cigarettes
Posture-improving garment
Protective modular helmet with integrated lighting system
Mat and a system and method for converting the mat to a bag
Oral-care device and system
Commodity shelving system
One-piece office chair in three dimensions
Illuminated merchandise dispenser
Retractable utility rack
Plate cover assembly
Boot doffing assistance device
Baby headrest
Utensil holder
Beverage preparation machines
Dishwasher with a manifold assembly configured to attach a manifold to a dish rack and associated method
Sonic silverware washing method
Illumination for enhanced contrast in debridement apparatus and method
Endoscope sheath
Airway management
Method for left atrial appendage occlusion
Expandable thoracic access port
Method for intracorporeal lithotripsy fragmentation and apparatus for its implementation
Void containment apparatus and method of use for creating a sealed environment for product delivery
Removable ink for surgical instrument
Tissue structure identification in advance of instrument
Optical capsule and spectroscopic method for treating and diagnosing the intestinal tract
Home health digital video recording system for remote health management
Motion resistant device to monitor heart rate in ambulatory patients
Adhesively mounted apparatus for determining physiological and contextual status
Method and apparatus for acquiring overlapped medical image slices
Imaging method for obtaining spatial distribution of nanoparticles in the body
Bi-planar fluoroscopy guided robot system for minimally invasive surgery and the control method thereof
Atomic magnetometer sensor array magnetic resonance imaging systems and methods
Signal processing apparatus
Signal processing apparatus
Breast density assessment
Multi-layer surgical guide
Mold for dental copings and copings produced by using the mold
Surgical systems and methods for transvaginal apical suspension
Method for delivering a prosthetic heart valve with an expansion member
Prosthesis for replacement of cartilage
Methods and apparatus for treating a type 2 endoleak from within an endoluminal stent
Squat and lunge training device
Antifungal compositions
Substituted cellulose acetates and uses thereof
High-resolution connector for a neurostimulation lead
Telemetry duty cycle management system for an implantable medical device
Controlled vagal blockage therapy
Logarithmic light intensifier for use with photoreceptor-based implanted retinal prosthetics and those prosthetics
Methods and apparatus for detecting ventricular depolarizations during atrial pacing
Apparatus and method for treating ventricular tachyarrhythmias
System and method for preventing recurrence of atrial tachyarrhythmia
Dynamically-varied beam energy using a tunable monochromatic X-ray beam
Charged particle cancer therapy X-ray method and apparatus
Image enhancer for detecting and identifying objects in turbid media
Irrigation system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dishwasher detergent dispenser
Method of forming side paper of a foldable paper cup, and foldable paper cup
Adjustable display apparatus
Tire condition detection system and induction feed method thereof
Vehicular rearview mirror system
Methods and systems for controlling the activation of agricultural vehicle lighting
Retrofit circuitry for enhanced vehicle hazard warning lights
Injection device and case with reporting ability
Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel axle assembly
Converter for converting a load factor command into a longitudinal attitude deviation instruction
Brush cover
Cigarette packet
Apparatus for decurling an advancing sheet, and a printing device containing such an apparatus
Portable arm rest
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for removing protein from a food
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Fixed Constructions
Fish egg sweeper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid-based electrical generator
Method of damping tower vibrations of a wind turbine and control system for wind turbines
Electric power generation with magnetically geared machine
Method for determining at least the position of a movable part of a drive unit such as an internal combustion engine or the similar
Device for flexible detection of the geometric shape of objects by means of optical 3D measuring technology
Bright and dark field scatterometry systems for line roughness metrology
Isolated magnetostrictive buffered liquid level sensor
Rotational angle sensor and method manufacturing same, and throttle control device with rotational angle sensor
Motion sensing program and electronic compass with motion sensing program
Liquid level detection apparatus
System and method for correlating photoreceptor pigmented film layer to electrical performance
Making method of sample for evaluation of laser irradiation position and making apparatus thereof and evaluation method of stability of laser irradiation position and evaluation apparatus thereof
Apparatus and method for measuring concentrations of fuel mixtures using depth-resolved laser-induced fluorescence
Temperature sensor and temperature measuring method
System and method for measuring digital images of a workpiece
Method and apparatus for optimizing refrigeration systems
Method and apparatus for determining a focal position of an imaging device adapted to image a biologic sample
Method and device for measuring reflected optical radiation
Light scattering property measurement method
Method and apparatus for determining the concentration of a substance in a liquid
Radiation imaging apparatus and processing method therefor
Cartridge for a biological sample
Detecting element, detecting device and detecting method
System and method for identifying networks of ternary relationships in complex data systems
Methods and apparatus for genetic evaluation
Test systems for media drives of data storage systems
Method for measuring D-Q impedance of polyphase power grid components
Scan circuits formed peripheral of core circuits with control leads
Device for calibration of a field transmitter
Combined radar and communications link
Geometry and sensitivity weighted dynamic multi-sensor selection system and method
Method for suppressing multipath errors in a satellite navigation receiver
Coal boundary detection using an electric-field borehole telemetry apparatus
Method and system for performing operations and for improving production in wells
Short overall length imaging lens system with four lenses
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
Zoom lens and image pickup device having the same
Lens barrel, camera and information device
Device and method for wide-field and high resolution imaging of tissue
Method and device for compensating for color shift as a function of angle of view
Spatial light modulator with integrated optical compensation structure
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical scanning device
Laser irradiation method and laser irradiation apparatus
Light projection apparatus and light-mixing module thereof
Three-dimensional image recording medium
Method and device for packaging a substrate
Mode size converter for a planar waveguide
Apparatus and method for excitation of a single mode in a waveguide
Method and apparatus for repairing a liquid crystal panel
Display unit and electronic device
Transmissive liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display with different twisting directions of liquid crystal molecules
Liquid crystal display device having a gap retaining member made of resin formed directly over the driver circuit
Liquid crystal panel and equipment comprising said liquid crystal panel
Support plate, exposure apparatus having the support plate, and a device manufacturing method using the exposure apparatus
Lithographic apparatus with a fluid combining unit and related device manufacturing method
Color conversion apparatus and color conversion method
Recording material determination apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method on measured physical quantity
Image forming apparatus and image density adjusting method
Image forming apparatus and image density control method
Image forming apparatus having brush and cleaning blade to remove toner remaining on image carrier
Rotary developing apparatus rotatably accommodating a plurality of developer units, developer unit and image forming apparatus including rotary developing apparatus
Apparatus with a steerable belt member adjusting feature
Image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus including inclined transport screw
Developing device
Roller for use with image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method capable of generating stable transfer electric field
Fixing device for image forming apparatus to control power of heating source while in a warming-up mode
Imaging cartridge having a hopper supported by a wastebin
Methods for controlling environmental conditions in an electrophotographic apparatus and a corresponding electrophotographic apparatus
Dependent power supplying apparatus and electronic instrument
Smart entry system for vehicle
Keyless entry system using communication via human body
Traveling safety device for vehicle
Vehicle steering control without mechanical connection between steering wheel and steered wheels
System and method for cooling a heat-generating device
Braking control apparatus for vehicle
Start mode in switching regulation
Reference voltage generator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Constant current control circuit
Controlling power change for a semiconductor module to preserve thermal interface therein
Controlling connection status of network adapters
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including semiconductor integrated circuit board supplied with no high voltage
Power sharing between portable computer system and peripheral devices
Network real-time electricity monitoring system
Method and system for generation of signals up to extremely high frequencies using a delay block
Interactive device with time synchronization capability
Power control system
Microcomputer system with reduced power consumption
Integrated circuit card with condition detector
DRAM testing method
Method for device quarantine and quarantine network system
Baler machine monitoring and performance interfaces, systems and methods
Method of mirroring data between clustered NAS systems
Memory rank burst scheduling
File system having predictable real-time performance
Method and apparatus for the synchronization of distributed caches
Storage device controlled access
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Compound computer system and method for sharing PCI devices thereof
Process and method for erase strategy in solid state disks
Virtualization engine and method, system, and computer program product for managing the storage of data
Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
Storage controller, control method of the same, and information processing system
Commonality factoring for removable media
Secure pre-caching through local superdistribution and key exchange
Method of creating color conversion table and image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same
Method and apparatus for enhancing discoverability and usability of data network capability of a mobile device
Methods and systems for managing network elements
Mechanism for specifying port-related data from network devices
System and method for discarding frames of an image during transport across a network link
System and methods to determine a recipient for ambiguously addressed mail
Maintaining session states within virtual machine environments
Selective acceptance of electronic messages in communication systems
System and method to control wireless communications
System and method for providing availability using volume server sets in a storage environment employing distributed block virtualization
Method and system for balancing the load and computer resources among computers
Managing resources through user-facing web services aggregated in portals
Method and device for generating reference structural patterns adapted to represent hierarchized data
Cyclic combinatorial method and system
Audio reproducing apparatus
Methods for determining susceptibility to developmental disorders due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors
Method and system for selecting search engines for accessing information
Geo targeted commerce
System and method of organizing data to facilitate access and streaming
Example-driven design of efficient record matching queries
Digital effects analysis in modeling environments
Method of designing a joint of adjacent components to minimize a perceived gap and algorithm for a computer-aided modeling system
Method and system using subgraph isomorphism to configure hardware resources
Automated hypothesis testing
Curved surface forming method of a metal plate
Vibrating plate system
Position detecting device, autonomous mobile device, method, and computer program product
Digital rights management method and system for content copyright protection
Method, apparatus and program for setting function to operation control of signal processing apparatus
System and method for customizing an interface related to accessing, manipulating and viewing internet and non-internet related information
System and method for providing collaboration of a graphics session
Screen editing apparatus, screen editing method, and computer program product
Creating, displaying, and editing a sub-process within a process diagram
Method and apparatus for transferring firmware between an operating system device in a host
Light emitting device and electronic apparatus for displaying images
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Input device with improved touch panel surface and electronic device having the input device
Display system, display device, and program
Touch panel
Medical imaging apparatus which displays predetermined information in differentiable manner from others
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
Weather information display device with display icon
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
Real estate value map computer system
System and method for processing a change history of a PDF file
Variable data printing within a print driver
Information processing apparatus and print device control method
Method for automated document selection
Normalization processing apparatus
Library unit and magazine position detecting method in the library unit
Distributing access to a data item
Document management apparatus and document management method
Mechanism and method for controlling network access to a service provider
Multi-threaded processor architecture
Supporting multiple operating systems in media devices
Steganographic method and device
XML application framework
Multifunction processing apparatus and control method thereof
Transforming graphical objects in a graphical modeling environment
Method of timing criticality calculation for statistical timing optimization of VLSI circuit
Method of incremental statistical static timing analysis based on timing yield
Redistribution of unused resources assigned to a first virtual computer having usage below a predetermined threshold to a second virtual computer
Systems and methods for providing capacity management of resource pools for servicing workloads
Load state monitoring apparatus and load state monitoring method
Lock contention pinpointing
Signal processing method and signal processing apparatus
Collecting and modeling object simulation data
Collecting and transporting simulation data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer readable medium and data signal
Image processing apparatus, image data transfer control method and image data transfer control program
Document management system, document management apparatus, document management method, and program
Image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and medium
Method and apparatus for performing digital image processing without rasterization
Print controlling device, image forming device, print controlling method, and computer readable recording medium storing control program
Printing system and printing apparatus
Printed media products including data files provided in multiple layers of encoded, colored dots
Method and device for evaluation of an image and/or of a time sequence of images of tissue or tissue samples
Image quantization method and apparatus with color distortion removing quantization matrix
Image processing method, recording medium with recorded image processing program and image processing apparatus
Processor and method for processing image to update information embedded unreadably in a printed document
Method for segmenting a myocardial wall and device for detecting a coronary artery with pathological changes
Clutter suppression in ultrasonic imaging systems
Image processing apparatus and method for composition of real space images and virtual space images
Method for determining whether a feature of interest or an anomaly is present in an image
Method of processing postal items with account being taken of extra expense due to wrong delivery
Method and apparatus for controlling dynamic depth of stereo-view or multi-view sequence images
System and method for edge direction detection for spatial deinterlace
Image monitoring system and object area tracking method
Handwriting recognition system and methodology for use with a latin derived alphabet universal computer script
Features generation and spotting methods and systems using same
Image processing apparatus and method
Image encoding apparatus and image encoding method
Coding method conversion apparatus
Method for improving image quality, and image signal processing apparatus and AV device using the same
Pattern edge detecting method and pattern evaluating method
Apparatus for processing images, and method and computer program product for detecting image updates
Method and apparatus for processing data, program, and storage medium on which a computer-readable program is stored
System and method for reselling a previously sold product
System and method for managing product reserve
Facilitating performance by task performers of language-specific tasks
Electronic employee selection systems and methods
System and method for using loyalty rewards as currency
System and method for providing image products and/or services
Systems and methods for facilitating real-time product inquiries during online shopping
System and method for generating personalized offers through an information gathering system
System and method for distribution, redemption and processing of electronic coupons
System and method for computer network scheduling and communication
Process of selecting portfolio managers based on automated artificial intelligence techniques
Bidding in online auctions
Systems, methods, and devices for selling transaction accounts
Time management system for medical applications, particularly in a hospital setting
Computer pain assessment tool
System, method, and apparatus for property appraisals
Image processing apparatus, method, and computer program product extracting information from operation history and registering workflow
Method for supporting intuitive view specification in the free-viewpoint television application
Subdividing geometry images in graphics hardware
Image downsampling during processing
Portable electronic device distress detection system
Semiconductor device
Article sales data processing apparatus
RFID tag using monopole antenna
Security tag with engaging element
Merchandise display hook with alarm
Aircraft security
Spam detector with challenges
Automated consumer to business electronic marketplace system
Expert system assistance for persons in danger
Rotational transmitter
Systems and method for monitoring and controlling a vehicle travel surface
Electron emissive element and display element
Methods for driving an OLED panel
Method of driving active matrix displays
Information display panel
Display device
Display device and gate driver thereof
Method of compensating for kick-back voltage and liquid crystal display using the same
Back light apparatus and control method thereof
Technique for determining a minimum size of presentation data
Two-panel liquid crystal system with circular polarization and polarizer glasses suitable for three dimensional imaging
Color processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for providing wallpaper
Image display
Image display apparatus and high quality image providing method thereof
Noise-cancelling headphone
Adaptive jitter buffer-packet loss concealment
Adaptive jitter buffer-packet loss concealment
Speech processing apparatus and control method thereof
Development system for a dialog system
Method and apparatus for adjusting focus offset based on target condition
Tray carry-out method for disc changer device
Data synchronization for bit insertion or deletion
Three terminal magnetic sensing device having a track width defined in a localized region by a patterned insulator and methods of making the same
Slider, integrated slider, and hybrid storage device
High frequency modulation of a light beam in optical recording
Optical pickup apparatus
Apparatus for optical pick-up
Method of accessing information stored in predetermined data area on optical disc and information reproducing apparatus thereof
System and method for storing data to an optical recording device
Search method
Semiconductor device and driving method of the same
Memory self-reference read and write assist methods
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Multiple level programming in a non-volatile memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Memory devices having programmable elements with accurate operating parameters stored thereon
Bidirectional shift register
Information processing apparatus and program for controlling the same
Modular networked sensor assembly
Resistor and design structure having resistor material length with sub-lithographic width
Overlapping compact multiple transformers
Inorganic electroluminescence device
Electrode stacks for electroactive devices and methods of fabricating the same
Fluorescent lamp and lighting unit
Fluorescent mixture for fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
Lamp heat dissipating structure
Prepreg, method for manufacturing prepreg, substrate, and semiconductor device
Printed circuit board, method of fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus employing the same
Semiconductor device
Antenna system having electromagnetic bandgap
ODU alignment procedure using circularly polarized signals allocated to specific satellites
Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA), RSOA module having the same, and passive optical network using the same
Surface-emitting external cavity laser device
Electronic device with ion cooling system
Method of atmospheric discharge energy conversion, storage and distribution
Solid insulated bus switchgear
Electrical-overstress protection circuit for an integrated circuit
Enhanced portable battery powered electrical appliance
Battery charging method
Multi-degree-of-freedom actuator and stage device
Power converter
Load control apparatus and method for processing diagnosis signal for the same
Driving apparatus for multi-phase AC synchronous motor
Drive control circuit for electric motor
Motor controller
Sensorless control apparatus of synchronous motor
Wind power facility having activation circuit for a speed-limited and voltage-source-protective operation of a pitch-drive series-wound motor at generator torques
Semiconductor circuit
Systems including level shifter having voltage distributor
Continuously tunable inductor and method to continuously tune an inductor
Method and apparatus for mitigating VCO pulling
Device and method for amplifying pulsed RF signals
Communication device and method for inputting and predicting text
Method and system for use of TSPC logic for high-speed multi-modulus divider in PLL
Oscillator circuit and method for influencing, controlling, or regulating the frequency of an oscillator
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a master-slave flip-flop
Output voltage slew rate control in hard disk motor drive
Time modulation with cosine function
Differential high voltage level shifter
Low jitter large frequency tuning LC PLL for multi-speed clocking applications
Systems and methods for self testing a voltage controlled oscillator
Track-and-hold circuit and A/D converter
Input device and portable terminal having the same
Symbol error correction by error detection and logic based symbol reconstruction
Decoding method and apparatus
Multi-path searching
Door speaker enclosure with integral water barrier and hardware attachment
Method for controlling a linear amplifier and power amplifier arrangement
Reception apparatus, reception method and program
Offset correction for passive mixers
System and method for radio signal reconstruction using signal processor
High performance CMOS radio frequency receiver
Mixer circuit, receiving circuit, transmitting circuit, and method for operating a mixer circuit
Dual mode mobile handset and call processing method thereof
Mobile communication terminal and method for controlling broadcast program
Mobile phone terminal with programmable microelements
Method and apparatus for MPEG-2 to VC-1 video transcoding
Image decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for collaborative sensing based on an allowed error range of a sensor in a wireless sensor node
Dynamic establishment of virtual circuits using multi-segment pseudowires
Estimation of log-likelihood using constrained markov-chain monte carlo simulation
Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method to minimize interference by transmission power control
Forward error correction scheme for high rate data exchange in a wireless system
Methods and apparatus for supplying alternative contact information in a communication system
Terminal station radio communication device, based station radio communication device, radio communication device, radio communication method, and radio communication program
Method, device and system for eliminating DSL crosstalk
Method and apparatus for providing availability metrics for measurement and management of ethernet services
Radio communication system with data structure change
Method and system for utilizing a tag to optimize portion of data transfer
Method and apparatus for transmitting overhead information
Method and apparatus for providing and receiving three-dimensional digital contents
Method and apparatus for reducing the number of times of measurements for cell reselection in mobile communication terminal
Franking method and mail transport system with central postage accounting
Method for reducing the crest factor
Method and apparatus for packet detection in wireless communication system
Downlink power control for multiple downlink time slots in TDD communication systems
Apparatus and method of displaying power line communication channel information
Extended private LAN
Apparatus and method for sending multicast packet in mobile digital broadcast system
Mechanism to verify packet data network support for internet protocol mobility
Two stage traffic scheduling
Datagram relaying apparatus with load distributing function
Transmitting data across a contention channel in a centralized network
Virtual group connection scheme for ATM architecture in an access node
Forward and reverse VSWR insensitive power detection using quadrature downconversion
IQ-modulator pre-distortion
Mobile terminal, radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Reception apparatus, reception method and program
Weather band radio having digital frequency control
Enhanced carrier frequency offset estimator
Estimation of length of channel impulse response
OFDM receiver and its automatic gain control circuit
Inter-symbol interference cancellation method for orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
Spread spectrum clock generator
Frame synchronization apparatus and its control method
System and method for securing data
Digital signature generation apparatus, digital signature verification apparatus, and key generation apparatus
Wireless terminal
Slide module and mobile terminal having the same
Slide module and mobile terminal having the same
Maintenance of channel usage in a wireless communication system
Mobile terminal
Panel construction for housing keypads of mobile computing device
Mobile communication device with direction indicator
Systems for wireless authentication based on bluetooth proximity
Securely sending notification of a new incoming e-mail message by way of a public network
Communications network capable of determining SIM card changes in electronic devices
Method and apparatus for secure immediate wireless access in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for interfacing a customer with a call center
Method and system for providing location information associated with a calling party
Interface for providing connection of a switch and a VMS using an IP network
External device configuration apparatus, external device configuration method and external device
Image processing apparatus
Method, apparatus, and program for generating synthesized images
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, computer program product, and recording medium for image processing
Image-processing device, image-processing method, and recording medium
Method and system for decoding and displaying 3D light fields
Compound-eye imaging device
Image pickup device adaptable to display fewer vertical pixels
Solid-state image sensing device
Display signal control apparatus, and display signal control method
Image sensing apparatus and control method for relaxing red-eye effect in sensed image data
Video camera with mount
Optical module and imaging device
Anti-shake apparatus
Image pickup apparatus, control method for the same, and program for implementing the control method
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Imaging apparatus, imaging control method and recording medium readable by computer
Favorites program selection
Device for sending-out data in which associated data is multiplexed with main data
Fully integrated tuner architecture
Gain control circuit and method of controlling gain
Video viewing apparatus, video play back control method, and recording/play back program
Controller for photographing apparatus and photographing system
Closed captioning language translation
Video processing and recording apparatuses and methods
Fast inverse integer transform for video decoding
Method and system for the storage, viewing management, and delivery of targeted advertising
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Digital broadcasting conditional access terminal and method
Digital broadcast receiver and upgrading method thereof
Multiroom point of deployment module
Systems for determining animal metrics and related devices and methods
Sensing apparatus and method for vehicles
Multi-layer solid state imaging device
Wireless terminal, base device, wireless system, wireless terminal control program, base device control program, and computer-readable storage medium
Image pickup apparatus, white balance control method thereof, and storage medium
Video camera with flicker reduction function, and method for flicker reduction
Method of controlling the operation of an optical disc recording apparatus, and recording medium on which the control program is recorded
Parallel RFID system using CDMA
Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic speaker using the same
Method for dynamic determination of time constants, method for level detection, method for compressing an electric audio signal and hearing aid, wherein the method for compression is used
Method of and apparatus for controlling sound field through array speaker
Determination of cell RF parameters based on measurements by user equipments
Method for proactive coordinator appropriation for wireless personal area network
Mobile terminal with location notification
System search to detect for a wireless communication network in a crowded frequency band
Load estimation for a cell in a wireless network
Feedback method for performing a feedback by using a codebook in MIMO system
Management of messages included in a message thread displayed by a handheld device
Radio communications system, radio network controller and base station
Base station, mobile communication system, and mobile communication control method
Uplink and downlink control signaling in wireless networks
Adjusting the targeted number of transmission attempts
Light emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
Power supply for supplying power to a lamp
High voltage discharge lamp lighting device
Semiconductor device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Pepper variety
Device and method for automatically milking cows
Methods for producing transgenic pigs by microinjecting a blastomere
Graft polymer and moulded medical articles employing this
Fungicidal mixtures
Aqueous dispersion of cured silicone rubber particles
Pyridine ketones useful as herbicides
Herbicide combination with acylated aminophenylsulfonylureas
Acylated aminophenylsulfonylureas, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Baking device and method
Sterilizer and sterilization method utilizing high voltage
Method of bleaching cereal grain
Oil-and-fat feedstock for production of cream and low-oil cream composition
Turmeric-containing cooking oils and fats
Process for the preparation of a water soluble coffee or tea product from a non-rewetted particulate material obtained from an extract by drying
Cooling agents, pharmaceutical compositions having cooling agents and processes for making and using same
Low temperature non-crystallizing liquid xylitol compositions and co-hydrogenation processes for making same
Method for the preparation of an aerated frozen product
Oil absorption retarder
Whey protein and carrageenan heat-set gels
Dietary supplements comprising soy hypocotyls containing at least one isoflavone
System and method for controlling the Brix of a concentrated juice product
Method of manufacturing a mask for team games
Methods and apparatus for bonding deformable materials having low deformation temperatures
Fill for pillows and cushions
Brewing funnel having a liquid shield
Heating element for a slow cooker
Assaying device and method for in field urinalysis
Method and system for attaching a graft to a blood vessel
Therectomy device having a light weight drive shaft and an imaging device
Biopsy device and method of use
Cryoablation catheter for long lesion ablations
Probe for skin high frequency treatment
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual electrode used for the ablation of tissue
Electrosurgical apparatus
Substrate sensor
Individually packaged absorbent article
Disposable waste containment garment
Absorbent article having a refastenable mechanism
Refastenable absorbent article exhibiting improved body fit
Body fluid absorbent garment
Device for handling body liquids which transports body liquid by siphoning
Descrete absorbent articles
Absorbent article comprising flocked fibers
Disposable undergarment
Disposable absorbent article with a skin care composition on an apertured top sheet
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use the bundles
Metal medical device
Graft fixation device combination
Intraocular lens insertion instrument
Rotary tissue cutting die
Method and system for ablating surfaces with partially overlapping craters having consistent curvature
Keratotomy surgery knife
Multi-function surgical instrument for facilitating ophthalmic laser surgery
Method for processing a biological fluid
Method for producing a pomade effect based on a single-phase, foam-forming hair treatment composition
Serotonergic compound for a method of treatment of hot flushes in post-menopausal women
Mitochondria protecting agents for treating mitochondria associated diseases
Use of 1-propanone-1-(2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxy-3-(4'-hydroxyphenyl) as an anticarcinogenic agent
Treatment for complications of type 2 diabetes
Use of compounds for the elevation of pyruvate dehydrogenase activity
Coatings and soaks for medical prosthetic devices comprising taurinamide derivatives and carboxylic acids and/or salts thereof
Prevention of apoptosis in non-cancerous cells
Method for induction of L-selectin shedding
Methods of treating thrombocytopenia
2,3-olefinic epothilone derivatives
Hydroxyomeprazole compositions
Heterocyclic-cyclic amine derivatives as cholinesterase inhibitors
Cyclic amine compounds and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Amide derivatives for the treatment of diseases mediated by cytokines
Prostaglandin agonists and their use to treat bone disorders
Pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione derivatives, processes for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing these compounds
Bicyclic amino derivatives and PGD2 antagonist containing the same
Aryldifluoromethylphosphonic acids with sulfur-containing substituents as PTP-1B inhibitors
Use of purified SDG as a hypotensive (vasodilator) agent
Use of a farnesyl transferase inhibitor in the manufacture of a medicament for local administration to the vascular wall in the prevention of restenosis
Erythromycin derivatives
Alkali or alkaline earth metal of n-butyric acid for treatment of cognitive and emotional conditions
Method and composition for improving fertility health in female and male animals and humans
Resorbable matrices for delivery of bioactive compounds
Recombinant phages
Methods for treatment of HIV and other infections using A T cell or viral activator and anti-retroviral combination therapy
Remedies for diseases caused by insulin resistance
Neural transplantation using proliferated multipotent neural stem cells and their progeny
Therapeutic uses of il-1 receptor antagonist
Morphogen treatment for chronic renal failure
Use of scatter factor to enhance angiogenesis
Method for assisting in differential diagnosis and treatment of autistic syndromes
Use of isolated domains of type IV collagen to modify cell and tissue interactions
Method and apparatus for preparing an acellular red blood cell substitute
Plasminogen activator as an anti-inflammatory agent
Method for detecting swine infertility and respiratory virus
Immunization-free methods for treating antigen-stimulated inflammation in a mammalian host and shifting the host's antigen immune responsiveness to a Th1 phenotype
Low molecular weight cell, bone marrow and immune stimulants
Synergistic tumorcidal response induced by histamine
Methods of treatment for cancer or viral infections
Synergistic combination comprising roflumilast and a pde-3 inhibitor
Cyclic regimens using quinazolinone and benzoxazine derivatives
Treatment of oncologic tumors with an injectable formulation of a golgi apparatus disturbing agent
Stabilized granulocyte colony stimulating factor
1,3-bis-(N-lactamyl) propane and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic use thereof
Ionically crosslinked hydrogels with adjustable gelation time
Tumor necrosis factor antibodies
High efficiency tissue specific compound delivery system using streptavidin-protein a fusion protein
Contrast media for angiography
Ultraviolet light absorber and its use
Cosmetic and skin protective compositions
Skin lightening compositions
Surfactant, and an emulsion-type cosmetic composition and a lipsome containing said surfactant
Composition for inhibiting body odor and uses thereof
Silk protein treatment composition and treated substrate for transfer to skin
Process for limiting the penetration into the skin and/or the keratinous fibres of an active cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical agent
Temperature insensitive one-phase microemulsions
Deodorizing preparations
Cosmetic hair care preparations
Make-up compositions
Membrane delivery system
Method of remineralizing teeth
Stable cosmetic emulsion with polyamide gelling agent
Hairstyling composition comprising a polymer with particular characteristics and a non-ionic polymer
Anti-wrinkle preparation and method of reducing wrinkles in facial skin and neck
Rapidly disintegrating and fast-dissolving solid dosage form
Extended release growth promoting two component composition
Use of copolymers of monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids as solubilizers
Hyperbranched polymeric micelles for encapsulation and delivery of hydrophobic molecules
Method for administering camptothecins via injection of a pharmaceutical composition comprising microdroplets containing a camptothecin
Aqueous solubility pharmaceutical formulations
Hydrolysable hydrogels for controlled release
Effervescent base
Plaster agent and method of preparing same
Structurally durable, drapeable breathable barrier film compositions and articles
Low viscosity thermoplastic compositions for structures with enhanced moisture vapor permeability and the utilisation thereof in absorbent articles
Multilayer skin or dermal equivalent having a layer containing mesenchymal stem cells
Ultraviolet germicidal system
Methods of treatment of disease using adsorbent carriers
Method and apparatus for treating a patient
Hybrid neuroprosthesis for the treatment of brain disorders
Syringe guide and vial holder
Method for processing aluminum spent potliner in a graphite electrode ARC furnace
Treatment of chemical hydrolysates
Multi-layer keys with translucent outer layer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Open gutter strainer (OGS)
Process for improving color and color stability of oleic acid
Sieve with suction cleaning and bypass elements
Modular filtering system
Method and apparatus for filtering suspensions of medical and biological fluids or the like
Method for preparing a filter for removal of leucoclytes coated with chitosan
Method and apparatus for decomposing gaseous aliphatic hydrocarbon halide compound
Carbon dioxide recovery at high pressure
Desalination using positively buoyant or negatively buoyant/assisted buoyancy hydrate
Exhaust gas purifying system for internal combustion engine
Method for sequencing reaction cleanup by constant pressure diffential ultrafiltration
Method of making stripped porous polymer films
Chemical feeder
Method for continuously monitoring and controlling the monomer conversion during emulsion polymerization
Isolation of immunoglobulins
Synthesis of heteropolyacids
Process for the production of hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide
Platinum-ruthenium-palladium alloys for use as a fuel cell catalyst
Engine exhaust treatment apparatus and method of use
Catalyst comprising an element from groups 8, 9 or 10 with good accessibility, and its use in a paraffin dehydrogenation process
Catalytic trap with potassium component and method of using the same
Olefin oxidation catalyst and process for its production
Process for preparing a catalyst for use in production of methacrylic acid and process of preparing methacrylic acid
Ultrastable zeolite Y-containing hydrogenation catalyst and process for hydrogenating aromatic and/or heterocyclic aromatic compound-containing feed
Rejuvenating SAPO molecular sieve with anhydrous liquid or vapor
Diamond growth
Photocatalyst composite and process for producing the same
System for hydrogen generation through steam reforming of hydrocarbons and integrated chemical reactor for hydrogen production from hydrocarbons
Reactor product discharge system
Storage container for analytical devices
Microfluidic devices and systems incorporating integrated optical elements
Method of handling reagents in a random access protocol
Electrostatic particle separation system, apparatus, and related method
Electrostatic spray fixture for plastic test panels
Method for meniscus coating with liquid carbon dioxide
Methods of preparing a microporous article
Method of making non-linear optical polymer
Transport device for electronic components with an anticontamination coating
Process for treating a workpiece with hydrofluoric acid and ozone
Method for enriching and isolating bacteria which aerobically degrades PCNB
Induction heating device for rolling roller and method of induction heating
Method and apparatus for marking containers using laser light
Process for operating a plasma arc torch
Plasma torch and method for underwater cutting
Flux-containing compositions for brazing aluminum, films and brazing method thereby
System and method for controlling an electric arc welder
Power supply apparatus for arc-utilizing apparatus
Controllably monitoring and reducing a material
Planarizing pads, planarizing machines and methods for making and using planarizing pads in mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic device substrate assemblies
Foamlike mineral building and structural material as well as a method of producing a mineral foam and an apparatus for carrying out this method
Dicing method
Structural recycled plastic lumber
Process for recycling asphalt shingles and product produced thereby
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a vehicle cross car beam or other structural, functional articles out of multiple materials with optimum material utilization
Method of making a flow channel block
Two-part coated foam structure
Use of dendrimers as a processing aid and surface modifier for thermoplastic resins
Method using a saw tooth mold
Method of making a plastic tank lid for a motor vehicle
Method for coagulating plastics dispersions using a device with shearing elements
Process for producing a hollow foamed polyolefinic resin container
Window film application process
Colored laminate and a method for coloring the surface of a membrane
Interior automotive trim member having improved scratch resistance and a method of making the same
Surface metal balancing to reduce chip carrier flexing
Method of machining glass
Method of manufacturing a ceramic matrix composite
Wood-product based door or window component and method of making the same
Wood based composite decking panel
Seam tape for water repellant fabrics
Slip agents and polypropylene films prepared therefrom
Oriented polyolefin imaging element with nacreous pigment
Textile/rubber composites
Adhesive blends comprising hydrophilic and hydrophobic pressure sensitive adhesives
Heat sensitive printing plate precursors
Method of manufacturing a planographic printing plate
Oscillation apparatus for oscillating roller
Water resistance imparter, ink composition, reactive fluid, and method of ink-jet recording with two fluids
LED chip, LED array chip, LED array head and image-forming apparatus
Method for forming a patterned semiconductor film
Method for marking steel and aluminum alloys
Thermal transfer sheet
Method of producing information recording material
Ink jet recording element
Nacreous satin imaging element
Transparent media for phase change ink printing
Image transfer sheet
Hydraulic transfer method and device and hydraulic-transfer article
Method for making holographic foil
Method of bridging partial tightness on movable members
Automatic battery recharging station for AGVs
Fuel cell system and method for controlling operating pressure thereof
Wire harness
Motor break releasing device
Torque ripple free electric power steering
Low ripple torque control of a permanent magnet motor without using current sensors
Fail-safe mechanism having a driver circuit for controlling driving of an electrical system of a vehicle
Battery exchange apparatus
Process of manufacturing a composite structure for electrically connecting a first body of semiconductor material overlaid by a second body of semiconductor material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of hydrothermally stable metal incorporated mesoporous molecular sieve of MCM-41 type
Recovery of lithium compounds from brines
Cathode material for a lithium secondary battery and method for manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for treating waste water
Process for manufacturing a recyclable zinc-containing black enamel composition
Low melting point glass for covering electrodes, and plasma display device
Surface modification using an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma source
Grey glass composition including erbium and holmium
Chemically bonded phosphate ceramics of trivalent oxides of iron and manganese
Method and an apparatus for manufacturing multi-layer boards using laser light
Oxidation resistant coatings for molybdenum silicide-based composite articles
Coating and filler materials for use in localized thermal processing of glazed ceramics
Gas generant for air bag
Excitatory amino acid receptor modulators
Phosphinite-oxazolines and metal complexes thereof
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Isolation of phenyl ester salts from mixtures comprising sulfolane
Silver halide light sensitive emulsion layer having enhanced photographic sensitivity
Compounds useful in pain management
3-amino-2-mercaptobenzoic acid derivatives and processes for their preparation
Alkoxylation of 6-membered alkylene carbonates
5-halo-4-fluoro-4,7,7-trimethyl-3-oxabicyclo[4.1.0]heptan-2-ones, process for their preparation and their use for preparing cyclopropanecarboxylic acids
Method for producing acrylic acid
Method for the oxidation of aldehydes, hemiacetals and primary alcohols
Method for producing alkylene glycol esters with limited homologue distribution
Process for nylon depolymerization
Cyclamine sulfonamides as .beta.-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Substituted indole sulfonamides as anitviral agents
Antiretroviral compounds and compositions
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido bicyclic heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and tace inhibitors
Pyrido[2,3-D]pyrimidines and 4-aminopyrimidines as inhibitors of cellular proliferation
Process for producing acetophenone compound
Oxazole derivatives, their production and use
Substituted oxazoles and thiazoles derivatives as hPPAR.gamma. and hPPAR.alpha. activators
Arylglycinamide derivatives, method of producing said derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds
Muscarinic antagonists
Direct epoxidation process using a mixed catalyst system
Thermally degradable epoxy underfills for flip-chip applications
3-acetyl-N-substituted-3-aminomethyltetrahydrofuran-2-one derivative and production process therefor
Fatty acid synthase inhibitors
Pyrrolidine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Tetrahydrobenzindole derivatives
3-(anilinomethylene) oxindoles as protein tyrosine kinase and protein serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
Indole and benzothiazole derivatives
Src kinase inhibitor compounds
Phthalazine derivatives as phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Infrared imager using room temperature capacitance sensor
Barbituric acid derivative and preventive and therapeutic agent for bone and cartilage containing the same
Ortho-anthranilamide derivatives as anti-coagulants
Diphenylazetidinone derivatives, process for their preparation, medicaments comprising these compounds and their use
Il-5 inhibiting 6-azauracil derivatives
Phthalazine derivatives and remedies for erectile dysfunction
Process for producing aluminum diacetate monobasic
Silyl (meth)acrylates having bulky substituent group and preparation thereof
Phthalocyanines with peripheral siloxane substitution
Disulfone reagents and methods of preparing and using same
Nucleic acid-immobilized substrate
2-deoxy-isoguanosines isosteric analogues and isoguanosine derivatives as well as their synthesis
Use of ceramic labels for identifying biomolecule immobilizing subtrates
Photosensitive lithocholate derivative and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Porcine circovirus recombinant poxvirus vaccine
Recombinant swinepox virus
Recombinant Rhabdovirus containing a heterologous fusion protein
Chimeric vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis virus
Method for transformation of animal cells
Heat shock genes and proteins from Neisseria meningitidis, Candida glabrata and Aspergillus fumigatus
Immunogenic compositions of tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-10 and an adjuvant
Isolated nucleic acid molecules coding for tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-8 and uses thereof
Fusion proteins comprising coiled-coil structures derived of bovine IF1 ATPase inhibitor protein
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human carbonate transporter proteins, and uses thereof
Recombiniant gamma interferons having enhanced stability and methods therefor
Epimorphin antagonist and process for producing it
Testis specific glycoprotein zpep10
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize antigens associated with tumor metastasis
Method of stimulating an immune response with activated dendritic cells
Methods of identifying agents that modulate the binding between MDC and an MDC receptor
Treatment of cerebral disorders by inhibition of IL-8 binding to receptor
Nucleic acid transfer system
Glycopeptide antibacterial compounds, compositions containing same and methods of using same
Glycosaminoglycan derivatives and processes for preparing same
Single-site catalysts containing chelating N-oxide ligands
Ceramer composition and composite comprising free radically curable fluorochemical component
Unsaturated nitrile-conjugated diene-typed rubber, rubber composition and process for the productions of the same
Silylated polyurethanes for adhesives and sealants with improved mechanical properties
Polycarbodiimide-based block copolymers, a method of preparing them and their use as hydrolysis stabilizers
Cationically polymerizable resin composition
Polyesters having a controlled melting point and fibers formed therefrom
Flame retardant, fiber-treatment, a method for imparting flame retardancy, and flame resistant polyester textile materials
Direct synthesis of segmented glycolide copolymers and crystalline materials therefrom
Tricarboxylic acids, method, and branched polycarbonates prepared therefrom
Polymer and macromolecular solid electrolyte containing the same
Branching of polyamides with esters of carbonic acid
Method of preparing a carbamate- or urea-functional compound
Methods for the preparation poly(etherimide)s
Cycloaliphatic polyimide, a method for producing the same, and its use
Electroluminescent device having an organic layer including polyimide
Alkoxylated silicone carboxylate--amido cationic complexes used in personal care applications
Polyester composition with improved hydrolytic stability and method for making the same
Poly(meth)acrylate plastisols
Enhanced dye durability through controlled dye environment
Composite article from engineering thermoplastics and polyurethane elastomers, using an adhesion promoter
Diffuse reflective articles
Resilient cushion composition
Polystyrene nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Vibration damping silicone composition
Vinylpyrrolidone polymer and its stabilization and preservation processes
Resin composition comprising vinyl cyclic hydrocarbon polymer and a compound having an alcoholic hydroxy group and an ester linkage
Extrusion of synthetic wood material using thermoplastic material in powder form
Soft touch TPO compositions comprising polypropylene and low crystalline ethylene copolymers
Thermoplastic resin composition
Resin composition and moldings
Resin compositions for skin members and laminates thereof
Impact modifier having improved blocking resistance
Aqueous polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion composition
Dyeable fluoropolymer fibers and films
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and molded product
Ink jet ink compositions including latex binder and methods of ink jet printing
Rubber-erasable aqueous ink for writing material composition and writing materials using the same
Coating compositions and method for the surface protection of plastic substrate
Coating composition and method preparation thereof
Antistatic composition for use in a label construction
Semiconductor devices
Ruthenium silicide wet etch
Nematic liquid-crystal composition
Liquid crystal device, mesomorphic functional material and liquid crystal apparatus
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Reduction of sulphur content in FCC-naphtha
Countercurrent hydroprocessing with feedstream quench to control temperature
Conversion of C1-C3 alkanes and fischer-tropsch products to normal alpha olefins and other liquid hydrocarbons
Method for prolonging the effectiveness of a pyrolytic cracking tube treated for the inhibition of coke formation during cracking
Solvent extraction refining of petroleum products
Two-cycle lubricating oil containing polyisobutylene amine
Lubricating grease composition and preparation
Aerosol cleaning composition containing an organic acid and a spore forming microbial composition
Dishwashing compositions containing alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants
Radioactive decontamination and translocation method
Composition for cleaning chemical mechanical planarization apparatus
Polymer having a hydrophilic backbone and hydrophobic moieties as soil suspending agent in powder detergents
Particulate bleach activators based on acetonitriles
Process for producing electrostatically coated non-particulate detergent product
Method for treating surface of substrate and surface treatment composition used for the same
Column reactor for testing and evaluating refractory ores
Sample presentation apparatus for mass spectrometry
Generation of single-strand circular DNA from linear self-annealing segments
Methods and compositions for cDNA synthesis
Suppression of nuclear factor-.kappa.b dependent processes using oligonucleotides
Antisense modulation of MEKK3 expression
Lentiviral vectors
Adeno-associated virus capsid immunologic determinants
Methods of targeting a chromosomal gene sequence in a eukaryotic cell
Method of promoting production of living tissue equivalents
Method of producing dendritic cells
Cultures of human CNS neural stem cells
Targeted delivery through a cationic amino acid transporter
Variant galactose oxidase, nucleic acid encoding same, and methods of using same
Lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase protein
Serial analysis of transcript expression using MmeI and long tags
Natural antitumor or antiviral substances and use of the same
Sterol glycosyl transferases
Pentose fermentation of normally toxic lignocellulose prehydrolysate with strain of Pichia stipitis yeast using air
Biological method for the production of adipic acid and intermediates
Optical sensors for rapid, sensitive detection and quantitation of bacterial spores
Homogeneous assay methods
Germplasm containing an identifier nucleotide sequence and method for identifying germplasm
Subtractive amplification kit useful in the diagnosis of genetic disease mutation or variation
.beta.-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension for detecting disease
Process for applying an aluminum-containing coating using an inorganic slurry mix
Interface control for film deposition by gas-cluster ion-beam processing
Use of membrane properties to reduce residual stress in an interlayer region
Method and apparatus for sputter deposition of multilayer films
Surface treatment for improved hardness and corrosion resistance
Methods of forming sputtering targets, and sputtering targets formed thereby
Unbalanced plasma generating apparatus having cylindrical symmetry
Ultrafine particle film forming method
Hydrogenated oxidized silicon carbon material
Method of in-situ cleaning for LPCVD TEOS pump
Thermal processing unit for single substrate
Aqueous solution and method for phosphatizing metallic surfaces
Method of applying corrosion, oxidation and/or wear-resistant coatings
Photolithographic process for the formation of a one-piece needle
Electrolyte treatment for aluminum reduction
Electroplating apparatus with segmented anode array
Method of producing a roughening-treated copper foil
Method for shorting pin grid array pins for plating
Device providing electrical contact to the surface of a semiconductor workpiece during metal plating
Silicon germanium crystal
Multi piece swivel chuck for holding conical shaped work
Method for growing SiC single crystals
Method of producing silicon carbide: heating and lighting elements
Free standing substrates by laser-induced decoherency and regrowth
Method for enhancing the solubility of boron and indium in silicon
Textiles; Paper
Polymeric fibers and spinning processes for making said polymeric fibers
Temperature dependent electrically resistive yarn
High-strength synthetic fiber and method and apparatus for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for dyeing and treating yarns
Apparatus for pre-treatment of wood chips
Backwater cycle and process for the water circulation of a paper machine
Method for making tissue sheets on a modified conventional wet-pressed machine
Paper machine using metal screen for press section and dryer cylinders
Paperboard of improved smoothness and bulk
Process of manufacturing a wet-laid veil
Apparatus and method for grinding webs made of fiber material
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for cleaning a swimming pool water filter
Vacuum IG unit with colored spacers
Method for characterizing ground water measurement points by distinguishing ground water from subterranean water accumulation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Catalytic converter end plate inlet/outlet plenum length ratio
Wing energy catchment device
Motor and pressure generating apparatus incorporating the motor
Composite sliding material
Method for manufacturing a striated belt
Method for molding hose joint assembly
Flat plate and light guide plate
Arrangement for the control of electrically controllable appliances, particularly electric cookers
Conversion of solar energy
Portable heating tent and method for testing telecommunications equipment
Prevention of electrical discharges in polymeric heat exchangers
Laminated armor
Tachometer apparatus and method for motor velocity measurement
Apparatus and method for direct digital measurement of electrical properties of passive components
Broad range light detection system
Insulative contact sensor
Infrared thermographic screening technique for semiconductor-based chemical sensors
Gas sensor
Method and apparatus for DNA sequencing
Ion separation instrument
PTFE matrix in a sample inlet liner and method of use
Rapid method for separation of small molecules using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography
HPLC apparatus for fractioning and preparing sample for NMR spectrometry and method of changing mobile phase
Orthogonal ion sampling for APCI mass spectrometry
Micropilot-type equipment for catalytic testing process
Rapid method for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Method for making a device for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes
Quantitative chromatographic measuring device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for measuring the association of substructures of pathological protein depositions
Loss of sialic acid from apolipoprotein j as an indicator of alcohol intake and/or alcohol related liver damage
Optical object detector with automatic sensitivity control
Antireflection article of manufacture
Twisting-cylinder display
Spherical aberration detector and optical pickup device
Method of forming color filter array
High-speed photodetector
Method of increasing the conductivity of a transparent conductive layer
Electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Method for fabricating thin film transistor
Photographic silver halide emulsion
Photographic silver halide material
Photographic silver halide material
Method of passivating silver donors in photothermographic systems and imaging elements made thereby
Method and material for photographic processing
Method of forming fine patterns of a semiconductor device
Fine pattern forming method
Illumination system for shaping extreme ultraviolet radiation used in a lithographic projection apparatus
Method for suppressing optical proximity effect bias within a wafer
Method of exposing and apparatus therefor
Alignment mark set and method of measuring alignment accuracy
Crash prevention in positioning apparatus for use in lithographic projection apparatus
Electrostatically focused addressable field emission array chips (AFEA's) for high-speed massively parallel maskless digital E-beam direct write lithography and scanning electron microscopy
In situ dry etching procedure to form a borderless contact hole
Prevention of defects formed in photoresist during wet etching
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Toner binder for electrophotography and toner for electrophotography
Ultra-low-power mode for a voltage regulator
Cancellation of slope compensation effect on current limit
Circuit arrangement for the supply of an electrical coil with a predetermined operating current
Internal supply voltage generating circuit and method of generating internal supply voltage using an internal reference voltage generating circuit and voltage-drop regulator
Supply voltage reference circuit
Prioritization-based power management protocol in a computer system
Interconnect mechanics for electromagnetic coupler
Data carrier with obscured power consumption
Battery charger for charging a wireless signal source and detachable receiver
Food products distributor
Process and device for producing electronic anti-theft elements
Current source and display device using the same
Low speed moving magnet motor having a high inertia rotor
Manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Magnetic recording medium
Surface treatment on solgel coated substrate to improve glide height performance
Phase-change recording element for write once applications
Phase-change optical information recording medium
Ultra-late programming ROM and method of manufacture
Design information memory for configurable integrated circuits
Memory address decode array with vertical transistors
Method for producing an electrical insulator
Electrical signal cable assembly including transparent insulating layers and associated methods
Electrical or optical cable with an imprint on the cable cladding
Methods of producing resistor elements
Inductive coupling system with capacitive parallel compensation of the mutual self-inductance between the primary and the secondary windings
Two-pressure switch
Vacuum switch and vacuum switchgear using the same
High-voltage switching device having at least two-series-connected vacuum interrupters, and a method for operation of the high-voltage switching device
Reverse alarm switch circuit breaker
CRT display device to suppress electromagnetic radiation therefrom
Color TV tube apparatus and color display tube apparatus
Particle beam device
Self ionized plasma sputtering
Apparatus and method for controlling plasma uniformity across a substrate
Optical intensity modifier
Plasma processing apparatus provided with microwave applicator having annular waveguide and processing method
Method for calibrating mass spectrometers
Triode ion pump
Apparatus and method relating to charged particles
Wet chemical process tank with improved fluid circulation
Semiconductor wafer edge bead removal method and tool
System and method for plasma etching
One mask solution for the integration of the thin film resistor
Cylindrical semiconductor capacitor
Method of forming a polysilicon layer
Method for planarizing a semiconductor device using ceria-based slurry
Semiconductor devices having different package sizes made by using common parts
Semiconductor device and method for the fabrication thereof
Method of underfilling a flip-chip semiconductor device
Circuit, method of adhering an integrated circuit device to a substrate, and method of forming a circuit
Method of packaging semiconductor device using anisotropic conductive adhesive
Method of manufacturing self-aligned contact hole
Borderless contact to diffusion with respect to gate conductor and methods for fabricating
Capacitor for integration with copper damascene processes
Method for providing a contact hole formed in an insulating film
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, resin molding die, and semiconductor manufacturing system
Graded oxide caps on low dielectric constant (low K) chemical vapor deposition (CVD) films
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Back illuminated imager with enhanced UV to near IR sensitivity
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Electronic device with composite substrate
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor laser
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
Fabrication of semiconductor materials and devices with controlled electrical conductivity
Method for selective source diffusion
Methods of forming field effect transistors and integrated circuitry
MOS semiconductor device having gate insulating film containing nitrogen
Method of forming high density EEPROM cell
FET gate oxide layer with graded nitrogen concentration
Formation without vacuum break of sacrificial layer that dissolves in acidic activation solution within interconnect
Method for removing surface contamination on semiconductor substrates
Capacitor having perovskite series dielectric film containing copper and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method of forming preferred orientation-controlled platinum film using oxygen
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Integrated approach for controlling top dielectric loss during spacer etching
Transistor fabrication method
Manufacture of trench-gate semiconductor devices
DRAM access transistor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Structure and method of semiconductor via testing
Wafer level package and the process of the same
Leadless plastic chip carrier with etch back pad singulation
Apparatus and method for measuring wafer clamping tension
Method of forming embedded wiring in a groove in an insulating layer
Method of using a barrier sputter reactor to remove an underlying barrier layer
Air gap semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
Low dielectric-constant dielectric for etchstop in dual damascene backend of integrated circuits
Conductive coupling of electrical structures to a semiconductor device located under a buried oxide layer
Stacked local interconnect structure and method of fabricating same
Post-fuse blow corrosion prevention structure for copper fuses
Semiconductor structures having multiple conductive layers in an opening, and methods for fabricating same
Body-tied-to-body SOI CMOS inverter circuit
Negative ion implant mask formation for self-aligned, sublithographic resolution patterning for single-sided vertical device formation
Process for manufacturing non-volatile memory cells integrated on a semiconductor substrate
Surrounding-gate flash memory having a self-aligned control gate
Flash memory with conformal floating gate and the method of making the same
Semiconductor device and method of integrating trench structures
Method for implementing SOI transistor source connections using buried dual rail distribution
Method for etching dielectric films
Process for producing semiconductor device
Oxynitride shallow trench isolation and method of formation
Integrated circuitry
Integrated circuit package that includes a thermally conductive tape which attaches a thermal element to a plastic housing
Dual-chip integrated circuit package with unaligned chip arrangement and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor module with improved solder joint reliability
IC packages with diamond substrate thermal conductor
Heat sink with cooling fins for semiconductor package
Thinning and dicing of semiconductor wafers using dry etch, and obtaining semiconductor chips with rounded bottom edges and corners
Ultra-thin semiconductor package device using a support tape
Electronic component package, printing circuit board, and method of inspecting the printed circuit board
Semiconductor chip scale package and ball grid array structures
Apparatus and method for antifuse with electrostatic assist
Method of making a semiconductor device having dual damascene line structure using a patterned etching stopper
Semiconductor device having through holes selectively through isolation material covering wirings that are relatively far apart
Seed layer with annealed region for integrated circuit interconnects
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with moisture-proof ring and its manufacture method
ESD protection CMOS structure with dynamic substrate control
High flux LED array
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
SOI pass-gate disturb solution
Semiconductor device and method for making same
Method and apparatus for achieving uniform low dark current with CMOS photodiodes
Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
Semiconductor configuration
Discrete integrated circuit rectifier device
Semiconductor device that exhibits decreased contact resistance between substrate and drain electrode
Weak ferroelectric transistor
Gapped-plate capacitor
Power semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Field-effect transistor based on embedded cluster structures and process for its production
Single charge carrier transistor, method of holding a charge carrier within a quantum dot, and method of detection
SONOS component having high dielectric property
Lateral SCR device for on-chip ESD protection in shallow-trench-isolation CMOS process
Coupled-well structure for transport channel in field effect transistors
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
SOI semiconductor integrated circuit for eliminating floating body effects in SOI MOSFETs and method of fabricating the same
Integrated light sensors with back reflectors for increased quantum efficiency
Substrate for photoelectric conversion device, and photoelectric conversion device using the same
Structure and method for fabricating an electro-optic system having an electrochromic diffraction grating
Solar battery module and roofing material incorporating it
Light-emitting device comprising a gallium-nitride-group compound-semiconductor
Bipolar transistor, semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor device
Multifilamentary oxide superconducting wire and method of producing the same, and stranded oxide superconducting wire and method of producing the same
Display devices
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery adopting the same
Electroconversion cell
Power source containing rechargeable batteries
Explosion-proof safety valve assemblage for a secondary battery
Method for electrolyte injection
Method of producing electrode for non-aqueous electrolytic cells including a narrow-gap dispersing process
Method and apparatus for improved delivery of input reactants to a fuel cell assembly
Controlled air injection for a fuel cell system
Direct methanol fuel cell including integrated flow field and method of fabrication
Insulator for an electrical conductor provided with an outer shield
Static electricity eliminator
Connection structure of coaxial cable to electric circuit substrate
Self-closing electrical raceway and dedicated seat track cover
Connector device for electrical cable carrier tray sections
Side insertion trap
Generator control system to accommodate a decrease in a power grid voltage
System for supplying power to a load connected to a distribution network
Electronic equipment and battery unit
Voltage mode, high accuracy battery charger
Fuel cell power system, method of distributing power, and method of operating a fuel cell power system
Heat transfer enhancement at generator stator core space blocks
Fixing structure for a rotor of a brushless motor
Bearing apparatus
Boost converter with zero voltage main switch and zero current auxiliary switches
Device for generating an adjustment signal for a D.C. converter
Apparatus and method for controlling an electric machine
System and method for optimizing torque in a polyphase disk drive motor
Starting procedure of open-loop vector control in synchronous machine
Two-phase stepping motor gauge control system
Infrared transreceiver with isolated analog output
Displacement diagnosing method applied to an image read-out apparatus
Solid-state image sensing device
Large dynamic range focal plane array
Wireless battery charging system for existing hearing aids using a dynamic battery and a charging processor unit
Lamp assembly incorporating optical feedback
Method for operating a lamp, particularly for medical applications, and a lamp having a discharge lamp
Method for coloring mixing of hid lamps operated at VHF frequencies using duty cycle modulation
Short circuit protection for multiple lamp LCD backlight ballasts with PWM dimming
Ballast for feeding a high-pressure gas discharge lamp
Self-heating type cold-cathode discharge tube control apparatus
Method for inductive heating and monitoring
Modular induction heated cooking hob having reduced radiation and a method of making the same
Transverse flux induction heating device with magnetic circuit of variable width
High-voltage generator provided with a hybrid insulation
Computer-aided tuning of charged particle accelerators
Package for high frequency device
Semiconductor module
Method of producing a printed circuit board and mask for carrying out the same
Method for manufacturing circuit component
Circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Module circuit board for semiconductor device having barriers to isolate I/O terminals from solder
Open ended, rolled edge through passageway for routing cable
Conductive coating arrangement
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