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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Litter box containment system
Animal control device
Ergonomic bird feeder and assembly method
Aquarium for jellyfish
Systems and methods for making a pizza pie having an outer cheese portion
Hands-free breast pumping support device
Fluid impermeable interface for protective materials
Applicator device
Table and seating arrangement
Electronic device hanging mechanism
Laptop computer document holder
Seat back adjustment mechanism
Tilt mechanism for a chair
Removable gripping device which does not require the user to alter his/her grip thereon
Illuminator for medical use
Orthopaedic reamer driver for minimally invasive surgery
Apparatus and methods for tendon or ligament repair
Electrosurgical device
Interleaved array of bipolar electrodes
Placido projector for corneal topography system
Ultrasound beamformer with high speed serial control bus packetized protocol
Rapid and accurate detection of bone quality using ultrasound critical angle reflectometry
Ultrasound system and method for measuring bladder wall thickness and mass
Wound therapy device and related methods
Sanitary napkin including body-facing adhesive
System and method for facilitating hemostasis of blood vessel punctures with absorbable sponge
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Coated implantable medical device
Coated implantable medical device
Percutaneous atrioventricular valve and method of use
Tissue treatment
Mobility device
Retrieval device
Minimally-invasive smart devices
Device for handling a catheter
Safety syringe
Device for preventing axial movement
Methods of artificially coloring hair
Adjustable-weight exercise apparatus and method
Recoil shock absorber
Adjustable exercise device
Golf club head
Pinning system to control people
Golf putting practice device
Orientation device and method for coordinate generation employed thereby
Carriage rotatable roller coaster tracks and vehicles
Illuminating balloon inflatable with air
Spring tail bouncing figure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic solution separating method and ultrasonic separating apparatus used in such method
Filter element
Dust compressing apparatus of vacuum cleaner
Reversed pressure relief valve
Device for hydrogen separation and method
Membrane module as well as a method for making a membrane module
Aligned nanotubule membranes
Adjustable cycle timer control for aerators
Container-grater for a friable food product
Adaptor to a fire nozzle that produces a rearward safety spray bubble
Talking faucet fountain
Electroless metal film-plating system
Device for the metered delivery of a liquid washing or rinsing agent, for a washing machine
Pump and filter system for a drawer-type dishwasher
Tooling system
Triangular nanoframes and method of making same
Mount for a belt-sanding apparatus
Smart conditioner rinse station
Extrusion die assembly for high density products
Thermal printhead with heater element and nozzle sharing common plane of symmetry
Cradle unit having printhead maintenance and wiping arrangements for a print engine
Ink refill cartridge with an internal spring assembly for a printer
Multi-nozzle ink jet head
Printer having coded capping mechanism
Inkjet printer system having equalised control of multi-length printhead ICS
Printhead and method for controlling print quality using printhead temperature
Liquid ejection apparatus, image forming apparatus and ejection determination method
Tarp system for a side-dump trailer or truck
Vehicle door articulating and sliding mechanism
Magnetic and inertial propulsion system
Rotary adjustment mechanism
Occupant restraint passenger seat assembly with load-sensing energy absorption feature
Portable storage system
Wheel illumination device
Safety bumper system and method
Cover for front compartment of vehicle body and front section structure of vehicle body
Passenger seat having driver-accessible storage modules
Vehicular trunk-through openable and closable device
Hitch ski carrier
Retractable single-motion lever jack
Apparatus for braking counter shaft of transmission
Integral train guidance system: "central rolling guide box"
Sanitizing apparatus for shopping cart handles and other handles
Tubular footrest for a straddle-type vehicle
Interlocking platform boats
Systems and methods for dispensing portions of viscous material
Cell suspension rotating fluidic pump
Methods and apparatus for identifying small lot size substrate carriers
Carton and blank for expandable carton
Bottle cap and a bottle with the same
Retractable razor assembly and packaging system for same
Insulin syringe storage rack
Hand held remote cover
Film feeding machine
Inserter with closure device
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Lift device and pneumatic actuator therefor
Apparatus for hands-free dispensing of a measured quantity of material
Water flow volume display device for watering nozzle
Beverage dispensing apparatus having a valve actuator control system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Indium adsorbent and indium fractioning method
Water oxidization system
Glass substrate for information recording medium and method for manufacturing same
Separation method using an ITQ-29 zeolite material
Interference pigment with a high covering power
ZnS/Zn(O,OH)S-based buffer layer deposition for solar cells
Plasma reaction chamber with a built-in magnetic core
Method of using an electrolysis apparatus with a pulsed, dual voltage, multi-composition electrode assembly
Structure of an electrode for use in an electrolytic cell
Mesoscale and microscale device fabrication methods using split structures and alignment elements
Electrochemical miniaturization of organic micro-and nanostructures
Textiles; Paper
Bilaterally bendable warp-knit tape
Drum type washing machine
Press belt, process for producing the same and shoe press roll using the press belt
Fixed Constructions
Heliothermal flat collector module having a sandwich structure
Lockable container having an integral and internal locking mechanism and methods of use
Sour gas injection for use with in situ heat treatment
Positive displacement pump
Methods and materials for subterranean fluid forming barriers in materials surrounding wells
Downhole separation of oil and water
Apparatus for eliminating net drill bit torque and controlling drill bit walk
Reversible cutting tool with shield
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling/heating apparatus and mounting apparatus
Mounting apparatus for fans
Variable drive for camshafts
Method of operating an internal combustion engine in an engine warm-up phase
Multicylinder internal combustion engine
Intake controller of internal combustion engine
Control device for internal combustion engine
Non-guided tappet and fuel injector using same
Method for controlling the start-up phase of a motor vehicle
Clutch cover assembly
Apparatus for the operation of a hydrodynamic torque converter and a therewith corresponding converter bypassing clutch of a transmission apparatus
Modular brake assembly for a drive axle
Damping force adjusting structure of hydraulic shock absorber
Perpetual bidirectional ratchet
Multi-speed transmission with countershaft gearing
Multispeed transmission
Press-fitted hub and camshaft
Sealing device comprising a two-piece annular body
Throttle device
Two part valve body for a water treatment system
Bypass valve with an integral flow sensor for a water treatment system
Closure device for the vacuum-tight closing of an opening in a wall
Vacuum processing apparatus
Hose coupling
Self-sealing regulator fill port protective/dust cover
Vertical flat panel security mounting device
Lighting fixture closing mechanism
Headlight adjustment device with dual input gear mechanism
Illumination device mountable through an aperture in a clothing object
Heat-dissipating model
Optical plate with light diffusion layer and backlight module using the same
Light unit for high-beam and low-beam generation
Point light source, light-emitting module and display device having the same
Ultrasonic atomizing cooling apparatus
Paintball marker action assembly
Pneumatically operated projectile launching device
System and method for enhancing the payload capacity, carriage efficiency, and adaptive flexibility of external stores mounted on an aerial vehicle
Caseless, complete round and also a method of manufacturing such a caseless, complete round
Electronic apparatus with orientation adjustable camera
Flow measurement device
EMF sensor with protective sheath
Method of determining misfiring
Side impact dynamic intrusion simulator
Method for adjusting specific quality characteristics and properties of pipes by means of a pressure test
Sled buck testing system
Differential capacitive sensor and method of making same
Fiber optic wet connector acceleration protection and tolerance compliance
Electric dust-proof device
Imaging device
Temperature adjustment handle autorotation prevention device of automatic water mixing valve
System of settlement transaction and method
Contents access method and sorting apparatus
Check accepting cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Training device for simulating the response of a locked door to the application of a blunt force
Heat dissipation device with heat pipes
Electrical connector
Interface apparatus for electronic device test apparatus
Wide safety strap for electrical fixtures
Electronic device with receptacle protector
Stacked electrical connector assembly
Memory card connector
Coaxial cable connector
LED socket
Terminal connection structure for a battery
Speaker and method of outputting acoustic sound
Cooler module
Expired Patents Due To Time
3-D color model making apparatus and process
Mold assembly for molding thermoplastic resin and method of manufacturing molded article of thermoplastic resin
Moulded ophthalmic article
Molten steel transfer element and its manufacturing
Downdraft exhaust cutting table
Apparatus for producing metal to be semimolten-molded
Method of making non-sag tungsten wire for electric lamps
Method of making high density sputtering targets
Titanium aluminide for precision casting and method of casting using titanium aluminide
Systems and methods for disinfecting contact lenses
Sample collection device
Integrated titer plate-injector head for microdrop array preparation, storage and transfer
System for controlling temperature of a continuous polymerization process
Register scenting system
Production unit for producing high purity hydrochloric acid and using the same
Incineration fumes processing plant with internal recycling
Apparatus for electric-discharge texturing of a roll
Ozone generator
Water vapor trap and liquid separator for singlet-delta oxygen generator
Melting pot with silicon protective layers, method for applying said layer and the use thereof
Method of purifying liquid products by removing soluble antimony compounds therefrom
Method for removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using sodium di-(n-octyl)phosphinate or sodium di-(n-dodecyl) phosphinate
Process for the removal of metal carbonyl from a gaseous stream
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and exhaust gas purifying method
Method for treating diesel engine exhaust gas
Methods for separating oxygen from oxygen-containing gases
Composition and process for removal of acid gases
Carbon dioxide recovery with composite amine blends
Purification of diborane
Method and production of nitric acid
High-pressure sulfur recovery process
Apparatus and method for simultaneous recovery of hydrogen from water and from hydrocarbons
Dealuminated NU-86 zeolite and its use for the conversion of hydrocarbons
Radiation and nanoparticles for enhancement of drug delivery in solid tumors
Method of diagnosis and photodynamic therapy of tumours
Thermally stabilized ultrasound contrast agent
Method for visually demonstrating the effectiveness of an antibacteria attachment composition
Composition for treating keratinous material, including at least one silicone-grafted polymer and at least one fatty-chain amide, and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions containing alkylaryl polyether alcohol polymer
Cosmetic composition containing an aqueous polymer dispersion and an insoluble silicone, and process and use thereof
Synergistic antibacterial combination
Oral composition with an improved teeth whitening effect
Methods and compositions for improving sun protection from sunscreen formulations
Sprayable sunscreen compositions
Cosmetic light screening composition
Cyclic trimers of aldehydes, organoletpic uses thereof and process for preparing same
Hair care and conditioning preparation and its use
Stabilized hair care products
Personal care compositions containing thermoplastic elastomeric graft copolymers
Shaving compositions
Personal care compositions containing toughened grafted polymers
Composition and method for dermal and transdermal administration of a cytokine
Methods for suppressing myeloid cells with chemokines
Generation of immune responses to prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
Tao protein kinases and methods of use therefor
Sugar kinase
Dispersible antibody compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Monoclonal antibodies directed to the HER2 receptor
Immunologic enhancement of the somatogenic effect of somatotropin with an antibody
Antagonists of interleukin-15
Stabilized human monoclonal antibody preparation
Antigenic carbohydrate linked to an immunogenic carrier
Recombinant Entamoeba histolytica lectin subunit peptides and reagents specific for members of the 170 kD subunit multigene family
Albumin derivatives with therapeutic functions
Homogeneous human papillomavirus capsomere containing compositions, methods for manufacture, and use thereof as diagnostic, prophylactic or therapeutic agents
folC from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Rice crackers including funori and method of producing rice crackers including funori
Application for patent for nutriceutical chew toy
Water-soluble extract from olives
Fusion proteins with an immunoglobulin hinge region linker
Subunit immonogenic composition against dengue infection
DNA encoding Chlamydia pneumoniae antigenic polypeptide
Dispersions comprising an oil-based biliquid foam and an aqueous gel
Cosmetic soap-gelled stick composition having stability at higher temperatures
Highly pure squalane, raw material for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics prepared by using the same and method for producing the same
Gastrointestinal drug composition
Peroxy acid treatment to control pathogenic organisms on growing plants
EDTA and other chelators with or without antifungal antimicrobial agents for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections
Biocidal organoclay
Biocompatible compositions and methods of using same
Methods and compositions for programming an organic matrix for remodeling into a target tissue
Adhesive composition with macromolecular polyaldehyde base and method for cross-linking collagen
Crosslinked collagen compositions for in situ administration
Biological material, method of preparing such materials, uses thereof and products made therefrom
Pharmaceutical composition based on estrogen and progesterone
Intrauterine chemical necrosing method, composition, and apparatus
"Methods and compositions for decreasing the frequency of HIV, herpesvirus and sexually transmitted bacterial infections"
Iodine-containing nasal moisturizing saline and mouthwash solutions
Drug delivery system
Keratin-based sheet material for biomedical applications and method of production
Subsaturated nicotine transdermal therapeutic system
Transdermal preparation containing a loratidine metabolite with antihistaminic activity
Transdermal therapeutic system with small application-area thickness and great flexibility, and production process
Preparation for the application of agents in mini-droplets
Radiation-protective phospholipid and method
Protein-lipid vesicles and autogenous vaccine comprising the same
High strength capsules, process of preparing and using the same
Methods for treating hot flashes and improving the quality of life of castrated prostatic cancer patients
Sterilant effervescent formulation
Solid dose form of nanoparticulate naproxen
Slow-release pharmaceutical formulations containing mizolastine
Controlled release of metal cation-stabilized interferon
Pegylated drug complexed with bioadhesive polymer suitable for drug delivery and methods relating thereto
Inorganic material in particles form
Polyol composition
Dosage forms containing taste masked active agents
Film-coated tablet for improved upper gastrointestinal tract safety
Methods of enhancing repair, healing and augmentation of tissues and organs
Method for treatment of osteoporosis
Method of controlling release of caffeine in chewing gum
Process for preparing acetophenone, products produced therefrom and organoleptic uses of said products
Free flowing fat compositions
Filter for adsorption from and/or dispersion of ingredients into a fluid
Cylindrical food consisting of a plurality of concentric cylindrical layers
Food products utilizing edible films and method of making and packaging same
Processed food and a method for making a processed food product for mass distribution
Injector bottle cap assembly
Shelf stable batter article and method of preparation
Food cooking system with ultrasonic rotational basket
Microbial decontamination of food
Bagel making machine and associated method
Method of injection into meat and pickle injector for use therein
Process for preventing fresh produce and coating composition therefor
Hollow corn-base snack food products
Molding process
UHT sterilization process for milk-based products
Method of preparing dough
Food compositions
Wheat starch with novel characteristics
Extraction product and process
Method of making a food product containing tomatoes
Pasteurized in-shell chicken eggs
Food supplement composition
Process for manufacturing chocolate compositions containing water
Gel-template interface and method for depositing liquid on a gel
Method for fabricating and inspecting coatings
Method of making organic EL device and organic EL transfer base plate
Method of exposure of photo-curing resin applied to printed circuit board
After-treatment method for imparting oil-and water-repellency to fabric
Spectrally tuned multiple bandpass filters for video displays
Rolled edge seal for electrooptic device
Method relating to after-treatment of packaging material
Process for producing solvent-free acrylic sheet
Symmetrical Polyurea-urethane fertilizer encapsulation
Protective compositions and method of making same
Film forming method
Method of fabricating ceramic membranes
Method for hydrogen atom assisted jet vapor deposition for parylene N and other polymeric thin films
Method for forming copper film using chemical vapor deposition
High dielectric constant thin film structure, method for forming high dielectric constant thin film, and apparatus for forming high dielectric constant thin film
Solvent-free coating compositions which can be cured with low emissions
Storage-stable moulding powder based on epoxy resins
Method of coating a solid substrate
Surface treatment
Multilayered enamelling process
Building board, and method and apparatus for coating building board
Radiation curable free radically polymerized star-branched polymers
UV-curable clear coat for golf balls
Method for corona treating thermosets
Method for depositing a multilayer barrier coating on a plastic substrate
Process of forming a semiconductor device
Methods for forming field emission display devices
Deer attractant
Multilayered packaging material, in particular for flexible packagings
Filter material construction and method
Multi-layer laminates and uses thereof
Packaging laminate including a moisture-sensitive gas barrier layer, a method of producing the packaging laminate, as well as packaging containers
Adhesive fluororesin and laminate employing it
Peelable label
Magnetic latching system for protective tabletop pads
Optical information recording medium and method for producing the same
Optical information recording medium and recording/reproduction method
Optical recording medium
Magnetic recording medium apparatus
Magnetic recording medium
Surface modification of magnetic recording substrates to control subsequent laser texturing
Wool-like rugs and processes for making the same
Laminated fibrous structure and method for manufacturing same
Flat strip, in particular for the reinforcing ducts, method for making same, and ducts reinforced therewith
Microbridge structure with reinforcement section
Reinforcement of hollow sections using extrusions and a polymer binding layer
Process for manufacturing sheets and surfaces of articles with a decoration of lenticular dots or small glass cylinders, equipment and product
Method for glazing ceramics
Under vehicle floor mat
Document with doped optical security attribute, layer composite for making same and test device for testing the document for authenticity
Ink jet imaging process and recording element for use therein
Multilayer, temperature resistant, composite label
Component mounting board, process for producing the board, and process for producing the module
Multi-layer insulated metal substrate printed wiring board having improved thermal coupling of components
Selective case hardening processes at low temperature
Color suppressed anti-reflective glass
Biaxially oriented film prepared from metallocene catalyzed polypropylene
Gas turbine engine component having a thermal-insulating multilayer ceramic coating
Electromagnetic-wave absorber
Laminated polyester film
Washing implement comprising an improved open cell mesh
Fiber-reinforced composite and method of making same
Preform structures, composite aluminium or aluminium alloy components composited with preform structures and methods for producing these
Ink jet recording paper and ink jet recording method
Sputtering target and antiferromagnetic film and magneto-resistance effect element formed by using the same
Magnetic recording medium
Security coatings for label materials
Metallized film comprising blend of polyester and ethylene copolymers
Thermal transfer sheet for printing printed matter with metallic luster
Thermally conductive interface layers
Adhesive paste for semiconductors
Monofilaments based on polyethylene-2,6-naphthalate
Gradual-releasing capsule and method for manufacturing the same
Synthetic diamond coatings with intermediate bonding layers and methods of applying such coatings
Resin-coated copper foil for multilayer printed wiring board and multilayer printed wiring board provided with said copper foil
Curable coating compositions containing carbamate resin and additives
Functional coated product and process for producing the same and the use thereof
Method of restoring damaged foul release coating area on a metallic surface, and surface obtained thereby
Method for forming multi-layer metallic coating film
Ferroelectric thin film, substrate provided with ferroelectric thin film, device having capacitor structure and method for manufacturing ferroelectric thin film
Niobium powders and niobium electrolytic capacitors
Article and method of producing a double oxide film
Method of making high intensity light resistant instrument pads
Laminated assembly and method of manufacture
Iron alloy wire and manufacturing method
Protective coatings for metal-based substrates and related processes
Structure for thin film interconnect
Galvanized aluminum sheet
Diode-addressed color display with lanthanoid phosphors
High-temperature fuel cell and high-temperature fuel cell stack
Method of and apparatus for reforming fuel and fuel cell system with fuel-reforming apparatus incorporated therein
Fuel cell with improved sealing between individual membrane assemblies and plate assemblies
Pt/Rh/Fe alloy catalyst for fuel cells and a process for producing the same
Composition of a selective oxidation catalyst for use in fuel cells
Current path cut-off mechanism
Electrochemical cell having multiplate and jellyroll electrodes with differing discharge rate regions
Method and apparatus for making internal connections within a battery pack
Battery can-forming plate and battery can
Nanodisperse transition metal electrodes (NTME) for electrochemical cells
Methods and reagents for enhancing the cycling efficiency of lithium polymer batteries
Polymer electrolyte and lithium polymer battery using the same
Solid state rechargeable lithium battery, stacking battery, and charging method of same
Secondary battery comprising a polymerizable material in its electrolyte solution
Holographic recording
Methods for repair of photomasks
Reticle cleaning without damaging pellicle
Apparatus for tuning an attenuating phase shift mask
Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus
Protecting layer for gelatin based photographic products containing 1H-pyrazolo[1,5,-b][1,2,4]triazole-type magenta coupler
Analog and digital proofing image combinations
Toner composition and use thereof for forming sintered pattern on solid surface
Overlay error determination mark considering influence of aberration
Method of electrophotographically manufacturing a luminescent screen assembly for a CRT and a CRT comprising a luminescent screen assembly manufactured by the method
Nonlinear image distortion correction in printed circuit board manufacturing
Method of manufacturing ceramic electronic parts
Organic photoreceptor with improved adhesion between coated layers
Perylene compositions
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Magnetic coated carrier two-component type developer and developing method
Two-component developing agent and image forming method using such a developing agent
Electrophotographic imaging apparatus and toner
Non-magnetic toner including components having different mean grain sizes
Image-forming toner, preparation method thereof, three-dimensional image-forming method and image-forming apparatus
N-[2-(1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-ylidene 1,1-dioxide)-2-cyanoacetyl]benzenesulfonamide charge control agents for electrostatographic toners and developers
Release layer for contact transferring liquid immersion developed images
Method of treating electrostatographic imaging web and method of making electrostatographic imaging members using such imaging web
Laser donor element
Maleimide or alicyclic olefin-based monomers, copolymer resin of these monomers and photoresist using the resin
Resist composition with radiation sensitive acid generator
Polymers and photoresist compositions for short wavelength imaging
Isolation of novolak resin by low temperature sub surface forced steam distillation
Light sensitive composition, image forming material and image forming material manufacturing method
Photoresist composition
Lithographic photoresist composition and process for its use in the manufacture of integrated circuits
Heat-sensitive non-ablatable wasteless imaging element for providing a lithographic printing plate
Dissolution inhibitor of chemically amplified photoresist and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Black-pigmented structured high molecular weight material
Radiation sensitive copolymers, photoresist compositions thereof and deep UV bilayer systems thereof
Metallized azo-ether dyes for optical recording layers
Bottom anti-reflective coating material composition and method for forming resist pattern using the same
Thermally recordable material insensitive to white light
Photocurable composition and color reversion preventing method
Standard array, programmable image forming process
Method of fabricating of structures by metastable atom impact desorption of a passivating layer
Method for making positive working printing plates from a light sensitive imaging element
Method of developing photosensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Method for lithographic printing by use of a lithographic printing plate provided by a heat sensitive non-ablatable wasteless imaging element and a fountain containing water-insoluble compounds
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and an exposure mask used therefor
Method of designing an assist feature
Method for preventing the formation of recesses in borophosphosilicate glass
Thin resist with amorphous silicon hard mask for via etch application
Process for applying marks letterings and structures on the surface of an identity card or a different card
Antihalation compositions
Method for forming image having protective layer thereon
Annealed adhesion promoting layer for photographic imaging elements
Photographic display material with nonglossy surface
Base film for photographic films
Imaging element containing polymer particles and lubricant
Color photographic material having enhanced light absorption
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Photothermographic elements
Photothemographic element
Photothermographic or thermographic image-forming material
Electrochemiluminescent monitoring of compounds
Methods for drug target screening
Method for immobilizing viral glycoproteins for use in solid-phase immunoassays
Process for disintegrating nucleic acids and preparing biological products of guaranteed quality
Methods of transcriptionally modulating expression of viral genes and genes useful for production of proteins
Composition and methods relating to DNA mismatch repair genes
Devices and methods for detecting nucleic acid analytes in samples
Expression systems
Screening for disorders of serotonergic dysfunction
Method of synthesizing diverse collections of oligomers
Method for in vivo production of a mutant library in cells
hKCa3/KCNN3 small conductance calcium activated potassium channel: a diagnostic marker and therapeutic target
Chemical modification of DNA using peptide nucleic acid conjugates
Amplification and detection of Salmonella spp
Representations of bimolecular interactions
Insitu hybridization method for detecting target nucleic acid
Oligonucleotides for detecting enteric hemorrhagic E.coli and detection method using the same
Method for determining regression or progression of multiple myeloma
Non-radioactive methods for chemical cleavage sequencing and footprinting of nucleic acids
Method to determine predisposition to hypertension
Antisense modulation of NCK-2 expression
Electrochemiluminescent reaction utilizing amine-derived reductant
Hepatitis C virus peptides obtained from the NS4 coding region and their use in diagnostic assays
Assay for the ubiquitination-promoting activity of human proteins
Method for identifying apoptosis modulating compounds
.gamma. II adaptin
In-situ method of analyzing cells
Parasitic helminth asparaginase proteins, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Method of detecting bacterial infection
DNA fragmentation factor involved in apoptosis
Expression in yeast of antigenically active, recombinant hybrid glutamic acid decarboxylase
Multiple simultaneous testing media
Method and device for flow-cytometric microorganism analysis
Method for rapid detection of bacterial growth in cultures
Rapid coliform detection system
Culture medium for revealing enterohemorrhagic E. coli bacteria and procedure therefor
Isolation and characterization of cDNAs coding for the .alpha., .beta., and .gamma. subunits of the high-affinity receptor for immunoglobulin E
Recombinant production of immunoglobulin-like domains in prokaryotic cells
Preventing endogenous aminopeptidase mediated n-terminal amino acid cleavage during expression of foreign genes in bacteria
Nucleic acids encoding hedgehog proteins
Full spectrum fluorescent dye composition for the optimization of leak detection processes
Blue emitting Ce.sup.3+ Activated borate phosphors used in fluorescent lamps and TV tubes and a process for synthesizing the same
Photosetting conductive paste
Composition for electric cables
Electrochromic metal oxides
Thermally switchable optical devices
Method of forming flat panel display spacers
Manufacture of optical data storage disc
Method and apparatus for manufacturing lenses and a lens manufactured thereby
Production method of dielectric lens
Method of fabricating a mold for fabricating optical fiber guide blocks
Process control method for a machine for manufacturing thermoplastic tubes
Method of obtaining a gas-introduced fiber-reinforced resin injection molding
Method for making tires and the like
Method of slip casting powdery material, using a water resistant mold with self-water absorbent ability
Process for producing thermoplastics
Compacted-powder opposed twin-helical gears and method
Process for the production of cellulosic moulded bodies
Method for making a stopper
Method for the manufacture of a filter cartridge
Method of producing stratiform articles and products
Performing Operations; Transporting
Press for encapsulating electronic components and methods for use of the press
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen storage materials
Rechargeable lithium battery having an improved cathode and process for the production thereof
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew